tjaaltonchrisccoulson: so we are not sticking to the LTM-versions of firefox/tbird?07:20
tjaaltonfor precise07:20
jbichatjaalton: last time I talked to chrisccoulson he said no, everyone's on the Rapid Release train07:50
jbichaI'm sure it makes managing the updates easier07:51
BigWhalesuddenly icons in Launcher are big again and I can't make them smaller... :'(08:02
BigWhaleoh, I know why ... I'm running unity-2d!08:06
BigWhalebecause unity didn't install!08:09
tjaaltonjbicha: ok.. it's just that I've lost all the plugins _again_08:17
tjaaltonenigmail, lightning etc08:17
tjaaltonwas fun being able to use them for a week :)08:18
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