hallynjtaylor: just a note, because (to my chagrin) packaging trees are stored with patches applied, it can confuse matters when you don't do so in your merge proposals :)00:14
jtaylorI know, but I don't like it, I like my diffs small ;)00:15
jtaylorhasn't that also changed now?00:15
hallynjtaylor: i dunno.  but my first build somehow failed to get your fix (i thought debian/rules build would quilt push, but apparently it didn't)00:15
hallyncjwatson: (cause i'm not sure who else to ask) once a merge proposal is approved, if the approver doesn't have upload rights, does that hit another queue where someone will see it and push it?00:16
hallyn(i'd ask dholbach but don't see him here)00:17
hallyni just want to make sure the mp didn't just get buried in a hole somewhere00:17
hallyn@pilot out00:17
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cjwatsonhallyn: not afaik but I think it stays on the sponsorship queue00:20
hallyncjwatson: oh, sorry - I thought when I looked earlier it had been removed, but i see it's still there.  thx00:21
broderhallyn: jtaylor: do you guys still need sponsorship for svn? i have 45 minutes at the airport before my flight boards :)00:35
broderhallyn: the code for the sponsor queue is in lp:ubuntu-sponsoring - i believe that approved/disapproved/etc. reviews have no impact on whether or not something's in the queue; my recollection is that it's all based on the "status" (i.e. "work in progress", "needs review", etc.) at the top of the page00:40
broderwhich is why you'll see people reject changes by changing the status to "WIP"00:40
broderbah. it may take me all 45 of these minutes to manage to clone the bzr branch over airport wifi00:48
stgraberbroder: bzr co --lightweight?00:57
broderhuh, interesting. maybe sponsor-patch should support that00:57
hallynbroder: sorry, was afk (obviously).  yeah there are two merge proposals by jtaylor that i approved but don't have rights to upload01:07
hallynsvn and python-numpy01:07
broderhallyn: i'm, uh, 4/5ths through downloading the build-deps for a test build, so i don't think that's likely to finish before i have to pack up01:08
hallynbroder: thanks for trying :)01:08
hallynsounds like my experience trying wifi at portland airport...01:08
hallyneveryone tells me it was atypical though01:08
broderyeah, sfo is always crappy, but at least it's free :)01:09
broderand that's my cue to leave. i can try again later, but maybe someone else will show up01:12
ajmitch /win 4401:16
ion/lose 4501:16
cndslangasek, I'm having some issues with creating a new package using the debian X git guidelines01:34
cndare you still around?01:34
slangasekcnd: barely01:35
slangasekwhat's the problem?01:35
cnddpkg-source: info: local changes detected, the modified files are:01:35
cnd xorg-gtest/autogen.sh01:35
cnddpkg-source: error: aborting due to unexpected upstream changes, see /tmp/xorg-gtest_0.1.0+git5b26608-1.diff.a_LeY901:35
cndupstream git has autogen.sh01:35
cndthe shipped tarball does not01:35
cndsomehow this isn't a problem in all the X packages01:35
cndbut I can't figure out why it's different for this package01:35
slangasekis this package source format 3.0 (quilt) where the others are not?01:36
slangasekI think I've seen this error message before on a package in X git, but I don't remember the solution offhand01:36
cndI just noticed that01:36
cndmaybe that's why they haven't switched to 3.0 (quilt)?01:36
slangasekI doubt that's the reason01:37
slangasekyou could just git rm autogen.sh on the packaging branch01:37
slangasekbut if debian/rules is calling dh_autoreconf, that may not be what you want01:37
cndthe X stuff requires being able to call dh_autoreconf01:38
cndI'm trying to follow their approach for a new X package we're developing01:38
slangasekthen you probably want to stick with format 1.0 for now :)01:38
cndbut moving to (3.0) quilt if possible01:38
slangasekbut you could ask on #debian-x@OFTC01:38
cndyeah, I just did, but I thought I'd ping you too in case you knew :)01:39
slangasekyeah, dunno a perfect fix here, sorry01:39
cndslangasek, one last question, where is dpkg-source called from01:39
cndif I want to override dh01:39
cndit looks like dh_clean01:39
cndbut I can't find any reference in the man page01:39
slangasekdpkg-source isn't called from debian/rules at all01:39
cndwhat would be calling it?01:40
slangasekwhat command are you running? :)01:40
cnddebuild -i -I01:40
slangasekok, then the layering is debuild -> dpkg-buildpackage -> dpkg-source01:40
cndso is dpkg-buildpackage calling dh_clean and then dpkg-source?01:41
cndyeah, man dpkg-buildpackage spells it out01:41
cndalright, I'll poke some more01:41
cndthanks :)01:41
slangasekdpkg-buildpackage is calling "dpkg-source -i -I --before-build xorg-gtest", then "fakeroot debian/rules clean", then "dpkg-source -i -I -b xorg-gtest"01:41
slangaseksure thing01:41
cjwatsonslangasek: I've promoted python-debtagshw and its source package in order to unbreak things.  Do you think it needs an MIR, given that it was previously in main and I don't remember this being a problem?02:15
cjwatsonthe original MIR predates our use of bugs for them; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportDebtags02:21
* ScottK thought previously in Main was one of the "you don't need a MIR" reasons.02:26
cjwatsonI think I only asked because it was a while back.  Normally, certainly yes.02:33
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slangasekcjwatson: not sure how much my opinion counts for there :)  But debtags is pretty low-risk anyway...07:27
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dokocjwatson, slangasek java-atk-wrapper has a resolved MIR, pitti is just to quick to demote things ... :-/09:06
koolhead17cjwatson: hello there09:08
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rrsm4n1sh: You there. PM ?10:14
m4n1shrrs: yes10:14
rrsOr let me ask here itself.10:14
m4n1shyes, ask10:14
rrsI recently switched to Ubuntu. Impressed with the work.10:14
rrsMy pbuilder (cowbuilder) is not honoring APTCACHE value. Do you have any clue?10:15
rrsCould something be interfering? Is the cow/pbuilder patched here?10:15
m4n1shlet me check10:15
rrsCould apparmor be denying?10:15
rrsI tries to acquire the cache (mine set is /var/cache/apt/archives/), stalls for 2 seconds, and then silently proceeds. I'm sure there's a failure there, just that it doesn't show up.10:16
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m4n1shrrs: this is the package https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/cowdancer/0.6710:18
rrsBTW, I'm using it for sid and precise.10:18
m4n1shdoesnt look patched, looks like a direct import10:18
rrsFollowed the excellent howto by doko: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto10:18
rrsJust that the cache never gets honored. The cached packages are there in /var/cache/apt/archives/ . But on next build, it again triggers a download.10:19
m4n1shthat's bad. Bandwidth is limited10:19
m4n1shdoes it work on sid?10:20
rrsWho'd be the cowbuilder maintainer here?10:20
rrsYes. It used to. Now that I'm on ubuntu, can re-check it rightaway.10:20
m4n1shand here is how to check for apparmour issue (if any) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingApparmor10:20
rrsI looked at that.10:21
rrsBy that doc, and from what I investigated, apparmor only confines a set of apps. Not the entire system. So I doubt that apparmor is interfering.10:21
rrsWho'd be the cowbuilder maintainer here? Or should I just file the bug report?10:21
m4n1shrrs: there is no specific maintainer10:22
rrsA Team ?10:22
cjwatsonIt's maintained in Debian.10:22
m4n1shuniverse repository is in hands of MOTU ( #ubuntu-motu )10:22
rrsHello Colin.10:22
cjwatsonWe don't modify it for Ubuntu.10:22
m4n1shrrs: Debian maintainer shows as "Junichi Uekawa <dancer@debian.org"10:23
rrsOKay!!! I guess I'll have to root cause it myself then :-)10:23
m4n1shif you find the issue, then please try to fix it in ubuntu too10:24
rrsDefinitely. I really love the desktop integration so far.10:24
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dafoxhi all. Could anyone please clarify why the lcdlegacy filter does not seem to be present in the freetype package?14:21
dafoxother settings in /etc/fonts/local.conf are respected, even setting lcdfilter none or slight, but no matter what I do I seem to be unable to get lcdlegacy.14:22
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iondafox: If you’re using gnome-settings-daemon, it needs a patch not to override that setting. If you feel like trusting my PPA, the sharp-text-rendering package should fix the issue: https://launchpad.net/~ion/+archive/gsd-lcdfilter14:38
dafoxion: I have installed the sharp-text-ppa, but for some reason it doesn;t seem to be working14:38
dafoxI installed it on another laptop last week, and there it did work14:39
dafoxthe difference is that that was 'regular' ubuntu, and this is xubuntu.14:39
ionAh, Xubuntu doesn’t use gnome-settings-daemon indeed. If you figure out how to fix the issue in Xubuntu, i’d be happy to add that change to the package.14:39
dafoxI've been trying everything I can find, but nothing seems to work short of compiling freetype with the force_legacy option14:40
dafoxion: any ideas what could be wrong or where to look?14:40
dafoxe.g. is this an xfce issue, or some other library?14:40
ionI’d try to figure out whether Xubuntu has some config files i’ve missed and whether it has some kind of a desktop settings daemon that overrides other configuration (à la gnome-settings-daemon).14:41
dafoxI'll try14:42
dafoxbut the built-in freetype should have lcdlegacy built-in? (is there any way to check this?)14:43
iongrep the binaries, the source packages and/or the respective /usr/share/doc/*/changelogs.14:44
iongrep them for lcddefault since that’s what something forces your system to use.14:44
dafoxtried the binaries already, it's not there (but neither on my other system), I'm looking into getting the source packages now but I'm not sure where to get them14:45
dafoxlaunchpad probably?14:45
ionapt-get source packagename (but that’s not that helpful unless you already have an idea which packages you want to look at).14:46
ionThe changelogs should have an entry about any lcdfilter-specific patches in installed packages.14:47
dafoxbut would that include the configuration? e.g. the configure line, or edits done to include/freetype/config/ftoption.h14:47
ionDifficult to say in advance.14:48
falkonedI just can't stand this http://pastebin.com/smrNHCHe15:13
falkonedUbuntu 10.04.3 amd6415:13
falkonedhow to fix this?15:13
falkonedmany people filled a bug on launchpad15:15
falkonedno fix or workaround at the moment15:15
falkonedwhy even developers allow users to encrypt their /home when ecryptfs is so unstable and problematic?15:17
falkonedthis should be disabled by default until these bugs will not be definitely fixed15:18
falkonedmany other operating systems which have a way better support for encryption _do_not_ suggest by one-click way to encrypt any of filesystems as ubuntu does15:19
falkonedand this ecryptfs errors are horrifying as hell15:20
mdeslaurfalkoned: that is LP: #842647, please track progress there15:21
falkonedmdeslaur: so lets say some dev will fix this- will it affect release 10.04?15:23
mdeslaurfalkoned: tyhicks would know15:24
mdeslaurtyhicks: ^15:24
dafoxion: the xfce people are saying that it is impossible that xfce is at fault, since xfce-4.8 (which is used in xubuntu-11.10) does not yet support setting these options, and relies on fontconfig15:30
koolhead17cjwatson: ping15:33
mr_pouitdafox: check your ~/.Xdefaults file too15:36
falkonedshouldn't we use ~/.Xresources these days?15:39
dafoxmr_pouit: Thank you!! That was it!15:39
dafoxthe file was already there, and it contained .Xft rules setting the hinting to slight and the filter to default15:40
dafoxmr_pouit: you're my hero of the day :D15:40
falkonedtyhicks: ping15:48
iondafox: Duh :-D15:50
dafoxstill should probably file a bug15:52
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