dhillonv10hi all, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Tasks the bugs to be fixed link doesn't link to the bug tracker, can one of the wiki admins have a look at it?18:58
dhillonv10its a trivial change, the link needs to be updated, that is all, i'm not a wiki admin so i can't fx it myself :)18:59
MrChrisDruif"Ubuntu Documentation must be configured in order for Launchpad to forward bugs to the project's developers."19:24
dhillonv10yea that's not the correct page for ubuntu docs package19:36
dhillonv10that's the correct link19:51
jbichadhillonv10: you should just be able to use your Launchpad account to login and correct things like that on the wiki19:57
dhillonv10jbicha: i thought i needed admin previledges19:59
dhillonv10it has been fixed.19:59
jbichadhillonv10: thanks!20:01

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