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ubot5`AlanBell called the ops in #lubuntu (just a test)09:25
MyrttiAlanBell: it's lacking something :-|09:28
AlanBellit is09:29
Unit193Just needs swapping a few names09:32
AlanBellyeah, which I think needs doing in ubottu then syncing to ubot5`09:33
Unit193Yep, pango did it last time09:33
AlanBellit is the ops-#lubuntu factoid09:34
ubottuops-#lubuntu has no aliases - added by nhandler on 2010-09-22 21:43:56 - last edited by pangolin on 2011-12-04 19:48:0709:34
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AlinaHi all!!!18:40
Alina#ubuntu-ru Moderators kicking users without reason. just like it. They talking like schoolers. I think they childres18:40
AlinaPLEASE HELP!!!18:42
k1ldo we have some russian speaking guys awake?18:43
AlinaI can wait18:44
AlinaHelp PLEASE!!!18:45
pangolinAlina: Please be patient18:45
Alinano problem18:46
pangolinand don't type in all caps, it is considered to be rude.18:46
Alinabut i not consideret it to be rude18:47
Alinajust its scream18:47
pangolinbut the internet does18:47
pangolinno need for screaming when talking works just as well18:47
pangolinand what?19:08
pangolini don't understand what the problem is, you are in the channel and are +v19:08
Alinahow they affect?19:09
pangolinaffect what? you need to be more clear19:10
AlinaFreenode have a general / global rule?19:11
pangolinyes they do19:12
pangolinAlina: What exactly is the problem you are having in #ubuntu-ru ?19:12
AlinaThe kick users withou reason. just like it. Schoolers children moders19:13
pangolinThe ops can kick who they want for whatever reason or lack of reason they chose19:13
AlinaThey kick users without reason. Just like it. They just Schoolers children moders.19:14
pangolinops = mods19:14
Alinaok do it please19:14
pangolindo what?19:14
Alinathey kick WITHOUT reason19:15
Alinaits bad19:15
pangolinAlina: you are not making any sense19:15
Alinathet children19:15
Alinaoh ok19:15
Alinaall bad on freenode because freenode not have global rules19:16
k1lcan you provide an eyample where you say its inadequat behavior of the ops?19:16
Alinak1l sorry what?19:17
k1lcan you paste some log for an example of a bad op into the pastebinit.com? or what do you want the IRCC to do?19:18
AlinaI asked about the license.  I compared it with anyone, with bad man. And Kicked.19:19
Alinalog no19:19
Alinabecause closed it19:19
Alinathey me compared19:20
Alinapastebinit is spam :( ?19:22
Alinaя получила уже все ответы на канале #ubuntu19:24
AlinaI now do not let go19:25
Aliname kicked nice 219:25
AlinaI kicked two more times19:26
k1lAlina: so as far as i see you got kicked because your questions wasnt ubuntu related in a ubuntu support channel19:26
Alinak1l, i ask about license and was kicked19:27
Alinain next time me kicked without reason19:27
Alinaand again for no reason help please (((19:28
k1lAlina: well, you started again with the topic. if you want to talk about generel linux licence try offtopic channel or #linux-ru19:29
AlinaThey're just kids, but they act on the nerves.19:30
k1li dont understand enough russian to understand what is wrong there. but if it is no topic for a ubuntu support channel und you keep coming again and again with a bad topic it is not their fault.19:31
AlinaMadden. How to clean on #ubuntu-ru?19:31
Alinaok thanks all!19:33
AlinaI'm going to look for other chats where there is a global rules and global moderators.19:34
Alinabb all!19:34
dangertuxHello, who do I need to ask about getting a cloak (ubuntu member type)?21:28
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership21:28
pangolindangertux: are you an Ubuntu member?21:29
pangolincan you link to you launchpad profile please21:29
pangolinPici AlanBell topyli funkyHat dangertux would like a member cloak21:29
pangolindangertux: congrats on membership21:30
dangertuxThanks :-)21:30
Unit193dangertux: Congrats ;)21:30
EvilResistancecongrats :)21:30
dangertuxThanks again * 2 ;-)21:30
pangolinjust sit patiently and one of the GC's will get you sorted soonish21:30
EvilResistancei thought i'd say congrats, even though i just hopped in here to get the /topic xD21:30
dangertuxno problem21:30
dangertuxthanks for your help pangolin21:30
pangolinmy pleasure21:30
EvilResistancehey pangolin, whens the next IRC Council meeting21:31
Unit193EvilResistance: You shouldbe able to get it with /topic #ubuntu-irc21:31
EvilResistancethey havent updated their page :P21:31
pangolinEvilResistance: TBD21:31
EvilResistanceUnit193:  not from a broken irssi :/21:31
EvilResistancepangolin:  any idea when the date will be determined?21:31
EvilResistanceevil categorical definitions of timeframes21:31
pangolinbut there should be plenty of notice21:31
AlanBellyeah, soon21:33
pangolinAlanBell: i assume you saw the ping about dangertux21:34
AlanBellstaff can we have an ubuntu/member/dangertux cloak please21:34
AlanBellpangolin: yeah, I was just checking stuff21:35
pangolincool, thank you :)21:35
AlanBelldangertux: I added you to the launchpad group, if you hang round here for a bit you will get the cloak21:47
dangertuxAlanBell: Thank you very much :-)21:47
AlanBellstaff o/ can we have an ubuntu/member/dangertux cloak for dangertux please23:38
nikodangertux: congrats23:42
dangertuxniko thanks :-)23:43
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AlanBellthanks niko23:46

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