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Kanoapw: did you notice that there is aufs317:46
EvilResistanceis the ubuntu 3.0.x kernel backported to 11.04 (or available for 11.04)?22:25
KanoEvilResistance: you can simply install mainline. even 3.322:26
Kanobut you can get problems with extra modules22:26
EvilResistanceKano:  you'll have to define "mainline"... i've been out of the loop with kernel stuffs.22:26
Kanomainline=unpatched kernel code22:26
EvilResistanceany patched code?  the main reason i ask is because i'm curious about the power management patches, and whether they're in any of the kernels yet22:27
Kanobut you need updates/fixes for nvidia/fglrx and such things22:27
EvilResistancewill the patches and updates be in 12.04 LTS?22:28
Kanowell when you dont need external modules then it is no problem at all to install a new kernel22:28
Kanowhat gfx card do you use?22:29
bryceh( `lspci | grep VGA` )22:29
EvilResistance01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G98M [Quadro NVS 160M] (rev a1)  <-- (from lspci)22:29
EvilResistanceits on a 3 year old laptop so...22:30
Kanothen most likely you use nvidia binary22:31
Kanoi know patches to nv, but i only use u kernels and no u itself22:32
brycehG98 may work fine with just -nouveau23:00
Kanodepends on your definiting of work fine23:03
ohsixreally depends on your proclivity for whining about things23:04
EvilResistancealso depends on how much you care about the kernel complaining :P23:04
Kanoi usually use latest nv beta if it has got no errors for me23:05
ohsixand how large the system latencies you can tolerate as it goes in and out of the blob23:05
Kanowhich was the case with 295.09, but 295.17 is fine23:05
ohsixdoes 295.17 do kms?23:05
Kanoi dont need kms23:06
Kanodo you need wayland?23:06
ohsixheheh, so that depends on your definition of fine23:06
ohsixno but i have a deep personal need to edit config files when i want to add a display23:06
Kanobryceh: reclocking support will often crash, using boot speed is a joke. i prefer dynamic clocks, vdpau i like as well23:08
Kanoit is enough to see something in live mode23:12

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