czajkowskiAloha from FOSDEM 13:37
mhall119czajkowski: how's it going?14:33
czajkowskivery good 14:45
paultagI have the most awesome blog post16:53
paultagboohyeah, afk17:04
mhall119paultag: very interesting17:49
nizaruspaultag, hmm, only 3 points in Tunisia :)17:58
mhall119nizarus: I think most people on LP don't have lon/lat data available18:18
nizarusmhall119, i think so :)18:18
paultagsuch a shame they killed that off19:39
paultagpisses me off :)19:39
paultag   block 50000 runs from 22672085541 to 2267252414123:00
paultagbzip2recover: `americas.osm.bz2' appears to contain more than 50000 blocks23:00
paultagbzip2recover: and cannot be handled.  To fix, increase23:00
paultagbzip2recover: BZ_MAX_HANDLED_BLOCKS in bzip2recover.c, and recompile.23:00
locodir-userloco loco loco baby23:29
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