bazhang* [Sav1or] (~savior@c-68-35-103-209.hsd1.nm.comcast.net): Unknown00:58
bazhangdoing the !danger command and telling people it will speed up their computers00:58
bazhangseems like haylo is instigating this as well00:59
bazhang<Sav1or> im providing a important lesson to the uneducated about irc and linux01:04
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flowerpotPlease tell him to stop or remove him.05:46
flowerpot(privately, not in chat)05:46
flowerpot(that is, he's sending the messages privately, not in chat)05:46
pangolinhe's been banned05:46
flowerpotthank you05:47
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pangolinumm, is this true ^^06:13
Unit193Read just a bit up, it's been getting bigger all day without a single new ban06:17
Unit193(In #kubuntu)06:17
pangolinyeah I noticed06:18
pangolinbots are acting funny06:18
Unit193Always are06:18
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Tm_TGuest21792: hi11:21
LjLcan i just +m #ubuntu? it's being so silly and offtopic i don't even know.13:29
bazhangLjL, zenon? he was a bit silly earlier as well13:35
LjLzenon among others, but he's not even among the ones getting the most on my nerves13:36
bazhangmintman seems to have part of it as well13:36
bazhangerr +been13:37
LjLyes, and qwertz13:37
oCeanikonia: is the wine ppa really that harmful?15:05
ikoniano, the gimp one15:05
ikoniaI'm sure the wine one isn't great either, but I said that problem was the gimp PPA, and shock horror, he was using the gimp PPA15:06
oCeanMaybe we should be more clear on the ppa warnings then, more specific I mean15:06
oCeanI mean ppa's are suggested all the time, in #u15:06
ikoniaI warn against them15:06
ikoniaI think they are a terrible idea and uncontrolled for people to just break peoples machines with sloppy design and thought out15:07
ikoniajust fools "upgrading" things to the latest version with no consideration15:07
oCeanI do too, many ignore our warnings, and suggest ppa's the next time15:07
ikoniaI warn people not to use them all the time and pull people up blindly recommending them15:07
ikoniaI don't think we do a good job by recommending PPA's in #ubuntu,15:07
ikoniaI feel pretty strong about it,15:07
oCeanThere is still this thin line between what is "supported" (in the channel) and what is not, but we might be more explicit when it comes to recommending/using PPA's15:09
ikoniaso, I don't think it's a thin line in this case15:10
oCeanI mean, we tell others "don't just suggest google", we might as well say "don't suggest PPA's"15:10
ikoniaPPAs are totally uncontrolled (only things like the KDE PPA are quality)15:10
ikoniamay want to take it up with the new council15:10
ikoniaI took it up with the old one and got fed up of complaining about it15:10
ikoniaso just dropped it15:10
oCeanikonia: there are only few who can recognize if it's qualty ppa or not15:11
oCeanI make it an agenda item15:11
ikoniaoCean: I %150 agree15:11
ikoniabut I'm tired of banging the drum15:11
oCeanthat's a lot :)15:11
ikoniathe aim of the game is to help the users, that includes sometimes protecting them from people like GTRsdk who make terrible PPA software15:12
ikoniathere are other quality software builds that have no consideration for the dependencies they are changing and the long term effects on the systems15:13
ikoniathat is just as bad as the poor quality PPA's being created15:13
ikoniait's too easy to create a PPA and make it look like "official" quality software as it's hosted on launchpad15:13
ikoniait needs to stop in my view, but I'm also fed up of being complained at for daring to critique it15:13
oCeanikonia: it's on the agenda now, I'm curious to see in which direction the discussion will go15:17
ikoniabest of luck with it, I hope there is something more positive we can do other than "warn" people15:17
* popey thinks that the wine ppa is probably one of the least worst ppas you could have chosen to look at15:34
popeyand also things ppas are loads better than people installing random debs built from alien'd RPMs and dodgy checkinstall builds that used to be all over the forums before PPAs existed15:35
oCeanpopey: sure, but how to distinguish between ppa's being recommended, if you don't know their quality15:37
popeyI would imagine that's hard for non-experts, but I don't think that's hard for people in this channel to figure out15:38
popeyI mean, take the wine one. It's run buy _the_ guy who is clueful about wine in Ubuntu15:38
popeywho also happens to be on the CC so we'd hope he's made of the right stuff15:39
popeythen there's the firefox PPAs (probably less relavent now) run by Chris Coulson, who maintains firefox for ubuntu for canonical15:39
oCeanpopey: so every time I see a ppa being recommended, I have to check if it's actually useful/not harmful?15:39
popeymaybe we should have a list of 'PPA's that are 'approved' or 'recommended' or that we expect to be high quality15:39
MyrttiI've managed to avoid PPA's on my main installation, and I've had no desire to go study all PPA's under the sun... I suppose I need to catch up then.15:39
popeymaybe PPAs should have a voting system +1 / -115:39
Myrttithat would help15:40
ikoniait wouldn't15:40
ikoniaworks for me +115:40
ikoniaas anyone can do +115:40
ikoniarather than understand what it does and +115:40
popeywell, I didnt go into any detail about the mechanics of the +1 / -115:40
popeyit was merely a suggestion with no meat, so no need to dismiss it out of hand ikonia15:40
popeythere are metrics other than people pressing a button that could potentially be used15:41
popeysuch as 'proportion of build failures to build successes'15:41
popeyor 'frequency of updates'15:41
popeyor 'number of people on the team'15:41
Tm_Tpopey: build failures are poor metrics for safety/quality of packaging15:42
popeymost of this could be programmatically extracted to find out whether a PPA is 'good' or 'bad'15:42
popeyagain, these are just suggestions15:42
Tm_Tsome quality stamp on good ppa would be good15:42
popeyI'm not suggesting we argue every point. merely that a) it is possible to have a stable system based on content from PPAs, and b) PPAs should have a score/rating15:42
* popey files a bug in lp15:43
oCeanright, like a rating system will prevent others from recommending or actually installing?15:44
oCeanthere are tons of programs rated poorly for running with wine, yet we have lots of users asking for support for those programs15:44
oCeanwe're not in the channels to get a user's system "somewhat" to work15:45
Tm_ToCean: no rating should ever prevent users from installing15:45
oCeanTm_T: in that case, a rating on ppa's is not sufficient15:46
Tm_Texcept perhaps malware stamp15:46
oCeana support channel should stamp "DONT INSTALL" on PPA's15:46
Tm_ToCean: on all ppa's?15:46
oCeanTm_T: again, how to distinguish between the lot of them being recommended?15:47
oCeanTm_T: we explictely say "don't build from source", but hardly ever warn when PPA's are being recommended15:47
oCeanPPA's are a risk15:47
Tm_ToCean: I warn every time I recommend non-"official" ppa15:47
oCeanwhat's that?15:48
Tm_ToCean: kubuntu has ppa's that are used for providing newest stable KDE, for example15:48
popeybug 92672015:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 926720 in ubuntu-community "Users don't know a 'good' PPA from a 'bad' PPA" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92672015:49
Tm_ToCean: I'm strongly against us deciding to yell "don't do it" if someone is going to use the stable release ppa from Kubuntu team15:49
Tm_Tthose same packages do appear to ubuntu-backports after the time period15:49
Tm_Tsame with firefox ppa15:50
Tm_Tbasicly, a ppa that is maintained by the same team that provides ubuntu packages AND is meant for general consumption, those we can recommend15:51
oCeanI'm not sure how a bug is going to help us in the discussion. I put the item on the IRCC agenda, I think we should agree on how handle this.15:51
oCeanTm_T: I would say only packages that have gone through same thorough QA as packages from regular repositories. Is there any way to assure that for any ppa?15:53
AlanBellI am thinking we need a general "supporters guide" document on what we do and don't recommend (and sometimes in what order)16:03
popeydaubers had a go at writing one16:04
AlanBellhe did indeed16:04
Tm_ToCean: we (kubuntu) do the QA before moving the packages to general consumption ppa16:05
AlanBellso repo > PPA > random .deb > compile from source16:05
pangolinI prefer compile from source before random .deb16:05
oCeanAlanBell: why not make a bald statement and say only official repos are supported?16:05
pangolinyou don't know what you are getting froma random .deb16:06
oCean10913 active PPA's and most of 'em crap16:06
oCeanrandomly recommended in #u16:06
AlanBellpangolin: ok, .deb published by upstream (not by some other random person)16:06
Tm_ToCean: well, I'd say that official repos are supported + those repositories that meet the criteria I defined before16:07
oCeanTm_T: that's great, there are only very few of suck PPA's16:07
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa16:07
pangolinwhy not just keep it simple. if it is in the repos we support it.16:07
oCeanpangolin: +116:08
Tm_Tpangolin: there's reasons why some ppa's are supported16:08
pangolinand "official" PPA's16:08
AlanBellpangolin: sure, but we can support people adding a ppa, just not the consequences so much16:08
Tm_Tpangolin: much better (;16:08
pangolinthing is that if you help someone add a PPA you are also by extension going to have to support the packages from the PPA16:09
pangolinwhich takes us back to where we started16:10
pangolinwhat to support?16:10
popeythat takes us back further16:10
Tm_Twell, if you make it clear that a certain ppa is not supported, the choice is in the user16:10
popeywhat does 'support' mean16:10
popeyand who are 'we'16:10
oCeanThe thing is, that lots of users *think* they need a newer version16:10
Tm_ToCean: that has nothing to do with ppa's though16:10
pangolinTm_T: then we have to contend with, why that PPA yes and the other PPA no?16:11
oCeanTm_T: most definitely16:11
oCeanTm_T: in #u there are always users asking, hey I have package a-1.2.3, but I NEED a-1.3.x gimme, gimme16:11
oCeanso another clueless users says, oh but there is a PPA for that!16:12
Tm_Tpangolin: I find it simple, if it's maintained by the same team that provides the ubuntu packages, they support it and the ppa is for general consumption, then it's supported, no matter what we say16:12
popeythats only one use case of many oCean16:12
oCeanpopey: in #u it is  a  very common case16:12
popeysure, its a common one16:12
Tm_ToCean: then someone with clue do ask "why?"16:12
oCeanpopey: don't get me wrong, I use PPA's, but I know how to deal with the consequences of a broken system16:13
Tm_Tyou don't help them by saying "just don't", when you can ask what they really need16:13
popeyso we need to better document how to fix a broken system?16:13
popeyif you know how to do it and they don't there's knowledge transfer required16:13
popeynot shutting down support16:13
oCeanpopey: gimp ppa makes it impossible to upgrade your system.16:13
oCeanhow to go from there?16:13
popeythats a specific question16:14
popeyI'm talking in general16:14
oCeanpopey: come on, ppa's are not support16:14
popeyi can't parse that16:14
oCeanPPA's are not an answer to a support question16:14
popeythat entirely depends on the support question16:14
Tm_TI agree with popey on this16:15
oCeana support question is "wel, I'd like a newer version of.." or "Hi, I don't see package x in your repositories"16:15
popey'tomboy is broken, and i need to see if its a patch in ubuntu that broke it, or if it's a problem upstream'16:15
Tm_Tyou're trying to make it black and white when it's not /:16:15
popeyagain you're using one specific example16:15
popey+1 Tm_T16:15
Tm_ToCean: then you ask why you need newer version etc16:15
oCeanmaybe it should be black/white16:16
popeymaybe it should16:16
pangolinexactly because of that reason we can't define precisely what we support, because it isn't black and white16:16
popeylets discuss it16:16
popeyrather than shutting the discussion down16:16
oCeanTm_T: so, the user gives a valid reason for the newer package16:16
popeyits not always about newer16:16
popeysometimes it's about different16:16
oCeanok, different16:16
Tm_ToCean: then I try help the user to get the best supported option16:16
popeyi.e. a package compiled in a different way16:16
oCeansure, other compile options etc16:16
Tm_ToCean: and thell the user what the support on the specific option is16:17
popeyOk, I can detect that you're getting exasperated with me on this. it wasn't my intention to frustrate you, sorry oCean16:17
oCeanTm_T: the answer _could_ be: "sorry, we cannot help you with that"16:17
popeyI am just putting forward a different perspective16:17
popeyand it feels like I'm being shouted down16:17
Tm_ToCean: no16:17
Tm_ToCean: just, no, when we can help, we don't say that16:17
pangolinpopey: I think the larger issue is not what to support but the inevitable discussion that happens when the helper is forced to tell the user, We don't support that.16:18
oCeanFTR: I think there is nothing wrong with admitting every now and then, that ubuntu does not have a solution for everything16:18
Tm_Tand really, I cannot see we can draw a clear line on this, as it's not black and white, it just isn't no matter how much I want it to be16:18
Tm_ToCean: I agree on that16:18
oCeanpopey: I'm sorry if I gave you that idea, I'm not frustrated16:19
Tm_ToCean: and when there's no option that we can support, I try help them to find the support elsewhere16:19
oCeanTm_T: an honest answer can be "you have to wait for the next release" or even "maybe another distribution is better suited for your needs"16:20
Tm_Tsometimes it's simple "try asking in #foo", sometimes else16:20
Tm_ToCean: yes16:20
Tm_ToCean: but never blunt "we don't support that" without else16:20
Tm_Tunless it's clear case and there's no options16:20
pangolinwhat brought this topic back to the surface anyway, another argument in #ubuntu ?16:22
oCeanpangolin: another user not able to upgrade because of gimp ppa16:22
pangolinthe upgrade process is supposed to disable any PPA's before starting the upgrade16:23
pangolinwhy wasn't it?16:23
oCeanapparently during install of PPA something got broken, sorry don't have the details. Removing/disabling ppa did not help. ikonia say exact same case earlier16:24
Tm_Tdistro version upgrade, or normal update?16:24
pangolinmy guess, it installs too many other packages that are needed by other parts of the system.16:24
pangolinmaking it impossible to upgrade16:24
Tm_TI wonder if this has been reported to the ppa maintainer16:25
pangolinprobably not.16:25
* Tm_T shakes their head16:25
oCeanTm_T: please don't tell me you expect me to contact the ppa maintainer?16:26
pangolinTm_T: I have no idea. i try not to use PPA's and when I do I disable them soon as I installed what I needed. Sacrificing security but it is a risk i am aware of and only do on my systems16:26
Tm_ToCean: not necessarily you, no, but someone who uses the said ppa and knows what is the exact problem16:27
oCeanAnd why would a ppa maintainer be worried about not being able to do a upgrade16:27
oCeanthe ppa is only there for the sake of the ppa16:27
oCeanand _that_ is the issue16:27
oCeanwith ppa's16:27
Tm_ToCean: not all ppa's16:27
Tm_ToCean: and upgrade-blocking bugs have been in Ubuntu too, so it's not with ppa16:27
Tm_Tppa only that is16:28
popeypangolin: disabling the ppa during upgrades doesnt help if you have broken packages installed16:28
pangolinright but with upgrade blocking bugs from the repos can be reported and be fixed. with a PPA who knows if it will ever get fixed.16:28
Tm_Tpangolin: depends on the ppa16:29
popeyyou can report them to the ppa owner16:29
Tm_Tdon't think them all the same16:29
Tm_Tppa is just a one type of repository, ppa has nothing to do with what it contains16:29
pangolinpopey: exactly but are those broken packages from the PPA, some other source, who knows? which is why i think we should only support official repos.16:31
popeywhy dismiss a system just because it has a broken package?16:31
pangolinTm_T: everything depends on something, but I am not willing to or even have the knowledge to start monitoring all PPA's to see what is "ok" and what "isn't"16:31
popeysurely we could get them to do some analysis (dpkg -l, apt-cache policy etc) to find out what the actual problem is16:31
oCeanoh come on16:32
popeywhat people seem to be saying is 'its a ppa, so no support from us, goodbye'16:32
popeynobody is suggesting you should have knowledge of every ppa pangolin16:32
pangolinnot so rude like,  but essentially.16:32
popeywhy not give them a how-to guide to determine if the issue is the ppa rather than shut the door16:33
Tm_Tpangolin: that's why I'm not suggesting that we monitor all ppa's16:33
pangolinWho decides what PPA's are ok then?16:33
popeypangolin: you're a step ahead here16:33
oCeanpopey: sure, we've helped users with their systems broken by a PPA16:34
popeyout of interest which is the specific broken gimp ppa?16:34
pangolinprobably the daily16:34
pangolinwhich would make most sense to me16:35
popeycan you be more specific?16:35
pangolinI can't, speculating, sorry.16:35
oCeanif, at the end of the day, the conclusion is "the PPA broke your system" the general sentiment is "in that case ubuntu sucks"16:35
popeybecause if we're sending people away based on 'probably' then there's an issue right there!16:35
oCeanpopey: I'm not saying we sent anyone away16:35
popeywe should _know_ the issue is with that PPA before we make a judgement and send people packing16:35
oCeanI'm saying "maybe we could have prevented this user from installing this ppa"16:36
popeyI'm just trying to find out which ppa is the one that has been mentioned 3 times in this conversation to contact the person and see whats up with it and if it can be fixed16:36
Tm_ToCean: I actually don't care much what sentiment people get when things break, as that's not what we can control directly16:36
oCeanTm_T: I disagree16:36
Tm_ToCean: what we can do, is ensure our support channels function in their purpose, support, as that's the best way to make sure there's no need for such sentiment16:36
oCeanTm_T: I'd like to build positive sentiment by giving users a stable platform16:37
Tm_ToCean: me too16:37
pangolinyou're suggesting #ubuntu change from Ubuntu support to general linux support16:37
Tm_Tno I'm not16:37
Tm_Tbut I don't want to create some kind of "walled garden" thinking on this either, use ubuntu repositories only or get lost16:38
Tm_Thmh, maybe not the right term, but hopefully you get the idea16:39
pangolinWhen a new users joins the "official IRC support channel" there is an expectation from that user that they will be getting support. If we start to include some PPA's and exclude others we risk alienating those PPA maintainers, alienating users of the PPA. Strating flame wars in #ubuntu about how we suck because we don't support freedom. I think we should officially support the official repos only, doesn't mean we will tell people not to use P16:41
pangolinPA's but we can explain to them the risk of such and explain that they may not be able to find any help for it.16:41
Tm_Tpangolin: how you are going to brush off the support from Kubuntu packages?16:42
pangolinkubuntu is an official derivative is it not?16:42
Tm_Tand its ppa is supported16:43
pangolinnothing to brush off16:43
* popey adds that to the list of supported PPAs16:43
pangolinthe ppa is supported by whom?16:43
pangolinby Canonical?16:43
oCeanTm_T: why are they in PPA's in the first place and not in general repos?16:43
Tm_Tpangolin: us, kubuntu team16:43
pangolinhonestly this topic is always exhausting to me.16:45
Tm_ToCean: because it takes long time to get packages to ubuntu-backports repository, they're released in ppa first16:45
oCeanApparently we're not going to agree on this any time soon. But this is a very important discussion, since it also touches the core of the issue that ubuntu/canonical is not capable of having a distribution without the need for PPA's16:45
* pangolin will go with whatever the majority decides16:45
oCeanTm_T: backports, not main?16:46
popeyTm_T: didnt know that about kubuntu packages16:46
Tm_ToCean: bugfix releases goes to main I guess, but new feature releases16:46
popeyoCean: that question actually doesnt make sense :D16:47
popeythere is a backports 'main'16:47
Tm_Tno, bah16:47
popeydeb http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-backports main restricted universe multiverse16:47
pangolindon't forget the partner repo16:48
oCeandinner time, ttyl16:48
popeyyup, and extras pangolin16:48
popeypartner repo is likely to change soon16:48
popeythis is why i find this discussion interesting. we ship stuff in partner and extras as well as the main repos16:49
pangolinis it safe to assume that all the packages in the 6? official repos are guaranteed to be safe? i.e. won't send your CC info to someone unknown16:50
Tm_Toh right, this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/UpdatesPolicy16:50
* Tm_T is getting confused by all this16:51
Tm_T"Updates for Kubuntu releases which are due to go to Ubuntu Updates. Mostly KDE point releases." https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ppa16:54
Tm_Tand then there's "Backports of new versions of KDE and major KDE apps for Kubuntu which are either too large a change or not yet tested enough to go to Ubuntu Backports." https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports16:55
Tm_Tboth of these are supported in #kubuntu16:55
ubottutheadmin called the ops in #ubuntu (Alana)18:12
Tm_Thello Guest3098118:31
Guest30981I used the nickname pussylover on ubuntu18:31
Guest30981wich is not mine18:31
Guest30981and can't even change nick.18:31
Guest30981and i got auto-banned.18:31
bioterrorI'm a cat person too18:32
Guest30981so what should i do?18:32
Guest30981i don't know18:32
Guest30981i'm muted.18:32
Guest30981but i didn't talk from first place18:32
Guest30981wich is odd18:33
AlinaHi all!18:33
Guest30981morning alina18:33
Alinahere i can compalin?18:33
Guest30981[20:33] <Guest30981> .. [20:33] == Cannot send to channel: #ubuntu18:33
Guest30981you can18:33
Guest30981that's why it's ubuntu-ops?18:34
Alinawhy nick guest?18:34
AlanBellhi Alina18:34
AlinaOcean u here?18:34
oCeanAlina: please hang on18:34
Guest30981can you unmute me?18:35
Guest30981also let me change my name? :)18:35
Guest30981I'd stick with Guest but it's itchy.18:35
Guest30981you know what i mean18:35
oCeanGuest30981: there is nothing we do about your nicknames, well you cannot use a nick that conflicts with channel policy18:36
AlanBellGuest30981: I think you may need to leave #ubuntu to change nicks18:36
Guest30981having a nick about loving cats it's against policy? good job guys.18:36
Alina#ubuntu-ru Moderators kicking users without reason. just like it. They talkinh how schoolers. I think they childres18:36
Guest30981they russian, sis.18:37
Alinathey talk like children.18:37
oCeanAlina: that is not something we can deal with, sorry18:37
AlinaI too russian18:37
Guest30981I'm russian too :]18:37
AlinaAnd why can?18:37
oCeanGuest30981: we did nothing to make you change your nick18:37
Guest30981atleast unmute?18:38
LjLGuest30981: the mute will go away when you leave and rejoin. it happened because you changed your nick.18:38
oCeanbut yes, your original nick, the one you entered the channel with is not acceptable18:38
Alina!unmute Guest3098118:38
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AlinaAnd me? mY qustion?18:38
broimfromafrikahave a nice day ops18:39
broimfromafrikau da best18:39
oCeanAlina: as I said, we cannot help you with the -ru channel. Better try #ubuntu-irc channel18:39
oCeanAlina: please remember to /part this channel18:40
pangolinbroimfromafrika: if there is nothing else please part this channel.18:40
Alinapart of what?18:41
oCeanAlina: part = leave this channel18:41
oCeanAlina: see our topic18:41
broimfromafrikaone sec18:41
oCeanAlina: because we don't allow idlers18:42
pangolinAlina: because we don't allow users to idle in this channel18:42
broimfromafrikawhat's the social channel on freenode?18:44
pangolin#freenode for network help18:45
pangolinplease don't use this channel as a support service. thank you.18:45
pangolinzgr: hello, how can i help you?19:23
pangolinzgr: unless you have a reason for being here please don't idle in this channel.19:25
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ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1584 users, 1 overflows, 1585 limit))23:42
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1584 users, 1 overflows, 1585 limit))23:43

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