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popeyMorning all08:16
Garyguten morgan08:24
diploMorning all08:42
* MartijnVdS goes for a walk. Through the snow. With a camera.08:59
diplonice, a lot of snow MartijnVdS ?09:02
MartijnVdSyes, and -1509:02
diplo-7 here this morning09:03
MartijnVdSsome parts of .nl broke records with -2309:03
diploSupposedly snow later this afternoon09:03
diploI'd like to come back there at some point, the guy we rent our offices are from the netherlands09:06
diplois from*09:06
kvarleyI have setup apache and chowned the directory to the www-data user. Is there a way I can give my own user account the same permissions as www-data? So I can edit without having to so "sudo su www-data"09:31
shaunodidn't realise it was a timed quiz.  I was trying to figure out how to explain why I don't let www-data write to /srv/www09:33
ali1234shauno: how does apache write to log files that are 755 root/root?09:34
shaunokvarley, doesn't directly answer what you're trying to do, but www-data doesn't need to own the path.  it just needs to be able to read it.  the less www-data can write to, the less impact you have from things like the timthumb vuln in wordpress09:34
shaunoali1234, it's lauched as root:root and pivots permissions to those in the config.  so it just needs to open the files for writing before it does that09:35
ali1234ah ok09:35
ali1234nothing to worry about then09:35
shaunoor maybe leaves a thread around that's owned by root, not sure.  my main worry is what rights it executes php with09:35
shaunoah, yeah, mine has one thread running as root, and 5 workers running as www-data09:38
kvarleyshauno: Mine needs to be able to write and stuff because it's running a cms09:38
shaunoI'm sure there's more than one way to skin it, but for cache folders I have soneil:www-data, and make them group-writable09:40
shaunoor you could add yourself to the www-data group and do something similar the other way around too, I guess09:40
shaunoI think if you need more than one user to write to the same thing, the sensible answer is going to involve groups regardless of how much paranoia you aproach it with :)09:44
AlanBellmy sata hotplug plan isn't going to plan10:05
AlanBellis there a way to poke the kernel and get it to rescan devices?10:05
AlanBellhi TheOpenSourcerer, I have 3TB of spinning rust for you10:05
TheOpenSourcererThanks. Are you in most of the day? Will probably be going to Sainsbury's later.10:05
AlanBellyeah, should be in10:06
* AlanBell has already been to Sainsbury's10:06
* TheOpenSourcerer has only just got up!10:06
AlanBellI think a reboot is in order10:08
AlanBellsee you on the other side o/10:08
danfishready for the rubgy TheOpenSourcerer?10:15
TheOpenSourcererHeh danfish10:15
TheOpenSourcererGetting there...10:15
TheOpenSourcererChange of hostelry for the evening coz the landlord at my local is a total £$%^&*(()10:16
danfishoops - what did he do?10:16
TheOpenSourcererDidn't make the TV work.10:17
danfishthey need to invent eccletricity in your parts first :P10:19
TheOpenSourcererAnd didn't tell us either. Luckily at about 10:50 last night I asked him if he was all set for tomorrow. Then he mentioned that the TV wasn't working. Hasn't been for sometime apparently.10:19
danfishnot the best commercial decision10:20
* danfish is opening a few bottles of home made cider for the game10:21
TheOpenSourcererRight, need to plan the food for the week. (This is my job according to my dear wife. But she does do all the ironing in return).10:23
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: F&C, McD, BK, ...10:27
danfishspam, spam, spam, spam, spam10:28
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:30
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon10:33
brobostigon\o MartijnVdS10:34
* MartijnVdS is processing pictures from a snowy walk10:38
czajkowskiaquarius: ping10:46
AlanBellhow is fosdem?10:51
* MartijnVdS keeps losing the 'reload' button in ff10:52
MartijnVdSit's on the wrong side of the address bar!10:52
czajkowskiwell .......my head a is a little tender10:53
aquariusczajkowski, pong10:53
czajkowskiaquarius: that was before I saw your message and worked out what you wanted done10:55
czajkowskiROFLOL someone went to the wrong campus not ULB where fosdem is on10:56
popey"someone" we know?10:56
czajkowskihence saying it in here and not surrey :)10:57
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: see you shortly?10:57
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: sure10:57
brobostigonok, we are going to get snow here, starting somewhere between 3pm and 6pm, and then stopping somewhere between midnight and 3am.10:57
czajkowskiit's SNOWING over here10:57
czajkowskicausing massive delays10:58
brobostigoni can imagine.10:58
brobostigonwhere my brother lives up in northern germany, he has had bad weather for weeks.10:58
brobostigonso i might have to have my trip into town abit earlier.10:59
Guest53691something has gone wrong in the matrix...11:02
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brobostigonwell, i cant let the snow, not let me go to the pub, and meetup with friends though can i.11:04
MartijnVdSSnow is good for you! :)11:07
brobostigonwhy ?11:07
MartijnVdSWell it's cold. Good for muscles :)11:10
brobostigonmy maybe not the best, for my osteoporosis.11:11
* brobostigon has insulated underwear, for such an occasion.11:13
MartijnVdSFor those extra-cold beers ;)11:13
MartijnVdSheh.. someone about learning the terminal: http://i.imgur.com/SPUdX.jpg11:43
czajkowskiaquarius: I just snorted in the middle of LO talk, reading your blog11:45
aquariusam still cold.11:45
aquariusI am worried I may never be properly warm ever again.11:45
czajkowskiaquarius: bubbly bath11:46
occupy64kLaptops produce a lot of heat11:46
czajkowskiat least you had cigs11:46
czajkowskicould you imagine how more pissed off youd be with no cigs11:46
occupy64kWhat you need is the underside of a laptop connected to a system of popes containing water which are circulated around your jumper11:47
occupy64kor pipes11:47
occupy64kpopes would be less effective11:48
gordonjcpI don't want a pope on my lap11:49
MartijnVdSaww, poor aquarius.11:49
MartijnVdSaquarius: Try taking a long hot shower and/or bath11:49
gordonjcpaquarius: massive amounts of capsaicin11:49
gordonjcpaquarius: you need a curry11:49
MartijnVdSAD a curry.11:49
gordonjcplentil soup11:50
aquariusczajkowski, if I hadn't had cigarettes I think I would have actually frozen11:50
czajkowskiI think soo too11:50
aquariusshower. That sounds like a good idea.11:50
czajkowskiaquarius: sounds rather shite night11:50
czajkowskialso was there any other keys on the bunch11:50
aquariusnope, just the front door key, which is presumably why I lost it; it was easy for it to fall out of my pocket11:51
gordonjcpaquarius: did you find the key, or did you just break in?11:51
aquariusWaited up until 9am and then got the spare from the estate agent.11:51
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: you need to read the entire blog post.11:51
* AlanBell sends aquarius a nice warm video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4ij8z8yqzo11:52
czajkowskimy key is on the Ubuntu lanyard11:52
czajkowskihandy when at the bottom of my back11:52
AlanBells/back/pack/ I suspect11:52
AlanBellthough I might be wrong11:52
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: ironic that his domain name is "kryogenix.org"11:53
MartijnVdSAlanBell: Eww.?11:53
aquariusgordonjcp, heh, I didn't even think of that11:55
popeyczajkowski: what talk are you in?11:56
gordonjcpmy landlord has a spare key11:56
gordonjcpfortunately he lives 200m further up the farm track, not sure how happy he'd be about me knocking on his door at 4am though11:56
czajkowskiEasy hacks11:56
aquariusgordonjcp, yeah. The estate agent has a spare key, and for total emergencies my mum and dad do (although they're normally 120 miles away, and are currently in Ireland anyway)11:57
gordonjcpI think if I got locked out I'd just sit in the car11:58
aquariusgordonjcp, which is exactly what I'd have done if I had my car key11:58
aquariusbut it was in the house11:58
gordonjcpeven if it's locked it's not hard to get it open and start the engine11:58
gordonjcpsince it has a plug under the bonnet that appears to be entirely for being easy to hotwire11:58
aquariusahem. Breaking into my own car and then hotwiring it in the street is a jolly easy way to get arrested, even ignoring the fact that I have no idea how to do that anyway11:59
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: at least, that's what the junkie you bought it from said? :P11:59
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: there's a big diagnostic connector down beside the battery, with pins for locking and unlocking the doors, a pin for enabling the ignition, and a jumper that you disconnect to turn the starter12:01
gordonjcpalso, I live well away from the main road so no real chance of being done for driving under the influence12:02
ubuntuuk-planet[Stuart Langridge] It's cold outside - http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2012/02/04/it-s-cold-outside12:03
gordonjcpaquarius: anyway, I'm glad you got it sorted and you didn't freeze to death12:03
aquariusI am, too12:03
gordonjcpaquarius: I hope you didn't have your address on the keyring12:03
aquariusgordonjcp, nope, for exactly this reason. Just a key.12:04
gordonjcpthe twat that runs the company I work for insists on having keyrings with the company name, logo and address on all the vehicle keys12:05
Pendulumgordonjcp: better their address than your address?12:06
gordonjcpgreat when your keyring also includes keys for the workshop and several fairly secure sites12:06
MartijnVdSah yes, this is why they don't print our company name on our access badges12:07
Pendulumaquarius: we gave a spare key to one of our neighbors. While I'm sure they wouldn't be thrilled if we woke them up in the middle of the night, they'd do it and would be quite nice about it.12:07
Pendulum(but that does depend on having neighbors you get along with)12:07
aquariusPendulum, yeah, I did that. Then I took it back off them again to give it to the estate agent...12:07
aquariushindsight is, as usual, 20/2012:08
LcawteGrrr, I've tried like a hundred and one tutorials, and still nothing, does anyone have a link to a guide that lets me have local & virtual mailboxes?12:08
Pendulumaquarius: also, bring a coat to the pub next time :P12:08
aquariusPendulum, well... yes. :)12:09
aquariusbut then I'd have to wear it or carry it all night *in* the pub, which is why I didn't12:09
penguin42it's Penguin weather out there12:28
MartijnVdSpenguin42: see my Flickr link from earlier :)12:29
jutnuxMorning all12:32
MartijnVdS\o jutnux12:38
AlanBellwe have giraffe bread for lunch12:44
penguin42AlanBell: You're absolutely sure it wasn't Tiger bread?12:45
czajkowskiwaitinh on alison randall to give her talk12:45
matttwoot, 6nations starts today12:47
gordonjcpI got some of that12:47
gordonjcpdisappointed, didn't appear to have any giraffe in it at all12:48
AlanBellpenguin42: I checked carefully, looks nothing like a tiger12:49
matttare any of these fosdem streams working?12:49
matttah, got one12:50
TheOpenSourcererCream of Chicken or Oxtail Soup for lunch?12:58
czajkowskisome crusty fresh rolls12:58
AlanBellboth good12:58
popeyoooo, yes12:58
popeyi have rolls and soup12:58
popeygreat plan12:58
AlanBellhow were the eggs?12:58
* TheOpenSourcerer goes off to kill a chicken and smother it in cream then... (Or just open a tin)12:59
czajkowskiI had a veggie burger12:59
czajkowskiI feel cheated!!12:59
christeleggs! i love eggs13:12
AlanBellchristel: I took some to the pub for you (wasn't sure if you were coming) but gave them to czajkowski in the end13:43
christelthank you (even if they are now lauras eggs!)13:43
popeyAlanBell: my kids had the for tea yesterday13:44
popeythey loved them and said thank you13:44
popeyhows the dongle13:44
AlanBellmy dongle is dangling nicely13:44
AlanBellthanks very much for that, it works a treat13:45
popeyI am disappointed that the red 'i' in thinkpad doesn't light up like it does on other lenovo laptops13:46
popeythe red dot above the i that is13:46
MartijnVdS.. like the Apple logo on Apple laptops?13:46
popeyno, a tiny dot13:46
* penguin42 drops his desk phone and finds that a plastic moulding has popped off, inside it's labelled 'T2903A WEDGE ABS CAV1'13:50
penguin42who would have thought there would be so many wedges13:50
MartijnVdSpenguin42: well the phone is probably wedge-shaped?13:50
penguin42MartijnVdS: No, it was a wedge that made it rise up more at the back13:51
MartijnVdSWhat would be the cheapest way to make a temperature, humidity (optional: barometric pressure) sensor with wifi?13:51
MartijnVdSArduino? Wait for RasPi?13:52
MartijnVdSSome Arduino clone?13:52
MartijnVdSlight sensor would also rock13:52
penguin42I think the wifi is the bit that makes it harder14:06
MartijnVdSThat part is optional/can be done later/etc.14:06
MartijnVdSit being upgradeable to use wifi would be cool though14:07
penguin42MartijnVdS: I think there are sensors for everything you want on either i2c or 1-wire and most dev boards will do them14:07
OmNomDePlumeHah I got a letter from Virgin "letting me know" that I've been downloading an "unusually large" amount of data recently.14:07
OmNomDePlumeOk, I just checked my logs and can kind of see why they sent that letter.14:08
OmNomDePlume673gb transferred in January...14:08
MartijnVdSYou still have metered internet?14:08
penguin42OmNomDePlume: You've not downloaded the whole internet have you?14:08
MartijnVdSISPs in the Netherlands stopped caring about the amount of data you use in 2000 or so14:08
OmNomDePlumeNo, it's unmetered. They just "let you know" for "helpful" reasons.14:08
OmNomDePlumeI can download whatever I want - I risk being capped to 50% of my speed during peak times i.e. 25Mbit/s between 16:00 and 0:00.14:09
OmNomDePlumeBut I've never been throttled, so I don't know why they sent this letter.14:09
PendulumOmNomDePlume: implied warning that they might check to make sure it was all legal?14:10
OmNomDePlume"it's easy to schedule downloading big files such as movies for after midnight"14:11
OmNomDePlume^from the letter lol14:11
kvarleyWhat's a lightweight chat server I can use? I have tried ejabberd and openfire which both use the XMPP protocol and they don't seem to work.14:12
OmNomDePlumeThey obviously mean schedule your torrents for after midnight.14:12
MartijnVdScool.. http://www.sparkfun.com/products/1074214:13
shaunothat's not a bad idea, really.  it's more under 'being a good neighbour'14:13
shauno"This product is controlled for export by the United States. Sending it to other countries may still be possible, but will require additional information prior to shipment."  :(14:14
penguin42MartijnVdS: Do you often find yourself in the need of geiger counters?14:15
MartijnVdSpenguin42: no, but it's still cool :)14:15
OmNomDePlumeGeiger counters are export controlled?14:15
MartijnVdSOmNomDePlume: not that I know?14:15
MartijnVdSah by the US14:15
OmNomDePlumeHow retarded.14:15
OmNomDePlumeIt's like controlling exports of petri dishes.14:16
OmNomDePlumeAmerica is funny sometimes.14:16
OmNomDePlumeAs if Iran couldn't just buy Geiger counters from Russia.14:16
MartijnVdSor make them..14:16
shaunoI'm so glad I'm not iranian.  You know somewhere out there, there's a nerd who looks at things like that, thinks they'd make incredibly nerdy RNGs, and then just sighs14:17
* penguin42 wonders why - it's not like it's difficult to build a geiger counter is it?14:27
danfishMartijnVdS: have a look here - a country man of yours http://jeelabs.org14:35
danfishMartijnVdS: sorry - http://jeelabs.com14:36
occupy64kLet it snow!14:37
* kirrus does not want it to snow14:43
kirrusI had to deice our air-con exaust pipes way too early this morning :)14:43
penguin42occupy64k: It is here14:48
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kirrushaving fun BigRedS?14:53
BigRedSkirrus: yeah, having fun staying on a wifi net :)15:00
MartijnVdS\o/ hugin15:08
danfishMartijnVdS: good job - how many pics?15:18
MartijnVdSdanfish: 415:19
MartijnVdSI have pictures of a tower, 8 pictures high.. but it doesn't like it15:20
MartijnVdStoo much overlap I think15:20
danfishnice - can't make out any seams - you gotta love open source  :)15:20
MartijnVdSdanfish: also, gotta love the 'M' setting on my camera ;)15:21
MartijnVdSdanfish: and shooting RAW + batch-processing (identical settings) with rawtherapee15:21
danfishwe've got a canon g10 - going to look up optimal settings for snow photography for tomorrow15:22
danfish(i'm not the best photography person!)15:23
MartijnVdSdanfish: does that run CHDK? :)15:25
MartijnVdSdanfish: you can write LUA scripts for that ;)15:26
danfishMartijnVdS: wow - never new alternative firmware for my camera15:28
danfishczajkowski: hoh15:29
MartijnVdSdanfish: it's not sticky either -- remove battery -> stock firmware back15:30
MartijnVdSdanfish: great for not violating warranty ;)15:30
danfishczajkowski: how's fosdem and do you need a rugby update service?15:30
czajkowskiI do15:31
czajkowskii got france italy15:31
danfishMartijnVdS:something I've always worried about with my android phone15:31
czajkowskiany other games on ?15:31
MartijnVdSczajkowski: scotland v england is coming up15:31
danfishczajkowski: kids not letting me watch normal Tv at the moment, but I can stream you cars 2 ;)15:34
hamitronyou need to educate them and show who's boss ;)15:36
czajkowskidanfish: you need to get them watching the the rugby15:36
MartijnVdS"I pay the license fee. I get to say what's on TV"15:36
hamitrontoo right15:36
danfishczajkowski: they will at 1730!15:37
hamitronI suppose France and Italy don't really matter15:37
* hamitron sighs15:38
danfishhamitron: why the sigh?15:38
hamitronfrance getting the 3 points, puts them over 7 ahead15:39
hamitronoh well15:40
hamitronoh ffs15:47
hamitronsnow is breaking tv signal15:47
MartijnVdSso you get.. snow?15:47
hamitronat least this digital tv gets a nice clear black screen with a "no signal" message15:47
hamitronsnowing now15:48
hamitronlittle earlier than forecast15:48
hamitronhope it settles15:50
hamitron4 inches is a nice amount15:50
danfishhamitron: wherer are you?15:55
hamitronEast Yorkshire16:02
AlanBelllight sprinkling of snow happening here16:34
* MartijnVdS gets the tape with christmas music16:34
AlanBelldaubers: you were doing a support guide or something along those lines a while back, did anything come of that?16:36
bigcalmUnhappy weather here. It's raining and it's -2C. So more ice than snow16:37
ali1234the snow has set in proper here16:38
popeynone here GU14 0/10 #uksnow16:39
bigcalmpopey: I bet you were hoping to be snowed in so that you could spend the entire weekend on your new laptop16:40
czajkowskiAlanBell: http://yfrog.com/es8ropbj16:45
AlanBellwhat is that then czajkowski?16:49
czajkowskiAlanBell: http://wikiotics.org/en/main_page17:05
AlanBellah, a wiki for cunning linguists17:06
s-foxHello everyone :)17:13
s-foxHow's everyone? Anyone watching the rugby?17:17
diploLots of snow in BA1417:33
Azelphur-6/-11 here, but no snow xD17:34
shauno8º here.  no snow, no sun, just clouds.  winter in ireland looks a lot like summer in ireland :)17:38
penguin42shauno: Meh!17:38
penguin42shauno: Give us our warm air back!17:39
shaunooh you don't want that17:39
* penguin42 does17:39
Azelphurpenguin42: don't take irelands air, it's full of alcohol smell17:40
shaunowarm air that's been chilling out over the atlantic.  if you send it to a sub-zero landmass, insta-snow17:40
shaunoAzelphur: you say that like it's a bad thing?17:40
penguin42shauno: We've already got the snow17:40
Azelphurshauno: haha17:40
MartijnVdShaha.. comedy sketch show in (in Dutch) -- "What if.."19:02
MartijnVdS- what if bakers were paranoid19:02
MartijnVdS"What if numbers didn't exist"19:03
MartijnVdS"What if everyone was a civil servant"19:03
OmNomDePlume"Mario Balotell is performing magic tricks in one of the executive boxes as Fulham prepare to take a corner. I'm not making this up, honest."19:10
OmNomDePlumeBalotelli is a legend.19:10
OmNomDePlumeMartijnVdS: like this http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/the-best-of-conspiracy-keanu19:11
MartijnVdSOmNomDePlume: A bit. But acted out :)19:13
MartijnVdS"What if colour-deafness existed"19:22
ali1234python-gamin is broken :(20:14
AlanBell!info npm precise21:02
lubotu3npm (source: npm): package manager for nodejs. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.19-1 (precise), package size 134 kB, installed size 804 kB21:02
AlanBell!info npm unstable21:03
lubotu3npm (source: npm): package manager for nodejs. In component main, is extra. Version 0.2.19-1 (unstable), package size 140 kB, installed size 804 kB21:03
brobostigonwhats peoples sky tv reception like, in north oxforshire,?. or is it my sky box?21:13
awilkinsWhee, XChat for Windows is funky. In the bad smell sense.21:14
OmNomDePlumeJust got a letter from Usain Bolt telling me he's upgrading my broadband from 50 to 120Mbit, for free.21:14
awilkinsThe main window seems to be using some kind of chunkyvision bitmap font21:14
awilkinsYeah, I'm waiting on mine that says he's upgrading me to 60 MBit/s21:15
OmNomDePlume"July onwards" eugh21:17
OmNomDePlumeSo like six months.21:17
awilkinsApril - March21:17
awilkinsI'm in one of the first areas of the UK to get cable modem networks, they always use us as guinea pigs for new features21:18
awilkinsIt's such a hardship21:18
DJonesOmNomDePlume: I had a letter from virgin yesterday offering me 50Mb broadband, it'd be good if I was in a cabled area21:18
OmNomDePlumeYou're in Hull, eh?21:19
OmNomDePlumeAlso, Richard Branson has a terrible tan.21:19
DJonesNo, just no cable near our house21:19
OmNomDePlumeThat's awful.21:20
OmNomDePlumeADSL is an abortion.21:20
OmNomDePlumeYou're lucky if you get half the advertised rate.21:20
OmNomDePlume50.83Mbit/s @ speedtest. This is good.21:21
* AlanBell suggests OmNomDePlume's metaphor is somewhat inappropriate21:21
OmNomDePlumeVirgin's customer support is terrible, though.21:21
OmNomDePlumeSorry AlanBell.21:21
awilkinsYes, they've been mis-spelling my name as "Andrew" for some years now21:28
awilkinsEven after they originally had it right21:28
gordonjcpwhat's it supposed to be?21:34
penguin42awilkins: Have you thought about changing your name? It might be easier21:36
awilkinsIt doesn't bother me ; they only think of me as a direct debit number anyway. I get what I want from them - a bunch of numbers delivered down a copper wire - so really, we only care about numbers.21:37
awilkinsAnd I get to have Baldur's Gate II in 13 minutes, so they are doing their bit.21:37
awilkinsIf they were printing business cards for me, I might be a little miffed21:38
penguin42awilkins: It must get interesting when they ask for your full name and credit card info etc21:38
awilkinsAccount number. And I don't pay on CC ; I pay on direct debit21:39
awilkinsI know the password, so what do they care..21:39
awilkinsWhoa ; a robot system that uses humans as the robot arm22:14
awilkinsOur robot overlords (http://marshallbrain.com/manna1.htm) are upon us22:15
dwatkinsawilkins: I assume you've seen this exoskeleton the US military has made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qium3iCQZ1022:34
dwatkinswell, Raytheon made it, I guess the US military paid for it.22:35
awilkinsdwatkins, I've seen that ; I think the point is more that that is a human directing a robot - the picking system in the other video is a robot directing a human22:42
awilkins(to pickthings off the back of some of it's subunits, sure)22:43
AlanBellwonder if I can get that working with openerp22:43
awilkinsYou're essentially a squishy vision processor and robot arm22:43
* awilkins wonders if OpenERP has applicability to the healthcare arena22:44
AlanBellit does22:45
AlanBellthere is a dentistry module that one of the UK partners is working on22:45
awilkinsWith all the comments about the NHS needing streamlining recently, I have been wondering if the NHS IT programme (wfor whom I work) should concentrate on eliminating middle management rather than delivering EHR systems22:45
AlanBellsome bit of the NHS in Lincolnshire is looking at it I believe22:47
* brobostigon wishes he had never learnt the drums, he is getting more complaints from his dad, than praise, even if just tapping his hand son his legs, :'(22:48
brobostigonhands on*22:48
dwatkinsawilkins: ah yes, taking advantage of our pattern recognition skills22:50
dwatkinsbrobostigon: I get that too, used to find myself tapping on the desk and being stared at by my colleague next to me :)22:50
brobostigonand i did it, because i enjoyed it, this doesnt make it enjoyable.22:50
AlanBellawilkins: http://medical.sourceforge.net/ this is an openERP fork22:51
brobostigondwatkins: in this case, not just being stared at, but actually being bluntly told to stop, and given grim face.22:51
dwatkinsoh bah, brobostigon22:52
awilkinsI have some ideas about EHR data entry and presentation interfaces that stem from Wave22:52
dwatkinsI tend to put loud drum & bass on and wear large headphones to counteract the urge to drum on the desk, so long as I have something to type on I'm ok ;)22:52
brobostigondwatkins: i dont understand, "oh bah" ?22:52
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brobostigondwatkins: i play piper, to conteract sometimes, and sometimes feels even more want to play to it.22:53
brobostigonpiper at the gates of dawn*22:53
dwatkinsbrobostigon: "oh bah" as in "that's unfortunate"22:54
brobostigondwatkins: ah, i see.22:54
mattibrobostigon: ;]23:00
brobostigonmatti: evening  :)23:00
mattiWHat's up?;]23:02
brobostigonmatti: you name it, read above. not good, very frustrating.23:02
brobostigonmatti: and you?23:02
* brobostigon plays pink floyd loud in his headphones, with the bass turned up.23:03
brobostigonmatti: can i send you my cv, for that job?23:08
mattiI completely forgot about it.23:09
mustafaerhanhello there.23:24
mustafaerhanlooking for suggestions for ubuntu linux23:25
mustafaerhansoftwares tweaks themes etc. all helps are welcome.23:25
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Azelphurhamitron: did you break the internet again23:45
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hamitronme break? it has been broken for how many years? :/23:45
jacobw\o/ hustle23:49
jacobwhallo czajkowski23:50

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