bschaeferDBO, hey00:56
bschaeferDBO, hey, did you get a chance to take a look at my key nav branch?02:24
DBObschaefer, did I not leave my comments on it?02:24
bschaeferDBO, not that I saw (ill go check)02:25
DBOits possible I forgot to submit02:25
DBOI do that from time to time02:25
bschaeferDBO, haha, yeah I dont see a message from you02:25
DBObschaefer, okay link it to me02:27
DBOsorry about that02:27
bschaeferDBO, no worries02:27
DBObschaefer, this is quite good work02:55
DBOI just glassed over it before02:55
DBObut its actually done in a very simple, very straightforward way02:56
DBOI appreciate it02:56
bschaeferDBO, no problem, I like simple :)02:56
bschaeferDBO, plus you did all the hard work02:56
bschaeferDBO, that switch to the LauncherController was very good02:56
DBOpfft Im glad it was you doing this bit of work02:56
DBOI was dreading it02:56
bschaeferDBO, haha I had already banged my head fixing it in Launcher02:57
bschaeferDBO, The one thing that isn't fixed is clicking on the Dash in KeyNav02:57
DBOI am approving02:57
bschaeferdoesn't change the window, which I had a way to fix that in Launcher under the KeyEvent but yeah02:58
bschaeferDBO, Doesn't seem that important as this fixes a lot and Thanks you :)02:58
DBObschaefer, you could probably subscribe to mouse down outside of widget or whatever the damned signal is called02:59
DBOthat should still work for when the dashy is clicked on02:59
bschaeferDBO, the reason that didn't work is we didn't have have GrabPointer()03:00
DBObschaefer, it will still work internally in nux03:00
DBOthats what I am saying03:00
DBOso you wont get the event if you dont click on a nux element03:00
DBObut it will still emit on nux element clicks03:01
bschaeferDBO, ooo yeah03:01
bschaeferDBO, I can take a look into that after I finish my current queue!03:01
DBOgotta take trash out03:01
karyRunning updated Precise, and can't seem to get HUD working anymore.  Followed the instructions in the 'unity 5.2 ppa testing' thread link, logged out and back in, still no HUD06:01
snadgezomg.. updated precise packages! :D06:22
shirazhey folks, i'm trying to install unity 5.2 shiraz ... added both the unity-team/ppa and unity-team/staging PPAs, sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. It ran without errors. Logged out and in, but nothing's changed. unity --version return 4.28... am i missing somethign?07:23
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ali1234how do i write a music plugin to put into the volume control indicator stuff like current track?12:02
* mgedmin sighs15:10
mgedminopen gnome-terminal ssh somewhere15:10
mgedminswitch to a different workspace15:10
mgedmintoggle Scale for windows on all workspaces15:10
mgedminmiddle-click to close your terminal (this might require non-standard compiz config actually)15:11
mgedminit opens a modal confirmation dialog "do you want to close? etc"15:11
mgedminignore it for now15:11
mgedminexit scale15:11
mgedminswitch back to the workspace with the terminal15:11
mgedmintry to focus the terminal15:11
mgedminwhat happens?15:11
mgedminterminal window is brought to front but has no keyboard focus15:11
mgedminyou can't do anything with it15:11
mgedminit's not apparent that there's a modal dialog hiding on some other workspace15:12
* mgedmin done15:12
andyrockmgedmin, hello15:30
andyrockmgedmin, so after you get the terminal window without the keyboard focus15:35
andyrockif you try to minimize it15:35
andyrockand the un-minimize it15:35
andyrockyou can give it the keyboard focus15:36
mgedminandyrock, the modal dialog gets keyboard focus15:36
mgedminbut it is not brought forward15:36
mgedmin(or I'm not brought to the right workspace)15:36
andyrockmgedmin, report the bug on LP15:37
andyrockin the description15:37
mgedmini.e. I can click on the terminal (I will still see the outlined "I have no focus" cursor), and if I press Enter, the default button of the dialog (which I cannot see!) is activated15:37
andyrockwrite the test (step by step) to reproduce it15:37
* mgedmin nods15:37
mgedminI wonder if there are less silly ways to trigger modal dialogs that show up on a different workspace than the main app15:38
mgedminhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/755044 looks similar to this one15:41
ubot5`Launchpad bug 755044 in unity (Ubuntu) "when a modal dialog is placed on another viewport it receives events from the viewport with parent window" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:41
mgedminoh, unity is planning to have sheet-style dialogs?15:42
susundberg_Hello all. Sorry to bother, but could someone point out instructions how to enable HUD on fresh daily image install. I tried instructions available at first google hits, that consist of adding ppa + doing apt-get upgrade + dist-upgrade. Did that, got 'indicator-appmenu' updated, but no sign of hud16:11
susundberg_or am i just missing it? Alt -- shows menu, and some instructions said that via compiz-settings manager one can select key that actives hud -- dont have that option to be set16:12
cjohnstonhey guys.. anyone around to talk through an issue I'm having with 5.2 before I go file a bug on it?16:17
andyrockcjohnston, shoot16:19
cjohnstonandyrock: mornin..16:19
andyrockcjohnston, evening where i live :)16:19
cjohnstonOk.. I like the concept of the new multi-monitor go to the left, and it pauses your mouse and unity shows up16:19
cjohnstonevenin too.. :-)16:19
cjohnstonI like morning better because it gives me more time to pack for leaving tomorrow16:19
cjohnstonI have a 4 "monitor" setup... Far left is a laptop, middle two are a desktop, far right is another desktop16:20
cjohnstonI'm running synergy to go back and forth with one keyboard and mouse16:20
cjohnstonbetween the left and right monitor that are in the middle, the mouse pauses and unity shows up as it should16:21
cjohnstonbetween the left monitor on the desktop and the laptop, the mouse never pauses.. it goes right to the laptop...16:21
cjohnstonmaking it not possible to "open" unity on the left desktop monitor without pressing the superkey16:21
cjohnstondoes any of that make sense?16:23
andyrockit's a bug16:23
cjohnstonis it already filed?16:23
andyrocki think no16:23
andyrockmake sure to describe as well as possibl your monitor configuration16:24
andyrocka screenshot of the display panel of the g-c-c16:24
andyrockshould be ook16:24
cjohnstonOk.. I'll try my best and then ping you with it to make sure its understandable again16:24
andyrockgnome control center16:25
andyrockor system settings16:25
cjohnstonthe displays part?16:25
andyrockthe display panel16:27
andyrockyou can show the display panel16:27
cjohnstoni use nvidia xserver16:27
andyrockso from the nvidia control panel16:28
andyrocki don't know what is the correct name for the nvdia control panel16:28
cjohnstonthats fine16:28
cjohnstonill add it16:28
andyrockcjohnston, http://www.bunkerhollow.com/stuff/permanent/NvidiaControlPanel.png16:30
cjohnstonya.. im good there.. ty16:30
cjohnstonandyrock: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/92674016:38
ubot5`Error: launchpad bug 926740 not found16:38
cjohnstonandyrock: still around?16:57
andyrockcjohnston, i didn't get you're using synergy :)16:57
cjohnstonoh.. i thought i said that16:57
andyrockbut i did not get it16:57
andyrockbut it's a bug16:57
cjohnstonandyrock: another issue that i think i may have found..16:57
cjohnstonin old unity, when i typed say 'shutter' and then clicked shutter and opened it16:58
cjohnstonthe next time that i opened the dash, the search bar was blank16:58
cjohnstonnow on 5.2, the next time i open dash, the search bar still has my last search, even though i opened whatever it was that i was searching for last time16:58
andyrockcjohnston, confirmed16:58
cjohnstonalready reported/16:59
andyrockbut i'm not sure it's by design16:59
andyrockplease add aytana-design16:59
cjohnstonto what?16:59
andyrockto the affected project16:59
cjohnstonfor my first bug?16:59
andyrockor give me the link :)16:59
andyrocknot the second one17:00
cjohnstonok.. so i should file a second bug on that17:00
andyrockyou said17:00
andyrockalready reported :)17:00
cjohnstoni did? oh.. i didnt report it cause i wanted to ask you about it first17:01
cjohnstonoh.. i was asking if it was already reported... because you said confirmed17:01
andyrocklet me check :)17:03
andyrockcjohnston, i can't find a similar bug17:07
andyrockso report it please :)17:07
cjohnstonwill do17:07
andyrockand add ayatana-design too17:07
andyrockthx you too17:08
karel_ffHi. I'm trying to get started with some bitesize bugs, but I'm having trouble installing some of the dependencies: http://pastie.org/331629917:09
karel_ffI'm running oneiric btw. I don't think I have package repositories in sources.list which should cause the conflicts, so what should I do?17:10
cjohnstonkarel_ff: have you tried installing the dependencies manually br chance?17:11
cjohnstonahh.. karel_ff it looks like it may be an issue with the dependencies.. it requires older versions than what is currently available17:12
cjohnstontry installing the older versions manually17:12
cjohnstonandyrock: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/926762  mind confirming?17:17
ubot5`Error: launchpad bug 926762 not found17:17
andyrockChanServ, we'll confirm it after the design feedback :)17:21
andyrockmaybe it's not a bug, it's a feature :)17:21
karel_ffcjohnston: thx. I'll have to give it a try later17:21
cjohnstonty andy.17:21
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karel_ffI'm trying to build unity from source. Running cmake to build libcompizconfig produces this: http://pastie.org/3318119 (even though I did run make findcompiz_install without apparent errors earlier)22:52
karel_ffDoes anyone know what I may have done wrong?22:52
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