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bkerensaMarkDude: You about?01:45
MarkDudeYes i am bkerensa01:45
bkerensaMarkDude: https://webfwd.org/about/scouts/index.html01:45
bkerensago there and tell me if you recognize anyone on the page01:45
MarkDude The Power Behind the Throne.01:46
MarkDudeLeslie is a Goddess01:46
MarkDudeflat out01:46
MarkDudeOne of my favorite people01:46
bkerensaMarkDude: Scroll down once inch01:46
MarkDudelet alone in FOSS01:46
* MarkDude saw Leslie, stopped scrolling01:47
MarkDudegot bored01:47
MarkDudethen saw you01:47
MarkDudegood pic01:47
bkerensaI'm surprised I got selected by Mozilla01:48
* MarkDude is not01:48
MarkDudeYou kick ass bkerensa01:48
bkerensaI can name some people who do though01:48
bkerensaLeslie is one of them01:49
MarkDudeakk, yep, she is cool person to see in Portland/conferences01:49
bkerensaI think my fav person in FOSS in Oregon is slangasek though... He is gifted in development01:49
MarkDudeOne year she had a card that said geek-at-large01:51
akkThat's perfect -- she's everywhere.01:51
akkI think I actually met her first in Australia.01:51
* MarkDude tried to get that to be his title at Zareason01:51
bkerensaMarkDude: So I talked to GroundKontrol they are good with us taking over for any events I just need to give them a week notice and they will let us use the place01:52
bkerensaHmm Heroku employees have pretty awesome business cards01:52
bkerensaakk: She is globe trotter.... I think everytime I have pinged her last year she was out of country..... And some how she juggles so many hats... Very impressive01:53
MarkDudeGround Kontrol is waaaaaay cool place01:53
MarkDudeSee if Dual Core is coming out- they could be live there01:54
bkerensaMarkDude: I know I might go there tonight.... OSU OSL folks are currently in route on the Linux Bus for Ubuntu Hour and I told them go to GK and now they want me to go to that too but its mighty windy up here atm so I might just do dinner (Hour) and head home01:55
MarkDudeOSU lab folks are hella fun01:55
MarkDudeThrow down some money on retro games01:56
bkerensaWe shall see... If our asst team lead makes it then I might talk him into driving me there otherwise I will probably stay out in NE01:56
bkerensaI like that GK has some pretty wacky food items01:57
grantbowgk needs a website update though. Nothing in 2011?01:57
MarkDudeWell for eating - I like going to backspace01:57
MarkDudeand getting hotlips soda, and some Hippie food01:58
MarkDudeBS has good live music, fun to be on computer and have concert01:58
bkerensagrantbow: http://groundkontrol.com/01:58
grantbowah, different gk01:59
MarkDudeParenthetical Girls and StarF*cker were good shows there01:59
MarkDudeOh, and a group called the Bowmans01:59
MarkDudeKid you not...01:59
bkerensaMarkDude: When u come up again in the Spring... Me, You and Chris should hit up The Alibi over by the Rose Garden02:00
bkerensaChris is coming I hope?02:00
MarkDudeMost likely02:01
MarkDudeMaybe Courtney also02:01
bkerensaI dont know who that is02:02
grantbowyou will :D02:02
MarkDudeOh yes,02:02
* MarkDude assumes everyone knows her02:02
bkerensaI will probably spend far less time at OSCON this year :P02:03
bkerensaespecially since I live really close to convention center now and can go home and nap02:03
MarkDudeDude, OSCON is good for talking to people in hallways02:03
MarkDudeforget most sessions02:03
bkerensasessions were extremely boring02:03
bkerensaexcept for the one that Jono and the Perl guy did02:04
bkerensaThe guy that was singing about libraries02:04
MarkDudeWell Bryan Smith had a good session on micro computers02:04
MarkDudeYou mean Randall Shwartz?02:04
bkerensaUhh idk the guy with the floppy balloon hat02:05
grantbowI hope there will be at least one session on http://www.raspberrypi.org/02:05
bkerensagrantbow: Are you coming up?02:05
* MarkDude plans on taking grantbow and throwing him in trunk if he has no plans on going02:06
MarkDudeHere ya go G, it Portland02:06
grantbownot sure yet02:06
bkerensaMarkDude: Philipballew is coming... You guys could all pull your resources and make a cheap trip out of it02:06
MarkDudeWell funding can be arranged Sir, hit me up02:06
bkerensaMarkDude: I'm still waiting for a response from Jon or Marsee on dot com booths02:07
* MarkDude has car paid for as well as a few rooms02:07
MarkDudemight rent a house for the week. Ryan Singer did that 2 years ago02:08
MarkDudeHmmm, maybe you can help look at a house02:08
MarkDudeWith a car already going- it will make it much cheaper02:09
MarkDudeIf we can get house- even cheaper02:09
* MarkDude plans on being there at least 2 weeks 02:10
MarkDudeso return may have to different02:10
MarkDudeIn which case, if grantbow has to be back at different time02:10
bkerensaMarkDude: Airbnb sometimes has awesome prices up here02:10
MarkDudeanother car could be rented02:10
MarkDudeCLS also02:11
bkerensaI need to find a place to buy some decent gloves.. My hands keep getting cold but I dont like those knit gloves :902:11
* MarkDude has his pair of gloves02:11
MarkDudewore them in Virginia02:11
akkBetter hurry -- stores will be stopping selling gloves soon, if they haven't already.02:11
MarkDudeand not since ;P02:11
bkerensaMarkDude: Yes CLS.... I'm going to hold a session on Kickstarting Local Engagement in FOSS02:11
akkThey're probably starting to stock up on swimsuits by now.02:12
MarkDudelol akk02:12
bkerensaakk: Well I dont know where to start... I went to Fred Meyer and they didnt have any except those cheap kind the knit ones which seem to thick and hard to grab and do stuff with02:12
bkerensaMaybe swing out to Walmart this weekend02:12
* MarkDude palns on picking some controversial topic, and see how many show up for the trainwreeck02:12
bkerensaMarkDude: Ugh who was that OpenOffice guy? I swear he was going to start a riot in his session02:13
bkerensahe kept snapping at everyone02:13
akkbkerensa: Department stores sell isotoner and similar sorts of gloves -- that's what I use for things like driving or cold weather biking.02:13
MarkDudeHe who must not be named02:13
MarkDudeI talked with someone else in that session02:14
MarkDudeShe almsot kiled him02:14
bkerensaI walked out02:14
bkerensaand everyone was like giving eachother this look of.... Is this guy serious?02:14
MarkDudeIt was like- um,  dude, people are followijng the rules dont freak out02:14
MarkDudeHe is really smart guy02:14
bkerensaPeople would ask something or say something and he would be like... NO02:14
akkYou realize that anyone here who wasn't at that session is completely confused, reading this.02:14
bkerensayeah no doubt but he seemed very rough02:15
MarkDudeJust a bit towards aspbergers (sp?)02:15
bkerensaMarkDude: Louis Suarez-Potts02:15
MarkDudeakk well once it started with this dude was a d bag...02:15
bkerensaThats him ^02:15
MarkDudenaming names would be02:15
* MarkDude knows 02:15
akkMostly curious about what he did.02:16
MarkDudeSo he kept telling folks to calm down02:16
bkerensaI'm not saying anything that was not said in front of him... He is not a bad person he was just being rough02:16
MarkDudeand they were not waiting to talk02:16
MarkDudeand they were following rules02:16
bkerensaYeah people would talk or share an opinion and he would just abruptly cut them off or tell them NO or your wrong etc02:16
bkerensaat the end people started walking out on him and one lady called him out02:17
* MarkDude had Oracle and MS and all sorts of evil compinies in his session02:17
bkerensaI walked out02:17
MarkDudebut made sure no one was bashing02:17
MarkDudeor jumping02:17
MarkDudeHe is a great writer02:17
MarkDudeHe sorta acts like Prof02:18
bkerensaakk: He was holding a session on forking... and since he is with OpenOffice I guess perhaps he was disappointed about people forking projects hence LibreOffice02:18
akkDoes openoffice still exist? I thought the project basically changed into libreoffice.02:18
pleia2yeah, apache adopted it02:18
akkSo there are both now?02:18
pleia2yeah, it's very odd02:18
MarkDudeyay for forking02:19
MarkDudeand wasting time02:19
pleia2it wasn't a waste of time, oracle was being truly awful02:19
akkHmm, I should try openoffice, then. I'm mega-annoyed at libreoffice for taking away the ability to bind Delete to a key.02:19
bkerensapleia2: I wish they didnt have mysql02:20
pleia2bkerensa: yeah, but mysql has always been an odd duck02:20
bkerensabut at least MySQL's Community Manager is a really amazing guy who can joke about how evil his employer is02:20
pleia2I can't imagine he'd be able to tolerate his job if he couldn't be open about it, his employer /is/ evil ;)02:21
pleia2I don't tend to hate companies or corporations (I work for one), but oracle is meaniehead02:21
bkerensaCorporations can be good.... Some can be bad02:22
akkStrangely, they actually had some good linux work going on a while back (5+ years ago).02:22
pleia2yeah, and they were one of the earlier big names to get their flagship product running on approved linux systems02:22
akkAll the major companies seem to do this oscillation thing with open source, though, where they pledge undying love for linux then 2 months later, act like they've never heard of it.02:22
akk(Sun, HP, Dell, AMD ... IBM and Intel less so)02:23
akkI had a boyfriend like that once. Don't recommend it. :)02:23
bkerensaGoogle has been very supportive of the Linux Community IMHO02:23
akkYeah, Google is a lot more consistent. Though not entirely good (like withholding Android source).02:24
akkBut a lot less flaky than the others.02:24
bkerensaCompanies like PuppetLabs for instance will bend over backwards for FOSS...02:24
bkerensaThey have sponsored almost every event we have had and had their employees work on weekends to accommodate us02:24
MarkDudeWell - some companies would be tooooo stresful to work for02:25
bkerensaNo doubt02:25
MarkDudeI mean MS is evil- I have heard its pretty decent in some sections02:25
MarkDudeOracle - not so much02:26
MarkDudei heard the bosses have tasers and whips02:26
akkplus you have to take turns cleaning the deck of Larry's boat with a toothbrush.02:26
bkerensaI heard that Larry asked the City of San Francisco to tear down the docks by Fishermans Wharf for his boat racing thing02:27
bkerensais that true?02:27
akkI think that might be an exaggeration, but I think they are doing some remodeling for America's Cup spectators.02:28
bkerensawell I gotta run literally to make it02:30
MarkDudeyes bkerensa02:31
MarkDudeHe asked for all sorts of extra things02:31
MarkDudeAnd got them02:31
MarkDudeAt Oakland A's game- at Coliseum- nright next to Oracle arena02:32
MarkDudeBiggest cheer I have seen in a hile- was people liking Oracle boat over turning in race02:33
MarkDudeSlow motion on big screen02:33
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pleia2finished up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/TeamReports/12/January07:45
bkerensaMarkDude: I met some of your Fedora friends tonight :D09:35
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