brouschrick_h: http://www.droid-life.com/2012/02/03/google-issues-statement-regarding-cdma-nexus-devices/00:05
rick_hbrousch: yea, saw some of that. ugh I guess00:06
brouschsounds like updates from google will keep coming, but maybe problems with 3rd party ROMs?00:07
rick_hI'm not sure tbh00:08
brouschhad you started cutting yourself yet?00:08
rick_hnot yet, I finally got the new phone to work so I can make phone calls00:09
rick_hso still reinstalling all my crap00:09
brouschyou were unable to make calls?00:10
rick_hnot without a headset or on speakerphone00:10
rick_hman, 2hrs ago I was pysched to stay up late hacking on bookie00:12
brouschhow'd you f it up?00:12
rick_hnow I'm tired and just want to make some popcorn and chill00:13
rick_hbrousch: don't know, required a new phone so that came today and seem to be getting straight now00:13
brouschdarn low quality android phones00:13
rick_hheh yea...those cheap bits of plastic...if only there was a more expensive one I could get that I could *know* would work and be perfect00:14
rick_hoh right...this damn nexus is supposed to be that00:14
rick_hlmorchard: you heading out to pycon?00:17
lmorchardrick_h: Alas, no, though like 1/2 of mozilla webdev other than me is00:18
rick_hheh yea I figured there'd big a large group with all the stuff the Tivac crew and such have been up to and since it's out their way00:18
snap-lOK< going to see if I can move these components to the new case without breaking everything02:24
rick_hgood luck snap-l02:38
tjagodaTile shopping is hard work.03:22
jrwrenfloor tile?03:34
tjagodaFloor and wall03:34
tjagodahaving the 20 year old bathroom redone03:35
tjagodaProbably more than 2003:35
snap-lhuzzah, new case installed05:16
snap-lAh, computer is now 47C instead of 54C14:48
snap-lalthough getting the motherboard to line-up was a bit of a chore14:49
snap-lstupid ATX design14:49
rick_hsnap-l: congrats16:01
jjessewhat are we congrating?16:01
rick_hsnap-l: has his new case all put together and his pc cooler than it was16:02
rick_hall without bodily harm to himself or others16:02
snap-lThank you. :)16:12
snap-lI only swore a few times too16:22
rick_hthen it was a proper computer project16:54
rick_hevery time I build a machine I swear I'm not going to do it again16:54
rick_hthen I keep doing it16:54
jrwreni never swear I never will again16:54
jrwrenbecuase I know what the non-self-build market is like, and I'd not want to run that shit.16:54
jrwrenworking on my car on the ohter hand... :)16:55
rick_hI've lost track of the right cpu/socket/etc BS16:55
jrwrenah... i don't track it until I need to do a build.16:55
jrwreni only do a build ever 2 yrs.16:55
rick_hyea, same here16:55
jrwrenid LOVE to get an ivy bridgethis summer16:55
rick_hmore than that for me since I've gone laptop16:55
rick_hyea, that'll be the debate, do the desktop upgrade and keep the laptop, or upgrade the laptop and keep using the desktop16:55
jrwrenoh true, and now I need ot balance what new job gives me.16:56
jrwrenassuming its a new job16:56
rick_hnow that I'm home full time it's getting tempting to go all 8 core, dual video card, 16gb of ram monster desktop16:56
jrwreni do laptop/desktop/laptop/server16:56
rick_hserver is now moved to ec216:56
jrwrenoh yeah, that would be so sweet.16:56
rick_hactually I need to go get that out of the DC soon16:56
jrwrenoh wow... server moved to ec2, interesting.16:56
rick_hyea, dual ec2 small instances paid for as reserved high capacity instances16:57
jrwrenthat won't work for me because my server serves movies and tv, i want it to work offline16:57
rick_hah, yea16:57
rick_hmy desktop does all my local server stuff16:57
jrwrenif only I didn't to movie/tv16:57
rick_hbut now that I've got three displays I'm starting to itch to not run synergy between them16:58
rick_hand just have one master machine16:58
jrwrenATI has those 3-dvi out cards.16:58
jrwrenbut i've no idea what linux on desktop video cards are good.16:58
rick_hI figured I'd end up doing some sort of dual SLI card setup16:58
jrwrenits called eyevision or something?16:58
jrwrenlemme look it up.16:58
rick_hyea, true, I've been intel only for so long16:58
jrwrenyes, so with two eyefinity, you can drive 6 displays :)16:59
rick_hhah! now we're talking, room to grow lol16:59
jrwrenbut to just drive 3, get an eyefinity card.17:00
jrwrenthere ya go17:00
rick_hhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXJF6UVJfxw lol, there you go17:01
jrwrensadly, it is REALLY hard to find cards with 3 digital out... seems 1 is always analgy :(17:02
rick_hwhich is whatever for me really17:02
rick_has long as it can show a terminal I can always have one display that's not the best17:02
jrwrenid agree, except it is really annoying when 2 are bright and clear and one is a little dim and blurry17:03
jrwrenanyway, off to ikea with fam.  l8r17:03
jrwrenkids gotta have something to put all them toys in :)17:04
snap-lI had some trouble trying to do the Crossfire set-up17:19
snap-lbut I think it's because I have two cheap cards17:20
snap-l3450 and 545017:20
brouschone monitor is enough for anyone17:20
brouschjust make it 30"17:20
snap-lbrousch: Yep17:20
snap-lAnd we only really need a P417:21
brouschfine, but i need 8GB RAM17:21
brouschand a 512GB SSD17:21
rick_hone is never enough17:29
snap-lYour desk looks spooky17:29
snap-lAll of those lights in the background make it look MYSTERIOUS17:29
rick_hthe camera makes them seem stranger than they are17:30
rick_hit's just nice indirect light when I work17:30
rick_hjrwren: man, you hate tags in your bookmarks? :P18:38
jrwrenactually the JS for the tag page isn't working too well for me in FF20:48
jrwrentaht is why I ain't tagging.20:48
jrwrenbetter pizza? benitos or jets?22:04
snap-lI like Jets personally23:39
jrwreni'm loving benitos lately, but its been a long time since i had jets.23:40
snap-lSo, now that Verizon has fucked the Galaxy Nexus owners, what's the new phone hotness?23:45
snap-lAs soon as they get Linux support, I'm all over it. :)23:48
snap-lUntil then, it's time for an Android23:48
Blazeixthe new rumored hotness is the galaxy s323:49
Blazeixand i'm not convinced the whole galaxy nexus thing is as bad as the tech blogs are making it out to be23:50
jrwrenwhat do you mean linux support?23:50
snap-lYeah, aparently it's just that they're holding off on CDMA support23:50
snap-lbecause CDMA is shit23:50
snap-ljrwren: I mean the ability to put music on the iPhone without using a Mac or Windows PC23:51
snap-lI mean the ability to start the phone without having to plug into iTunes23:51
Blazeix"Google still plans to support the devices directly via software updates."23:51
Blazeixnothing to see hear, move along23:51
snap-lYeah, someone jumped the gun23:51
snap-l(gee, on the internet? whooda thunk it)23:52
jrwrensnap-l: as of iOS5 you can run w/out itunes23:52
jrwrenyou don't need to sync to anything, because you sync to icloud23:52
jrwrenbut yeah... to get music on the phone, you need itunes AFAIK23:52
snap-ljrwren: Yes, I know, but I still can't use it to put music on23:52
snap-lFrankly, I liked my iPhone23:53
jrwreni love mine, but i also don't mind windows or osx.23:53
jrwreni love it all.23:53
jrwreni love linux23:53
jrwreni love rms23:53
jrwreni love microsoft23:53
jrwreni'm a lover23:53
brouschwhen apple stops suing people over things like the shape of a tablet i'll be all over it23:53
brouschand when i can sideload programs i want23:53
brouschwhen i can wrote programs for iOS without having to use OSX23:54
jrwrenhas google never sued anyone?23:54
jrwreni'm just curious23:54
snap-lNot sure offhand23:55
Blazeixi'm sure they have23:55
jrwreni know they have been on defense a lot23:55
brouschi don't know, but this BS apple is pulling in europe is maddening23:55
snap-lYes, it is23:56
brouschgetting devices banned in whole countires23:56
brouschi will not support that kind of company23:56
jrwrenha! goog has initiated an interesting one23:56
jrwrenwhat is aapl doing in eu?23:56
brouschjrwren: seriously? you don't know?23:57
jrwrenno idea.23:57
jrwrenunless it is the banning of samsung devices.23:57
jrwrenbut IMO that is just good business.23:58
jrwrenits why AAPL is the most profitable company in the world.23:58
jrwrenAAPL is MSFT of 1998 or whenever MSFT was at its peak23:58
brouschit is not the kind of business i can support23:58
jrwreni wish i hadn't sold my stock :)23:58
brouschi need more than profit23:59

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