SarvattPrf_Jakob: see ya man, thanks again for checking it!00:05
Sarvattand you know, making it work upstream so we could pull it in00:06
* Sarvatt should have gotten the 256GB MBA00:13
Sarvattoh well ivb refresh!00:13
Sarvattxorg-pkg-tools directory I do xorg-edgers packaging from is 19.4GB, sheesh00:15
Sarvatt64GB is not enough, hate to wipe the OSX install because thats the only way to do firmware updates00:17
broderSarvatt: <300:32
broderi'll try it out next week00:33
tjaaltonSarvatt: get a desktop/server already, ssh into it06:05
tjaaltondo magic06:05
Sarvatthave tons, RDP sucks06:06
Sarvattshares the display over rdp?06:06
Sarvattwhat were you referring to?06:06
tjaaltonwhy do you need that? you do all the stuff on terminals anyway :)06:07
tjaaltoni mean you have everything on your tiny laptop :)06:07
Sarvatttjaalton: /var/log/xorg.0.log wont tell me if minecraft doesnt work, thats all i care about :P06:08
Sarvattbah SNA06:08
Sarvatthalf that last sentence was invisible06:09
Sarvattso glad we arent shipping it :)06:09
Sarvatttjaalton: no school this morning, why are you awake this early? :)06:10
Sarvattshould that be why am i awake this late? probably..06:11
Sarvattneed to run it on real hardware to see if it works though, display corruption in unity wasny visible in any logs remotely last i tried06:14
Sarvattwasnt too06:14
Sarvattit started up fine but all kinds of corruption06:14
Sarvatt(mesa 7.11 svga drivers with xorg state tracker)06:15
tjaaltonSarvatt: yeah weird, 7h of sleep was apparently enough06:15
tjaaltonwonder when the drive-by bug triagers stop using -mouse/-keyboard as a target06:37
Sarvattha, really?06:38
tjaaltonwell, they have 23 bugs in total06:39
Sarvatti've been noticing the same thing with nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 from kubuntu bugs for years too06:40
Sarvattkeyboard related bug, must be xf86-input-keyboard!06:42
Sarvattwhoops its a kernel platform driver mishandling a hotkey bug06:43
tjaaltonoh we still have -elographics too06:43
Sarvattoh yeah and the package isnt in the archive anymore06:43
Sarvattspeaking of which06:43
Sarvatti accidentally resurrected keyboard or mouse last release06:43
tjaalton-mouse is though, forgot it's used by -vmmouse06:43
Sarvattsync request after it was purged from the archive06:43
Sarvattyah was keyboard, obviously wasnt mouse06:44
tjaaltonsyncing -void06:45
Sarvatti filed bugs for syncing xtrace and glide yesterday06:45
tjaaltonjust ping here06:46
Sarvattrendition fakesync, and xterm were the ones i remember06:46
Sarvattthat still needed syncing06:47
Sarvatt /merging06:47
tjaaltonalso if you do file bugs, mark them on http://www.bryceharrington.org/X/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/versions-current.html06:47
Sarvattwell i didnt because motu has been seriously on top of it06:47
Sarvattand both were in universe06:47
Sarvattit doesnt last more than a few hours before going through06:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 926284 in xserver-xorg-video-glide (Ubuntu) "Sync xserver-xorg-video-glide 1.2.0-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main) (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Wishlist,New]06:48
Sarvattxtrace went through but not the driver06:48
tjaaltonsynced radeontool, xrestop too06:51
tjaaltoni really like that overview of package versions..06:51
Sarvattyeah it freaking rocks, was just thinking that earlier when i was doing a requestsync run06:52
tjaaltonPrf_Jakob: yeah I told you to install libxatracker1 by hand and then run upgrade ;)06:58
tjaaltonSarvatt: you mean motu handles xterm?06:58
Sarvatttjaalton: nawh i didnt merge xterm yet07:00
Sarvatti only did xtrace and glide07:00
tjaaltoni think we have a silly diff there, it's maintained by upstream on debian..07:00
Sarvattwas just saying renditon needs a fakesync and xterm needs a merge07:00
tjaaltonyeah doing the fakesync now07:00
Sarvattxterm was something silly last i looked, like showing the ubuntu logo07:01
tjaaltonrendition fakesynced07:07
tjaaltonso that leaves xkb-data, xorg and xterm merges to finish and we'd be "synced" with debian07:08
tjaaltonoh and xserver too07:08
tjaaltonenough of a morning workout, bf time ;)07:09
tjaaltonwtf? we'll be getting firefox 11 in precise?07:19
tjaaltonthought 10 was chosen because it's LTM07:19
tjaaltonhmm -ati git isn't uptodate08:19
Prf_Jakobtjaalton: I did, that didn't seem to help the other time around.10:04
tjaaltonPrf_Jakob: ok.. didn't notice that then10:11
Prf_Jakobtjaalton: anyways Unity package landed and it all works now :)10:20
tjaaltonPrf_Jakob: nice :)10:20
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bjsnideri don't understand why, if canonical hired the compiz guy, the project is almost deceased15:19
Sarvattawesome, it does indeed just work http://paste.ubuntu.com/829188/19:16
Sarvattgetting the unity panel to unhide in a virtual machine window is proving "fun" though19:17
tjaaltonheh, because of the treshold?19:51

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