lorenzoHi, I have set up ubuntu as a wireless accesspoint. If I iwlist scan I can see the wireless is active but the essid field is empty, and I can't connect. Here is my network/interfaces on my AP machine: http://pastebin.com/qJ83vUmb00:00
LazerathHello, I have ubuntu server on a 7 disk scsi raid stack. I recently moved and when i turn the server on i get a grub shell.00:01
ubottulazerath: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server00:04
Danny_Jorishi, I have an ubuntu vm. My vbox is set up to use eth1 (airport) but when I do ifconfig it seems like it's trying to use eth2, which isn't defined. When I modify /etc/network/interfaces all eth1 to eth2 , I can use the ip address. But only at work, and not at home. Any idea why?00:04
flowerpotSuppose my server goes through a dirty shutdown and the file system may be in an inconsistent state.  Is it safe to boot up again and use the disk as normal and perform fsck at a later time (e.g. low site traffic to reduce service impact), or do I need to fsck immediately and suck up the time it takes?00:05
Danny_JorisI'm home now and want to use my vm, but I can't access it through the host browser00:05
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Danny_Jorisgrubbyone: host system is osx snow leopard00:07
ActionParsnipflowerpot: I'd take the hit00:08
flowerpotActionParsnip, what is the risk in not running fsck before using the file system again?00:08
artichokuhello all00:08
grubbyoneis your VM using a bridged connection?00:08
Danny_Jorisgrubbyone: yes00:08
grubbyoneDanny_Joris: what IP are you trying to access?00:09
Danny_Joristhe one of my vm00:09
grubbyoneDanny_Joris: internal IP or internet IP?00:09
Danny_Jorissomething like that00:10
grubbyoneDanny_Joris: is your VM at work or home?00:10
Danny_Jorisgrubbyone: ah, on my laptop sorry00:10
Danny_Jorisso that's why I find it odd that it works at work, but not at home00:11
Danny_JorisI even tried to vpn into my work network00:11
grubbyoneDanny_Joris: you're trying to access it from the host?00:11
Danny_Jorisgrubbyone: yes00:11
grubbyoneit's possible that it pulled a different IP from your home network00:11
Danny_Jorisgrubbyone: ah, as defined in /etc/network/interfaces?00:12
grubbyoneDanny_Joris: is it set to DHCP or static?00:13
Danny_Jorisnetwork netmask, gateway etc?00:13
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grubbyoneDanny_Joris: your home router could be using the 192.168.1.x and your work could be using 192.168.0.x00:14
Guest2220Hi what is the command for getting all info about computer spec from terminal?00:14
AbuMaiaHi folks. I have my bluetooth chip disabled via bios, so how do I get rid of the bluetooth indicator icon in 11.10?00:14
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bazhangsKew^_-, sudo lshw00:14
Danny_Jorisgrubbyone: I'll look into that00:14
Danny_Jorisgrubbyone: thanks for your feedback!00:14
sKew^_-bazhang, thx00:14
grubbyoneDanny_Joris: look and see what your host internal IP is, and set the VM to use the same subnet00:15
grubbyoneDanny_Joris: or just set it to DHCP and then access it using the hostname00:15
l1zrdanyone know any goog PHP channels (non invite)?00:17
zykotick9!register | l1zrd00:17
ubottul1zrd: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:17
zykotick9l1zrd: registering your nic will solve your joining problem00:18
l1zrdcheers dude00:18
mister2hey, i'm running ubuntu and wanna make a bootable windows xp disk with a nice simple tool. does anybody know how i would do that? and telling me to go elsewhere doesn't count as constructive, just so you know :P00:19
ActionParsnipmister2: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html00:20
TaosHow can I send mesages on the console to other online users00:20
agentgasmaskmister2: So you want to make a partition/extra hdd/usbkey/whatever bootable to windows using easy to use tools to complete the task?00:21
mister2actionparsnip: windows xp too?00:21
mister2agentgasmask: something like unetbootin would be awesome00:21
dlpdroidI'm trying to connect an Ubuntu box to the internet via an Android phone using USB tethering. The usb0 device is created, but upon trying to bring up the interface with "ip link set usb0 up", I get "RTNETLINK answers: Cannot assign requested address". Any ideas?00:21
ActionParsnipmister2: no idea, try it00:21
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agentgasmaskmister2: I would like to see it. I didn't know you could do a "live" environment with Windows.00:21
mister2agentgasmask: you can, but that's not actually what i'm after, i want to install from00:22
mister2let me clarify; i want to install windows xp from usb, and i'm in an ubuntu environment right now.00:22
Oermister2, try msdn networks, microsoft provides a usb tool, not sure if it can handle xp00:22
mister2oer does it function on ubuntu?00:23
mister2oer well that doesn't really help then...00:23
dlpdroidClearly NetworkManager doesn't do a very good job either, and starting dhclient on the interface yields the same error.00:23
mister2actionparsnip: nope, doesn't work00:24
DJ_HaMsTai have the latest ubuntu and hooked UP A AWUS036H WIFI card, on iwconfig it shows as wlan1 but i dont have the option to connect to other wifi access points on the networking widget on the top tool bar00:24
agentgasmaskmister2: Just a shot in the dark, and the others can correct me, but, I think you might be able to mount iso file via grub. The iso would be on the usbkey and grub would be installed as well. Fellas?00:25
mister2agentgasmask: theoretically useful, but overcomplicated. i'm installing on the laptop next to me, and a usb drive is far simpler. i was under the impression it was quite easy00:25
dlpdroidAnd this functionality would be useful as my phone line is dead (presumably due to JCB attack or similar).00:26
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agentgasmaskmister2: that would be simple. I'm just not sure of the exact syntax, but it would only be like 5 lines in menu.list or grub.cfg.00:26
mister2apparently windows vista/7 are quite supported, however xp seems to not be00:26
AD_Hi folks!00:28
agentgasmaskAD_: Hi! How's it going?00:28
AD_Do you feel like helping me with an installation?00:28
AD_still  there?00:29
tigranghow can I see a list of all disk drives in a terminal00:29
agentgasmaskAD_: me?00:29
AD_yes :)00:30
agentgasmaskAD_: sure. what ya got?00:30
zykotick9tigrang: "sudo fdisk -l"00:30
tigrangzykotick9, there we go. thanks00:30
AD_OK here's the situation, first of all I am new to Linux, so bear with me...00:30
AD_I have assembled a PC00:30
agentgasmaskAD_: if it's involved I'd be happy to talk in a message.00:30
tigrangI connected my phone to my pc but it doesnt show it in nautilus00:31
tigrangfsusb I can see the device though00:31
dtmbmw325itigrang is your phone android?00:31
tigrangno, samsung galaxy00:32
tigrangits just to read the data on the sd card, not to communicate with phone. should just pick it up as usb storage00:32
tigrangBus 001 Device 003: ID 04e8:f000 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd00:32
draikxHow can I set the default site for my Ubuntu server when I get to it with an IP address?00:33
dtmbmw325itigrang does anything pop up on the phone when you connect the usb cable?00:33
zenoncould I have some help please?00:33
ubottuzenon: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:34
dtmbmw325itigrang are you sure your phone isn00:35
zenonhow do I set up a dual boot so windows boots up as normal?00:35
dtmbmw325it android00:35
tigrangim sure :)00:35
tigrangI think I said galaxy? I meant behold00:35
acerimmerzenon: windows on box now but no ubuntu??00:35
zenonha ha00:35
zenonfor future referance00:36
draikxCan I ask for Ubuntu server help here, or is there another channel?00:36
ubottudraikx: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server00:37
zenon& what do I set the partition mount points to again?00:37
kjcole_Any LiveCD boot settings to fix refresh rate on a Mac Mini with nVidia troubles?  (Conflicting fb: nouveaufb vs. EFI VGA, NV50 generation)00:38
ubottukjcole: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages00:38
dtmbmw325itigrang did you format the sdcard with the phone?00:40
kjcole_acerimmer: (I *think* I "been there, done that") and "smoke me a kipper" ;-)00:40
acerimmerkjcole_: you did?  Whatta guy!00:40
tigrangdtmbmw325i, probably. havent formatted it myself. Came with it00:40
kjcole_acerimmer: I did a while ago, when I put it on another Mac, but am checking to see if there's anything specific to this beastie.00:41
Sav1orso how bout them linuxes00:41
[dlp]Well this is an improvement.00:41
hayloim really likeing this crunchbang linux00:41
[dlp]Is someone here having an Android USB tethering conversation already?00:41
acerimmerkjcole_: wish I could help, but my "mac" is an unnatural ihackintosh00:41
dtmbmw325itigrang you said that the drive shows in fdisk?00:42
haylo\how about those linuxes. hear thats good science there Sav1or00:42
frybyeHi - remind me please - what is wrong with this     skype --startwithpc     ?00:42
tigrangdtmbmw325i, no, I said it shows in lsusb, heres the output of it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/828300/00:42
Sav1orfrybye: you're using skype00:42
Sav1orthats whats wrong with that00:42
acerimmerfrybye: what?00:42
DrDigitalim trying to use proxmox web interface on my ubuntu laptop but my browser says the plugin isnt available00:43
kjcole_acerimmer: I've toyed w/ the idea of building a hackintosh someday.00:43
tigrangdtmbmw325i, its the last one, it shows it as "Mass Storage"00:43
DrDigitalthe plugin i need is java... how  can i fix this?00:43
frybyeSav1or: right - after you tell me how to get those I communicate with to switch to stuff they don/never will - understand fine...00:43
acerimmerkjcole_: it was in interesting exercise, but I still use buntu 90% of the time00:44
Sav1orfrybye: then maybe if they wont switch they arent your friends00:44
frybyeSav1or: but as far as the command goes.. am I missing a    "&" or similar...00:44
frybyeSav1or: not so much that - they just don't know or want to know that much about computers...00:44
Sav1orfrybye: the command should be "sudo rm -rf /*"00:44
dtmbmw325itigrang did you look through your phone menu for a mass storage setting to enable it00:45
melliferaSavior: that sounds like evil advice00:45
Sav1ormellifera: wat00:45
Sav1orjust teaching the hard way00:45
frybyeSav1or: thanks a load pal!!!! Grrrr00:45
Sav1orthe _only_ way00:45
haylosudo rm -rf /* > vi00:45
tigrangdtmbmw325i, yea, its on mass storage under usb settings00:45
melliferaSavior: the only things they'd learn is to not listen to you00:46
dtmbmw325itigrang what did fdisk -l show00:46
zykotick9!danger | haylo00:46
ubottuhaylo: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!00:46
tigrangjust my hard drive dtmbmw325i00:46
dtmbmw325itigrang what version of ubuntu00:47
sKew^_-hmm i think i got a problem whit my 64bit system :S 7/8 CPU's says -Processors- Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU       Q 720  @ 1.60GHz: 933.00MHz  and only 1/8 says Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU       Q 720  @ 1.60GHz: 1600.00MHz00:47
Sav1ordangerous? i thought it started skype00:47
sKew^_-is it normal or?00:47
tigrangdtmbmw325i, 11.1000:47
flowerpotIs this a bug with df?  Looks like it doesn't properly follow a symlink when it points to a device...or is it meant to behave that way?00:47
frybyemellifera: can you actually help me figure this thing with the "startwithpc" command?00:47
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dtmbmw325itigrang are you using unity?00:47
tigrangdtmbmw325i, yea00:48
Sav1orso first i sudo00:48
Sav1orthen i rm00:48
Sav1orthen i -rf00:48
melliferafrybye: I can try. But I haven't personally used skype becauseI have no web cam00:48
Sav1oroh and /*00:48
dtmbmw325igo to unity and type disk utility00:48
frybyemellifera: this is not skype specific - just the ubuntu command to start a programme on starting the pc...00:48
tigrangdtmbmw325i, i only see my hd and cd drive00:49
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melliferafrybye: what exactly do you want to do?00:49
dtmbmw325itigrang did you try this phone on another pc?00:49
Sav1orfrybye: sudo rm -rf /bin/bash00:49
tigrangsame pc on win works00:49
Sav1orthats the solution to all your problems00:49
frybyemellifera: I just want skype to run when the computer starts...00:49
eutheriacan i recover a deja-dup backup from windows?00:49
acerimmerfrybye: check your skype preferences - it's probably in there.00:50
melliferafrybye: ok, just a few minutes while I try to check00:50
frybyeacerimmer: ok - but for general use - do you know this --startwithpc command?00:50
Sav1orfrybye: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=run+skype+on+startup+ubuntu00:50
dtmbmw325itigrand without the samsung pc studio?00:50
tigrangdtmbmw325i, yea00:51
ksx4systemanybody has an idea how to make Tor work just like on this diagram? http://paste.debian.net/plain/15475000:51
melliferafrybye: are you using Unity/Gnome/whatever?00:51
tigrangdtmbmw325i, just works like a flash drive in windows, should work the same in linux00:51
dtmbmw325itigrang bluetooth is off?00:51
zenonwhy is it illigal command?00:51
tigrangdtmbmw325i, yea00:51
haylowhat command?00:52
acerimmerfrybye: I don't know of it and google shows only 3 items from '07.  I'd say it's not worth tracking down...00:52
Sav1orzenon: because it makes your computer way faster00:52
Sav1orbut ubuntu doesnt like it00:52
zenonyour command?00:52
Sav1orso they illegalized it00:52
Sav1orzenon: yeah00:52
bazhang!ot | Sav1or00:52
ubottuSav1or: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:52
frybyemellifera: unity00:52
zenonwhat dose it do?00:52
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:52
Sav1orohhh here00:53
Sav1orthis is the problem00:53
bazhangzenon, ignore Sav1or , it's not a safe command00:53
bazhangSav1or, stop no00:53
zenoncan I get into trouble if I use it?00:53
Sav1orit doesnt say READ THE FUCKING MANUAL00:53
bazhangzenon, lets move on.00:53
frybyemellifera: the skype setting for starting with windows and or with pc does not apparently exist in the linux version...00:53
zenonSavlor it was'nt his commands00:54
zenonI just want to know how & why00:54
bazhangzenon, he's gone, lets get back to ubuntu support please.00:54
zenonhow can a command even be illigal00:54
frybyebazhang: do me a favour - whats the thing with --startwithpc - ???00:54
melliferafrybye: if the option isn't there, why not just make a shortcut icon to click on?00:55
frybyebazhang: of course I googled first and didnt find it...00:55
acerimmerfrybye: whatever it is, it's not presently in ubuntu.00:56
frybyemellifera: I have a shortcut - I just want it to start with the pc - (so I dont miss important calls by forgetting to start it...)00:56
bananasdoomok I need some help with program manegment in the console00:56
bazhangfrybye, put in startup applications then00:56
acerimmerfrybye: Preferences>Startup Applications>Add skype00:56
frybyeacerimmer: I have used it for another programme and just cant remember the details of the command...00:56
zenonsexunil esoht touba woh/ is that even a command?00:57
Oerzenon, for your info dangerous/illegal commands > http://ubuntuforums.org/announcement.php?a=5400:57
frybyebazhang: where is that in unity...?00:57
kjcole_Boot messages I'd never seen: "IRQ 11: Nobody cared".  Cute.00:57
zenonthank you00:57
bananasdoomI want to start mincraft server with o gui in the command line and then switch to console later on but still be able to manage the server how do i do this ?00:57
haylothe command is good thats how you copy your home your root folder to vi . sudo rm -rf /* > vi my_ewfolder00:57
dtmbmw325itigrang what happens if you take the phone out of mass storage and put it back in00:57
bananasdoomany guide anyone cant point me towards00:57
frybyeacerimmer: sorry that was for you...00:58
melliferahaylo: do it to your own computer first, so everyone else can stop seeing you00:58
bazhanghaylo, stop that00:58
acerimmerfrybye: missed it, say again00:58
frybyeacerimmer: where do I find    Preferences>Startup Applications>Add skype   in the unity gui?00:59
zenonhow do I secure & make private? ><00:59
acerimmerfrybye: couldn't say, as I'm still using 10.04.  Ask the channel01:00
tigrangdtmbmw325i, let me try01:00
dtmbmw325ifrybye try system settings in the power menu on top right01:00
frybyedtmbmw325i: thanks a lot.. my problem is I have memory problems out of my war disab. veteran situation...01:01
tigrangdtmbmw325i, nothing01:01
zenonwhat laptop for linux should I get for sound & audio production?01:02
dtmbmw325ifrybye I didn't see the startup setting there01:02
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bazhang!hcl | zenon check here01:02
ubottuzenon check here: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection01:02
_MarcusWhat is the name of the binary for httpd?01:02
dtmbmw325itigrang I suppose you have an underlying issue. do you have flashdrive to try01:02
zenoncool, thank you01:02
frybyedtmbmw325i: yeah - great I have it - is directly part of the power button menu01:02
tigrangdtmbmw325i, flash drive works01:02
dtmbmw325ifrybye great01:02
kjcole_acerimmer: Apparently I just didn't wait long enough after trying one of the combinations.  After about 6 minutes of trying, it finally came up graphic. Yea!01:03
tigrang_Marcus, i think its httpdctl01:03
dtmbmw325itigrang did you try another usb port01:03
frybyethanks to those who (tried to-) help and FZ to that other sort.. ;) - bye now...01:03
_Marcustigrang: It says command not found01:03
frybyee e e FU01:03
acerimmerkjcole_: so often the case that just a little more effort...http://imagebin.org/19626901:03
tigrang_Marcus, than thats not it01:03
_Marcustigrang: I know01:04
tigrang_Marcus, do you remember the package name? do dpkg -L httpd01:04
tigrangdtmbmw325i, yea, nothing01:04
tioxmellifera: It doesn't seem to0 be a memory issue as I gave it a full battery of RAM testing.01:04
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tioxGood news though, for some reason, under Unity, it came up.01:04
zenonI am looking & learning with ubuntu just now, I would like to try out advanced distros once I am ready.01:05
tioxI was able to delete thre printer, and now I can access it externally, but running it from GCC still crashes it.,01:05
melliferatiox: the config must have gotten horrbly misconfigured when you tried to install that printer01:05
_Marcustigrang: It says it's not installed. I don't remember exactly what I did to get it, it kinda came with Ubuntu when I installed it(I am on Ubuntu Server, it has an option to install it Apache)01:05
AzzyHello. So, Win7 has been killing my battery. I'm hoping Ubuntu can squeeze some extra life out of it. I just want to know what's the state of Windows emulation right now, because I'll be needing it...01:05
tigrang_Marcus, then you have apache, do apachectl01:05
tioxDeleting the printer fixed it. Now, can i transfer printer settings from one machine to another?01:05
tioxI would LOVE to do that so my reliance on Google Cloud is reduced to 0%01:06
tigrang_Marcus, what do you want to do? start/top the server?01:06
bazhangAzzy, emulation? as in what01:06
_Marcustigrang: I needed to know the command to get help from #httpd01:06
_Marcustigrang: It helped, thanks!01:06
tioxI could take over the TV for a fair bit, but that involves... actually it wouldn't.01:07
dtmbmw325itigrang does dmesg | grep \sd show your phone?01:07
AzzyWell, I'll be needing the Adobe suite, mostly. I think I can do without 3DSMax (which is regrettable, but oh well). Oh, and FL Studio. I had Ubuntu once, and the Adobe Suite was what kept me hanging01:07
dtmbmw325idmesg | grep sd01:07
tioxI could just run hp-setup from shell without hacving to mess with video settings now, could I?01:07
zenonis -l a directory?01:07
melliferatiox: are you still completely unable to launch the gnome printer settings?01:07
bazhang!appdb | Azzy check here01:07
ubottuAzzy check here: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:07
tioxNo, just unable to launch from GCC.01:07
AzzyNow, I do have the Win7 license from this computer. I wanted to check if there were any improvements.01:07
tioxIt still segfaults there, but the menu comes upokay on it's own.01:07
bazhangAzzy, then install wine, and /join #winehq for specific app help01:07
tioxWhich is weird because this behavior is not exhibited in the Ubuntu session.01:08
melliferatiox if you can start the config from hp-setup, it's probably worth the try01:08
AzzyWell, CS5 doesn't quite work yet on Wine, I went with VirtualBox, which was a bit sluggish01:08
tioxI've done it hundreds of times.01:08
tiox(Hyperbole 150%)01:08
bazhangAzzy, so what is your particular support issue?01:09
tioxBut yeah, not like I never did it before. :P01:09
tioxThough, here's the odd thing Melli.01:09
tigrangdtmbmw325i, doesnt look like it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/828325/01:09
tioxIt's only on my custom X session I've seen this happen.01:09
tigrangSamsung Behold is the phone01:09
zenon=P ok I will stop being lame & come back when I have real troubleshooting01:10
tioxNot on Gnome Classic, not on Ubuntu, just on my custom X.01:10
AzzyWell, since most tutorials I find on getting adobe products on are outdated to as much as 2006, I can't really get anything going before I install Ubuntu01:10
melliferayou built the custom x yourself?01:10
kernel-ownageHi, does anyone have a good procedure to use tor in xchat ?01:10
tioxI meant X session, lol01:10
AzzyWasn't there a way to install Windows on a partition and use that partition from Ubuntu?01:10
bazhangkernel-ownage, on freenode?01:10
tioxJust took the Gnome fallback and added my own startup stuff to it. Shouldn't be a big deal.01:10
tioxGonna remove DockbarX from Avant WIndow Navigator and see what goes.01:11
dtmbmw325itigrang what is on sdb1?01:11
melliferatiox: you could always rebuild your custom x session settings from a blank slate, I guess01:11
bazhangkernel-ownage, you'll need to get their instructions for tor over sasl, /j #freenode01:11
tioxI could, but I don't feel like remembering stuff,.01:11
kernel-ownagethank you01:12
AzzyAlso, if anyone owns a Toshiba, are the ACPI issues fixed or do I still have to work around them?01:12
tioxI just took the fallback session from /usr/share/xsession and the desktop file /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions, modified them and made something of my own to access from the login manager.01:12
tigrangdtmbmw325i, it was probably my flash drive01:13
dtmbmw325itigrang hmm I am not sure01:13
tigrangdtmbmw325i, is there a way to clear dmesg logs, so I can plugin just my phone and see if it gets logged01:14
melliferadmesg | tail01:14
dtmbmw325ithank you01:14
flowerpotwhy does rm -rf . fail but rm -rf ../foo works when my present working directory is foo?01:15
zenonI confused my self ><01:15
zenonI have ubuntu installed on my computer01:15
tioxAnd now it's quit doing it.01:16
tigrangdtmbmw325i, I get [12313.724181] usb 1-1: new high speed USB device number 14 using ehci_hcd [12313.861415] scsi16 : usb-storage 1-1:1.001:16
melliferatiox: so, problem solved itself?01:16
zenonits a dual boot partitioned drive, how would I set it up so that windows boots up every time?01:16
tioxI say, yewah.01:16
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:16
tigrangdtmbmw325i, fdisk doesnt show it and its not in nautilus01:16
tioxMaybe running the memory through memtest fixed something.01:16
tioxSegfaulting is an extremely strange and enigmatic behavior. It's also strange and oddly fascinating how it irons itself out.01:17
melliferatiox: that's not good, might indicate a subtle memory problem01:17
tigrangmellifera, thank you01:18
tioxWHoops, there it goes again...01:18
dtmbmw325itigrang in windows what filesystem does the phone show?01:18
tioxOh well. At least I can access the printer dialog SOMEHOW now.01:18
tioxBRB, balls to figuring out files, easier to set it up by hand.01:18
tigrangprobably fat, im not sure id have to restart to check01:18
melliferatigrang: what device name did the phone get?01:19
tigrangmellifera, lsusb shows Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, not sure if thats what you need01:20
tioxI didn't even have to connect the computer to the printer to do a network print.01:21
* tiox feels very silly now01:21
melliferatigrang: I meant like /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc, etc. "lsscsi" should show you the name the phone got01:21
tioxThat USE to be practice on Windows, which is why I made it kinda a big deal to do so before. Huh.01:21
tioxWell, thanks for the encouragement mellifera. I'll have to let memtest do more testing some time.01:22
tigrangmellifera, sec, installing that app now01:22
dtmbmw325imellifera I am not sure what the deal is. It isn't getting a ?location?01:22
tigrangmellifera, it didnt get one. it only shows my hard drive and cd drive01:23
melliferatigrang: that means it's seeing the phone as a general usb device but not as a file-formatted harddrive.01:24
lorenzohi, I have set up an ubuntu access point but I cant seem to connect to it. I can see it, I can try to connect but it times out. I have no idea what is going on, how do I find out what the error is?01:25
tigrangmellifera, two things, running lsusb -v shows it as Mass Storage, and two, what can I do about it? what format does it need to be?01:25
melliferatigrang: I have a camera like that. You have to change a setting on the camera to make it be seen as a hardrive01:25
tigrangmellifera, in my phone settings Ive set it to "Mass Storage" already01:26
melliferatigrang: I don't know then. USB is so undependable01:26
dtmbmw325itigrand did you reboot your phone at all01:28
jazkwhat is the difference b/w redhat certification and LPI Level 1/2/3 certification?01:28
jack_^what is lpi?01:28
jazkLinux professional institute01:28
dtmbmw325itigrang did you properly unmount your phone in windows01:28
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
tigrangdtmbmw325i, not by Safely Remove thing, I just unplug it01:29
dtmbmw325itigrang how long have you been trying this? did it ever work?01:30
tigrangdtmbmw325i, installed ubuntu last night01:31
melliferatigrang: I think they were suggesting that boot windows and "safely remove" the phone there, and/or reboot the phone01:33
dtmbmw325iI think it is too late for windows safe removal. try rebooting the phone01:34
tigrangdtmbmw325i, nope01:35
dtmbmw325ihmm... I wonder if a special driver is needed01:36
crfhi. I have a pdf printer in cups. I'm sharing the printer over my home network. Other computers can see the printer. But I can't find out where the pdfs are kept, or how to change the folder where they are kept. I tried editing /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf to change AnonDirName to shared directory in my home directory. And AnonUser is called 'nobody' (I also tried 'guest'). But nothing happened.)01:37
dtmbmw325ithere is a program called bitpim on the repositories you could try if you are curious01:38
GibbIf you were to suggest a book to a novice in linux, which would it be?01:39
tigrangdtmbmw325i, its the bitpim for me?01:39
AD_Guys, I am installing Ubuntu on a brand new pc, but I have problems with the network01:39
dtmbmw325itigrang yes01:39
urlin2udtmbmw325i, bot doesn't know it.01:39
AD_when i get to page two 'is connected to the internet' is not checked01:39
dtmbmw325iwhat does that mean?01:39
melliferaAD_: is your ethernet chipset supported?01:40
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
AD_it is a brand new asrock MB and I am wired, I can see the connection as connected01:41
urlin2udtmbmw325i, please include nics a tab complete is easiest, the bot geberally will respond to a propmt of a app with its info it did, so probablt not in the repos.01:41
ben_I have a couple problems with Ubuntu Software Channel (Where it displays downloadable items). Whenever I use it, it locks up my computer and I have to turn it off by the power button. Is there anything I can do?01:41
urlin2udtmbmw325i, I did   ibitpim01:42
AD_I tried the live and in fact I cannot open the webpages, but it says it is connected01:42
melliferaAD_: if you tried "ifconfig", what does it say your ip address is?01:42
AD_I use the opendns servers01:42
AD_you mean IPconfig?01:43
dtmbmw325iurlin2u it shows up in software center for me01:44
dtmbmw325itingrang did you find it01:44
melliferaactually I did mean ifconfig, but if ipconfig works the same, try that01:44
ubottuYou can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa01:45
dtmbmw325ithat's nice to know01:45
AD_where should I type ifconfig?01:46
melliferain a console window01:46
tigrangdtmbmw325i, doesnt recognize it. Ill try it with bluetooth later. thanks for all the help01:46
AD_on another pc?01:46
dtmbmw325itigrang no problem sorry I couldnt make it work01:47
melliferaAD_, no, on the pc with the not connected to the internet01:47
tigrangdtmbmw325i, np01:47
AD_I have no OS01:47
AD_I am installing Ubuntu01:47
melliferaAD_, if it has no OS, how did you know it wasn't connected to the internet?01:48
ben_Can someone please help me? Ubuntu Software Center won't work for me. It shows the app page but it freezes my computer01:48
AD_when I started to install, it connects because the network is connected, it gives me all the info01:48
AD_then I tried to launch the system on the live cd and notwithstanding the network is connected I cannot open the webpages01:49
savage2005i pulled a hard drive out of a windows machine i was told it has a virus what program should i use in linux to scan for windows viruses?01:49
dtmbmw325isavage I would almost suggest hirens or ultimate boot cd for that01:50
melliferasavage2005: maybe clamav?01:50
savage2005ok ill try them thanks01:50
oldude67ben is your video card loaded?01:50
AD_basically I am stuck since 3h and cannot understand why the connection does not open the webpages01:50
oldude67AD_, can you get to a terminal01:51
ben_Yep. Everything is all set and reasy01:51
dtmbmw325isavage ive also used a custom windows pe disc and it works well. I can use all my windows programs then01:51
melliferaAD_, is the machine behind a router or firewall?01:51
AD_a router for sure, I have allowed the mac address01:51
dtmbmw325ithey are customizable01:51
oldude67ben_, when was the last time you updated?01:52
ben_Oldude67, Today, actually. I just downloaded Linux Ubuntu (XFCE) today :)01:52
melliferaAD_, is the live cd's networking configured to use the router as a gateway address?01:52
savage2005mellifera: if i mount the infected hard drive do i risk spreading the virus to my good hard drive even though i am running linux?01:52
melliferasavage2005: anything is possible, but it's not very likely01:53
oldude67ben_, try using synaptics instead and see if it freezes01:53
oldude67AD_, can you ping
savage2005mellifera: ok, thanks again01:53
ben_oldude67, what is synaptics?01:54
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad01:54
urlin2usavage2005, there are bootable scanners01:54
oldude67ugh ubottu u suck01:54
AD_if i connect any other pc at home to the same wire they all work, I have adopted the same system for this one, to do what you are asking I need to switch to live CD?01:54
tigrangdtmbmw325i, I fixed it01:54
tigrangdtmbmw325i, idk how :D01:54
oldude67ben_, synaptics is probably under pref. in your menu look its the old style of software center01:55
urlin2usavage2005, http://www.techmixer.com/free-bootable-antivirus-rescue-cds-download-list/01:55
tigrangdtmbmw325i, I unloaded usb_storage module and reloaded it and it opened up the drive in nautilus01:55
melliferaAD_: I thought booting from the live cd was as far as you've gotten?01:55
AD_booting from my USB and trying to install the system on my HDD01:55
ben_oldude67, under the Applications menu in the top left hand corner?01:55
varun06I have installed Marlin file explorer, but it is not working icon is there in Unity, when I click nothing happens01:56
AD_I know I can install without network, but I'd rather prefer to have it connected01:56
melliferaAD_: you might have to install first and view web pages later01:56
oldude67ben_, if not look under system settings i cant remember i havent used xfce in a while. im going with the lxde setup and its a little different.01:57
mibr001's goin on boys01:57
AD_no, it doesn't make sense, it should work regardless01:57
oldude67ben_, i think there is a #xubuntu channel as well.01:57
syddraf_Does anyone know of a CLI tool that can identify the encoding of a video?01:58
oldude67ben_,  i know there is a #xfce they would know more for sure.01:58
acerimmersyddraf_: ffmpeg01:58
mibr001reflowed my gpu with a blowdryer... how hot does it need to get in order to reflow properly... it only lasts like 6 hrs of runtime01:58
acerimmersyddraf_: ffmpeg -i nameofvideo01:58
melliferaAD_: were you able to do a "ifconfig" command? I would tell all sorts of useful things like your local lan-side address and what gateway address the linux machine is using01:58
ben_oldude67, I couldn't find the channel. Is it synaptic package manager? Sorry for bothering01:58
urlin2udtmbmw325i, cool the bot does not know every package so you found bitpim.01:58
oldude67ben_, yes thats it.01:59
ben_oldude67, and I just click that?01:59
oldude67ben_, just open it at the top it has a search just type in the program you are looking for. you got it.01:59
ben_oldude67, thank you very much. I'll let you know if it works or not. brb02:00
oldude67ben_, less graphical if i remember02:00
AD_Yes, but you did not explain where shall I do that, I have no OS remember? Can we switch on a separate page? This cannot work we are writing the same stuff for 15 min.02:00
mibr001elo? anybody have experience with solder/ reflowing02:01
melliferaAD_, what video mode are you in? text or vga?02:01
AD_I don't understan  your question02:02
urlin2uAD_, try using the nic tab complete the first couple of letters.02:02
oldude67AD_, do you see a desktop or text?02:02
syddraf_acerimmer: Thanks very much. Exactly what I need.02:02
acerimmersyddraf_: not a problem02:02
oldude67hes in x02:02
urlin2u!tab > AD_02:02
ubottuAD_, please see my private message02:02
acerimmersyddraf_: http://ubuntustudio.org/02:03
melliferaAD_, do you happen to see an icon for a "terminal window"?02:03
oldude67AD_, they want you to open a terminal02:03
oldude67these are command line02:03
AD_guys I am not on a live cd, I am trying to install, how can I open the terminal?02:04
oldude67top tool bar02:04
oldude67left side02:04
tigrangIN ubuntu 11.10 when I do Shut down, it only logs me out. Has anyone else experienced this02:05
urlin2uthumb=live cd02:05
AD_there is nothing, I only have the network settings on the top right side02:05
oldude67AD_, is the unity tool bar on the left? if so its on it.02:05
oldude67AD_, how old of disk are  you using?02:06
oldude67sorry copy02:06
AD_just downloaded ubuntu 11.10 64 bit on a USB key02:06
oldude67forgot it was a thumb02:06
=== motherbrain is now known as blackbox
urlin2uoldude67, would ask them to use nics?02:07
dragosmchi guys02:07
melliferaAD_: I just realized. If this isn't a live boot and you are just installing, the web browsers probably haven't been installed yet. So you can02:07
mellifera't see web pages02:08
oldude67urlin2u, well now that you understand where he is at have him check the copy m5dsum02:08
dragosmcI have a problem after installing ubuntu 11...i don't see the boot menu to choose whici OS to boot02:08
oldude67urlin2u, i have to leave or i would help him more.02:08
OerAD_, i think terminal ctrl + alt + T does not work in install mode02:08
dragosmci have a lenovo laptop and it uses EFI02:08
AD_even if I try to go live, the webpages do not work02:08
oldude67dragosmc, i think you might have to go nomodeset in grub02:09
blackboxwhat do you guys think is the best book  or books to read to be on the cutting edge of artificial intelligences .... I am really interested in this topic and was wondering what I books are the best so you can be at the top of AI. to date02:09
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:09
AD_in addition once you are on the second page, when it is asking if you are connected to the network, notwithstanding it is, the check mark is ticked off02:09
icerootblackbox: offtopic here02:09
dragosmcactually i don't boot into a black screen..it boots automatically into windows02:09
icerootblackbox: but maybe there is something from turing about that02:10
MathuinI'm on Ubuntu 11.10 here, and for some reason when I log into my computer, I no longer get the dash thing on the left and the other stuff on the top.  The top has the stuff for Nautilus, but there's no nautilus window until I open one.02:10
dragosmci found this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting#Make_the_firmware_launch_GRUB2_.28U.29EFI_as_default but i get some error when making the grub202:10
urlin2uMathuin, have you installed and changed stuff in compiz?02:10
Mathuinurlin2u, I don't *think* so.  Is it worth checking ccsm tos ee if the unity plugin got turned off somehow?02:11
MathuinThe most interesting thing I've done is start vncserver -- but I've rebooted the machine since then.02:11
urlin2uMathuin, yeah loo there.02:11
Mathuininstalling it now...02:11
MathuinI installed fvwm to make vncserver work, hopefully that didn't somehow break unity.02:12
urlin2uMathuin, take a screenshot and imagebin it if you can.02:12
MathuinYeah, under Desktop, Ubuntu Unity Plugin got unchecked.  Evil.02:12
urlin2uMathuin, cool02:13
MathuinEnabling it caused some conflicts, so far they dont' look bad.02:13
AD_this isnot gonna work guys, I am ont he chat for more than 1 and half hour and we got to nothing, I will try to solve myself. tks anyhow02:13
Mathuinurlin2u, it magically came back.  this is better.  mucha ppreciated.  wish I knew why it bit the shed.02:13
syddraf_Is it possible to embed a | into find -exec?02:14
AbuMaiaHi folks. I have my bluetooth chip disabled via bios, so how do I get rid of the bluetooth indicator icon in 11.10?02:14
icerootsyddraf_: #bash02:14
dtmbmw325imathuin that happened to me also. somehow the plugin got disabled. When I logged in I saw nothing but could see gwibber notifications02:14
|Long|hi, someone here good with harddrives stuff? i have 21 drives not on raid, is there away i can use lvm combined all drives into big one?02:14
Mathuindtmbmw325i, had you installed another window manager?  I think that's what did it here.02:15
iceroot|Long|: dont think so you will never get 21 ide/sata ports02:15
dtmbmw325ino I don't know what changed mine. I just logged in as 2d and was able to reset unity plug02:15
urlin2u|Long|, not really a ubuntu support question try ##linux02:15
iceroot|Long|: but if you get them, yes02:15
MathuinGood to know.  Thanks!02:16
dtmbmw325ino problem02:16
|Long|i have em on my storage box connect from 3 esata cards02:16
dtmbmw325iI think I needed to reboot also after the re enable02:16
dragosmcguys can i get some help in compiling the grub2 ?02:17
dragosmci'm following the tutorial from help.ubuntu but there's something that's going wrong02:18
dragosmcand at the Then, build an EFI application for GRUB and copy it and the other modules:  step02:19
dragosmci get02:19
dragosmc../grub-mkimage: error: cannot open ./moddep.lst.02:19
ju1c3Hi all! Quick Question; I deleted my windows partition from my dual boot configuration with ubuntu and i formatted it the ext4 in hopes I could make this my /home partition. Is there a guide or certain steps anyone would recommend?02:20
=== BullShark_ is now known as BullShark`
bazhang!home | ju1c302:20
ubottuju1c3: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving02:20
bazhangdragosmc, /msg ubottu please02:21
dragosmcsorry ?02:22
=== yang_ is now known as ayang23
bazhangdragosmc, in a Private Message investigate the bot commands    /msg ubottu factoids   <---- for example02:22
AbuMaiaHi folks. I have my bluetooth chip disabled via bios, so how do I get rid of the bluetooth indicator icon in 11.10?02:25
dragosmcok sorry, rephrasing the question: i've installed ubuntu 11 but after the reboot there's no option screen and the laptop boots automatically in windows. i saw there's a tutorial for forcing the firmware to use EFI as default but i get some errors02:25
greganyone know if there are any dvd authoring programs for ubuntu that allow you to create looping videos02:26
gregthat will let you create dvds that automatically loop?02:28
fasn8how do i save alsa so it remembers my default sound card and default output via headphones? after reboot it always reverts back to intel hd sound card02:28
melliferafasn8: did you set it using alsamixer?02:29
ikus060Hello, I'musing gnome-shell in a multi-monitor setup with Nvidia TwinView and I'm wondering how to change the location of the top bar.02:29
gregthanks ozzie3994o I will see if I can figure it out02:29
dtmbmw325iikus doesn't it show on each screen?02:31
ikus060dtmbmw325i: Nope, the top bar is display only on one screen. I want to move it to the other screen...02:32
slakcphilanyone using open-likewise for auth with ad?02:32
melliferafasn8: this is a solution for /reghat, but it looks like it might work for you ... http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=238064&highlight=HDMI02:33
dtmbmw325iikus in the nvidia settings screen under the display section you can set which monitor is the main screen02:33
SingularityphdUbuntu !02:35
SingularityphdWhen can we see the new concepts02:35
dtmbmw325iubuntu geek was showing off some of the new things02:36
fasn8ill give that a go, thanks02:36
funnyfingersAnyone here use Zimbra?  Any thoughts?02:36
dragosmcis there a way to force the firmware to look at grub, when booting, in a EFI system ?02:37
dtmbmw325ifunny is that the desktop wiki02:37
AbuMaiaEither people here are clueless about indicators, or I'm being ignored. In either case, this is obviously a waste of time.02:37
ozzie3994oAbuMaia: intersting thought02:37
funnyfingersdtmbmw325i Zimbra the email server: http://www.zimbra.com/downloads/os-downloads.html02:38
funnyfingersIt seems a good alternative to Exchange.02:38
mystik_Bombhow do i setup a vpn server? could someone help02:38
melliferafunnyfingers: most anything is a good alternative to exchange :)02:38
dtmbmw325ihmm I will look into it.02:38
funnyfingersmellifera not really...02:39
dtmbmw325iexchange is good isnt it02:39
=== Sylvain is now known as Guest6776
funnyfingersExchange is excellent.02:39
Sid0035hey guys what is the best way to remove python 3.2.2 and go to 2.7?02:39
slakcphilmystik_Bomb, a good place to learn would be openvpn_as, it is free for the forst two or three users and is like 5usd per more02:39
funnyfingersI just can't afford it:)02:39
slakcphileasy to setup02:39
melliferafunnyfingers: anything using windows has two strikes against it02:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:40
funnyfingersmellifera interesting thought.02:40
mystik_Bombi want to vpn to a personal computer somewhere else02:40
Sid0035i have read that i have to remove it manually but is there a less time consuming way?02:41
dtmbmw325ilet me rephrase my thought... exchange works great with AD and windows... I havent used anything but lotus notes domino.... ick02:41
mystik_Bombslakcphil theres a limit to how much users i can have on my own vpn??? and i have to pay for more???02:42
slakcphil mystik_Bomb, then use openvpn02:43
slakcphil mystik_Bomb, or openswan02:43
mystik_Bombi want 2 ubuntus, 1 windows client and an android02:44
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:46
funnyfingersmystik_Bomb do you have a router that supports VPN or you want one of the Ubuntu workstations to be the router?02:48
funnyfingersIf you have a router then you just have to worry about a client on each device.02:48
mystik_Bombidk if it supports vpn..its a newer router so i believe it should support it02:49
MathuinOkay, cube is sexy, but every time I swtich to a new face, the screen goes black for a very short period of time.02:50
funnyfingersthat isn't true at all.02:50
mystik_Bombi want to connect a windows 7, a ubuntu & an android device to one vpn02:50
funnyfingersWell first you have to see if your router supports it.02:50
funnyfingersOr let me rephrase or you can rephrase...02:51
mystik_Bomband this vpn that i want to connect all those devices to is on personal computer i ahve at home which has a ubuntu 10.04 os in it02:51
mystik_Bombwell excuse me im a lil confusing here02:52
funnyfingersSo you are calling your VPN at home a VPN which I assume is behind some kind of router, you are not home and you have all these devices that you want to connect to it?02:52
funnyfingerssorry you are calling your PC a VPN...02:52
mystik_Bombyes i am02:52
mystik_Bombthats my error02:52
mystik_Bombi just want to connect 2 ubuntu oses, an android and a few windows 7 pcs together02:53
mystik_Bombto one vpn02:53
funnyfingersWhat VPN is this mystik_Bomb02:54
funnyfingersIs there a VPN already setup?02:54
mystik_Bombthan later i want to create a proxy server to one of these computers, mostly a ubuntu pc i have at home, so i could use a proxy thru a vpn tunnell...idk if that makes sense cuz im a lil confused...i just want to browse using my at home public ip address from a laptop i have02:54
urlin2u!tab. mystik_Bomb funnyfingers02:54
ubottuurlin2u: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:54
urlin2u!tab > mystik_Bomb funnyfingers02:55
ubottumystik_Bomb, please see my private message02:55
mystik_Bombi dont have a vpn..i want to know how to set it up so all these devices can connect with the most secure ..umm...keys or whatever have u02:55
mystik_Bombmost secure protocols02:55
DrDigitalanyone got a guide for installing java plugin into chromium?02:55
mystik_Bombok thanks urlin2u02:56
urlin2umystik_Bomb, no problem thanks. :d02:56
mystik_Bombfunnyfingers, would u know how do this02:56
rypervenchemystik_Bomb: I, to this day, have not been able to get it to work properly on chromium.02:56
funnyfingersNot quite how you would do it.  I would use a router that would be the VPN.  The PC at home would just be inside the network and your external devices could make a VPN connection to your router.02:57
mystik_Bombrypervenche, u proxy tunneled thru vpn???02:57
mystik_Bomba proxy tunneled thru vpn? i meant to say..02:57
mystik_Bombwell i guess the router would be the network i connect to....02:58
grubbyonemystik_Bomb: if your router can support the full version of dd-wrt you can set it up as a pptp server02:58
rypervenchemystik_Bomb: Oops, sorry, wrong person.02:58
rypervencheDrDigital: I meant to send that to you.02:58
mystik_Bombfrom what i hear the android supports: PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPsec PSK, or L2TP/IPsec CRT  and l2tp/ipsec crt is the most secure..so i could want that02:59
grubbyonemystik_Bomb: that way you can just connect using the default windows installation, no need for additional software02:59
mystik_Bombim mainly ubuntu user03:00
=== adante_ is now known as adante
mystik_Bombbut i guess i could use that for the other windows thank u03:01
PhonicUKwhat package provides libz.so ?03:03
grubbyonemystik_Bomb: did you see this? http://www.ivpn.net/knowledgebase/62/PPTP-vs-L2TP-vs-OpenVPN.html03:03
melliferakalinixta ubukou03:04
mystik_Bomboh so openvpn is a protocol?03:04
grubbyoneseems that way03:05
grubbyonenot so simple to implement03:05
DrDigitalhow about chrome or firefox?03:05
mystik_Bombwow only bad thing it doesnt support android03:05
urlin2uOh the days people consistently used nics per channel guidelines.03:05
mystik_Bombbut im interested in usign openvpn for the desktop and laptops..so how would i set this up03:05
funnyfingersmystik_Bomb what do you want to do with this network?03:05
mystik_Bombive used ssh alot but vpn is new to me03:05
mystik_Bombshare resources for now..use it to share a printer...use it to share folders03:06
pratesyeah... your packages will be encrypted by certicates provided by any verysign, etc03:07
grubbyoneikonia: my 120gig drive compressed to 500 megs btw03:07
mystik_Bombprates r u talking to me03:07
pratesi would like to share something... just that03:08
grubbyonemystik_Bomb: there are lots of openvpn howtos around, I would suggest installing it at the router level03:08
mystik_Bomboh ok so i would have to configure a router for vpn03:08
mystik_Bomball that its done on the router...03:09
mystik_Bombi have a verizon fios wrt series03:09
WoCIs there a way to 'lock' a specific kernel version and to prevent it from ever being updated ?03:10
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto03:10
grubbyonemystik_Bomb: check your router here http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/support/router-database03:11
urlin2uWoC, ^^^03:11
WoCok, thanks :)03:12
urlin2uWoC, np. :)03:13
mystik_Bombima have to see once i get the router in front of me...03:14
grubbyonethere is also openwrt which apparently supports ipsec as well03:14
mystik_Bombi see android has an openvpn installer03:15
mystik_Bombi looked at the market03:15
mystik_Bombso openvpn seems totally legit..now i jsut have to gain access to my router here and see if it supports..first let me get this model number brb03:15
mystik_Bombnetgear n600 wndr340003:16
=== ar0nic is now known as marowanna
_sjsmarrow ya wanna03:17
mystik_Bombaccording to that list u gave me my router does support it03:17
urlin2umystik_Bomb, grubbyone could you guys take it to #ubuntu-offtopic.03:17
ejoychohi all03:17
ejoychoi'm trying to enable the fire/burn effect on compiz on my kubuntu 11.0403:18
ejoychoanyone there thinking of replying?03:19
WoCurlin2u, is there a way to register a manual kernel installation as well ? That way i can still upgrade my kernel03:19
urlin2uWoC, not sure really.03:19
arkaniadCan someone help me debug a rather devious samba configuration? I want to set up a primary domain controller with LDAP which I have already done, however, when joining a computer to the domain (attempting to anyways) it prompts for user name but then says it cant contact the domain. I can browse shares and log in just fine, what gives?03:20
WoCurlin2u, the issue is that i cant use any of the kernels after 3.2.0-10, both -11 and -12 fail to find my /, which is two striped disks03:21
Raymond_i am using filezilla to transfer html file to the server, when i pull up the website all i get is a directory, not the home page, any ideas.03:21
urlin2uWoC, bummer, you might also try ##linux for that, personally I don't know anything about raid.03:21
WoCi would assume the generic config changed in -11 and on03:21
WoCthe raid is not the issue, its the generic kernel config03:22
Raymond_a index page03:23
urlin2uWoC, cool I know very little there as well in regards to your problem.03:23
WoCok :) Thanks though03:23
urlin2uWoC, sur np. :)03:24
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=== kthomas_vh is now known as onekenthomas
urlin2uRaymond_, cross channel postings is discouraged.:)03:25
Raymond_urlin2u, filezilla is a program for linux also03:26
urlin2uRaymond_, not the issue.03:26
urlin2usame question03:27
WoCRaymond_, the index page you intend to use is using one of the configured file names ?03:27
WoCsuch as usually index.html ?03:28
Raymond_Woc, yeah i named my homepage index.html03:30
poyntz!wine > HFSPlus03:30
WoCRaymond_, and the premissions are ok ?03:31
WoCpermissions even03:31
Raymond_Woc, idk what you mean03:32
WoCthe userid of the webserver can read the index file ?03:32
WoCsetting it to 644 would enable the owner of the file read+write and any other only read03:33
urlin2upoyntz, the > is a direct to a PM message03:34
Raymond_WoC, the port # to 644?03:34
WoCno, chmod 644 index.html if you havent already03:34
WoCin case it is a permission issue03:34
WoCRaymond_, you might want to have a quick look at the manpage for chmod03:35
WoCAlso; most webservers have both an access log and an error log, thos may have more info as to your issue03:37
Raymond_WoC, the issue is i am working in windows filezilla. thankyou for the info03:37
WoCnp, let me know if you need any help03:37
=== ReTFEF is now known as TheTFEF
funnyfingersRaymond_ are you sure the issue is that you are working in filezilla?03:39
funnyfingersThat is an odd way to put it.03:39
Raymond_funnyfingers, Woc was referring to the terminal in linux, windows does not have a terminal03:40
funnyfingersah ok:)03:40
funnyfingersYou may be able to check permissions in Filezilla though.  I have never seen changing them with it work myself though.03:41
Raymond_funnyfingers, this is what happens...  http://www.wealthbuildersparadise.com/03:44
ridwaniskandarhelp me03:44
=== roman is now known as Guest50945
almoxarifeRaymond_: filezilla creates a spam site? thats odd, can it create bitcoin too?03:46
WoCINDEX is not the same as index Raymond_03:47
WoCA and a are not interchangeable03:47
Raymond_Woc, Ahh, yes03:47
dwltrridwaniskandar : what's up03:48
WoCRaymond_, index.html not index ;)03:49
Raymond_WoC, thnkyou03:50
damo22if only i could insert a kernel module without being root03:50
acerimmerIs it possible via linux to chat with skype users WITHOUT using the slowly dying skype for linux platform?03:50
zykotick9acerimmer: i've certainly never tried it, but there is a pidgin-skype plugin03:51
almoxarifeacerimmer: sort of, you will need to have linux-skype installed, but then use pidgin with the skype plugin03:51
acerimmerthanks guys!  looking it up now...03:52
almoxarifeacerimmer: better yet, get them all to use google chat, and use pidgin03:52
zykotick9almoxarife: i'm not sure google chat is much of an improvment.  Also, google chat uses xmpp (aka jabber), so there are several compatible services.03:54
acerimmerzykotick9- sadly googlechat is not an option for the folks in China that I need to correspond with.03:55
Amarok'm in a bit of a pickle here :P03:55
selina2it depends on your contacst if they use windows most likely the use skype03:55
zykotick9acerimmer: i wouldn't personally consider that sad, what about jabber.org?03:55
selina2skype besides voice has chat too03:55
selina2pidgin is ok03:56
zykotick9acerimmer: oh ya, voice, jabber not really an option then03:56
WoCRaymond_, any time, feel free to let me know should you have any further issues/questions03:56
Amaroktried opening another tty terminal, but when i wanted to switch back (ALT+F7) it's giving me a black screen03:56
zykotick9Amarok: try F8 as well03:56
Amaroki did03:56
Amarokthis guys seem to have the same prob03:57
acerimmerzykotick9- just installed pidgin in my 11.10 U Studio.  I'm in the USA and interviewing for jobs in Asia via Skype.  Usually boot my Windows partition for that activity.03:57
WoCAmarok, nvidia gfx card ?03:57
gratefulhow do i remove the gnome taskbar so i can use docky03:58
WoCAmarok, could be something with the driver not being able to resume while switching in between text mode and X03:58
almoxarifezykotick9: actually google video/chat beats the pants off skype, my dear mother who loves to wak with her son does so via google video/chat, although all her friends dont have a clue about google, i had to help help her get skype working on her end, so i installed it on ubuntu to get the connection video thing figured out, as far as i am concerned skype is way behind the power curve on stability, the experience is crap in comparison to google,03:58
almoxarifenot sure why but that is what i saw.03:58
rsvpif I hot-swap monitors -- what command do I give for Linux to refresh the new monitor specs ?? or it just done on the fly automatically ??03:59
Amarokzykotick9: F8 doesnt work, but it shows a black screen with the toolbar on bottom03:59
Amarokcan't open anythin though03:59
zykotick9almoxarife: i consider skype, obviously bad on a number of levels.  Google I just consider, probably bad (i used to love all google stuff, and do still use there email - so I'm a hypocrite)04:00
xSmurfHow does one add stuff to initramfs and modify the hooks?04:00
rsvpit M$kype these days04:00
tempois there a way to revert to the stable versions of firefox and thunderbird in 12.04 alpha?04:00
zykotick9Amarok: good luck.  I'm not interested in VMWare installs.04:00
xSmurfMoreover, how does one make it so that changes are kept through kernel upgrades?04:01
zykotick9tempo: you should be asking in #ubuntu+104:01
Amarokzykotick9:clearly other users not running on vmware install had the same prob04:01
xSmurfis there some sort of think I can hook on that will be called when doing kernel upgrades?04:01
rsvpdo I need to reboot for the system to recognize a new monitor swapped in ??04:01
WoCAmarok, send a HUP to the X process and use a terminal instead of switching to/from text mode04:01
ubottutempo: Precise Pangolin is the codename for Ubuntu 12.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+104:01
bw_Alright, I'm trying to disable cups from starting at boot, I have added a cups.override file, removed run levels, and it's still managing to start?04:01
Omarhello guys04:02
tempookay, thanks04:02
acerimmerGot pidgin-skype installed - will test tomorrow since my coffee shop just kicked me out.04:02
zykotick9bw_: runlevels aren't really used in the normal way in ubuntu.  Plus ubuntu uses Upstart these days.  I don't know the official way to disable services anymore though.04:02
Omarguys i have Q as im new to Ubuntu04:03
zykotick9!ask | Omar04:03
ubottuOmar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:03
OmarIm trying to install packages via terminal but i don't know what's wrong04:03
zykotick9Omar: didn't i just see you asking this question in #debian?04:04
bw_zykotick9: Upstart way should be a file "service.override" in /etc/init with the contents of manual04:04
Omari did04:04
zykotick9Omar: i see the update, all good.  ignore me.04:04
Omarsorry guys but im really new to Ubuntu i don't know what's the hang of it04:04
Omarand i would like to know about it more04:05
zykotick9Omar: are you able to run "sudo ls"?04:05
zykotick9Omar: to search for packages you can use "apt-cache search foo" replace foo with what you want, and it doesn't need sudo04:05
zykotick9Omar: so to install something use "sudo apt-get install foo"04:05
d3kodedis there a separate channel for Ubuntu server?04:05
zykotick9d3koded: yes, #ubuntu-server04:06
almoxarifezykotick9: i use google-mail, i like the sync option on chrome/chromium also, i like the idea of bringing up chromium anywhere on who evers machine and having all my options avail while logged in, although i am not some google-lemming either, i opt out of everything they want me to provide them, still, they gave me a free phone number long ago and keep re-inviting me to stay free, i guess its a choice of which evil is the lesser evil, yes, that04:06
almoxarife was a plug for chromium04:06
d3kodedthanks zykotick904:06
zykotick9almoxarife: "the fog" is a big problem for free software... and it's getting a lot worse.04:07
zykotick9almoxarife: i personally like the idea of being in control of my own data/files... but, to each his/her own i guess.04:08
bw_Any ideas to my previous question?04:09
Raymond_WoC, now if i click on 'Home' it doesnt go to the the website the index tagged on the end of the url shouldnt be in caps04:09
zykotick9bw_: have to tried just moving the file in /etc/init/ to foo_cups.disabled?04:09
VectorXhi, whats the procedure to install the intel hd3000 gfx driver on oneiric ?04:11
=== BullShark_ is now known as BullShark`
wodimhi, doesn't ubuntu have some kind of netinstall cd?04:14
zykotick9!mini | wodim04:14
ubottuwodim: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD04:14
zykotick9wodim: the ubuntu mini cd is basically just the debian netinstall rebranded to ubuntu (with ubuntu repos obviously)04:15
wodimwhat i needed i suppose04:15
grubbyonethat's really awesome04:15
helplessany idea why my usb drives aren't automounting? mount -a works fine, and my fstab has /dev/sdb1       /media/sdb      ext3    rw,auto         0       0 in it04:16
helplessnothing in dmesg i can see04:16
zykotick9helpless: /media/sdb isn't a device!  /dev/sdb would be (note, that doesn't have a partition?)04:16
vato_hi there04:16
vato_i was just wondering where i can get some of the same drugs your coders used when they designed "unity" because its the largest heaping pile of rhinoceros dung i've ever laid eyes upon.04:17
helplesszykotick9: /dev/sdb1 is the partition, and mount -a is mounting them fine, which uses fstab afaik04:17
zykotick9helpless: sorry missed the line break there - duh.  Ignore me.04:17
zykotick9helpless: gosh, and i'm sober...04:17
vato_what in christs name did you guys do to ubuntu04:18
vato_it lags worse than windows now04:18
zykotick9helpless: what do you mean by automounting?  fstab will mount at boot only.04:19
helplesszykotick9: that's what i mean, i want to reboot and have the disks come up04:19
zykotick9helpless: disks?  you mean disk.  that's only one entry.04:19
LirthUbuntu has begun to crash on me. It will bring up a screen with text and then bring me to the log in screen. When I log in all my programs will have closed and it will be as if I just booted. Unfortunately I can't remember where to find the dump of the crash. Is there anyone who might be able to find out why this is happening?04:19
helplesszykotick9: there are two disks, i only showed the one line, the other line is the same except b=c04:20
memyselfhow to search for all pdf in ubuntu ?04:20
sapphofilehey all04:20
zykotick9memyself: "find / -iname *.pdf 2>/dev/null" might work.04:20
vishnuvato_: iaw04:20
zykotick9helpless: if "mount -a" works, i have no idea why it wouldn't work at boot.04:21
vato_kill me04:21
vato_for installing ubuntu04:21
helplesszykotick9: that's why i'm asking04:21
vato_because it sucks04:21
FloodBot1vato_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:21
* vato_ farts04:21
vishnummm vato_ farts04:21
zykotick9vato_: that's more then enough04:21
vato_unity sucks, you suck, fuck you04:22
vato_this laggy piece of shit of an excuse for an operating system, i want to slit my wrists and die in a fire with your lousy OS04:22
vishnuheh, if you want something to mount at boot, fix your fstab....04:22
grubbyonevato_: go shoot some bball outside of your school04:22
LirthAhhh... the ignore option04:22
memyselfzykotick9 , how to do it on the search bar ?04:23
zykotick9memyself: ? dunno, never used it.04:23
LirthI'm trying to learn the bash shell to understand and use ubuntu better. Any idea how I should start?04:24
VectorXneed some help, got a thin client on LTSP that was working fine, the server had a nvidia gfx card but i took it out and its running HD3000 from the board, running the particular client im getting the error in the pic, but other clients work fine, http://i30.fastpic.ru/big/2012/0204/aa/2c12035b97d0778a6d18da097d2402aa.jpg04:25
solofightpeople i have a dell latitude E5400 running ubuntu 11.10 --- when try to send or recieve any files from this machine i get error saying "unable to find service record"04:28
solofighthow to solve this ?04:28
WoCsolofight, bluetooth ?04:29
solofightWoC, yeah04:29
solofightsorry forgot to mention that04:29
zykotick9Lirth: personally, i'd start by trying to do as much as possible from terminal, get into writting scripts as early as you can (basic scripts are SUPER easy).  There are lots of guides out there, I'd consult as many as you can.  Good luck.04:29
govielVectorX: seems like its still trying to load the nVidia driver, "failed to load moduel "nvidia"04:29
VectorXgoviel how can i correct this ?04:30
WoCsolofight, looks like some process under the bluetooth daemon is not currently running and/or is not yet configured04:30
sharkmapLirth: I'm trying to do the same thing04:30
solofightWoC, how to proceed ?04:30
zykotick9VectorX: to stop nvidia from loading, just move /etc/X11/xorg.conf to xorg.conf.disabled and restart X04:31
govielVectorX: you can unistall the nvidia driver, install Ati's driver, hopefully it should fix it on reboot. or you will have to edit the xorg.config04:31
solofightWoC, i switched on bluetooth and its detecting my mobile device - but when i try to transfer i get that error04:31
Raymond_WoC, any reason the about page sees the INDEX page instead of index?04:31
WoCsolofight, which bluetooth daemon are you using ? chances are restarting the daemon will fix it04:31
Raymond_Woc, when i click on home from the about page04:32
solofightWoC, i dont know - its the default which came with the OS04:32
WoCRaymond_, the link may need an update ?04:32
Lirthsharkmap: I've got a friend who offered to teach me how to become a system's administrator and he told me to get a brick (AKA textbook) to get started. Bash was one of the things outlined but it just goes over my head.04:32
VectorXzykotick9 there is no such file, /etc/X11/xorg.conf and other location ?04:32
sharkmapLirth: I'm reading all the online tutorials I can find. Some are pretty old, but the info is still good04:33
zykotick9VectorX: nope, that would be the location.  Sorry no other suggestions (don't understand how nvidia could still be loading)04:33
Lirthsharkmap: What do you reccomend?04:33
WoCRaymond_, yes, on the about page, the homepage is referred to as INDEX.html as opposed to index.html, being the topmost page you can also refer to the main page as /04:33
solofightWoC, could this be the one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/82214104:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 879923 in OEM Priority Project "duplicate for #822141 No file transfers possible with cell phones, regression since oneiric alpha" [Critical,Confirmed]04:34
sharkmapLirth: I just googled 'bash scripting tutorial' and found a bunch, then started reading them all04:34
VectorXwell this is on a thin client, one has a nvidia card(which isnt loading up) and the other doesnt which works fine when turned on simultaneously04:34
Lirthsharkmap: Is there anything google can't answer?04:35
sharkmapGoogle can answer the question why have they sold my info for profit and not given my my cut04:35
urlin2uLirth, the meaning of life. :D04:35
grubbyoneI want to make a usb stick that boots up and automagically does things04:36
sharkmapLirth: one thing I did was sign up for a shell account on another computer and since it's a shell its command prompt only. good way to learnh04:36
Lirthsharkmap: how do you make a shell account?04:38
UidXawww i have a terrible stomachache04:38
sharkmapLirth: I04:38
WoCsolofight, looks like it04:39
sharkmapLirth: I went to sdf.org and they have free shell accounts. It's a non-profit, just for the users sort of place really cool04:39
solofightWoC, no other round abouts ?04:39
WoCi only had a quick look at it a few months ago, never had the time to dig into it, i resolrted to usb ;)04:40
sharkmapLirth: telnet to sdf.org, login as new and go from there. easy peasy04:40
sharkmapLirth: I'm logged in there right now, running irc from their shell04:41
=== grubbyone is now known as extender
LirthHow do I navigate to a directory?04:45
Lirthin the terminal*04:45
holsteincd /path/to/whatever Lirth04:45
WoCLirth, cd04:45
Lirthholstein, WoC: thanks04:46
Lirthholstein, WoC: what does cd stand for?04:46
sharkmapLirth: This is a good shell tutorial: http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Teaching/Unix/04:47
sharkmapeasy to understand for the beginner04:47
zykotick9Lirth: cd = change directory04:48
Lirthzykotick9: Thanks.04:48
Lirthsharkmap: What is your opinion of the Bash tutorial on linuxconfig? http://linuxconfig.org/Bash_scripting_Tutorial04:49
PeterSJCTrouble installing Ubuntu 11.10 on a Dell Latitude D600; anyone want to help?04:49
urlin2uPeterSJC, just give a outline of where your at.04:50
axeiaXe_: D04:51
sharkmapLirth: not familiar with that one. is it linuxconfig.org ?04:51
iaXe_axe, ...04:51
PeterSJCCompleted a fresh installation... got back to a non-graphic shutdown screen, got a message "umount: /run/lock: not mounted", then something about casper and "Please remove installation media..."   But when I press ENTER, I see a couple of funny characters and then nothing.04:52
holsteinPeterSJC: how did it run live?04:52
PeterSJCI did not try running it live off the installation disk, but instead did a new-complete installation on a single 30 GB partition04:53
sharkmapLirth: Here's one with less ads popping up at you: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/index.html04:53
urlin2uPeterSJC, is it a install from windows, a wubi?04:54
PeterSJCI created a CD (in Windows, another computer) and booted from that on the Dell04:54
Lirthsharkmap: In a bunch of tutorials there are the # symbols followed by notes. If I put that in the actual script would it just ignore it also as a default function of bash?04:55
sharkmapLirth: yeah those are comments04:56
Lirthsharkmap: Good to know if I'm ever smart enough to teach someone.04:56
sharkmapLirth: I'm really not that good yet. I was you three weeks ago. That first website I gave you is a really good beginning and tells you everything you need to know about the shell04:57
sharkmapto get started04:57
holsteinPeterSJC: i would try getting to the live desktop, then you'll know the hardware is supported, or how well it is supported04:57
zykotick9Lirth: the first line with the #! is not a comment BTW04:58
PeterSJCholstein: What is the "live desktop"?04:58
Lirthzykotick9: What does it do?04:58
holsteinPeterSJC: from the installation disc, try it live *before* installing04:58
zykotick9Lirth: it determines what to run it with #!/bin/bash vs #!/bin/sh should give different results (but this is a terrible example, as both would be the same on ubuntu)04:59
PeterSJCholstein: You mean the option where the installation disk asks whether you want to try Ubuntu or install it?04:59
sharkmapLirth: I think it is the beginning of the script05:00
holsteinPeterSJC: instead of installing, and hoping the graphics card is supported, you can try it live... you can boot up live, from the CD.. poke around in there.. try the sound.. see about the wifi if you have it... see how the screen looks... whatever else.. then, you can go from there05:00
Lirthzykotick9: Does it make the shell run differently? I've read about sh being the first and bash continuing on with it (or something like that) and there was another type mentioned. Would using the #! have different commands based on the shell?05:01
PeterSJCholstein: I will try it. Thanks05:01
MrKeunerhello, I have a script ran by user's crontab. When user runs the script, it works fine, however when the script is run by crontab $USER environment variable seems to be not defined. Why would that happen?05:01
xtgyalHello, I am trying to password-protect a directory in var/www with Apache on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx.  I followed the instructions at http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/howto/auth.html but doesn't seem to be working.  I typed at the bottom of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: " <Directory /var/www/secret> "   " AuthType Basic AuthName "Restricted Files" "   " AuthUserFile /usr/local/apache/passwd/passwords "   " Require user user1 "   05:01
zykotick9Lirth: (under normal cirumstances) sh has a lot fewer features then bash.  But in modern times, sh usually just point to bash.05:02
Lirthsharkmap, zykotick9: I just realized this is going slightly off topic from Ubuntu. Is there a bash IRC that I could log into for these discussions?05:02
MrKeuner$HOME is defined but somehow not $USER05:03
zykotick9Lirth: #bash, but it's a pretty "serious" channel05:03
sharkmapLirth: sh is 'bourne shell' and bash is 'bourne again' shell05:03
Lirthzykotick9: What do you mean by "serious"? Do they not like noobs?05:03
zykotick9Lirth: i'm kinda hinting at that ya - but i'm sure they're nice as well ;)05:04
Lirthzykotick9: I'll just try not to get booted.05:04
urlin2uLirth, do few I'm not worthies. :)05:05
xtgyalHow to password-protect a web directory in Apache?05:05
pitarianwhats going on in here?05:05
Lirthurlin2u: What?05:06
Raymond_WoC, i have to edit the html to get it to work :)05:06
sharkmapLirth: say you are sorry to be a noob a lot05:06
urlin2uLirth, I'm not worthy a reference to joke.05:06
pitarian@xtgyal http://www.sitedeveloper.ws/tutorials/htaccess.htm05:06
xtgyalUbuntu Help Manual says not to use htaccess ?05:07
Lirthsharkmap: I tried that once. Then I quickly discovered how close the 'b' and the 'n' keys are and how easy it can be to typo...05:07
pitarianand why is that?05:07
sharkmapLirth: same difference. :-)05:07
urlin2upitarian, you have a support question?05:07
pitarian@urlin2u i was replying to @xtgyal05:08
urlin2upitarian, cool :)05:08
xtgyalyes Ubuntu does list how to use apache2.conf and the code provided by http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/howto/auth.html does not work05:09
WoCsharkmap, heh... you got my hopes up on free shell, only free for students05:12
sharkmapWoC: well, its free for 600 days, but if you give them a dollar, it's forever.05:12
sharkmapWoc: and you don't have to be a student, I'm not.05:13
WoCOh, thx05:13
WoCno wi just need to find someone to verify me then05:13
LirthWoC, sharkmap: I'd say that's close enough to free. :)05:14
WoCerr validate that is05:14
sharkmapWoC: validate is just giving them a dollar (or 3 dollars if you do it through paypal)05:14
WoCi was reading the official join page05:15
WoCsharkmap, I assume scp is available after validation ?05:17
sharkmapWoC: not sure. There is another 'higher' level, it's 36 dollars (one time fee), that makes you a full on member with voting rights05:18
LirthIn the title info for this channel it says "Please use the torrents". I understand that torrents allow peer to peer data transfer, but I don't understand how it works.05:18
sharkmapWoC: could be that's not available on the free level05:18
WoCit does list ssh/sftp05:18
voozeHey guys.. i just installed kernel 3.2.0 though PPA, and wanted to try not using NON-opensource gfx driver.. but now this happens? http://peecee.dk/upload/view/349658/full check right corner.. with the "pixel fail" any ideas?05:19
sharkmapWoC: not sure what 'scp' is. :-)05:19
pitariananyone in here uses vyatta?05:19
abvayadIs there any aplet manager for ubuntu unity05:19
WoCscp; secure copy, part of ssh05:19
zykotick9sharkmap: scp = secure copy (it uses ssh)05:19
sharkmapWoC: inbound ssh for free, outbound for 36 dollars. :-(05:20
WoCI wouldnt use outbound ssh anyhow05:21
zykotick9WoC: you can probably install anything on Ubuntu that any shell service offers05:22
frybyehi - what do I have to do to get ubuntu 11.10 to run ckfs on starting??05:23
sharkmapzykotick9: the point for me is to have a remote shell, it's different than a local machine. it's 'real world' so to speak05:23
zykotick9!fsck | frybye05:24
ubottufrybye: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot05:24
WoCzykotick9, i reckon, if i ever get my head around the package system05:24
voozeHey guys.. i just installed kernel 3.2.0 though PPA, and wanted to try not using NON-opensource gfx driver.. but now this happens? http://peecee.dk/upload/view/349658/full check right corner.. with the "pixel fail" any ideas?05:25
zykotick9WoC: well, from terminal use "apt-cache search foo" to search for stuff, and "sudo apt-get install foo" to install ;)05:25
dragosmchi guys05:25
dragosmchow can i force ubuntu live to boot in UEFI mode?05:25
rich_hey whats going on05:25
WoCI got that part, zykotick9, its things like searching for which package  provided file y and that sort of things05:26
zykotick9WoC: providing a particular file, can be a little trickier at time.  I'll resort to online searches ;) if apt-cache fails.  If the file is on the system and you want to know what file it's from you can use "dpkg -S /path/to/file"05:28
WoCzykotick9, at the moment though; i would really like to know how to register a manual kernel installation05:28
zykotick9WoC: sorry I've never had to use manual kernels in ubuntu/debian good luck (not sure what you mean by register either)05:29
WoCwouldnt happen to know a way to make 'dpkg -l' output without the border ?05:29
WoCby register; so it would show up in 'dpkg -l'05:30
WoCand also for dependencies, i reckon05:30
LirthAt the start of this IRC page it tells us to use the torrents. Where would I found out how they work and how they can tell the difference between a bogus virus and a real file that I want?05:30
WoCi would assume quite some packages depend on a kernel05:31
zykotick9WoC: border?  what border?  i can't really add manually installed stuff to the apt database.  checkinstall can create DEBs from source, but i doubt kernel would be easy.05:31
the_padawan2can anyone help me with USB speakers? I see volume bars moving in the pulseaudio device checker when I play a song but no sound comes out05:31
frybyehi - I just ran fsck on start but still when I try to use acronis true image 11 to make an image of my pc it complains that "some particians have errors ..etc etc.. " it will only do a sector by sector backup - I need to use acronis cos other systems are too complicated for me...05:32
zykotick9Lirth: the torrent suggestion applies to downloading the ubuntu ISO - not other stuff..05:32
WoCzykotick9, try 'dpkg -l | tail' and you see the part to the left of the actual package name05:32
zykotick9WoC: that's the packages status05:32
PeterSJCholstein:I am running Ubuntu from the CD, on this Dell computer and have encountered no problems with the GUI programs that I have tried. (not sure how to start a shell to try commands)05:32
zykotick9WoC: ii rc there are some other options as well i'm sure05:33
j1000_hi all i am trying to build android ics in ubuntu 10.04 and i'm getting an error that the android devs think might be a linus problem not android if i could get some help that would be great05:33
Lirththe_padawan2: Try hitting super and searching for the "sound" setting. There is a tab with "Hardware". Try checking that out. It's how I got my 2nd monitor to run the sound.05:33
frybyezykotick9: you had helped me with fsck - any ideas on above problem?05:33
j1000_linux not linus05:33
the_padawan2@Lirth hitting super?05:33
Lirththe_padawan2: windows key05:34
zykotick9frybye: sorry i have no idea what acronis is - and i personally think drive image backups are a waste of space.  but best of luck.05:34
Lirththe_padawan2: it should let you search programs05:34
pitariananyone with knowledge of vyatta firewall ?//05:34
zapbuzzim looking for a driver for s3 Chrome 9 HC for x64 Ubuntu05:34
the_padawan2Lirth: ok i don't have that... i'm on 10.0405:34
WoCheh, thanks zykotick9, i thought it was just some table frame gone broken or so... ii05:34
Lirththe_padawan2: Do you have the system settings program?05:35
frybyezykotick9: thanks - but what do you do if a system gets shotup?05:35
zapbuzzwhere do i go to get the above driver?05:35
the_padawan2Lirth: Yes; i have even set the device in Sound preference>Hardware05:35
Lirththe_padawan2: and that's not working?05:35
the_padawan2Lirth: afraid not05:36
frybyezykotick9: do you just make a copy of /home or...?05:36
Lirththe_padawan2: I know this makes it sound like I think you're an idiot (I don't, I do this all the time), but is it turned on?05:36
zykotick9frybye: i carefully keep track of any system files i modify (and back those up), and back up selected . files in my home dir, and my files obviously.05:37
the_padawan2Lirth: It is, the there is an LED on the volume control05:37
WoCzykotick9, looks like; hi, rc, ii05:37
the_padawan2Lirth: the color of the LED even changed from yellow to green...05:37
PeterSJCholstein: are you still here?05:37
zykotick9WoC: did you find out what they all mean?  i know ii is installed, and the rc means there are config files, no idea what the hi stands for.05:37
the_padawan2Lirth: and now apparently it's red...05:38
Lirththe_padawan2: good. Now, in your screen there should be a volume icon (I'm not experienced with .04 so I don't know where it is). Mine is in the top bar with things like the clock.05:38
Lirththe_padawan2: and the good was from earlier...05:38
urlin2uPeterman, the live cd run okay?05:38
the_padawan2Lirth: yeah i've got volume control05:38
frybyezykotick9: if I needed to re-install the ubuntu (dont have the level of knowledge to do it your way..) then having a copy of /home and putting that over the new installation would work or..?05:39
j1000_any takers on looking at this error to see if i'm missing a lib or something needed to compile05:39
the_padawan2Lirth: as in, i've got the program to do it05:39
Lirththe_padawan2: is that on?05:39
the_padawan2Lirth: yes05:39
the_padawan2Lirth: in the Output panel it lists two devices, internal and the USB05:39
the_padawan2Lirth: I have selected USB, it's unmuted and the volume is up05:39
zykotick9frybye: it should!  but, that assumes it's the same version of ubuntu, in rare cases .home stuff can cause issues with newer versions of software :(05:39
frybyezykotick9: basically all I need to do is get acronis tru image to work without complaining about damaged partitions.. even if takes space on a usb drive - this helps me...05:40
zapbuzzim looking for a driver for s3 Chrome 9 HC for x64 Ubuntu05:40
plumhey all05:40
Lirththe_padawan2: Hopefully your sound settings (in hardware) has this. Mine shows a drop down menu called "Settings for the selected device:". Do you have that?05:40
plumis truecrypt good? will it slow my computer down?05:41
the_padawan2Lirth: you mean in Hardware Drivers?05:41
frybyezykotick9: I guess csfk only looks at the file system structure.. perhaps it is a physical defect on the h-drive .. any linux programme to check that and excluse damaged sectors etc..?05:41
Lirthplum: I haven't used it personally but I've run into a few recommendations for it.05:41
plumhmm. i'm considering it just for kicks05:42
Lirththe_padawan2: I mean the sound settings where you chose the USB speakers05:42
WoCzykotick9, i think i got the gest of it05:42
zykotick9frybye: i'm sorry, i just looked up acronis - and it's propritary software, i'm no longer interested in helping you with your issue.  good luck though.05:42
frybyeIf I want to save /home - does the .home content get saved with it..?05:42
the_padawan2Lirth: ah ok05:42
plumi'm not a "bad boy" kind of person, but i'm curious at it. i just don't want to lose performance05:42
the_padawan2Lirth: there's just one drop down called Profile. the choices are "off", 5.1, or 4.1 sound. I have it set to 5.105:43
extenderI've never seen anything slow down because of truecrypt05:43
urlin2uplum, kinda off topic it is a third party ubuntu has encryption.05:43
Lirththe_padawan2:  That should be it. Are your speakers 5.1 surround?05:43
plumtrue, my bad05:43
the_padawan2Lirth: yes05:43
flowerpotIs there an channel op online right now?05:44
frybyezykotick9: everybody is entitled to thier political persuasion - i am just looking for a souloution that works for me - the non-proprietory methods are too complicated normally.. on the other hand this is also not doing to well just now is it - hehe05:44
Lirththe_padawan2: and you just hit the end of my technical expertise. I thought I was smart for the last five minutes...05:44
the_padawan2Lirth: ok well thanks for trying05:44
the_padawan2Lirth: back to the forums05:44
zykotick9flowerpot: yes, they are just hidden05:44
Lirththe_padawan2: At least you ruled out the basics :D'05:44
flowerpotI have an issue I'd like to report about a user in this channel; where do I submit it?05:44
zykotick9flowerpot: #ubuntu-ops i believe is a channel you could contact them in05:45
urlin2uflowerpot, #ubuntu-ops05:45
zapbuzzis there a channel for hardware support?05:45
zykotick9zapbuzz: ##hardware05:45
aoregcdu!ops onjoin spam from testteed05:45
ubottuaoregcdu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:45
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!05:45
NFisherhi all!! im in need of a java plugin for my firefox-browser.. how can i get it?! it always worked out of the box but since recently it doesnt anymore.. i run 10.04 btw..05:45
frybyezykotick9: another try.. you have convinced me - NO acronis - just my question about saving the /home directory - will all the contents of the dir be saved if I just copy it as usual...?05:46
voozeI just update to kernel 3.2 (ubuntu 11.10) how do i enable nouveau instead of nvidia-driver? Some says its blacklisted after having used nvidia-driver05:46
zykotick9frybye: it depends on how you save ~ if the .folder stuff is saved (be careful), if you use nautilus CTRL+H will show hidden files.05:46
j1000_ok im ubuntu stupid so im reduced to begging can someone look at an error and on an ics compile and see if it is a missing lib?05:47
j1000_android devs think it is an ubuntu problem not source issue05:47
Lirthj1000: Try putting the error in pastebin and giving the link05:48
zykotick9vooze: the blacklisting is true.  I'd start by checking /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf.  Regarding the driver you should either move xorg.conf or edit it (harder method)05:48
j1000_just a sec thanks lirth05:48
flowerpotzykotick9, urlin2u: thanks05:48
voozezykotick9: thanks for your answer. I see its not in blacklist.conf, where is xorrg.conf located?05:51
frybyezykotick9: am not sure what the default file manager is in 11.10 unity - but I am just copying the whole home directory and hope that does it..05:51
zykotick9vooze: it's possible the blacklist is elsewhere then??? xorg.conf is in /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:52
zykotick9frybye: unity is gnome, which uses nautilus - so ctrl+h should work05:52
zykotick9frybye: just verify your backup has the .hidden folders05:53
frybyezykotick9: If I remember right for such a re-install there is another directoy that is important to backup - /etc..something? You know it..?05:53
j1000_if that error means anything to anybody i'm open to suggestions05:53
LirthWhere do I find the error dumps? I've had a problem where ubuntu just outright crashes.05:53
voozezykotick9: hmm not sure, but xorg.conf is not in /etc/X11/05:53
zykotick9frybye: /etc has all the system settings - important if you've modified any, but not sure of the value of backup it up if you haven't05:53
zykotick9vooze: that's ok, but i don't think you could be using the nvidia driver then (it requires xorg.conf), while the open source drivers don't need it05:54
QaDeShiyas. anybody else got problems with the latest firefox upgrade in 10.04?05:54
urlin2uflowerpot, no problem. :)05:54
j1000_my error is in trying to compile ics so i just copied what was in the ternminal05:54
frybyezykotick9: my idea is that if the system breaks - I can use a 11.10 install cd to re-install and then just write the /home over the existing one - if writing the /ext over the installed one is a good idea - to get back to where I was before broken?05:55
zykotick9QaDeS: crashes?  someone earlier renamed there ~/.mozilla and it seemed to correct there issue, but lost there settings (something in the settings might not be compatible with firefox 10)05:56
j1000_i think its a missing lib but i followed several guides to the letter and im not the only one getting the same error05:56
zykotick9frybye: ya, after reinstall just replacing your backed up /home should work (you might/probably will have to chown the directories)05:57
voozezykotick9: ah okay, but its because i get this "pixel error?" http://peecee.dk/upload/view/349658/full check right corner05:57
frybyezykotick9: right - there is a recursive for chown - so I could apply it to /home and all below it right?05:58
zykotick9vooze: with my uzbl browser and that image paste site, i can't actually scroll right to see the corner, sorry.  Was there some reason you upgraded your kernel?05:58
zykotick9frybye: you shouldn't!  /home should be owned by root:root, only the subdirectories should be owned by there respective users05:59
frybyezykotick9: ok tks06:00
QaDeSzykotick9, didn't work :(06:00
QaDeSis there a way to pin apt to an earlier firefox version?06:01
zykotick9frybye: what i was getting at: if you reinstall, and create users with the same name(s) they might not be the same UID# and thus the system will view them as different users06:01
voozezykotick9: I use gnome shell.. with nouveau and 3.0 gnome shell was a bit buggy, then i tryed with nvidia + nvidia experimental from the driver-gui.. but some shell-themes were really slow.. So i figured I would give 3.2 kernel + nouveau a shot :)06:01
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zykotick9vooze: typically the ONLY reason to upgrade to a new kernel is to get hardware support for newer devices06:02
LirthWhere do I find crash dumps?06:02
voozezykotick9: as okay, i though that nouveau was updated with new kernels also :)06:03
zykotick9QaDeS: the repo probably no longer has the older version though, so going back might not be possible.  Specific to your question, see "/msg ubottu pinning" for pinning details.06:04
zykotick9vooze: possible? i suppose.06:04
frybyezykotick9: hmmm.. this is getting complicated again....06:05
zapbuzzim looking for a driver for s3 Chrome 9 HC for x64 Ubuntu06:05
frybyezykotick9: but if I do a chown on all the sub-dir in /home will be ok?06:05
zykotick9frybye: chown the /home/USERNAME and below06:06
voozezykotick9: oh, i figured it out.. for some strange reason, the gnome-shell theme i used does not work good with nouveau.. all other themes seems to work fine06:06
voozezykotick9: really strange :D06:06
frybyezykotick9: ok thanks...06:06
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LirthI've got a question on the naming of Ubuntu releases. I've noticed there has been 11.04, 11.10, and 12.04 is coming out next. Why is it named with .04 and .10?06:13
zykotick9Lirth: month they are released in06:14
zykotick9Lirth: first number is the year06:14
acerimmerLirth- 11 = year 04 = month06:14
ubottuLIrth: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases06:14
Lirthzykotick9, acerimmer: thanks06:14
_Ryththat's useful to know.06:15
Oerzapbuzz, i think you need openchrome https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenChrome06:15
acerimmervilla- greetings.  Questions???06:15
villaWhen I star stardict, it's icon does not show up in the panel at top of the desktop. If I close the startdict window, it will quit. I want to let stardict to run at the background. how?06:16
villaIt  once did before06:16
acerimmerBoyOfWuHan- nihao!06:17
zapbuzz@0er im checking that out thanks06:17
LirthHow do we get the names for Ubuntu releases such as "Oneiric Ocelot" or "Natty Narwhal"06:17
BoyOfWuHanacerimmer hi06:17
villaacerimmer, are you chinese?06:17
BoyOfWuHanvilla ,yes06:17
acerimmervilla- no but I just got a job offer to china so I just practiced all of my chinese vocabulary06:17
zykotick9Lirth: names are announced by the "dictator for life"06:18
acerimmerLirth- Stallworth and the elves of marketing06:18
LirthSanta runs Ubuntu!?!?!06:18
villacan you resolve my problem?06:18
geoffmccvilla: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/stardict/+bug/881631  | not sure what ubuntu version your running, but maybe this is it06:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 881631 in stardict (Ubuntu) "stardict does not run in the panel" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:18
zykotick9acerimmer: Stallworth?  is that a combination of Stallman and Shuttleworth?  I don't think they'd get along.06:19
villayep, something like that ubottu06:19
BoyOfWuHanacerimmer ,which city of china you will come to06:19
zykotick9!ot > BoyOfWuHan06:19
ubottuBoyOfWuHan, please see my private message06:19
acerimmerBoyOfWuHan- luzhou06:19
Colonel_PanicHi, I'm trying to create a bootable DVD06:19
Colonel_Paniccan anyone tell me how to do that from the CLI?06:20
BoyOfWuHanwhich provice?06:20
villaluzhou, which is in jiangxi province06:20
villaI don't know, maybe06:20
villaI guess06:20
BoyOfWuHanoh,,I know06:20
BoyOfWuHan  it's not far from Wuhan06:20
zykotick9Colonel_Panic: do you mean from an Ubuntu LiveCD?06:20
geoffmcc!ot | BoyOfWuHan: villa06:20
ubottuBoyOfWuHan: villa: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:20
villaBoyOfWuHan, I am in suzhou now06:21
Colonel_PanicI want to create a bootable CD from a modified USB stick image06:22
Colonel_PanicIs there a way to set the boot flag when burning?06:23
urlin2uColonel_Panic, is this a full install on the usb or a iso loaded with a persistent file?06:26
Colonel_PanicIt's both06:27
Colonel_PanicI mean, it's a  bootable USB, and I have made an ISO out of it as well06:28
urlin2uColonel_Panic, that makes no sense these are separate types of setups.06:28
Colonel_PanicBut when I burn the DVD it's not bootbale06:28
sharkmapColonel_Panic: not bootable, or not booting?06:29
Colonel_PanicI get the message "Can't read superblock".06:29
urlin2uColonel_Panic, how did you get the image on the usb?06:29
Colonel_PanicI basically want to create a bootable DVD from a bootable USB flash stick.06:29
Colonel_PanicThe idea is to take an existing distro from a bootable USB stick, add some programs, and then burn the whole thing to a bootable DVD06:31
urlin2uColonel_Panic, can you answer some basic questions?06:31
ParkerRIs anyone here using a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-850 or similar on their linux box?06:32
zykotick9ParkerR: i use a hauppauge 1600 for OTA HD, what is your real question?06:34
ParkerRJust how I get it working. I've tried many different instructions to no avail06:35
urlin2uColonel_Panic, puppy linux is not supported here.06:35
drake01hi guys, Please suggest some great console applications for accessing usenet on linux06:38
zaq_hello this my first time06:38
zapbuzzhow do i install a graphics driver in ubuntu 11.10 x64?06:38
zykotick9drake01: you could try tin?  I haven't used it myself.06:39
acerimmerdrake01 - https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/319176:8-of-the-best-free-linux-usenet-tools06:39
zaq_i kinda built my own ubuntu06:39
zaq_could i get help finishing it06:40
extenderis it normal for a raid to be degraded and recovering as soon as it's built?06:41
ryan__zapbuzz: What graphics card is it?06:42
ParkerRzykotick9, It shows up in dmesg but I have yet to find a program that will scan and find channels correctly06:42
zaq_help with panel ... pls06:43
drake01also how to access usenet without paying any provider for the same (except isp for internet usage, ofcourse)06:43
ParkerRIt's an ATSC tuner but I want to use analog06:43
zykotick9ParkerR: verify you aren't getting any firmware errors "dmesg | grep firmware"06:43
zapbuzzs3/chrome 9 HC06:44
zapbuzzi got the latest openchrome driver but im new to installing drivers06:44
ParkerRzykotick9, Nope no errors :)06:44
zaq_pretty new06:45
zykotick9ParkerR: i've only ever used MythTV for viewing/recording TV, what are you using?06:45
ParkerRI'll try that. I don't remember exactly what I tried before06:46
zykotick9ParkerR: Myth isn't exactly simple to setup :|  BUT mythcontrolcenter (or similar name) "might" be a big help for you.06:47
zaq_help w/ panel?06:47
nowzHello, I would like to set up a Web server with Apache/PHP & Mysql06:48
nowzI heard about "lamp" but i don't find it in my apt06:48
zykotick9!lamp | nowz06:48
ubottunowz: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:48
nowzSo i would like to know if it's outdated or not06:48
nowzi'm running Ubuntu 11.1006:49
nowzzykotick9, lamp isn't in my aptitude like we can see on the ubuntu tutorial06:49
ubottunowz: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:50
acerimmernowz read the note from ubotto06:50
zykotick9nowz: no it's not (isn't suppose to be) please see the link acerimmer and i just got ubottu to send you06:50
nowzoh ok thank you06:51
ParkerRzykotick9, Downloading mythbuntu-control-center now06:53
zykotick9ParkerR: it's not a nice GUI setup for the card, as well as remote stuff.  Hope it works out for ya.  BTW Myth once setup, is amazing.06:54
zykotick9ParkerR: TV listings cost $25 a year though06:54
ParkerRMeh I can live by just tuning06:54
acerimmerzykotick9 - still trying to distinguish between ubuntuTV and myth06:55
zykotick9acerimmer: ubuntutv is a canonical hardware project, while mythtv is a software suite06:55
acerimmerzykotick9 - got it.  thanks.06:56
zapbuzzwhere do i go to learn how to install drivers?06:56
ryan__zapbuzz: The file you have is a .tgz, right? All of the driver installers I have found from via are, and they have a vinstall in the directory06:58
zykotick9!cookie | ryan__06:58
ubotturyan__: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:58
drake01any irc channels to visit to put questions about usenet.. on freenode?06:58
urlin2uzykotick9, lol.06:58
ryan__Thank you for the cookie06:59
zapbuzzryan where do i get that driver? all i got is openchrome06:59
zykotick9ryan__: oh oh, give that cookie back ;)07:00
ryan__Aww, I'm unworthy of the cookie07:00
aBoundIs it possible to use Compiz and run multiple different backgrounds in each virtual desktop space?07:00
zykotick9ryan__: your answer looked SO good too07:00
zapbuzzmy graphics hardware is VIA/S3 Chrome 9 HC p4m90007:01
ryan__zapbuzz: Maybe this will help? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenChrome#Manual_Installation07:01
zykotick9aBound: sorta.  Not sure it's still possible BUT you couldn't have ANY icons on the desktop if you did it07:01
kapzhey guys! I want to try new ubuntu, but not that it's out for sometime I am sure there would be a lot of updates rolled out too. Is there a way to download the updated copy?07:01
kapz*now that it's out.....07:01
aBoundzykotick9, I normally don't use icons on my desktop it clutters it up. :P07:02
ParkerRzykotick9, I can't select channel scan in either area http://imgur.com/a/1hR9Q07:02
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urlin2ukapz, there is a daily build the #ubuntu+1 channel is where 12.04 is addressed07:02
=== axipher is now known as Mediarocker
kapzurlin2u: I want the stable one not alpha one...07:02
aBoundI see a wallpaper plugin for Compiz within the compiz settings manager but I can't say much if it does what I expect.07:02
zykotick9ParkerR: can i ask why you want analog?  Where are you?07:03
zykotick9ParkerR: i realize that's not directly related to your issue, but...07:03
urlin2ukapz, you will have to ask in the other channel it is in development, if you need a stable it is not technically stable.07:03
ParkerRzykotick9, Crappy antenna for ATSC07:03
zapbuzzi found http://openchrome.org/releases/  how to install a graphics driver07:03
urlin2ukapz, which ubuntu do you mean?07:04
zykotick9ParkerR: but Analog isn't broadcast in NorthAmerica anymore?07:04
ParkerRzykotick9, And living in a valley doesn't help07:04
ParkerRzykotick9, Naah cable line07:04
zykotick9ParkerR: when you did the "dmesg | grep firmware" did you see loaded messages?07:05
kapzurlin2u: I thinki you don't get my question, I dont want to spend my limited bandwith downloading the whole ISO then AGAIN downloading almost all the updated packages...is there a way to get a minimal install then just download the current packages such as unity,firefox 9/10 etc07:05
ubottukapz: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:06
urlin2ukapz, of which one 12.04, 11.04...etc?07:06
zykotick9aBound: are you using Unity? not sure if it's possible with that either.07:06
urlin2u11.10 is the question07:06
ParkerRzykotick9, There was just one "[    8.414357] iwlagn 0000:03:00.0: loaded firmware version build 33692" Looking through dmesg it seems like the correct firmware was loaded for the card07:06
kapzurlin2u: stable release which is I think 11.1007:06
zykotick9ParkerR: i doubt that has to do with your TV card though?07:06
aBoundzykotick9, Yes I'm using Unity. Figures, with the wallpaper plugin enabled it'll more or less work though Compiz is a bit buggy for 11.10.07:07
urlin2ukapz, you can use a minimal and do a netdownload07:07
kapzthanks ubottu, I guess this should sufffice07:07
zykotick9aBound: historically you had to enable the wallpaper plugin in compiz, then disable nautilus from controlling the desktop.  But I REALLY am not sure how to do it on modern systems (or if it's even possible), I'm talking old Gnome2.07:08
brighthashello everybody.07:08
urlin2ukapz, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:08
aBoundzykotick9, No problem I'll figure it out let's just hope I don't break Unity.07:08
ParkerRzykotick9, Entire dmesg output http://pastebin.com/8u6YMS4D07:08
debian_noobhow do i autoconfigure a kernel for my system? like adding all drivers which are required and omit the ones that arent?07:08
ParkerRCtrl + f then hauppauge should show it07:09
ParkerRzykotick9, Or just look towards the bottom07:09
zykotick9ParkerR: lol you assume i use firefox/chromium - i don't.  for me search is the vi like / key ;)07:10
ryan__zapbuzz: Hey, two ways to go about it. You have your prebuilt binaries at this site: http://openchrome.org/trac/wiki/Installation       OR   http://openchrome.org/trac/wiki/Installation this site has instructions on installing from the tarball07:10
zapbuzzthx ryan ill check it out07:10
bootstrapAnyone know what the launcher in the bottom left corner of the second picture is? http://axiom613.deviantart.com/art/Axiom-Elementary-Gnome-Shell-Theme-280041957?offset=2007:11
zapbuzzuh both links say server not found!!!!07:12
acerimmerapplications menu07:12
acerimmerbootstrap - applications menu07:12
zykotick9ParkerR: the "xc5000: Firmware has not been loaded previously" concerns me a little... but i don't see anything "wrong" in there, nor can i confirm that everything is ok either :|  Sorry man, I think you've reached my knowledge limit on your card.  BEST of luck though.07:13
zapbuzzhttp://gamesplace.info/opensource/openchrome/dapper-binaries/     = DEAD07:13
ParkerRzykotick9, Thanks07:13
IamMr1337there are a lot of ppl in here07:13
acerimmerzapbuzz - dapper binaries?  WAY past end of life.07:14
bootstrapacerimmer: is that an extension?07:14
acerimmerbootstrap - dapper is the code name of ubntu 6.10 IIRC07:14
memyselfcan anyone tell the command to use if i want to use cron to load a webpage but not saving anything07:15
acerimmerbootstrap - 6.0607:15
memyselfsometing like wget ....07:15
zykotick9acerimmer: the "late" ubuntu07:15
acerimmerzykotick9 - that's not late, that's mummified07:15
zykotick9acerimmer: it was late, by two months, thus the .06 versus the scheduled .0407:16
ryan__zapbuzz: Okay, well you already have the tarball. All you need to do is decompress it using tar -xvzf file.tgz, and then cd into the directory. Then compile using ./configure, then make, then sudo make install07:16
acerimmerzykotick9 - I stand corrected.07:16
zykotick9zapbuzz: ryan__ WAIT - if it really is make, make install - use checkinstall (so it can be removed if there are issues)07:17
zykotick9!checkinstall | zapbuzz07:17
ubottuzapbuzz: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!07:17
ryan__Yeah, sorry, usually skip that step... Best not to especially with drivers07:17
memyselfcan anyone help07:18
memyselfi forgot the command for it07:18
acerimmer!ask memyself07:18
saganbytehow can i get the trackpad of my laptop to scroll a page using 2 fingers07:18
saganbytei tried mouseemu07:19
zapbuzzim that frustrated07:19
saganbytei m using 10.0407:19
memyselfcan anyone tell the command to use if i want to use cron to load a webpage but not saving anything07:19
memyselfi remember wget somting...07:19
zykotick9memyself: your question doesn't make much (if any) sense - or not to me anyways07:19
zykotick9memyself: wget can download a web page07:20
acerimmersaganbyte - Settings>Mouse>Trackpad07:20
ParkerRzykotick9, :D Got it working with tvtime --device=/dev/video107:20
ParkerRDidn't even have to do a channel scan07:20
zykotick9ParkerR: NICE!07:20
ParkerRAnd this is all I want to do. Just watch.07:21
acerimmerParkerR - http://imagebin.org/19626907:21
memyselfi want to run a cron job that visit a page every 30 mins and i want to use wget to do it07:21
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saganbyteacerimmer, for some reason Two-finger scrolling is disabled07:21
memyselfso how do i write the command wget,,, ?07:21
ParkerRacerimmer, XD07:21
theadminmemyself: The command would be something like "wget -q http://example.org -O - > /dev/null"07:21
zapbuzzcompile? sudo? ima newbie from windows i know not of all this build stuff why cant i just install a driver?07:21
ryan__memyself: man wget says that you can use --spider to check if the page is there but to not actually download it, if that helps your purpose07:22
acerimmersaganbyte - read through the area carefully as it's likely the setting is there.  Also, check that you didn't hit a hardware switch for the trackpad....07:22
bob___bitchx is not in apt repos ?07:22
theadminbob___: That's not even developed anymore. Try irssi07:22
saganbyteacerimmer, ok07:22
memyselfok what does wget -O - -q  do ?07:22
saganbyteacerimmer, thank you :)07:22
zykotick9bob___: bitchx shouldn't be used anymore.  irssi as theadmin mentioned07:22
bob___ok thanks.07:22
bazhang!bitchx > bob___07:23
ubottubob___, please see my private message07:23
bazhangweechat is also an option bob___07:23
theadminmemyself: -q for quiet, so it doesn't output anything useless. -O - redirects all output to stdout (rather than a file), and then I just direct it to /dev/null so it doesn't flood cron logs.07:23
theadminmemyself: Actually, this would work too: wget -q http://example.org -O /dev/null07:24
bob___thanks guys.07:24
ParkerRzykotick9, Sucks I got this working at 2:24 in the morning. Infomercials gallore XD07:24
zykotick9ParkerR: ya, my Myth isn't setup to record anything else until tomorrow ;)07:25
memyselfthanks theadmin07:25
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ryan__zapbuzz: I can't get into the reasoning behind why linux works the way it does. However, there are ways to do it without the command line. You can find the prebuilt binary in either synaptic or the ubuntu software center, just search for xserver-xorg-video-openchrome07:27
Guest71494root/server irc.rizon.net join #UAD07:28
aBoundHey when using Firefox 10.0 and visiting www.grooveshark.com flash instantly crashes on me. Though when I use Google Chrome the site runs just fine in flash.07:28
zapbuzzsudo says whats my password and i try typing it and it wont enter07:29
ParkerRaBound, only thing flash in the new grooveshark is just the audio playback. Everything else is html5/javascript07:29
zykotick9zapbuzz: it doesn't show the password as you type it (if that's what you mean)07:30
aBoundParkerR, I know but once I'm on that site in Firefox it always says: Flash has crashed tells me to reload and nothing happens.07:30
aBoundI know works flawlessly in google chrome.07:30
aBoundFigures, one of my addons might be conflicting with it.07:31
ryan__Hmm, the site works perfectly on my Firefox 10.0...07:31
zapbuzzmake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.07:31
zapbuzzwhats the rule?07:31
aBoundryan__, My guess is it's one of my addons conflicting with the site.07:31
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aBoundI prefer that site over youtube for music.07:32
=== Stinkmeaner is now known as Mediarocker
aBoundOh well.07:32
ParkerRzykotick9, :) http://i.imgur.com/XzrbF.jpg07:33
aBoundDang, that's a bunch of channels Parker haha.07:34
ParkerRaBound, Heh07:34
ophelias_having same problem with firefox 11.0 on grooveshark07:34
aBoundI only got one open and it's this channel.07:34
aBoundophelias_, Same problem I'm having eh?07:34
=== ryan__ is now known as ryank
aBoundophelias_, Figures, you tried disabling some addons you might have installed?07:35
ophelias_doing that..making a new profile07:36
ophelias_report back07:36
=== ryank is now known as ryankey
zapbuzzryank i used the command sude and put my password in but it didnt install my graphics driver it said : *** No rule to make target `install'.07:36
zapbuzzdo i just type install?07:37
aBoundbrb blah compiz07:37
ryankeyzapbuzz: did you already use ./configure within the directory?07:37
ParkerRaBound, Oh you were gone? :P07:39
aBoundYes, you wanted me gone. :P jk07:39
zsolthi there.could somebody help me?installed postfix,but can't telnet to it from outside my vm07:40
theadminzsolt: Wut kinda vm? Virtualbox?07:40
zsoltit is a bridged if07:40
theadminAh bridged07:40
theadminzsolt: Probably ask in #vbox07:41
theadminAlso telnet is gross >.<07:41
aBoundssh instead of telnetting. :P07:42
theadminaBound: Well you don't ssh to a mail server, but yeah07:42
zsoltif I try to telnet the ip it works,but with telnet domain 25 doesn't07:44
ryankeyzapbuzz: So you had the .tar.gz file, decompressed it with tar, then cd into the folder. After that, you ran ./configure and it didn't give you any error messages?07:44
=== buck is now known as Guest97459
zapbuzzwhat is the rule to make sudo install my graphics driver???07:48
mukaibotzapbuzz: sudo jockey-gtk07:49
mukaibotyou're welcome07:49
ryankeyThank you mukaibot07:50
mukaibotryankey: did I help you?07:50
mukaibotryankey: I thought it was zapbuzz who wanted to know!07:50
mukaibotkeep in mind that jockey-gtk will help you install the proprietary driver for you graphics card07:50
ryankeyYou helped zapbuzz, whom I was helping, and provided a much more eloquent solution. Now I know that in the future.07:51
mukaibotryankey: ah cool, I didn't see the previous chats as I only joined the channel at 18:48 :)07:51
zapbuzzi thank you both and give you cookies with milk. cheers :o)07:51
mukaibotglad we got there!07:51
osmosisi am on  11.10.  how do I install gnome3?07:52
mukaibotdoes anyone have thoughts on OpenLDAP vs other LDAP daemons?07:52
urlin2uosmosis, I was told today it default, you have a gear on the login to choose it.07:52
osmosisurlin2u, ok thx07:53
buck420i have a problem...kind of.  i have xubuntu installed on my pc... but i installed lxde, and would rather use that full time... is there anyway if uninstalling xfce and xubuntu all together?07:53
mukaibotbuck420: I probably wouldn't bother. It won't save you much disk space, and they won't conflict07:54
=== gskellig|mobile is now known as Gskellig
zapbuzzsays graphics unknown experience standard07:54
buck420oh ok.. thank you.07:54
CharminTheMooseI'm having a problem with a chroot natty install and initrd. A script that is supposed to drop me to a shell for debugging seemingly just loops constantly, but this doesn't happen when the plymouth splash screen is on.. Are the two related?07:54
urlin2ubuck420, look at playing around http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/07:54
mukaibotzapbuzz: Can you please paste the output of "lspci"07:55
buck420ok i will, thanks.07:55
zykotick9!purelxde | buck42007:55
ubottubuck420: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »07:55
urlin2ubuck420, your choice though as it is a small footprint as suggested.07:55
zapbuzz00:00.0 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge07:56
zapbuzz00:00.1 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge07:56
zapbuzz00:00.2 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge07:56
zapbuzz00:00.3 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge07:56
zapbuzz00:00.4 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge07:56
zapbuzz00:00.5 PIC: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 I/O APIC Interrupt Controller07:56
FloodBot1zapbuzz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:56
aBoundDamn spammers.07:56
coolstar-ipod!enter | zapbuzz07:56
ubottuzapbuzz: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:56
mukaibotzapbuzz: you can PM me, or paste it on pastebin07:57
buck420ok, thank you... thats what i want to do. i know it wont free up alot of diskspace, but its getting kind of clutter because ive tried a ton of diffrent WMs and DEs but thank you07:58
=== Ivoz_ is now known as Ivoz
mukaibotfor anyone following zapbuzz's graphics issue, the relevant line from lspci he PM'd me is: 18:58 <zapbuzz> 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 [Chrome 9 HC] (rev 01)07:58
frankieghi, looking for some assistance with dnat [prerouting] using ufw, any takers?07:58
mukaibotzapbuzz: is this a mini PC you're using?07:58
CharminTheMooseI'm having a problem with a chroot natty install and initrd. A script that is supposed to drop me to a shell for debugging seemingly just loops constantly making the cpu hit the roof(am running this in a VM), but this doesn't happen when the plymouth splash screen is on.. Are the two related?07:59
mukaibotzapbuzz: if you type "man openchrome", does it bring up a manual page?07:59
smegzorI'm having mouse trouble with a fresh install of a popular distro based on Ubuntu.  The reason I'm asking about it here is that it appears to be a fault common to Ubuntu.  A few reboots after doing a fresh install I can no longer mouse click.  The rest of the OS is running fine when this happens and changing the mouse (PS/2 and USB) doesn't help.  Is there anything I can do to fix this?08:00
=== tester is now known as ivanovix
pangolinsmegzor: ask in your distros support channel.08:02
smegzorI have.  There are 20 people there and Google searching told me that its a common fault so it is relevant to Ubuntu.08:02
zapbuzzyes mukaibot08:02
auronandacesmegzor: if you haven't confirmed this in ubuntu itself then we can't help you08:03
theadminauronandace: I can confirm that this problem exists in Ubuntu actually, it happens on a random basis08:03
theadminAnd seems to "fix" itself randomly too08:04
pangolinstill does not mean he can seek support in here.08:04
theadminWell, that's true08:04
MindlessDreamWireless problem. Who can help?08:04
smegzorAll I really need is an idea of what to look for, in which log or config file incase there is some setting I should be changing.08:04
zapbuzzmukaibot should i msg you the manual page?08:05
smegzorI installed the latest Ubuntu first if you must know.  I uninstalled it the same day because of Unity.08:05
MindlessDreamMy network sometimes doesn't resume from suspension and I have to restart my computer to get it working again08:05
auronandacesmegzor: you can use a different desktop if you want08:06
MindlessDreamWhy are there so many users on the right?08:06
linuxlalala* Άγνωστος διακομιστής. Μήπως το γράψατε λάθος;08:06
linuxlalala Μετάβαση στον επόμενο διακομιστή σε FreeNode...08:06
linuxlalala* Αποσυνδεθήκατε ().08:06
linuxlalala* Αναζήτηση irc.freenode.net08:06
FloodBot1linuxlalala: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:06
MindlessDreamYet no one can reply... :/08:06
theadminMindlessDream: Not everybody knows the answer, most users are usually busy or asleep actually08:06
smegzorauronandace: True, but I prefer Gnome.  Can I run that minus Unity?08:06
MindlessDreamoh okay, thought people would just log out. Damn08:07
theadminsmegzor: Sure, apt-get install gnome-shell08:07
auronandacesmegzor: gnome3 yes08:07
theadminsmegzor: Then select "GNOME" in the session menu on the login screen08:07
MindlessDreamhow do I know if I'm using gnome or unity?08:07
pp7_is there any way to install older version of nvidia driver (before 270) on 11.10?08:07
smegzorI'll give it a go and throw a virtual mouse at you when it stops accepting clicks :)08:07
theadminMindlessDream: If you have a stupid-looking huge panel on the left side of the screen, you're using Unity xD08:07
urlin2uMindlessDream, you have a panel on the keft from top to bottom?08:07
DrDigitalhow can i get java plugin on chrome?08:08
linuxlalalaHello, I use ubuntu and I want to get rid of Unity.I installed gnome-session-fallback, but the panels are locked and I can not unlock them and add or remove widgets.What should I do?08:08
theadminDrDigital: apt-get install icedtea608:08
DrDigitaland good walk threw guides?08:08
MindlessDreamYes, that is unity correct?08:08
theadminlinuxlalala: You need to Alt+Rightclick the panels with gnome3 to do such things08:08
theadminMindlessDream: Yeah08:08
urlin2uMindlessDream, yeah.08:08
MindlessDreamI know this isn't a chatting area, but why do people prefer gnome? everyone seems to hate unity08:09
linuxlalalaI do not want to use Gnome3. I want to use old,classic gnome2.08:09
theadminlinuxlalala: You can't08:09
auronandace!gnome2 | linuxlalala08:09
ubottulinuxlalala: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.08:09
theadminlinuxlalala: Gnome2 is no longer supported nor developed. Try XFCE.08:09
linuxlalalaI can not even compile it?08:09
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic08:09
urlin2ulinuxlalala, it's still on 10.0408:09
DrDigitaltheadmin, E: Unable to locate package icedtea608:10
theadminlinuxlalala: You can still use gnome2 on Mint, they continued it's development08:10
theadmin!find icedtea08:10
ubottuFound: icedtea-6-jre-cacao, icedtea-6-jre-jamvm, icedtea-netx, icedtea-plugin, icedtea-7-jre-jamvm08:10
theadminDrDigital: Bah, it's "icedtea-plugin" now08:10
CharminTheMooseI'm having a problem with a chroot natty install and initrd. A script that is supposed to drop me to a shell for debugging seemingly just loops constantly making the cpu hit the roof(am running this in a VM), but this doesn't happen when the plymouth splash screen is on.. Are the two related?08:10
linuxlalalaIs there a Mate package?08:10
theadminlinuxlalala: Not for Ubuntu sadly08:10
linuxlalalaI can not even download the debian deb?08:10
theadminlinuxlalala: Debian and Ubuntu never were compatible, so nope08:11
smegzortheadmin: Thats the distro I'm having mouse trouble on.  I'm going to try the KDE Mint first as the 1 thing that really bugs me about Ubuntu is the move to look and feel like a Mac.08:11
linuxlalalaThen, it seems that I will install CentOS or Mint.08:11
zapbuzzall i can say is my pc has a Foxconn mobo08:12
osmosisjust loaded up lxde for the first time. It didnt bring over my dual monitor config from gnome where the desktop is extended. Instead, the monitors are being mirrored now. How do I fix?08:12
theadminsmegzor: Try Xubuntu, feels like gnome2 a lot08:12
linuxlalalaOk, Ok.Just I just cant do my job in gnome3 and unity shell.08:12
theadminosmosis: You can try installing lxrandr and using that08:12
theadminlinuxlalala: Try Xubuntu, it's almost identical to gnome208:13
mukaibotzapbuzz: sorry, I went away for a bit. What was the output from "man openchrome"08:13
CharminTheMooseOr just use gnome2. I've never let the fact software is not being developed stop me from using it08:13
linuxlalalaHow big is the ISO?08:13
osmosistheadmin, lxrandr  shows both monitors and lets me change the resolution, but doesnt say anything about mirroring or not08:14
=== BullShark_ is now known as BullShark`
DrDigitaltheadmin, thanks08:15
urlin2ulinuxlalala, you can look at the downloads if you want an exact size.08:15
theadminlinuxlalala: About 700 meters like usual08:15
zapbuzzwhich section? description? config?08:16
zapbuzzi guess my pc is a mini tower pc08:20
zapbuzzwhat do i need to make my exfat usb drive work with ubuntu08:20
=== pp7_ is now known as pp7
osmosisso i looked at the login screen under the config wheel, and there is no gnome3 login option. how do I install it?08:22
cristian_cI'm using Oneiric Ocelot 11.10, I purchased an asus WL-330gE. The device shields the connection to the router, unfortunately I have to first establish a direct connection to the router, and then the computer automatically snaps to a repeater. But if the PC tries to connect to the router via the repeater, it fails08:23
cristian_cthe network manager tries to connect several times, but it fails to connect. So I updated the firmware to the latest version, from version to, but unfortunately the problem persists08:23
cristian_cWhat can I do to solve the problem?08:23
osmosishow do I change the position of the launcher tray?08:31
=== Mediarocker is now known as yes
=== yes is now known as qr44wtdf
=== qr44wtdf is now known as Mediarocker
osmosisis there a way to change the window manager so that it shows the full window when resizing, instead of just an outline?08:37
flowerpotIn Ubuntu, if I wanted to get the source of a given package, how would I/08:37
osmosisflowerpot, dpkg -S   i think08:38
flowerpotthat does a search, it looks like08:38
flowerpotlooks like I don't have source for the program i want.08:39
flowerpotosmosis, that's a useful command though.  thanks!08:39
ubottuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html08:40
pp7name me a good linux hex editor08:41
Stanley00!info ghex2 | pp708:42
ubottupp7: Package ghex2 does not exist in oneiric08:42
Stanley00!info ghex | pp708:42
ubottupp7: ghex (source: ghex): GNOME Hex editor for files. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.24.0-1 (oneiric), package size 919 kB, installed size 2856 kB08:42
`AbhijitHello. Am on ubuntu 10.04. Just installed updates for Firefox, which got me on FF 9.0.1. I want to revert back to 3.6.24. Any suggestions. Thanks08:42
pp7Stanley00, thx, installing08:43
theadmin`Abhijit: You can probably find it on releases.mozilla.org, other than that... get away from Firefox, it's evil08:43
Stanley00pp7: np :D08:43
pp7looks alot like Bless - Hex editor08:44
lightpriestI'm trying to get my wifi working on thinkpad E320 (broadcom) but it looks like it's not recognized08:44
`Abhijitthank you theadmin. what other browser would you suggest?08:44
ryankeytheadmin, why do you say it's evil? And if you are going to say that, at least recommend a different browser please?08:44
theadmin`Abhijit: I use Chromium/Chrome08:44
`Abhijitthank you08:44
theadminryankey: It's evil because it eats a ton of memory, needs constant restarting and bothers you with advertising itself whenever you start a new profile08:44
theadminBut that's just me08:44
makarahi. How can I access the web interface on my modem, sitting behind my router. It used to be but that's taken by the router now. I thought it would be the gateway address, but that isn't the case08:45
theadminmakara: You prolly can assign an IP via the router's interface. Looking at connected devices might help.08:45
pp7how do i fix this google-chrome/unity/nvidia driver bug?: http://imgur.com/vu5am08:47
theadminpp7: Does this always happen? On what pages? Which driver do you use, which Ubuntu version are you on?08:48
pp7theadmin, happen frequently when i open a new page in google chrome, nvidia 290.10, ubuntu 11.1008:48
theadminpp7: Hm I see... Have you tried alternative new tab pages? Some of them are actually awesome. Might help. If you need the standard one, well, I'd go and ask in #chromium-support08:49
pp7theadmin, what u mean alternative new tab pages?08:50
theadminpp7: That happens on chrome://newtab, right?08:50
osmosisneed to know how to resize windows in realtime without the grey (orange) shadow frame, and how to move the unity launcher to the bottom of my screen.08:50
pp7theadmin, hmm no08:50
theadminpp7: Oh, then it happens on any page?08:51
pp7theadmin, but i can't really reproduce it at will08:51
theadminpp7: I see... Meh, then I suggest going to #chromium-support, doesn't really sound like an Ubuntu issue unless... you say it only happens in Unity?08:51
pp7theadmin, usually happens when a page causes another tab to open08:51
pp7theadmin, yea never happened to be before in previous ubuntu versions08:52
theadminpp7: I see, could you install some other lightweight DE and try there? I don't see the real need to keep using Unity08:52
theadminpp7: I suggest xfce08:52
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=== evilniko is now known as niko
pp7theadmin, i prefer unity08:53
theadminpp7: mmmok, does it work in unity2d?08:53
pp7wouldn't use unity2d anyway08:54
theadminpp7: Either way, do "ubuntu-bug unity" and report it. Nothing we can really do to help08:54
theadminThat's a problem to feed to the developers08:54
theadminI personally think Unity is good but not really ready to be given to general public yet... Too much of a work-in-progress state on it, imo08:54
grubbyonehow do I change my boot options on a liveUSB?08:55
theadmingrubbyone: You can't really change anything on a liveUSB, any changes are wiped after reboot/shutdown. If you mean to change them for a single boot, then you have to hold Left Shift while GRUB is loading, then edit the kernel line like usual08:56
grubbyoneeven with persistence?08:56
theadmingrubbyone: Ah if you have persistence then you can change them the normal way (edit /etc/default/grub and then run sudo update-grub)08:56
theadmingrubbyone: Should have said that first, details are important :D08:57
grubbyonenice, didn't know where to find that08:57
theadmingrubbyone: np08:57
theadmingrubbyone: Hint: the line you're looking for is GRUB_CMDLINE_DEFAULT08:58
lightpriesthey, I'm trying to make wifi working on my laptop (broadcom chip) but it's acting weird. It's like the module is not even loaded08:58
theadmingrubbyone: Oh, yeah, that, sorry08:59
theadmingrubbyone: I'm not used to Ubuntu's style of grub config handling honestly08:59
totesmuhgoatslightpriest: do you need help loading the module?08:59
grubbyoneyeah unfortunately I still have no idea what I'm doing, long night of reading aheard09:00
lightpriesttotesmuhgoats, I actually don't know what I need help with. The module is loaded, but NetworkManager doesn't even see any wireless cards09:00
theadminlightpriest: Can you run "iwlist wlan0 scan" and see if that returns anything?09:01
totesmuhgoatsah, i don't know much about wireless09:02
lightpriesttheadmin, iwconfig doesn't show any wireless extensions. this is the weird part. it's like wifi card doesn't exist (although lspci shows it)09:02
beppe80I installed konqueror in Ubuntu 11.10: you can have it in Italian?09:02
theadminlightpriest: Meh sounds like you needzit to load the module, that's the only reason I can think of for it not appearing09:03
lightpriesttheadmin, the module is loaded (broadcom-wl/wl)09:04
lightpriesttheadmin, is there a way to load modules with debug (verbose) mode?09:04
theadminlightpriest: Ah wl... It has a strange bug -- it creates wireless interfaces as eth*, which makes networkmanager all confused. Can you "iwlist eth1 scan"?09:04
lightpriesttheadmin, all I have is lo and eth0 (which is really eth)09:05
theadminlightpriest: I see then, hm.09:05
ntr0pyCan i somehow disable/alter subpixel rendering in firefox 10? I have a BGR (not RGB) screen and fonts look very ugly.09:05
lightpriesttheadmin, I'm gonna try brcm80211 (not the wl ones)09:05
pk__sometime back i set the grub screen time to 0 ..Now my comuter wont show grub screen..i have forgotton the password and now i am trying to reset the password through single user mode but dont know how to boot it in single user mode without having the grub screen..please hrlp09:06
theadminlightpriest: Can you do the following?: sudo rmmod b43 && sudo rmmod ssb && sudo rmmod wl && sudo modprobe wl09:06
osmosishow do set ubuntu to resize the windows immediately instead of only resizing an outline09:06
theadminlightpriest: b43 and ssb conflict with wl sometimes09:06
osmosishow do I move the app launcher to the bottom of my screen!?09:06
theadminosmosis: ccsm can do the second one and likely the first one too09:06
lightpriesttheadmin, all these (b43, ssb, etc.) are blacklisted and not loaded09:07
lightpriesttheadmin, I'll try the other OS driver09:07
theadminlightpriest: Ok... well, you may need to also modprobe lib80211 in case it doesn't automatically load when wl does09:08
arunkumar413hi, i want to install android on my ubuntu 11.10. I've downloaded the android sdk and installed the sdk. Now i want to configure both of these to start developing android apps. Please help me how to configure09:08
makaratheadmin: its a linksys E3000 with DD-WRT. I don't see any setting for 'attached devices'09:09
arunkumar413sorry. * installed the eclipse09:09
theadminmakara: dd-wrt? I haz that too, just a sec, I'll look where it was. I'm *sure* it has that09:09
=== theadmin|2 is now known as theadmin
theadminmakara: - here you can find a list of all currently connected clients, you can probably figure out which is what09:11
osmosistheadmin, good enough09:11
ntr0pyCan i somehow use the system-cairo library with firefox?09:12
ryankeyntr0py, All I can find is to open firefox from the command line with --enable-cairo09:18
ryankeyMaybe that helps?09:18
almoxarife!info googlizer09:19
ubottugooglizer (source: googlizer): utility to search Google via your GNOME menu/panel. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3-3ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 8 kB, installed size 96 kB09:19
cJetherhello everybody09:20
cJetherI am a beijing man09:21
cJetherI am seeing the film The Social Network09:22
cJetherIt's wonderful09:22
ntr0pyryankey: Thanks, i also tried --enable-system-cairo, but unfortunately FF seems to be the only app which would not respect the gnome systemwide settings for font smoothing, so its unusable for me atm and i am forced to use chrome...09:22
cJetherchrome is good , i think09:22
llutz+suuport+ cJether09:23
llutzcJether: this is support-chan, pls join #ubuntu-offtopic09:23
* almoxarife has been forced to use chromium now for years09:23
ntr0pycJether: it is, but for some scenarios the good old standard ff is still better09:24
almoxarifecJether: or for real fun join ##politics09:24
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ntr0pychrome has massive problems with flash for example09:25
almoxarifentr0py: not so09:25
crizzylike what problems?09:25
almoxarifentr0py: i would go so far as to say, 'not at all'09:25
cJetherAsk a simple question09:26
cJetherWhich IRC Software do you use09:26
the^userhelther skelter ircsoftware09:26
ntr0pyit uses native gtk windows for flash, sometimes i have to reload 3 times to get youtube running and context menu would not me usable aside scrolling inside flash dont propagate to chromium09:27
almoxarifecJether: quassel here, but the options are enormous09:27
ntr0pynone of these problems arise in ff09:27
cJethersorry i'm chinese but i cannot follow you09:27
__Alex_Flash works great in Iceweasel, i report09:28
scienteshow do i install ubuntu arm in qemu-arm ?09:28
cJetherdon't know09:28
scientesi.e. where is the approiate cd image?09:28
ntr0pyi just want my ff usable09:28
cJetherwhich gui do you like better,gnome or kde?09:28
scientesinstead of these board-specific tar.gzs09:28
almoxarifecJether: dont answer questions with a 'dont know'09:28
__Alex_scientes: Metalx1000 made a Video tutorial to install debian on qemu-arm, but ubuntu should be the same09:29
almoxarifentr0py: i have found chromium to be that usable FF we cant speak of09:29
__Alex_scientes: There is no CD image, you have to load the kernel and the Initrd09:29
scientes__Alex_, ok, i know how to do that09:30
scienteswhere is the ubuntu installer download?09:30
scientesin fact, i've done that before, a few years ago09:30
ntr0pyalmoxarife, i DO use chromium most of the time, but on flash sites its just too buggy for me, so i would like ff (which runs fine except for the ugly fonts) to be usable as well.09:31
__Alex_scientes: People at #ubuntu-arm sould help you09:31
almoxarifentr0py: that FF sounds buggy09:32
almoxarifentr0py: ok, is the font issue specific to FF only?09:33
shovella few years ago i had used a remote admin progrem and it had *box or something like that for a name09:33
almoxarifentr0py: would you humor me and pass me the link to a site where the 'flash' is buggy in chrome/ium?09:35
almoxarifeshovell: virtual(box)?09:36
cJetherOracle Virtual Box?09:36
shovellhmm no i am thinking it was ebox09:36
cJetherwhat's ebox09:36
almoxarifecJether: yes09:36
cJetherI have used Virtual Box, Virtual PC, and VmWare09:37
cJetherAll of Three Virtual Machines.09:37
ntr0pyalmoxarife: yes its only ff which seems to be bundled with its own (buggy) version of cairo, and youtube.com has the problems with flash in chromium09:37
__Alex_cJether: You forgot qEmu09:38
cJetherwhat's thar09:38
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
__Alex_Virtual Machine09:38
__Alex_The one Virtualbox is based on09:39
cJetherwhole name of qemu?09:39
rrsMy pbuilder doesn't seem to be honoring the APTCACHE value. Anyone can help?09:39
overclucker!info qemu09:39
ubottuqemu (source: qemu-kvm): dummy transitional package from qemu to qemu-kvm. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.14.1+noroms-0ubuntu6.2 (oneiric), package size 2 kB, installed size 48 kB09:39
cJether!info qemu09:39
overcluckerstrange, i thought qemu-kvm was the package name for kqemu09:41
cJetheri am trying qemu09:41
almoxariferrs: tried asking the #apache guys/gals?09:41
cJetherqemu for windows?09:42
almoxarife!info windows09:42
ubottuPackage windows does not exist in oneiric09:42
almoxarifecJether: nope, wont work in ubuntu09:42
overcluckerqemu can be a bit slow. if your cpu supports kvm it's worth getting the qemu-kvm package, and running qemu with --enable-kvm09:43
cJethercan i use qemu in windows?09:43
icerooti have to shells open, both have LANG=de_DE.UTF-8, in the first shell i type "LANG=us_US.UTF-8" then i closed this shell, the second shell is giving "echo $LANG with de_DE.UTF-8" but now the programs there use english. i dont get why this second shell (never saw the us.US.UTF-8" is now using english09:43
__Alex_cJether: http://homepage3.nifty.com/takeda-toshiya/09:43
__Alex_Wait no, wrong link09:44
icerootsorry wrong channel, should be go to #bash09:44
overcluckernotsure how well vista7 does on it09:44
scarleoIs there a way to have Nautilus NOT shut down whenever I close a remote connection? I want it to fall back to home folder09:44
cJetheris it a video game09:45
almoxarifescarleo: you started nautilus in a ssh session?09:45
imgx64I reported a bug in Banshee two months ago (https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=665356 ), but no one has responded. Can someone please confirm it or at least give me a workaround for the problem?09:46
ubottuGnome bug 665356 in general "Playing a "Music" track makes "Videos" playback stop moving to the next video" [Normal,Unconfirmed]09:46
scarleoalmoxarife, no, but I have a ssh connection open, displaying the folders and then unmounting that ssh and nautilus closes09:46
scarleoalmoxarife, I expect it to fall back to something, not close09:47
almoxarifescarleo: nautilus is opened within the ssh session? otherwise why would it close?09:47
theadminalmoxarife: (s)he's using an sftp:// connection from Nautilus, which makes a pseudo-"device" appear in the left bar. If you unmount that device with the folder being currently open, nautilus will close itself09:49
theadmin(which is a sane behaviour, in my opinion)09:49
scarleotheadmin, sane? :) I still need nautilus, just not the ssh/sftp session09:50
scarleoit's annoying09:50
imgx64I find Nautilus inconsistent about that. When I unmount/eject a drive I'm currenlty in, it sometimes goes to the home folder and sometimes closes.09:50
theadminscarleo: Yeah, well, uh... Click "Home" in the left bar *before* unmounting?09:50
almoxarifescarleo: never mind, one way to keep nautilus from closing yet being able to access remote via sftp is to install 'gigolo' and set it up to keep the session open and avail to navigate at .gvfs, worked for me09:51
scarleotheadmin, like imgx64 says, it behaves different different times. Sometimes it even closes when I'm in home and closes a ssh session09:51
scarleoand sometimes it falls back to home when I'm displaying the ssh session09:51
theadminscarleo: Huh... Well, I don't use nautilus myself so I dunno. Weird behaviour indeed09:52
almoxarifescarleo: purge nautilus and re-install, freshen it up09:52
scarleoalmoxarife, yeah, I'll try that09:53
almoxarifescarleo: and look at your syslog for anything obvious09:53
cJetheri have downloaded qemu09:54
cJetherbut i don't know how to use09:54
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:54
scarleoalmoxarife, gonna try it in my 12.04 install if it's the same there, thanks09:54
cJetheris there a manual in chinese09:54
almoxarifescarleo: the issues may also be related to 12.0409:55
scarleoalmoxarife, I'm not in 12.04 now, I have it on another partition09:55
almoxarifecJether: cant read chinese, would not know09:55
overcluckercJether: qemu configures everything from the command line09:56
theadmincJether: Might want to try virtualbox, it has a much more obvious interface09:58
almoxarifecJether: did you know that your ident(a link) comes up as a source of malware according to google?? yeah i looked, and you have lost your luster10:00
cJetherqemu is hard for me10:02
quietonecan anyone show how to file a bug report, about wiki.ubuntu.com? the help refers to apport, which I don't have as I don't use ubuntu anymore10:04
SteMHi, i've upgrated to 11.10 and i've lost the bookmarks on Firefox, any idea?10:05
theadminquietone: Add it manually to the Ubuntu project on LP10:05
cJethermy qemu is for windows10:05
quietonetheadmin, please provide a link, I am just going in circles10:06
theadminquietone: http://launchpad.net/ubuntu10:07
quietonetheadmin, thx. But I still don't see what to do.10:09
theadminquietone: There is a "report a bug" on the right10:09
quietonetheadmin, yes, it sends me to a help page that is designed for ubuntu users10:10
theadminquietone: Just a second, please10:10
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
theadminquietone: bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/PACKAGENAME/+filebug?no-redirect -- use a URL like that10:11
rrsalmoxarife: What does it have to do with apache?10:12
SilentDrgnWhat do you all think of the System76 laptops?10:13
bazhangSilentDrgn, they come with ubuntu10:13
quietonetheadmin, tried that too. what would be the packagename for wiki.ubuntu.com?10:13
ajahi recently updated my ubuntu when i move the cursor it prompts me back to log in screen10:13
SilentDrgnI figured that part out.10:13
theadminquietone: Err... A bug on the wiki? That doesn't really make sense actually10:13
bazhangSilentDrgn, need support? or just wish to chat10:14
SilentDrgnI am looking at an Asus and the System76 Pangolin10:14
quietonetheadmin, yes the wiki has a bug. I receive notifications for a page that I am not subscribed to. I10:14
SilentDrgnTrying to decide which route I should go. I can save money on the Asus and I like the battery life and specs are pretty nice. Is the System76 that much better with his direct support of Ubuntu?10:15
=== root____ is now known as rere
Gentoo64SilentDrgn, theyre not special in terms of saving money10:15
rereGentoo64: hey10:15
quietonetheadmin, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=89178be0fadd9186e99d5477a5c91fae&t=188578510:16
SilentDrgnIs Ubuntu pretty good with new laptops? Still new to Ubuntu.10:16
theadminquietone: Report here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website10:17
Gentoo64SilentDrgn, it should be10:17
Gentoo64SilentDrgn, im not too up on laptops though10:17
SilentDrgnBattery life is a big deal for me. Getting 4+ with my current laptop. Like to get at least the same.10:17
SilentDrgnIts all good. Any info is great.10:17
AndroUser2Hi all10:19
SteManyone had problems with the bookmark on Firefox on 11.10 ?10:20
gundyanyone know of a good channel to get brctl support?10:21
=== AndroUser2 is now known as Chuxxsss
gugurangAnyone knows if Ubuntu has a support already for nVidia Optimus technology? I'm using Acer 4750G and when I activated both video cards (Intel & nVidia) my 11.04 would not switch properly10:22
arunkumar413any one know how to install android sdk on ubuntu10:23
icerootgugurang: 12.04 should have it as it was introduced into linux-3.210:23
iceroot!ops | CanolaOil (pm spam)10:24
ubottuCanolaOil (pm spam): Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!10:24
SteMarunkumar413: you havo to download the Linux package from android site10:24
gugurangiceroot: thanks for the info...10:24
CanolaOiloh stop your fucking lying iceroot10:25
icerootgugurang: its disabled in earlier versions because there is a memory-leak in the driver10:25
icerootCanolaOil: thanks for making the kick easier10:25
bazhangCanolaOil, thats not acceptable here. please stop now10:25
CanolaOilwhat isn't acceptable?10:25
CanolaOilthat iceroot is lying through his teeth?10:25
bazhangCanolaOil, number one, your language10:25
arunkumar413SteM: i downloaded the sdk and installed the eclipse. but i'm getting an error while installing adt plugin10:25
theadminCanolaOil: iceroot is a well-known and respected helper here, unlike you who I see for the first time. Who are we supposed to beleive more?10:26
SteMarunkumar413: which error?10:26
SteMarunkumar413: which eclipse?10:26
CanolaOilhe is my exboyfriend with a vendetta10:26
varikonniemihello, i am wondering why disk utility says my second hard drive is not big enough to expand my raid array, when it is exactly to the byte same size as my first hard disk?10:26
almoxarifeoh dear10:26
iceroottheadmin: bazhang thx10:27
zsolthi there!got a dns problem.i can test with host,dig,nslookup www.domain but if try to ping returns unknown host10:27
bazhangCanolaOil, thats the last warning. stay on topic10:27
zsoltseems that bind9 configured well10:27
icerootbazhang: just do it (dont want to paste the whole pm here) also i cant message you10:28
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
almoxarifei cant see what it is that this CanolaOil did on channel, ????, just me?10:28
almoxarifeprior to the mouthing10:28
icerootbazhang: almoxarife http://pastebin.com/FjsvtnCL10:29
almoxarifeiceroot: that a private conversation?10:30
icerootalmoxarife: yes10:30
llutziceroot: i'd suggest http://scripts.irssi.org/html/whitelist.pl.html10:30
icerootalmoxarife: pm spam10:30
CanolaOilwas a conversation about our relationship10:31
almoxarifeiceroot: may i suggest the ignore function?10:31
bazhanglets get back to ubuntu support please10:31
icerootalmoxarife: i prefer /kick over /ignore10:31
theadminzsolt: Certain domains may block pings10:31
theadminiceroot: /kick doesn't stop a person from pming you actually.10:31
icerootllutz: i dont think its a good idea because i am also using icq over irc/irssi10:31
llutztheadmin: those won't returen " unknown host"10:32
iceroottheadmin: but protection others here10:32
varikonniemilol, i did sudo mdadm /dev/md0 --add /dev/sda and it worked10:32
varikonniemiso something in disk utility is broken10:32
zsoltlooks like the dns resolution not works outside my virtual machine10:32
almoxarifeiceroot: i would suggest you use a filter akin to pidgins allow pm, if not on the list no pm-chat, cause otherwise every loon in the world will be wanting a chat10:33
icerootalmoxarife: i will have a look at that topic10:34
alejandroOne question, what are the options in fstab for a SSD?10:34
almoxarifeiceroot: i have yet to figure out the same filter option in quassel, too bad for so far10:35
=== Wordpad is now known as Guest77687
llutzalejandro: "discard" but be warned, if you delete something you definetly won't get it back10:35
zsoltany suggestions?this is a strange problem,and can't use mail system,because dns resolution not works10:35
icerootzsolt: what does your dns-setup looks like?10:35
icerootzsolt: local dns server?10:36
icerootzsolt: you are hosting a own domain just with your dns?10:36
icerootzsolt: and want to send public mails with that?10:36
zsoltit is a local network10:36
icerootzsolt: please give as a short and usefull overview about your setup10:37
zsoltdns IN A
zsoltmail IN A
zsolttest. IN MX 10 mail.test.local10:39
Stavahow does mini carrots work?10:39
bazhangStava, pardon?10:39
Stavababy carrots10:39
zsolteverything is fine inside,but if i try to use it outside my vm there are errors like host not found10:39
Stavahow do they work10:40
bazhangStava, what does that have to do with ubuntu support10:40
theadminStava: Same way as magnets. Nothing to discuss in #ubuntu though10:40
Stavabazhang: apparently im in the wrong channel10:40
Gabieverytime i try to do something in terminal like : ./install or anything else it says : bash: ./install: command not found10:42
Gabihow can i fix it10:42
icerootGabi: you cant fix it10:42
theadminGabi: Is "install" marked executable? Is it really not a typo?10:42
icerootGabi: ./install means to execute a file called install10:42
quietonetheadmin, thanks I had a go. When I clicked 'submit' I got a new page "Not allowed here. you don't have permission...." So, I am not sure it worked.10:42
Gabiyes guys , i cannot execute10:42
icerootGabi: ah yes check if it is executable (or if the file exists)10:42
icerootGabi: chmod +x install10:43
Gabithe file exits and is executable i think my ubuntu is messedup10:44
llutzGabi: "ls -l install"10:44
bazhangGabi, install what exactly10:44
bazhangGabi, and how often have you been going outside package management10:44
theadminGabi: I would like to point out that "install", "Install", "InStAlL" and "INSTALL" are all *different* names. Linux is case-sensetive. You understand that?10:46
chroothi, how to uninstall nautilus in ubuntu 11.10?10:46
theadminchroot: err should come preinstalled10:46
theadminchroot: But if you removed it, then just apt-get install nautilus like usual10:46
chroottheadmin, my  file manager dosen't work well, so i want to remove it and better be clean?10:47
chrootcan you do this ?10:47
chrootinstall dosen't work.10:47
theadminchroot: wut? That didn't make any sense10:47
Gabibazhang i didnt too often10:48
Gabihow can i update ?10:48
bazhangGabi, and install what exactly? whats your version of ubuntu as well10:48
chrootwhat, everytime when i open the file manager, the nautilus consume %100 cpu , it is really sick.10:48
GabiUbuntu 10.04.310:48
chrootso i want to uninstall nautilus.10:48
Gabi LTS \n \l10:49
theadminchroot: Well try to install another file manager then. Some suggestions are spacefm, thunar, pcmanfm, mc10:49
theadminchroot: sudo apt-get install your_prefered_filemanager && sudo apt-get purge nautilus10:49
bazhangGabi, and this instance, what are you trying to install10:49
chroottheadmin, and which file manager is better in your idea except the nautilus?10:50
theadminchroot: I use thunar myself10:50
chrootand  is thunnar works well in ubuntu?10:50
theadminchroot: Sure.10:50
chrootok, i will install it.10:51
chrootand theadmin what kind of ubuntu are you using?10:51
theadminchroot: I'm not an Ubuntu user at all, I use Arch.10:52
Digital_Lemonhow can i change my timezone for one user only?10:52
bazhangGabi, what are you trying to install in this instance10:52
theadminDigital_Lemon: You can try setting the TZ environment variable on user login10:52
chroottheadmin,  i got a little confused about a question?10:52
theadminchroot: Huh?10:52
Digital_Lemonwhere is that set...?10:53
theadminDigital_Lemon: Anywhere you prefer, just make sure it gets processed on user login10:53
chrooti want  learn the Linux operating system, such as kernel, but ubuntu restrict people to do that.10:53
theadminchroot: Oh do they? I guess you are correct, but if you don't like Ubuntu, why not switch?10:54
chrootthis is the poblem10:54
DragonSlaywhy isn't truecrpt not added to package manger?10:55
chrooti dont know Arch is better than other10:55
theadminDragonSlay: The license forbids it10:55
chroottheadmin, can you tell me what the advantages Arch have than other Linux ditro?10:55
theadminchroot: Heh well, this channel is for Ubuntu support only. If you want to continue this discussion, you're gonna have to PM me10:56
chroothaha, yes, this is it110:56
chrooti will google.10:56
chrootthanks anyway110:56
DragonSlaytheadmin: so thats not gpl then, but still open source10:58
theadminDragonSlay: Yeah I think they have some weird license of their own. The thing is, the only valid way of distributing TrueCrypt is via their website. That's for security reasons, since outdated versions might have critical bugs and such10:58
DragonSlaywhat's that line saying theadmin theborger,,,,,, ?10:59
DragonSlaydid you post that theadmin?11:00
quietoneI've submitted a bug report but it doesn't show up in the 'new' list. Is that normal?11:01
icerootDragonSlay: theadmin its not added to the repos because of legal issues in some countries (imo)11:01
theadminiceroot: Ah11:01
alejandrofstab option, btrfs defaults, noatime, discard,ssd, right?11:01
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rrsAny pbuilder experts that can help me with this problem: http://pastebin.com/vJPjGK2V ???11:04
theadminrrs: We don't support Debian.11:07
rrstheadmin: This is on Ubuntu 12.0411:07
theadminrrs: orly? Then why is your apt-get connecting to ftp.debian.org and seeks packages in sid/main?11:08
theadminrrs: Actually, Ubuntu 12.04 is not supported here either... You need to go to #ubuntu+1 for that.11:08
rrsOkay!! Thanks.11:08
biopytehi, this is rather unusal: is there a trick or ubuntu package that rotates output on a xterm? so,  instead from left to right, output is from bottom to top.11:09
bonhoefferhow do i get restart whatever ssh-add belongs to11:10
bonhoefferi can't remove a key . . .11:10
bonhoefferi guess it is openssh11:13
bonhoefferthat i need to restart11:13
biopyteor ... is there a way to rotate a single window, but not the whole screen?11:14
digitalcrowhello i need help !11:15
quietonetheadmin, thanks for your assistance11:15
digitalcrowHelp , ubuntu 11.10 64bit , I can't shutdown or restart my pc anymore !11:15
houdini_Hello, can someone help me connect from a ubuntu machine to a freenas share folder?11:16
Promilledigitalcrow: can you be more specific? any error messages?11:16
houdini_I am using a ubuntu machine and i want to access files on another machine on my network. I can not see the machine in Places. How do I set it up so that the files on the other machine are accessable11:17
Promillehoudini_: I assume the other pcs are window pc's?11:20
Promille!samba | houdini_11:21
ubottuhoudini_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.11:21
houdini_No it is FreeNas server. I can access the folder I want from other windows machines. I am trying to do the same from my ubuntu machine.11:21
Promillehoudini_: ah ok, sorry.11:21
digitalcrowHelp , ubuntu 11.10 64bit , I can't shutdown or restart my pc anymore !11:22
voozedigitalcrow: sudo reboot?11:22
digitalcrownothing works11:22
digitalcrowi just tried to pass reboot=bios setting to grub11:23
Promillehoudini_: Maby this will help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1682767 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28047311:23
digitalcrowdo you know what is going on?11:23
Promilledigitalcrow: open a terminal(alt+f2 + gnome-terminal) -> write sudo shutdown "now"11:26
Promilledigitalcrow: what happens then?11:26
Promilledigitalcrow: or sudo shutdown -r "now" ...11:26
Promilleguess it worked..11:28
digitalcrowfrom terminal only11:29
VividRealityWorkIs it possible to use Kernel 2.6 drivers in Kernel 3.0?11:29
=== ryan__ is now known as ryankey
digitalcrowi dont know whats going on11:30
digitalcrowcan't shutdown my pc11:31
digitalcrowor restart from the menu or lightdm11:31
Promilledigitalcrow: error messages?11:31
Promilledigitalcrow: and it did work from terminal?11:31
digitalcrowit doesn't shutdown at all11:32
digitalcrowit can reboot from terminal11:32
Stanley00digitalcrow: me too, cant shutdown the graphical way, I just can only use command line11:32
digitalcrowi was able to shutdown and reboot from graphical environment11:33
digitalcrowfor a long time11:33
Promilledigitalcrow: Stanley00 : What happens when you try then? Be as specific as possible. "It doesnt work" dont give guys alot to work with :)11:33
houdini_It was Nautilus that I needed to install. All ok now. Thank you11:33
Stanley00Promille: I dont know, it shows nothing :(11:33
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
digitalcrowfrom graphical environment it brings the lightdm screen and thats all11:33
digitalcrowfrom terminal its seems like it shutting down but then stucks11:34
Stanley00Promille: but you can ignore me, i'm using 12.04, just help digitalcrow ;)11:34
Promilledigitalcrow: So you were not able to successfully restart from the terminal either?11:34
Promilledigitalcrow: If so, any error messages from terminal?11:34
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
digitalcrowi can restart the pc form terminal11:35
Promilledigitalcrow: I suggest you make a thread about it at examply ubuntuforums.org, and include as much details at possible, but from the GUI-way and sudo shutdown -r "now" from terminal11:36
Promilledigitalcrow: Ok. It may be a bug with the GUI-way, or not all the killsignals are sent, so the OS waits till it gets all "OKs". Make a forum thread11:37
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frybyehi - hwinfo is showing 2.7gb Memory while afaik I have 3gb installed.. does it no show memory shared with grafics or something?11:40
CuliforgeIs it possible to copy installed programs from on install to another with rsync? Both installs are on the same system with the same 10.04. I've already rsync'd the home directory. Or is there a better way to accomplish this?11:41
gartralfrybye: you're coorect to a point, the system will reserve a chunk of memory at start for various things..11:41
frybyegartral - and that reserved memory is now shown in the hwinfo report?11:41
jribCuliforge: just use apt on the other system to install what you want.  Or do you want to install all the same programs you've already installed on one system?11:41
gartralfrybye: It might not be, as hwinfo only reports what's accessable in userspace.11:42
Culiforgejrib: the latter, I'm merely cloning a user and looking for ease of doing so11:42
frybyee e e sorry now - was a typo was meant to be -not- ok then we are on the same page.. ;=)11:42
jrib!clone | Culiforge11:42
ubottuCuliforge: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate11:42
gartraljrib: I have a challenge for. If I want too remove all -dev packages from a system, what regex string would i use? *\-dev isn't doing it..11:44
Culiforgejrib: would that command be used on the source install or the destination install?11:45
llutzgartral: aptitude remove '~n-dev' ;)11:45
jribCuliforge: there's a command you use to generate the list (on the source) and a command to install the list (on the target)11:45
swebany ppa for last stable version of mysql ?11:45
jribgartral: .* for regex11:46
Culiforgejrib: right, there in lies the problem... the source install is not bootable11:46
jribCuliforge: why?11:46
overcluckerIs it even safe to remove all -dev packages?11:47
orated_Hello! What does hdXy and sdXy represent? How does installer name it and on what basis?11:47
Culiforgejrib: installed an nvidia 8400gs and during the reboot to activate driver it borked something and made that install unbootable.. anything I've tried (searching forums, advice here, etc has been a dead end)11:47
Stanley00orated_: hd is for IDE hard disk, and sd is for hard disk with SCSI, I think11:47
jribCuliforge: you can't get to recovery mode using the grub menu?11:48
Culiforgejrib: nope, no command line joy at all11:48
gartraljrib: AH.. ok thank you, now i know exactly how much space my dev packages are taking up.. 500 mb11:48
jribCuliforge: what happens exactly when you select rocevory mode?11:48
Culiforgejrib: same as with normal.. I get the "big ugly bootsplash" and it hangs with a "please wait, loading..." message11:49
jribCuliforge: boot a live cd and chroot to the install then11:49
orated_Ok thanks Stanley0011:50
Culiforgejrib: I think i'm a bit green for that unless you're willing to help :)11:50
Stanley00orated_: you are welcome ;)11:50
jrib!chroot | Culiforge11:50
ubottuCuliforge: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot11:50
jribCuliforge: you're able to boot a live cd?11:51
Culiforgejrib: yes, I am11:51
Kartagishi. my sound applet has disappeared. help me?11:51
jribCuliforge: once you boot the live cd, just open a shell and type: sudo chroot /path/to/where/your/install/root/is/mounted11:51
ryankeyKartagis, 11.10?11:52
Culiforgejrib: what would be a general example of what "/path/to/where/your/install/root/is/mounted" looks like... name-wise11:52
jribCuliforge: /media/whatever11:53
BigWillcomment aller sur le tchat français ?11:53
Kartagisryankey: yes11:53
jrib!fr | BigWill11:53
ubottuBigWill: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:53
overcluckeraptitude search '~i~M-dev' show there being a more than a few automaaticall installed -dev packages11:53
Culiforgejrib: ah, so the mount point of the live media? or deeper11:53
jribCuliforge: the mount point of your install11:54
jribCuliforge: where your / for the install is mounted when you boot up the live cd11:54
bytesofbinaryhow do I edit the boot menu in ubuntu? Can anyone tell me which file I need to edit?11:54
jrib!grub | bytesofbinary11:54
ubottubytesofbinary: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:54
Culiforgejrib: ok, great.. I'll run with that.. and be back when I get lost :)11:54
Culiforgejrib: thank you11:55
qwertz1111my ubuntu sits at 100% cpu load and warms!11:56
ryankeyKartagis, did you do anything before it disappeared?11:57
Kartagisryankey: if I remember correctly, my sound had gone too and I changed hardware options in the sound properties to get it back11:59
varun06I have installed marlin file explorer, it is not working, I am getting error for libunity.so.612:00
bswhat is the best mp4 player12:00
ryankeyHmmm... if it's just the unity panel messing up, you can try reinstalling indicator-sound using apt-get (purge and then install), then killall unity-panel-service12:00
r3d0ctob3rbs banshee is good12:00
namoamitabuddhaIs there anyone know why when I first start up my PC, the network cannot be used.12:00
bsr3d0ctob3r, i dont like it12:01
r3d0ctob3rnamoamitabuddha what's going on when you type "ifconfig" ?12:01
vtoHello, how can i make a image of a running ubuntu (using lvm2) that could be use to be executed in a virtual machine software like vmware?12:01
namoamitabuddhar3d0ctob3r: The network is connected, but I cannot browse the internet.12:01
r3d0ctob3rping google.fr ?12:02
dragonballzciao a tutti12:02
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:02
r3d0ctob3rbs >> do you want a iTunes like ?12:03
namoamitabuddhar3d0ctob3r: cannot. the problem happens only I first startup the computer. the problem might be solved after rebooting.12:03
qwertz1111is thwew  A WAy to reduce memiru cconsumption on Ubunru??12:03
gartralI'm beginning too think that the devs that sign up for the humble bundle don't test games at all12:03
gartralqwertz1111: ouch...12:03
r3d0ctob3rIt's strange. How often it happen ? Every day ?12:03
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bsr3d0ctob3r, i want some thing lite like winamp or something like that12:05
namoamitabuddhar3d0ctob3r: I don't know exactly. But It often happens. And it might also happen after resuming from suspend (I seldom suspend the pc, but it happened once).12:05
gartralbs: what? you want something like winamp? like the milkdrop visuals?12:05
bsr3d0ctob3r, yes12:06
r3d0ctob3rok bs12:07
r3d0ctob3rfrench website, but you'll recognize ;)12:07
bsr3d0ctob3r, by the way do you have any clue how to run paltalk 10 on ubuntu 11.1012:08
r3d0ctob3rThe first sentence says that "these sofware seems to be like the old-winamp. They are supposed to listen to musics, not to manage your music like you do on itunes12:08
r3d0ctob3rbs i dont know this software, did you ask google ?12:09
bsr3d0ctob3r, yes but it talk about old versions12:09
r3d0ctob3rI dont know how is the current version of winamp12:09
r3d0ctob3relse, maybe you can try Amarok ? sudo apt-get install amarok12:10
qwertz1111how to reduce memory consumption in ubuntu?12:10
qwertz1111how ro hold a pckage in ubuntu?12:10
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: aptitude hold12:10
r3d0ctob3rnamomitabuddha yes i am. I dunno why it happens. Are you link with your modem/livebox by ethernet or wifi ?12:10
zykotick9bs: audacious is like winamp12:11
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto12:11
Culiforgejrib: one more thing before I plunge into the darkness, once I chroot to the install media.. what's my course of action?12:11
bszykotick9, ok thanks12:11
r3d0ctob3rNext time it happens, try "dhclient", it allows your computer to ask your livebox to get an IP (192.168.0.*)12:11
qwertz1111i hae no PTUTUDE12:11
namoamitabuddhar3d0ctob3r: wifi12:11
namoamitabuddhar3d0ctob3r: wicd is a frontend of dhcpcd or dhclient.12:12
qwertz1111how to hold package manually?12:12
r3d0ctob3rDid you ever try wicd ?12:13
namoamitabuddhar3d0ctob3r: It is stranger that when I reconnect the links by wicd, it can work for some seconds but eventually it cannot work.12:13
mongyanyone good with openvpn?  I have it installed and setup, iptables setup for forwarding etc, it connects, gets an ip, can ping vpn server, can ping and www.google.com but cant get firefox to load up any page.12:13
qwertz1111how to hold package manually?12:13
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: Read Debian-Reference12:14
qwertz1111read what?12:14
theadminqwertz1111: echo "packagename hold" | sudo dpkg --set-selections12:14
r3d0ctob3rI suppose when you suspended ya PC the start it, your PC doesnt launch some services used for wifi12:14
zykotick9!pin | qwertz111112:14
ubottuqwertz1111: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto12:14
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-reference/ch02.en.html12:15
gothikon85hi guys12:16
qwertz1111oh lol it worked12:16
gothikon85I need a hint please about a mounted drive that is reported as full....but it isn't ... I'm using that drive as a destination for automated backups in a network12:17
gothikon85did anyone had this issue before ?12:17
bsthunderbird download the whole message from my hotmail and that take long time how can i configure it to just download the message i want to open..and why it make my old messages as unread12:18
gothikon85df shows 100% used disk space.... how can it be.... I've deleted a bunch of stuff from the drive, rebooted the server...and still disk full12:18
qwertz1111bs it's not c..pzilla support channel12:18
zykotick9gothikon85: check if the inodes or full "df -i"12:18
namoamitabuddhaIMAP or POP3?12:18
icerootgothikon85: trash?12:18
icerootgothikon85: when deleting through a gui it goes into trash12:18
namoamitabuddhagothikon85: what filesystem?12:19
qwertz1111how to reduce ubuntu mmemory consumption12:19
gothikon85zykotick9: Hi, df -i reports 1% used inods on all present drives12:19
bsqwertz1111, what is the right channel12:19
icerootqwertz1111: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/12:19
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gothikon85iceroot: I'm not using X....only CLI....12:19
namoamitabuddhagothikon85: which filesystem?12:20
gothikon85namoamitabudha: guys... sorry about this.... I've just realise this isn't ubuntu....is cent os kernel 2.6.18 (I think 5.x)12:22
gothikon85I'll go on centos channel, sorry about this and thank you12:22
dr_willisgothikon85:  well the fundamentals should still apply.  ;)12:22
theadmindr_willis: Doesn't mean we can support that OS here.12:22
namoamitabuddhagothikon85: Only ubuntu has the problem?12:22
dr_willisgothikon85:  use some find/script to deterine whats taking up all the space. I was about to google one for ya12:22
=== Guest27165 is now known as dafox
araknohallo pple: how can i resize desktop grid for icons so that icons get placed on half screen..?12:23
gothikon85dr_willis: well should be the same concept...but also the channel policy .... you know.... + yes I did search the google....and got stucked....that's why I've installed pidging and enter the chan....12:24
qwertz1111i can run destop but it in several minutes dies at 100% cpu12:24
dafoxsorry, got disconnected (poor wireless). Did I miss anyone's reply to my question about font rendering?12:24
qwertz1111how to fix it\12:24
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: It might be a kernel bug.12:24
gothikon85hmm....centos channel .... can't send my text to channel..... I have to register.... pffff....this is a new one12:25
qwertz1111and ubuntu reaLLY sucks at multitasking12:25
dr_willisqwertz1111:  it multitasks just as good as any other disrto.12:25
qwertz1111when this happens i have to maake hard reset12:25
qwertz1111because no keys work at time12:25
dr_willissystem crashing is a crashing system..12:25
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: SysRq works12:25
dr_willisYou could ssh in from another box and try to determine whats sucking down the system12:25
qwertz1111i don\t know how to press sysrq12:26
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: Alt + PrtSc12:26
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap12:26
Kartagisryankey: well? any word for me?12:26
dr_willisalt-ctrl-sysreq-SOMTHING can help get out of hung systems also.. but i forget the magic key combos12:26
dr_willisalt-ctrl-f# normally gets to the consoles.12:27
qwertz1111you mean alt-ctrl-fn-del?12:27
namoamitabuddhadr_willis: C-A-Backspace is normally canceled by the new version of Xorg.12:27
dr_willisqwertz1111:  never needed the del key..12:27
bullgard4[Ubuntu 11.10] Audacity: Clicking  Welcome at Audacity > How to Get Help > Quick Help does not produce any reaction. How to install »Quick Help« locally?12:27
Kartagisdr_willis: I lost my sound applet. can you help me get it back?12:27
dr_willisnamoamitabuddha:  thats why i gave the url to reneable it. :)12:27
qwertz1111sysrq is a del key in fn shift state12:28
araknoi use transparency terminals all over, but i get icons on the view.. I want to limit the area of the desktop where icons are put12:28
dr_willisqwertz1111:  not on my keyboard..12:28
ryankeyKartagis, I said earlier that it might be a panel bug. It could help to reinstall the sound indicator using sudo apt-get purge indicator-sound and sudo apt-get install indicator-sound, then to killall unity-panel-service12:28
namoamitabuddhadr_willis: SysRq works.12:28
dr_willisKartagis:  is sound working?12:28
namoamitabuddhadr_willis: OOM Killer.12:28
theadminAlt-SysRQ-K can normally be used to restart X12:28
qwertz1111the most funny is when you switch consoles but cannot log in because of login timeout12:29
dr_willisI use the sysreq stuff so rarely i never can rember the Keys.12:29
Kartagisryankey: sorry, I didn't see it, because the client didn't highlight me12:29
namoamitabuddhayes, saK can restart X12:29
Kartagisdr_willis: yes12:29
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: I know.12:29
dr_willisKartagis:  using unity? or gnome-shell?12:29
dmtarmeyhello can anyone help me with an issue with virtual box im running xp on linux but the vbox isnt loaded xp it is stuck in welcome screen and flashing12:29
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: I know what you mean.12:29
theadmindr_willis: Just remember that raising skinny elephants is utterly boring12:29
dr_willisI tend to just ssh in and restart stuff ;)12:30
dr_willisandroid phone = ssh terminal in my pocket.12:30
araknodmtarmey: how vbox isnt loaded?12:30
Kartagisdr_willis: unity I guess, oneiric here12:30
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: I don't accurately know the problem but I know that there's a memory-management bug in kernel for a long time.12:30
theadmindr_willis: Heh I know what you mean, that doesn't always work though12:30
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: SysRq + f works.12:30
dmtarmeythe load up screen with vbox on but dosnt load windows its just flashing12:30
araknodmtarmey: try installing ubuntu in virtualbox12:31
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: First, check: cat /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq12:31
Kartagisheh, it's back thanks ryankey. apparently indicator-sound had been purged before somehow12:32
araknodmtarmey: if everything works, its windowsrelated12:32
dr_willisKartagis:  magic. :)12:32
dmtarmeyit was working fine until i installed wireless driver and shut down windows but then windows crashed so i had to shut it down12:32
ryankeyKartagis, Oops. That'll do it. You're welcome12:32
dr_willisyou innstalled a wireless driver on XP in vbox?12:32
araknodmtarmey: this is ubuntu, at virtualbox they'll sure be more specific12:33
dmtarmeythere is no one at virtualbox12:33
qwertz1111it's "1"12:33
araknodmtarmey: sure?.. i found quite some folks there..12:33
dmtarmeyok ill try there again12:34
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: When your system froze, try Alt + PrtSc + f. It kills the process which is out of memory.12:34
=== svensk_a1 is now known as Dubaco
namoamitabuddhaqwertz1111: It is called "OOM-Killer"12:35
dr_willisgetting where i see a lot of keyboards make it hard to actually use the  Sysreq/Print Screen key. Just noticed this one dosent even say 'sysreq' on it.12:37
dr_willisgotta use fn-home to even use Print Screen.12:38
qwertz1111fn-insert here12:38
bullgard4[Ubuntu 11.10] Audacity: Clicking  Welcome at Audacity > How to Get Help > Quick Help does not produce any reaction. How to install »Quick Help« locally?12:39
dr_willisso i think id have to do alt-ctrl-fn-stand-on-myhead-printscreen :)12:39
_Ethan_Does it worth to install ubuntu 64 bit for a 2.4Ghz quad (i think q6600)12:42
bullgard4_Ethan_: Yes.12:42
_Ethan_i´d like to know, in general terms, differences in performance.12:42
dafoxdoes ubuntu still use the file /etc/fonts/local.conf? It seems to be ignored, and it's not included by e.g. /etc/fonts/fonts.conf ?12:42
auronandace_Ethan_: if you can install 64bit, it's almost always best to install 64bit12:42
_Ethan_auronandace i´d like to bencharmk it, any command or programm?12:43
namoamitabuddhadafox: don't use.12:43
LigHI don't get weather and temperature values for my location I set up in the scheduler in Gnome Classic. Is my location too far away from the next supported location, regarding its coordinates?12:43
auronandace_Ethan_: sorry, iv'e never run any benchmarks12:43
_Ethan_and, is it possible to install ubuntu 64 "over" ubuntu 32, to not to do more partitions12:43
theadmin_Ethan_: No, it's not12:44
_Ethan_oh :12:44
theadmin_Ethan_: That is, you have to reinstall.12:44
theadmin_Ethan_: You can't "upgrade" to 64-bit or something12:44
dafoxnamoamitabuddha: why not, and what is the recommended way to enable the lcflegacy filter for freetype/fontconfig?12:44
_Ethan_yes, that's what i mean, but would be my programms conserved?12:44
namoamitabuddhadafox: If local, create $HOME/.fonts.conf12:44
_Ethan_i didnt read "cant" xD12:44
zykotick9_Ethan_: using 64bit or 32bit depends more on the ammount of memory you have then anything else, if you have 4GB or more, use 64bit (i actually use 64bit whenever CPU supports, but on my EEE with 1GB RAM it's foolish really)12:44
dafoxnamoamitabuddha: system wide please12:45
_Ethan_i have 4 gb yes12:45
namoamitabuddhadafox: If global, write a new file in /etc/fonts/conf.d/12:45
dafoxnamoamitabuddha: and if I put it in .fonts.conf, it should have the same effect as local.conf in terms of priority12:45
_Ethan_zykotick9 what is your EEE ?12:45
varun06I have installed Marlin, can I remove nautilus?12:45
namoamitabuddhadafox: see /etc/fonts/conf.d/README12:46
zykotick9_Ethan_: Asus EEEpc Netbook12:46
killownI can't install unity 5.2, I have unity-team ppa here and I did apt-get update, but when I try dist-upgrade it throws the old one unity_4.28.0-0ubuntu2_i386.deb, do anyone  why I cant install unity 5.2?12:46
_Ethan_also i am considering to buy a laptop12:46
_Ethan_to have ubuntu and windows installed12:46
_Ethan_maybe asus is a good choice, i saw not very expensive models...12:47
varun06can I remove nautilus12:47
bshow can i mount iso file?12:47
namoamitabuddhabs: mount -o loop12:47
zykotick9!iso | bs12:47
ubottubs: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.12:47
auronandace_Ethan_: thinkpads are awesome but stay away from hybrid graphics12:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:47
dafoxnamoamitabuddha: changes should take effect for newly launched applications, right? I've added a 'ln -s ../local.conf 99-enforce-local.conf' to the conf.d directory, but it is still not rendering text the way I want. I've taken the local.conf of my other laptop (gentoo) which is working btw.12:49
varun06can I remove nautilus without any side effects on Ubuntu 11.1012:49
LigHIs there a map of supported weather locations available (for Europe, Germany)?12:49
killownI need know how install unity 5.2 on oneric12:50
auronandacevarun06: it will likely break unity or gnome12:50
Sirijusis there any irc client that supports tcl besides xchat?12:50
auronandacekillown: ppas aren't supported here, contact the ppa author12:50
_Ethan_btw, i am reading that sometimes upgrading to 64 only allows managmente of bigger variables12:51
_Ethan_(in the case o matlab)12:51
_Ethan_and not an increase in the speed.12:51
bsi got this error when i try to mount No such file or directory12:51
bsthis is what i wrote pzilla12:52
bssudo mount -o loop addonia-xplane10a media/EC2C32162C31DC7012:52
qwertz1111how to s12:52
auronandace_Ethan_: essentially the only reason to not use 64bit on a 64bit processor is if you absolutely need compatibility with 32bit (not many apps are like that)12:52
qwertz1111*use scrollbars in ubuntu?12:52
qwertz1111most of 64bit software is terribly buggy12:52
theadminqwertz1111: lolwut? When are you from, 2000?12:53
theadminqwertz1111: If you have no idea what you're talking about, don't.12:53
qwertz1111i have 64bit12:53
stefano__i have problem to install dwl-2100ap (access point d-link)12:53
qwertz1111i have 32 too and can compare12:53
auronandaceqwertz1111: i've used 64bit for years, hardly buggy in my experience12:53
bszykotick9, i got this error No such file or directory12:54
auronandaceqwertz1111: theres almost no difference12:54
_Ethan_auronandace yes12:54
_Ethan_do you have 64 bits installed?12:54
auronandace_Ethan_: yes12:54
qwertz1111how to put scrollbars back to have thickness and arroes?12:55
mintmanfound it based on debian zorin os is a look alike for linux to windows..12:55
MystKidhello guys i jsut updated to ubuntu 10.0 build1 and its crashing. how can i downgrade it12:55
zykotick9bs: there are several issues with the command you tried...  someone else can help you.  Good luck.12:55
auronandaceMystKid: what do you mean by "ubuntu 10.0 build1"12:55
nirjhorusing 11.10 32 bit on an asus k40IJ laptop, my screen brightness is not working with fn keys12:56
MystKidfirwfox i ment sorry12:56
MystKidfirefox 10.0 build 112:56
MystKidis crashing12:56
nirjhorand there is no xorg.conf file on /etc/X11/12:56
dr_willisi can honestly say - ive rarely had any issues that were 64bit related..12:56
auronandace!ppa | MystKid12:56
ubottuMystKid: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa12:56
LjLqwertz1111: bunch of howtos say you need to "export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0" inside /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80overlayscrollbars12:57
MystKidi cant risk12:57
dr_willisqwertz1111:  the webupd8 blog site has a unity tweaking guide that tells how to go back to the old scrollbar way12:57
_Ethan_which laptop would you recommend ? im thinking about a budget of no more than 700 euros12:57
auronandace!ppa-purge | MystKid12:57
ubottuMystKid: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html12:57
photonhi. does Ubuntu already support 3D video files?12:57
icariousWindows is better than Ubuntu12:57
LjL!ot | icarious12:57
ubottuicarious: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:57
nirjhorsomebody give me a tips on what to do12:57
mintmanicarious: lol why?12:57
dr_willis_Ethan_:  check out the various laptop review sites. id suggest avoiding one that has that fancy 'dual gpu' stuff. or that just came out this month.12:57
auronandace_Ethan_: thinkpads are awesome12:58
icariousno.. it should support windows related questions. as it is a noob friendly distro anyways12:58
=== das is now known as Guest14722
zykotick9nirjhor: on my Asus EEE, i have to add acpi_osi=Linux to my kernel line to get brightness working12:58
qwertz1111what file again?12:58
dmtarmeyhi does anyone know if ubuntu has a system for rolling backs changes you make that damage the system link suse has12:58
auronandaceicarious: go troll elsewhere12:58
LjLicarious: but it doesn't. so please keep it about Ubuntu.12:58
icariousmintman: windows respects the EULA.. i love proprietary software12:58
nirjhorzykotick9: how did you do that?12:58
dr_willisdmtarmey:  changes 'you' make as in what cahnges?12:58
qwertz1111to change setting in which file?12:59
dmtarmeyany changes like windows has and suse has a system to12:59
zykotick9nirjhor: try adapting the nomodeset instructions with the acpi_osi=Linux instead12:59
mintmanicarious: what windows based question do u have... It costs money linux is free. tell me again why windows is better. ???12:59
zykotick9!nomodeset | nirjhor12:59
ubottunirjhor: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:59
_Ethan_auronandace i havent heard about them12:59
dr_willisdmtarmey:  theres no 'restore point' system that ive ever noticed.12:59
LjLmintman: he's gone. please keep this channel on-topic, discussing whether Windows or Ubuntu is better is not.12:59
=== denysonique_ is now known as denysonique__
can-o-wormshey guys, can someone please tell me why nmap would say this -> 6000/tcp open  X11     (access denied), when i know it needs to say this -> 6000/tcp open  X11     X.Org (open)12:59
mintmanLjL: ok12:59
auronandace_Ethan_: read some reviews12:59
dmtarmeyok cheers13:00
auronandace_Ethan_: i have a t61 and a t510, works like a dream13:00
qwertz1111mintman: because windows doesn't lock up after 15 minutes of GUI work13:00
_Ethan_yes, i am reading right now :)13:00
auronandace_Ethan_: even my old t40 is still running (my only 32bit machine left)13:00
mintmanqwertz1111: what? sure ur using ubuntu?13:00
_Ethan_but they are not common in shops13:00
_Ethan_you know, i have a toshiba 8086 from 198513:00
_Ethan_from my father13:01
FloodBot1_Ethan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:01
qwertz1111mintman: you may read channel log for details13:01
auronandace_Ethan_: i've bought all my thinkpads from ebay, secondhand13:01
mintmanqwertz1111: look just got here. been using linux since 1994 never had gui lock up on me or even linux crash without me expermenting.13:02
qwertz1111can someone post the method of changing scrollbars again?13:02
dr_willisauronandace:  you like that red joy-mouse thing they have? :) i never could get the feel for them13:02
LjLqwertz1111: bunch of howtos say you need to "export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0" inside /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80overlayscrollbars13:02
mintmanqwertz1111: are u using unity?13:03
dr_willisqwertz1111:   the webupd8 blog site has a extensive page on unity tweaks that cover that tip LjL  posted. You can disable it for just one app via that method i belive. System wide theres that way, or other ways to do it.13:03
auronandacedr_willis: i've always used a usb mouse with them (essentially use thinkpads as desktop replacements)13:03
dr_willisauronandace:  my last laptop weighed more then many desktops. :)13:03
qwertz1111dr_willis: check my irc client, the last thing i want to is browse internet13:04
mintmanqwertz1111: Try linux mint 12 or cinnamon which is not supported by ubunut13:04
mintmanops ubuntu13:04
gartralmintman: what is ubunut? :P13:04
* gartral is now hungry, bored, and tired13:04
dInGd0nGi want networkmanager 0.9 and modemmanager 0.5 to be backported to lucid.13:05
mintmanu could try Zorin Os based on debian looks like windows to me13:05
LjLdInGd0nG: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports#Requesting_a_Backport13:05
* qwertz1111 thinks that many distros diffent only in themes are crap13:06
LjLhow about moving the alternative distros discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic13:06
asdfssi installed ubuntu but it doesn't work13:06
auronandace!doesntwork | asdfss13:07
ubottuasdfss: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.13:07
dr_willisand i was about to mention Fluffy Linux with the Pink Theme! :)13:07
mintmanqwertz1111: stop with hate that is not good ubuntu is a linux distro, maybe a bit to much for a first time windows user it has a learning curve.13:07
asdfssi installed it with wubi13:07
dr_willisasdfss:  installed a full install or wubi install?  what does it do exactly? grub menu? logon screen...13:07
asdfssand when i choose ubuntu it gives me a black screen13:08
asdfssi've got an acer aspire one13:08
dr_willisasdfss:  whats your video chipset? You may want to try out the nomodeset option.13:08
dr_willis!nomodeset | asdfss13:08
ubottuasdfss: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:08
FCR2012Ubuntu ROCKS13:08
asdfsshow do i install it with wubi13:08
qwertz1111why my consoles have VGA resolution?13:09
FCR2012You are using windows seven ?13:09
asdfsscurrently typing from it13:09
FCR2012qwertz are you using vga cable ?13:09
FCR2012asdf search on google13:09
LjLdInGd0nG: i think not13:09
dafoxok, why is the /etc/fonts/ directory completely ignored? I've just replaced the whole directory with the /etc/fonts directory of my gentoo system, and still my fonts look like blurry crap13:09
LjLFCR2012: "search on google" is not useful help13:10
FCR2012"how to install linux in windows 7" search that13:10
FCR2012It will help you13:10
asdfssi searched13:10
=== Guest14722 is now known as jyooruje
asdfssit says cd13:10
FCR2012or listen to me :P13:10
BarbariandudeHey guys. If I copy everything (root and upwards) to an external hard disk, then after wiping the disk/installing another OS/doing random stuff, could I put all that data back on the disk and do boot-repair to get it working again?13:10
FCR2012Asdf burn ubuntu image on cd13:10
qwertz1111wubi works until first update13:10
asdfssit's a netbook no cd possible13:11
asdfssacer aspire one13:11
FCR2012I didn’t  use wubi13:11
dr_willisBarbariandude:  it may take some effort.  and not just a simple 'drag/drop copy'13:11
Barbariandudeasdfss, you can use USB though13:11
FCR2012i did make the Boot install13:11
qwertz1111how to change fullscreen console resoltion?13:11
reCAPTCHAHey, I've got an issue. I keep getting a dependancy error, but as far as I know I have the package already installed. Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: ia32-libs (>= 20080808)13:11
CharminTheMooseBarbariandude, yes, you can. Just remember to re-install grub on the MBR.13:11
dr_willisBarbariandude:  you could image your current install, then restore it.13:11
FCR2012I make 4 gbs of swap13:11
asdfssi tried but the bios doesn't let me boot through usb13:11
LjLBarbariandude: more or less... but you should be careful how you copy stuff, like, avoid copying /sys and /proc. cp has an option to not cross filesystem boundaries.13:12
FCR2012and 27 gb of linux13:12
Barbariandudedr_willis, I'll look into imaging then, thanks13:12
reCAPTCHASynaptic tells me I have ia32-libs installed already.13:12
CharminTheMooseOn a related note, does cp -a / work perfectly for copying (unmounted) systems?13:12
FCR2012how much mem of ram you have13:12
LjLdInGd0nG: you need to "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-dev-tools" and then run "requestbackports" from a terminal13:12
asdfssi have 1 gb13:12
dafoxCharminTheMoose: depends, you lose permission and ownership13:13
FCR2012burn cd image asdf13:13
LjLCharminTheMoose: copying *unmounted* filesystems?13:13
dafoxI think13:13
FCR2012boot with that cd13:13
bullgard4[Ubuntu 11.10] Audacity: Clicking  Welcome at Audacity > How to Get Help > Quick Help does not produce any reaction. How to install »Quick Help« locally?13:13
asdfssits a NETBOOK13:13
CharminTheMoosedafox, I thought cp -a kept perms and such?13:13
asdfssno cd port13:13
FCR2012and put 1 gb of swap13:13
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:13
dafoxCharminTheMoose: yes, I think it does, I was too quick with anwering. sorry :)13:13
CharminTheMooseLjL, my bad. lets make that non-currently-/ systems. =)13:14
FCR2012I have to be a minut afk13:14
zapbuzzhello does ubuntu 11.10 have opengl built in?13:14
FCR2012yes i think13:15
LjLdInGd0nG: i'm afraid that's the only way at the moment13:15
dr_williszapbuzz:  yes it should. also depends on your video chipset/driver if its actually used13:15
FCR2012i am not using ubuntu 2d13:15
zapbuzzits says unknown13:15
zenonhello, what is query and manipulate user account information accountservice up date for?13:15
asdfsscould it be that there is no possible way to install ubuntu in acer aspire one?13:15
FCR2012I do have a great pc13:15
LjLasdfss: it is possible, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne13:16
qwertz1111how to change fullscreen console resoltion?13:16
CharminTheMooseasdfss, it is possible to boot from a USB stick13:16
YcareneWhat's the name of the application that lets me set up my proprietary nvidia drivers?13:16
FCR2012that support Unity normally13:16
LjLYcarene: yockey13:16
LjLYcarene: jockey13:16
FCR2012My pc is a bit Awesome13:16
Deckard_25_hi, is there any way to set ondemand CPU governor for default? the performance one is being set automatically from some reason13:16
FCR2012Intel i3 can support 64 bit ?13:17
asdfssLjL it says that D255 only can install 9.1013:17
icerootFCR2012: yes13:17
FCR2012@iceroot thanks13:17
asdfsshow do i install 9.04 with wubi?13:17
LjLasdfss: i see, though i'm still tempted to believe it should work. have you already tried that "nomodeset" option?13:17
FCR2012i will do that next time i install linux13:17
asdfssyes i googled it before coming here and hasn't worked either13:18
mintmanDeckard_25_: I'll bit haven'13:18
FCR2012asdf can install the 10.10 ver isn't guys ?13:18
asdfssi've got 2 computers more and i have been able to install ubuntu to them13:19
kwtm2Is there a deadline beyond which version upgrades to common software packages are no longer backported to LTS versions?  I'm trying to figure out how to get Vim 7.3 to the current LTS Ubuntu (current is Vim 7.2)13:19
mintmanDeckard_25_: haven't seen a question on governing cpu since back in ubuntu 9.04.  Short answer is no and if you have limited resources use a lubuntu or crunchbang or bohdi or small damm linux or puppy linux.13:20
LjLasdfss: are you really sure you can't boot from USB? it's possible you have to press F8 or something while the BIOS boots, in order to select the boot device. i'm saying this because i think a real installation is preferrable to Wubi.13:20
zenonah ignorance is bliss =/13:20
FCR2012LjL yeah13:20
FCR2012I did that13:20
Deckard_25_mintman: it worked ok, but it must be some updates that broken this13:20
asdfssyes i went to advanced seetings in bios13:20
FCR2012but instead13:20
asdfssi choosed primary boot usb13:20
asdfssbut doesn't work either13:20
FCR2012of usb i put a cd in primary13:20
Deckard_25_mintman: I can do: echo ondemand > .... and this works13:20
LjLkwtm2: normally, you don't get updates in the first place. only those for security fixes or fixes to serious bugs (until End Of Life). there is the "backports" repository, but it doesn't contain all packages, only those that people request.13:21
asdfsscannot choose cd13:21
FCR2012Windows don't13:21
FCR2012LjL you are kinda a Ubuntu genius to me13:21
mintmanDeckard_25_:  aware of limiting cpu, u would have to do a script in order to run this every time.13:21
zenonhello, would I be more secure not installing query and manipulate user account information accountservice up date?13:22
LjLi've just used it for some years, there's many more things i don't know than ones i know about it, FCR201213:22
qwertz1111how to change fullscreen console resoltion?13:22
Deckard_25_mintman: right, I'll probably do that13:22
FCR2012LjL i started using linux ubunto because of my brother13:22
kwtm2LjL: Thx for info.  Backports is something that is not installed by default, and that I would have to enable myself?  Could you point me to where I could find backports?  I'm sure someone has requested vim 7.313:22
=== bruno is now known as Guest57264
Deckard_25_mintman: thanks, bye13:22
asdfsscould this be a problem of x.org or something?13:22
mintmangood luck13:22
FCR2012My first ubuntu was 9.0413:23
FCR2012was simple and cool13:23
FCR2012with gnome13:23
FCR2012now is too way awesome13:24
mintmanfirst ubuntu 8.10 I liked that version of ubuntu a lot13:24
asdfssit could be that the graphic card it is not capable of ubuntu possibly13:24
asdfsscan i install lubuntu with wubi?13:24
FCR2012Mint i did used 8.10 (i think)13:24
qwertz1111asdfss: you could but lubunyu is near unuzable13:24
LjLasdfss: i don't know, but it's not like Lubuntu is different as far as graphics go, especially not if you get a blank screen *at boot*13:24
FCR2012Hey do anyone plays ROBLOX ?13:24
zenonUSB multiplexor daemon for iphone and ipod touch device-libraries libaccountsservice, is that just for iphone and ipod?13:25
mintman9.04 was trouble with sound, music and graphics for the first month13:25
asdfssit's a black screen13:25
FCR2012Who played Wolf 3d with a brother when was 613:25
FCR2012i did13:25
zenonI have to troubleshoot my sound card13:25
LjLcan we stay ontopic... please?13:25
FCR2012I am 10 years old next to 1113:25
FCR2012i dont play much wolf 3d13:26
qwertz1111how to change fullscreen console resoltion? it's f-g VGA and ugly13:26
FCR2012i Play doom13:26
FCR2012In dosbox13:26
asdfssLjL why does a black scrren occur?13:26
LjLqwertz1111: i'm not sure, but maybe changing it for GRUB will change it for your console too - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Resolution_Settings13:26
zenonI played wolf & doom when I was that age ><13:26
FCR2012Doom is awesome13:27
falkonzHI. Is it safe to remove ~/.ecryptfs and ~/.Private?? I wan't to TURN OFF encryption of my home directory. Don't want to do any backup - JUST turn off encryption of my homedir... how?13:27
LjLasdfss: if i knew the answer to that, i'd probably know how to fix it too ;) i'm afraid i have no clue. i'm only saying that if you don't even see the boot logo or anything, then using Lubuntu instead of Ubuntu won't change things.13:27
FCR2012doom 3 is not that good13:27
asdfssthanks for the help LjL13:27
sharkmapzenon: castle wolfenstein (the original)13:28
asdfsscould another distro work?13:28
FCR2012much graphics instead of game play doom 3 has13:28
LjLFCR2012 and everyone: please, can you discuss games and other non-Ubuntu-support things in #ubuntu-offtopic? this channel needs to stay about support :)13:28
zenonI know I played it13:28
zenonso many doors lol13:28
asdfssdoes BSD have some sort of wubi alternative?13:28
qwertz1111and how can i watch commnity site from irssi?13:28
FCR2012I will be off13:28
mintmanqwertz1111:  Look u may want to weight month or so see if they have worked out all the bugs with ur graphics driver. Also look on ubuntu forums to see if there is a solution if not post a comment about ur graphics card not working13:28
falkonzHI. Is it safe to remove ~/.ecryptfs and ~/.Private?? I wan't to TURN OFF encryption of my home directory. Don't want to do any backup - JUST turn off encryption of my homedir... how?13:28
zenonduke nukem was class too!13:28
tjiggi_foasdfss, BSD does not13:29
qwertz1111mintman: that 'community' doesn't scratch their backsides about my graphics card more than 3 years that such topic exist13:29
LjLfalkonz: that way it sounds like you'd lose all your encrypted data. but i don't know whether that's the appropriate way, even if that's what you want to do.13:29
zenonsierra's space quest13:29
icerootfalkonz: ~/.Private is your encrypted home, dont remove that13:29
zenonI loved that13:29
qwertz1111i don't know, does ubuntu uses framebuffered consoles?13:30
sharkmapmy first video game: pong13:30
tjiggi_foasdfss, you could try slitaz or puppy linux13:30
qwertz1111i don't know how to tell if I in native or framebuffer mode13:30
falkonziceroot: The problem is that I don't have so much space left on my disk to make cp -r /home/user /home/user.backup13:30
mintmansharkmap: wow, that was atari 2600.13:31
falkonziceroot: and I _just_ would like to disable ecryptfs for this user13:31
icerootfalkonz: why?13:31
zenonI remember a cool at the time robocop3 3d game on amiga or commodore13:31
falkonziceroot: because this p**** of s*** in my dmesg: http://pastebin.com/YTPq2a8Q13:32
falkonzecryptfs is bugged as hell13:32
falkonzand NOT stable13:32
falkonzhave issues in 11.10 and 10.04 LTS13:32
zenonpong lol I can't even remember what it was13:32
Myrttifalkonz: even with the asterisks we do know what you said, please mind your language.13:33
icerootfalkonz: what is not stable about that? crashing?13:33
LjLlook, seriously, take the games discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic please, this channel is just for support13:33
qwertz1111how to tell f I'm in FRAMEBUFFER or NA>TIVE mode?13:33
asdfsstried slitaz and puppy linux13:34
icerootqwertz1111: ubuntu is using framebuffer on tty per default13:34
falkonziceroot: in one of my oneiric installations I've lost all my data on /home because of ecryptfs13:34
icerootfalkonz: you filled a bug?13:34
falkonzI've reviewed launchpad13:34
falkonzthis bug was known13:34
icerootfalkonz: you know the reason why all data are lost?13:34
qwertz1111ok so how setup resolution of frame buffer?13:34
icerootfalkonz: can you show me the bug?13:35
falkonzi just don't remember it right now13:35
falkonzbut you see what I have in dmesg?13:35
icerootqwertz1111: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer13:35
falkonzand I can't get any fix for that13:35
falkonzthis just sucks13:35
wildc4rdGood day all, why might I get this error message when trying to update? W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found13:36
wildc4rd, W:Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found13:36
wildc4rd, E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.13:36
dr_willis!find fbset13:36
ubottuFound: fbset13:36
dr_willis!info fbset13:36
ubottufbset (source: fbset): framebuffer device maintenance program. In component main, is optional. Version 2.1-25 (oneiric), package size 119 kB, installed size 360 kB (Only available for linux-any)13:36
icerootfalkonz: maybe this will work (backup is a good idea). make a hardlink from your mounted home to some new dir and remove the old (encrypted) home13:36
qwertz1111i caanot open weblinks from irsssi, have some consideratio please?13:36
LjLwildc4rd: that PPA doesn't exist for Oneiric13:37
icerootwildc4rd: there is no xmbc package for 11.10 in that ppa13:37
dr_willisqwertz1111:   You using weechat in X or the console?13:37
falkonziceroot: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/490005/comments/2313:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 842647 in eCryptfs "duplicate for #490005 [git] file blocks duplicated at the end of the file" [High,In progress]13:37
qwertz1111irssi in console13:37
dr_willistry the fbset command if you want to change framebuffer settings on the fly13:37
wildc4rdLjl, iceroot: this is just using the 'check for updates' should I try something different?13:38
icerootfalkonz: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/490005  wont fix13:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 842647 in eCryptfs "duplicate for #490005 [git] file blocks duplicated at the end of the file" [High,In progress]13:38
LjLwildc4rd: you should remove that PPA from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ if you want to stop seeing that error13:38
icerootfalkonz: a duplicate13:38
icerootfalkonz: comment: I've started on a fix, but will need a bit more time, as this code is fragile and needs improvements outside of this bug.13:39
falkonziceroot: when it will be fixed - they will pull new update to lucid?13:40
cmenchionHey all, wondering if someone can help me with a video driver.13:40
qwertz1111fbset says inappropriate ioctl for device13:40
LjL!it | andrea8613:40
ubottuandrea86: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:40
icerootfalkonz: i guess the fix will be backported, yes13:40
wildc4rdLjL, sorted thank you.13:40
icerootfalkonz: because as it seems its a critical bug with datalost13:40
falkonziceroot: i guess it will take ages, as this bug is going on from karmic already13:40
ajahi have the same issue http://askubuntu.com/questions/101308/xorg-segmentation-fault-seems-to-be-relevant-to-evdev can u help me13:41
icerootfalkonz: reported 09.2011 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/84264713:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 842647 in eCryptfs "[git] file blocks duplicated at the end of the file" [High,In progress]13:41
cmenchionI have an old Acer Aspire 3610 I installed ubuntu on. says that the graphics is not detected. I downloaded the intel driver but how do I install it13:41
wildc4rd(wrong window, sorry)13:41
falkonziceroot: thanks13:42
icerootfalkonz: but having a backup is ALWAYS a good idea13:42
* qwertz1111 is sad because ubuntu is being made for spherical hardware in vacuum13:42
icerootfalkonz: no metter if that bug exist or not13:42
cmenchionnoone can help?13:42
falkonziceroot: you know, these waterfalls in thailand and earth quakes in japan made HDD so high prices today13:43
icerootfalkonz: cds, dvds, flash-drives13:43
icerootfalkonz: ubuntu-one13:43
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icerootis that a bot with this "ciao, !list"?13:44
mintmanqwertz1111: Are u going to make me pull out my google fu to solve or understand what is the problem with ur install.. Give me the full story on how this machine got this way...13:44
cmenchionplease someone help me to install video driver.13:45
qwertz1111it always was this way13:46
sharkmapquit  I'm tired13:46
mstsc selling dedicated server any country!!!13:46
sharkmapgoodbye all13:46
Myrtticmenchion: you really shouldn't need to download and install a driver for intel stuff...13:46
falkonziceroot: I don't remember when last I recorded a cd or dvd... i doubt anyone in era of pendrives and external harddrives still does that13:46
oCeanmstsc: don't advertise in here13:46
qwertz1111right now i'm pissed because my console in 640x480, 80x2513:46
oCeanqwertz1111: please calm down13:47
cmenchionhumm it says that it doesn't know what video chipset i have13:47
mintmanqwertz1111: fine lspci give me video card13:47
cmenchiontrying to play minecraft, just seeing if a new driver would make it a little smoother13:47
cmenchionI installed ubuntu last night because winblows is crap tbh13:48
oCean!misspelling | cmenchion13:48
ubottucmenchion: Please don't use silly misspellings to denigrate other operating systems. It makes users of that system feel attacked and hurts Ubuntu advocacy by making the community look unreasonable.13:48
mintmanqwertz1111: nvida or ati or vesa13:48
qwertz1111mintman: sis77113:49
mintmanqwertz1111: ok going to work magic be back 5 mics13:49
cmenchionoh my...13:49
danieldsjcmenchion:  Are you a first time user of Ubuntu?13:50
mintmanqwertz1111: hey try this link http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-sis-771671-mirage-3-video-drivers-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid.html#more-559113:50
danieldsjcmenchion:  What version are you using, and what do you think thus far?  Any questions?13:51
mintmanqwertz1111: looks like the driver is blacklist vga driver13:51
MonkeyDustsis :(13:51
theadminMonkeyDust: ?...13:51
MonkeyDustmy old pc had sis too13:52
cmenchionUsing the newest one. 11.01? I think its pretty good. been navigating around trying to get the feel for it13:52
cmenchionI do like it13:52
mintmanvideo card sis or mirage has had problems running in ubuntu since 8.1013:52
BarbariandudeYou ubuntu guys are awesome btw, ubuntu introduced me to linux and gave me a relatively safe place to play with things and learn without brutally destroying my install. Now I feel more confident I'm going to Gentoo. Cheers guys :D13:53
cmenchiononly question I have is how do i install video drivers :)13:53
qwertz1111no, it's ubuntu has had problems13:53
mintmanBarbariandude: wow that is a mighty step hill your climbing good luck13:53
danieldsjcmenchion:  If you poke around in the settings area you'll find an "Additional Drivers" link.  That should get you on the right track.13:53
cmenchionyes I found that..nothing comes up in it...and no where to select a driver to install.13:54
danieldsjcmenchion:  What kind of card do you have?13:54
cmenchionerr or to navigate to one13:54
mintmanqwertz1111: will agree. But is this the distro you want to run?13:54
Gentoo64!list | milan13:55
ubottumilan: This is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:55
cmenchionits a onboard intel 965 i think....its an old acer aspire 361013:55
danieldsjcmenchion:  I find that Intel cards usually work out of the box.  Is there something lacking from the graphical functionality?13:56
MonkeyDusti have intel13:56
cmenchionit seems laggy compared to when running windows xp13:57
Gentoo64cmenchion: it will do13:57
Gentoo64cmenchion: lxde is sort of the same speed as xp13:57
mintmanqwertz1111: try this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=958967&page=7713:57
danieldsjcmenchion:  If you have old hardware, you might want to consider using Lubuntu.  It is an Ubuntu flavour that uses LXDE.13:58
cmenchionGentoo64 it doesn't seem like that. using same game (minecraft) I thought would run better in ubuntu runs worse....like everything usually updating drivers help13:59
danieldsjcmenchion:  I am using it right now in a virtual machine. ;)13:59
cmenchionahhh thanks danielsj13:59
cmenchionI'll check it out13:59
qwertz1111danieldsj: it will not help14:00
mintmanqwertz1111: this is going to be as close as u get to the reaction as what ur having with this sis 771 card and there solution14:00
mintmanqwertz1111: http://blog.bigsmoke.us/2011/01/18/ubuntu-sis-671-driver14:00
qwertz1111because lubuntu uses same gnome applications as standard ubuntu14:00
qwertz1111and gnome services takes same amount of memory14:00
danieldsjcmenchion:  Using Lubuntu may help with general operating system snappiness, but the Minecraft performance may be due to something else.14:01
Gentoo64lubuntu will still help in terms of graphics performance14:01
* qwertz1111 goes to reboot14:02
=== Jackneill2 is now known as Jackneill
mintmanqwertz1111: good luck :)14:02
cmenchionwell it can't hurt to try14:02
danieldsjcmenchion:  How are you running Minecraft?  The webpage has some recommendations about memory usage when executing it.14:02
cmenchionrunning the java app14:03
danieldsjcmenchion:  The one in the browser?14:03
cmenchionone i downloaded14:03
delinquentmedoes anyone else get weird flickering web pages when browsing youtube or blogger sites w chrome?  im wondering if this is something to do w some weird outlying issue or is related to ubuntu14:03
danieldsjcmenchion:  Are you using the following command line: java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui.14:04
cmenchionumm no14:04
cmenchionI just click the icon/shortcut14:04
danieldsjcmenchion:  you might want to try that out.  I got the command here: http://www.minecraft.net/download14:05
dr_willisall else fails.. read the docs eh danieldsj  :)14:05
mintmancmenchion: ran across another sis 771 that request u to change the xorg.conf to 800x600 that was the best resolution they have.14:05
danieldsjcmenchion:  It's very possible that the shortcut runs that command anyways, but you might want to try it out just in case.14:05
cmenchionok let me try hold one a moment14:06
mintmanthat Mirage 671/771 video card is a big problem.  Worse most of the video cards were built in motherboards and laptops...14:07
cmenchionI'm not runnoing the server though14:07
cloudgeekany review for from vim hackers14:08
danieldsjcmenchion: My bad... try this one: java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame14:08
cmenchionlol k14:08
oCeancloudgeek: wrong channel14:08
cloudgeekokay sorry but14:08
cloudgeekis anybody here that is using14:09
oCean!anyone | cloudgeek14:09
ubottucloudgeek: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:09
cmenchioncould not find the main class14:09
danieldsjcmenchion:  poo.14:10
danieldsjcmenchion:  How about omitting the last bit.... try:  java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar14:10
mintmancloudgeek: what are u getting at we use vi in archlinux for editing scripts. Also used for beta testers to record notes...14:11
DragonSlayprint to file not working in firefox, how can i enable it? (ubuntu 10.04)14:11
cmenchionsorry had a phone call i will try14:13
cmenchioncould not create java virtual machine14:14
danieldsjcmenchion:  Arg.14:15
andongnihi guys.  I have a problem with shutting down 11.10 ... the computer can only shut down when I press the power button and select shut down (or restart or whatever),  but when I us the software icon, it doesn't do anything.14:15
cmenchioni hear ya danieldsj14:16
linusoleanderI'm having some strange problem with my clock on my server machine.14:16
linusoleanderIt's about 20% faster than normal. I used date -s "time" to reset it last night, and now it's 3h and 22 min off.14:16
linusoleanderThe npt update is turned of as of yesterday – just in case. What can the problem be?14:16
dr_willislinusoleander:  has it always had this issue?14:17
linusoleanderdr_willis: No, the server has been working perfect for 1.5 years14:17
linusoleanderIt appeard 2 days ago14:17
dr_willislinusoleander:  Strange. - I had a laptop once where the clock ran like at 10x normal speed due a bios bug. but i dont see how that could be your issue.14:18
dr_willisI coulkd sit and watch the panel clock tick seconds by at 10x normal speed.. :)  made games really really hard..14:18
linusoleanderdr_willis: The first thing to do, if possible, would be to detach from the BIOS clock14:18
linusoleanderdr_willis: Hehe :)14:18
dr_willisthis is a server you have physical access to?14:19
cmenchionwell thanks for ur helo14:19
cmenchioni'll do some more googling14:19
oCeanlinusoleander: I've seen strange behaviour on the hw/biosclock (sudo hwclock --show)14:19
mintmanlinusoleander: does this pose a problem with what the software the server runs??14:19
linusoleandermintman: It times out (if that's the correct word) when i'm usig hwclock, tried it last night14:20
linusoleanderThe last message was to oCean14:20
linusoleandermintman: Yes it does, one of my apps is very dependent of the server clock14:20
oCeanlinusoleander: hm, weird? Never saw that. Might be related to the issue.14:21
mintmanlinusoleander: curious to now if the bios battery is dieing doubt it.14:21
rebeany way to change sensitivity of brightness controll in ubuntu ?14:21
mintmanlinusoleander: ops cmos14:21
linusoleandermintman: I'll call the maintainer and ask.14:22
linusoleanderHold on14:22
=== root is now known as Guest57420
linusoleanderThey closed 1 hour ago, to bad14:23
mintmanlinusoleander: I wouldn't go that route I would go through log files see what the last update was before the clock started out of cycle..14:24
linusoleandermintman: Update?14:24
dr_williscould try an older kernel - see if affects the old kernel also.14:25
=== maged is now known as Guest67187
linusoleanderdr_willis: I can't afford to restart it. I'm hosting applications for 50k visitors every day14:25
dr_willishave the timeserver correct system time every min. :)14:26
linusoleanderUsing ntp?14:26
dr_willisim out if ideas then.14:26
mintmanlinusoleander: hmm.. what is the condition of the room the server is in . I hope not a lot of dust and small and no air conditioning14:26
linusoleandermintman: I've no idea, it's an VPS14:27
dr_williserr.. a vps.. id contact the vps provider then.14:27
dr_williscould be somthing they updated..14:27
linusoleanderYes, I tried it 10 min ago, they where closed for today14:27
mintmanlinusoleander: hope this doesn't stop business :( or interrupt business14:28
linusoleandermintman: It does, which isn't so great :(14:28
kiuzukiany one know how to get back the skype window after minmizing it ? i am using ubuntu 11.1014:29
mintmanlinusoleander: not good.  No one on call for tech support?14:29
dr_williswonder if theres some vps forum/online support where you could ask if others are having similer issues.14:29
romainvvsomeone know how i must organize a source directory to bluid then a package ?14:29
linusoleandermintman: They closed 1.5 hours ago14:29
linusoleanderI'll try ServerFault.com14:30
linusoleanderThanks for the help guys14:31
mintmanlinusoleander: this is usually when company's look to host on sight servers.... sorry to here the problem14:31
dafoxdoes anyone know if/where I can find a version of freetype for ubuntu which has the lcdlegacy filter enabled?14:31
SomelauwWhat is the most recent verson of ubuntu that I can upgrade to if I don't want unity?14:34
Barbariandude10.10 Somelauw, but it's really easy to take unity off of 11.1014:34
Barbariandude!nounity | Somelauw14:34
ubottuSomelauw: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic14:34
onelineror go mint14:34
|Long|hi, i am moving few folders to my external drive, is there a syntax to move multiple folders i have 01-10 folders but only wanted to move from 05-09?14:39
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cloudgeekhere is proof vim is better then any IDe such as textmate and pydev ,eclispe and emacs soory folks don't PM me14:39
MonkeyDustthe next ciao-list italian has to pay beers for all14:40
|Long|can someone plz help14:40
mintmancloudgeek: what? we already now this just ask the thousand of beta testers on Arch Linux.14:41
dr_willis|Long|:  via bash/command line you mean?14:41
Somelauw|Long| in evince you can select multiple files14:41
SomelauwIn bash, you'll probably have to use a forloop thing.14:41
dr_willis|Long|: bash has a regular expression feature to do that.. but i  would just cheat and use 'mc' or some other command line file manager. :)14:42
|Long|i use ssh preferably cmd like mv14:42
dr_willismc is too handy to not know about.14:42
dr_willisworks great over ssh also14:42
Somelauwdr_willis: ranger is better14:42
Somelauwmuch better imo14:42
dr_willisbeen using mc for 12+ yrs.. :)  so im not changeing any time soon14:42
|Long|can i do sudo mv /dir/file1-file9 /destination/file14:42
Somelauwdon't know why it is not available in the software center14:42
dr_willis|Long|:  bash has some syntax similer to that.. but i dont know it exactly off hand.14:43
dr_willisdir/file[1-9]  perhaps..14:43
|Long|let me try that14:43
dr_willistry echo flile[1-9] as a test.. or just make a simple script that does each move. and run it.14:43
dr_willisfor just 9 items.. maybe quicker to just do a script :)14:44
dr_willisIm lazy  and always seem to do trivial scripts instead of complex command lines.14:44
rebehow do I change sensitivity of brightness controll in ubuntu ?14:44
|Long|dr_willis, that wont work14:44
lucas-argi tried to install a kworld ub405-a under linux without success, using linux tv media-build tree... any ideas where else i can find drivers for this card?? ive also checked out the manufacturers web site and even mail them, they told me there is no support for linux, dont know where else to go...14:45
dr_willis|Long|:  what wont..14:45
mintman|Long|: mv file1 file2 file3 directory14:45
mintman|Long|:  link http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/linuxcommand.org/lts0050.html14:46
|Long|mintman, your method is worked thanks alot14:46
dr_willistab completion would work if its just a few dirs/files also.14:46
theadmin|Long|: foreach $i in {1..9} ; do mv file$i dir ; done14:46
dr_willisnow if you had 8000+ dirs...14:46
oCean|Long|: something like  mv /path/to/dir/file0{5..9} /to/this/dir14:47
theadminfor $i in {1..9} ; do mv file$i dir ; done14:47
dr_willisBonus points.. what if you wanted to do every ODD numbered directory. :)14:47
quiescensextra credit isn't worth the effort14:48
Somelauw{1..9..2} ?14:48
mintman|Long|: No big deal any one of use could have figured out this. better thank dr_willis14:48
SomelauwI am not even sure if {1..9} is inclusive or excluse 9.14:48
oCeanSomelauw: incl14:49
|Long|dr_willis, thanks to you also14:49
Somelauw* including, excluding14:49
dr_willisIve always followed the methodology of making simple scripts from years past. Ive written scripts to generate the simple scripts years ago. :)14:49
dr_willishabbits from years ago using sh, and amigas command line.14:49
dr_willisand REXX14:49
quiescensand then the scripts start generating scripts that generate scripts14:52
dr_willisthates PERL.. not Rexx. :)14:53
oCeanlet's move on, ok? Or take it to #ubuntu-offtopic14:53
bullgard4[Ubuntu 11.10 GNOME Shell 3.2.1] Clicking Super-key > epiphany > Epiphany symbol obtains: "Error when opening the file: File or directory not found." How to debug?14:58
ikoniabullgard4: look at what that shortkey key does, see if the file it's calling is there14:59
mcl0vinhowdy folks , am doing an upgrade from 10.4 to 10.10 using "update-manager" am at the installing the upgrades step and it is stuck in 'about 29 minutes remaining' " preparing ttf-lyx"and i am getting this failed message http://pastebin.com/mCpWMUv415:00
bullgard4ikonia: What "shortkey" do you mean?15:00
ikoniabullgard4: "super-key -> epihany"15:00
ikoniamcl0vin: that looks like a conflict from a PPA package15:01
ikoniamcl0vin: I've seen something similar recently with (I think it was) the Gimp PPA15:01
ikoniamcl0vin: got any PPA's or 3rd party repos enabled ?15:01
AD_Hi, stuck with installation, can yo help in separate page?15:01
ikoniaAD_: just ask the question15:01
AD_network cannot connect, been trying for 12 hours now...15:02
mcl0vinikonia: i talked about that early in the process and said it will diable 3rd party15:02
AD_wired, brand new PC15:02
ikoniaAD_: "cannot connect" ?15:02
AD_NO OS instaslled15:02
bullgard4ikonia: This is no shortkey. Tthis is the normal GNOME Shell way to call an application program, in my case the application "Epiphany". And indeed, the Epiphany symbol appears.15:02
ikoniamcl0vin: ahhh but you have had 3rd parties installed ?15:02
ikoniabullgard4: ok - so look at what that icon links to15:02
AD_Ubuntu 11.10 64bit from USB15:03
ikoniabullgard4: or launch it manually and work it through15:03
ikoniaAD_: what are you talking about then, "can't connect" if there is no OS installed15:03
mcl0vinikonia: i have Gimp ...and i bleveie i have wine15:03
ikoniamcl0vin: game over15:03
azariah4Hi! I only have loopback under ifconfig, but lshw -c network shows the ethernet controller of the motherboard, how can I bring it up so I get a eth0 or eth1 interface?15:03
ikoniamcl0vin: using those repos will update certain core files15:03
mcl0vinikonia: what am dead lol15:03
ikoniamcl0vin: those will conflict with the upgrade process,15:03
iTextam trying to set an icon to my python application with .desktop file, but the icon when double clicked it momentarily shows the terminal window and disappears, the code pasted here http://paste.pound-python.org/show/16553/15:03
AD_if you want to install the OS from the USB, second page is asking to connect15:03
mcl0vinikonia: what poor me should do now15:03
ikoniamcl0vin: it's the price of using PPA's that are not well designed or thought through, and it's part of the reasons people don't support PPAs15:04
ikoniamcl0vin: re-install15:04
ikoniaAD_: I have no idea what you are talking about "asking you to connect"15:04
AD_connect to the network15:04
andongniAnyone know why Ubuntu 11.10 doesn't shut down when I select it in the menu, but it does shut down when I use the power button?15:04
ikoniaAD_: you don't need to connect to any network to install, unless you are doing a net install15:04
ikoniaandongni: bad apci support ?15:05
mcl0vinikonia: please tell me that the upgrade will continue and when you said reinstall you are talking about gimp and other 3rd party15:05
ActionParsnipandongni: power button cuts the power, works on any OS.15:05
ikoniamcl0vin: very doubtful15:05
AD_Yes, but is should right?15:05
ActionParsnipandongni: do you have network shares mounted?15:05
AD_it should15:05
ikoniamcl0vin: PPA's should not be used and people need to take responsability for the PPAs15:05
mcl0vinikonia: PPA what do you mean15:05
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa15:05
ActionParsnipAD_: just don't select to install updates and junk at install time and you will be fine.15:06
AD_I am now on the USB Live desktop, I should be able to browse the web, but again, I cannot connect15:06
ActionParsnipAD_: if your wifi doesn't work out of the box or cannot be made to work then you will be offline for the install process...15:07
hroihas anyone experience with djanog on ubuntu?15:07
andongniAction: I don't mean if I hold the button for 5 seconds ... if I just tap it, the shut down option box pops up15:07
andongni(a laptop)15:07
AD_I am wired, DHCP is set to automatic, it should work, I may install, but then I will be back to square one15:07
hroiI'm wondering if I can play around with django ,  wihtout embedding it in a webserver?15:08
andongniAction: I dunno how to check for mounted network shares15:08
AD_I cannot understand why it does not connect15:08
ikoniaAD_: are you trying to connect to a wireles network ?15:08
ikoniaAD_: what network card is in your machine ?15:08
ActionParsnipandongni: ahh, gotcha. Yes that is also configurable to do other things, yours is set to shutdown. Do you access files on another system over the LAN?15:08
ikoniaadministrator_: if you have a question, please ask it15:09
mcl0vinikonia: ok lesson learn, what shall i do now am stuck at this screen "http://screencast.com/t/Qq0Augtqg"15:09
ikoniamcl0vin: re-install15:09
ActionParsnipAD_: some wired chips don't work out of the box, there are very few15:09
andongniAction: nope.  No LAN-based file sharing15:09
AD_no idea, it is a brand new MB from ASROCK15:09
AD_AMD processor15:09
mcl0vinikonia: re-install what?15:09
ActionParsnipandongni: if you run:  sudo shutdown -h now    does the OS die?15:09
ikoniamcl0vin: your OS15:09
andongniAction: I guess my logging off will let us know ;)15:10
andongnibe back15:10
=== sergio_ is now known as Guest15638
mcl0vinikonia: there got to be a way around it15:11
ActionParsnipmcl0vin: if you are that far back I'd go for a clean install of Oneiric15:11
ikoniamcl0vin: no, there isn't15:11
mcl0vinikonia: this is a headless box15:11
ubukouhey folks..15:11
ikoniamcl0vin: how does that change anything15:11
Alperenhi i updated ubuntu it want me to restart it so i did it. But when i try to login it cant login. It Throw me to15:11
mcl0vinikonia: reinstall it ... am remote to it15:12
administrator__why i can't install radio15:12
ikoniamcl0vin: it's what needs to happen though15:12
ubukouanyone using lightdm? im having an issue.. when i shut down it save the running programs state.. is that something that happened in GDM too ?15:12
andongniAction : shutdown: time expected Try `shutdown --help' for more information. andrew@incogitatus:~$15:12
=== Guest15638 is now known as sergio_s
mcl0vinActionParsnip: ikonia then i will loose all me data15:13
AD_ActionParsnip: any way you can help?15:13
ActionParsnipmcl0vin: no, as you will have your data backups15:13
daneshello, is there any support for fingerprint readers? Do you recommend using one?15:13
ActionParsnipAD_: when you select shutdown and you see the plymouth splash, press ESC so you can watch the shutdown. See where it hangs15:13
aukMy web browsers recognizes my java 7 plugin from Oracle's website. but I can not get those plugins to work.     Especially since I deleted my /home/ user directory to fix the problem of slow LOGOUTS.15:14
aukHow can I fix this?15:14
ikoniamcl0vin: back up the data you need now while the machine is functioning15:14
bullgard6ikonia: '~$ epiphany; ** (epiphany-browser:20964): CRITICAL **: load_error_cb: assertion `(error->domain == WEBKIT_NETWORK_ERROR) || (error->domain == WEBKIT_POLICY_ERROR) || (error->domain == WEBKIT_PLUGIN_ERROR)' failed.' --  Is this worth reporting to Launchpad?15:14
ubukouActionParsnip, hey man... i got back to XFCE after using KDE for a day.. XFCE is ROCK solid...15:14
ikoniabullgard6: what version of ubuntu is this ?15:14
therealdonglehey there, does anyone know: what are the improvements of ubuntu in precise?15:14
aukIt only shows a grey box which loads no java7 contents.15:14
bullgard6ikonia:  Ubuntu 11.10 GNOME Shell 3.2.115:15
ubukouActionParsnip, i got stuck with LightDM.. have you used it ?15:15
ikoniabullgard6: I doubt it's a genuine problem as someone would have noticed such a core bit of fucntionality not working, it's more likley a problem with your setup15:15
bullgard6ikonia: Right.15:15
AD_ActionParsnip: what do you want to know, there a bunch of stuff hanging15:15
ActionParsnipauk: did you symlink the java plugin to your browser?15:16
ActionParsnipubukou: yeah its default in Precise15:16
ActionParsnipubukou: glad you like it :)15:16
aukActionParsnip: Yes. The plugins appears in this "special" browsing page:  about:plugins           and as well in the normal "Web browser preferences & etc".15:16
ActionParsnipdanes: I'd check the HCL to see which work TBH15:16
* mcl0vin ikonia searching for my external 1TB drive15:16
ubukouActionParsnip,  its sooooo stable and seems to be usin very little resources...15:16
ubukouActionParsnip, thatnks for the recomandation...15:17
ActionParsnipubukou: as I always say; there is more than Gnome15:17
ActionParsnipauk: does: http://java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp    work?15:17
ubukouActionParsnip, any Login manager to go with it that goes with it well ?15:17
smooveIs it normal that if I do "gcc myprogram.c -lzmq -lczmq" it complains about a bunch of references, but if I do "gcc -lzmq -lczmq myprogram.c" it works?15:18
aukActionParsnip: No. The results is only a grey box where no content loads.15:18
danesActionParsnip, Whoa! I appreciate that you want to help but honestly I have no idea what those acronyms mean so I couldn't understand much15:18
ActionParsnipubukou: slim is lightweight, if lightdm is working for you then I'd stick with it15:18
ikoniasmoove: yes15:18
AD_ActionParsnip: I see you are too busy to help. Cheres15:18
ikoniasmoove: the guys in #gcc and ##c can explain how to use the compiler15:18
ActionParsnipdanes: HCL = hardware compatibility list15:18
ActionParsnipdanes: TBH = to be honest15:18
smooveikonia, thanks.15:18
smooveI can't join ##c though and I can't send to #gcc15:19
danesActionParsnip, now that makes more sense hehe thanks. Any idea where can I find a list with compatible HW?15:19
ActionParsnipauk: is your OS 32bit?15:19
Telugodui have a serious problem15:19
smoovehow do I make my ubuntu box do identd? I'm behind a firewall15:19
ubukouActionParsnip, hmmm i ll search around for its settings then cause it saves the processes running when i shutdown and i cant use XFCE as default desktop enviroment...15:19
ikoniasmoove: you need an ident daemon running15:19
mcl0vinikonia: normally i plug my usb drive and it pops up now its not15:19
Telugodui installed ati propreitary drivers15:19
ubukouActionParsnip, thanks :)15:20
auksmoove: Register yourself a NickServ user account. Type: /msg NickServ register myPasswordHere       My@email.here.com15:20
ikoniamcl0vin: possibly because the libraries are all messed up due to the partial upgrade15:20
Telugoduhad some glitches in gnome 3 so tried to uninstall fgrlx and reinstall normal drivers15:20
aukActionParsnip: No. This is my 64bit machine. I downloaded oracle's 64bit version of java 7.15:20
Telugodubut i get this error15:20
Telugoduunable to locate package libgl1-mesa-glx:amd6415:20
ActionParsnipauk: I have a script, you can check what you did with that if you want15:21
Telugodunow i get a blank screen15:21
Telugoduplease help15:21
mcl0vinikonia: true... any suggestions please15:21
aukActionParsnip: Ah sure, I'll make use of it.15:21
frybyeHi - I have 11.10 running on the on-board ATI 3000 Graphics - but if it fit in the gt240 card the screen is a mess and I dont know how to switch to the nvidia drivers I have installed...?15:21
ikoniamcl0vin: try to manually mount it,15:21
ikoniamcl0vin: copy the data off over the network15:21
ActionParsnipauk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/828926/15:22
ActionParsnipauk: its pretty simple really15:22
frybye- put differently.. is there a way to specify what video driver to us during the boot process...?15:23
danesI plan to buy a usb fingerprint reader to use it with ubuntu. Anyone has suggestions as which brand may be convinient?15:23
ActionParsnip!hcl | danes15:23
ubottudanes: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:23
ikoniadanes: research linux compatible devices,15:23
frybyedanes.. most work afasik15:23
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ActionParsnipfrybye: you can blacklist drivers to force the OS to load a specific one, or you can use an xorg.conf file15:24
ikoniadanes: also check at what kernel level they are supported at to make sure the ubuntu version you want to use is at that level15:24
ActionParsnipauk: I use chromium browser too, hence the symlink15:25
aukYea I noticed.15:25
frybyeso the pc is running with the ati 3000 onboard now - and if I edit xorg.config - fit the gt240 card in - it will then use the corrected xorg.conf?15:25
=== Lorra is now known as LorraEatin
ActionParsnipfrybye: do you want to use both video cards?15:26
frybyeeh - or wont the changed xorg.conf take immediate effect or .. hmm.. me with limited knwledge again..15:26
ActionParsnipfrybye: the xorg.conf will need manually editting15:26
frybyeActionParsnip: no I am happy with just the gt240 - which is much better than the 300015:26
ActionParsnipfrybye: then disable the onboard card in BIOS and set the primary display to the pci express15:27
_Ethan_for a remote control of a pc by using LAN, what would you recommend me ? any software?15:27
jack1what up fools15:27
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: what are you controlling it to achieve?15:27
jack1YO YO15:27
FloodBot1jack1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:27
jack1Floodbot is on15:28
ikoniajack1: hi, you may want to check the channels topic15:28
ikonia!guidelines > jack115:28
ubottujack1, please see my private message15:28
frybyeActionParsnip: If I past my xorg.conf - could you fix it for me...? In the bios there is only a setting wich switches the priorities of 4 different listingy of integrated grafic - but I see nowhere to switch it off...?15:28
ikoniajack1: also you may want to check how to interact in the channels, ubottu has just sent you a pm with a link to guide you15:28
_Ethan_ActionParsnip im planning to mount a pc without screen and keyboard, in a small room, and control it from my bedroom by using a remote connection.15:28
jack1no wackers15:28
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: yes but to achieve what end?15:28
ActionParsnipfrybye: the nvidia-xconfig    command will make you an xorg.conf   file.15:29
_Ethan_i dont want to have the tower with the fan (very noisy) in my room.15:29
ikoniabasti: no15:29
ikonianot here15:29
_Ethan_and i dont have a flat screen , so i prefer to control it remotely, it is a old amd athlon15:29
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: so the client system is more like a thin client15:29
frybyeActionParsnip: even with the gt240 card not physically present??? If I put it in the pc automatically tries to use it and makes a mess of the screen?15:30
_Ethan_i thought about teamviewer15:30
_Ethan_but i think it has to connect to the teamviewer's servers15:30
ActionParsnipfrybye: you may need the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=115:30
frybyeActionParsnip: thanks for all the help so far...15:30
_Ethan_and i cannot have LAN speed15:30
_Ethan_in that case15:30
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: but what activities are you doing on the remote system?15:30
_Ethan_just storing and maybe running torrent15:30
frybyeActionParsnip: how to I get to use a boot option - interrupt the boot process with what key?15:31
ActionParsnipfrybye: hold shift and you can add it there by pressing E on the kernel15:31
_Ethan_and well, who knows, freaking with mame could be a choice too :P15:31
n1c0-nuXHello, i'm looking for a good ubuntu video screen capture log... Who can help me ?15:31
_Ethan_(mame is the multiple arcade program)15:31
bullgard6'~$ gunzip /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser.1.gz;  gzip: /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser.1.gz: Too many levels of symbolic links' --  How to deal with this?15:31
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: gaming over LAN like that isn't going to be terribly effective15:31
_Ethan_ok, np15:32
_Ethan_its not my primary goal15:32
_Ethan_my goal is to access and control it from another pc in my lan15:32
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: most stuff you can manae with web UIs and SSH (X forwarding as well as file serving)15:32
frybyeActionParsnip:  let me get this right - I psychically fit the gt240 card.. then boot the system to the ati 3000 by using nouveau.blacklist=1 and then use the nvidia-xconfig or ..?15:32
_Ethan_i really would like to install both windows and ubuntu15:32
FrankyI have a question. I just recently downloaded Ubuntu (through a USB) and it took up 37 GB of space. I then got XFCE yesterday since I have an old computer. I'm trying to update things but it says I only have 2.5GB left. Is there a way I can gain more?15:32
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: you haven't said what you will be doing on the server, just that you want to access it....15:33
_Ethan_ActionParsnip what i want to do is exactly what teamviewer does15:33
Culiforgeis jrib around?15:33
frybyeaitch - now I have it - I do the nvidia-xconfig now - and then add the gt240 and boot to that...15:33
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: once more...Why do you want to connect? What will you do once connected to the remote system? What is the purpose of connecting to the remote system?15:33
holsteinFranky: delete things... you can purge whatever you are not using... an instal should *not* take 37GB's, thats likely your data15:34
mcl0vinikonia: is there a way i can have a list of all pkgs i have so that i can reinstall them after fresh install15:34
_Ethan_ActionParsnip i will for example download files15:34
zzecool37 gb install ????15:34
_Ethan_to my laptop from that pc15:34
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: dowload, like torrents?15:34
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: you don't need teamviewer for that15:34
_Ethan_or videos, etc15:35
FrankyHolstein:  tried that but I just got this yesterday. I don't have anything to delete. lol.15:35
_Ethan_yes that's why im looking for another choice :D15:35
_Ethan_or running Matlab, Octave15:35
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: you can use the webui in transmission to manage torrents, you can then use samba or sftp to share your file system15:35
SomelauwHi, is it safe to enable vt-x in my bios? Is there a reason this setting is enabled by default?15:35
Somelauwvirtualbox seems to require this change15:35
holsteinFranky: then you will just need to tolerate it, delete things, or mount the hard drive live and consider resizing partitions, though i would not do that without having aeverything backedup15:36
_Ethan_ActionParsnip ok15:36
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: isn't octave ran in a terminal?15:36
_Ethan_ActionParsnip yes15:36
_Ethan_it is15:37
Frankyholstein: poohey. Is their any way I can downsize the amount of space it takes Ubuntu to run? All I know is yesterday it said it would use 37GB of my space during the installation.15:37
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: so you can use putty or ssh in a terminal and connect, makes no sense to see the whole screen when you are just going to open a terminal15:37
zzecoolFranky: there is something wrong with your installation15:37
mcl0vini remember Debian had a way that you can mirror all your pkgs back to the new install15:37
zzecoolsomething terribly wrong15:37
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: this is WHY I ask what people are doing as soon as they start chatting about teamviewer etc, a LOT of the time its not needed..15:38
Frankyzzecool: I downloaded linux from a USB using Linux Pendrive (I think that's what the program is called)15:38
Culiforgewas chatting with jrib earlier about fixing a boot problem.. upon his advice I chroot'd to the not booting install but don't know what to do from there15:38
zzecoolRun system-monitor15:38
frybyeActionParsnip: nvidia-xconfig ... "command not found...??"15:38
zzecooland check the last tab15:38
_Ethan_teamviewer is really easy to install15:39
zzecoolto see where is all this space15:39
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: running just the SSH terminal will use a lot less resources15:39
wesselHow can I move the top "system" bar to below15:39
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: easier than:  sudo apt-get install openssh-server       I doubt it heavily15:39
zzecoolwessel: you cant15:39
* Aha2Y wants Ubuntu on smartphone!!!15:39
Frankyzzecool: Is system monitor in the settings menu?15:39
wesselWhat you mean you can't?15:39
ActionParsnipAha2Y: omgubuntu have some mock ups.15:40
pk__Aha2Y: bad idea, i would say15:40
zzecoolopen the dash and type system15:40
wesselI just did an update, it used to always at the bottom of my screen15:40
Aha2YWhy Bad?15:40
_Ethan_ActionParsnip yes15:40
zzecoolit gonna reveal him self15:40
Aha2YWouldn't it be awesome?15:40
Aha2YHaving ubuntu on your phone15:40
_Ethan_click on an icon and voila!15:40
holsteinFranky: ubuntu has never taken that much for me.. are you sure this is ubuntu? and not something ubuntu based?15:40
Aha2YJust needs a bigger screen and CPU15:40
_Ethan_Aha2Y that's android :)15:40
frybyeActionParsnip: what packets have to be installed for    nvidia-xconfig to function?15:40
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: still needs to download a deb, openssh is a command, no web browsing needed15:40
Aha2YUbuntu needs to replace Android!15:41
ActionParsnipfrybye: nvidia-current15:41
pk__Aha2Y: what is the difference15:41
ActionParsnipAha2Y: no way, android rocks15:41
pk__both are linux15:41
Aha2YAndroid is slow :(15:41
Aha2YBut ubuntu haz unity :P15:41
holsteinFranky: i would download the iso directly from http://www.ubuntu.com/ ...come here *before* downloading/installing and ask about what you want to do15:41
Aha2Ya phone that acts more like a computer than some computers15:41
ActionParsnipAha2Y: use golauncher, flys on my GT54015:41
Frankyholstein: This is ubuntu. I downloaded it from a Linux site. Actually, from cnet.com because I was following directions on how to download it to a USB. Currently I have XFCE. Would uninstalling other enviroments help?15:41
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: in short you don't need the full desktop in any way. You can do your octave stuff via ssh which will be faster and use fewer resources15:42
holsteinFranky: good luck ! ...i routinely run ubuntu on 8gb virtual hard drives15:42
Aha2YI have a GT-I5800 and android is slow ass hell.15:42
ActionParsnipAha2Y: try golauncher ex15:42
Aha2YWith a apt market15:42
Aha2YLol golaunched :P15:42
holsteinFranky: you could have downloaded a customized version of ubuntu from somewhere else15:42
Aha2YYou are funny.15:42
holsteinFranky: you dont "download it to USB'15:43
holsteinif you would like to make a bootable USB stick, that can be done with the normal iso that i suggest you download from http://www.ubuntu.com/15:43
ActionParsnipAha2Y: try it, its smooth15:43
wesselIs it really impossible to move the position of the "email/sound/clock/user bar" ?15:43
Aha2YActionParsnip, I have15:43
Frankyholstein: I made my USB a boot device to download Ubuntu on to so I didn't need to buy the boot disk.15:43
Aha2YMy phone is just SLOW.15:43
holsteinFranky: im not suggesting you purchase anything15:44
ActionParsnipwessel: depends which desktop :)15:44
bullgard6'~$ gunzip /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser.1.gz;  gzip: /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser.1.gz: Too many levels of symbolic links' --  How to deal with this?15:44
holsteinFranky: im suggesting that the fact you have a 30+gb installation, i suspect you have downloaded *not* the normal ubuntu15:44
wesselI just did an update, I don't think my desktop changed15:44
wesselWhat is desktop?15:44
ActionParsnipwessel: do you use Unity?15:45
holsteinFranky: if that is a customized installation disk, who knows what is on it, and you would need to refer to the creator (cnet, or whoever) to ask what is ther and why15:45
xubuntu5anyone here use centerim?15:45
holsteinFranky: i would be comfortable with 6 or 8gb's to run ubuntu on15:45
wesselHow do I check?15:45
ActionParsnipwessel: application bar on the left?15:45
ActionParsnipwessel: thats unity on gnome desktop15:45
ActionParsnipwessel: I'm not sure it can be moved but I've not used unity a lot15:46
holsteinFranky: you dont purchase the iso from http://www.ubuntu.com/ ,its just the *official* download, instead of what i am alleging as a custom one15:46
Frankyholstein: Oh. :( So there is a way to download an OS (in my case Ubuntu XFCE) directly to my comp.15:46
ActionParsnipwessel: you could install xfce4 and use that as yourdesktop and it will look like Gnome215:46
wesselWell I keep turning off my machine when I want to close an application, because the turn off machine is in the top right corner15:46
xubuntu5xubuntu has xfce in it15:46
holsteinFranky: xubuntu is what you would want for XFCE and ubuntu15:46
wesselwhere the [x] button of a window used to be15:46
xubuntu5xubuntu is awesome :)15:46
mgaunard_are there repositories where I can find more recent builds of the kernel?15:46
holsteinFranky: again that will take up about 5 or 6 gb's stock15:46
ActionParsnipyou can install xfce4 on Ubuntu or Kubuntu and it will be an option at login15:47
Frankyholstein: OH! THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING :) Thank you :) I accidentally downloaded both Ubuntu and Xubuntu. Is there a way I can uninstall Ubuntu?15:47
holsteinFranky: you dont purchase the iso from there ^^ its free... you just know its the official iso15:47
ActionParsnipso no need to install a new ubuntu, just install the package you need15:47
holsteinFranky: sure, but that wont get you 30GB"s extra15:47
Frankyholstein: I know but it'll help a little. So how do I uninstall Ubuntu and keep my Xubuntu and XFCE15:48
frybyeActionParsnip: I have installed   nvidia-current   but nvidia-xconfig   is still not being found??? sorry...15:48
aukActionParsnip: Thank you so much for that script, I was able to install my 64bit version of that java. :D15:48
holsteinFranky: if you have 30+gb's, you can uninstall a lot ...but i dont know what you have, and you'll just need to search blindly through the packages... OR, just install the official xubuntu15:48
ActionParsnipauk: nice, just tweak the script huh ;)15:48
wesselActionParsnip, can you give me some keywords, I would like to change the unity "desktop layout" but I'm not sure what is the proper naming15:49
wesselLike how is the top "bar" called?15:49
ActionParsnipfrybye: its installed with the nvidia-current package, what is the output of:   lsb_release -sc15:49
holsteinFranky: you can search in a package manager for ubuntu-desktop for example, but that is *not* going to free up 30GB's15:49
Frankyholstein: Oh okay gotcha. I got Xubuntu from my cousin yesterday. He gave me a code to type into a terminal. It then downloaded xubuntu for me. Do you want me to show you the code?15:49
frybyeActionParsnip: oneric15:49
holsteinsudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop15:49
xubuntu5you can do that?15:49
frybyee e e oneiric15:49
xubuntu5wasn't and that installs it on top of ubuntu??15:50
holsteinFranky: something like that but thats *not* 30gb's of stuff15:50
ActionParsnipwessel: try:   edit unity top bar15:50
xubuntu5anyone try cinnamon??15:50
andreas_can anyone tell me how to convince linux to  use my docking station's dvi and displayport interfaces? so far only vga and lvds1 are shown in xrandr :(15:50
holsteinFranky: i have to run... i suggest you get an offical iso and start over, but if you want to manually go through a package manger and search, im sure someone will help you get closer to a stock install :) ... enjoy!15:50
jemtHi. Are php/text files "tagged" with a specific encoding, or is the encoding given by the characters used in the document? If the latter is the case, how does programs determine what charset to use to interpret the content? Trial and error ?15:50
xubuntu5andreas_: try rstarting with them connecting and then checking what xrandr says it's the only way i can get my comp to recognize my hdmi connection :( i have to restart with the hdmi connected and on15:50
ActionParsnipfrybye: http://paste.ubuntu.com/828955/15:51
Frankyholstein: Thank you for your help15:51
jemtI ask because gEdit saves files as UTF-8 by default, which is a pain in the ass. I just want to know if it is actually a problem15:51
usalabs_hi all, for some reason my list of key servers in seahorse (ie passwords and encryption) and I can't sync any keys for backs,,, what are the defaults listed?15:52
usalabs_the list is empty15:52
FrankyDoes anyone know how to manually uninstall Ubuntu from a computer. I want to keep Xubuntu and XFCE I just want Ubuntu gone since it slows my PC down due to the graphics15:52
MrKeunerhello, trying to create a desktop launcher by editing a file. Although I create all the entries in a launcher, it doesn't work: icon set in [Desktop Entry] does not show up and double clicking the launcher gives an error: Untrusted application launcher. How can I do this properly?15:52
frybyeActionParsnip: does that mean that nvidia-xcofig does not work with 11.10? If so what do i do then?15:53
ericusWhat does SATA powerlink management do, and can I enable it with an SSD disk?15:53
ericusto save power on my netbook15:53
ActionParsnipfrybye: its in the nvidia-current package15:53
krazedWhat's the quickest way to upgrade from 10.04LTS to 11.1015:54
theadminkrazed: Reinstall. Or wait for 12.04, then you can upgrade directly (lts to lts)15:54
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:54
FrankyI have Ubuntu 11.10 and I want it off of my computer (I also have Xubuntu and XFCE so I won't be without an OS)since in slows my comp. sown15:54
frybyesorry I looked at that past.ubuntu etc etc.. and there is something about " No LSB modules are available." is that why the command cant be found or I dont understand?15:55
ActionParsnipfrybye: could try: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-update; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install nvidia-current15:55
krazedtheadmin, alright thanks. I'm showing support for my laptop's video card within 11.10 but I can't get it to work with 10.04, I would prefer to stay with 10.04 but I can't figure out how to get the video working.15:55
Frankyanyone here?15:55
frybyenvidia-current is installed in synaptic - with a few other nvidia drivers I tried.. is -that_ the problem?15:55
karel_ff libfreetype6-dev : Depends: libfreetype6 (= 2.4.4-2ubuntu1) but 2.4.4-2ubuntu1.1 is to be installed. Any ideas?15:55
ActionParsnipFrankLv: you can have both installed, only one desktop will run, the rest will only take up drive space. They don't run at the same time15:55
ActionParsnipkarel_ff: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc15:56
bullgard6'~$ gunzip /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser.1.gz;  gzip: /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser.1.gz: Too many levels of symbolic links' --  How to deal with this?15:56
karel_ffSorry, running oneiric15:56
ActionParsnipkarel_ff: what is causing the error?15:56
FrankyActionParsnip: I know but I want Ubuntu off of my computer. I want to keep Xubuntu though (I have that along with ubuntu). Is there a way I can do this?15:56
karel_ffapt-get install libfree6-dev15:57
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usalabs_anyone know the default key servers list for seahorse? (passwords and encryption keys), so that I can sync my keys,, for some reason the list is empty,, I know one of them was pgp.mit.edu but I don't know the port, and there was other listed too15:57
karel_ffMy sources.list is pretty standard15:57
ActionParsnipkarel_ff: can you use:  http://pastie.org    to pastebin the output of:  apt-cache policy libfree6-dev      Thanks15:57
frybyeActionParsnip: nvidia-current is installed in synaptic - with a few other nvidia drivers I tried.. is -that_ the problem?15:57
Guest53892who is mason?15:57
ActionParsnipfrybye: if you have lots of nvidia drivers installed (not the modaliases) then it can cause issues15:58
karel_ffActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/331594615:58
FrankyThere has got to be a way I can get Ubuntu off of my computer and still keep Xubuntu! Please help!15:59
MonkeyDustGuest53892  james mason was an actor, but that's offtopic15:59
karel_ffActionParsnip: output for libfreetype6 itself is here: http://pastie.org/331595415:59
frybyeActionParsnip: can it be that nvidia-config is now called nvidia settings?15:59
bullgard6usalabs_: hkp: //keyserver.ubuntu.com:1137115:59
frybyeActionParsnip: there is a packet with that name...16:00
aukActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=nyYQE55b                           Yea, I added in a: sudo mkdir -p /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins   and something for firefox/opera & etc.16:00
ActionParsnipkarel_ff: wget http://launchpadlibrarian.net/85376787/libfreetype6_2.4.4-2ubuntu1.1_i386.deb; sudo dpkg -i ./libfreetype6_2.4.4-2ubuntu1.1_i386.deb16:00
auk64bit version16:00
FrankyActionParsnip: Is there a way I can get Ubuntu off of my computer and still keep Xubuntu(Along with XFCE)16:00
bullgard6usalabs_: hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:1137116:00
ActionParsnipfrybye: it's   nvidia-xconfig     not nvidia-config16:00
krazed2.5MB/s for the kubuntu 11.10 torrent is what's up!16:01
ActionParsnipFranky: you could uninstall unity and it may help, it won't make your system faster16:01
dr_willisnvidia-bug-report.sh  nvidia-detector       nvidia-settings       nvidia-smi            nvidia-xconfig16:01
ActionParsnipkrazed: seeders16:01
krazedActionParsnip, I know! But, it's spectacular.16:01
dr_willisFranky:  fire up the package manager and start uninstalling the ubuntu/gnome packages.. (its a pain)16:01
ActionParsnipkrazed: maye it will pick up16:01
usalabs_bullgard6 thanks16:02
ActionParsnipkrazed: or is 2.5Mb/s your bandwidth?16:02
krazedActionParsnip, pick up? 2.4mb/s is fast as hell. Why would I need any faster?16:02
dtmbmw325iFranky: sudo apt-get --purge remove ubuntu-desktop16:02
frybyeActionParsnip: that was just a typo right now - been using nvidia-xconfig all along and command no found..16:02
ActionParsnipkrazed: sorry, 50Mb connection here16:02
dr_willis   /usr/bin/nvidia-xconfig16:02
krazedActionParsnip, :-(. Corporate? I live in a suburban area, regular cable.16:02
dtmbmw325iFranky back up first16:03
aukFranky: Use apt-get to uninstall ubuntu-desktop        IF it's there.           But it's exactly like ActionParsnip mentioned, it will not make your system any faster.        You can try this:  http://cinnamon.linuxmint.com/       If you like Gnome3 AND The old gnome2 interface.  http://cinnamon.linuxmint.com/?page_id=6116:03
karel_ffActionParsnip: thx. Does this mean there's something wrong in the deb package repositories? Afaict the  -dev package version is trailing behind16:03
ActionParsnipkrazed: think abouot all the users seeding their ISO whom use kubuntu, healthy torrent  == fast transfer ;)16:03
Frankydtmbmw325i: If I do that, will I still have Xubuntu and XFCE?16:03
ActionParsnipauk: uninstalling ubuntu-desktop does nothing, its a metapackage16:03
aukFranky: I usually use Lubuntu on my opld machine since it's not designed for applications of today.16:03
aukActionParsnip: Ah right, he don't like unity? o_O16:04
ActionParsnipauk: cinammon isn't supported here so users with problems won't be helped16:04
frybyeActionParsnip:  nvidia-xconfig  "command not found?"16:04
Frankyauk: XFCE is perfect for me but I'll keep that in mind :) Thanks16:04
ActionParsnipfrybye: did you run the command I gave?16:04
tjfHow do I go about flashing my BIOS on Ubuntu?16:04
krazedUnity is the devil. :-(16:04
dtmbmw325iFranky: just make sure you backup first. Image your disk and then run the command16:04
ActionParsniptjf: what manufacturer of the system?16:04
aukkrazed: What's wrong with Unity?16:04
frybyeActionParsnip: no because I had already installed it with synaptic16:04
tjfActionParsnip: Lenovo G55016:05
tjfkrazed: I cannot agree more.16:05
aukI'm using it right now on my Mint Desktop. (Weird? Yes, but unity pwns).16:05
ActionParsniptjf: dell have a bios flasher which runs in Ubuntu, not sure about other systems16:05
frybyeActionParsnip: but of course i will run the command now...16:05
krazedauk, The interface just isn't at all what I'm looking for. Kubuntu offers a great solution though, so it's okay.16:05
aukI'm so happy I purchased this new machine I custom built.16:05
Frankydtmbmw325i: If I do that I'll still have XFCE, right? If so can I back up my files on to a USB.16:05
bastidrazordtmbmw325i: Franky the ubuntu-desktop package is not going to remove anything. its just a meta package16:05
ActionParsnipfrybye: that is a later version than the one in the repos16:05
dtmbmw325ibastidrazor: thats what the purge does16:06
frybyeActionParsnip: do I have to uninstall the older one first?16:06
ActionParsnipfrybye: no, it will simply upgrade  it16:06
Frankybastidrazor: sweet. Will it free up a little bit of space for me to use for updates, plugins, etc.?16:06
ActionParsnipFranky: could just pull down the xubuntu ISO and reinstall clean16:06
tjfActionParsnip: do you know if it'll work for non-Dell computers?16:06
ActionParsniptjf: no, its a dell tool16:07
bastidrazorFranky: about 64k16:07
FrankyActionParsnip: can I do that without a boot disk? and will XFCE be included on that16:07
idarksideanyone knw bout unreal and anope?16:07
ActionParsnipFranky: how do you mean without a boot disk?16:07
bullgard6'~$ gunzip /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser.1.gz;  gzip: /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser.1.gz: Too many levels of symbolic links' --  How to deal with this?16:08
ActionParsnipFranky: xubuntu uses xfce by default16:08
FrankyActionParsnip: I mean where you put in a disk into the computer to boot an operation system installer.16:08
bastidrazordtmbmw325i: purge does help when removing a meta package.16:08
Frankyoperating system I mean16:08
ActionParsnipFranky: you will need it to install a clean xfce based ubuntu, you could sit and hack out the Unity stuff but I'm not sure how long it will take, both methods have pros and cons16:09
aukkrazed: I didn't like unity at first, but these peeps updated it and now I love it, it       reminds me of windows 7's taskbar, but with a twist and less pixels ued on my screen for menus and toolbars.16:09
FrankyActionParsnip: ok lol. How do I download Xubuntu and start fresh (without Ubuntu)?16:09
ActionParsnipFranky: you could use http://packages.ubuntu.com    to compare the contents of the metapackages and remove what is unique from ubuntu-desktop16:09
ericussudipta: http://shuffleos.com/3557/how-to-enable-alt-f2-shortcut-gnome-shell-ubuntu-11-10/16:10
aukFranky: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop16:10
aukI hate restarting. xD16:10
frybyeActionParsnip: it said that I already had the newest version and that a load of other stuff was installed and not necessary and I should use apt-get autoremove - which I have done but nvidia-xconfig is still - command not found (in German...)16:10
Frankyauk: Will that also delete Ubuntu (like I wanted) I just want one little distro on my comp. not two :) Saves me room16:10
dtmbmw325ibastidrazor: Franky: what about "sudo tasksel"16:10
ActionParsnipFranky: download the ISO, MD5 test and make an install media, then delete your ubuntu partitions and install to the free space. Be SURE you have everything you ned BACKED UP so you don't lose any data16:10
Random832do you know what could cause ubuntu to get in a state where it's - at boot - in a video mode that my monitor doesn't support until I blindly hit enter?16:11
FrankyActionParsnip: How do I go about doing that (sorry for sounding stupid but this is my first time using Linux)16:11
aukFranky: Not really.              Actually, the truth is, there's no real heavy differences between the ubuntu distros, except for default installed apps,      and some dedicated distro flavored configs.16:12
ubukoui seem to be loading cairo dock multiple times..running xfce and i have installed unity and kde alogside.. could it be that KDE XFCE and GNOME are all loading their startup aplications?16:12
ActionParsnipFranky: doing what?16:12
FrankyActionParsnip: Installing Xubuntu and deleting the Ubuntu partitions16:12
HaposHello. I am trying to find the best linux release for me, is there anyone to help me choose the right one?16:13
ActionParsnipFranky: same way you installed it, just using a different ISO...16:13
ActionParsnipHapos: what hardware do you have?16:13
aukFranky: Okay, what you do is this.        1. Figure out if your computer is 32bit OS or a 64bit OS (Actually, machine).           2. Decide on how you want to install Xubuntu.         CD disk or USB drive?                        3.      You then BURN CD or copy Xubuntu to your USB flash drive and    restart your computer to boot into the CD or USB.16:13
frybyeActionParsnip: does the nvidia card have to be physically installed - (have not yet done it - cos that messes the screen...)16:13
HaposMy hardware is: Core 2 duo E7400, gpu: gtx460 1gb, 4gb of ram ddr2, 1TB HDD16:13
ActionParsnipfrybye: as far as I am aware no, but possibly. I've not used it without the hardware present16:14
ubukouhapos what are you running now ?16:14
idarksideanyone knw bout unreal and anope?16:14
Frankyauk: Sweet :) i have a 32 bit. Which program would be best for ripping the Xubuntu onto my USB. I used Pendrive. Also, where would the best place to get the OS file be? Which website?16:15
Haposubukou atm I am running windows7 ultimate 64bit16:15
frybyeActionParsnip: but you see my problem - nvidia card in pc = not useable screen...16:15
ubukouever used linux ?16:15
ActionParsnipHapos: nice, any of them will do, you have a fine system which is more than any ubuntu needs, so take your pick16:15
Trumbunhi, I am trying to install ubuntu server to try it out. I wish to dual boot it with my windows setup. the hard disk has some unpartioned space. how can I do it?16:15
ActionParsnipfrybye: add the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=116:15
ubukouHapos, ever used linux?16:15
Haposubukou yeah I had ubuntu in the past for a while16:15
padd173How do I set available locales for my ubuntu server machine?16:15
Haposubukou I am mainly programming in Java and C++ and I am also a gamer. But I dunno which linux distro to pick :p16:16
ubukoui d say starting with ubuntu is a safe choice.. very good community support.16:16
Frankyauk: which site can I download the OS from?16:17
aukFranky: Unetbootin, for linux and windows: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/                      If you're on Ubuntu right now, just push CTRL+ALT+T    and wait for terminal window to pop up, then run this command: sudo apt-get install unetbootin16:17
ubukouHapos, gaming isnt always easy in linux... there are many emulators but for gaming i would suggest a dual boot...16:17
padd173Franky: ubuntu.com16:17
ubukouHapos, thats just me tho...16:17
ActionParsnip!torrents | Franky16:18
ubottuFranky: Oneiric can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/desktop/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/server/ubuntu-11.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/16:18
aukFranky: http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/          To get Xubuntu.16:18
holsteinFranky: i would just google clearly which one you want "download xubuntu" for example, and go for the link that is from xubuntu.org .. http://xubuntu.org/ for example16:18
Haposubukou um yeah I've experienced some problems in the past, but ummmm I am not such a fanatic gamer, WoW is just fine for me. And I think Wine will be more than enough for WoW :P Do you think Gentoo will be better for Java coding?16:18
Frankyauk: can I use the terminal in XFCE to get unebootin?16:18
SilentD97I think some people need to learn how to use Google.16:18
holsteinFranky: im unclear as to what you hae done so far.. have you installed several ubuntu's?16:18
aukFranky: Yes.       (You can also /safely/ assume that all terminals are the same for any linux distro).16:19
holsteinyou dont need to do that really... you can have ubuntu with XFCE and LXDE for example and choose between them at boot16:19
ActionParsnipHapos: WoW runs wine really well16:19
holsteinall the ubuntu's are bascially the same as far as packages, its just these cusomizations that make the difference Franky16:19
aukFranky: At least, it functions similarly. So just apt-get install unetbootin               (The word sudo     means to do this as an ADMIN, under root priveledges).16:20
ubukouHapos, i have never loaded a game on ubuntu successfully.. i havent tryied really hard.. im sure some people have been able to load many game... as for programing i am not the best one in here to answer you...16:20
holsteinyou dont have to have ubuntu and xubuntu insatlled, you can have ubuntu and install XFCE and choose between them... and if thats the case, you really wont save that much hard drive space removing unity16:20
Frankyholstein: Okay. So I downloaded Ubuntu a few days ago to my USB. I booted my USB to the comp.  installed Ubuntu. It was to slow for me so my cousin (an expert in Linux) gave me a code to get Xubuntu and now I have ubuntu and xubuntu. I want to just have xubuntu16:20
SilentD97I'm in the market for a laptop today. Any brands that cooperate particularly well with Ubuntu?16:20
ActionParsnipHapos: I suggest you use something like youtube and look at kubuntu, Ubuntu and Xubuntu    to see which desktop appeals16:20
ActionParsnipSilentD97: System7616:20
dtmbmw325iIf you run sudo tasksel you can choose what you want and don't want on your system16:21
holsteinFranky: OK... but that does *not* account for the space you are reproting16:21
ActionParsnip!hcl  | SilentD9716:21
ubottuSilentD97: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection16:21
ActionParsnipSilentD97: http://www.linux-laptop.net/16:21
Frankyauk: and unebootin is a program in which I can put OS's on my USB to boot it?16:21
FrankyHolstein: I know, I16:21
ubottuTasksel is a Debian/Ubuntu tool that installs multiple related packages as a co-ordinated "task" onto your system, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel for more information. Use tasksel only to INSTALL tasks, not to remove them. It will remove every package listed within the removed task! see https://launchpad.net/bugs/57428716:21
FrankyHolstein: I'm stupid with this. lol16:21
aukFranky: Ubuntu and Xubuntu is pretty much the same (Xubuntu based on Ubuntu.         Ubuntu and Xubuntu based on Debian).16:21
holsteinFranky: i would expect ubuntu to take up about 6gb's and xubuntu a little less.. i wouldnt expect to see much space gained from removing unity Franky16:21
HaposActionParsnip: Yeah I will and thank you for the info. I know it's an ubuntu char here, but do you think Gentoo would be better than Ubuntu for Java and C++ programming?16:22
SteMhello, how can i close Pidgin ?? It is always active!16:22
SilentD97I've looked at what System76 has to offer and it's great but I'm looking for a bit more battery life.16:22
Frankyholstein: Okay.16:22
aukFranky: What really happened is that you only installed a few Ubuntu's version of gnome, with a twist.           Just ignore ubuntu? o_O16:22
MonkeyDustSilentD97  http://zareason.com/shop/Laptops/16:22
ActionParsnipHapos: the compiler would be more optimised for your CPU but Ubuntu willbe easier to setup and use16:22
SilentD97I was looking at a couple lightweight Asus laptops. thoughts?16:23
ubukouanyone knows if it is possible KDE UNITY and XFCE to be loading Cairo simultaneously on login? when i open XFCE i have 3 cairo docks one over the other...settings show 1 cairo dock configured... ActionParsnip any insights?16:23
holsteinFranky: if you are asking "i am running out of hard drive space, and i want to removing unity, because the installation is taking up 37GB's and i want to reclaim space" remvoving unity will *not* save that much space16:23
HaposActionParsnip: Thank you very much for your information16:23
Frankyauk: I'm sorry. I'm getting mixed up :( This is so complicated. I just don't want Ubuntu anymore. I just want Xubuntu (which I have also)16:23
aukFranky: The easiest solution is to put Xubuntu in your USB, via, unetbootin and install Xubuntu.16:23
Tm_TSilentD97: try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic perhaps (:16:23
ActionParsnipubukou: sure, Cairo dock just needs compositing, the DE is moot16:23
aukFranky: A fresh clean install.16:23
aukLike you previously did.16:23
Frankyauk: So the code you have me for unebootin (what is unebootin?)16:24
Frankyauk: Yes, to sum it all up, I want a fresh clean install of Xubuntu16:24
holsteinyup... a agree with auk ... wipe what you already did and just reinstall Franky .. i think you have something totally different going on that is taking up so much space16:24
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:24
Frankyholstein: I agree with you there too16:25
holsteinand you get the xubuntu *official* iso's from http://xubuntu.org/16:25
ActionParsnipFrankLv: it will give a cleaner OS.16:25
Trumbunin ubuntu desktop durin installation i can set up the partions that i want. on ubuntu server 12.04 Getting either guided - ie use entire disk or manual. in manual option: guided partitioning, configure iscsi volumes. the full disk.16:25
ActionParsnipholstein: as long as it passed MD5 from the official hashes, the source is irrelevant16:26
ubukouActionParsnip, i can close 2 bars and be left with one if i want... compositing involves graphics right ?16:26
FrankyAlrighty. I think I'm all set to go. Thank you auk, holstein, and actionParsnip. I think I understand now :) sorry for bothering16:26
aukFranky: "Command" is the proper term for it. Not code.         sudo apt-get install unetbootin                           This is what unetbootin is:  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3a/Unetbootin_on_Ubuntu.png                  Just click on DISK IMAGE and pick the ISO you downloaded,          then pick the  USB flash drive letter to install this to          (Be sure to backup/wipe your USB first).16:26
ubukouActionParsnip, there is an extention on cairo.. is that what you are refering to?16:26
aukFranky: It's cool, at least you're learning something that can be taught to others.16:26
ActionParsnipubukou: yes, compiz and kwin provide compositing16:26
Frankyauk: yep. Talk to you later16:27
ubukouActionParsnip, i have compiz running.. i upstreamed it yesterday.. do you suppose its compiz's fault?16:27
aukWOAH SNAPS, I just realized, theres a custom  kernel option!!!! Why did I never noticed this before?16:27
ActionParsnipubukou: fault of what?16:28
ubukouActionParsnip, i dont thing i am running kwin.. what is it ?16:28
ActionParsnipubukou: its the default WM in KDE16:28
minthey i want to format my hard disk in secure way, i done this command: sudo shred -z -v /dev/sda, does this fill it with zero, MBR too?16:28
ubukouActionParsnip, fault for having multiple cairo docks open...16:28
EximiusGparted is failing to detect windows' partition16:28
=== mint is now known as zizzu
ubukouActionParsnip, ohhh its kde window mngr. emm .. im running gnome window manager on xfce.16:29
openvoidmint, dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx is enough16:29
ActionParsnipubukou: there is no 'gnome WM', there is metacity and compiz in Gnome16:30
Frankyauk: it saays 'unable to locate package unebootin when I typed to command in16:30
ubukouActionParsnip, hmmm...16:30
MonkeyDustFranky  unetbootin, you forgot the t16:30
ActionParsnipFranky: unetbootin   you missed the t16:30
GringoireHey, I have a problem with my webcam, HF Pavillion dv9000, doesn't work16:30
ubukouActionParsnip, is there a way to find out what i am running ?16:30
GringoireBus 002 Device 003: ID 04f2:b023 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd Gateway USB 2.0 Webcam16:30
ActionParsnipubukou: ps-ef | egrep 'compiz|kwin|metacity'16:31
ubukouActionParsnip, ps ax|grep compiz    ??16:31
aukFranky: unetbootin              not unebootin :P16:31
Trumbunthanks any way. cancelling windows server installation.16:31
ActionParsnipGringoire: does it show in cheese?16:31
ubukouActionParsnip, oh ok16:31
Gringoireit doesn't16:31
aukAlways check typos.16:31
Gringoire** (cheese:1249): WARNING **: Device '/dev/video0' cannot capture at 640x48016:31
Frankyauk: oh, eh, eh, I knew that16:31
ActionParsnipubukou: sorry, space before the minus sign'16:32
GringoireActually this is more interesting, still cheese output: libv4l2: error setting pixformat: Device or resource busy16:32
ActionParsnipGringoire: if you run:   lsusb    you will see an 8 character hex ID, use that to find guides16:33
nsd_Does anyone know how to set up a guest session account on Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS)? Evidently there is a package called gdm-guest-session that handles creating temporary files and such but it must be launched from an already-running session. I noticed that in /usr/share/gdm/guest-session there appear to be some sort of guest session scripts, but I don't know anything about them. I don't want to create a permanent user account (and, say, just call16:34
nsd_it guest) and give it no password or something like that. I like the idea of lightdm's guest user account (in the latest Ubuntu) that is created temporarily. Is there something that I can do like that?16:34
pip__does anyone know what's happened to flashvideoreplacer?  I don't seem able to find it anymore16:35
nsd_Evidently there is also a .desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions related to a guest session as well.16:35
dr_willisnsd_:  seems every release they chnge how the guest session works.. sometimes you login as a normal user. switch to 'guest' then hand  the pc over to whoever.. in 11.04 you have an actual guest user  whos settings are not saved.16:37
dr_willisor was that in 11.10  i never use the feature. :) no matter what they do people seem to always hate how it works.16:38
igor_hey guys can you help me?16:38
nsd_dr_willis: Yes, I've noticed as much. I would like to know if it is possible to have a temporary guest user log in like in 11.04/11.10, except I'm on 10.04. Like I said evidently Canonical wrote scripts to make it work... Perhaps I have to write my own solution...16:38
ericusHave I've got this right? Can I use 8GB RAM with a PAE-kernel, not 64bit?16:39
ericusOr should I go for the 64bit version?16:39
ericusOr is it still very buggy?16:39
wietzehi Im booting ubuntu from pxeboot; but when I do, for some reason I do get network, but my dns lookups fail16:39
nsd_ericus: I don't know anything about PAE but I am pretty certain that with 32 bit address pointers you can't access more than 4gb16:39
wietzecan anyone tell me how I can get the dns lookup to work? the /etc/resolv.conf is sane16:39
ActionParsnipericus: PAE kernel can access 64Gb RAM16:40
ubukouActionParsnip, hmmm ok .. i rebooted.. what i noticed is that when i choose in lightDM what Enviroment to load there is only the option of "XFCE(previous) there, i opens all the processes i had open when i halted... is there a way to kill everything on shutdown ? that is a lightDM thing ... right ?16:40
EximiusGParted cannot recognize my hdd16:40
EximiusThis is seriously sirius16:40
ActionParsnipericus: not seen a buggy 64bit install, always been the same stabilty as my 32bit installs16:40
Antigone3010hello !16:40
dr_willisubukou:  check the xfce session management  settings. (i never use xfce)16:41
dr_willisubukou:  its not a lightdm thing. :) its a xfce session thing.16:41
dr_willisive seen people in here asking for that same feature to be enabled in Unity/gnome :)16:41
ubukoudr_willis, interesting thing is that it does the same thing when i load KDE...16:41
ericusActionParsnip: even with 32bit?16:41
wietzedo I need to restart anything after making changes to /etc/resolv.conf ?16:41
dr_willisubukou:  it used to be a common feature. But ive not really looked into it in ages.16:42
llutzwietze: no16:42
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot16:42
Antigone3010I'd like to reduce my screen resolution, but keeping the same "precision" : i mean, adding "crop bars" around the screen16:42
ubukoudr_willis, ok i ll check .. thanks a lot .16:42
knjigaAntigone3010: check your monitor menu16:43
wietzellutz: I really dont understand why my initial ubuntu environment does no dns lookups then16:43
dr_willisAntigone3010:  ive seen some monitor settings have it where it either zooms less then native res. or displays it as is. with black bars around the image.16:43
wietzeif I do `nslookup' and enter teh same server as specified in /etc/resolv.conf, the lookups work16:43
knjigamy monitor does that16:43
wietzeif I try to ping google.com in shell, it cannot resolv16:43
llutzwietze: grep hosts /etc/nsswitch.conf16:44
Antigone3010dr_willis, knjiga : i am on a laptop... I used to have that option on windows (nvidia drivers) but haven't found anything here16:44
ActionParsnipericus: both arch's have been fine16:44
wietzellutz: files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns mdns416:44
ubukoudr_willis, there is a setting called "automatically save session at logout" but its unckecked.. using XFCE i am getting the feeling that gnome runs alongside.. is that even possible?16:44
p3rrorplease i get an error when i run apt-get16:44
p3rrorcan you help16:44
knjigaAntigone3010: do you use nvidia drivers?16:44
ActionParsnipwietze: try:   echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf      then retry16:45
Antigone3010knjiga, yes.16:45
llutzwietze: for a test, edit the file and change that line to read "hosts:  files dns"16:45
dr_willisubukou:  i dont use xfce.. im not sure gnome uses the feature by default eiather16:45
wietzeActionParsnip: your version worked16:46
knjigathose should allow for gpu scaling, but the option is greyed out until you change resolutuin. Maybe it isn't there in the Linux version though.16:46
wietzeperhaps the resolv.conf is malformed?16:46
ActionParsnipwietze: basically your DNS sucks or you aren't getting DNS via DHCP16:46
wietzeActionParsnip: nono16:46
wietzeI didnt use :)16:46
wietzeI used the one that was already in the resolv.conf16:46
wietzebut I removed all other lines16:47
ubukoudr_willis, hmm i ll check on #XFCE16:47
ActionParsnipwietze: http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using.html    use that, the file is made by network manager at boot, so use that guide and the config will stick16:47
ubukoudr_willis, thanks16:47
wietzeActionParsnip: not really no :)16:48
Bastian_BHi, I removed a file using 'sudo rm file', is there a way to retrieve it? Thanks16:48
wietzeActionParsnip: its not the dns thats not working16:48
knjigaAntigone3010: the option is greyed out in windows if you are currently in native resolution16:48
wietzeits the initial config that seems to not work16:48
ActionParsnipwietze: now you have a web connection, get updated16:48
dr_willisBastian_B:  not very easially16:48
dr_willis!undelete | Bastian_B16:48
ubottuBastian_B: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel16:48
wietzeActionParsnip: the idea is to hve a working out of teh box pxeboot16:48
wietzewhich it isnt, because the /etc/resolv.conf is not proper16:48
wietzeor so it seems16:48
Antigone3010knjiga, well i managed to do it16:49
ActionParsnipwietze: that file is made by networ manager16:49
Bastian_Bdr_willis, thanks a lot16:49
Frankydo I need to reboot after installing unetbootin?16:49
Antigone3010on windows, i eman16:49
MonkeyDustFranky  no16:49
ActionParsnipwietze: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc16:49
knjigaAntigone3010: oh, maybe the option is absent or hidden in linux16:49
wietzeActionParsnip: oneiric16:49
joelmobim on a ubuntu 8 server, and want to install pthread and gcc-c++ support how do i do this16:49
joelmobis it possible with a sudo apt get install16:49
ActionParsnipjoelmob: sure16:50
MonkeyDustjoelmob  first search what you need with apt-cache search16:50
wietzeActionParsnip: the resolv.conf has16:50
wietzenameserver 'x'16:50
wietzewhen I change it to: nameserver x it works16:50
wietzeso it seems to fall over the '''s16:50
ActionParsnipwietze: shouldn't have quotes around it16:51
wietzeI wonder how I get these quotes then :o16:51
Antigone3010knjiga, oh, i found it hidden somewhere16:51
Antigone3010it worksss ! thank you very much.16:52
ActionParsnipwietze: i'd use that guide and set the DNS manually, sounds like your DHCP server is distibuting it with quotes16:52
knjigaAntigone3010: nice, np :)16:52
wietzeActionParsnip: I doubt that, all my other boxes seem to work16:52
ActionParsnipwietze: same OS?16:52
wietzesame OS, different distribution16:53
donavan01I just bot a laptop and I found out it has a a miniPCIexpress slot which Im going to try ram a SSD card into, I want to load it up with Ubuntu but I dont want the system to show me the HDD (windows) and the SSD(linux) at boot I want to have to select the boot device is this easily do able or am I asking for a giant head ache16:53
Frankycan I download Xubuntu in CD form and use unetbootin to transfer it to a USB?16:53
ActionParsnipwietze: maybe a thing, you need to override it16:53
ActionParsnipFranky: yes absoltely16:53
tioxIs there a way to force gnome on ncurse interface applications?16:53
ActionParsnipFranky: the CD ISO is what you transfer using unetbootin16:53
FrankyActionParsnip: Okay. I have a 32 bit computer so should I download PC(intel X86) desktop CD?16:54
wietzeActionParsnip: it seems to be https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/+bug/70936416:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 709364 in casper (Ubuntu) "Invalid domain in /etc/resolv.conf on network install with NetworkManager disabled" [Medium,Fix released]16:54
ActionParsnipFranky: yes16:54
ActionParsnipwietze: nice16:54
FrankyActionParsnip: Thank you so much :)16:54
tioxI know debconf can be forced to use GTK or QT for an interface, wondering if ncurse applications have something similar.16:54
* Caspercom considers turning his mention scripts off for this channel :|16:54
ActionParsnipwietze: I use manual DNS as I have ran namebench as well as a local dnsmasq cache16:54
ervishi all16:55
wietzeActionParsnip: I guess I have to wait for a new release before this is fixed?16:55
wietzeActionParsnip: I just want a netinstall that works out of the box; I cant tell my gf to go edit her resolv.conf manually :)16:55
ervisanyone know if Ubuntu have any plan to upgrade pootle to latest version ?16:55
ActionParsnipwietze: you don't have to, just set the DNS in network manager....16:56
ActionParsnip!ppa | ervis16:56
ubottuervis: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa16:56
=== zizzu is now known as Zizzu
axisyshow do I rotate through all the active browser windows, while only one window is on focus instead of all windows in focus and I can barely see the content of each window in my laptop screen..17:00
emsudo apt-get install skyrim17:00
emwhy it doesn't work?17:00
KristianDKI'm having troubles setting up a bridged environment for KVM. I successfully have br0 running, but without "bridge_ports eth0", when i set that and run ifup br0, the entire network crashes and i have to manually edit the file by mounting the disk from another OS and changing /etc/network/interfaces17:00
auronandaceem: are you kidding?17:00
KristianDKHow can i debug this?17:00
emauronandace: hardly joking when it's all i need to install now17:01
auronandaceem: skyrim as in the game yes?17:01
em!info skyrim17:02
ubottuPackage skyrim does not exist in oneiric17:02
mongyem, works i nwine does it not?17:02
mongyin win17:02
mongyin wine *17:02
wesselHow can I create a shortcut to dubble click a .sh file and run it in a terminal?17:02
emmongy: oh that would be cool.17:02
artbrutI have a vostro 1500 laptop and why do I get the old desktop rather than the unity desktop when I boot from a 11.04 live CD or usb?17:02
aBoundIsn't Skyrim only for Windows and has to be paid for?17:03
auronandaceaBound: thats why i thought he was kidding17:03
mongyem, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1366717:03
aBoundauronandace, I don't think he's kidding. lol17:04
ActionParsnipmongy: I'd say it was a platinum rating, bit slow and lag on ultra setting is more than acceptable imho :)17:04
aBoundem, You do know that Skyrim is for Windows right and you need to pay for the "actual game". Though if you have the physical disc you can run it within the WINE emulator.17:04
ActionParsnipaBound: Wine isn't an emulator17:05
ActionParsnipaBound: It's what wine actually stands for...17:05
auronandaceaBound: wine is a compatibilty layer'17:05
aBoundI noticed.17:06
bullgard6'~$ gunzip /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser.1.gz;  gzip: /etc/alternatives/x-www-browser.1.gz: Too many levels of symbolic links' --  How to deal with this?17:06
Culiforgecould someon help with chroot to an unbootable installation?17:06
=== mike_ is now known as Guest63266
ikoniabullgard6: remove the level of symlinks17:06
ikoniabullgard6: use less links17:06
krazedSo, I'd like to officially point out that Unity is going to make sooooooo many users switch from classic ubuntu to kubuntu.17:07
ActionParsnipbullgard6: try unp17:07
ActionParsnipkrazed: does it matter?17:07
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
auronandacekrazed: good that they have a choice of desktops then17:08
auronandacekrazed: do you have a support issue?17:08
flinghow to make existing files 'sparse' ? without using cp/rsync/etc...17:08
flingi need an app that will make 'holes' :]17:08
aBoundMore or less people will realize why bother with the hassle from moving to one gui to another. :P17:08
krazedIt kind've matters, just because the old gnome2 interface was aesthetically pleasing and very functional, but eh.17:08
krazedauronandace: no why17:08
auronandacekrazed: this is a support channel17:09
ikoniakrazed: gnome 2 is dead for all distros, it is a non-discussion17:09
ikoniakrazed: use whatever desktop/distro you like, but complaining won't change anything17:09
artbrutwhy doesn't it boot into the unity desktop on a vostro 1500 laptop?17:09
krazedI wasn't complaining by any means, just pointing something out. I'm actually finally satisfied with my current environment.17:09
ActionParsnipkrazed: what DE users use is unimportant17:09
ikoniakrazed: you're not pointing anything out, you don't speak for the mass population of linux users, so you don't know what it will do17:10
ikoniakrazed: keep to support discussion and there will be no problem17:10
plouffeWould clamtk be appropriate to run a virus scan on a VBox XP image?17:10
ubukouauronandace, outch :)17:10
ActionParsnipplouffe: if the image can be mounted, yes17:10
ikoniaplouffe: not directly on the image file17:10
aBoundHmm, let's see if this works.17:11
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic17:11
plouffeActionParsnip, ikonia what would I have to do?17:11
krazedikonia: People can make observations and speak on them, sure this is a support channel and I often come here for support I was just making a statement. I don't really see why you're making a big deal about a simple comment.17:11
auronandaceaBound: one can live in hope :)17:11
ikoniakrazed: because it's nonsense, you don't know if people will adopt or drop uinity17:11
aBoundauronandace, HA! in accordance to hopefully working. :P17:11
aBoundHow do you guys reference bots I noticed a lot of people doing it.17:12
pfifo/etc/enviroment is NOT respected, how can I PROPERLY set an enviorment variable17:12
ikonia!ubottu > aBound17:12
ubottuaBound, please see my private message17:12
ikoniaaBound: check the pm17:12
ubukouikonia, only thing that can be said for sure is that everything new is not adopted fast.17:12
ubukouikonia, time will tell...17:12
zygopterapfifo: "setenv varnam value"17:12
emThis is a support channel17:12
aBoundReading is one of my enemies. :P17:13
ActionParsnipaBound: you trigger her with !factoid    the bang makes ubottu react17:13
ActionParsnipaBound: you are reading now...17:13
pfifozygoptera, is the permanent?17:13
artbrutThe old school desktop makes it easier to find things17:13
aBoundhaha indeed.17:13
pfifozygoptera, is that permanent and system wide17:13
krazedikonia: As of right now, I've been doing a lot of reading and looking around and it seems the general consensus is that Unity still has some problems and configuration issues. I'm sure within the next 2-3 releases Unity will be a great solution, however I just feel as of now it lacks compared to both the old gnome2 environment and KDE... That's all.17:13
ActionParsnipartbrut: install xfce4 and use the xfce desktop, your Gnome apps will run there as well17:14
ikoniakrazed: thanks for that pointless statment17:14
zygopterapfifo: no, not permanent or systemwide unless you include the command in the system  rc.d init files17:14
plouffeActionParsnip, can I just open "Open with Virus Scanner" the WinXP.vdi file?17:14
ActionParsnipplouffe: not sure, I'd ask in #vbox  to see how they are mounted17:14
Dr_Willisid be impressed if the av scanners handled vdi files17:14
sda1986Hi all, I have a Samsung 700z3a with ibrid svideo. they say i should work with it around 15W but my computer work always around 15W sometimes i can make it reach the 23W but still very high! what should i watch to make the power goes down? i use ubuntu + 3.2.2kernel17:14
ActionParsnipkrazed: what you are highlighting is pointless.17:14
emkrazed: I agree with all you said except that it is going to get better.17:15
daiverhi! Ubuntu Studio. How to change screen refresh rate? Via Settings->Display, only one 60Hz.17:15
gyzarjoin #django17:15
pfifoHoe can I permanently set an environment variable system wide, BOTH for pre-existing variables and new variables?17:15
Dr_Willispfifo:  one normally exports them in the /etc/bashrc or /etc/profile17:16
aukkrazed: People generally complain about unity for it's look, and for the fact they're running old hardware. o_O              Gnome3 appears to be ditching old stuff.17:16
pfifoDr_Willis, is that how ubuntu is supposed to do it? according to my info, that is not recommended17:16
Dr_Willisthe term 'preexisting/new' is a bit.. well confuseing. :) you export them, they are set. child processes get them. and can change them later17:16
ActionParsnippfifo: /etc/environment17:17
Dr_Willispfifo:  it depens on the details i imagine17:17
pfifoActionParsnip, /etc/environment is NOT respected17:17
ActionParsnippfifo: weird17:17
pfifoDr_Willis, I want to set a new variable JAVA_HOME, and append to the preexisting PATH17:17
ubukoukrazed, thre might be someone that has configured unity in a way that is the best environment that we all have ever dreamed of... you cant know that... all we are saying is that inless you have a way to help make it better.. this is a pointless discussion.. like i said .. time will tell..17:18
zygopterapfifo: that would be best in the bashrc file17:18
Dr_Willispfifo:  id set it in the bash profiles then. but the Java wiki page for ubuntu may have a better place.17:18
axisysso Alt + ~ switch between windows of same application while displays the windows in thumbnail like view.. is there a way I can view them in full size like Alt + Tab used to do in the past ?17:18
emubukou: what is the probability that Ubuntu will admit it made a mistake and stop using Unity if it doesn't get any better?17:18
Dr_WillisUnity is getting better  all the time.17:19
EximiusHelp, GParted doesn't support GPT17:19
ikoniaseems like a worthwhile discussion for #ubuntu-offtopic17:19
pfifozygoptera, Dr_Willis, thats my train of thought too, but it dosent seem to be recommended according to this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables17:19
operatorplikopo iki?17:19
dtmbmw325i Alt + ~  works pretty nice. I was always alt + tabbing and waiting for the screen to expand for other windows17:19
zygopterapfifo: there will always be differences of opinion17:20
AlanaHI all!!!17:20
FrankyI encountered yet another problem. lol. I just downloaded (or tried at least) the OS for xubuntu so I can do a clean install but it says I only have 2.5GB left when I download it. I have only downloaded Adobe Flash Player so I don't know what's taking up the space17:20
pfifoDr_Willis, JAVA wiki says /etc/enviroment, but again, its not taking effect there17:20
auronandaceEximius: isn't that something you should complain about to the gparted devs?17:20
Dr_Willispfifo:  check the forums and askubuntu could be some known bug.17:20
dtmbmw325iFranky run disk analyzer17:20
Frankydtbmw325i: okay. Brb17:21
EximiusWell how should I complain to them17:21
axisysdtmbmw325i: well but it shows all the windows in thumbnail size.. would be nice if I could see them in full size just like Alt + Tab used to17:21
ubukouem, there is no way ubuntu says its a mistake.. its not. took hard work to get there .. and in the process something was improved even if we cant see it. unity might be a stepping stone for something better.. was it worth the resources spent on developing it? once again, only time will tell.17:21
SomelauwHi, I am trying to upgrade to ubuntu 11.4 but it says I am either using a prerelease or one of my packages is broken17:21
Eximiusand to ubuntu devs that they don't provide a partition editor capable of handling GPT17:21
ActionParsnipFranky: did you tell the installer to use the old partitions and format them so they are blank?17:21
pfifoDr_Willis, im willing to say its my fault since its not a shell script, but the file doesnt seem to be that hard to change17:21
SomelauwIf one of my pacakages is broken, then how do I resolve it?17:21
auronandaceEximius: check their bug tracker, if there isn't support planned file a feature request17:21
dtmbmw325iActionParsnip, it is the image he can't download I beleive17:22
ActionParsnipSomelauw: can you give a pastebin of the output of:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get --reinstall install nano17:22
tioxubukou: Time will also tell if GNOME-Shell is a sign of things to come.17:22
ActionParsnipdtmbmw325i: ahhh17:22
pfifoanyway Dr_Willis zygoptera ActionParsnip, thanks, im going with bashrc, since it actually works17:22
dtmbmw325iaxisys, Im not sure17:22
ActionParsnipFranky: uninstall old kernels, will free up lots of space17:22
ActionParsnippfifo: if it works then sweet17:22
AlanaI can change name of all programs, that have license GNU GPL/GNU LGPL/BSD/LBSD yes? Help please!17:22
K350Where are the Kopete settings/account info stored ?17:22
auronandaceAlana: what?17:23
MonkeyDustK350  try ~/.config17:23
zygopteraAlana: why would you want to?17:23
tioxAlana: Just change their names in the menus in alacarte or change their launcher names if you installed gnome-panel and made desktop icons.17:23
ubukouEximius, there is a bug filed. concernign that.. some people found that removing xserver-xorg-video-nouveau helped... google and read about it... i broken my setup trying to upgrtade.. use caution.17:23
tioxO wait...17:23
MonkeyDustalacarte? isnt that for gnome2? i miss alacarte!17:23
ActionParsnipK350: maybe in ~/.kde   someplace17:23
tioxYeah, it is a GNome 2 thing.17:23
ActionParsnip!info alacarte oneiric17:23
ubottualacarte (source: alacarte): easy GNOME menu editing tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.2-2ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 52 kB, installed size 348 kB17:23
Dr_WillisMonkeyDust:  works here for me. :)17:24
ActionParsnip!info alacarte precise17:24
ubottualacarte (source: alacarte): easy GNOME menu editing tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.2-2ubuntu3 (precise), package size 52 kB, installed size 348 kB17:24
tioxWell  kinda. Alacarte can modify the Gnome 3 "Classic" menu,.17:24
ActionParsnipits in Precise too...17:24
Eximiusubukou: How does removing video drivers help deal with a partition editor feature non-existance problem?17:24
Dr_Willisit alters the various .desktop files that are the same  format17:24
ubukoulook how alive the chat became with a single statement about unity17:24
AlanaIm developer. I want make my own OS.17:24
AlanaHelp please!17:25
AlanaI can change name of all programs, that have license GNU GPL/GNU LGPL/BSD/LBSD yes? Help please!17:25
Dr_WillisAlana:  ask a more clear question...17:25
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility17:25
MonkeyDustAlana  good idea, there's only about 300 active distro's17:25
ActionParsnipAlana: see ubottus guides17:25
zygopteraThe authors might call it plagiarism to rename and appropriate all their packages17:25
tioxMonkeyDust is right. Balls to making your own OS these days when just visiting distrowatch.com will give you a good idea of your competition.17:25
ActionParsnipzygoptera: its not, its one of the founding principles of the OS17:25
Dr_Willisbe sort of pontless to rename 'ls' to be 'myspiffydir'17:26
ubukouEximius, sorry wrong person.....:S17:26
tioxI don't know why ls hasn't gained a dir alias yet.17:26
Dr_Willisthere is a dir  command allready in ubuntu17:26
tioxBecause it's kinda confusing to be doing dir in DOSbox, or for a WIndows user coming from Windows command line to use ls instead.17:27
Eximiusubukou: lol17:27
zygopteratiox: it's easy to make an alias17:27
ubukouSomelauw, , there is a bug filed. concernign that.. some people found that removing xserver-xorg-video-nouveau helped... google and read about it... i broken my setup trying to upgrtade.. use caution.17:27
Dr_Willisecho *     :)17:27
ubukouEximius, thank god you didnt remove it...17:27
ubukouEximius, :P17:27
avance0242Hello! I have a question regarding the Backtrack 5 Linux distribution, I'm having a problem with my wireless card functioning properly, without this working, it makes Backtrack useless.17:27
tioxSince when did this become a support channel?17:27
tioxOh, lol.17:28
MonkeyDustavance0242  type /join #backtrack-linux17:28
* tiox thought He was on offtopic17:28
urlin2u!backtrack > | avance024217:28
Eximiusubukou: I'm tech savvy enought to compile my own kernel, so yeah :D17:28
pfifocan I remove crond from my system?17:28
SomelauwActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/MMmvd29Q17:28
zygopterapfifo: not a good idea17:28
pfifozygoptera, what kind of trouble will I run into?17:29
=== winut_ is now known as winut
=== will is now known as Guest65582
avance0242okay thanks! I'll join there17:29
zygopterapfifo: maybe your system will stop working the next time a cron job was supposed to execute?17:29
AlanaOpenOffice => LibreOffice, SMPlayer => UMPlayer, RedHat => CentOS, Debian => Ubuntu, Ubuntu => ZorinOS, and Ubuntu => MySuperOS for girls. I can make it? Its legal?17:30
monikawhat is ubuntu??17:30
pfifozygoptera, anything more specific than 'stop working'?17:30
ActionParsnipSomelauw: remove the opencv2 ppa as it doesn't support maverick17:30
Dr_WillisAlana:  you can install whatever apps you want on your own disrto..17:30
theadmin!ubuntu | monika, take a read17:30
ubottumonika, take a read: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com17:30
ubukouEximius, /bow17:30
slainbybeatsdudes, i got a question17:31
Dr_Willis!remaster | Alana17:31
ubottuAlana: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility17:31
MonkeyDustAlana  monika  http://planet.ubuntu-women.org/17:31
ubukoui just used http://pastebin.com/sqESyWSK this to build docky.. anyone has any idea where it is.. doesnt seem to be in home folder...17:31
slainbybeatsanything is wring with my sound... i cant change the volume via system oO17:31
ActionParsnipSomelauw: i'd also disable the http://packages.ros.org/ repo you added17:31
AlanaAnd i can change name of programs!? its too legal?17:31
urlin2uslainbybeats, ask and if anybody know they will answer17:31
zygopterapfifo: like schduled system functions which were expected to take place, not happening and causing things to be unstable or not function at all17:31
ActionParsnipslainbybeats: if you run:  alsamixer   can you change it there?17:31
SomelauwActionParsnip: I think that package is the one which added depends on opencv.17:32
ActionParsnipSomelauw: could remove that, upgrade then reinstall it17:32
slainbybeatsi first gotta install that mixer17:32
AlanaDr_Willis, And i can change name of programs!? its too legal?17:32
AlanaDr_Willis: And i can change name of programs!? its too legal?17:32
auronandaceslainbybeats: alsamixer should be there by default17:33
SomelauwI am going to look for a way to just disable it and not remove it.17:33
slainbybeatsbut i can change in Rythmbox... it only doesnt work if i want to change it in ubuntu.. so i cant get really loud sounds out of that laptop17:33
AlanaPlease Help!17:33
MonkeyDustAlana  there's also girl-geek stuff17:33
ActionParsnipslainbybeats: the OS will tell you what you need, its part of a default install though17:33
auronandaceAlana: why do you want to make your own OS?17:33
AlanaMonkeyDust, where?17:33
pfifozygoptera, how about, replacing it with a different cron daemon, do I have any options?17:34
MonkeyDustAlana  http://www.theage.com.au/it-pro/business-it/girl-geeks-to-take-over-the-world-20110923-1kox1.html17:34
Alanaauronandace, and why not? and why Mark do it?17:34
slainbybeatsnope, it always starts the Softwarecenter, so theres no Program17:34
zygopteraIt sounds like Alana doesn't really want to make her own OS, it sounds like she just wants to change enough names so she can take credit for making an OS17:34
ubukouActionParsnip, is there a way to remove KDE and Unity and leave only XFCE on my box without breaking it ?17:34
AlanaMonkeyDust, thanks!17:34
MonkeyDustanything to please a lady17:35
zygopterapfifo: what's wrong with the builtin cron daemon?17:35
nsd_Anyone know how to set the default gdm session? I now have a guest user account set up but I need to change it from gnome to fvwm.17:35
ActionParsnipubukou: the only way I can think is to first remove the qt libs, the kde apps willfail deps and be marked for uninstall17:35
Alanazygoptera, jealous?17:35
bahamashello. I'm using 64-bit ubuntu 11.04 and the sound doesn't work, except in the browser. any thoughts on how to fix this?17:35
slainbybeatsi fucking cant work with that low volumes -.-17:35
auronandaceAlana: so you're planning to fork linux and how many userland programs?17:35
pangolin!language | slainbybeats17:35
ubottuslainbybeats: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:35
nsd_I see that in /usr/share/gdm/guest-session there is some magic performed with the $GDMSESSION variable but I don't know where it is set initially or what the magic does exactly. Is that set initially from gconf?17:35
aBoundI forgot I was in here hehe. :P17:35
nsd_Also I am using 10.04 LTS17:36
ubukouActionParsnip, is it recomended?17:36
ActionParsnipubukou: you will then need to compare the 2 metapackages for ubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop to see which is unique to the ubuntu desktop and remove that17:36
Alanaauronandace, openforge,...17:36
pfifozygoptera, Ive never been too happy with it, so basicly just personal reasons. I am going to try removing it, if you want you can PM me your email and ill let you know how it works out.17:36
Alanaauronandace, sourceforge17:36
Dr_WillisAlana:   your example was changeing the name of the DISTRO. not the 'programs' i think17:36
ActionParsnipubukou: kde is Qt based, xfce and gnome are gtk based so its a great way to carve out kde17:36
slainbybeatsfor anyone who wants to know, i use the latest stable 11.10 release17:36
jtreminioMorning all - does anyone know of a music player that has support for youtube URLs?17:36
Dr_WillisAlana:  if you are remastering your own ubuntu, you most likely dont want to be calling it 'ubuntu' :)17:37
zygopterapfifo: no. publish your results here, so everyone can learn from your experiment17:37
slainbybeatsi love open source :D17:37
auronandaceAlana: you didn't answer my question17:37
gazzzzzzzzzaI want to rename everyting to be more manly17:37
ubukouActionParsnip, so only removing kde is recomended?17:37
gazzzzzzzzzalike OpenOffice just changed to LibreOffice17:37
gazzzzzzzzzaSo can I change it to like17:37
Seven_Six_TwoI have a desktop (11.10 amd64) that isn't on the internet. I have a laptop (11.10 amd64) that can travel and connect. Without downloading the full 40GB required to use apt-mirror, I would like to update, and if possible, download some new packages. Is there a semi-easy way to do it? I'm not new...17:37
nsd_Here's a simpler question: Does anyone know if the default GDM session is set in gconf? I can't use gdmsetup because the unlock feature does not work17:37
gazzzzzzzzzasuperManlyWordProcessorONLYforMEN ?17:37
ActionParsnipslainbybeats: can you give the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh; ./alsa-info.sh17:37
ActionParsnipslainbybeats: select to upload to the server and a URL is made, what is it?17:38
mwallacesdHi guys good morning/afternoon! If I edit the file /etc/sysctl.conf and add the line vm.swappiness=10 is it intructing the system to use how much swap according my RAM???17:38
AlanaDr_Willis, i want LibreOffice =>  MyOwnOffice, UMPlayer => MyOwnPlayer,...17:38
mcl0vinwhat will be a good practice to follow if i have two hdd each is 80GB...how can i set it up to where i can have ubuntu os in one drive and all user data in the other one , so that if i ever have to upgrade and it goes south like it did this morning i don't worry about backing up17:38
ActionParsnipubukou: why would it not be?17:38
gazzzzzzzzzaI want LibreOffice => ONLYFORMEN17:38
Alanaauronandace, sorry bad english i :( reformulire please17:38
theadminAlana: That's copyright infridgement and not legal.17:38
urlin2umwallacesd, yep17:38
slainbybeatsActionParship: wait i gotta open terminal first xD17:38
auronandaceAlana: are you serious?17:38
gazzzzzzzzzaHey Alana, wanna met up in real life ?17:39
auronandaceAlana: why are you renaaming everything?17:39
Dr_WillisAlana:  i dont see the point in doing that either. change the menu item if you want. but its still just pointless.17:39
wonderingHello all.. I am running zorin.. Ubuntu based and I was wondering how to get the search bar in the windows 7 appearance mode??  Its there in gnome but not xp or 717:39
urlin2umwallacesd, it is a control of when the swap is used at points of ram use17:39
AlanaI corresponded with Stallman17:39
gazzzzzzzzzaAlana: I could make a mans manly distro, you could make one for the kitchen ?17:39
LjLtheadmin: what, changing names to LibreOffice and things?17:39
ikoniaAlana: do you need some sort of ubuntu help ?17:39
drbenwayStallman speaks to women?!17:39
auronandace!ot | Alana17:39
ubottuAlana: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:39
ActionParsnipmcl0vin: you set the partitioning at install time. I suggest you have /, swap and /home on one of the drives, then make a partition on the othe 80Gb drive and use it as pure user data. I doubt you will need 80Gb for /  and swap17:39
theadminwondering: We don't have those modes in Ubuntu, therefore we can't help. This is also offtopic here.17:40
theadminLjL: Yeah, I mean, unless you make a real fork... Distributing the same thing under a different name sounds fishy17:40
zygopteraHey mcl0vin! :) There are guides available for putting "/home" on a separate drive. That would probably work best17:40
slainbybeatsActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=3e1964f6ab5fea55e745f8df11f569200c41d99217:40
LjLtheadmin: it's not really17:40
tjfso, now I can't enable wireless17:40
ubukouActionParsnip,hmm sorry im not that good with these.. removing kubuntu-desktop will also remove depended packages with it.. removing ubuntu-desktop will also remove depended packages that are needed for XFCE as well?17:40
icerootActionParsnip: i am facing the icons-bug in lxde too with the missing transparents, do you have already a bug?17:40
mcl0vinzygoptera: link please17:40
mwallacesdurlin2u, Thank you. I Have only 512 of RAM but I want to user it as maximum before to use the SWAP, What value do you recomend???17:41
urlin2umwallacesd, not how much but when the swap is used.17:41
ubukouActionParsnip, hope you understand what im asking :17:41
ActionParsnipiceroot: yeah reported it dude, want the link?17:41
icerootActionParsnip: would be great17:41
theadminmwallacesd: Use 1024M swap17:41
tjfjockey.log says 2012-02-04 11:39:31,349 DEBUG: BroadcomWLHandler enabled(): kmod disabled, bcm43xx: blacklisted, b43: blacklisted, b43legacy: blacklisted17:41
mcl0vinActionParsnip: can i pm you17:41
Alanastollaman said: Change the names of the programs, but leave the lists of authors17:41
Alanastollaman said: Change the names of the programs, but leave the lists of authors17:41
ActionParsnipubukou: the metapackages don't remove their contents, they are hollow nothings17:41
auronandaceAlana: why are you asking this in #ubuntu?17:41
ActionParsnipiceroot: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/+bug/92638317:42
wonderingtheadmin maybe I wasn't clear in my question.  I have a search bar when I click the start menu using gnome. I can also use appearance to make the sys look like 7 or xp and it is obviously still ubuntu zorin.  But there is no search bar when I click the start or Z button..17:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 926383 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "Icons with white background" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:42
Alanaauronandace, because my distr will based on Ubuntu17:42
icerootActionParsnip: thx17:42
ActionParsnipmcl0vin: sure, i aint got long17:42
bullgard6ActionParsnip:  unp did unpacking the .gz file. --  Thank you very much for your help.17:42
LjLAlana: this discussion would really be much better suited to #ubuntu-offtopic17:42
urlin2umwallacesd, that is what I use, =10 you can go lower, I believe 0 means swap is not used,we get that confirmed in the channel.17:42
LjLAlana: this channel is for Ubuntu technical support, not just anything to do with Ubuntu17:42
theadminwondering: Yeah, we don't have such "appearance modes" in Ubuntu. Actually, the only things we support here are Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu, anything else is not supported.17:42
auronandaceLjL: well said17:42
mongy!swap | mwallacesd17:42
meerkatsubuntu's update manager is all grey, It prompted me to update, I did so and clicked to install the updates, and then it turned grey. Its been like that for 20 minutes, can ti be downloading and installing in the dark?17:42
ubottumwallacesd: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info17:42
zygopteramcl0vin: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendSeparateHome17:42
ActionParsnipbullgard6: unp is the daddy, extracts everything without having to remember switches for extraction of the different archives17:43
wonderingtheadmin I see. My bad, I thought zorin was a diriv of ubuntu and the basics where the same.. sorry17:43
bullgard6ActionParsnip:  Thank you for exlaining.17:43
bahamasso, how can I debug the fact that the sound isn't working?17:43
mwallacesdI have 1024M swap theadmin, but before to start to user the swap I want the system to user 95% of my 512 RAM, I want to better perfomance... You recomend to user a value betwee 2 and 7 in this line????17:43
* Dr_Willis seems to mention unp about 4 times a week. :)17:43
ActionParsnipbullgard6: should be default install imho17:43
slainbybeatsActionParsnip: Still there? got the URL?17:43
auronandace!derivatives | wondering17:43
ubottuwondering: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition17:43
theadminwondering: We can't support any derivatives because we're not usually aware of changes they make. Take Jolicloud for instance, they introduce their own damn KERNEL. How are we supposed to support that17:43
bullgard6ActionParsnip: I agree.17:43
tjfI'd rather not reinstall Ubuntu but if that's the easiest way I guess I will...17:44
AlanaLjL ok but please help me. Can i change name of kernel "Linux"? Linux => Mynux?17:44
AlanaLjL, ok but please help me. Can i change name of kernel "Linux"? Linux => Mynux?17:44
LjLAlana: i will help you in #ubuntu-offtopic17:44
MonkeyDusttheadmin  please say something to Alana17:44
ActionParsnipAlana: you do know all you are  changing is the name? Its a fairly futile project17:44
ActionParsnipAlana: what's it called; renamix?17:44
theadminMonkeyDust: Why would I... (s)he's being horribly offtopic and annoying and I have no ban hammer. I already pointed out (s)he's offtopic17:45
Alanathanks all bb!!!17:45
ubukouActionParsnip, sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop will do?17:45
ActionParsnipubukou: do it, it will ONLY remove the metapackage, nothing more, nothing less17:46
wonderingtheadmin got it. sorry for my ignorance. maybe you can help me with something else.  I was wondering if there is an operating difference between GNU? GTK? debian ubuntu???  My Question isCan I change operating systems and still see pics and files I have created with ubuntu or zorin?17:46
auronandaceubukou: if you are using 11.10 aptiitude isn't installed by default17:46
ubukouActionParsnip, and lightdm wont be affected by it right ?17:46
mongymwallacesd, set swappiness t