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krishnabHey folks, I had a question. I researched this but could not find a clear answer. I was a user of live mesh and want to migrate to ubuntu one. In live mesh, I could sync unlimited files for free between computers. Ubuntu one says that it can also sync files, but I was not sure if I have to buy gigabyte packs in order to sync more than 5gb. I am kind of nervous about trying, because I don't want to get charged . . . Any insights, anyone.18:08
duanedesignkrishnab: the 5GB Plan is Free. beyond that you have 20GB packs available for $2.99/ mo.18:13
krishnabThanks duanedesign. That is what I figured. I guess I have to move to plan B :). Thanks again18:14
duanedesign...or 29.99/ year. If you hit the 5GB limit it just will not sync anymore.18:14
duanedesignkrishnab: np18:15
Tm_Tinteresting that installing for example ubuntuone-control-panel doesn't bring all the dependencies to have ubuntuone work19:19
duanedesignTm_T: wherre you missing 'ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk' ?19:55
Tm_Tduanedesign: no, I was missing libsyncdaemon-1.0-1 apparently, ubuntuone-couch and desktopcouch-ubuntuone atleast20:06
Tm_Tpossibly something else too20:06
Tm_Tubuntuone-control-panel-gtk still fails to work actually20:07
Tm_T"loading" says the window, and console ouput is filled with dbus timeouts20:07
dobeyTm_T: not sure what you mean by 'work' but libsyncdaemon isn't needed by the control panel or the file sync service itself, to 'work'20:11
dobeyit's needed by the music store plug-in, and the nautilus extension, for them to work, though20:12
dobeyalso, file sync deson't require anything relating to couchdb (which we announced we are dropping support for)20:12
duanedesignTm_T: what version of Ubuntu are you on?20:13
Tm_Tdobey: I wonder why the ubuntuone-control-panel suggested that it should be installed then (desktopcouch-ubuntuone that is)20:14
Tm_Tduanedesign: 11.10, Kubuntu though but shouldn't matter20:14
dobeyTm_T: if you enable contacts sync in the control panel, it installs it.20:14
dobeythe gtk control panel is getting replaced soon in 12.04 though20:14
Tm_Tdobey: I never get that far that I could enable or disable anything20:15
dobeyTm_T: what exactly is the problem then? :)20:15
dobeyoh maybe you are hitting the keyring problem20:16
dobeyif the kwallet service doesn't expose the fd.o secrets api over dbus, it'll probably fail20:16
Tm_Tdobey: I think it isn't using kwallet but the gnome keyring here for ubuntone20:17
dobeyhrmm, if you got that far, it could talk to the keyring though20:18
Tm_Tyes, it asked me the keyring password and all (:20:18
dobeymaybe ubuntuone-syncdaemon is failing to start?20:18
Tm_TI just can't do anything with ubuntuone except run ubuntuone-launch manually and get sync done that way20:19
Tm_Tso syncdaemon is running currently20:20
dobeycan you pastebin the ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/controlpanel.log?20:22
Tm_TI am (:20:26
Tm_Tmy other system worked just fine rightaway, but it had ubuntu-desktop installed20:26
Tm_Tactually, every time I have been using ubuntuone, it has been easy to get it working since early beta20:29
dobeyi think the timeout is happening either talking to itself, or the syncdaemon20:29
Tm_Tany way to get it spewing out more detailed debug?20:31
dobeythough i'm looking at the code, and it's not clear where it's failing20:31
dobeywell it looks like it's printing debug info, so i don't think so. it would be nice to know what methods were causing the timeouts though20:31
Tm_Tthat's exactly what I was looking for, that it would tell for what it was timing out for20:32
Tm_TI'll try if getting dbus restarted would make any difference20:39
dobeymaybe rebooting? i know i have seen people have some very weird issues with dbus lately. a reboot might help, as it'll kill the cache and get things started fresh20:40
Tm_Tyup, exactly what I'm going to do in a moment20:40
duanedesignTm_T: do you have a ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf20:50
Tm_Tduanedesign: yes20:50
duanedesignthe control panel seems to do some weird stuff if File Sync is disabled. Looks like from the screenshot yours might be20:50
duanedesignTm_T: does that file have a line  'files_sync_enabled = False'20:51
Tm_Tduanedesign: it's on, sync works when I run ubuntuone-launch20:51
Tm_Tduanedesign: nope20:51
Tm_Tso looks like sync works just fine, I cannot control it though20:52
dobeyTm_T: does running "u1sdtool -s" work?20:52
dobeyi think the problem is the control panel gui trying to talk to the backend20:53
Tm_Tdobey: seems to work20:53
Tm_T"is_error: False" is only negative output (:20:54
dobeythat's positive ;)20:55
dobeyno there's no error :P20:55
Tm_TI know20:55
dobeyTm_T: close the control panel, kill ubuntuone-control-panel-backend, and try to start the control panel again after a few seconds20:55
Tm_T"ubuntuone-control-panel-backend: no process found" ...there should be such process? (:20:56
dobeyyes there should be20:56
dobeyso that's failing to start i guess :)20:56
dobeyor it crashed after getting the token from the keyring20:56
dobeydoes it work if you restart the control panel?20:58
Tm_Tnope (haven't rebooted the system yet)21:02
Tm_TI'll launch the backend manually?21:02
Tm_Tgi.RepositoryError: Failed to load typelib file '/usr/lib/girepository-1.0/Soup-2.4.typelib' for namespace 'Soup': Typelib version mismatch; expected 4, found 321:03
dobeyyeah, try to run it in a terminal and see what happens. /usr/lib/ubuntuone-control-panel/ubuntuone-control-panel-backend21:03
dobeywell that's quite odd21:03
dobeyyou've got gir1.2-soup-2.4 installed?21:04
dobeywhat version of ubuntuone-control-panel do you have installed exactly?21:05
dobeypython-ubuntuone-control-panel depends on gir1.2-soup-2.4 it seems21:06
dobeydid you have gir1.0-soup-2.4 installed?21:07
Tm_Tchecked that too21:07
dobeyok, definitely odd21:07
Tm_Tyes, it's dependency but yet not installed, this shouldn't happen21:08
dobeytime to apt-get -f install perhaps? :)21:09
Tm_Tdoes none21:09
Tm_Tnor does reinstalling the python-ubuntuone-control-panel21:10
Tm_Toh, now it says gir1.0-soup-2.4 is installed though21:11
Tm_Tright, I checked gir1.2-soup-2.4 twice before, I clearly need some food21:12
Tm_Tsorry about that21:13
Tm_Tnow, why it requires certain version if package dependency is ok with something else? does this mean there's some other python package that is actually depending on the newer package, and ubuntuone-control-panel is just a innocent victim?21:18
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dobeyTm_T: the version error looks like a problem with gobject-introspection21:51
Tm_Tdobey: hmmm, is it then me or is it bug?21:52
dobeyTm_T: have you installed any newer versions of glib or gobject-introspection from a PPA or from source?21:52
dobeyTm_T: well it's not a bug in ubuntuone itself. not sure why exactly it is doing that for you21:53
Tm_Tfinally got KDE built so reboot, brb21:54
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