holsteineternalstudio is the only wallpaper i think fits our vibe at all23:03
holsteinunless we want to go in another direction entirely23:03
knomeholstein, like http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/precise_wall/wall-9-preview.png ?23:22
holsteinknome: hehe.. that would be a different direction for US for sure :)23:31
knomeyou could also ask me to draft something23:33
holsteinknome: you can.. but i think its going to be challening enough when it comes down to which of these 323:35
holsteini was kinda hoping we could just stick one in real quick23:35
holsteini was actually hoping to just put the old on in23:35
knomewe can create something really basic too23:36
knomewith the logo or so23:36
holsteinold one*23:36
holsteinknome: i like https://dl.dropbox.com/u/7001421/Perfect%20Studio%20Wallpapers/updated-eternalstudio-1680x1050.png OK23:37
holsteini just wish the logo had more of an attitude23:37
holsteinand i *hate* having the name23:37
holsteinthough, my current wallpaper does23:37
knomenot my fav, but ok23:37
Len-livepersistence has issues... could be the installer. The installer hung on me. Re booted- got x and an xterm (from last session) and ps shows the installer running.23:38
holsteini dont see the point in that myself23:38
holsteini always just install to the media23:38
holsteini see no benifit other than having the main system read only 23:39
Len-liveJa, I thought I should try it. When  last tried to just mount a drive I could not write to it.23:39
holsteinLen-live: you are right.. folks'll want to23:39
holsteinthanks for checking23:39
Len-liveI think ubiquity is overly sensitive to net problems. Everything needed to get a running system with x is on the iso so ubiquity should install that before worrying about about stuff from the net. the first update will bring it all in anyway.23:41
Len-liveI think trying to restore a session with the same apps it was shutdown with is a mistake too. I rebooted because I had problems... rebooted to the same problems already running :/23:44
Len-liveTime to try again.23:44

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