artaodual-head display .. i used grandr to set up my monitors as an extended desktop .. now how do i get the system to remember that on reboot?00:08
astraljavaartao: These days xserver does a lot of auto-detection. But if it fails, you're still going to have to write the /etc/X11/xorg.conf to make the settings stick.00:10
astraljavaartao: Or, you can do what I did.00:12
astraljavaWait, grandr is a GUI?00:12
astraljavaWell it shouldn't matter.00:12
astraljavaIt commands xrandr anyway.00:12
astraljavaYou just need to find out what's the command it gives, and write that into a script. Then run that script at login time.00:13
artaodrag and drop display layout00:13
astraljavaThat way auto-detection keeps on working as it is, but you have your custom setup as you wish, too.00:13
artaoi see00:13
artaomakes sense00:13
artaoi'm not seeing an xorg.conf00:14
astraljavaMine is like this: $ cat dualscreen.sh00:14
astraljavaxrandr --auto --output HDMI-0 --mode 1920x1080 --right-of LVDS00:14
astraljavaYeah, that's because the auto-detection doesn't "need" it.00:14
astraljavaBut it's not fool-proof.00:14
artaosayyy ... where might i find docs on some of these installed apps?02:16
artaofor instance Foo YC20 ... what exactly IS it and how do i use it?02:16
acerimmerartao: man & info pages for starters02:17
artaosure, i could look all this stuff up online, but i'm hoping there's something on-system to help figure this LOAD of apps out02:17
acerimmerartao: every app has some form of information in system - usually.  Gimp for instance, does not install documentation by default.02:18
artaoman i'm familiar with02:18
artaonothing on Foo YC2002:18
artaoright now i'm just looking thru everything and opening it up to see what it is02:19
artaoincidentally ... i don't quite understand how the audio works in this install02:19
artaothere's this PulseAudio Volume Control that seems to override the ALSA mixer ... making the volume knob on my keyboard fairly useless02:20
artaoFoo YC20 LOOKS like some sort of live-input EQ sort of thing .. kinda like an amp-head02:21
acerimmerartao: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=334   &&   http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33502:21
acerimmerartao: https://code.google.com/p/foo-yc20/02:22
acerimmerartao: there IS no substitute for research.  US is built from apps from several different packages.  I learned a bit about each one as I took on different projects.02:23
astraljavaBut in general, that's one reason packages should be submitted to debian first. They require manpages for inclusion to repositories. Sure, it's more work for maintainers, but much more user-friendly.02:23
artaothx for links02:27
acerimmerartao: all that said, each major program probably has some type of tutorial available either at the main site or via user sites.  Worth a look...02:27
astraljavaYeah, some of them redirect you to online documentation by hitting F1.02:29
artaojust discover gladish/ladi/ladi session handler02:29
artaothat. is. cool. as. hell.02:29
artaonice! you've got GIMP installed with fx-foundry filters and GAP .. u happen to know if gimp paint studio is in there?02:34
acerimmerartao: @ terminal: locate paint02:35
artao?? no locate command02:36
acerimmerartao: open a terminal, TYPE locate paint and press ENTER02:36
artaoi did02:37
artaoi got " bash: locate: command not found "02:38
astraljavaIt's mlocate these days.02:38
acerimmerartao: that's...unexpected02:38
artaono mlocate either02:39
astraljavaErr... sorry.02:39
astraljavaYeah, that's probably just missing from the US package set.02:39
acerimmerastraljava: I thought "locate" was a part of the linux core.02:40
astraljavaacerimmer: Heheh... define such. :)02:42
astraljavaartao: What does `apt-cache policy ubuntu-standard`  show you?02:43
acerimmerastraljava: on my 10.0402:44
acerimmer  Installed: 1.19702:44
acerimmer  Candidate: 1.19702:44
acerimmer  Version table:02:44
acerimmer *** 1.197 002:44
acerimmer        500 http://mirror.peer1.net/ubuntu/ lucid/main Packages02:44
acerimmer        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status02:44
astraljavaacerimmer: I would say linux core is the kernel, not even most device drivers. Surely not a tool that searches /usr for binaries is a linux core utility.02:44
artaoi get:02:45
astraljavaacerimmer: Yes. What's your point?02:45
artaoInstalled: (none)02:45
astraljavaartao: Right.02:45
artaoCandidate: 1.24502:45
astraljavaYou might wanna install it.02:45
artaoVersion talbe:02:45
artao1.245 002:45
astraljavaDamn that installation has been botched.02:45
artao500 http:// archive ...02:45
astraljavaartao: It will provide some nice-to-have stuff.02:46
astraljavaSo I suggest you install it.02:46
artaoalso wondering about divx codecs02:46
astraljavaYeah, you should install it.02:46
astraljavaartao: A good tool for finding stuff: `apt-cache search foo`02:47
astraljavaReplace foo with whatever.02:47
artaolooking in synaptic .. if a package has :i386 after it, it's for 32bit, yes?02:48
astraljavaOf course that will in many cases give you multiple answers. In that case, you get more info with `apt-cache show foo`02:49
astraljavaReplace foo now with any packages that were found.02:49
astraljavaartao: Yea.02:49
acerimmerartao: searched synaptic for gimp paint - not there.02:51
artaoi'm kinda lookin for codecs too .. under win I would use ffdshow .. i find nothing in synaptic searching for ffd02:51
artaofair nuf02:52
artaoit's just some brushes and setting for the gimp to make it more artist friendly02:52
artaoi'm sure i can manage to install that myself02:52
acerimmerartao: search synaptic for gimp - LOTS of goodies.02:52
artaonow about this thing i should install?02:52
acerimmerartao: which thing would that be??02:53
artaoi was asked to do that apt-cache command, and it came back with Installed: (none)02:54
artaoi imagine i do a sudo apt-get install ubuntu-standard ??02:54
acerimmerartao: good question.  I'd ask astraljava.  What more would you want US to have??02:55
artaoi found nothing that looked useful in synaptic02:55
artaothere ARE divx codecs for linux, no?02:56
acerimmer!medibuntu !ubuntu-restricted-extras02:56
acerimmerartao: sudo apt-get install medibuntu && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras will install all the usual codecs02:57
artaosry, thx02:57
astraljavaartao: Yes, you can use apt-get or synaptic or whatever for installing it.02:58
astraljavaErr... medibuntu isn't a package, it's a repository.02:59
artaoi was just gonna ask if i needed to add a repository to get medibuntu02:59
astraljavaBut beware, it's not supported in here.02:59
artaofair nuf03:00
acerimmerartao: Might want to read through this first...http://medibuntu.org/repository.php03:00
artaogood lord! i wonder what all else this install may have 'missed'03:01
acerimmerartao: install didn't "miss" - legal issues, free/non-free issues surround the whole issue of codecs03:02
artaoperhaps you weren't here earlier for the fun i had with my install03:03
artaotook a LOT of help here to get it up right03:03
artaosome stuff may still be missing03:03
artaoi believe astraljava was one of my helpers :D :D :D03:04
acerimmerartao: I saw part of it.  I'd only point out that sticking with LTS releases seems to cut down on such problems.03:04
astraljavaThat's true. The intermediary releases are a little like test benches, if you will.03:05
astraljavaWe fight hard to keep them stable, of course, but LTS releases normally get more testing, shining and polishing.03:06
acerimmerastraljava: audacity in 12.04??  not in 11.1003:09
astraljavaacerimmer: It's still under debate.03:11
astraljavaWe're trying to keep the default installation as small and sleek as possible. But people keep pointing out it's one of the most popular apps on sf.net, for instance.03:12
acerimmerastraljava: Consider my vote = YES!  Ardour is WAY too much for my modest podcasting/youtube video needs.03:12
astraljavaI don't know what will happen. If I hazard a guess, I'd say it'll be in.03:12
ailoAudacity is the most used FOSS audio editor in the world. It would be silly not to include something as big and widely used as that03:12
artaoaudacity = yes for me too03:12
astraljavaailo: Yeah, and I don't really know why it isn't in. But then, I don't really use those apps.03:13
ailoOut of all the audio apps that are available to US, only vlc is most widely used03:13
ailoAnd vlc is of course not installed by default03:13
ailoThe top two are 1.videolan, 2.audacity03:14
astraljavaYep. Legalities...03:14
ailoI don't think there's any legal issues with vlc03:14
ailoI don't have non-free repos on my Debian install, and I have it03:14
ailoardour is probably another very popular application03:15
ailoBut, not as popular as audacity03:15
astraljavaailo: Could be that debian compiles vlc with stripped codecs and whathaveyou.03:16
ailoastraljava: It can play mp3's but I'm not sure how that works03:19
acerimmersomebody snuck in a proprietary codec...03:19
astraljavaYeah well, if you read that thread a little further, it might be the case where the legality status is questionable, but not proven illegal (nor legal, as of yet).03:20
astraljavaMeaning no courtroom drama has been fought.03:20
acerimmeroh happy day!  Just updated my virtual 11.10 US and there's the ffox!03:27
acerimmerversion 1003:27
astraljavaCool. Just wish the force-feeding of FF would stop. There's some weird bug with that, for instance with Thunderbird, I had to tweak config in order for it to _ask which_ application I want to use for opening links. Before that, it'd give me firefox no matter what.03:32
astraljavaAnd I can't even count how many times I've set google-chrome as the preferred browser, and periodically (although not regularly) it gets reset.03:33
superuser_astraljava- chrome and ffox seem to co-exist on my 10.0403:35
astraljavaSure they co-exist. It's just the question of preferred (and in some cases the default) browser setting.03:37
astraljavaAnd this is Xubuntu|Ubuntu Studio 11.10 installations that I'm talking about.03:38
astraljava10.04 probably didn't have such issues, even in Xfce installations. I remember seeing there having been some changes to that just recently.03:38
mynameisdeletedI have a tascam us-800 sound-card which is absolutely noise-free when connected by usb to my macbook pro05:32
mynameisdeletedbut when plugged into my i7 overclocked desktop produces noise05:32
mynameisdeletedI was wondering if a usb-to-optical-to-usb solution might fix this05:32
mynameisdeletedor I might just be able to get away with  a cheaper external powered usb-hub solution05:32
mynameisdeletedto try to seperate the sound-card from the computers power supply to reduce electric noise pickup05:33
ailomynameisdeleted: I believe it is the power that creates the noise05:33
mynameisdeletedperhaps running jackd on a less noisy computer and using net-jackis best05:33
ailomynameisdeleted: Have you tried without the power supply?05:33
mynameisdeletedthe sound-card has to have a power-supply to work05:34
ailoI meant for the laptop05:34
mynameisdeletedif I shtu teh comptuer off the sound-card wont make noise turned all the way up with speakers all the way up05:34
mynameisdeletedlaptop produces no noise with or without05:34
mynameisdeleteddesktop produces noise05:34
mynameisdeleteddesktop has nice dual monitor and i7 gaming-grade cpu and 12GB ram05:34
ailoI see. I misread05:35
mynameisdeletedso it can run a lot more jack applications and give more screen realestate05:35
mynameisdeleteddo you know a good usb-optical-usb cable?05:35
mynameisdeletedas card is independantly powered it doesnt need to produce power05:35
mynameisdeletedI saw that usb1.1 can actually be converted both ways as an unpowered cable wihtout needing to bundle in copper05:35
mynameisdeletedsomeone sells that05:36
mynameisdeletedbut its $850 for that to support usb205:36
mynameisdeletednecessary for 6 chanel 24-bit 96 khz05:36
ailoI don't use usb devices myself05:36
ailoI only had a noise problem on laptops, including macbook05:37
ailoWhen using usb05:37
ailoNot mine05:37
mynameisdeletedI'm thinking that for an unpowered device I can cut the 5v cable on the usb which might be where most noise comes from05:38
mynameisdeletedbluetooth over wireless might work too05:41
mynameisdeletedor maybe a strong magnet around cable like a degouser05:43
mynameisdeletedI've seen that used to block rf05:44
mynameisdeletedthat might work05:47
ailoCould it be something to do with voltage on your MB?05:48
mynameisdeletedif it is then a powered usb-hub as a proxy shoudl fix it05:54
mynameisdeletedI think 1000w desktop power supplies and gaming graphcis cards just make noise05:54
mynameisdeletedhttp://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=auE&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=np&q=usb+isolator&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=410608l412931l0l413123l14l14l0l2l2l2l128l1023l9.3l12l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&biw=1276&bih=673&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=8552679044683345821&sa=X&ei=O8gsT62bIOHF0QGx-_3lCg&ved=0CH4Q8wIwAg   that one looks nice05:55
mynameisdeletedor this:   http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=auE&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=np&q=usb+isolator&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=410608l412931l0l413123l14l14l0l2l2l2l128l1023l9.3l12l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&biw=1276&bih=673&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=16474264055484199178&sa=X&ei=O8gsT62bIOHF0QGx-_3lCg&ved=0CHgQ8wIwAA05:56
Eximiusis ubuntu studio Super Cool?16:29
astraljavaWhat kind of a question is that? Of course it is.16:29
EximiusCan you guys help16:42
Eximiusgparted can't recognize my ntfs partitions16:42
astraljavaThat's strange.16:43
EximiusYeah it is16:44
Eximiusfdisk sees it16:44
Eximiuskernel sees it16:44
astraljavaDo you have ntfs-3g installed?16:44
EximiusI'm currently on the live cd16:45
astraljavaYou can install it into the live session as well.16:45
EximiusNo I can't16:46
Eximiussoftware center broke16:46
astraljavaEximius: `sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g`16:46
Eximiusoh yay, cmdline :D16:46
Eximiusforgot linux had that16:46
astraljavaIt's better to use it for support cases, cause pasting what happens is much much easier.16:47
EximiusWell yeah16:48
Eximiusntfs-3g is on the live cd16:48
EximiusMan, ubuntu has come a long way16:48
astraljavaHmmm... I gotta look up if such an issue is known.16:49
Eximiusin just 3 years16:49
Eximiusfucking great16:49
astraljavaYes, yes it has.16:49
EximiusHell, I was going to install archlinux, but I might as well get ubuntustudio :D16:49
Eximiusastraljava: could it be that win7 is still locking the drive16:54
EximiusI was sure to correctly shutdown windows16:55
EximiusI was restarting the pc16:55
Eximiusso windows might have locked the drive?16:55
Eximiushow can I check that16:55
astraljavaEximius: I have no idea. I have a dual boot setup, but I never use the NTFS side under Ubuntu. And in fact, I have booted into Windows only once (it's a work laptop, and I was told I need the Win installation for some rare test cases).16:57
astraljavaLooks like that issue is not very common, or then my google-fu just fails at the moment. You could try #ubuntu, as this doesn't seem to be a Studio-specific problem.16:58
EximiusYeah, probably the drive is locked by windows16:58
astraljavaWait, which live cd are you on?16:58
Eximiusbasicly windows locks the drive to protect itself from viruses16:58
Eximiusubuntu 11.4 lts16:58
Eximiusi think16:58
astraljavaI wouldn't know.16:58
astraljavaYeah ok, try the #ubuntu channel.16:58
EximiusYeah, that channel is useless16:59
EximiusI'll just restart my pc16:59
EximiusHow is ubuntu studio super awesome16:59
Eximiusbecause I really don't know if I should use it16:59
astraljavaIt just is. You will see, if you install it. :)16:59
astraljavaIt's actually just a set of packages, a different desktop environment, and some branding.17:00
EximiusSo you always first buy the tickets to a plane and then think about the wondrous place you went to?17:00
astraljavaSome work has been done to enable a more working environment for audio recording and handling, etc.17:00
Eximiusastraljava: I thought there were some things about realtime kernel on ubuntustudio17:01
Eximiusyeah full jack17:01
astraljavaNo realtime kernel anymore, but -lowlatency is going to be included.17:01
astraljavaIt'll be quite enough for 99.99% of users.17:02
astraljavaRealtime patches are not done for nearly most of kernel versions.17:02
astraljavaAnd they're difficult to maintain.17:02
astraljava-lowlatency gets you almost there, with considerably easier maintenance.17:03
astraljava...for all versions of linux.17:03
EximiusHmm, well, ubuntustudio is super cool17:03
EximiusBut I think I'm still going to go with archlinux then17:04
astraljavaYou're free to do as you please.17:04
EximiusIt's still nice to see a polished and creative environment done with linux :)17:04
Eximiuscanonical is super cool17:04
astraljavaIt provides a lot.17:05
Eximiuswelp, cya17:06
EximiusIt seems that GParted doesn't support GPT?17:17
MononaHow do I boot into a crashed hard drive so that I can retrieve unsaved files?  Specifically, a recording project in Ardour on a computer running Lucid that crashed mid-recording.19:08
rhkfinHi there. Anyone with pointers how to capture video over firewire? I have two Texas Instrumets firewire cards and ~ubuntu studio 11.10 installed. dvgrab tells: 'no camera exists'. dmesg repeats these three lines (or actually only 2nd..)19:40
rhkfin[  247.176047] firewire_core: rediscovered device fw119:40
rhkfin[  265.238657] firewire_ohci: node ID not valid, new bus reset in progress19:40
rhkfin[  266.012297] firewire_core: skipped bus generations, destroying all nodes19:40
rhkfincards are 05:01.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Texas Instruments TSB43AB22A IEEE-1394a-2000 Controller (PHY/Link) [iOHCI-Lynx]19:40
rhkfin05:03.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Texas Instruments TSB12LV23 IEEE-1394 Controller19:40
rhkfinI've been trying to read, search to find a solution and my best guess is that along with new firewire stack the support for old(?) hardware was dropped including my adapters. How do I know that?19:41
holsteinrhkfin: try as root to troubleshoot permissions20:11
holsteintry right in the GUI of something too and see what the errors are20:12
holsteinlike kdenlive?20:12
rhkfinholstein: Have tried as root and also with kino.20:19
rhkfinWill check again20:20
holsteinrhkfin: i would google around and see how the hardware support is for the camera20:22
holsteinmy cheapy camera just shows up as a hard drive20:22
rhkfinholstein: I kind of thought that using FW worked as a standard and it'd not be dependent on camera. But will check that too.20:23
holsteinrhkfin: well, i can say FW works, and TI chips are the way to go20:24
rhkfin"However, the camera has a USB Stream feature, in which you can stream from the tape through the USB cable to the computer, and transfer the video that way. " this is interesting!20:25
rhkfinthis too: "While reading the PDF manual found on Sony Support site, trust me, I found those golden words "USE ONLY 4PIN TO 4PIN i.Link Cable for Firewire connection." "20:25
rhkfinI use 4 to 6 pin..20:25
holsteini do too, but for audio... who knows20:26
holsteinseems as plausible as anything else at this point20:26
rhkfinSo I guess this is what kills it..20:26
rhkfinThe owner will bring a win laptop & 4-4 pin cable so at least I'll be able to capture but it'd be nice to be able to try it on Linux, not only get the job done..20:27
holsteinrhkfin: let us know20:28
holsteinwe dont have very many ways to test that kind of thing20:28
rhkfinShould have a live cd to test on that laptop if it works.. let's see if I have the time..20:29
holsteinrhkfin: we have a live 12.04 version in the works20:29
holsteinyou can try AVlinux though for now20:29
holsteinwell, you might get away with a normal ubuntu live CD i suppose20:32
holsteini always need/want so much audio software to test with20:32
rhkfinby the way is it normal that studio 11.10 alt installer runs tasksel and lets me select what packages/package sets to install, or was it unetbootin that added that option? I've never faced that before and it also didn't work at all.. Had to install stuff manually in the end..20:33
ailorhkfin: That's a standard Ubuntu Studio thing20:34
rhkfinusing standard ubuntu live: openshot can't capture video -> need to install kino / kdenlive / dvgrab20:34
rhkfinailo: ok, thanks, didn't know.20:34

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