njbaircan I use shell commands when setting the value of an env variable?17:09
SpamapSnjbair: commands like  env X=`foo` ?17:23
njbairyeah that didn't work for me17:23
SpamapSnjbair: thats because that is just for setting defaults. :)17:23
SpamapSnjbair: just set it in a script..end script section17:23
njbairdo I use the env keyword inside the script section?17:23
ionIt’s sh code. You might want “export”.17:28
njbairoh I see17:32
njbairi must be doing something wrong. when I start my test script it appears to work fine, I get a pid from initctl. but my echo statement is ignored and I dont see any output17:33
SpamapSnjbair: perhaps pastebin your job file?17:56
SpamapSnjbair: (hint, apt-get install 'pastebinit' and do 'pastebinit < /etc/init/foo.conf')17:56
njbairSpamapS, got it. I was using the wrong command syntax elsewhere.17:57

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