TVasEyeswhat do you get when you type   xclipboard &   ?  exact error message if any (you should get a process id in brackets)00:00
pjotter[1] 382000:01
pjottertest@xubuntubakkie:~$ Error: another clipboard is already running00:01
TVasEyesnow, what's the output from ps faux | grep 3820   ?00:02
pjottertest      3824  0.0  0.0  13500   868 pts/0    S+   01:02   0:00      \_ grep --color=auto 382000:02
pjotterthe number 3820 shows up in red.00:03
TVasEyesok, give me a few minutes.  I'll have a look (on 11.10) what kind of clipboard process is running, if any.   the number/text in red is the par that was matched by grep.00:04
pjotterI really should learn some of these basic unix/linux commands. But I never use them very often00:05
artaook. i've got a dual head display setup. i used grandr to set them up as an extended desktop00:06
artaonow how do i get it to remember that setting at login?00:06
pjotterDon't look at me. I barely know what 'grep' does :S00:07
TVasEyespjotter: well, I've the same 'problem' here, starting xclipboard results in error.  from what I can see running on the machine I think gvfsd-metadata is a likely candidate for this.  I don't know anything much  about gvfsd though and will have ot look into this later.00:16
pjotterOk, thanks for the effort!00:17
TVasEyesno problem.  I should look into gvfsd anyway, it does f*cks up my mount.cifs command which works on slackware and other distro's. ;(00:19
pjotterMeanwhile, I will just learn to avoid using the desktop with Thunar. This might also be a good time to just listen to the song "every OS sucks" by Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie :)00:20
TVasEyesyeah, computers...  best to curl up with a real book and a hot toddy ;)00:21
pjotterI had to look up "hot toddy" :)00:26
TVasEyesmost recipes use whisky but I think dark rum tastes nicer.. :-)00:29
pjotterWe call that "een nachtmutsje", which litterally means "a little nightcap". A hot alcoholic bevarage, mostly drank just before going to bed.00:31
TVasEyesok, you're Dutch?00:32
TVasEyeswell then pjotter, here's to 'nightcaps'.  see you later.00:32
pjotter:) Bye! And thanks for the help!00:33
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jgm_started using xubuntu 11.10 rock solid :)01:59
coolguylentzdoes xubuntu 10.04 PPC version run the same install as the regular version02:35
mikodoWill Xfce be using GTK3 anytime soon?05:40
Sysinot in next release but next to that it probably will05:44
Sysigtk3 apps works of course though05:45
Unit193The theme is compatible too05:48
mikodoSyssi thanks!05:56
mikodoDarn, I forget how to abbreviate the nicks. Sorry Sysi05:56
mikodomikodo, Ok, I got it06:01
mikodohi, forestpiskie :)06:09
hobgoblinI get around :)06:11
mikodohobgoblin, yes you do06:11
mikodoI took Xubuntu 11.10 for a live CD spin last week. Xfce 4.8 is looking real good. But I think, I'll hold out until 12.10, before doing a clean install of Xubuntu. I am hoping that Thunar will be expanded to draw the desktop by then, and maybe Xfce will be GTK3 also. (Ubuntu Lucid hold out)06:20
mikodoWell, maybe the GTK3, will be a little too hopeful that soon, I guess06:23
hobgoblinI moved to xubuntu in April(ish)06:23
hobgoblintry tab to complete :)06:24
mikodohobgoblin, I did again!, I saw, a lot of improvements in the desktop, from when I had 4.6 installed, like mounting devices and such06:24
mikodoI am so used to hitting enter06:25
hobgoblinI like it06:25
mikodoI am really tempted to clean install it now, but I am pressed for free time the next while, and I have Gnome set the way I like it, so...06:26
hobgoblingnome2 I guess then ...06:28
mikodoyes in Lucid06:28
mikodoBut I really like the future of Xfce, I hope they get more devs06:29
ParkerRIs anyone here using a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-850 or similar on their linux box?06:30
dafoxhi all. I've recently installed xubuntu on an old laptop, but I'm having some trouble making the fonts readable. I installed 'regular' ubuntu on another laptop last week, and there (as far as I remember) I only had to install the sharp-text-rendering ppa. However no matter what I seem to do now, the text remains unfocused and blurry. Any help would be greatly appreciated11:49
knomedafox, applications -> settings -> settings manager -> appearance -> tab fonts -> "enable anti-aliasing" ?11:52
dafoxknome: yes, that is enabled. What I'd like to change is to enable the 'lcdlegacy' subpixel filter. There is no gui option for that (yet). Normally you simply add a file /etc/fonts/local.conf, but this seems to be ignored now. The sharp-text-rendering ppa package is supposed to fix that, but for some reason it doesn't work for me now.11:54
knomeright, i don't know how enabling that is possible. maybe pop in at #xfce11:54
dafoxknome: ok, but I don't think this is an issue specific to xfce. I use xfce on my other laptop with a gentoo install, and it works there. So I think this must be something in the (x)ubuntu font-config/freetype packages.11:56
dafox(and the text renders fine on the gentoo install of xfce)11:56
knomeah-ha. :) as far as i know, xubuntu doesn't touch that configuration, so it would be #ubuntu then :)11:56
dafoxknome: ok, although it seemed to work for ubuntu by simply installing said ppa, but not in xubuntu :/11:57
knomereally hard to say, never had to do anything like that :)11:57
dafoxwhat I personally don't understand is why people insist on hiding and breaking these configurations. many people (myself included) prefer the lcdlegacy filtering to the newer filtering modes, and yet there is seems to be no easy way to configure it, and worse from time to time the configuration options/methods inexplicably break.12:00
knomedafox, the basic idea of ubuntu is to make using it easy and not too overwhelming on configuration, and that can be said about xfce too - good defaults rather than too many options. this is plainly a ideal difference in ubuntu and other distributions.12:04
knomedafox, it is not about hiding them, it's just that to not confuse the user with choices he doesn't need to make; i suppose most people usually don't need lcdlegacy12:06
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amokpauleHello, i want to set it up that i can maximize windows by double click in the upper window boarder.16:12
Sysiclick really fast16:15
TVasEyesamokpaule: menu Settings->Window Manager->Advanced16:15
dafoxknome: what is the correct way/place to file a bug against xubuntu?16:17
amokpauleDoes not work and i click really fast16:20
TVasEyesamokpaule: menu Applications->Settings->Window Manager->Advanced -- near the bottom of the tab you'll find 'Double click action'.  select the one you want.16:23
amokpauleok thanks i fopund it.16:23
diegoOMG Just saw the new website in place! Looks freakin' awesome!16:47
diegoI'm gonna share this. Thanks.16:47
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ranticHi everybody, I installed Xubuntu last night and accidentally skipped past the option to the install third party plugins. I managed to get bumblebee working etc but I still can't play mp3's? :(17:19
mongythe mp3 specific package is gstreamer something.  bad or ugly, not sure17:29
diegoCan't you add the restricted repo's and than run a apt-get update on CLI?17:31
csenger41anyone active here?17:49
holsteincsenger41: sure.. this is the official support channel.. you can just ask your support questions, or vist #xubuntu-offtopic for chatting :)17:55
csenger41holstein: i have a kinda offtopic question but have no better idea than coming here17:57
holsteinsure... or check out *-offtopic17:58
csenger41as I've always got good suggestions from people here17:58
csenger41holstein: could you come over there then pls,17:59
popschdoes anyone know a good scriptable text-based mail client? it seems that neither alpine or mutt are scriptable. gnus doesn't have good mail indexing (=> no good search).19:01
TVasEyespopsch: one of the MUAs supplied with slackware is mailx, basic but might meet your needs.  no idea whether *buntu has this s/ware but I'm sure it'll compile/install if you need to.19:07
popschTVasEyes, nope, I am looking for a regular mail client (like mutt) but I would like to hack it with my own scripts. gnus would be perfect, but I ditched it many years ago, because of its poor support for search indexing19:11
TVasEyeswell mailx isn't 'irregular' :) but ok.19:11
TVasEyespopsch: the mbox file format is established and known (and plain text), import/export via script wouldn't be hard to do.19:14
popschI really wished someone had added mail indexing to gnus in the last 10 years19:14
mongyI know there is an indicator panel applet, and apps running that use it, use it but is there a way to load an indicator into it like indicator-datetime?19:14
popschwell, I want to write plugin to for example pass the mail content to shell scripts, while I am reading mails. so I want to use a full fledged email client but want to write my scripts for it. mailx is a little too rudimentary19:15
TVasEyesno problem popsch, I saw "scriptable text-based" and recommended based on that.19:16
TVasEyesmongy: out of interest, why is the clock applet in the panel not suitable?19:18
mongyTVasEyes, it's more of a curiosity19:19
TVasEyes:)  project? nice.19:19
mongyha, no19:19
mongyno time for projects19:19
mongyspent half the day trying to get openvpn working properly on my vps.19:20
TVasEyesand where does the indicator panel applet come in?  you want to display data in custom format?19:21
TVasEyeshmm, nevermind. ;)19:22
mongyTVasEyes, no, just want to have the ubuntu date/time indicator but in xfce panel.19:22
TVasEyesand there's noting on the xfce site?19:22
mongyI figure it's a matter of getting it into the indicator area where network manager is etc19:22
mongythere must be a list somewhere that it uses to load up incdicators.. i'll just have to find it19:23
TVasEyesxfce has been round for so long, chances are someone will have invented that particular wheel long ago. ;)19:23
TVasEyesyou might need to look at other distros, so many use xfce.19:25
TVasEyespopsch: how about http://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/en/ ?  I don't think it's scriptable per se but you can write plugins.19:28
popschTVasEyes, thanks for the pointer. I'm currently looking into mutt and see whether macros suffice for what I want to do19:48
mongyTVasEyes, there is the xfce4-datetime-plugin which displays a calendar of sorts, but nothing actually you can do to it.  that's the reasoning behind using indicator-datetime19:49
TVasEyesare you handy with one or more languages?  maybe you can monkey the source?  (sounds like a project already :-) ).19:51
TVasEyesmongy:   ^^19:51
mongythat would a negatory good buddy19:52
pjotterHow can I edit the startmenu?19:53
mongyjust use --no-install-recommends to miss all the junk not needed19:54
pjotterAlacarte installs half the gnome desktop. Is there a real Xfce alternative?19:55
Unit193...We've told you this very clearly before19:55
pjotterI forgot, Unit19319:55
pjotterIs that a crime?19:55
TVasEyespjotter: if you're willing to get your 'hands dirty', manual edits are quite easy to do.19:55
TVasEyeshmm, let me know what you find out mongy, might be interesting..19:56
mongypjotter,  doesnt --no-install-recommends miss out all that?19:57
pjottermongy: Yes, you are right. I'll try the command with that parameter19:57
mongypjotter, anything specific you want to edit?19:57
pjotterWell, I am going to install photoshop under wine. It creates a start in the wine folder. I would like to move that starter to the main menu graphics section.19:58
TVasEyesthen all you need to do is edit the 'Categories' in <starter>.desktop.19:59
mongy^beat me to it20:00
pjotterOk. Where are those starters located?20:01
TVasEyesyou can use either locate or find commands.  find is more reliable so:  find /usr/share -xdev -iname \*.desktop -print  will show all .desktop files20:02
TVasEyesinstalled by the distro,  replacinf /usr/share with ~ (ie your home directory) will list files created by you ( or process owned by you)20:03
TVasEyeswhat is the <starter> called, pjotter ?20:04
pjotterI don't know yet, TVasEyes. I have yet to install wine and photoshop20:04
TVasEyesok, say it's mywine.  then  find ~ -iname mywine.desktop -print  will list the location of said file.20:05
TVasEyes(is likely under ~/.local/share/applications/ )20:06
pjotterOk, thanks. I'll note this down so I can use it laterin.20:06
TVasEyesfwiw, it's easier to enable logging in your IRC client..20:07
TVasEyesthe nyou have a nice transcript of every session.20:07
TVasEyess/the nyou/then you/20:08
shepersonI have two open ports on my Xubuntu machine, 80 and 3306. Is there any way to deny requests which come from other computers to these ports, while enabling requests from my machine ( for example)?20:10
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.20:12
TVasEyessheperson: my xubuntu has iptables installed, there are many very good tutorials out there showing how to build a firewall20:12
shepersonyou mean I should use iptables?20:13
TVasEyesit's already installed, why not?20:13
mongythe fact they are open like that suggests you should use iptables anyway20:14
metap0dI recently installed Xubuntu and was wondering if it possible to change the look of the loading screen as the computer boots up? The one with the dark blue background and white progress bar?20:30
metap0dI've tried googling how to change it but I don't actually know what it is called20:30
Unit193"Plymouth" and change it with   sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u20:31
metap0dUnit193: Thank you ... uhm what exactly did that command just do?20:32
Unit193Should present you with a screen where you can select from ones already installed, then update the boot process20:34
metap0dUnit193: I got -- There is only one alternative in link group default.plymouth: /lib/plymouth/themes/xubuntu-logo/xubuntu-logo.plymouth20:35
metap0dNothing to configure.20:35
metap0dupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.0.0-15-generic20:35
Unit193So you'd have to find one from a trusted source as you only have one20:36
metap0dso it didn't launch anything because there was only one option to pick20:37
TVasEyesmetap0d: correct.   plymouth/themes/   you'll have to find other theme(s) and install them20:38
TVasEyesthis does look interesting Unit193, may do that myself even though I've little need ( up 30 days )20:41
Unit193Heh, know exactly what you mean. Madnick does the ones for Xubuntu, he's good. There is a breakout lightdm theme actually, not sure what he deemed it as though20:43
TVasEyesdo you reboot frequently? or do you prefer uptime?20:43
TVasEyesis there a good link/site you recommend ?   (sorry, too lazy to google)20:45
Unit193I only reboot when X fails me (no way to recover)20:45
TVasEyesok, I like.20:45
TVasEyeshave to say that, so far, I haven't had problems with stability (with Thunderbird & xchat, vbox and a few terminals open 24/7)20:46
Unit193Well, there isn't one I'd recommend. I know gnome-look *has* them, but have no idea the quality (and I'm not sure at all about plymouth-themes.org). As far as stability, it's not bad, just have an embeded card that's not fully supported20:48
TVasEyeswhat type of development you do?20:48
TVasEyesthe embedded card is for development, no?20:49
Unit193I don't officially know a language, so I end up messing a round with some http://pastebin.com/fjXu1Xu720:49
TVasEyes177. nice.  so you script rather than C or other compiled language development?20:51
* TVasEyes waits for k*ome to say "that belongs in off-topic" ;)20:54
Unit193(Cut out the crappy ones) Well, I mess with whatever the language currently is :P  I've been messing with php and ruby just yesterday (Done some compiled) And that's me that has been thinking of redirecting, actually20:54
TVasEyeswell, I'll join, just in case. :)20:55
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iogianhi..pls. j've installed xubuntu 11.04 on pc with AMD 64 e ati radeon - j had so many problem for updating and so j update directly XFCE to 4.8: now at login j can't get in desktop but continously came bach at login screen. At last..j can't get in bios a j can't run a live cd to manage something. Someone can help me?22:09
holsteiniogian: i would have went for 11.10... no reason to run 11.04 over 11.1022:16
holsteinhow did you install?22:16
iogianholstein: j was not been able to install 11.10 ...22:21
holsteiniogian: i could propose that a change has happened.. and that change happened to 11.04 when you upgraded22:22
holsteini would look for an older kernel and try booting that22:22
holsteini think it would be a much better use of time to troubleshoot installint 11.10 though22:23
iogian holstein: how can j do now without a live cd running?22:24
iogian holstein: how can j make cd rom run at boot ?22:25
iogian holstein: assuming that j can't run bios?22:25
holsteiniogian: when you are loading grub, which, if that is hidden for you, hitting shift should show it, you can choose an older kernel, boot that, and test22:25
holsteiniogian: im unclear how you installed anything without being able to boot some soft of installation media.. however you installed 11.04 is how i would go about testing 11.1022:26
iogianwhen j installed 11.04 cd can run22:27
holsteiniogian: ok. then just see if you have an earlier kernel there to boot, and also consider a serious backup plan for *when* you need to reinstall an OS on that hardware22:28
iogian holstein: ok..j'll connect again righ now on this channel from my notebook so j can reboot and tray to do something you suggest me..22:30
iogian holstein: try..sorry j'm from italy22:31
holsteiniogian: no worries :)22:31
iogianholstein: pls can you repeat what j have to do at boot ?+22:43
holsteiniogian: try an older kernel22:43
iogianholstein: now j'm in a blu screen of grub with os to choose22:45
holsteiniogian: OK.. try booting an older kernel then22:46
holsteinim proposing that you got a kernel update when you upgraded XFCE, and thats what has led to this incompatibility22:46
holsteinif you are looking at a grub screen, arrow down to an earlier kernel and boot it22:46
iogianholstein: j'have not this possibility of chosing22:47
holsteiniogian: OK.. then you can try the recovery mode22:47
holsteinyou can search for some logs there in the CLI22:47
iogianholstein: at login after password correcly digitated it resend me at login...damnation...neither in recovery mode22:49
holsteiniogian: not following.. sorry22:51
holsteiniogian: you might want to try #ubuntu-it22:51
iogianok thank you a lot22:51
holsteinif you are getting re-directed, that makes me thin you have the password incorrect22:52
holsteinyou can reset the password in recovery mode22:52
iogianholstein: the password is ok..and then thee's no way to get in recovery mode too22:55
holsteiniogian: you choose the recovery kernel22:55
holsteinthats at GRUB as well22:55
iogianit's very complicated22:55
iogianat grub i've ot this choose22:56
holsteiniogian: ok.. there *should* be more options22:57
holsteinsounds like you have a different version of grub than ubuntu/xubuntu comes with22:57
iogianj digit the password..than the screen go black..than it resend me at login again..22:57
holsteinthat sounds like x crashing22:58
holsteincould be anything22:58
holsteinyou can fsck the disk and all kinds of things assuming you can boot live22:58
iogianj'd to find the way to recovery cd rom efficienty22:59
mongygot my vpn configured but, I cant access my web server unless I open port 80 in iptables, which defeats the purpose.23:01
iogianthank you holstein...kind of you helpimg me..bye23:03
holsteiniogian: anytime :)23:04
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pjotterHi. I'd like to add something to the "how to edit the startmenu discussion" for anyone who's interested. I tried installing alacarte without the recommended extra gnome stuff, as was suggested. But then alacarte does not function properly and it is impossible to edit the properties of any startmenu-items. When I start alacarte from the terminal, I can see a lot of errors.23:58
pjotterHowever, when I do a full alacarte installation (with gnome stuff), the function works.23:59

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