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freinharddoes anyone know if nepomuk/datamanagement.h is shipped somehow with 4.7.4 or 4.8 on oneiric?12:19
freinhardcan't find it this way: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=datamanagement.h&mode=exactfilename&suite=oneiric&arch=any12:19
yofelit's not, we don't ship the headers from kde-runtime12:20
freinhardjust tried to build the nepomuktagmanager (see planet)12:21
yofelunless I missed something, kde-runtime isn't supposed to have anything that is a build-dependency of something else12:22
yofelyou could use project-neon for development, the headers are shipped there12:22
freinhardthank you for the hint, i'll wait till there's a package, neon is not an option on a netbook ;)12:23
yofelfreinhard: point is, we *intentionally* don't ship the headers. So unless there's a real reason to, there won't be a package for them12:24
freinhardyofel: i meant i won't wait for a package with the headers but a package with nepomuktagmanager ;)12:25
freinhardi get the point of not shipping them12:25
yofelok then :)12:25
freinhardmaybe i'll just copy the headers from some sourcetarball for now12:25
freinhardwould be good to have a package in the future, just saw that kde-telepathy copied the headers as well12:41
BluesKajHiyas all12:56
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BluesKajsuddenly  I have a very herky-jerky response on the mouse cursor on my older pc , after the latest kernel upgrade ..am i alone in this ?18:06
Peace-BluesKaj: 12.04 works fine here18:06
BluesKajPeace-,  yeah , fine here too , it's my other pc that has the problem18:06
yofelduring scrolling? if yes see backlog of +1 from a few mins ago18:15
BluesKajyofel,  not just scrolling , moving the cursor males it jump a little at a time rather than smooth movement18:20
yofelI'll try it later then, still running -1318:21
BluesKajmy usb/wireless logitech mouse won't work at all18:22
BluesKajwas working fine before the new kernel18:22
Peace-i have a problem with my mouse wifi... trust :d18:23
Peace-it doesn't work :D18:23
Peace-yofel: do you know why there is this sick ffmpeg build from libav developer instead of the natural ffmpeg?18:38
Peace-it sayss 18:39
Peace-This program is not developed anymore and is only provided for compatibility. Use avconv instead (see Changelog for the list of incompatible changes).18:39
yofelupstream changelog:18:42
yofel- ffmpeg deprecated, added avconv, which is almost the same for now, except18:42
yofelfor a few incompatible changes in the options, which will hopefully make them18:42
yofeleasier to use. The changes are:18:42
yofelPeace-: here's the full cl: http://paste.kde.org/20051018:43
Peace-yofel: for what i know ffmpef standard is the best and it's complete 18:58
yofelwell, as I see it our 'ffmpeg' has been provided by libav for quite a while 18:59
Peace- yes and it sucks 18:59
Peace-if you see for example ffprobe18:59
Peace-it can print video 18:59
Peace-stuff better thatn avprobe19:00
Peace-i guess av is just a silly fork 19:00
DasKreecHRiddell: ping19:25
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