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poyntzhi all01:29
poyntzI tried sudo Xorg -config and Xorg 1: -config and it's stuffed up my display. How can I fix it?01:30
poyntz- by stuffed up, I mean things which are supported by my Graphics card now aren't01:30
poyntz- whitelines, virtualbox doesn't work (aka, when i load up the OS, it will open the login screen but I can't hit Windows)01:31
poyntz- I don't even have a xorg.conf file01:32
poyntzso no idea how I've managed to do it01:32
poyntzit couldn't be this could it? - http://paste.ubuntu.com/829548/01:33
poyntzbasically I created a new file in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ called 52-vbox.conf01:34
poyntzit contains everything in the paste above01:34
javier_hola a todo el mundo01:35
poyntz!spanish > javier_01:35
ubottujavier_, please see my private message01:35
javier_es mi primer dia en este citio no tengo amigos ......!01:36
ses1984i am about to install 11.10 and i was wondering if the installer will partition my ssd correctly, i heard partitioning an ssd optimally and correctly01:37
ses1984often involves tweaking the start and end points of the partition precisely01:37
javier_si aca hay personas que hablen español, para charlar  si se puede.....01:39
poyntz!spanish | javier01:40
ubottujavier: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:40
poyntzde nada01:41
ses1984that's a "simple" guide to partitioning ssd drives in linux and it is many pages long. does the installer check all that stuff or is it better to partition manually?01:44
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psyrusq: during my kubuntu install i opted to encrypt my home folder, i tried to make a password in term for it but i dont think i did it right, so how do i know if my home folder is encrypted, and how do i know what the pass is ?03:41
psyrusm not having any probs accessing my home folder, and there is no evidenceit's even encrypted03:42
ses1984i have expanded the 11.10 x64 iso to a usb key and installed to a new machine. 50% through installing updates, the machine became totally messed up04:23
ses1984so i rebooted, verified the disk, tested the memory and reinstalled. then the same thing happened04:23
ses1984if i open rekonq it says it can't handle http, and it opens up a bunch of gwenvideos with the images returned from the http request04:24
ses1984if i click on the k button, i can open the four programs that are shown there, but the rest of it is totally depopulated04:24
ses1984cant search04:24
ses1984i can right click n the desktop run command and get a konsole04:25
ses1984but i'm not sure how to back out of this borked update the right way04:25
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lorddeltaHmm. Why is gnome-panel starting everytime I start kde?04:49
lorddeltaOr rather where is the database file for the autostart settings that I found in ksystem settings04:53
lorecasterNo idea if this is the right place... I can't seem to get my webcam to work in this new distro... it exists in the sound settings, registering properly, and even when it first installed it asked if i wanted to use my webcam to save my profile picture... now it won't work in skype OR Cheese. I heard routine updates can kill drivers... it's a GearHead webcam, not Logitech (notorious driver issues with those, i read). Any takers?05:04
lorecasterMy blue-snowball microphone is also registering and not recording... but that's likely a seperate issue05:05
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lorecasterNothing? anyone?05:13
photonlorecaster: can't help you, but you have to be more patient. often times people get an answer hours after stating their question.05:20
lorecasterMy usual limit is 10 minutes... if no one replies by then, I assume the room is empty and seek the answer on my own. I'm not green, but I am not proud either.05:23
lorecasterthanks though.05:24
* photon sighs05:26
pritojhello :)05:48
pritojI'm  new to irc05:48
pritojso could you plz tell me how i use quassel to connect to freenode05:48
photonyou ARE connected to freenode.05:49
pritojbut the config says i'm connected to irc.ubuntu.com05:50
pritojand i added irc.freenode.net to the list05:50
pritojbut i can't seem to use it05:50
photonirc.ubuntu.com redirects to irc.freenode.net05:50
photonit's basically one and the same.05:50
pritojsry about that. noob mistake05:51
photonyou can /join #freenode if you are still not convinced. :)05:51
pritoj:) oh no i'll take your word for it.... just don't ask me to go to bash and type in rm * -R05:52
pritojso I don't have much programming experience05:53
pritojjust php05:53
pritojI know other languages but I don't know where to use them05:53
pritojcan you suggest a project which can be understood by me05:54
pritojC/C++ or python doesn't matter05:54
photonwhat do you mean, suggest a project which can be understood by you? what exactly is it what you want to do? and btw, you are in the help channel for Kubuntu, there are other channels like ##programming #c++ #python ...05:55
pritojA project which is not so complex that i'll be baffled by the so many files that i'll lose interest05:57
pritojand yes I'm sorry about posing this queston here05:57
photonyou still haven't told us what you actually want to do? if you want to learn programming languages, start by writing your own simple programs...05:58
pritojI have done all the "text book" programs05:59
pritojthe point is i want to contribute to a proper project, the main reason i use php is I can do a lot very easily and put it up on server06:00
pritojbut when it comes to proper programming langs i can't get past those simple programs06:00
pritojI tried to study up on tomahawk player06:01
pritojbut I couldn't get my head around all the files06:01
pritojso i want a simpler project06:01
photonif you can't get past simple programs and still don't have much programming experience besides PHP, I don't think you'd be useful to a more complex project. I cannot suggest a simpler project, however. sorry about that. but again, other channels might be of more help.06:02
pritojanyways hanks again for explaining the irc thing to me06:03
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liudashello everyone, question: is it possible to disable showing / activating apps windows on desktop when hovering over icons in task bar with mouse, while keeping only small preview windows displayed09:06
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sentinel_As i'm only one seem to be alive, and i don't know the answer - just try not to hover mouse above the taskbar :)09:22
* photon shoots sentinel_ 09:23
photonnow, you're dead, too.09:23
liudassentinel_, :) yep, great solution :) i believe there is solution better than changing my ux :)09:24
new2netWhat does ctrl + alt + F1 (dont try this unless you know what it does) actually do to my X session; can I get it back somehow?09:29
Tm_Tnew2net: yes, by pressing ctrl+alt+F709:30
Tm_Twell, alt+F7 should suffice too09:30
Tm_Tnew2net: and it should do nothing to X session09:30
new2netthanks, you have no clue how many times I had my session freeze up and I had to kill a process but then couldn't get back... tried restarting gdm and x and 100 other things :)09:31
Tm_TI recall there's some bugs that do cause issues with changing tty, but yeah, bugs09:31
Tm_Thaven't seen such issues for years myself I think09:32
new2netTm_T, actually I have been using Unity with almost no bugs. The only thing it's been messing with is eclipse when I use ctrl+alt+[<|^|v|>] to switch screens.09:34
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OxymoronHow do I install Acrobat Reader on x64 Kubuntu? I cannot find the package acroread and the debian package from Adobes website can only be isntalled on x86 systems ........09:49
Tm_TOxymoron: Okular won't do?09:49
TSKI just use Okular for PDF files.09:49
OxymoronTm_T: Okular sucks, cannot read PDF properly as Adobe can. I cannot copy text and paste into Kate without problem.09:51
Tm_TOxymoron: hmmm, I've been copying whole books without any issue09:51
Tm_Tlet's see whats the status with acroread09:52
OxymoronTm_T: I get weird character pastes, like very weird \t tabulars and spaces.09:52
OxymoronI should copy programming code from Okular to Kate, and get compile error of wierd characters.09:52
Tm_T!find acroread09:52
ubottuFile acroread found in apparmor-profiles, claws-mail-tools, elementary-icon-theme, fvwm-crystal, geda-doc, gnome-colors-common, gnome-icon-theme-gartoon-redux, gnome-orca, gnome-themes-more, icewm-themes (and 14 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=acroread&mode=&suite=oneiric&arch=any09:52
Tm_T!info acroread09:53
ubottuPackage acroread does not exist in oneiric09:53
OxymoronTm_T: I tried to find acroread on google, but without success.09:53
Tm_TOxymoron: it's on partners repository09:53
OxymoronTm_T: I could try to force install x86 but from Adobes debian, into x64. but wouldnt it break it?09:54
OxymoronTm_T: I have canoncial debian repos.09:54
OxymoronTm_T: Uhm or what it calls.09:55
Tm_TOxymoron: see the url I pasted above (:09:55
OxymoronTm_T: Already looked there, but cannot find the url to paste into sources09:56
Tm_Tdeb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu oneiric partner09:56
OxymoronTm_T: Thanks, lets see if that works better :)09:58
OxymoronTm_T: If not, do you know if I can change settings in Okular to read documents UTF8 or paste different?09:58
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OxymoronTm_T: In acroread, the copy worked perfect, hmm.10:03
OxymoronAnother problem in Okular is to copy text from multiple pages when you need to mark the text it doesnt scroll to another page, can only copy from one page xD10:04
Tm_TOxymoron: I recall I had been copying multiple pages before10:10
OxymoronTm_T: i can do with Pg Up and PG Dn and copy all etc. But i cannot start mark with mouse on one point and then drag the marking area from one page to another :S10:11
Tm_Tatleast it works some way for you, I guess it doesn't matter with what tools10:14
OxymoronWell yeah it works, but quite annoying with things that doesnt work. Like the new Dolphin in KDE 4.8 that should be faster, rather slow down and freeze my system xD10:16
Tm_Thmmm, it's relatively fast here (:10:18
Tm_Tis those animations that causes the issue?10:18
OxymoronTm_T: Not sure, I just now it freezes sometimes.10:19
OxymoronTm_T: Frustrating, because freezes is one thing I do not want on Linux ... and expect from Winblows.10:22
fenderovna_hi all10:27
* TSK hasn't had a freeze on Linux, Mac, or Windows in ages.10:33
TSKI count myself lucky, cause freezes annoy me utterly.  nvidia drivers used to cause me freezes on Linux allatime back in the old days.10:34
OxymoronTSK: How do you do? :O10:40
OxymoronTSK: 8 Core CPU, 10 GB RAM, SSD disk or what? :D10:40
TSKOxymoron: I have a dual core CPU with 4 gig of RAM and about 4 TB of SATA HD space, and Kubuntu hasn't frozen on me in forever.10:47
TSKFor about a month, this machine had Windows 7 on it, until I got sick of it and wiped it in favor of Linux, but Windows never froze on it either.10:47
TSKAnd at work we use Mac OS X which is Unix based and also hasn't froze on me for ages.  Modern operating systems seem pretty good that way these days as long as the hardware is up to par.10:48
OxymoronTSK: Well, not working well on my laptop with Intel i3 latest 2.1 GHz, 4 GB RAM DDR3, Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 500 GB HDD.10:51
OxymoronBoth Winblows and Blinx fails.10:52
TSKHonestly, I've personally never had much luck with Linux on laptops myself, except my Acer Aspire One netbook.  For some reason that took Kubuntu flawlessly and all the hardware just worked without complaint.  Power management, wifi, bluetooth, everything.10:55
TSKFirst thing I did when I got the thing home actually was to boot it once in Windows, once in Android, and then boot it from Kubuntu USB and wiped both the other OS's and installed the Linux permanently.  :)10:56
OxymoronTSK: Well it worked flawless on my old desktop PC earlier with Dual Core, 4 GB RAM, SSD and some crappy nVidia card-10:58
OxymoronThe problem seems to be low RPM on laptop, high heat in the laptop, crappy graphics or crappy graphic software in Linux, I dont know.10:59
TSKnVidia's drivers are pretty good these days, but a couple years ago they were real hit-or-miss.10:59
TSKHeat can be a real issue with laptops I know.  Have you tried one of those USB powered cooling pads?  You could test if that'd help before buying one by using your laptop on a box fan or somesuch for a while.  :)11:00
OxymoronTSK: It is not very hot yet, pretty new laptop and the shell is in aluminium.11:03
OxymoronI guess then the real problem is the laptop, how it is built11:04
OxymoronWould need to be cooler with awesome SSD, and not any fans at all in the laptop, only integrated chips for everything etc.11:04
TSKHonestly, I wouldn't know.  My Acer is the first laptop I've ever had luck with Linux on.  Desktops and towers have always worked pretty excellent, but until recently laptops have been nothing but a pain for me on Linux.11:06
OxymoronTSK: Yes, laptop is PITA. Same problem on both my Asus and Acer, both with NEW hardware, no luck.11:09
OxymoronCompanys generate lot of money on laptops that doesnt work xD11:09
TSKIt's just plain bizarre that some laptops from Acer work with Linux with ZERO hassle, and others from the same company will fight to the bitter end no matter which OS you throw at them.11:10
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MautzHey there! Got some trouble with booting from MARVELL raid after updating the BIOS; Ubuntu doesn't find the raid drive, which I used to boot from. Windows 7 does, so I think the raid itself is still ok. fdisk on live-system won't show the disk either. Could someone help me out please?12:32
KuB_hello! Can anyone help me choosing a dock for Kubuntu? Which is the best ?12:45
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BluesKajHiyas all12:56
James147Mautz: fake raid on linux is quite flaky ^^ it recomeded not to use it if you can get away with it (software raid works excelently under windows, but not so well with windows :(  )12:59
James147KuB_: a dock?13:00
James147s/ under windows/under linux/  :)13:00
MautzJames147: thanks, i think i will downgrade the bios to backup my data and then just go along with two seperate device due to cross plattform problems13:04
KuB_James147, yes a dock..live avant-window-navigator13:10
James147KuB_: the panel not good enough?13:14
KuB_i need to put in a lot of util/program's launchers13:15
James147KuB_: the panel can hanel that, and there are widgets to make it better at it13:15
KuB_James147, thank you i'll try the panel :)13:16
James147KuB_: you will find that kde is very flexable, you should be able to make plasma-desktop do waht you want and there are allot of thrid part applets desiged for it when it dosnt quite do what you want :)13:17
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K350Has anyone got the 'invert colors' under desktop effects in kubuntu to work?14:39
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XeviosHow i can isntall skype through terminal?15:16
BluesKajXevios, i just download and extract it, then use the redame for instructons depending on the version ...I usually use the static version15:31
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elijahSomehow my spacebar is linked to page down in Chrome, what is the easiest way to find out where it is linked or change it?15:58
KvaksHow can I tell which xorg driver is currently in use on my system? Don't the Ubuntu installer install the Nvidia proprietary driver like the vanilla Ubuntu installer does?15:59
shadeslayerKvaks: lsmod on a terminal15:59
shadeslayerit'll list all the activated modules15:59
shadeslayerelijah: uh, that's the default key binding for a page scroll15:59
shadeslayerno idea where it can be changed though16:00
elijahIt appears I cannot find all shortcuts mapped to a given key in the global shortcuts gui16:00
elijahshadeslayer: Thanks, gtk, it is problematic because when I take a typing lesson at typingweb.com , everytime I hit space to go to the next word it pushes me to the bottom of the screen.16:01
elijahDoes anyone know where to change the default binding for a page scroll?16:08
elijahI cannot find it anywhere in global shortcuts or keyboard shortcuts16:09
elijahOr, is there a way to search all keyboard bindings? It appears I can only search one at a time.16:11
droetkerAnyone here who can answer a fre questions 'bout akonadi?16:20
droetkerjust read a few things about it - can one us it for other data that mail/contacts etc as well? AFAIK it is just an "interface" for the data, something like a database persistency objects framework?16:22
droetkeris this possible?16:22
droetkere.g. (if I understood correctly) with a custom serializerplugin you could use it as DPO-Framework for ANY type of (e.g. CRM) data16:25
shadeslayerdroetker: #akonadi might be able to advise16:32
shadeslayerelijah: space works just fine here16:34
shadeslayerI tried the first tutorial, the one with j's and f's16:34
Xevioshow i can add repo from terminal16:36
elijahshadeslayer: On Chrome, which version are you using?16:36
shadeslayer18.0.1025.1 dev16:36
shadeslayerelijah: I'm using google-chrome , not chromium btw16:36
elijahshadeslayer: Thanks, I am on stable 16.0.912.77 so maybe I will try that. I am using Konqueror for right now, plus I have a paid account so maybe it changes if I log in, I will log out and try the first lesson not logged in. Thanks for trying that!16:37
shadeslayerelijah: okay, the package name is google-chrome-unstable if it helps16:38
ts2Xevios: use "apt-add-repository" (with sudo)16:38
elijahshadeslayer: Can I install that side by side?16:38
shadeslayeruhh ... not sure16:39
elijahshadeslayer: K, it works fine if I am not logged in so something else is going on.16:40
shadeslayerelijah: otoh, unstable has only crashed once for me so far16:40
elijahNot really sure where to report the issue though, maybe the website or maybe Chromium?16:40
Xevioserror, need a repo argument?16:41
shadeslayerwouldn't have the slightest idea, although since you pay for the service, i'd say start there16:41
ts2Xevios: see the output of "apt-add-repository --help"16:41
pritojshey why is it that kubuntu fonts look so atrocious!16:41
elijahshadeslayer: K, thanks16:41
shadeslayerpritojs: atrocious as compared to what?16:41
pritojsI mean every thing on kde works like a charm16:41
pritojscompared to gnome/unity16:41
pritojsand it's using the same fonts16:42
shadeslayerpritojs: both of them use the same font family16:42
pritojsmaybe some aliasing problem16:42
shadeslayerso I'm not sure how it looks any different16:42
shadeslayerthey look just fine here16:42
pritojsanyone know how to fix it16:42
pritojsI'll put ueenshotp a scr16:42
pritojsi'll put up a screen shot16:43
pritojsgimme 5 mins16:43
pawieckiHi guys. I've got a problem with screen refresh rate. I have 1024x768 resolution, and the refresh rate should be 85Hz max, but the only option to choose is Auto, or 60 Hz which is the same as auto. How to change this?16:45
pawieckiGot nvidia drivers and 9600GT graphics. Runing Kubuntu 11.10 with KDE 4.8 from backports16:46
shadeslayerpawiecki: one sec16:48
shadeslayerpawiecki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution16:48
shadeslayerwrong link16:48
elijahshadeslayer: lol, the "/" key somehow invokes search though in the lesson and interrupts the exam, damn flash16:49
shadeslayerpawiecki: I use : xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1440x900 --rate 60 usually16:49
shadeslayerbut your display/resolution might be different16:50
pritojsso here16:51
shadeslayerpritojs: possibly increase font size?16:54
shadeslayerturns out I have sans serif16:54
pawieckishadeslayer: this is a command to type in terminal?16:55
shadeslayerpawiecki: hah, no :D16:55
shadeslayerits under Quassel Settings16:55
shadeslayeror you could increase the font size systemwide in systemsettings16:55
shadeslayerunder Application Experience > Fonts16:56
Xevioscan you give me full command , with adding repo?16:56
Xeviosgot problem, having @need a repository argument@16:57
pawieckishadeslayer: so where to type it in? :)16:58
pawieckior where to change it16:58
shadeslayerpawiecki: press alt + F2 > type "systemsettings" > hit enter16:58
harry_hi all. i have a big problem. my ubuntu 11.10 loads every other time when i start. when its not starting it drops me on black screen (initramfs). and there the only thing i do is CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart sytem. anyone any idea? hp pavillion with nvidia ge force 7150M amd cpu.16:59
pritojs@shadeslayer : nothing really16:59
harry_one more thing ... on this HP laptop pavillion dv 6700 the CD drive does not work.17:00
harry_anyone any idea?17:00
pritojsuploading screen with the increased font size17:00
pritojs@shadeslayer http://sta.sh/0r16db7nsa917:02
shadeslayerpritojs: also force antialiasing17:02
shadeslayerpersonally, I use sans serif which is the KDE Default font17:03
XeviosCan install skype.How to?17:04
pritojsfinally!!! @shadeslayer : antialiasing with sub-pixelrendering enabled works17:07
BluesKajXevios, i just download from the skype site http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/on-your-computer/linux/,  and extract it, then use the redame for instructons depending on the version ...I usually use the static version17:07
shadeslayerBluesKaj: or install from the repos :D17:07
BluesKajshadeslayer,  dunno if it's in the repos anymore, I guess it's not there on 12.0417:08
shadeslayer!info skype precise17:08
ubottuPackage skype does not exist in precise17:08
shadeslayerhuh :P17:08
shadeslayer!info skype oneiric17:08
ubottuPackage skype does not exist in oneiric17:08
shadeslayerthats interesting17:08
BluesKajthe static version has never been in the repos , and it works best on my setup17:08
BluesKajdue to static IP settings on our network interfaces17:10
yofelshadeslayer, BluesKaj: skype is in partner, not in the archive17:18
shadeslayeraha, I knew it17:18
BluesKajodd , doesn't show here , i have partners enabled17:19
BluesKajyofel, ^17:19
shadeslayer^ likewise :P17:19
yofelno idea17:19
yofelah, partner for precise is still empty17:20
yofel *** 017:20
yofel         -1 http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ oneiric/partner i386 Packages17:20
BluesKajyofel,  I have pidgin-skype in synaptic17:20
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shadeslayeryofel: willing to merge bluez from debian? :P17:21
yofelno (unless you want me to do that post-FF)17:21
shadeslayeryofel: nah that's fine, I'll do it tonight17:22
yofelBluesKaj: which still needs skype installed if I understand the description right17:22
BluesKajyofel, yeah that's right , I use the static so I DL from the site17:24
yofelah. skype:i386 installed fine here so I'm using that17:25
BluesKajyofel,  i forgot , I put a 32bit filter on my packages17:26
BluesKajrepos packages17:26
zacariasCan you make a distro upgrade without upgrading a specific package or application?17:29
shadeslayerzacarias: afaik you can hold packages to certain versions17:30
shadeslayernot sure if the upgrade script handles that situation17:30
zacariasshadeslayer: ok17:30
Geraldhow how can ps only return the pid? ps run | grep pid ??17:46
DasKreecHGerald: what are you trying to do?17:47
Geraldi want to know the pid of the program run17:48
Geraldprocess run17:48
Geraldit should only return the pid17:48
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DasKreecHGerald: you know the name of the program?17:52
DarthFrogGerald: You could use "ps aux | grep <program name> to get its process listing, then use the "cut" program to return the PID field.17:57
DasKreecHps x | awk '{print $1}'17:57
DarthFrogOr use awk instead of cut. :-)17:58
Campigood morning :)18:01
DasKreecHGood afternoon :)18:02
liudas:) good evening :)18:03
K350Has anyone got the 'invert colors' effect in desktop effects in Kubuntu 11.10 to work?18:12
DarthFrogGerald:  "aux" isn't really necessary, "x" will do.  I use "ps aux" all the time so it was motor memory when I typed it. :-)18:12
Geraldps run | awk18:13
Geraldps run | awk {print $1} says } mission :D18:14
FujiontheCloudcan i run kubuntu on a mac?18:18
FujiontheCloudand if so how to install?18:18
DasKreecHnot sure what run is intended to do18:18
DasKreecHFujiontheCloud: Which Mac?18:18
DasKreecHI meant Intel   Mc or PPC?18:19
DasKreecHyes you can you just need a Bootloader. Refit should work18:21
DasKreecHThough I think the latest version of Kubuntu comes with an EFI loader18:22
irina_Q: Hi, i am trying to configure my ubuntu 11.10 to a screen resolution of 1240x640 but i have some problems with xrandr... can somebody help me?18:22
Geraldps run | awk {print $1}          ..... says } mission...why?18:25
DasKreecHGerald: you are missing the quotes18:26
Geraldwhy do i need them?18:26
FujiontheCloudcan i use my magic trackpad with kubuntu btw is there support for it?18:29
FujiontheCloudok ty for the answer btw DasKreecH18:29
Geraldim using matlab to call that18:29
DasKreecHGerald: otherwise your } will go missing :)18:29
Geraldsystem('ps run | awk '{print $1}'')    ....unexpected EOF while looking for matching '18:29
ts2Gerald: a single quote is not a double quote18:30
Geraldi need the quotes for system....18:30
DasKreecHGerald: try system("ps run | awk '{print $1'}")18:30
DasKreecHGerald: try system("ps run | awk '{print $1}'")18:30
FujiontheClouddoes kubuntu have any unique peripherals like the magic trackpad?18:31
ts2though, it's best to avoid system() like the plague18:31
Geraldi use sprintf in matlab18:31
DasKreecHFujiontheCloud: You can use it :) I'm not sure how deep the support for it is18:31
FujiontheCloudoh ok18:31
GeraldDasKreecH, ok wirks now ...but ps returns USER 100018:33
FujiontheCloudGerald:  are you french?18:33
FujiontheCloudwhere is the offtopic channel btw?18:33
FujiontheCloudGerald:  :)18:33
DasKreecHGerald: cause youare using run I would suspect18:33
ts2Gerald: look at the output of "ps run", then see what "ps run | awk '{print $1}'" does18:33
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!18:34
DasKreecHFujiontheCloud: Apparently it has support for it18:34
FujiontheCloudoh cool18:34
Geraldts works now18:43
Geraldcan i remove the PID from the string?18:43
Gerald "ps run | awk '{print $2}'"18:43
ts2Gerald: to get just the last line, add "| tail -1" to the end of the command18:43
DarthFrogGerald: You want the ps listing with the PID removed?18:43
Geraldi only want to see the number18:44
Geraldthx ts2 :D18:44
DarthFrogSo what's wrong with "ps x | awk '{print $1}'?18:44
Geraldits 218:44
Gerald"ps run | awk '{print $2}' tail -1"18:45
Geraldhow can i find that process? http://codepad.org/xW4XUnJ918:55
DasKreecHGerald: Do you need to use run?19:01
Geraldrun is a batch file to start java19:01
zacariaswhat's this packageitd that is using so much CPU?19:01
Geraldwhat is the opposite of tail?19:01
KuB_Does anybody have crash (Segmentation fault) of KWIN with Kubuntu 11.10 AND Lucid? It crashes at boot or when I active Desktop Effects!19:01
Geraldok head19:02
DasKreecHGerald: ... so you are looking for the process run?19:04
DasKreecHzacarias: it's looking for updates for packages I think19:05
DasKreecHYou are not telling ps to use the instructions run?19:05
Geraldrun is the bash fine19:06
Geraldi also need to kill the java application which is started by run19:07
DasKreecHGerald: try system("ps  x | grep run | awk '{print $1}'")19:08
yofelzacarias: that's the backend process for packagekit (use by kpackagekit/apper)19:09
yofel*used by19:09
zacariasyofel: ok.19:10
masterplanÄîáðûé äåíü19:13
masterplaníóæíà ïîìîùü19:14
DarthFrogmasterplan:  Geshundheit!19:15
=== liveuser is now known as DasKreecH
tbruff13can someone help me please19:18
DasKreecHtbruff13: Maybe19:18
DarthFrogProbably not.19:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:19
tbruff13I am looking to see if ubuntu advantage supports kubuntu19:19
DasKreecHDarthFrog: well depends. if the help is with Kubuntu then probably!19:19
DasKreecHtbruff13: Could you give some more details?19:19
DarthFrogDasKreecH: But until he lets us know what help he needs ...19:19
tbruff13i am working with my local school board to put ubuntu into schools, and I thought that I would use ubuntu19:19
tbruff13but i have to use a LTS19:20
DasKreecHDarthFrog: Yeah there are a lot of problems in the world people need help with19:20
* DasKreecH needs new shoes19:20
DasKreecHStupid big GNOME sized feet :-(19:20
DarthFrogtbruff13:  10.0 and the upcoming 12.04 are LTS.19:20
DasKreecHtbruff13: Right. What advantage are you looking for?19:20
tbruff13so i chose 10.04, but what i realized if i used regular ubuntu teachers would have to go from gnome 2.32 to unity19:21
tbruff13and that would be hard for them19:21
DarthFrogtbruff13: And if you're trying to put it into schools, Ubuntu, rather than Kubuntu, is probably a better choice.19:21
tbruff13DarthFrog: yes but KDE19:21
DasKreecHDarthFrog: I'd say edubuntu is better but ...19:21
tbruff13is easier for teachers to learn19:21
ts2lies! Kubuntu is always the better choice, just in general19:21
tbruff13and no unity19:21
* DarthFrog agrees with DasKreecH19:21
DasKreecHtbruff13: How long till you have this choice to make?19:22
tbruff13DasKreecH: they told be edubuntu was not supported19:22
DarthFrogKubuntu is better for power users.  Ubuntu is better for the hoi polloi.19:22
tbruff13by ubuntu advantage19:22
ts2what, exactly, is "ubuntu advantage"?19:22
tbruff13DarthFrog: in my experience with KDE it is more windows like19:22
DasKreecHtbruff13: This is true. of course if you have a contract with canonical that changes things somewhat19:23
* handheldCar has had a couple computers that hang when Kubuntu tries to shut down.19:23
DasKreecHIf you don't then "support" doesn't have the same connotation19:23
tbruff13DasKreecH: bottom line i need to use KDE so do i have to install ubuntu and then install kde19:23
tbruff13and then remove ubuntu-desktop19:23
DasKreecHtbruff13: no there is a kubuntu CD19:23
tbruff13or can i just start with Kubuntu19:23
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde19:24
ts2tbruff13: I guess you'd need to ask Canonical if the support includes KDE or not19:24
tbruff13DasKreecH: i understand that there is a disc19:24
tbruff13but do they support it19:24
DasKreecHThis is on the desktop I presume?19:24
DarthFrogtbruff13:  You'd have to ask Canonical as they're the ones who provide the Ubuntu Advantage paid (I presume) support.  I tend to doubt it, though.19:25
DasKreecHtbruff13: Well as far as I know Canonical will accept support contracts for Kubuntu but you have to ask them specifically.19:25
DarthFrogAs in Kubuntu started as an after-market offshoot, not an official branch.19:25
tbruff13DasKreecH: so should i start work on kubuntu or use ubuntu with KDE installed19:25
DarthFrogtbruff13: Ask Riddell, he's the founder of Kubuntu.19:25
tbruff13DarthFrog: how19:26
DasKreecHDarthFrog: I am19:26
ts2DarthFrog: that's not true19:26
tbruff13Riddell: are you here19:26
DarthFrogts2: ?19:26
DasKreecHtbruff13: Thre is no difference between kubuntu installed on top of ubuntu or starting with kubuntu19:26
DasKreecHThey use the same packages and the same servers19:26
ts2DarthFrog: Kubuntu is just as official as anything, it's just not the "flagship" product19:26
tbruff13DasKreecH: other then branding19:27
tbruff13which might be the issue19:27
DarthFrogDasKreecH: Actually there is.  One will also have GNOME installed, the other won't.19:27
DarthFrogts2: True now but not at the start of Kubuntu.19:27
ts2DarthFrog: so, if I install XChat, it's not Kubuntu any more?19:27
tbruff13DarthFrog: no i wont i would have to remove ubuntu-desktop19:27
DasKreecHDarthFrog: <tbruff13> DasKreecH: bottom line i need to use KDE so do i have to install ubuntu and then install kde and then remove ubuntu-desktop19:28
DarthFrogts2: Now you're being ridiculous.19:28
DasKreecHts2, DarthFrog: Take it to #kubuntu-offtopic thanks19:28
DarthFrogtbruff13: Then you should install Kubuntu so you don't have to do the extra work.19:28
tbruff13DasKreecH: okay can anyone please help you dont know how many hours i have spent working on this this is my senior project19:28
tbruff13for school19:28
ts2DarthFrog: yes, I know :), but my point is that if Kubuntu is officially supported (and it's an LTS after all), then it stands to reason that Canonical would have (at least basic)  commercial support for it19:28
tbruff13and the school board is interested19:28
DasKreecHtbruff13: What is your question? :) can Kubuntu be supported by Canonical?19:29
tbruff13DarthFrog: i know you will hate me but are there windows themes for kde19:29
tbruff13will ubuntu advantage work with kubuntu19:29
ts2tbruff13: ask Canonical19:29
DarthFrogtbruff13: No hate.  Use what you need for the purpose.19:29
DasKreecHtbruff13: Yes it will but you have to ask canonical19:29
tbruff13ts2: that is what i am trying to do19:29
tbruff13i cant find a number that is online now19:30
ts2tbruff13: see https://forms.canonical.com/sales/19:30
DasKreecHtbruff13: The largest rollout of supported Ubuntu was done using Kubuntu if reports are to be trusted19:30
DarthFrogDasKreecH: Really??  Wow.19:30
Novellwhat package is solid-powermanagement found in ?19:31
DasKreecHDarthFrog: canonical doesn't release figures or clients so it's hearsay but you can get pretty substansial support19:31
tbruff13DasKreecH: how much ram does kubuntu need19:31
DasKreecHtbruff13: Depends on what you need to run obviously but I would suspect 500 at a min to not teach the school children cursewords19:32
DasKreecHyou would probably need to tune it or run it through a LTSP19:32
DasKreecH1GB should be good once they don't start going crazy with desktop effects and opening Cantor scripts19:33
DasKreecHUNless your art clss is teaching on Krita :)19:33
tbruff13i cant install vbox guest additons19:33
DasKreecHis this a new question?19:34
tbruff13I am running kubuntu 10.04 in a vbox19:34
ts2Novell: I don't think that exists at all19:34
DasKreecHtbruff13: It normally comes as an ISO that you load in the Virtual CDrom Drive19:34
DasKreecHNovell: which version of Kubuntu are you runing?19:35
Novellts2: it's referenced in kremotecontrol at least19:35
tbruff13i know19:35
tbruff13it wont install19:35
DarthFrogtbruff13:  Do you have the virtualbox-guest packages installed?19:36
DasKreecH!info apt-file19:36
ubottuapt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 24 kB, installed size 188 kB19:36
tbruff13i am in sabayon as a host19:36
tbruff13ill check19:36
ts2Novell: what do you me it's referenced in it?19:36
DasKreecHhi BluesKaj19:37
Novellts2: The suspend action template is trying to call solid-powermanagement19:37
tbruff13DasKreecH: kubuntu says gcc is not installed19:37
tbruff13i am installing it19:37
DasKreecHhi gnomefreak19:39
ts2Novell: well, as far as I can tell, there is no package containing a file called "solid-powermanagement" in the repositories19:39
DasKreecHNovell: What version of kremmmotecontrol?19:39
tbruff13DasKreecH: will gnome applications look like crap in kubuntu19:39
NovellDasKreecH: the one coming with KDE 4.7 or 4.819:40
Novelltried both19:40
DasKreecHtbruff13: :-) possibly but they can feel pretty native. KDE does a lot of work to be nice to everyone19:40
tbruff13most of the packages for education are kde19:41
tbruff13libreoffice howerver is not19:41
tbruff13kde or gnome19:41
DasKreecHtbruff13: Correct19:41
NovellDasKreecH: 4:4.8.0-0ubuntu1~oneiric1~ppa1 is the exact version installed atm19:42
tbruff13DasKreecH: also is there any windows theme for kde19:42
tbruff13i know i suck19:42
DasKreecHNovell: Well it's certainly updated the last code push was a few days ago19:42
tbruff13but i have to ask19:42
DasKreecHNovell: Thanks19:42
DasKreecHtbruff13: yes quite a few. I would advise that you don't rely on those except in cases where people need them to continue work.19:43
DasKreecHtbruff13: Just for the perspective of maintaining them19:43
tbruff13DasKreecH: i was going to create scripts for removing19:43
tbruff13before upgrading19:44
DasKreecHtbruff13: treat this the same as migrating from Windows to Linux. It's almost a new platform so do your initial layout and timelines for how youwill maintain this over a 4 year period19:44
tbruff13DasKreecH: maintaining it is not my job my job is getting it started19:45
DasKreecHIf you can find people who are willing to do a pilot get them on KDE as quickly as you can and have them give you feedback19:45
tbruff13the job of Canonical is to maintain  it19:45
DasKreecHtbruff13: ha ha no they have to support it. The school has to maintain it19:45
DasKreecHYou still have to keep it standing under your own steam19:45
tbruff13DasKreecH: i am stuck19:46
DasKreecHtbruff13: Where?19:46
tbruff13kubuntu is started but i have no panels19:46
tbruff13or anything just wallpaper19:46
tbruff13and this little wiget selector in the upper corner19:46
DasKreecHtbruff13: click the widget and add a default panel19:47
tbruff13it wont let me19:47
DasKreecHcan't right click?19:48
DasKreecHNovell: you have kubuntu-desktop package installed?19:48
tbruff13i restared the vm19:48
tbruff13maybe i should try vmware19:48
tbruff13it is screwed up already19:50
zacariasIn, 11.10, I'm trying to do a dist-upgrade, following this : http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.8.0  but I can't upgrade firefox (because of compatibility with Zotero). But I can't keep Firefox from being updated. I tried to pin the app and other commands found by googling, but it akways tells me it wiill update Firefox. Any help?19:50
tbruff13i think i am going to start with ubuntu and install kde19:50
DasKreecHtbruff13: you need the additions to run kubuntu ?19:50
tbruff13maybe but it is not working19:51
tbruff13they wont install19:51
tbruff13maybe it is a sabyon thing but i doubt19:51
DasKreecHzacarias: You could just install Kubuntu-desktop and it would pull up the KDE packages19:51
zacariasDasKreecH: But I have it installed.19:52
DasKreecHzacarias: does it need to be updated? :)19:53
=== julien_ is now known as julien_ooo
NovellDasKreecH: yes19:54
NovellDasKreecH: This is pretty much a fresh kubuntu 11.10, just upgraded to KDE 4.819:54
DasKreecHNovell: That could be a packaging bug19:55
NovellDasKreecH: it wasn't available in the default packages either (4.7 with updates)19:56
tbruff13DasKreecH: what do i do i am reinstalling now19:56
Novellso I tried to upgrade to 4.8, hoping it would solve it, but it didn't19:56
tbruff13KDE crashed after i installed gcc19:56
DasKreecHtbruff13: ;-/19:57
DasKreecHI would login to KDE in failsafe mode I think19:57
zacariasDasKreecH: actually no. I followed that link that I found on Kubuntu.org's homepage. I had a hope that it could solve some problems I found in this version that I didn't have in 10.10. Like the one I describe here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192041119:57
DasKreecHNovell: is there a particular file it's looking for?20:04
NovellDasKreecH: solid-powermanagement executable20:04
=== Johnnie is now known as fernmont
tbruff13DasKreecH: do me a favor can you tell me if there is any reason why virtualbox guest additons would not install in kubuntu 10.0420:05
DasKreecHtbruff13: You went to the CD and ran the script file for the additions?20:05
fernmonthi all :)20:06
DasKreecHall isn't here right now. Would you like to leave a message?20:06
tbruff13DasKreecH: is there any reason you can think of20:07
DasKreecHtbruff13: you ran apt-get install dkms build-essential linux-headers-generic on kubuntu?20:07
tbruff13DasKreecH: do i need to20:07
tbruff13i will run it when it finishes installing20:07
DasKreecHYes :)20:08
tbruff13DasKreecH: also is kde ram hungry20:08
tbruff13some people seem to think so20:08
tbruff13but i dont20:08
tbruff13i have not seen any difference between it and gnome 320:09
DasKreecHtbruff13: It can be Esp with nepomuk and desktopeffects running20:09
DasKreecHI don't know that you need either for your situation20:09
tbruff13DasKreecH: how much ram are we talking about to run the environment and programs20:10
tbruff13would a computer with 1gig be able to run kde20:10
DasKreecHtbruff13: yes I was running it on 700MB20:12
tbruff13i am having trouble installing20:13
DasKreecHtbruff13: If you already have a Advantage contract with Canonical you should have a contact person to discuss moving to Kubuntu with20:13
tbruff13i accidently clicked the minus20:13
DasKreecHWhich minus button?20:13
handheldCarnobody else requires this hack to turn of their computer— http://askubuntu.com/questions/43016/kubuntu-hangs-on-shutdown ?20:13
tbruff13the minimize20:13
DasKreecHtbruff13: try alt+tab20:13
tbruff13it should tell me to reboot when it is done20:14
DasKreecHhandheldCar: you have a samba mount as part of your filesystem?20:14
DasKreecHtbruff13: yes it should20:15
tbruff13DasKreecH: is there an a script that will detect a computer's specs and remove kubuntu effect if need be20:15
DasKreecHtbruff13: it ships with one20:15
tbruff13ok nice20:15
DasKreecHit does it automatically first time you login20:15
DasKreecHand again if you turn on effects.20:15
handheldCarDasKreecH: no, shouldn't20:15
=== Johnnie is now known as fernmont
DasKreecHhandheldCar: that hack shuldn't be needed then20:16
* handheldCar is saying kubuntu hangs without it20:16
BluesKajhey DasKreecH , was busy fixing the mess on my other pc :)20:20
luke__Just wondering if anyone knows the best Nvidia Driver version for aa geforce 9600M20:20
luke__Acer Aspire 6935g is the laptop ;P sorry to be a bother.20:20
NovellDasKreecH: I worked around it.. found some obscure dbus command and made it run a script with the command instead..20:23
BluesKajluke__,  for nvidia , use the recommended driver in kmenu>apps>system>additional drivers , choose the recommended one and it will install , then areboot will hbe required ,...usually the rec'd driver is nvidia-current20:23
DasKreecHhandheldCar: and you don't have any cifs mounts?20:24
luke__Okay Blues.20:24
DasKreecHNovell: ha :)20:24
luke__It's that I tried that last time and the Hz weren't matching up on the Kubuntu Display and the Nvidia settings.20:25
luke__So I ended up V-Tearing quite bad.20:25
handheldCarDasKreecH: I changed that to ext4 ext3 ext220:26
* handheldCar thinks that write-up was missing a couple notes ("username").20:27
* handheldCar doesn't have samba installed.20:27
zacariasany help with this?: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192041120:29
=== jesus is now known as Guest27273
basy_Hi, how to disable cube desktop switching by mouse wheel in kubuntu ?20:51
basyHi, how to disable cube desktop switching by mouse wheel in kubuntu ?20:53
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.20:53
DarthFrogOr you could set it in System Settings.20:53
basycant find that in System settings, where exactly ?20:59
fatumhello. Not sure if it is completely related, but my html 5 seems to be not working. I have tried chromium, chrome and firefox, but in all, e.g. youtube videos aren't working properly..21:30
fatumoh, I'm on Kubuntu 11.1021:30
fatumI am not even completely sure if it's html5 problem21:31
pawieckiHi, i have a problem with setting the right resolution with refresh rate. Now i have 1024x768 and it blinks with 60hz. It's a regular LG CRT monitor so my eyes are about to explode... I'm using Kubuntu 11.10 with nvidia proprietary drivers and in system settings or nvidia's x server settings app i can't set resolution higher than 1024x768, but the worst thing is that there's nothing higher than 60 Hz which is pretty uncomfortable21:40
pawieckiIs there a way to set resolution or refresh rate manually to some sane values? On the resolution i'm using currently the monitor should use up to 85Hz but it's only 60 and another option is 50... This problem appeared few days ago, probably with some updates21:44
AciD_I just switched to 4.8. It's great !22:12
AciD_by any chance, is it only me or ctrl+u shortcut doesn't unmark mail as read anymore ?22:12
zacariasany help with this?: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192041122:12
AciD_zacarias: still the same bug on 4.8, on libreoffice22:15
=== david is now known as Guest21476
zacariasAciD_: allright. So, no fix for it? Because it makes some apps unusable. I'll have to use them with Gnome Ubuntu, or Lubuntu, and that's a pitty.22:29
AciD_zacarias: I'm just a user, and from what I see in the new 4.8, there is no fix for that22:30
zacariasAciD_: It's funny, becaus with me everything works with Libreoffice (except the poor aspect of the buttons and window elemenys, I don't know why) but this black menu and background problem happens with other apps, like Miro, Vuze, Thunderbird, Firefox, etc.22:33
AciD_zacarias: firefox menu are ok as well as other java apps like freemind. Go figure..22:34
fatumis 4.8 buggy or can I switch already? also, how to?22:35
DasKreecHfatum: Hmm?22:35
DasKreecHIt can be buggy and you can switch to it. They are not incompatible :)22:36
DasKreecHhi tbruff1322:36
tbruff13DasKreecH: can you help me out22:36
tbruff13Whenever i install virtualbox kubuntu crashes on reboot22:36
fatumDasKreecH: aaand my other question, how do I?22:37
tbruff13DasKreecH: you there22:38
DasKreecHtbruff13: to be clear. You install Virtualbox within Kubuntu or you install Kubuntu Within virtualbox ?22:39
tbruff13Kubuntu within virtualbox22:40
DasKreecHhow does it crash?22:40
tbruff13DasKreecH: it just never boots22:41
tbruff13it is stuck at where i see kubuntu22:41
tbruff13and the dots22:41
DasKreecHtbruff13: ah could you boot it with the nosplash option?22:41
tbruff13DasKreecH: i dont know how22:41
tbruff13and will this issue happen out of a vm22:41
=== Tabstar is now known as Tabmow
tbruff13remember i am making this into a cd for the school i cannot have it unstable22:42
DasKreecHtbruff13: I couldn't tell you. I don't know what's making it freeze. when you are booting there is a moment when it says press any key for the menu22:42
tbruff13DasKreecH: virtualbox has a bios22:42
DasKreecHpress your any key and then press ctrl+E then the second line I think and press ctrl+E again to edit it22:43
DasKreecHat the very end of the line type nosplash22:43
tbruff13ok i have a snapshot without virutalbox guest additons22:43
tbruff13is there anyway i can have it come back with a splash22:44
tbruff13when i compress it to a cd22:44
tbruff13and install it on another computer using remastersys22:44
DasKreecHtbruff13: sure it may be something Vbox related or it could just be something silly like a midi server not liking the (virtual) video card22:46
=== zer0 is now known as Guest5438
tbruff13DasKreecH: it boots without vbox guest additons22:48
tbruff13do i need them22:48
DasKreecHtbruff13: I've never needed them so I can speak for myself. Not sure what your case may be22:49
tbruff13okay i will leave them out22:49
tbruff13DasKreecH: installing build-essential it fixed the lag22:54
DasKreecHtbruff13: Not sure why that would be so but hooray22:54
tbruff13DasKreecH: can i safely remove konqueror22:58
tbruff13kpackagekit is hard to use22:58
tbruff13how do i remove a package in kpackagekit22:59
DasKreecHtbruff13: search for it and then click remove23:00
tbruff13i cannot see a remove23:00
DasKreecHKonqueror is useful to have23:00
tbruff13i see default23:00
tbruff13and reset23:00
FloodBotK1tbruff13: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:00
tbruff13DasKreecH: how did i flood23:01
DasKreecHtbruff13: if it is installed there should be a remoe button beside the name. Choose something like kalzium and install it23:01
DasKreecHthen see how it gets a remove button beside the name23:01
tbruff13DasKreecH: would it be stupid of me to install synaptic23:02
tbruff13or do it by command line23:02
tbruff13i mean if i can23:02
tbruff13if i cant figure it out23:02
DasKreecHtbruff13: no that would be fine23:02
tbruff13can i remove kpackage kit and will synaptic look like crap23:02
DasKreecHtbruff13: yes you can. I don't know what synaptic will look like for you23:03
tbruff13DasKreecH: synaptic looks like crap23:07
tbruff13all old23:07
tbruff13can i fix that23:07
tbruff13DasKreecH: well i will only be using synaptic until i finish then i will be removing it23:08
DasKreecHfair enough23:08
tbruff13DasKreecH: how can i make it look better23:08
tbruff13synaptic is easier to use then kpackage kit23:08
tbruff13but i would much rather put ubuntu software center on the disc23:09
tbruff13for teachers23:09
DasKreecHinstall software-center then23:11
DasKreecHWhy are the teachers being given rights to install what they want? :)23:11
tbruff13DasKreecH: they are assigned computers to each teacher23:11
DasKreecHAh ok23:11
tbruff13the teacher is allowed to do what they want within reason23:11
tbruff13but for thin clients and labs23:12
tbruff13it is different23:12
tbruff13we dont have any thin clients for now23:12
tbruff13will LTSP work with Kubuntu23:12
tbruff13DasKreecH: you still on23:16
DasKreecHLTSP will work23:16
tbruff13DasKreecH: will kde's extra ram requirements be an issue23:20
tbruff13and is there anyway to scale those down23:20
DasKreecHSure just stop using resources that you won't need23:20
tbruff13no effect23:20
tbruff13would be a start23:21
DasKreecHIf you are not going to be using mail or have a shared contact facility like LDAP then turn off Akonadi23:21
DasKreecHif you are not going to be doing indexing then nepomuk and strigi can be turned off23:22
tbruff13DasKreecH: ok this will all be done on another virtualbox of kubuntu made for ltsp23:23
tbruff13DasKreecH: does kmail work like thunderbird23:25
DasKreecHumm... I guess.23:25
DasKreecHIt gets mail23:25
pawiecki i have a problem with setting the right resolution with refresh rate. Now i have 1024x768 and it blinks with 60hz. It's a regular LG CRT monitor so my eyes are about to explode... I'm using Kubuntu 11.10 with nvidia proprietary drivers and in system settings or nvidia's x server settings app i can't set resolution higher than 1024x768, but the worst thing is that there's nothing higher than 60 Hz which is pretty uncomfortable. Is there a23:25
pawiecki way to set resolution or refresh rate manually to some sane values? On the resolution i'm using currently the monitor should use up to 85Hz but it's only 60 and another option is 50... This problem appeared few days ago, probably with some updates.23:25
pawieckiAny ideas? :/23:32
DasKreecHpawiecki: if you know the settings just put them in an xorg.conf23:33
pawieckiwhere's this file?23:37
DasKreecHpawiecki: in /etc/Xorg but you have to create it23:53
DasKreecHCurses thought I pressed enter on that a long time ago23:53
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