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happyaroncan any buildd admin have a look at this build? https://launchpad.net/~happyaron/+archive/sandbox/+build/318557102:27
happyaronthere is something wrong with older version of dh, and it's behaving like a fork bomb and not cancelable from web interface.02:28
wgranthappyaron: I've asked it to die, but it may be a bit too broken for that.02:29
wgrantLet's see.02:29
happyaronwgrant: seems still not get canceled03:29
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s9iper1how long does the launchpad remains offline08:32
wgrants9iper1: That message is a glitch; Launchpad's not going offline.08:32
wgrantI've just asked a sysadmin to sort it out.08:32
s9iper1wgrant: yes i am also thinking that if launchpad will go offline than all projects will be stop  ubuntu ..linaro.kubuntu and etc08:34
wgrants9iper1: That's the temporary maintenance outage warning. I'm not sure why it's triggered now, as nothing is planned.08:34
wgrantYou can ignore it.08:35
s9iper1ok thanks08:35
TiMiDohello benonsoftware08:40
benonsoftwareI just got a message on the LP site saying Launchpad will do down very very soon, how long would it be down for?08:40
TiMiDowgrant> s9iper1: That message is a glitch; Launchpad's not going offline.08:41
TiMiDo<wgrant> I've just asked a sysadmin to sort it out08:41
benonsoftwareGood :p08:41
benonsoftwareThanks TiMiDo08:41
TiMiDono problem benonsoftware glad i can be a help08:41
=== wgrant changed the topic of #launchpad to: Maintenance message is a glitch; no outage imminent | https://launchpad.net/ | Help contact: - | Launchpad is an open source project: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | This channel is logged: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | User Guide: https://help.launchpad.net/ | Support: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad | For packaging help: join #ubuntu-packaging
* benonsoftware plans to do some heavy translating tonight :p08:42
shadeslayerwgrant: basically, when you try to link a bug in launchpad to the KDE Bugzilla with a link like : https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=231559 it doesn't work, but if I use : https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?ctype=xml&id=231559 it works08:56
ubot5KDE bug 231559 in general "sometimes unable to save comments in launchpad" [Normal,Resolved: upstream]08:56
wgrantshadeslayer: "doesn't work" in what way?08:56
shadeslayerwgrant: doesn't allow me to use the first URL, I don't remember the error :(08:57
shadeslayerI could try and remove the link and add it again08:57
wgrantHmmm, very odd.08:58
shadeslayerworks now08:59
* shadeslayer tries in chrome08:59
shadeslayerwgrant: seems to work, dunno what happened last night09:01
shadeslayervery weird09:01
wgrantThanks for retrying, anyway.09:01
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ockhamhi, does the status "Needs review" on this translation upload request https://translations.launchpad.net/grecipe-manager/+imports mean that it has to be approved by the projects maintainer?19:11
ockhamor will it get imported automatically with no further human interaction required?19:11
ockhamand can a project have more than one maintainer? or is that done by setting a team to be the maintainer?19:12
alkisgHi, I'm using launchpad for my project's translations (https://translations.launchpad.net/epoptes/), is there any way to notify the translators that they need to update their translations for a new planned release?20:10
alkisgTheir emails don't show up in the .po files... I can use "contact this user", but maybe there's a better way?20:11
EvilResistancealkisg, if i'm not mistaken, the users who can contribute are members of the "Epotes Developers" group?20:12
alkisgEvilResistance: no, I'm using "open" permissions for the translations20:13
alkisgSo anyone can contribute20:13
EvilResistancei see.  if they were the "Developers" group that could make it easier, since that group has a mailing list :p20:13
alkisgYeah no in that group only us coders are the members :)20:14
alkisgI couldn't even find a way to have the translators mails inside the .po files... do I need to do that manually with bzr + .po upload?20:14
JesdiscipleHi, my friend is trying to push a Bazaar project, but Bazaar tells him it can't authenticate Launchpad via SSH.  How can we get Launchpad's public SSH key?20:25
EvilResistanceJesdisciple, did your friend upload an SSH public key?20:26
EvilResistanceif they did not, and didnt add it to their lp account you just found the problem20:26
EvilResistanceand/or *20:26
Jesdiscipleyes, he has20:27
EvilResistanceand what's the error he's getting?20:27
Jesdisciplejust a moment20:27
EvilResistancebecuase "Can't authenticate Launchpad via SSH" isnt a standard ssh error message20:27
JesdiscipleI was getting it earlier, that was a paraphrase ;)20:28
EvilResistanceparaphrasing an error message?20:28
EvilResistancenot useful, because actual error messages are better20:28
Jesdisciplebzr: ERROR: Connection error: Unable to authenticate to SSH host20:28
EvilResistance"Unable to authenticate to SSH host"20:29
EvilResistancemeans you didnt authenticate :p20:29
EvilResistancewhich means that either the ssh public key is bad20:29
EvilResistance(that you uploaded)20:29
EvilResistanceor is nonexistent20:29
EvilResistanceand "you" in that statement is a non-specific identifier20:29
EvilResistanceit could mean you, your friend, my friend, etc.20:29
Jesdisciple>.> I wish I could go back and get the error per my printout... I ended up ignoring it after googling forever.20:30
Jesdisciplebut his SSH implementation isn't allowing that20:31
EvilResistancehow so?20:32
EvilResistancehttps://pastebin.com/nG9t0gdS  <-- this is a standard session when using a new system (note my SSH public key for that machine is stored on a separate drive, so I can refresh it when i reinstall the OS xP20:35
EvilResistanceand what do you mean by "His SSH Implementaiton isnt allowing that"20:36
EvilResistancenot allowing the PUBKEY to be used?20:36
EvilResistanceyou might need to http:// that link insteaad of https... i'm a pastebin pro user so i get ssl20:36
JesdiscipleI was referring to the "Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?"20:50
Jesdisciplehe wasn't given that option20:50
EvilResistanceah.  well that's because i routinely purge my "known_hosts" file, every 6 months or so20:57
EvilResistancehe could try that20:57
EvilResistanceJesdisciple, ^20:57
EvilResistancehe/she *20:57
Jesdisciplethanks! I was wondering where that record would be21:04
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ockhamwhat privileges are required to upload a new .pot translations template for a project? project owner? or is project driver enough?22:05
JesdiscipleI had given up on my search for the bazaar.launchpad.net host key  (said yes, used known_hosts, didn't really like doing it), but now that I have known_hosts gone I'm trying again.22:15
JesdiscipleI can find lots about how it's not posted on any webpage... but where IS it?22:15

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