forumratI would like to use xfce4-notifyd how do I set my system to use it?01:44
valdur55apt-get autoremove notification && apt-get install xfce4-notifyd01:45
forumratthat's all?01:46
valdur55yea! just remove old and install new01:46
forumrathmm I guess I need to check it in startup applications01:46
valdur55nope. it isn't startup app01:46
forumratI know notification daemon is in startup section01:47
valdur55ok.. you can kill notification  with pkill01:47
valdur55:) package removes /etc/xdg/autostart entry01:47
jimearthhey there, where can I manage settings in ubuntu ?02:26
jimearthis there a settings center or something ? I need to manage the sound, microphone input/output, etc02:27
Unit193By "Ubuntu" I{m going to assume Lubuntu. You open a terminal and type  alsamixer02:28
jimearthyep I meant lubuntu02:29
jimearthI need to tell my computer to use the bluetooth headset02:30
osmosiswhats the name of the panel that lxde uses?03:27
wxlit's always lxsomething03:27
Unit193wxl: What is the login manager? ;)03:28
wxl^ osmosis03:28
wxlyou mean the display manager Unit193 ? :D03:28
Unit193(Was making it basic, anywho...=03:28
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LubuntuPoweredCOPY PASTE05:26
LubuntuPoweredso i'm still having the problem where my system with Lubuntu on it, only receives a fraction of the download speed (4mbps out of 17+mbps from my ISP, but my upload speed is normal (1.4+mbps) only on my Lubuntu powered =P comuter... all my other computers (desktops/laptops/wired/wireless) are all receiving the speeds i'm supposed to be getting. Just a few weeks ago, i decided to play around with the usb connection option 05:27
head_victimLubuntuPowered: Sounds like you've plugged it into a USB1.0 port to me.05:48
head_victim(or 1.1)05:49
LubuntuPowered1.1 is capable of up to 12mbps speeds06:01
head_victimLubuntuPowered: yes, but that is theoretical speed and doesn't include any overheads.06:39
zerothisi'd like all my sounds to go through my bluetooth headset. its paired,it was in the mixer but gone now07:17
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pmik76using lubuntu 11.04 on sony vaio vpceb3m1e ... cannot map Fn key... any workarounds11:16
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Silverlionhey giuseppe6012:54
giuseppe60Silverlion,   hello12:54
giuseppe60pcroque,  hello12:55
giuseppe60Silverlion,  all good?12:57
Silverlionat work :(12:57
Silverlionits me who is at work13:00
giuseppe60what do you do?13:01
giuseppe60Silverlion,   what do you do?13:01
Silverliongiuseppe60: i am doing customers care for a big energy supplier in Germany13:02
giuseppe60Silverlion, you're at work and PC13:03
Silverliongiuseppe60: affirmative13:03
giuseppe60Silverlion,  and if you discover?13:03
Silverliongiuseppe60: i am working at telephone dispatch. noone is watching13:04
Silverlionbut join #lubuntu-offtopic for further chat ;)13:04
Silverlionthis is the Support chan13:04
giuseppe60Silverlion, use lubuntu as the operating system?13:06
david_j_rAnyone here involved in the clipboard manager discussion going on in Lubuntu-users mailing list?15:19
giorgio85how do you disable IPv6?  in lubuntu17:02
giorgio85how do you disable IPv6?  in lubuntu17:26
bioterrorfrom kernel17:33
bioterroradd to bootline: ipv6.disable=117:33
giorgio85biffbaxter,  to open the kernel?17:36
giorgio85bioterror,   to open the kernel?17:38
giorgio85bioterror,   to open the kernel?17:52
smilehi :)17:52
ubot5For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.17:52
nehgHello, Just installed Lubuntu, is there anything I can do to speed up this? Its still slow17:55
bioterrorbuy SSD drive, few gigs more RAM17:56
smilenehg: & try Slitaz :)17:57
smilereally fast :p17:57
nehgIs it17:57
smileyes. :p17:57
nehgim going to try this first, is there any visual effects i can turn off?17:58
bioterrorno, lubuntu doesnt come with effects17:59
smilei don't think so :)17:59
phillwnehg: lubuntu is about as slimmed down as we can get it.17:59
nehgoh ok18:00
phillwnehg: what are the specs of the computer?18:00
phillwyou may also consider running http://zenix-os.net/18:01
nehgits amilo pa-1510 laptop, 1,6ghz, 2gt ram and ati radeon 1100. i think the last one is reason why it is slow18:04
nehgany ideas?18:11
phillwnehg: you have ample specs for lubuntu to run,18:14
KKFHey guys20:14
KKFI need some help with setting my wallpaper20:14
SilverlionKKF: what exactly do you need?20:21
holsteinis nitrogen in the repos?20:21
bioterrorpcmanfm handles wallpaper20:22
bioterror  -w, --set-wallpaper=<image file>     Set desktop wallpaper20:23
freerouteLet's say I'm trying to install skype. How can I see what the total size would be of the downloaded packages (preferably how much would be post-unpacking) and how much mb it would add to my system afterwards?23:41
freerouteI did "apt-get install skype -s", but that doesn't give me the sizes23:42
holsteinfreeroute: i wouldnt expect it to take up much space23:43
holsteinsudo apt-get install whatever should report whats coming in and how much size the pacakges will or are taking up23:44
phillwfreeroute: if you use Synaptics, as you are using apt-get... it will tell you both the amount to be down loaded & the disk space it will use.23:53
freerouteholstein: 71.4mb :(23:54
freeroutephillw: it's pretty weird why it doesn't show in the simulation imo23:54
holstein71mb's is nothing23:55
freerouteholstein: I'm in a live environment, and I already have like 2980 out of 3021 used :p23:55
phillwfreeroute: you entering what is called 3GB hell.23:56
freeroutephillw: is it when everything gets stuck and the RAM is full?23:56
freerouteor more precisely because the RAM is full23:57
phillwfreeroute: no, that is when the casper system was set to 3GB on creation and is full. (It's also known as 3.2 GB hell)23:57
phillw3GB was the default.23:57
freeroutethat's kind of a lot of hell23:58
freeroutewhy isn't it possible to have casper made in an NTFS?23:59
freeroute*on an NTFS23:59

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