Erealzhey everyone what everyone thought on that alfa ?00:01
skierpageIt's unfortunate that you can't report update-manager bugs in Launchpad, guess I have to get a debian bug account or something.00:01
Erealzwhat everyone thoughts on that alfa 2?00:03
urlin2uErealz, that it is a alpha and not to run it as a main os or upgrade to it. :)00:04
Erealzis that new move-a-bull now?00:05
skierpageDistribution Upgrade's tree list of new packages it's adding is nice, but I can't copy and paste it. Is there a log file somewhere with the same info?00:09
urlin2uErealz, not sure what you mean if your addressing me.00:10
penguin42skierpage: /var/log/dpkg.log has all the package activity00:11
Erealzim just asking what do you "guys" think of the alfa 2 release00:11
urlin2uErealz, the ubuntu unity seems fine on my end00:13
urlin2uand gnome 300:13
skierpageErealz, you can also read forum threads for a sense.00:14
skierpagepenguin42 True, dpkg.log will record the eventual package-foo. But /var/log/dist-upgrade/{main,apt}.log have the details I seek, e.g. "2012-02-04 16:14:10,257 DEBUG Install: aptdaemon bluez-alsa:i386 ca-certificates-java blah blah ......."00:20
penguin42ah ok00:20
skierpageIt seems a lot of stuff that Kubuntu doesn't need is getting pulled in "as Depends of ia32-libs-multiarch". Oh well, disk space is cheap ;-)00:26
skierpage"Distribution Upgrade" urges me to close everything, so bye and thanks for all the fish. I think I've got a Fedora and BrowserLinux live USBs lying around for emergencies.00:31
coz_hey guys, so far everything seems to be working well :)00:45
penguin42bug 925785 is the most annoying PP bug I've had so far00:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925785 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Starting to scroll is erratic with edge scrolling on touchpad or mouse scrollwheels" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92578500:47
FernandoMiguelgood nite00:53
ryaxnb15mm,, precise pangolin00:55
ryaxnb15a 2GB download for me00:55
ryaxnb15surprisingly small with all my apps01:00
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snadgeits the shiznitz man!01:10
jakubohi, how can i revert unity back to using black panel? unity --reset didnt work, aswell as the other 2 advices given on ubuntuusers.com. it seems unity cannot find some icon themes, but is that the reason not to load the top panel correctly?02:37
jakuboits correct in the guest session though02:37
Stanley00jakubo: did you setup some compiz configs?02:38
jakubonot that i knew of02:38
jakuboi tried to reset compiz too (hint no2 i think)02:39
Stanley00jakubo: you could try "gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-1/"02:39
jakuboi think i tried that02:40
Stanley00hmm, I think you should backup your home, and then delete some hidden folders02:41
jakubogconftool or gconftool2?02:41
Stanley00jakubo: it is the same, I think02:41
jakubothen i already had that02:42
jakuboalso killing gnome settings daemon reactiviting it and restarting nautilus02:43
jakubohowever it didnt really work well02:43
Stanley00jakubo: ah, I think you need reogin after reset unity. Did you try relogin?02:43
jakubowhy is that?02:44
jakuborelog and not reboot?02:44
Stanley00reboot is better, but I think relogin is enough and it's faster ;)02:44
jakuboi rebooted my pc many times since02:45
Stanley00jakubo: can you give a screen shot of your screen?02:46
jakubooh and i did that with deleting former sessions data stored in xml files02:46
Stanley00jakubo: can you give me a screenshot of your screen?02:48
jakubowell its easy to describe: the top bar is grey without most indicators, having the gnome fallback stuff, and some icons are missing02:48
jakubojust a sec, i have to change pc02:48
SeraphXhow can i post the screenshot?02:51
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:52
ubottuSeraphX: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:53
Stanley00SeraphX: you can use "http://imagebin.org/?page=add"02:54
SeraphXthere you go02:57
Stanley00SeraphX: and it's OK in guest session, right?03:00
SeraphXexcept for one thing... the launcher.... some icons there are completely missing, and obviously you couldnt read the complete thing in the console about the icon themes03:00
SeraphXyes thats correct03:00
SeraphXany idea?03:01
Stanley00SeraphX: not sure, maybe delete some compiz relate config folder, or maybe backup your home, and then create new home folder, copy some config you need back?03:02
SeraphXyou think the home folder is somehow corrupted?03:03
Stanley00SeraphX: "cd && find -iname "*compiz*"" will list them all, make sure you have a backup first :D03:03
Stanley00SeraphX: yep, I think so03:03
SeraphXso if i delete them and reinstall compiz i shal be fine?03:06
Stanley00SeraphX: just delete and reboot, you dont have to reinstall compiz03:06
SeraphXis there a nice way to delete them without typing every single one of them?03:07
Stanley00SeraphX: I dont know much about bash, so... did you backup first?03:09
SeraphXthe files?03:09
Stanley00SeraphX: I think all your home folder is best,03:10
SeraphXah, ok, theres hardly anything important there03:10
Stanley00SeraphX: and by the way, you could use xargs to delete them all, like this "find -iname "*compiz*" | xargs rm -rf"03:11
SeraphXcool thx03:11
Stanley00SeraphX: you are welcome ;)03:11
SeraphXnow reboot?03:12
Stanley00SeraphX: yes, and good luck! ;)03:13
SeraphXerm... thx.. guess its too late now03:13
jakuboim alive, yet nothing changed03:16
jakubohey stan, nothing changed03:18
Stanley00jakubo: hmm..03:19
Stanley00jakubo: the last method, backup your home, delete all, then recreate it03:20
jakubowould it be possible to create a new folder and rename it to home? altering the name of the old one as backup?03:22
Stanley00jakubo: first, you must logout , then press "Ctrl Alt F1" login in text mode, run "sudo su" then " cd /home ; mv <yourhome dir> <newhome>" ; mkdir <your homedir>"03:25
jakubojust what i had in mind03:25
jakubobut ill go to bed first03:25
jakubothx for trying03:25
Stanley00jakubo: good night :)03:26
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crizzythis mouse input bug is baffling07:42
trijntjewhat is the new trigger for showing the unity launcher? I cant seem to make it appear after the latest updates09:23
pangolinthe super key09:23
pangolinaka windows key09:23
trijntjethat still works, but it used to be that you could also get it by moving the mouse to the left of the screen. Now that only seems to work 1/10 times09:27
RovanionI'm in a bit of dependency hell it seems. apt-get doesn't want to upgrade and aptitude suggests removing 243 packages09:28
RovanionShould I just ignore upgrading for a while?09:29
ophelias_hello all09:37
ophelias_have a problem...installed HUD, pressed Alt nothing happens...09:37
ophelias_any ideas?09:37
trijntjeophelias_: did you reboot afterwards? for me it worked after a reboot09:39
ophelias_yes.. I did but let me do all over again and see.. there is nothing to09:39
ophelias_turn on... just press Alt right?09:40
trijntjeyes, it should be enabled by default09:41
trijntjepangolin: found it, you need to move your mouse 'past' the left border of the screen at *moderate* speed09:48
ophelias_hello all... having a problem with HUD. installed it. restarted computer09:48
ophelias_twice..still it's not showing up09:48
ophelias_press Alt. nothing.. only time Alt works it with apps.. any ideas?09:51
trijntjeophelias_: I just noticed HUD stopped working for me as well. You should probably ask in #ubuntu-unity09:51
ophelias_alright... thnks for your reply09:52
addy747any one here for help me over ubuntu problem10:21
bazhangaddy747, ask a question10:22
bazhangaddy747, are you using 12.0410:23
addy747i m using ubuntu 8.10 in toshiba10:23
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.10:23
addy747but i m unabel to run internet in it via lan cabel10:23
addy747yes i know what to do not function internet over it10:23
addy747in my office10:23
addy747tell me how to run internet via lancabel in ubuntu10:24
bazhangaddy747, you wish to upgrade to a supported version? please lets move this to #ubuntu , as this channel is for 12.0410:24
addy747then where i can get help10:24
addy747please tell me10:24
bazhang#ubuntu   <------ addy74710:25
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jokerdinohey guys.11:47
jokerdinoi am having problems with the global menu11:48
jokerdinoit just doesn't appear.11:48
ian_Just trying out 12.04 alpha 2 using an Oracle VirtualBox VM - lots of problems with repainting the desktop11:55
bibornhello guys. i just wanna ask about ubuntu 12.04 alpha release. is it better than 11.10 in performance?11:57
bazhangbiborn, its alpha 2, so no11:57
bibornbut in 11.10 when i launch the system monitor there is a lag in between..i have tried on several computers and the result is the same.11:58
bibornbazhang, if i install 12.04 alpha now, can i just upgrade it when it is released later? i mean upgrade by just using sudo apt-get upgrade12:02
DaekdroomAmbiance is now too white D:12:06
bazhang!final | biborn12:08
ubottubiborn: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Precise and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 12.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.12:08
bazhangah he quit12:08
jokerdinohey guys. what package offers global menu?12:16
jokerdinoAfter upgrading, I can't see the global menu.12:16
BluesKajHiyas all12:56
penguin42Hey BK12:59
BluesKajhi pen13:04
Guest18752Will ubuntu 12.04 LTS work whit my boardcom 4353 wifi card & ATI radeon hd 5650? and is it more stabile than 11.10?13:30
Guest18752its only a alpha realease iknow13:30
Guest18752but 11.10 issent a LTS?13:30
BluesKajGuest18752,  no, 12.04 is the next LTS13:31
Guest18752kk, i just downloaded the DVD, 12.04 iam runing 10.04.3 atm - got some problems like video card - when i play movies in vlc, every mediaplayer it laggs like a VHS movie kinda retro, got a problem in 11.10 that it froze 24/713:33
Guest18752but everyting worked out of the box whit 11.1013:34
Guest1875210.04.3 dident suport my boardcom 4353 out of the box so wass a hassle when i wass living whit only a wifi connection, no cabel :/13:34
BluesKajGuest18752,  I personally didn't find 11.10 as stable as I'd like , of course that depends a lot on your hadware and choce of desktop etc. I run KDE and 11.10 with it wasn't satisfactory IME13:34
BluesKajGuest18752,  odd because broadcom usually works without much setup required13:36
Guest18752BluesKaj, i got a ATI radeon HD 5650 graphic card, hp envy 14, i7 cpu and 8gb ram 240gb ssd13:36
coz_hey guys, ctrl+alt+delete used to bring up the shutdown dialog UI,, now it brings up the log of UI,, anyone know the new command for that?13:37
Guest18752BluesKaj, i needed to download 4 packages, i thank my live dvd for making that happend13:37
coz_or keybinding13:37
Guest18752BluesKaj, only problem i got in 10.04.3 lucid is that my graphic card dont work optimal, videos looks like VHS movies, etc..13:38
Guest18752i have tryed to install open driver, the ubuntu driver, it dont work as it shud13:39
Guest18752iam on the edge to eather sell my laptop or install windows for preformance :/ thats sound wird windows for preformance^13:42
aciculaGuest18752:  why are you using 10.04?13:43
Guest18752cus 11.10 froze all the time...13:43
coz_never mind I found the command13:44
coz_/usr/lib/indicator-session/gtk-logout-helper --shutdown13:44
Guest18752somthing buggy whit X, it froze for like a min 24/7 it wass a pain in the ass to work whit13:44
Guest18752so i installed 10.04.3 lucid cuz some one recomanded it for stability and preformance, it runs mutch faster than 11.10 yes but the grapich card driver isent working well, and movies looks like vhs13:46
Guest18752acicula, ^13:46
aciculaGuest18752: probably because 10.04  recent drivers for your system13:46
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sKew^_-acicula, its me Guest1875213:47
sKew^_-i got dissconnected13:48
penguin42sKew^_-: I'd say it's got a pretty good chance with the Radeon13:48
BluesKajGuest18752, the proprietary flgrx driver supports your card , you probly neeed to download and install it fgrom ati 's driver site , since the Ubuntu officially supported ATI card list doesn't include the Radeon 565013:48
sKew^_-penguin42, 12.04 lts?13:48
sKew^_-BluesKaj, hmm..13:49
penguin42sKew^_-: yeh 12.04, The open drivers should work (won't be that fast for games, works OK here for non-game stuff on an HD4350), it's not unusual for the frglx drivers to only work just before the release happens, but it's worth trying13:49
BluesKajsKew^_-,  ^13:49
sKew^_-btw when did amd and ati become one?13:50
penguin42sKew^_-: Year or so ago, AMD bought ati13:50
sKew^_-kk i see13:51
crizzymore like 5 years ago13:51
sKew^_-BluesKaj, u meen this one http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx ? or a manual flgrx driver from terminal?13:51
penguin42the driver explicitly lists 5670 as being supported13:51
aciculasKew^_-: when your 11.10 crashes were you using the amd binary drivers or using the intel integratedvideo13:51
crizzy5650 will work just fine13:52
sKew^_-acicula, how whud i know? i installed the proprietry driver from ubuntu "hardware drivers"13:53
aciculahmm good question, i have no idea actually if or how ubuntu can switch between the two gpus these days. id guess you were using the binary driver when you were experiencing hangups.13:54
sKew^_-hehe, probebly13:54
aciculasKew^_-: trying a newer binary driver might solve it, simplest might be to try the live-cd of ubuntu+1 and see if it still crashes13:55
BluesKajacicula,  what makes you think he has the dual gpu setup ?13:56
sKew^_-acicula, i tryed to follow this guid http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1238129  but my hdmi card dident work well13:57
sKew^_-wass just colur no real image13:57
bjsniderthe card may be supported by the driver but the driver likely isn't supported by the newer kernel/xorg13:57
aciculaBluesKaj: i assumed he had the dual core i7 with igp and discrete amd13:57
aciculasince afaik they do not put quads in anything smaller then 15" laptops13:57
BluesKajacicula,  you may be right , but sKew^_- isn't aware of this switching between cards13:58
sKew^_-Processor8x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz13:58
sKew^_-Linux 2.6.32-38-generic (x86_64)13:59
sKew^_-kernel ^13:59
BluesKajsKew^_-,  run lspci | grep VGA , in the terminal13:59
sKew^_-01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Redwood [Radeon HD 5600 Series]14:00
aciculayeah thats a quad, so no internal igp14:00
sKew^_-thats a tuad if u ask me ;P bahh i dont know how to switch grapichs ;P14:01
aciculacorrection, they make quads with igp14:01
aciculabut this one doesnt have an igp, so just the discrete video14:01
sKew^_-btw what does this meen? Clock Speed1.6 GHz14:02
sKew^_-Max Turbo Frequency2.8 GHz14:02
sKew^_-i can clock it to 2.8 ghz?14:02
aciculait should autoturbo to that yeah14:02
aciculabut only if its not to hot and it wont do that with all cores loaded14:03
aciculai have an  i7 at 2.8Ghz, pretty sure its not turboing to 3.5Ghz at full load or it would be burning a hole in the laptop14:03
aciculadual core though14:03
sKew^_-haha okok i see, damn iam so frustrating whit this laptop, its a powerfull laptop if all drivers work, but i like ubuntu, and iam kinda sick of windows whit "Ctrl+alt+delete" to kill prosses and it cant kill prosses as easy as "ctrl+t+ps x+ kill XXX"14:05
sKew^_-and it fails to kill prossess14:05
sKew^_-in windows...14:05
sKew^_-iam just talking giberish14:06
sKew^_-i dont wanna go back to win, i want my laptop to work whit ubuntu,14:06
sKew^_-grapichs as wlan card :)14:07
sKew^_-iam gonna do a clean install soon,14:07
sKew^_-ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS or 12.04 LTS, depens of witch one will run my grapichcard best.14:08
aciculatry the #ubuntu+1 livecd, or try 11.10 and look into updating the graphics card, or stick to the open source driver for awhile (its the one installed by default)14:08
sKew^_-how do i switch betwin the radeon card and intergrated?14:10
sKew^_-acicula, kk i will try that tomorrow when i have both a cd, dvd14:10
aciculasKew^_-: you only have one gpu in the laptop, i made a mistake by guessing there were two14:11
aciculasKew^_-: so no switching14:11
sKew^_-acicula, okok thx :)14:11
sKew^_-http://linuxenvy.blogspot.com/2011/01/tackling-switchable-graphics.html but its a i5 envy 1414:13
sKew^_-maby i just read alot wrong ;P14:13
aciculathe envy 14 was also sold with a dual core i5 with has an igp on the chip14:14
aciculapackage even14:14
sKew^_-kk i see14:14
sKew^_-heare is the spec of my model, envy-14-1190eo14:15
sKew^_-dissconnected again14:16
sKew^_-damn unstable wl driver for boardcom ;P iam gonna do a clean install soon ;)14:16
BluesKajsKew^_-,  your actually better off with just one decent graphics card from a user friendly standpoint , those dual switching gpus are abig problem on linux14:17
sKew^_-BluesKaj,  yeah i know, i have heard that switchable cards and linux isent a good thing14:18
BluesKajI think that driver you posted above is the way to go, sKew^_-14:19
sKew^_-yeah i will try it, just deactivate the first one and unstall cataclysem14:20
sKew^_-thats the rigth way to do it?14:21
sKew^_-brb reboot before i install new driver14:23
bjsnidercataclysm? that's an appropriate name14:45
edgyHi, I logged in ubuntu/unity and the icons to the left disappeared, how can I fix this or at least shutdown or log off?15:22
Daekdroomedgy, press <Super> and see if they show up15:25
DaekdroomWhat might be happening to you is that you're unable to reveal them with the mouse cursor.15:25
Daekdroom(like I am)15:25
edgyDaekdroom: by <super> you mean win-key?15:25
jokerdinohey guys, i have upgraded to unity 5.2.0 and i don't have a global menu15:26
jokerdinowhat should i be doing?15:26
edgyDaekdroom: win-key does nothing for me15:27
edgyjokerdino: I think we are facing the same problem15:27
edgyjokerdino: did win-key works for you?15:28
jokerdinoI can see the launcher icons.15:28
jokerdinowin-key shows the launcher and shortcut hint overlay15:28
edgyjokerdino: I can't see the launcher to the left15:31
edgyjokerdino: then what do you mean by global menu?15:31
jokerdinothe app menu.15:31
edgyjokerdino: do you know how I can launch a terminal or shutdown unity if I can't see the launcher?15:32
jokerdinoCtrl + Shift + T opens terminal15:32
jokerdinoCtrl + Alt + T opens terminal15:33
edgyjokerdino: both didn't launch any terminal15:35
edgyjokerdino: I was disconnected, any update?15:41
jbichaedgy: you can get to a virtual terminal with Ctrl+Alt+F1; use Ctrl+Alt+F7 to get back to your display15:42
jbichamake sure you have all of the Unity updates from Friday15:43
jbichafrom the virtual terminal, you can sudo shutdown if you like15:44
edgyjbicha: unfortunately, I am launching the machine as a guest so those c-a-Fx keys won't work15:46
jbichaedgy: can you open a file browser/nautilus ?15:53
edgyjbicha: yes, I can create a new folder and then double click it15:59
edgyjbicha: ?16:01
jbichaedgy: ok, then navigate to /usr/bin and click on gnome-terminal16:02
edgyjbicha: ok, thanks a lot, that worked ;)16:04
jbichaedgy: make sure unity's installed and that you have the latest updates16:05
jbichaif that still doesn't work, you could try clearing your compiz settings16:05
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mortalgood work everyone, even my touchpad/nipple works on thinkpad with precise16:41
mortalwith oneiric I had to use the lucid kernel to have it work16:41
penguin42mortal: Your nipple is our priority17:09
yofelthat's called trackpoint if we want to be correct ^^17:23
yofelnow if my eeePC's touchpad wasn't weird in precise I would be happy too17:23
penguin42yofel: I mean to try my eeePC with precise; I reinstalled mine with oneiric (again) and found the touchpad didn't work17:28
yofelno touchpad issues in oneiric, in precise the cursor doesn't stop when I stop moving my finger17:45
crizzyalso mouse scroll tops randomly responding in precise :/17:45
yofelthat works here, but when I scroll using the touchpad on my thinkpad it sometimes jumps up before going down17:46
penguin42crizzy: bug 92578517:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925785 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Starting to scroll is erratic with edge scrolling on touchpad or mouse scrollwheels" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92578517:46
penguin42that's the most annoying bug I've seen in Precise so far17:47
crizzyyes indeed17:48
crizzyi can't play quakelive or warsow anymore, binds fscked because of it17:48
penguin42crizzy: Actually I'm not sure if that is your bug, it's certainly the one I'm seeing and sounds like the one Yofel describes as well17:50
yofelyeah, that sounds very much like what I'm seeing17:50
crizzypenguin42: well, likely it is related somehow17:50
penguin42very very annoying in irc windows17:51
crizzypenguin42: it does sound like my problem.. doesn't respons first, then floods the input17:53
yofelwhat I'm seeing on my eeePC is bug 92474717:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 924747 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) ""Pointer keeps on moving while the finger rests on touchpad"" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92474717:53
yofelyou can't really do any precise selection with that...17:53
BluesKajsuddenlyI have a very herky-jerky response on the mouse cursor on my older pc , after the latest kernel upgrade18:04
BluesKajoops wrong channel18:05
OldManMagnushi. i've got nothing in my top toolbar. no clock, no system thing. anyone else having this?18:41
penguin42no, all present and correct here18:42
OldManMagnusmaybe it's because i installed a load of stuff like ubuntu studio.18:43
OldManMagnusthanks penguin4218:44
penguin42so this HUD thing - where is it?18:45
Daekdroompenguin42, not available by default?18:45
DaekdroomAnd the PPA has outdated unity: 5.118:45
Daekdroomand it has some annoyances like it can only find results that match if you type part of the word.18:46
Daekdroomand it keeps showing up when watching fullscreen videos in totem. Not usable yet at all.18:46
* penguin42 had assumed if they were going to release it as part of 12.04 that it would be in the alphas by now18:47
* Daekdroom never saw any indications they'd release it as part of 12.0418:47
Daekdroom(including the fact that it's not in the repos yet, but that's circular logic, I think)18:47
penguin42hmm I'd only assumed it as well18:48
penguin42'Although not available in the general repositories as of this writing (2012-01-24), HUD will be packaged with unity 5.2 or later and will be distributed to everyone running precise with that update.'    hmm I'm not quite sure what that means either18:49
EvilResistancepenguin42, "That is not currently available in Unity, however that will be released as an update later for Precise"19:48
penguin42EvilResistance: It doesn't tell me whether later is before or after precise release19:59
EvilResistancepenguin42, perhaps they dont know yet, in which case patience is a virtue :P19:59
EvilResistancegnomefreak, scrollbacks20:00
EvilResistance<penguin42> [02/05/12 13:49:29] 'Although not available in the general repositories as of this writing (2012-01-24), HUD will be packaged with unity 5.2 or later and will be distributed to everyone running precise with that update.'    hmm I'm not quite sure what that means either <-- relevant line20:00
EvilResistancegnomefreak, ^20:00
gnomefreaksee if this helps http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/tag/design20:03
* gnomefreak off20:04
bjsniderhud is available in a ppa i think20:09
codepalubuntu tweak is crashing when I try to change inactive window transparency :(20:18
autifmono's latest version is - however, 2.10.5 is in the apt repositories. How is the version for a package that goes into a release decided? Thanks!20:46
jtaylor2.10.8 is on its way20:54
jtaylorit was delayed due to a tool broken20:54
autifawesome! thanks jtaylor20:59
jtaylor2.10.8.1 is a beta, I'm not sure we will get that21:05
autifthats fair21:15
phibxrHas the user wallpaper feature been disabled again recently in LightDM?21:18
Alperenhi how can i activate ubuntu HUD?22:20
Alpereni am pressing the ALT key but nothing happens22:21
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