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grrhi all09:43
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CuliforgeHello, was working with some others yesterday to get a broken install running.. reinstalled grub... had to run, now neither install will boot.11:50
coalwaterhi Culiforge11:59
coalwaterdoes grub start up ? or does it fail11:59
coalwaterdo u get a grub rescue or something?12:00
Culiforgecoalwater, grub starts12:01
Culiforgerescue/recovery won't finish boot either12:01
coalwaterdoes it show the operating systems list  correctly ?12:02
Culiforgeas far as I can tell... nothing glaringly obvious is different from when it was booting correctly12:02
Culiforgecoalwater, to give you some backstory... I installed an nvidia 8400gs and when I went down for restart to install the driver, that's when all the trouble started12:04
Culiforge10.04 btw12:04
coalwateri have that same, it doesn't work as i wish it would but it works12:04
coalwaterdid u install from the drivers thingy?12:05
coalwateradditional drivers or w/e12:05
Culiforgethingy? you mean the restricted drivers? yes12:05
coalwatercan u start a terminal at least?12:05
Culiforgei'm in a live env atm and yes I can term and mount the disks12:06
coalwateri would try to rename the xorg.conf and see if it will start12:06
coalwaterlike mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.backup or something12:06
CuliforgeI don't want to sound terse, so please excuse if I do... but I've tried that12:07
coalwaterfull path is /etc/X11/xorg.conf in case u dontk now12:07
CuliforgeI've got a list of things that I have tried so i'll let you know as they come ok?12:07
Culiforgenomodeset in grub boot param, glxpayload..12:08
Culiforgereinstall grub.. update grub..12:08
coalwaterwell, nvidia usually takes the old xorg as backup, did u try to restore it temporarily12:08
Culiforgedid'nt have an old xorg unless nvidia put it somewher I don't know about12:09
coalwaterit should be xorg.conf.bak or something like that12:10
Culiforgethere;s an xorg failsafe there...12:12
Culiforgeunder etc/X11/12:12
Culiforgexorg.conf.failsafe is full name12:13
coalwaterhm yea i have that one too, idk whats it for though12:14
Culiforgeit's the same format as the conf and appears to have generic vanilla values12:15
coalwateru could try it, and hope that it disables the nvidia driver for now12:15
Culiforgefbdev instead of nvidia driver12:15
Culiforgeso rename it then and .bak the orig?12:16
coalwateryea, but take backup from the current one, also just use cp not mv12:17
coalwatero ok12:18
coalwatersry missed ur last line12:18
Culiforgejust did it through gui.. all seems ok12:18
coalwaterwhat i hate about this process,, is that u reboot after every change lol12:18
Culiforgeyeah, and on a fail.. (too many of 'em) have to reload the live os just to communicate.. :)12:19
Culiforgealright, be back in a few ...12:20
Culiforgecoalwater, back... no love there12:31
coalwatersad lol12:35
coalwaterit fails on the gui starting up right?12:35
coalwateru said even recovery fails, u cant even run a root terminal ?12:36
CuliforgeI get the ugly bootsplash and then a 'loading please wait'12:36
coalwaterthat's strange12:36
Culiforgeif I esc during that I get a plymouth .pid error12:37
Culiforgewas working with a couple ppl yesterday and chroot'd and all kinds of fancy stuff. reinstalled grub now i've got 2 broken installs.. same behavior with both12:41
Culiforgei'm not complaining, we just didn't get a chance to follow up12:41
coalwateryou mean here on the irc?12:43
Culiforgethis has been a rough going project so far.. get on the channel about 5 or 6 am, post quetion, explain what's been done, what started it try a few things, then it's usually me who runs out of time and has to go.12:47
coalwaterim reading it12:48
Culiforgethere may be some in the nvidia channel as well as ubuntu12:48
coalwateryea maybe12:49
Culiforgecoalwater, well, in standard style.. 2 1/2 hrs and now it's family time on sunday morning.. I'll try and be back later today13:25
Culiforgecoalwater, thanks for looking into this for me13:25
coalwaternp, hope it gets fixed at some point lol13:29
CuliforgeI'm coming up on 2 weeks behind on my work. :) :(13:29
coalwateris ur home and system 1 partition13:30
coalwateror separate?13:30
coalwateryea , well i learned to split them lol, allows reinstallation without loosing a lot of stuff13:31
CuliforgeI'm goin to do the same once I get recovered from this13:32
Culiforgeanywho, gotta run13:32
coalwatertake care13:32
Culiforgeyou too13:32
chet_Hi all, i seem to be experiencing really poor wireless internet since installing 11.10, I have an intel PRO Wireless 5100 AGN, any ideas what's the problem anyone?14:54
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