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wendarczajkowski: I'll be at the Ubuntu booth most of today09:02
czajkowskiwendar: col just in cross disgro before my panel then will head over09:51
wendarczajkowski: ah, sorry I missed the panel!12:02
czajkowskino worries in the infrastrudcure12:07
czajkowskiwendar: ^^12:09
czajkowskiDaviey: is taking over for the sy admin infrastucure talk for canonical12:11
wendarczajkowski: awesome! when is it?12:13
czajkowskithe debian folks said canonical person never came, I did pooint out it wasnt arranged12:13
wendarczajkowski: they did try to arrange it, but I couldn't find any sysadmins to go to FOSDEM12:14
czajkowskiI know but they said he never showed,,12:14
czajkowskidid clear that up12:14
czajkowskihave to go mderate this12:14
czajkowskibbiab so not looking at screen12:14
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