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micahgjtaylor: there's another thing I'm uploading?00:43
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astraljavaWhat is this? Some bot trigger testing?04:45
lifeless_no, its someone that thinks it is funny05:03
lifeless_I don't know why05:03
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micahgspamapS: are you interested in merging pdns, you touched it last (Bug #876801)?07:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 876801 in pdns (Ubuntu) "PowerDNS 2.9.22 package is out of date" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87680107:24
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azopI'm trying to pass a global variable for a schroot build.  I have DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="parallel=4" in the schroot.conf file, but it isn't passing that to the schroot like I would hope.09:19
azopAm I missing something?09:19
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micahgazop: you want -j409:21
azopDEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="-j4" instead of DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="parallel=4"?09:22
azopk, I change it to: environment-filter=DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="-j4"09:23
azopdh_auto_build is still using make -j109:24
micahgsomething could be unsetting it09:25
micahgyou can try passing it directly to sbuild, --debbuildopt='-j4'09:26
azopin debian/rules?09:32
micahgwhich, --debbuildopt goes on the command line to sbuild, something might be overriding in debian/rules of the upstream make files09:33
azopokay, I'll look into that09:34
tumbleweederm, DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="parallel=4" should go through to sbuild just fine09:36
tumbleweedbut its up to the package to do something useful with it09:36
tumbleweed(e.g. dh --parallel)09:36
micahgright, that's true, but AIUI, -j is the classic way to do that, sorry, should have been more clear09:37
azoptumbleweed: that is what I thought.  I have         dh --parallel $@09:43
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shadeslayercjwatson: hi! I was wondering if you could merge the bluez package from debian, it contains a fix for bug 92709715:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927097 in bluez (Ubuntu) "C++ apps will fail to compile with current bluez package" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92709715:02
cjwatsonshadeslayer: sorry, I don't have time and don't really know much about bluez - my last upload was just a drive-by upgrade fix.  I'm happy for anyone else to do it15:24
shadeslayercjwatson: I'll give it a poke myself then, I've never packaged anything apart from KDE stuff ... so don't know if I'll be able to do it15:58
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bregmahey folks, anyone know why I always get an error about __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr1@GCC_3.5 not found in any library when building any package on an armhf target using pbuilder-dist?16:06
SpamapSmicahg: I was going to do a final sweep for merges such as that this week given upcoming FF. If you want to do pdns, its all yours. :)18:14
jtaylorSpamapS: numpy and sphinx should be merged18:16
jtaylorwe definetly want numpy -4 for the better dh_*helper18:17
SpamapSjtaylor: well I'm not doing a full sweep... just merges that I am TIL on the package for.18:21
SpamapSjtaylor: touched it last18:37
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DasKreecHHello if I was looking for support from Canonical is there a channel I can go to (or nick) to ask questions about the terms?19:31
micahgspamapS: if you plan on doing it by feature freeze, there's plenty of other things for me to work on19:51
jbichaDasKreecH: try http://www.ubuntu.com/business/services/overview19:53
SpamapSmicahg: yeah I'll do it by then.19:53
DasKreecHjbicha: and in the comments I can just specify that I would like Kubuntu as the distro to be supported?19:55
micahgspamapS: thanks, I was just trying to go through the bugs tagged upgrade-software-version last night to see how many we can get in by feature freeze19:56
jbichaDasKreecH: I don't work for Canonical, but sure put whatever you want in the contact form19:59
SpamapSmicahg: I'd have done it last week but the PHP suhosin mess and mysql not maintaining their public bug tracker has been eating up a lot of my time. :-/20:00
micahgheh, not a problem as long as you're on it :)20:00
DasKreecHjbicha: thanks20:02
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YokoZarCan an archive admin comment on the wine-gecko1.4 rejection?23:35
YokoZaroh nevermind23:35
cargo23_man proc says that /proc/pid/cmdline will be null separated, but on my 11.10 box it has no nulls.  What gives?23:55
tumbleweedcargo23_: this isn't a support channel. Works for me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/830776/23:59

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