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jbichamdke: did we want to try adding more locales before uploading ubuntu-docs?16:03
jbichaof course that would need the new yelp-tools which hasn't been uploaded yet (I'd have to find a sponsor for that as it's not in the desktop set though)16:04
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mdkejbicha: I don't tend to import translations until after string freeze really16:34
mdkehmm, failed to build16:35
jbichamdke: I'm working on the ftbfs16:36
mdkejbicha: ok, thanks. I don't have a precise system to test here16:37
mdkeit built fine on my oneiric live usb16:38
jbichathere's an impressive amount of </ gui> (with an extra space) problems in the translations16:39
jbichamaybe that wasn't a critical problem in oneiric?16:39
mdkejbicha: such errors in translations are incredibly common. Translators are very good at mucking up xml tags. If they are interrupting the build, then that will be a problem...16:40
mdkepossibly there is a more serious issue with that translation, or itstool has got stricter?16:41
jbichayeah, the last commit on https://gitorious.org/itstool/itstool/commits/master isn't in precise yet16:43
jbichashaunm: how about another itstool release?16:44
mdkethat wouldn't explain a change between oneiric and precise though16:44
mdkeunless there is something in 1.1.1 which causes the issue16:45
jbichayes, that's a "new feature" of 1.1.116:45
mdkeah, i c16:46
mdkewell, all the translations will have issues of that type, so the only way we can get around it is by fixing those or only including C in the upload..16:47
mdkeIn the old days I used to fix them, but they have become so numerous that I gave up16:47
mdkeperhaps we just wait for a new itstool before the next upload16:48
mdke(assuming that the latest commit would fix the issue)16:50
shaunmjbicha, mdke: done16:55
mdke11 minutes, that's quite outstanding16:56
shaunmyou caught me at a good time16:56
mdkethanks for that16:58
shaunmsure. thanks for reminding me. I didn't even realize that fix wasn't released yet.16:58
jbichashaunm: thanks!16:59

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