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fairuz_Hi, I follow instructions here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/GitKernelBuild to compile the mainline kernel.21:21
fairuz_I get both the .debs but when installing the header, I got this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/830622/21:22
fairuz_I look up at the log file and have this -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/830624/21:23
fairuz_Is this a known issue? Thanks21:23
tdmackeyfairuz_: it's a virtualbox issue21:26
fairuz_tdmackey: Hmm but I do not understand what it does there? (in my compiling and installing process)21:27
tdmackeyyou have virtual box installed and it is trying to compile the virtualbox driver for your new kernel21:28
tdmackeyand your version is old and not compatible with the newer kernel source you're using21:28
fairuz_tdmackey: ah ok. I found that the issue is solved with newer version of vbox.21:29
fairuz_So maybe I can just upgrade vbox and recompile.21:29
fairuz_tdmackey: Thanks!21:31
fairuz_tdmackey: I remove virtualbox using the software center but I still get the error. Can I just remove /usr/src/virtualbox folder?22:37
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