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quidnuncdarcs get --partial http://code.haskell.org/xmonad-extras; cd xmonad-extras; cabal-debian --debianize --maintainer="foo@bar.com"; sudo prevu;02:24
quidnunc^ Can someone help me? The prevu command is failing02:24
quidnuncdue to dependency issues. Shouldn't it just work?02:25
micahgjtaylor: are you interested in bug 910503 as you touched it last06:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 910503 in xawtv (Ubuntu) "[update request] XAWTV new Version 3.102 available [precise]" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91050306:48
micahgwhat do we do for sync sponsoring where the person doesn't have a real name, should we just not sponsor it?07:09
tumbleweedmicahg: I'm not aware of any policy requiring a real name08:19
tumbleweedI always used to suggest to new sponsorees that they provide a real nam and e-mail address on their lp profile08:20
micahgright, the problem is usually no name means no E-Mail address08:20
tumbleweedwell, lp has to have an e-mail address for the account08:20
tumbleweedand it'll use that for the sync08:20
micahgtumbleweed: which leads to a disclosure issue :)08:23
micahgI don't think we should allow that08:24
tumbleweedfor signing changelogs (vs syncs) I was am more agressive08:24
micahgperhaps if there's no public e-mail address is just leaves a note that in order to be sponsored, you must provide an e-mail address on LP08:24
tumbleweedtalking of policy requiring real names, did you see http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2011/12/msg00017.html ?08:27
micahgnot a list I'm on08:27
tumbleweedbut that appears to be a well known, permenant alias, not someone hiding behind a nick08:27
tumbleweedmicahg: lots of people don't have public e-mail addresses on lp08:29
tumbleweedlots of ubuntu-devs even08:29
micahgwell, if the person is an ubuntu member, we can use an ubuntu alias if there's no e-mail address08:30
tumbleweedthere's no guarantee that the lp username is an ubuntu.com alias08:30
tumbleweedAFAIK for many old timers, it isn't the case08:30
micahgif the person is an ubuntu member, there should be08:30
micahgoh, right08:30
tumbleweedone can do the roundabout approach of:08:31
tumbleweedguess lpusername@ubuntu.com08:31
tumbleweedask lp to search by e-mail address, and see if you get lpusername back08:31
tumbleweedif not, fail ;)08:32
tumbleweedoh, then walk GPG keys looking for ubuntu.com, and doing the same check08:32
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jtaylormicahg: re xawtv, yes I was just letting it age a bit first15:01
jtaylorI could do it now, it upstreamed a gazillion of patches :)15:03
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jtaylorsomeone now alessio?17:45
jtaylorsomeone should teach him about test building before syncing ._.17:46
jtaylorsee lv2proc and stk17:48
* jtaylor writting mail17:48
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l3onhey guys.. someone can help overriding lintian in a package ?18:23
l3onI tried this http://paste.ubuntu.com/830393/18:24
l3onbut I get:18:24
l3onE: ion: malformed-override libion0: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames18:24
jtaylorwhy do you want to override that?18:24
jtaylorif it should not be public, make it private18:24
l3onjtaylor, cause there are more than 20 libraries...18:25
jtaylorgreat so another one of these "will break with as-needed" things ._.18:25
l3onwhat ?18:26
l3onW: libion0: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libbp0 libcfdp0 libcgr0 libdgr0 libdtn2fw0 libici0 libipnfw0 libltp0 libtcpcla0 libudpcla018:26
jtaylorjust link them all into libion0?18:26
jtaylorI bet all those are underlinked?18:26
l3onnono.. linked18:26
jtaylorah that cool thing :)18:27
jtaylorstill, either make them private, make a package per library, or link them all into one giant library18:28
l3onwell .. you know what? I did it.. I had 5 library packages, but a debian developer said: "It useless introduce so many shlibs packages... I suggest you to back on one single package and override"18:29
l3onso.. :/18:29
jtaylorwho said that?18:30
jtaylorI agree adding so many library packages is most likely overkill18:30
jtaylorthus private libraries makes most sense18:30
l3onah can I do that ?18:30
l3ondo you have some webpage explaining that ?18:31
jtaylorso many things for /usr/bin/ :/18:35
jtaylordoes it conflict with anything in the archive?18:36
l3onhow check ? :)18:38
jtaylorhm apt-file them all I guess18:40
l3onoki :)18:40
jtaylorconcerning making them private, install them into a subfolder of /usr/lib and give rpath's to all executables18:41
jtaylorsee e.g. ncbi-blast+18:41
jtaylorbut you should discuss that with your sponsor, if he wants overrides then do that18:42
jtaylorI can't sponsor ;)18:42
jtaylorlibltp conflicts with ltp-dev18:48
l3ondamn... now ?18:49
jtaylorits not a direct conflgict, but it has a libltp.a, and ion as libltp.so18:50
l3onLOOK FOR: /usr/bin/tcpcli18:51
l3onucspi-tcp: /usr/bin/tcpclient18:51
l3onucspi-tcp-ipv6: /usr/bin/tcpclient18:51
l3onah nono... sorry18:51
l3onwhat about ltp ?18:51
l3onis it ok or I need to do something ?18:51
jtaylordepends on what you are going to do, merging the libraries or making them private solves the issue18:51
jtaylorelse you should add a Breaks to debian/control18:52
l3ondone :)18:56
l3onbut I don't know exactly how to make library private18:56
l3onlet's check ncbi-blast+18:57
l3onmmm... it's not so simple with ion, cause it source is "splitted" in 4-5 subpackages18:58
l3ons/it source/its source/18:59
blairwill the latest version of git be pulled into 12.04 just before it is cut?19:36
blairor frozen19:37
micahgjtaylor: no, letting xawtv age is a good thing, just wanted to make sure someone was watching it, thanks :)19:53
micahgblair: probably not unless someone requests it (I assume you mean 1.7.9)19:55
blairmicahg, yes19:56
jtaylor1.7.9 would be nice in precise19:56
jtaylorit has some useful new features19:56
blairthe LTS releases have two competing pressures, one to have the software be as fresh as possible since in a few years it's going to be very old, but then you also want it to be stable19:57
blairit's an interesting balance19:57
jtaylorit is only a minor release so it should not break much19:59
jtayloralso there is still plenty of time to fix potential bugs20:00
blairjtaylor, opened a sync request https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/92730520:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 927305 in git (Ubuntu) "Sync git 1:1.7.9-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New]20:49
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