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micahghi bah-newbie, it's the weekend, so people aren't always around00:59
stlouisubntuanyone have advice on installing Firefox 10 ESR on ubuntu (other than extracting the binaries to /opt and symlinking)?03:54
micahgstlouisubntu: we're actually not advising users to install the ESR, that's why we're shipping Rapid Release in the distro04:59
stlouisubntuThanks, friend.  I figured that since 3.6.x (which turned out to be effectively an ESR itself) was shipping in the 10.04 LTS main repository until just recently, that there might end up being a way for users to go Firefox 10 ESR for those who choose.05:07
micahgwe considered it, but the security tradeoffs seemed to be not worthwhile for most of our distro users05:08
stlouisubntuThanks.  I understand.  Hey, I really appreciate all the work you and the team put in.  Well, done and keep it up.05:15
micahghi cousin_luigi09:28
* cousin_luigi is having problems with FF10 and flashplayer and wondered if it was packaging-related09:29
cousin_luigiI overheard something about it the other day here.09:29
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micahgumm, I hope not :)09:30
micahgwhat type of problem?09:30
cousin_luigimicahg: plugin doesn't seem to work. After closing firefox also manually killing the process is required.09:35
cousin_luigiIt happened a few times already:/09:35
micahghmm, we upgraded to rapid release to fix that :(09:35
cousin_luigibut I never had problems like this with the previous releases09:36
micahgwhich release are you on?09:37
cousin_luigi10.0+build1-0ubuntu0.11.10.1 on oneiric amd6409:41
cousin_luigimicahg: so, what do you think?10:43
* micahg missed the last part of the conversation10:43
cousin_luigi10:37:58 < micahg> which release are you on?10:43
cousin_luigi10:41:28 < cousin_luigi> 10.0+build1-0ubuntu0.11.10.1 on oneiric amd6410:43
micahg[03:46] <micahg> does this happen in a new profile as well?10:44
cousin_luigiuhm, haven't tried that yet10:45
paolo1someone help me16:29
paolo1I want a plugin for firefox to send back and forth in the streaming video on ubuntu16:29
paolo1<paolo1>  i have vlc plugin for mozilla and xine but not lead directly to the end of the movie b16:29
stefaniehello to all16:31
stefaniei have some problems using firefox to connect on a citrix server16:32
stefaniecan someone help me16:32
stefaniethe problem is that ff is not showing the page when i connect to the server ff7 ubuntu 11,1016:33
cousin_luigiwhy ff7?16:34
cousin_luigiisn't that ancient?16:34
stefanieepiphany has no problems using the citrix receiver16:34
stefaniesince ff7 i do have this problem16:35
stefaniesorry you are wright it is ff1016:37
paolo1luigi sei italiano?16:37
cousin_luigibut it's bad manners to speak another language here16:38
paolo1sai eprche non ci riesce a portare avanti i video in streaming con qualsiasi plugin per mozilla su ubnutu16:38
paolo1cioè se guardi un video per esempio .wmv16:38
cousin_luigisee above16:39
cousin_luigipaolo1: can you do that on another platform?16:39
paolo1parla in italinao16:39
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