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pleia2we're doing pretty well on summaries, but we still have several to do18:42
pleia2looks like we need a dozen or so18:46
scott_ev_pleia2: I will be ready to go for next release.  can you email me any info I may need to get started?  I'll try to be available here but I spend my days focused on the stock market as I'm a trader.  That means that I pay very little attention to IRC.  I may be able to change that by adding another monitor19:12
pleia2scott_ev_: oops, I completely forgot to add you to the list of people we email each week for summaries, let me forward you what I sent to everyone else19:13
pleia2and add you to the list now so you'll get a "we are doing summaries now!" email next saturday :)19:13
scott_ev_nice.  is there work that can be done during the week so everything doesn't come down to crunch time?19:14
pleia2we mostly just collect links all week, you can open the document and view it throughout the week to see what we've added, but on friday/saturday morning we delete some links so typically don't ask people to write summaries until we've done that in case we have to delete a link where someone already wrote a summary19:16
pleia2doc link: http://bit.ly/vDkJyf19:16
scott_ev_ah, understood. Saturday is OK since the markets are closed19:17
pleia2oh actually, I did include you on the email list19:17
pleia2"UWN Summaries for upcoming Issue 251" email sent yesterday, did you receive?19:18
scott_ev_ah, it may be there, I may not have noticed.  I have many many mail boxes set up19:19
scott_ev_I'd imagine it got here just fine but it seems that I fat thumbed it and deleted...please fwd again to verify19:20
scott_ev_ah, I got it19:25
scott_ev_OK, I need to get going - setting up a couple of CentOS LAMP serverrs.  UHGG...I detest CentOS; it's like working with an old man with alzheimers only he just keeps on working and won't die19:53

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