bazhangwhy do people say they've read the link for something , when clearly they have not01:47
elkyhomework teaches people to lie02:03
=== pleia2_ is now known as pleia2
FlannelAh, looks like HFSPLUS has decided to grace us with his presence again.04:04
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (Carolyn appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)06:02
pangolinhey Anastasius07:36
AnastasiusHey, how are you mr. pangolin?07:36
pangolinDoing ok, you?07:36
AnastasiusNot so bad, not so bad.07:36
pangolinWhat can I do you for?07:37
AnastasiusYou can talk TheOV into resurrecting the scrabble server.07:37
Myrttiwas there a specific reason you joined this channel?07:38
pangolinWas there anything I can actually help with?07:38
AnastasiusActually, I'm not trying to make a fuss here this time (SURPRISE!)...  I was just wondering if my latest ban here was lifted yet.07:39
pangolinif by here you mean this channel, it looks like it was07:39
AnastasiusAnd now that I know it has been I will bid you a fond farewell.07:39
pangolinGood night.07:39
AnastasiusAlso, pop by sometime. ;)07:39
mneptokmy companion kitty of 16 years dies yesterday, and i'm a wreck. can't sleep.09:54
Myrttiawwww, condolences09:55
mneptokthanks. she was with me for more than 1/3 of my life. it will take time to get used to not having her around.09:56
mneptokour birds are doing their best to help by being unusally needy. ;)09:56
* Tm_T huggles mneptok09:57
mneptokkiitos, suomalaiset.09:58
mneptokmaybe when U cycles around the alphabet sabdfly will name the K release "Kurt's Kitty"09:59
mneptokalthough it's probably a bad idea. any laptop with that release will go into standby/hibernate as soon as it's actually on a lap.10:00
Tm_Tsad b-fly (:)10:00
mneptokSab D. Fly10:01
bazhang<bahamas> isn't there an op around? jncog is a spammer10:17
bazhanglooks like incog10:17
bazhangmneptok, condolences10:17
Tm_Tanyone can confirm the spam?10:19
bazhangtwo already, bc81 and bahamas10:19
mneptokbazhang: xie xie10:29
LjLif you mean Oneiric then why do you spell out Precise Pangolin, i wonder11:06
bazhangno idea! and when I say MINT, I mean UBUNTU!11:07
elkyit's almost like you expect them to make sense.11:43
bazhangdgfger seems familiar; dies_irae ?12:12
Myrtti[14:14] [freenode] ***  stalker  : czx, dgfger, drizzt_, fsdh, hhul, jdhfr,  jhjh, Lint, qwertz1111.12:14
bazhangjdhfr ok thanks Myrtti12:14
bazhangand Lint !12:14
bazhangI need to get that for xchat, or somehow switch to irssi12:15
Myrttiit's a bit problematic script12:16
Myrttiit saves everything into a sqlite database and as we know from ubottu, it's not too fast - so if you happen to have many channels with a lot of people, it slows things down quite considerably12:17
bazhangstill, it clears up a lot of the issues with users with multiple nicks, especially ones with a reputation such as Lint12:18
Myrttifor example /whois'ing Tm_T takes about 15-20 seconds and for that duration irssi is totally unresponsive12:18
MyrttiI happen to have autowhois on query on and it isn't pretty12:18
knomecan't irssi scripts fork?12:18
pangolinbazhang: it doesn't exist for xchat :/12:20
pangolinunless you want to write it :)12:20
bazhangpangolin, indeed I saw that12:21
pangolinoh don't use sqlite when you do12:21
bazhang<dgfger> somehow everything I type is going to console I have X running on12:23
bazhangthat make sense?12:23
bazhangthat was a special way to spread spam12:28
LjLoh lord.12:29
LjL[13:28:54] <dgfger> whydo you ban russian users?12:29
bazhangnot ubuntu afaict13:26
bazhanghe wants help cracking a dreambox, whatever that is13:33
oCeanif he build an openpli ubuntu build, he would have all the details himself13:38
Tm_TMyrtti: you're saying I'm unresponsive?13:43
* Tm_T hides13:43
bazhangwhat kralle was asking for was not possible, and he was told that yesterday13:58
ikoniaI couldn't see how it all linked into network manager13:58
ikoniaas the components he mentioned don't use network manager13:59
bazhangnet cafe13:59
ikoniathere was no mention of "net cafe"13:59
bazhangbut that does not matter, he simply wanted something not do-able13:59
bazhangvibhav, hi15:28
Myrttithat was interesting15:28
oCeanas always15:29
oCeandoes anyone know what zenon is talking about?15:38
bazhangseems he hit ctrl alt f2 instead of alt f2 gnome-terminal as he was directed15:38
Myrttijust out there like a snowman15:39
* duvel spins16:08
oCeando you have any relevant input?16:08
oCeanas to why I would remove your current mute?16:08
duveli was joking16:09
duvelplus, i love you16:09
duveland furthermore, you love me.16:09
duveland i promise i wont be silly again :)16:09
* duvel hugs oCean.16:09
duvelhvordan har du det?16:09
oCeanYou just convinced me to leave your mute for a while. Take timeout and come back when you're sober enough to have a discussion16:09
duveli'm sober, i dont even smoke weed. ive been looking to get an answer as to how to enable SLI in ubuntu for the past 3 days to no avail.16:10
duveli had to install 11.10 because 10.04 wont update on my system (i7-2700k processor, 16gb ram, 2x evga nvidia gtx 560 2gb cards)16:11
oCeanNo point in explaining all that, this is not the support channel16:11
duvelyou're worse than the us-govt16:12
duvel"tell me why i should hear your case...but not here this isnt the proper venue"16:12
duvelits superbowl sunday bro.16:14
MyrttiI think this discussion has gone its course16:14
* duvel farts16:14
* duvel farts16:14
* duvel farts16:14
* duvel farts16:14
* duvel farts16:14
ikoniajust a waste of time16:15
oCeanis this really the superbowl effect?16:15
ikoniaI see no reason trying to haggle these people into a normal conversation16:15
oCeanit's a weird sunday in #u16:15
ikoniaduvel: you're currently muted16:16
ikoniaduvel: I'll remove the mute if you can have conversation like a normal person without being silly16:16
ikoniaduvel: you're unmuted16:17
duveli can ask my question in #ubuntu now?16:17
ikoniaas you just proved you can't be trusted to participate in the channel16:18
duveli see :(16:18
* duvel kicks rocks.16:18
ikoniaduvel: so please come back in 24 hours when you feel you've clamed down enough to participate in the channel again16:18
duvel24 hours?!16:18
duvelthats like... a whole day16:18
duvelwait.. yeah16:19
duvelthats 1 day.16:19
ikoniawe'll speak to you then16:19
ikoniaclear yes/no ?16:19
ubottum4v called the ops in #ubuntu (zana is insulting)19:16
Tm_TMyrtti: hmh, you were quicker as you are not attending loco meeting19:17
ubottuBodsda called the ops in #ubuntu (FICK)22:03
LjLnote nick and ident22:07
MyrttiI note the ident, I must have some kind of blind spot for the nick22:08
Myrttigoing to bed tho so if you want to do something, go ahead22:08
LjLMyrtti: means fuck in german22:08
LjL@mark #ubuntu Markus__ Troll22:10
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:10
pangolinhappy super bowl sunday!22:10
bioterrorfinnish nelonen pro shows it for free22:14
bioterrorwhat a shame it's always night when that game is played :D22:14
pangolinI had no clue until I woke up this morning that it was today22:15
Flannelpangolin: today is also World Nutella Day, apparently.22:27
pangolinI wish I knew about that :/22:27
* pangolin ate cheez wiz earlier22:28
Flannelnow you do! there's still time to go buy a big tub and a spoon!22:28
pangolinFlannel: I'm Italian, we ALWAYS have nutella in the house22:28
Jordan_USince this is now #ubuntu-opstopic, how do you guys pronounce nutella? I pronounce it nootella, most of my friends (but not all) in the U.S. pronounce it like the English word "nut".23:46
pangolinnoo tell la23:47
pangolinso you got it right23:47
popeyin the UK we say 'nut-ella' but not distinctly separate syllables23:48
popeyshe places more emphasis on the second syllable though oddly23:51
Flannelwikipedia has IPA pronounciation23:57

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