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DuvrazhCan anyone recommend a good log analyzer, with or with-out web viewing00:59
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smoserjcastro, well that sucks.02:21
smoserwhy? the other was much nicer.02:22
jjmil03hellp, anyone out there?03:00
jjmil03hello, anyone out there?03:00
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jjmil03hello, anyone out there?03:01
jjmil03hello, anyone out there?03:03
jjmil03hello, anyone out there?03:04
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Psi-Jackjjmil03: Repeating the same question over, and over, won't get very good responses. :p03:09
jjmil03i was trying to check if my firewall was stopping my connection03:12
jjmil03thanks for the response03:12
patdk-laphell, actually asking a question *thats ontopic* would help03:12
patdk-lapjjmil03, no idea, what firewall?03:13
jjmil03I wasn't getting any responses on any channels I have tried so far...I didn't know if my computer's firewall was blocking this program or not so I was just trying a test message to see if I'd get something back or not03:14
jjmil03i guess the other channel is just not responding to my question03:14
jjmil03its on openldap...03:14
jjmil03if anyone has messed with it, I'd appreciate some help03:14
patdk-lapnot in years03:17
KeyGruinhi I want to move a domain name from a shared webhosting account to my ubuntu 11.10 server on an AWS EC2 instance. When I change the nameserver, do I use the Public DNS address given for my instance? or do I have to use BIND?03:30
dns53so when you buy a domain you specify the domain server that manages that domain, you could either run your own bind instance or pay for someone to run a dns server on your behalf03:40
osmosiswhat happens if I end up with two volume groups in LVM of the same name?03:40
dns53osmosis how did you do this? taken a hard disk with an existing lvm setup and put it in a new machine?03:41
osmosisdns53, correct03:41
osmosisvgscan only shows one03:42
osmosisnot sure how to find the other one03:42
osmosisdmesg shows the disk is available03:42
dns53osmosis i'm not sure, it might be a good idea to remove the hard disk, rename the lvm and plug it back in03:42
dns53you might be able to use vgrename but it might be safer to do it without the new disk03:44
KeyGruinok I was wondering because the public amazon address given for my instance is referred to as a Public DNS, and if I could just use that address to point my domain to03:48
osmosisdns53, okay, so i havent it on a different server without a vgname conflict, but its still not showing in vgscan03:49
dns53but who is hosting your dns? do you have your own domain?03:49
KeyGruinoh the domain is with namecheap registrar03:50
dns53 KeyGruin but you can create your own records?  i believe you should be able to set up a cname instead of an A record and have that cname record point to xxx.amazonws.com03:52
KeyGruinwell I have a complete new ubuntu server instance, just like a VPS, on Amazon Web Services - it's a free 12 month trial03:55
KeyGruinI'm just new to this game, of setting up a public LAMMP server, never delved into the domain stuff03:57
dns53KeyGruin well you can run your own bind instance on EC2, personally i pay someone else to run my dns but nothing is stopping you from doing it yourself03:58
KeyGruinok I am confused by one thing, why is the amazon address given to my instance referred to as a DNS? is that not a domain name server?04:00
dns53yes amazon has a domain server and has assigned your vm a domain, you can use this but it is long and hard to remember04:02
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dns53i do not believe it is currently up (i have tried pinging the domain in the image) but you should be able to see it from the internet04:06
KeyGruinyes that is why I want to assign another domain name to it, one I own but is currently attached to a free shared hostin plan I do not wish to continue with04:06
KeyGruinit is up04:06
KeyGruinbut I don't have Apache configured yet04:06
dns53the fact that amazon gives you an obscure entry for the server does not stop you from giving a better domain for the server04:09
KeyGruinyes I am aware of that04:09
KeyGruinI just don't know how to go about it04:10
dns53can you login to namecheap and see if you can set up your own dns records? or can you only say what dns server holds the records?04:10
KeyGruinI can yes04:11
KeyGruinI don't know about setting up my own records but I can log in and change the dns addresses04:12
dns53so you can create an A record?   point it to (i believe this is your current ip address of your vm)04:12
KeyGruinno clue04:12
KeyGruinI am not at that level of understanding this04:12
dns53ok so you will need to run bind on your server and set up the records there04:12
KeyGruinI'm looking at the ubuntu-server docs with that info04:13
dns53so namecheap will point to you, you say with an A record that your ip is the domain04:13
dns53so dns is flexible, it allows you to have multiple dns servers, pointing to multiple servers and different servers for sub domains for example04:16
dns53when you buy a domain you specify the dns server that has the authority for your domain04:16
KeyGruinwhich either has to be one created by myself on my own server or an external one that generally charges for the service, correct?04:20
KeyGruinok I think I have enough to go on without stumbling too blindly, thanks for the help04:21
dns53dig is your friend,    dig domain.com     to see the records and see if it is working as expected04:23
KeyGruincool, ty04:25
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jjmil03when i do a list command, or help, the screen is small and scrolls through too fast to read anything05:05
jjmil03is there a command to tell the terminal to only print so many lines to the screen?05:05
jjmil03im using virtualbox too...it would be nice to increase the screen size too...if there is a command line way of doing this05:06
hex20decCan anyone help me setup my BIND DNS server?05:13
omeI have a weired problem that I assume it's somewho related to Apache-Ubuntu rather then Apache05:24
omeRewrite is loaded, .htaccess is read. but still none of my RewriteRules is applied.05:25
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hex20decome: try httpd.conf05:52
qman___httpd.conf is not normally used in debian/ubuntu05:54
qman___it's only there for support reasons05:54
hex20decCan anyone help me setup my BIND DNS server please?06:19
qman___hex20dec, you'll have to be more specific06:22
hex20decqman___:Well, I'm having a lot of problems with my DNS stuff, I'm very new to the whole server management thing. I tired reading a lot of articles but it's really complicated and I just need to get it to work for basic things, so I just need to set it up in a simplified way.06:26
hex20decIf you can help me that would be great.06:26
qman___the server guide is about as straight forward as it gets06:27
qman___if you're still having problems after following it, ask away06:27
hex20decCan you link me to the guide you're referring to?06:27
qman___in the topic, the ubuntu server guide06:28
hex20decqman___: Any video? Lol, I'm a bit lazy on the reading.06:29
qman___sorry, no06:29
hex20decJk, there probably isn't. I'll just read.06:29
qman___if you're too lazy to read, I'm too lazy to help06:29
hex20decThank, though.06:30
hex20decNo, it's fine.06:30
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osmosisis libguestfs and guestfish available on 10.04 LTS ?07:09
osmosisare there any kernel parameters to automatically zero out any blocks after a file is deleted from it?07:11
qman___osmosis, you could alias rm to shred07:14
osmosisshred -z would probably be good for now, thx07:16
Zac_o_Oanyone have a good recommendation for a How-to for setting up SMB on ubuntu server?07:59
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qman___Zac_o_O, the server guide covers that pretty well08:02
qman___if by SMB you mean samba08:02
Zac_o_Ooops, just found that right after I asked :S08:03
Zac_o_Oalso is it possible to share a drive with both NFS and SMB at the same time?08:03
Zac_o_Oand yes SMB=Samba08:03
qman___they do not interfere with each other08:04
Zac_o_Oreally? great! even sharing the same folders?08:05
qman___yes, the protocols are unrelated and there are no conflicts when sharing the same files08:06
Zac_o_Ocool.  thanks!08:06
qman___the only thing you may run into are character encoding issues, special characters don't show up right on windows or may get garbled when used over one or the other08:06
qman___nothing show stopping, a minor annoyance at worst08:07
Zac_o_Ohm.  but NFS is much faster correct?  especially for streaming movies over the network from the server....08:10
qman___not necessarily, each has its own advantages08:11
qman___SMB can generally achieve higher data rates, but NFS generally has better response times and is better for streaming and small files08:11
Zac_o_Odoesn't higher data rates = better streaming?08:12
qman___NFSv3 is not secure08:12
qman___but workgroup SMB isn't all that secure either08:12
qman___no, streaming only needs enough data rate for the stream, lag spikes and disconnections are worse on it08:12
Zac_o_Oso generally NFS works better for streaming?08:14
Zac_o_Olike big .mkv's and such08:15
qman___both work well enough over a gigabit LAN08:15
qman___I've noticed over wifi that, for me, NFS works better08:15
Zac_o_Ohm.  guess if I can use both on the same files I can try them both huh? :)08:17
Zac_o_ONFS and SMB i mean08:17
Zac_o_Ok thanks!  be back tomorrow08:19
Zac_o_Ohave a good night08:19
TheNewMeHey, I need some advice on a server OS.08:22
qman___!ask | TheNewMe08:23
ubottuTheNewMe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:23
TheNewMeHey, I was typing it.  I just thought I'd fire off a warning shot.08:23
TheNewMeMy friends and I want to make an FTTP fileserver so we can do web design on da cloudz.08:24
TheNewMeHow is wine with linux servers?08:24
qman___wine is, generally speaking, a desktop application08:24
qman___needs a GUI, etc08:25
TheNewMeYeah, we are going to have a GUI also.  It wont be a server only.08:25
TheNewMeIs ubuntu-server GUI less?08:25
qman___you can install one, but then it's not really a server anymore08:26
TheNewMeOkay, I know my way around normal Ubuntu enough to do what I want.08:26
TheNewMeOh!  A purist!08:26
TheNewMeThanks.  Pointed me in the right direction.08:26
RoyKqman___: erm... a server doesn't stop being a server if you install X on it...08:39
qman___not strictly speaking, but that is one of only a handful of differences between desktop and server08:40
qman___and since X is not supported in this channel08:40
qman___well, you get the idea08:40
RoyKqman___: I know, just wanted to underline that server functions don't die out at the time a GUI is installed09:58
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dst_Could someone help me track down a problem with Postfix that I strongly suppose is PEBKAC?17:08
dst_I've set up a mail forwarding domain and the according aliases, but Postfix keeps telling me that the user I'm trying to forward to is unknown.17:09
dst_postmap -q virtual@addrees /etc/postfix/virtual returns the apppropriate forwarding address17:10
dst_but still mail.log is all full of status=bounced unknown user17:10
lamontand the map is in virtual_maps or such?17:15
lamontpostconf| grep virtual17:15
dst_it's in virtual_alias_domains, as per http://www.postfix.org/VIRTUAL_README.html#in_virtual_other17:15
dst_postfix 2 (2.7.0-1ubuntu0.2)17:16
dst_oh, and virtual_alias_maps too17:16
lamontand you reloaded (or restarted) postfix after making the changes, yes?17:16
dst_yeah, restarting the service and rebuilding the virtual db files.17:17
dst_like I said, this is going to be something very stupid.17:17
lamontyeah, known to work and all that.17:18
lamontnothing immediately springs to mind to check further though17:18
lamontentries are user@full.domain.name   target@other.domain.name17:19
dst_Feb  5 19:17:28 samizdat postfix/error[1535]: 37A0960EF9: to=<ollie@kuvasuhde.fi>, relay=none, delay=0.24, delays=0.06/0.01/0/0.17, dsn=5.0.0, status=bounced (User unknown in virtual alias table)17:19
dst_this is what I get when trying to email an user at the virtual domain that _isn't_ mapped17:20
dst_and here's the should-be-working-one:17:20
dst_Feb  5 19:18:31 samizdat postfix/virtual[1537]: 202E26107B: to=<olli@nonfiktio.fi>, orig_to=<olli@kuvasuhde.fi>, relay=virtual, delay=0.06, delays=0.05/0/0/0.02, dsn=5.1.1, status=bounced (unknown user: "olli@nonfiktio.fi")17:20
lamontclearly a different code path, at least17:21
lamontis nonfiktio.fi involved in the config at all?17:22
dst_grep returns nothing.17:22
dst_you might be on to something.17:23
dst_goddamn stupid, like I said.17:23
dst_somebody please give me a hammer with which to smack my forehead.17:23
lamonthappy to help. :D17:23
lamontwell, bored of watching dist-upgrade now, I'm going to wander back off17:25
bobweaverhas anyone ever installed magento on ubuntu ? I can not get it to install when it asks for sql it will not connect to make a DB. Installed fine on deb and cent but not ubuntu. Any ideas ?18:06
bobweaverI have been trying <- keyword to intergrate with openpanel/openapp http://www.openpanel.com/openapp/ but ... one day. Or do you or Any one know of any installer things like Fantastico for Webmin or Something that can "hold water" with cpanel ?18:07
acidflashi am seeing a     inet scope global eth118:38
acidflash on eth1 and I did not put this ip on eth118:38
acidflashhow can i remove it ?18:38
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pmatulisacidflash: ?20:48
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Psi-JackOkay, Why .... AppArmor's documentation is so minimal at best, it's not even funny! And now that Canonical staffs the AppArmor devs, this has seriously got to change.21:27
pmatulisPsi-Jack: what's the problem?21:49
Psi-Jackpmatulis: I'm trying to grasp a better understanding of AppArmor so I can make properly secure and effective AppArmor profiles, especially for Pacemaker which lrmd is the resource-agent manager that calls all sorts of external programs.21:50
JoeCoderHello, I'm using vsftp, but when a client uses the dir command, it gets back this:  https://gist.github.com/174812922:04
JoeCoderonly some of the files show the modified time; others just show the date.22:04
JoeCoderideally I'd like to show the date and year for all files22:05
JoeCoderso my comparrison tool can use the modified time to know when a file should be updated.22:05
JoeCoderthis happens whether I set use_localtime to yes or no.22:09
hex20decPlease help anyone.... When going to "mywebsite.com" it downloads the php source code and when going to "mywebsite.com/index.php" everything is fine. I have already restarted apache. what now???22:12
_Techie_when installing linux-igd via apt i get the following message when running upnpd without daemonizing  'upnpd: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libupnp.so.4: undefined symbol: TPAttrSetMaxJobsTotal'22:36
_Techie_is anybody able to help me resolve this issue22:37
antnashHi guys. I'm having issues getting windows to access the samba shares on my ubuntu box. All it says is access denied if I try allowing specified users (and giving the correct unames/passes), or allow everybody. Can anyone shed any light on why?22:46
_Techie_antnash: at a guess i would say its due to the file/folder permissions of your shares22:49
antnash_Techie_: for the one share I have..... drwxrwxrwx22:51
antnashI'm trying to access from windows 722:52
_Techie_antnash: then i cant really shed any further light on the situation, i have samba shares up that i access from win7, but i set mine up using webmin because im lazy22:53
_Techie_antnash: web admin software, frowned upon by alot of people22:53
_Techie_antnash: http://webmin.com/22:54
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Psi-JackCurious, anyone here ever used Tomoyo, instead of AppArmor for application hardening in Ubuntu servers?>23:05
Psi-JackFlaming crazy stupifying.23:48
Psi-JackThat fricken Tomoyo 1.7 patch provided in the tomoyo packages is just bleh!23:48
Psi-Jackubuntu 11.10 comes with linux 3.0.0, but the patch is for 2.6.x23:48
JanCPsi-Jack: does there exist a Tomoyo patch linux 3.x ?23:50
Psi-JackJanC: Yeah, 2.3.x and 2.4.x23:51
Psi-JackAnd the AKARI stuff provides more Tomoyo support than mainline support.23:52
JanC3.x != 2.x23:53
Psi-JackThat was AppArmor versions, not kernel versions.23:53
Psi-JackErr, Tomoyo versions23:53
Psi-Jack :)23:53
Psi-JackTomoyo 2.3.x and 2.4.x supports 2.6.36 to 3.0 and 3.1 backported to 2.6.33 - 3.023:54
Psi-JackLooks like Akari is it's future. heh23:55
Psi-JackYeah, Akari seems to make use of Tomoyo 1.8 as a LKM, maybe via DLKM23:59
Psi-JackErr, dkms23:59

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