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wxldoesn't it figure thta just when i'm ready to test lubuntu powerpc desktop, it's gone and disappeared? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/204/builds/11300/downloads03:58
wxlthe alternate one is still around but i think it's oversized03:58
alouriegood morning09:09
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phillwHi, we did briefly have alternate for PPC architecture as an iso for lubuntu (alpha 2), there is now no sign of it. Nor of any alternate for ppc. What should I tell those looking for it to test?14:43
phillw(as in it would fit on a CD and not oversized).14:43
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Petkohey guys . I've been having a lot of trouble installing Alpha 2 with a USB stick . The installer hanged several times when I clicked continue on the preparation step and crashed the whole system afterwards . What I did now was to run the update manager and update the usb stick (thow the kernel didn't update correctly (I think) and there were a bunch of errors on startup . However everything eventually worked (I got past the poin19:48
Petkothe installer hanged on "removing conflicting operating system files"19:49
PetkoI'm supersticious that clicking Skip will do anything , but it's been 15-20 mins and there arent really conflicting OS-s (I formatted the old linux partition and the Windows shouldn't be a conflict in it's own space)19:51
Petkoyup , "skip" is unresposive unlike all other buttons on the installer20:00
Petkoso ubiquity has this pretty warning sign in the system monitor and that can't be good . Has anyone installed successfully Precise Alpha 2 so far ?20:05
wxlwhy is the download link for lubuntu desktop powerpc missing (again)?? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/204/builds/11353/downloads20:17
cwaynePetko: i've only updated from alpha 1, haven't done a fresh install yet20:17
PetkoI also updated a few times , but I recently broke my system by installing GNOMEs GTK+ library (I think) I now on the reinstall there's a lot of trouble20:20
Petko*and now on the reinstall ...20:23
Petko yup , tried it again and hangs on the same spot , how should I file the bug , I guess against ubiquity :^)20:24
cwaynePetko: against ubiquity seems like a good idea20:41

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