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lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...00:50
awilkins!ping is an interesting thing. A ringadingding.00:56
AzelphurIs there any way to move the notification windows to somewhere a bit more obvious?01:02
Azelphuron my machine they open in the far corner of my far right display so I usually don't notice em01:03
penguin42I think there used to be an option to move which corner they occurred in, but it got removed at some point01:03
penguin42might still be buried in the gnome config stuff01:04
DJonesAzelphur: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/configurable-notifyosd-notifications.html PPA so you take your chance, its not something I've tried01:05
Azelphurlooks fun :)01:05
mthatcherHi all04:04
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danfishahoy hoy saveloys!09:02
TheOpenSourcererhullo danfish09:02
AlanBellmorning all09:03
TheOpenSourcererSurprised at the result in Murrayfield yesterday09:03
TheOpenSourcererMorning AlanBell09:03
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: a good result - hard worked for09:03
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: What capacity does your 3TB drive show when you do a df -h?09:04
TheOpenSourcererdanfish: Yes.09:04
danfishAlanBell TheOpenSourcerer - how much snow in the stix?09:04
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: I couldn't do a single partition09:04
TheOpenSourcererdanfish: We have about 2 - 3" I reckon.09:05
TheOpenSourcererBeen talking to a customer in caterham, he reckons he has 8-9"09:05
AlanBellI have partitions of 1.7T and 1.1T09:05
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: I have one partition of 2.0TB09:05
AlanBellso is the rest unpartitioned space?09:06
TheOpenSourcererfdisk did say it was a 3TB drive.09:06
AlanBellit looked like 2.7TB in gparted, but it wouldn't let me do one big partition because of partition table limits09:06
buzz_AlanBell, use gpt09:07
buzz_The MBR partition table restricts partition sizes to a maximum of 2.19 terabytes (2.19 × 1012 bytes) or almost exactly 2 TiB (2,199,023,255,040 bytes or 4,294,967,295 (232−1) sectors × 512 (29) bytes per sector).[2]. GPT supports partition sizes up to 9.3 zettabytes or 8 ZiB−512 bytes (9,444,732,965,739,290,426,880 bytes or 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 (264−1) sectors × 512 (29) bytes per sector).09:08
buzz_9.3 zettabytes should be enough for you09:08
directhexyou need GPT for drives over 2T. full stop09:09
directhexand you need EFI to boot from GPT09:09
TheOpenSourcererok. Helpful. Thanks.09:09
buzz_directhex, you can boot from gpt without efi..Many Internet sources, particularly discussion groups, include assertions that it's impossible to boot a GPT disk on a BIOS computer. This is nonsense—or at least, it's true only of certain OSes.09:10
AlanBelland MBR works fine if you are cool with partitioning it (which I was)09:11
directhexyou can cross your fingers and pray in hybrid mbr situations, sure. i did the same thing back in the oldern days to boot from a 250G drive in a 128G-maximum-drive-size system09:16
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buzz_directhex, afair that is only needed for windows and some other oses09:19
buzz_linux doesnt need a hyprid-mbr09:20
* buzz_ upgrades joggler images to 3.2.4 kernel09:23
TheOpenSourcererThanks - That's better. I now have a 2.8TB xfs partition.09:29
MartijnVdSxfs, does that still die if you lose power?09:33
MartijnVdSas in, unrecoverable09:34
buzz_it never did die..09:34
MartijnVdSbuzz_: it got in a twisted state though09:34
TheOpenSourcererMartijnVdS: Not for me no. Been suing it for years with no problems.09:34
buzz_i rememerb the structure was fine. only some data could be lost.09:34
czajkowskialanbell ping09:34
MartijnVdSbuzz_: oh that's fine then, only some dataloss ;)09:35
MartijnVdSbuzz_: it's not like it's a file system :P09:35
TheOpenSourcererSo maybe ext3 then...09:35
buzz_anyway. xfs is probably the best fs currently for linux (imho). even though i use ext409:35
buzz_MartijnVdS, depends how you look at it. it used to blank half written files or something i forget the details09:35
* MartijnVdS uses ext4 and cifs (nfs to NAS = too much mucking about with uids)09:35
buzz_i sometimes wish i had used xfs rather than ext4 on my raid5, due to performance of ext4 when you get into the 100s of millions of files etc heh09:36
MartijnVdSbuzz_: you can set alignment when creating the ext4 fs09:36
buzz_MartijnVdS, i am aware thanks :)09:36
MartijnVdSalso.. 100s of millions?09:36
MartijnVdSare you running a usenet server or something? :)09:36
buzz_backups with long histories09:37
MartijnVdSAh, that also works :)09:37
buzz_the ext4 performance is to do with operations on lots of files, not the alignment etc.09:37
buzz_its just the fs design i guess.. anyway. in 2025 btrfs might work09:37
Myrttigord: OMG borrowers from ghibli?!?!09:41
buzz_Inode count:              366288896 - i assume that correlates somewhat with the number of files (and dirs)09:42
AlanBellhi czajkowski09:45
directhexMyrtti, ghibli likes using western stories as source material. howl's moving castle is welsh09:46
Myrttidirecthex: I know, I just didn't know they had done one about borrowers09:46
Myrttidirecthex: which was released in Japan in July 2010, only now coming to theatres in US09:46
directhexMartijnVdS, xfs worked on the attitude that a zeroed file is less harmful than a corrupt file, as you'll detect & replace a zeroed file09:47
directhexmain xfs annoyance IME is no shrink capability. only expand09:47
MartijnVdSdirecthex: zeroed = corrupted, imo :)09:47
buzz_id rather a zero file than a half intact file personally09:48
buzz_as directhex said. and you can detect and pull a replacement from your backup09:48
MartijnVdSbuzz_: corrupt < zeroes < *09:49
matttmorning morning09:51
ubuntuuk-planet[Gareth France] Tottenham Court Road 4th/Bristol 5th January 2012 - http://cliftonts.co.uk/cubuntu/?p=7810:05
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:29
danfishgoing outside to make a snow person of indeterminable sex and race ;)10:33
AlanBelllive now on the czajkowski channel10:36
* popey boggles at the proposed mageia structure10:51
* AlanBell has never heard of mageia before10:52
AlanBella mandriva fork10:52
ali1234why they doing that?10:53
ali1234oh it has gnome 210:54
buzz_the free space issues that seemed to be back on btrfs on 3.1.x seem to be sorted on 3.2.x cool10:55
buzz_so maybe btrfs ready earlier than i thuogh. maybe just 5 more years or so10:56
ali1234i still wouldn't touch it with a pointy stick10:56
buzz_can be handy though.. like on me joggler images10:56
directhexpopey, ?10:56
buzz_slow usb sticks + btrfs with compression = faster10:56
buzz_and more free space10:57
popeythey have a governance council which has one representative from every single team10:57
ali1234well how many teams are there?10:57
popeyit's not fully setup yet by the look of it10:58
ali1234it seems better than having a council which has 4 guys youve never heard of10:58
ali1234whih is what meego had10:58
ali1234until 2 of them quit10:59
popeystream broke AlanBell ?11:02
AlanBellpopey: it wasn't me11:02
AlanBellbut yeah, it stopped11:02
gordonjcpoh, there goes the weapon of mouse destruction11:26
gordonjcpgot another one11:26
gordonjcpI thought mice hibernated in the winter?11:26
* MartijnVdS looks at his mouse11:27
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: mine isn't hibernating11:27
gordonjcpneither is this one any more11:27
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: Logitech? ;)11:27
gordonjcpno, brown and furry ;-)11:27
gordMyrtti, its really really good :)11:28
MartijnVdSah, that kind of mouse :)11:28
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: and now about 3 inches wide and 1/4" thick11:28
gordonjcpI don't know what she does to them11:29
gordonjcpdrives over them with a very small cat-sized tractor or something11:29
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: you have no idea how cats work do you? ;)11:30
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: I'm coming to that conclusion11:40
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: I'm convinced she fires up the studio in the small hours of the morning11:41
gordonjcpoccasionally I wake up hearing sounds in the house11:41
gordonjcpand I think "there is nothing in my house that makes a noise like that..."11:41
gordonjcp"... except the sampler...?"11:41
OmNomDePlumeHas anybody's nuts frozen off yet?11:56
OmNomDePlumeIt's like -10 in some places.11:57
* Myrtti giggles11:58
MartijnVdSOmNomDePlume: -10 is not cold. I just ran 5km through it.12:00
OmNomDePlumeIt's -28 in my fridge. Try running a 5km through that.12:01
OmNomDePlumeYesterday was kind of eerie. Got home at two in the morning, looked outside. The whole neighbourhood was lit up as if it was evening.12:02
OmNomDePlumeLight reflecting off the snow, you see.12:02
czajkowskiDaviey: is taking over for the sy admin infrastucure talk for canonical12:11
popeywhich room czajkowski ?12:15
popeyhttp://streams.fosdem.org/fosdem/h1301.ogg.m3u  daviey!12:19
gordif its -28 in your fridge. its not a fridge. its a freezer12:23
* Myrtti goes out to -19C to blow soap bubbles12:34
penguin42will they freeze?12:34
MyrttiI hope so, nicer to take photos of12:35
penguin42nod; well good luck12:35
Garysnow snow snow!12:37
penguin42Mint is VERY green13:46
kirruso/ BigRedS13:56
kirrusYou managed to find a stable connection then?13:56
BigRedSer, sort of. I'm not really sure - not been paying much attention to online13:56
BigRedSI've just stuck in a bunch of error-handling for when scripts I've writen (and just been working on) lose net connections....13:57
popeyI think I broke the ubuntu pastebin13:57
popey"An error has occurred in the Pastebin software. Please notify the administrators. "13:57
gorderror handling is for wusses, i just restart some of my scripts every half hour13:57
kirrusgord: if a script that BigRedS wrote breaks in interesting ways, we get to call him, no matter the hour :P13:58
kirrusOn the flipside, he gets to call me if varnish breaks in interesting ways :(13:58
gordhrm, thought i'd broken something, ctrl stopped working, compiz stealing the key binding perhaps?! oh no, better check the code!13:59
gordturned out to be a crumb under the ctrl key13:59
ali1234i hate when that happens13:59
gordlast time i have digestives with my morning tea14:00
ali1234press the key until it crunches14:00
BigRedSyeah, I generally assume all key-related issues are down to misplaced biscuits14:00
brobostigoni find bread crumbs, to be a good excuse.14:01
* czajkowski waves at popey and ali1234 14:05
* AlanBell claps the fine performance14:06
czajkowskithe perception of some people about canonnical and Ubuntu is interesting14:06
czajkowskialso fedora folks ger a CC from redhat !14:06
ali1234what's the perception?14:07
czajkowskithat locoteams are given money from canonical to operate14:08
ali1234oh. never even occured to me that that might be the case14:09
AlanBellyeah the embezzlement opportunity is totally missing :(14:09
ali1234what does the loco even do that costs money?14:09
AlanBellwell there are plenty of things we *could* do14:10
sagaciali1234: they get given CDs and merch for computery events, afaik14:10
ali1234i know that14:10
ali1234but that isn't money14:10
sagaciyeah, that's the perception some people have, not what happens14:11
ali1234but i;m just wondering why people have that perception14:11
ali1234i mean if the loco teams were going around handing out piles of cash to people14:11
ali1234then i could understand it14:11
ali1234but they aren't14:11
popeyi think they see the success of locos and think people must be doing it for money14:12
czajkowskisome of the griups fly people to places14:12
DJonesI guess people are still used to the idea that you don't get anything for free14:12
popeytheres no way they would do it voluntarily14:12
BigRedSali1234: I'd guess because canonical is very commercial and the loco teams seem more so than your traditional lug - no other distro really has the same support for the own-brand lugs14:12
AlanBellnot sure I would say canonical were very commercial, but your point stands14:12
ali1234i'm still not even clear on what the locos actually do other than get together and talk about how great ubuntu is14:13
brobostigonalso maybe some geenral myth and legand that builds up, without confirmed information.14:13
czajkowskiobredhat is a lot commerical!14:13
popeyi want a silver sticker for my laptop14:13
ali1234red hat still has users other than OEMs :)14:14
BigRedSI suppose 'professional' might have been a better term14:14
brobostigonali1234: we within the loco, also do user support, and people come to us for help and support.14:14
ali1234it's very clear that canonical now targets OEMs who in turn will target people who don't even know what linux is14:14
BigRedSCanoical seems more able and more likely to give money to loco teams to get them to advertise their distro than any other distro. And there's not really a loco analog for most other distros.14:14
ali1234locos add no value for such people14:15
ali1234so why would canonical be interested in investing in them?14:15
BigRedSyou're thinking it through rather more than I think the people who hold those perceptions have14:15
AlanBellali1234: they could add value, but there is a disconnect there14:15
AlanBellCanonical keeps the OEM channel as far away from anything communityish as possible14:16
czajkowskiwhich does make sense tbh14:16
AlanBellnot really14:16
sagacikinda does14:17
AlanBellnobody booting up an ubuntu laptop would have anything on it or in the box to indicate there is an active user group in their country14:17
ali1234and why would they?14:17
sagacistill would be nice to fit some kind of loco functionality into the localisation aspect of the installer, as an optional and/or encouraged module14:18
brobostigonhow sometimes, people buy hw with ubuntu contained, and come to us for support.14:18
BigRedSyeah, xchat defaults :)14:18
ali1234i rather doubt that any of the people who go to locos have paid for ubuntu based hardware14:18
ali1234*for support14:18
ali1234considering what you can actually buy with ubuntu14:19
AlanBellsure, they don't14:19
AlanBellthey install windows on it14:19
ali1234do you think that ubuntuTV users are going to be happy with community based support when their TV doesn't work? or will they justtake it back to the shop?14:19
AlanBellback to the shop, which is fine14:19
ali1234people who install ubuntu on an old laptop re the kind of people who show up at locos14:20
ali1234these people don't buy ubuntu14:20
ali1234which is why canonical doesn't support them14:20
AlanBellmy point is Canonical should use them more14:21
brobostigonwhy would you buy ubuntu anyways?, makes no sense.14:21
ali1234canonical already uses them to get free promotion and beta testing, how much more do you want tobe used?14:21
sagaciwell you don't buy ubuntu14:21
sagaciwell you can14:21
brobostigonsagaci: yes, a pressed cd, from the canonical store.14:22
sagaci32-bit FTW14:22
ali1234yes, only absolute nerds actually buy those CDs though14:22
* brobostigon goes to make coffee14:23
ali1234this is the disconnect:14:23
ali1234people like to support canonical14:23
ali1234buy buying CDs and contributing to the community etc14:23
sagaciI've bought a pack of 5CDs each release since Karmic14:23
ali1234but when the community wants something from canonical, it's suddenly "sorry, we're a business"14:23
ali1234neither side is doing anything wrong here14:24
ali1234it's just a disconnect, is all14:24
AlanBellhmm, that isn't the disconnect I see14:24
ali1234in fact it's more than that14:24
ali1234it's more like when people turn up and ask for things, the community springs to cannical's defense with the "well, they're a business" line14:25
AlanBellcanonical has this community support bit, which does fund some loco stuff, sends out CDs and a tablecloth (that Daviey has) this is a marketing function of Canonical14:25
AlanBellthey also have the OEM team, commercial services, various bits doing actual work and getting no value from the community14:26
gordcanonical is the corporate sponsor of ubuntu - ubuntu is something we all come together to produce14:26
AlanBellbecause community is the bit done by the marketing/community team14:26
ali1234AlanBell: yes i agree with that14:26
ali1234the community is only expected to contribute to building a bigger community14:27
AlanBellthat is an oversimplification as all simplifications are14:27
ali1234as such all it does is hold meetings and parties14:27
ali1234and give away CDs14:27
ali1234and so on14:27
AlanBellspeaking of parties14:27
AlanBellone sec, on phone14:28
sagaciLoCo's need to do a hell of a lot more, on the whole14:29
ali1234and i don't believe it is up to canonical to encourage that14:32
ali1234and it's not really about locos either, we're all on the internet, location does not matter for most of the things the community could be doing14:32
bigcalmGood afternoon peeps14:37
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popeyhullo bigcalm14:41
bigcalmHowdy popey14:43
bigcalmpopey: I think Hayley wants to run away with your brother's dogs14:43
popeyhah, they are cute14:43
bigcalmHave you been playing in the snow?14:46
bigcalmWe had freezing rain here that turned everything to ice. Bugger all snow really14:48
gordonjcpit was icy here14:50
gordonjcplast night I could barely drive off because the wheels were spinning in 2nd14:50
gordonjcpthen when I lifted off the throttle the front wheels locked up from the engine braking14:50
DJonesbigcalm: Same for us, I'm beginning to think that all the people commenting about snow, just live near somebody who's thrown a bottle of washing up liquid into a fountain14:51
OmNomDePlumeO'Neill is bringing Emule Heskey on.14:59
OmNomDePlumeOh dear.14:59
shaunoThis is quite bizarre.  Ireland is currently one of the warmest places in europe.  I'm not sure these words have been seen in this order before.15:09
czajkowskishauno: indeed15:12
czajkowskiI am flipping frozen in brussels and heading back to london in snow15:12
shauno8 degrees, light drizzle, just like every other day of the decade :)15:12
penguin42bah, 8 degrees, that's positively tropical15:14
OmNomDePlumeshauno: they only feel warm because they've been drinking.15:20
shaunopfft. I'm on a 12hr shift.  I must deny that15:20
BigRedSbrussels is a good deal warmer today than it was yesterday15:20
brobostigonstargate, itv4, :15:22
penguin42it's a bit warmer in manchester as well, promising to stay at +1/+2 tomorrow, Tuesday the forecasts are saying -8c overnight :-(15:23
ali1234lol my mate built a snowman with a realistic body but a normal snowman head and it looks freakish15:27
AlanBellpix plz15:27
penguin42ali1234: That's excellent!15:29
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ali1234probably had frostbite by the time he got around to the head :)15:33
penguin42ali1234: Reminds me of Morph15:33
ali1234yes it does15:33
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bigcalmhttp://thedoghousediaries.com/3399 :D15:50
ali1234wait a minute duh16:16
ali1234if i xor each byte of a string16:16
ali1234then append that to the end16:16
ali1234then if i xor each byte of the result16:16
ali1234i get 016:16
ali1234so i don't need extra logic to cut off the checksum and check it16:17
ali1234i just look for 016:17
ali1234because it ends up as x^x16:17
ali1234that in turn means i can check as i receive instead of waiting for the end16:18
ali1234haha, thought my assembler code was bugged, turns out gamin is now not just reporting events, it also hangs python when you start a watcher16:33
* AlanBell fixored the car16:56
daubersAlanBell: You can do mine next if you want :)16:58
AlanBelldoes it have windscreen wipers that are flapping all over the place after being blocked by snow?16:59
daubersNo, it needs the battery to be given a full charge16:59
AlanBellah, my skills beyond wiper re-zeroing and tightening are a bit limited17:01
mgdmdaubers: as in 'take it inside and do it overnight'?17:01
gordonjcpdaubers: get it started, go for a long fast drive with the minimum of electrical equipment on17:12
gordonjcpdaubers: fwiw one of my Citroens will actually flatten its battery driving around town in the winter, with the lights, blowers, heated rear window etc on17:12
gordonjcpit's an automatic so it's in top at about 25mph, and 1300rpm - not really enough for the alternator to do much17:13
daubersgordonjcp: Yeah, it just struggles with the morning commute at the moment, don't think it's long enough to charge the battery back up17:20
dauberswas going to charge it while I'm at work, as that's easier than trailing cables all the way out of the flat window17:21
gordonjcphow old is the battery?17:30
daubersIt's the original one with the car (02). It might need replacing but I'd rather try charging it back up before spending £70 odd on a new one17:32
gordonjcpit's ten years old17:42
czajkowskianyone seen Daviey18:32
DJonesczajkowski: Not for a while18:35
penguin42hmm the guy doing the 3d projection 3d printer doesn't seem to be updating stuff18:38
penguin42hmm maybe he has - he's moved to a new site: 3dlprint.com18:42
SuperEngineerlistening to WC on Linux Outlaws - is he a defector?20:01
DJonesHeh I like this http://distilleryimage1.instagram.com/753824a64eb511e19896123138142014_7.jpg20:16
bigcalmIs g+ still not doing too well outside of geek circles?20:18
DJonesI think its doing better than Diaspora20:19
bigcalmI only remember about that when other people mention it20:21
zleapbigcalm, yeah me too20:23
zleaphad a discssion the other day about it on my local lug list, i maintain the name is hardly catchy20:23
popeybigcalm: i find G+ has more interesting content than facebook but thats probably just because I havent subscribed to the same people in facebook as i have in G+20:34
zleapyeah google+ also seems more intellegent,20:34
AlanBellnice typo20:35
zleapas in I can post something and get a more sensible response20:35
zleapAlanBell, typo ?20:35
bigcalmMost of the people I have on facebook are unlikely to switch to g+. With the poop they put on facebook, I'm happy for them to stay put20:35
* zleap can't spell20:36
AlanBellG+ has the advantage of not having mum on it20:36
zleapbigcalm, you summed up my feeling there too20:36
jacobwtoday is superbowl day in the US20:42
jacobwgiants vs patriots at 2330 gmt20:42
zleapits on bb1,20:43
zleap6 hours for a 1 hour game, on and madonna at 1/2 time20:43
AlanBellshe must be quite grown up by now20:44
AlanBellshe is 5320:45
zleapmy typing is terrible on this keyboard20:46
jacobwits not 6 hours, its only 5 hours and 5 minutes :p20:46
zleapi thought the bbc coverage started at 22:5020:46
zleapeven so the game is still 4  - 15 min quaters20:46
jacobw2255 to 040020:47
zleapok i can't add up either then20:47
gordonjcpzleap: american "football"?20:47
zleapyep i know20:47
bigcalmgordonjcp: hand egg20:47
gordonjcpwhere some dudes waddle up and down a field in fat suits until one of them falls over20:47
jacobwi've watched gridiron before, it takes a long time20:47
gordonjcpand then they take a break for ten minutes20:47
zleapyou get some big hits though20:47
gordonjcpit's like watching an outtake roll from the Tellytubbies on mogadon20:48
zleapyeah but thats cos you bring on a defensive team or offensive team20:48
zleapwell usually the WR or QB is ligter it depends on position,  if you were in the line of scrimmage you would want lots of padding20:48
* zleap has dummies book20:49
zleapcos you get hit by the other team20:49
gordonjcpyeah, I used to play shinty20:49
gordonjcpwhere you don't wear padding20:49
AlanBellI am sure they would enjoy a nice game of cricket a lot more, you get time off to go and have tea and stuff20:50
zleapi am involved in rugby,   underarmour perhaps but not massive pads20:50
zleapits a different game,   tactically its rather complex20:50
bigcalmMmm, tea20:50
zleapesp when you look at the play calls20:50
jacobwcricket is the only sport that include meal breaks :|20:50
zleapwhat about port break ?20:51
gordonjcpzleap: have you seen shinty?20:51
zleapgordonjcp, nope20:51
gordonjcpzleap: okay, have you seen ice hockey?20:51
gordonjcpimagine that played on grass20:51
zleapWe get that with the vets game paignton vs chobham,   they get (or used to get port) at 1/2 time20:51
gordonjcpand it's very fast and violent20:51
AlanBelland the only sport where you can play a game for 5 days, not get a result and that is one of a best out of 5 series20:51
zleaplike the world series over 7 games20:51
alexcockellHi all- so some of youa re going to be watching their attempt at Rugby League with pads as well?20:52
zleapwell may watch some of it20:52
zleaprecording it,  got about 10 years worth of superbowls recorded20:52
alexcockellI remember that clip on 'Tube where  the commentators were "so shocked" at 15-20 passes... the guys were playing League...20:53
* jacobw wonders whether quiddich is derived from shinty20:54
zleapI wonder if a playerr in rugby would miss a 31 yard kick from in front of the posts,  like the baltimore kicker did,20:54
gordonjcpjacobw: are you allowed to hook an opponent's legs out from under them and hit them over the head as they go down in Quidditch?20:54
jacobwgordonjcp: physical violence in the paradigm of wizards on brooms is silly :)20:55
diploEvening all20:59
bigcalmThat's odd21:00
bigcalmg+ Instant upload has been disabled on my phone21:00
bigcalmHi diplo21:00
alexcockellApparently according to EFNet folks, the pre-match footage has lots of T&A... almost like boxing..21:00
zleapjacobw, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quiddich#Ancient_games21:01
popeyinteresting device21:02
popeyUSB powered, VGA & DVI connected screen21:03
zleapgrr if it had hdmi input you could use it with the raspberryPI21:03
popeyyou dont need hdmi for rasppi21:03
bigcalmpopey: that is interesting indeed21:04
AlanBellyou can do hdmi to dvi very easily21:04
popey5 quid gets you a converter21:04
zleapoh it has hdmi21:04
zleapon the details tab it says no next to dvi21:04
popeydoesnt matter21:04
popeyyou can convert DVI and HDMI21:04
zleaphows you,  long time no chat :)21:26
SuperEngineerhmmm… 9pm & only just below freezing - is it summer already? ;)21:36
zleapdo i need to run open arena server inorder to play in single player mode, if not i can remove from auto load on start up and save some system resources22:19
directhexzleap, you don't need openarena server to play single player afaik22:22
zleapok thanks22:22
directhexzleap, is it disableable via a twiddle in /etc/default ?22:22
zleap`so i edit that file22:22
zleapwhat is twiddle22:23
directhexdunno, most super-optional daemons have a parameter in there to enable/disable22:23
directhexdon't have the gigglebytes on this train to do a test install22:23
zleapits a program that allowsme to config stuff theb22:23
kirrusdirecthex: gigglebytes? Is that like gigabytes, but where the traffic sings to you as it comes down the wire?22:27
directhexkirrus, nah, just traffic containing lolcats22:28
zleapi am trying to run start up applications via dash but it isn't working22:28
AlanBellone day I will once more have an operating system where alt-tab does something I might expect it to do22:29
kirrusAlanBell: when you program it yourself?22:30
kirrusdirecthex: that sounds boring ;)22:30
directhexAlanBell, unity?22:30
zleapmy alt tabkeeps giving me huge previews of windows,  but not sure what is triggering it22:31
AlanBellwell I can just switch to a sensible switcher, but I am trying to get used to the unity one22:31
AlanBellI have a terminal with a server in it, an editor editing the code the server runs and a browser looking at the results of the server22:32
AlanBellI can see all of them on the screen, I want to flip focus between them22:32
AlanBellI don't want to raise all the other terminals and browsers and editors I might have open22:32
dwatkinszleap: totem?22:33
dwatkinsbug 216939, perhaps22:33
lubotu3Launchpad bug 216939 in xine-lib (Ubuntu) "totem causes alt key press in openoffice every 30 seconds" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21693922:33
kirrusthe oneirc switcher does seem a bit weird22:33
zleapso whatkey combo22:33
zleapkirrus, i willsee if I can figure out how to reproduce it and hence what is causing it22:34
zleapbrb,  need to check see what time the nfl is set to record from22:34
popeyAlanBell: i filed a bug about that22:34
popeybug 86125022:35
lubotu3Launchpad bug 861250 in unity (Ubuntu) "alt-tab - quick alt + tab (before the switcher shows) not consistent" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86125022:35
alexcockellRugby League For Wimps due to start in 15 mins on BBC122:40
matttrugby league?  people watch that?22:42
zleapamerican football is a different sport22:44
zleapas i said more tactical22:44
zleapiformation with WR right to FB hooks here we come22:45
matttoh, super bowl tonight isn't it22:45
matttfootball is an OK sport, shame about the non-stop stopping tho22:46
zleapthe idea is to gain 10 yards, hence they stop in order to change the play22:46
zleapor if they faul to gain 10 yards change the team when they lose possession22:47
matttzleap: are you american?22:48
alexcockellHowever, basic gameplay was kinda derived from League...22:48
alexcockell7 minutes to BBC1 coverage...22:48
alexcockellOh - and 1 forward pass is allowed, then it's backward passing...22:49
zleapalexcockell, in football or rugby league22:52
alexcockellAmerican Football.22:52
zleapwell inrugby you kick forward then pass back22:53
zleapbut can kick forward in a game (or you can in union) not sure about league22:53
matttyou can chip kick in league i believe22:54
alexcockellI remember the Beeb were drawing comparisons with League the first year they aired it.22:54
alexcockellWhich made the match a helluva lot easier to understand.22:54
zleapwell they did have martin johnson doing the studio stuff at one time,22:57
zleapis there still a big league vs union war going on (kinda like emacs vs vi eh)22:58
mattti don't know anyone that watches league22:58
zleapnor me22:59
matttit's alright, i'd rather watch it to football tho22:59
matttplus they have teams called things like the rabbitohs22:59
zleapsale sharks, are they league22:59
matttenglish premiership23:00
zleapsame as exeter then23:00
zleapwhich is my local premiership rugby team23:00
matttwhat made me laugh23:00
mattti saw a random uni football game while in texas23:00
zleapah NCAA23:01
matttit was a pretty non-descript game, and there were like 50-60k people there23:01
matttand jets flew over at before kickoff23:01
zleapIts more popular in some cases than NFL as it shows upcoming players (remember teams can draft from college teams)23:01
matttyeah, people in texas love their college team23:02
zleapits a shame we don't get that sort of support for UK uni sport teams eh23:03
matttthere's not even that kind of support at pro rugby games :)23:04
matttto be fair, i went to a few super 15 (was 14) when in wellington, nz23:04
matttand it was the same there, attendance was piss poor23:04
matttactually probably worse :P23:04
zleapin the US and canada its really like a family day out,23:05
zleapesp with the baseball23:05
ubuntuuk-planet[Andy Loughran] Back up to Ubuntu server using Time Machine with OS X Lion 10.7 - http://zrmt.com/2012/02/05/back-up-to-ubuntu-server-using-time-machine-with-os-x-lion-10-7/23:05
matttwell, in wellington it's cheap to go out to the games, and very cheap to eat and drink at the stadium23:05
matttbut it's too cold and i don't think people can be bothered sitting outside in the cold23:05
zleapyeah i got tickets to the blue jays for £223:05
matttsurely that wasn't normal tho?23:05
zleapand later on for £20 for closer seats23:06
zleapthis is for major league,  baseball23:06
mattt<-- from toronto :P23:06
zleapi was in toronto in 200623:06
zleapwork canada23:06
mattti left 2003, been here since23:06
matttonly mananged to see a couple of blue jay games tho23:07
matttthere was some fiasco in the late 90s iirc23:07
matttwhere players went on strike or some crap23:07
zleapi was on summer camp for about 2 months I thibk, then went over to vancouver23:07
matttand after that people just couldn't be bothered, they stopped watching baseball23:07
zleapyeah heard about that23:07
zleapnfl players went on strike at one point too23:07
matttwhich did you prefer, vancouver or toronto?23:07
zleapvancouver is kinda wet,  (was there in october - december)23:08
matttah, yeah23:08
matttthe weather is very similar to here23:08
zleapi did get to some lug meets in canada though23:08
zleapwell 3 days of torential rain23:08
zleapstill rugby is good over there :D23:08
matttit is?23:09
zleapyeah,  teams in toronto and vancouver and other places23:09
matttit's very niche23:10
zleapso its getting there,23:10
zleapyeah,  i wanna go to the ny 7's23:10
zleapthast sounds pretty good23:10
matttwould rather go to the HK 7s or something personally :D23:10
zleapNY is closer and may be cheaper to fly to,23:11
zleapbut yeah, any 7's  tournament would begood23:11
matttwhy not go to twickenham?23:11
zleapi want a holiday so going when it co-incides with something would be a good excuse23:12
zleapplus I can hang out with some of the nylug people perhaps23:12
mattti want to book a holiday to nyc23:13
mattthaven't been in about 10 years23:13
zleapkinda long distance nylug member23:13
zleapof course the washington dc lug can be shortned to dclug the same as the devon and cornwalll lug23:14
matttdo people actually attend lugs here?23:14
matttnever been to one myself23:14
zleapwell i arrange the dclug meets in paignton23:14
zleapcan't go due to rugby,  but got free weekend coming up that happens to also co-incide with lug meet23:15
zleapso wil go to that, i need help getting a dual boot usb stick working so I can boot several live cds from a usb stick23:15
matttwhich one are you?  :P23:15
zleapnot onthere,  probably the one taking the photo23:16
matttmaybe i'll check out the sclug some time23:17
zleapi am not even on the paignton first XV photo,   I am team kit manager, but I took the photo23:17
zleapsouth coast23:20
zleapwell lug meets were well attended in toronto and vancouver  but they had more formal talks then a social bit23:20
zleapnope silicon corridor,  south coast is on in Australia23:22
zleapwhy doesn't rhythm box appear in alt tab switcher ?23:23
matttsclug seems a bit dead, judging from mlist23:24
matttthey do have a meetup this week tho23:24
zleapmay be worth going23:24
zleaphey what sort of time23:25
zleapdclug one startsd at 14:30 maybe we can do a irc linkup23:25
popeyzleap: is it minimised in the notification area?23:28
zleapbut i can't see the icon for it23:29
zleapi know its running23:29
popeyin the sound menu23:29
zleapok accidently switched to party mode and could not find a way out of it23:33
zleaphad to use top and kill it23:33
popeyzleap: F1123:37
zleapi will know next time23:38
zleapi am off to watch nfl nite all23:38
zleapthanks popey23:38

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