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Guest50100Unity Concept Mockup - for Ubuntu 12.10 Hello, I did another mockup to Unity, I hope you enjoy.  http://youtu.be/JgZ_IEx7Zfg?hd=101:40
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snadgeok this blows.. fglrx doesnt work with unity properly04:11
snadgewindow titles all appear to have focus.. even when they dont04:11
snadgei just tried with the latest 12.1 from amd.. still has that problem04:11
snadgenobody uses fglrx? i dont believe it04:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 770283 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[fglrx]title bar does not update on non-maximized windows" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:37
snadgeok so it affects 63 other people too ;)04:37
snadgethe problem goes away if i use the radeon driver04:41
snadgebut the radeon driver sucks balls04:41
snadgeno xvba support.. sucky 3d support.. etc04:42
snadgeok its a compiz bug04:51
ophelias_hello all ..having a issue with HUD. installed it. restarted computer09:53
ophelias_twice... press Alt. nothing happens09:53
ophelias_any ideas?09:53
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snadgesmspillaz ! ahoy thar13:27
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karel_ffWhat's the right mailing list for unity development? This page mentions ayatana-dev, but the link's dead: http://unity.ubuntu.com/contact-us/20:51
mhall119I know he's left, but I updated that page to point to ~unity-dev instead of ~ayatana-dev22:13
mhall119hmm, I can't run checkbox-unity in a Guest session because it's wanting sudo access...22:25
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