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jyopleia2: ping03:33
pleia2jyo: pong03:33
jyopleia2: So when are we meeting tomorrow to venture south?03:35
pleia2jyo: let me check the route down real quick03:35
pleia2it's 33 minutes down 101, I want to be there a bit early in case I need to drive over to the hotel and pick anyone up03:36
pleia2say, 6PM?03:37
jyoso 6p at the complex next to the Roastery?03:38
pleia2yep, just call me when you arrive03:38
pleia2I'll come down and let you in03:38
jyoSounds good. See you soon.03:39
* MarkDude just got a Galaxy S 218:25
MarkDudeWhat are good Android IRC clients18:25
MarkDudeThat dont suck18:25
pleia2connectbot ;)18:26
pleia2(that's an ssh client)18:26
MarkDudepleia2, is it within my lazy skill level?18:31
MarkDudeOr do I have to think to set it up18:31
pleia2MarkDude: it's just an ssh client, so you'd need to ssh into a system running an irc client18:31
MarkDudeThat makes sense18:32
pleia2I don't know anything about android irc clients because I just connect to my always-running irc client via ssh18:32
* MarkDude has been meaning to do that for a while18:32
MarkDudeMaybe should go to that step, and avoid the middle step18:32
* MarkDude has old irc bot machine, would work well for this18:33
MarkDudeThis phone is tooooooo shiny. They were teasing me about my phone at Sprint18:33
MarkDudeThe EXTRA pink one I borrowed from Grandma18:34
pleia2MJ gave me his old Nexus S recently (he now has the Galaxy Nexus), it's nice :)18:34
MarkDudeThe salesperson, pointed at the 99$ dollar phone18:35
MarkDudeand the Galaxy s2, and said look how bright this is18:35
MarkDudeAnd did not oversell it- was like you wont be happy18:36
MarkDudeThey were right18:36
pleia2yeah, my aunt has one of the freebie androids, it's slow :\18:37
* MarkDude had it for 5 minutes18:38
MarkDudeopened 8 apps18:38
MarkDudeAnd it was not really slowed down18:38
MarkDudeCourtney got an iPhone at the same time. Yes she knows she is evil18:39
pleia2I wouldn't say evil, some people like living in silos :)18:39
MarkDudelol, yes, as usual - you are correct pleia2 ;)18:41
pleia2doh, Amici's doesn't do reservations19:46
* pleia2 failplan19:46
pleia2I'll get there early though and see what I can do19:46

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