bluebomberHi, Florida LoCo!01:16
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TiMiDohello there bluebomber 07:05
Gingerbearhello my fellow floridians07:06
bluebomberHi, TiMiDo, Gingerbear 07:07
Gingerbearoh hey bluebomber.. long time no talk XD07:07
TiMiDoLoL which part of Florida are we talking about I'm down in The Miami Area, ;)07:07
GingerbearBradenton.. other coast07:08
bluebomberYou're up pretty late.07:08
TiMiDoyeah 07:22
TiMiDoi feel sick 07:22
TiMiDoi been sick the whole week 07:22
bluebomberSorry, TiMiDo :-(07:31
bluebomberSo, Gingerbear, have you been enjoying those books?07:31
TiMiDoyeah but it's good to rest once in a while.07:31
GingerbearYes I have. Thank you.07:31
bluebomberSo, what's keeping you up?08:21

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