brouschlock-in annoys the piss out of me00:01
jrwrenlock-in is how they all make money00:03
brouschi understand that00:04
brouschit still annoys the piss out of me00:04
brouschit is good business from the company's point of view. it is annoying from their customers'00:05
jrwreni guess i just got old and accepted it.00:05
jrwrenit used to piss me off too00:05
brouschit is easier to accept it00:05
brouschcosts a little more, but easier00:06
brouschkind of like religeon00:06
jrwrenfighting it is just as religeous.00:06
jrwreni boycotted amazon for 10 yrs over 1-click00:07
jrwrento what end?00:07
jrwrennot enjoying the luxury of puchasing from amazon.00:07
jrwrenthe only one who got hurt was me.00:07
brouschyour conscience was happier00:07
brouschwe have to make value judgments all of the time. not using apple is one i can make right now without undue hardship on myself00:10
brouschif i end up getting heavily into mobile i may have to change my tune00:10
jrwrenmy conscience was happier, you are right.00:15
brouschif we boycotted everything we should we'd have to live in caves in the desert00:17
brouschso i say pick a few that mean a lot to you and that maybe you have a chance of influencing00:18
jrwren"its not that i like the empire, i hate it. but there is nothing i can do about it right now"00:19
brouschlimited will power00:23
jrwrenits not a matter of will00:33
brouschi think it is. if i had the willpower to abandon my family i'd be occupying DC until they fix the software patent laws00:37
brouschturn into RMS00:38
jrwrenis that really the best action you could take to effect change?00:41
jrwrenI don't think it is.00:41
snap-lJoDee's in the other room playing "Just Dance 3"00:56
jrwrenwhy do I know scorn?01:02
snap-lthey've been around for 20 years01:04
snap-ljust dropped off the face of the earth in 201101:04
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rick_hjrwren: what version of FF? I've tested it ok in FF9 on ubuntu. Do you get any console errors/etc?03:29
jrwren10 on osx :(03:30
jrwreni'm not sure... it might be me.03:30
jrwrenit renders weird too.03:30
rick_hreally? hmmm, looks fine in FF9 on linux. wtf...can you screenshot and check the console for me when you get a chance?03:30
rick_hI rewrote the tag control using my own code so anything that's wrong I should be able to get fixed, just didn't realize it had issues03:31
rick_hjrwren: make sure you clear the JS cache I guess03:31
rick_hjrwren: since I don't cache bust urls yet, maybe you're in upgrade limbo between releases on the server?03:31
jrwrenwhen i get a chance.03:32
rick_hjrwren: appreciate it, sorry it's giving you issues :/03:32
jrwreni am usually using bookie in the middle of doing stuff at work, so i can't always take time out to investigate.03:33
jrwreni've no complaints.03:33
jrwrenglad to have the service03:33
jrwrenbut i'll find some time soon03:33
rick_hjrwren: understand, I'll see if I can figure out a way to run some tests.03:33
rick_hWorst case I can fire at some online browser test things and check it out there03:33
jrwrennah, don't waste your time. odds are its me.03:33
rick_hknowing FF10 and OSX helps03:33
jrwrenwith my noscript nonsense :)03:33
rick_hjrwren: oh yea nothing works without JS, but it should all be hosted from the server under HTTPS with nothing external but a GA link which should fail gracefully03:34
jrwreni'm trusting bookie.us... but no others.03:38
jrwrenyou using CDN js at all?03:38
jrwrenyeah, nothing external, so it should all work.03:39
rick_hjrwren: no, it's all hosted via my own combo loader app now03:39
rick_hwas using a cdn for stuff for a short tim03:39
rick_htime that is03:39
snap-lJust saw Wall-E04:21
snap-lYes, I know I'm late to the party.04:22
Blazeixexcellent movie :)04:22
snap-lYeah, it is04:22
tjagodaI would like to amend the socially accepted Calendar to include more hours in the weekend.04:51
snap-lGood morning14:36
brouschvery sparse crowd at meijer's this morning. cinnamon rolls now. children's museum later.14:46
tjagodaSo I'm not the only American now watching the super bowl?14:54
brouschis it on already?14:56
tjagodaI hope not14:57
brouschthen how are you watching it now?14:58
snap-ltjagoda is actually from the future15:06
snap-la future where we are all using Blackberry phones15:06
tjagodaoh damn15:06
snap-lnot you're talking15:06
tjagodaI come from a future in which you have all seen the wisdom of giving me all your money.15:08
tjagodaPlease do so now.15:08
snap-lAnd like most time-travelling stories, I will not be swayed by a man from the future15:09
tjagodaHaven't you watched enough Star Trek?15:09
snap-lOnly if it's a federation ship15:10
snap-lthe rest: notsomuch15:10
tjagodaI'll spraypaint federation decals on my house.15:11
brouschi plan to do that to my van15:11
tjagodaYour gonna put a captain chair in the back with a seatbelt for your son15:12
tjagodaa viewscreen of TNG episodes15:12
tjagodaand then swerve and slam on brakes during every battle?15:12
brouschlike this http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Chaffee_type_shuttlepod15:13
brousch(roger b chaffee was from GR)15:13
brouschi have a silver toyota sienna, so i think it could work15:14
tjagodaI approve of this.15:15
snap-lI don't think that will work. :)15:17
tjagodaI like the hubcaps15:17
tjagodaKind of impressive if they can survive an expressway15:18
brouschyeah, probably no nacells15:18
jrwrentjagoda: i haven't decided if i'll watch.15:20
jrwrensince i'm not sure when it starts, i guess i'm leaning toward no.15:20
tjagodaI'll watch my remastered TNG episodes instead.15:21
tjagodaBecause they look like beautiful.15:21
jrwreni must get this remastered TNG15:21
tjagodaThey only have a sampler out atm15:21
jrwrendo you ever listen to Startalk podcast with Niel deGrasse Tyson?15:21
tjagodaby 2015 they'll have re-released all the seasons in HD.15:21
snap-lY'know, the DVDs are nice.15:21
snap-lDoes HD really add much to it?15:22
jrwrenif you really like trek, you must listen to the nichelle nicols episode and whoppie goldberg episodes. some VERY interesting startrek bg there15:22
snap-lAlso, did they try to "fix" thinkgs15:22
tjagodaThe effects, as it turns out, have ludicrious more detail that was lost in the old format video15:22
tjagodaand negative, they did not fix15:22
jrwreni hate it when they try to "fix" things15:22
tjagodawhich is why its still 4:3 aspect ratio15:22
jrwrenfuk george lucas and the new FX and geedo shooting first15:22
tjagodabecause they would have had to retouch effects to make it widescreen15:22
snap-ltjagoda: Well, they tried fixing TOS15:23
tjagodaBasically, old film re-captured with better cameras which actually show all the detail that was originally there15:23
snap-land that put me right off15:23
tjagodaTNG is the right way to remaster15:23
tjagodaTOS is the wrong way to remaster15:23
tjagodaThey might re-record some of the music tracks, not sure about that15:23
snap-ltjagoda: Why?15:24
tjagodaThey sound much clearer15:24
tjagodadunno if thats from just a lot of processing or not15:24
snap-lProbably to make it sound better on tinny speakers15:25
snap-lThough are they re-recording, or remastering?15:25
snap-lHuge difference between the two15:25
tjagodaSee and believe15:26
jrwrennot sure I want to see the actresses in HD.15:26
jrwrenthey looked good when I was 1215:26
jrwrenin HD, they will look gross.15:27
brouschi'm sure marina sirtis is still hawt15:27
jrwrendunno...i'll bet not15:27
jrwrenand gates mcfadden? no way.15:28
jrwrenalthough I guess she did look good on Dream On15:28
tjagodaBut inner light is remastered15:28
tjagodayou can see Picard play a flute IN HD15:28
snap-lActually, they did redo the effects15:29
tjagodaThey did not15:29
snap-lThey did15:29
snap-lThey had to15:29
tjagodaThey did not!15:29
snap-lThe ship in the old series wasn't high definiition15:29
tjagodaThere is an explanation somewhere15:29
jrwrendude, upscale converstion15:29
tjagodabut there is a lot of detail on the original film that is just lost in transfers15:29
snap-lI remembere they had to do the CGI models over again for the movies15:29
tjagodaThats only if you widen the aspect ratio I believe15:30
jrwrenffmpeg | upscale | prettyfilter | ffmpeg TADA!15:30
jrwrenzomg, use your brains.15:30
jrwrenthey don't HAVE to.15:30
brouschffmpeg TADA15:30
jrwrenthey wanted to, to get even better quality15:30
brouschi'll have to check out that filter15:30
jrwrenits awesome.15:31
snap-learly on they were models, but later on they started using more CGI15:32
jrwrenlike when they introed borg?15:33
snap-lAnd I remember eading somewhere that they detail on the early CGI and early enterprise models weren't detailed enough15:33
snap-lthe bog was a model, iirc15:33
snap-lBah, borg15:33
jrwrenmaybe the first episodes15:33
jrwrenthe later ones were cgi for sure15:33
snap-lWell, when they started doing movies, they moved some of the assets to CGI, yes15:34
snap-lThe early models were quite brittle15:34
snap-lStar Trek was notorious for holding out on CGI15:35
jrwrenvery surprised15:36
jrwreni had no idea.15:36
snap-lYeah, and DS9 you can tell twhen they moved to CGI15:36
snap-learly on, there's not much in the intro sequence. Then they start adding ships and shit15:36
jrwrenoh yeah.15:38
jrwreni'm remember that.15:38
jrwrenit was pretty funny that they changed hte intro like that.15:38
jrwrennice schooling snap-l15:38
* snap-l is the nerd that watches the making of specials. :)15:39
snap-lalways love effects.15:39
snap-land the creativity15:39
snap-lspent a few hours reading up on the differet models15:39
jrwrenso did you ever get into SG1 ?15:40
snap-lUnfortunately, no15:40
jrwrenoverall as a series and story I put it on par or above DS9.15:40
tjagodaI always watch those specials15:40
snap-lAnything I've done has been with either ACAD or Blender15:40
jrwrenDS9 being my favorite overall trek15:40
snap-lOh, sorry.15:40
snap-lStar Gate.15:40
snap-lNot SGI the company. ;)15:40
tjagodaI like to imagine I'm one of a single digit number of people who watched the entire Lord of the Rings extended special features =(15:40
snap-ljrwren: No, I didn't get into SG1. The movie was a little wonky for my tastes15:41
jrwrenthe TV show was a hard left15:41
snap-lYeah, my FIL watched it15:41
snap-lOther problem was it was on cable15:41
snap-lMaybe I'll add it to the netflix queue15:41
jrwrenshowtime for the first 4 seasons too15:41
jrwrenbefore scifi picked it up and played reruns15:42
jrwrenthat is right... jorge is the SG1 fan.15:42
jrwreni knew someone in here was. i just couldn't remember.15:42
tjagodaI watched all the SG's15:43
tjagodaI even liked Universe15:43
jrwrenuniverse was excellent.15:46
jrwrenso sad that it was cancelled15:46
jrwrenand the end was kind of rushed15:46
tjagodaThe end of it wasn't even planned15:48
jrwrenever watch portlandia? see what they did with BSG a couple weeks ago? so funny15:53
tjagodaI have not15:54
brouschwe watched SG1 until we went to basic cable15:57
tjagodaI miss the good old SG1 with Richard Dean Anderson16:40
tjagodaand the earlier days of SG Atlantis16:40
brouschthat's about when we stopped. up to the ori17:11
greg-gguess who can't sleep in, even though his kid is sleeping, because of an annoying head cold. This guy.17:19
greg-galso, so true: http://www.theonion.com/articles/area-dad-figures-hes-got-at-least-three-more-month,27256/17:22
rick_hgreg-g: <3 that. I know I've had those thoughts. "Look, he can't remember this anyway so I can still walk around in my underwear dear"17:38
jrwrenzomg the Ori story line was a blast... plus... Julian Sands!!!18:35
snap-lOK, I think I might need some help23:19
snap-lbut I think for my phone purchase, I'm seriously considering the iPhone. :)23:19
snap-lGotta love it when you find an album that you can't quickly tell if it's digital artifacting damage, or the actual song: http://glossolaliarecords.bandcamp.com/album/--223:36
snap-lAnd by love, I mean I want to beat people23:37
tjagodasnap-l?  iPhones?23:38
tjagodaWorld really is ending.23:38
rick_hsnap-l: seriously? You missing Aaron at CHC too much lately?23:51
snap-lWell, I need a phone that works, for starters23:52
rick_hbah, the SB stream is silverlight23:52
snap-land from what I've seen, the Android phones all feel like htey're in late beta23:52
rick_hsnap-l: right, because no one's ever had to return their phone to apple before23:52
snap-lnever. :)23:52
rick_hso just fyi, got the new hardware, fixed my google voice setting, and phone is back to normal for me23:52
rick_hso yay23:52
snap-lSecod reason is because Apple keeps the carriers on a short tether23:53
snap-lrick_h: Ah, cool23:53
snap-lThat's the part that I really hate. It's not the hardware, it's the retarded carriers23:53
tjagodaThis blackberry torch 9810 works awesome23:53
tjagodaJust sayin'23:53
rick_hyea, I hear it even takes phone calls23:53
snap-ltjagoda: If I need a brick, I'll go to the brick yard23:54
rick_hbut once you're done talking on the phone you can go get your computer out to do anything else23:54
snap-lI had a blackberry once. It was the most miserable experience ever23:54
tjagodaMy Blackberry can multitask while I'm talking on it23:55
tjagodaThat's been possible for a while23:55
snap-lBut can Blackberry remove the suck?23:55
rick_htjagoda: except that none of the apps are there :P and unless you're on the latest your browser doesn't load crap :P23:55
snap-lrick_h: Oh, it does load crap23:56
snap-ljust like Lynx23:56
tjagodaI am on the latest23:56
tjagodaBut I am not app crazy23:56
snap-ltjagoda: You CAN'T BE APP CRAZY ON A BLACKBERRY!23:56
snap-lFuck me23:57
snap-lDO they still have SSH apps running $70?23:57
tjagodaI just go to the free open source SSH apps which aren't in App World23:57
snap-lAh, apparently Jamendo unleashed the metal albums23:58
tjagodaBut I don't know whats in App World for SSH these days23:58
snap-lseeing a lot of albums that disappeared from Thanksgiving to The New year.23:58
tjagodaWhen I last looked it was years ago23:58

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