waltmanjedijf: I of course say this as a mac weenie myself02:15
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jedijfwaltman: i know, that's shy i find it odd02:42
waltmanAnyone else having problems with running ffmpeg 8? I had a nice formula for converting avi's to mov's, but I just discovered it broke with a recent debian update.02:43
pleia2ffmpeg does that02:43
waltmanApparently I'm now supposed to run avconv instead of ffmpeg, but even with that it's complaining about bitrates it didn't used to mind.02:43
Sadinhttp://sadin.ifndev.com/dbtsa-2011/ honest opinions how is my entry for Technology Student Association webmaster challenge going?02:44
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waltmanI've never understood why there are so many different and incompatible video formats.02:50
pleia2I just want to use "a free one that works good enough"02:51
pleia2such a thing doesn't seem to exist :)02:51
pleia2or there aren't a lot of people like me who are satisfied with "good enough"02:52
waltmanSo how am I going to watch the second season of Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure? :(02:52
pleia2most things I throw at ubuntu just play with magic02:53
* pleia2 ponders dinner02:55
waltmanplay with magic?02:57
waltmanAh.  Yes.  Well, they reason I want to convert them to .mov is that then I can load them onto an iThingy and play then on my TV.02:58
pleia2I don't know what codecs anything uses, it just plays, annoys friends on windows and mac when I share files02:59
waltmanAnd since they're wine tasting shows in HD, they look really nice on a big screen.02:59
pleia2"what is this in?" "who knows!"02:59
waltmansure, mplayer plays them just fine as is :)02:59
pleia2my tv plays most anything too, served up via mediatomb02:59
pleia2not oggs though, annoyingly03:00
pleia2mediatomb is a UPnP server, which my tv supports03:00
waltmanmy tv came with a built-in connector for tThingies03:00
pleia2yeah, this is easier because it just goes over the network, no need to move my files to any devices, mediatomb streams from my media server03:01
pleia2(a big harddrive with lots of stuff on it and running samba)03:01
pleia2it's ashame I don't watch more tv, we have a pretty good setup03:02
pleia2the sushi place I like to go to appears to have opened following renovations on feb 1st03:04
pleia2maybe I go there03:04
waltmanthere's always chipotle...03:04
pleia2they close at 3 :(03:04
pleia2I live in the financial district, it's amazing they're open at all on saturdays03:05
waltmanat 3?!03:06
waltmanavconv also wants me to say "-strict experimental" even though it worked just fine in ffmpeg03:06
waltmanI think I may have figured out the new incantation.  Converting the first episode...04:01
waltmanpleia2: my favorite local sushi place also recently underwent renovations, but I haven't been back since they reopened.04:02
EvilResistancehello everyone20:01
waltmanPUPPY BOWL21:34
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!21:36
waltmanSamuraiAlba: Every time the puppies score a TD, they bring out some baby piglets to cheer.21:39
waltmanIt's giving me a real hankering for some bacon.21:39
SamuraiAlbaGF dumped me.  She wants to come first, she said.  I told her yesterday my son come first.21:41
SamuraiAlbaNo biggie and I understand21:44
waltmansounds like you need some bacon, too!21:48
SamuraiAlbaI'm not saying she's a bad person22:00
SamuraiAlbaShe just needs to date an 18 year old LOL22:01
SamuraiAlbaI still got her a 1800 flowers order22:01
SamuraiAlbaIt's a "Forever ROse" - Just because :)22:01

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