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AlanBellhi, just doing a bit of summit/etherpad-lite tinkering and I am setting up a new dev summit15:53
AlanBellI am running precise, which might be a bad idea, and I don't have django in my python2.6, but it is fine in 2.7.215:53
AlanBelldo I give up and do it in a VM running oneiric?15:53
AlanBellImportError: No module named django.core.management is the error I get when doing make init15:54
mhall119AlanBell: if you use virtualenv you should be fine on Precise15:55
AlanBellhow do I do that?15:55
mhall119AlanBell: cd <project_root>; make;15:56
mhall119the Makefile will create a virtualenv in ./env,and isntall the necessary python requirements like Django into that15:57
mhall119try make clean, then make again15:58
mhall119if make has an error halfway through, it won't pick up again where it left off, you have to scrap it and start over15:58
AlanBellok, that is doing stuff15:58
AlanBellprobably because I previously had it running when this laptop was running oneiric or something15:59
mhall119My make skills aren't elite enough for it to intelligently handle failures15:59
cjohnstondaker:  do you have any ideas on my event recap branch17:31
cjohnstonand would you be any good at making a user profile page? I'm horrible at it.. the profile stuff is ready for summit, it just needs a display page, then I can just copy all the code to ltp17:32
* AlanBell has forgotten how to use south17:36
AlanBellI added a field to the summit model and now it won't run because it needs to be added to the database17:36
AlanBellfairly sure it was something to do with south to make this work, but I can't figure it out17:36
mhall119AlanBell: python manage.py schemamigration <app_name> <migration_name> --auto18:12
mhall119then python manage.py migrate <app_name>18:12
AlanBelldjango.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: App with label summit could not be found18:15
mhall119summit isn't an  app18:17
mhall119'schedule' and 'sponsor' are the apps18:17
mhall119'summit' is the project (which contains multiple apps)18:18
cjohnstonwhat are you adding AlanBell?18:19
AlanBellapi key for etherpad lite18:19
mhall119to the Summit model?18:19
AlanBellso summit can create the pads, and pass authenticated users across18:19
AlanBellyeah, to the summit model, next to the etherpad url, an optional etherpad-lite api key18:19
mhall119AlanBell: ok, summit production is frozen until after LCQ18:20
AlanBellthis cuts out all the openID authentication18:20
AlanBellyeah, that is fine, I am in no hurry to deploy it :)18:20
AlanBelloh and I will need Pendulum to write a little feature too :)18:21
mhall119moar contributors!20:04
* nigelb hugs AlanBell 22:44
AlanBellthis is going to rock if it works22:56
AlanBellusing the etherpad API properly, so if you are signed into summit it knows who you are and gives you the editable pad22:57
AlanBellif not then you get the read only one22:57
doctormonnigelb: Damn I thought you were coming to the USA for a second there.22:57
doctormonCross wires with other channel22:57
doctormonnigelb: http://imagebin.org/19751723:00
nigelbNice work doctormon :)23:00
doctormonDid you see the project search?23:01
nigelbYeah, I did from the other day23:01
doctormonThe other day? It's better http://imagebin.org/19751923:02
doctormonThat image is missing any results from the gnome project.23:03
mhall119aquarius: don't take away my web-notes man, that has come in handy too many times :(23:59

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