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Sarvattbjsnider: planning on doing a requestsync -d experimental i965-va-driver and requestsync -d experimental libva before feature freeze or does it need ubuntu changes?22:19
bjsniderunless somebody has taken the i965 package and finished it, it's not ready22:20
Sarvattits all released in experimental22:20
bjsniderit is?22:20
Sarvattwont get synced automatically22:20
bjsnidernews to me22:20
bjsnideri'll take a look at it at some point22:20
bjsniderwhat's the version number?22:22
bjsniderok, that work was done without my knowledge, so it's probably syncable. it's not the barebones thing i sent them anymore22:22
bjsniderlooks like it's relatively mature22:23
bjsnideri just gave it to siretart and he asked if anyone wanted to work on it and that's the last i heard of it22:23
Sarvattdo ya want to do the sync so your name is tied to it for later upload rights purposes or anything?22:23
Sarvattthats why i was asking22:24
Sarvattjust has to go in before the 16th22:24
Sarvattrequestsync -d experimental i965-va-driver && requestsync -d experimental libva, attach test build logs from pbuilder to the bugs it files, its super easy22:29
bjsnidertest builds in precise?22:30
Sarvattyeah not using precise? sudo pbuilder create --distribution precise then sudo pbuilder --build foo.dsc22:32
bjsniderprecise isn't very precise at this point22:34
Sarvattof course all the effort so it shows up under https://launchpad.net/~brandonsnider/+related-software might be for naught now since its not archive admins doing the processing, most people forget to leave your attribution when they sponsor it now :P22:36
RAOFSarvatt: Thanks for looking at that - I was thinking of pulling that across.22:36
bjsniderSarvatt, i've got one more i was looking at, how can i check if it's part of the plan or not already?22:38
Sarvattsec, pizzas here22:38
bjsniderthere should be a "planned features" wiki like fedora's22:39
bjsniderbut not on the ubuntu wiki site because that's constantly borked22:39
RAOFBy and large the blueprints targeted to a release *should* be the “planned features”22:40
Sarvattbjsnider: one more what? lots of things are planned like that but the decisions done in the teams, like we picked X versions back in november22:41
bjsnideranother package i would like to have updated, but i don't know if it's already planned22:43
RAOFWhat package?22:46
Sarvattyeah totally depends on the package so need to know that :)22:47
RAOFbjsnider: I think generally you should assume that if there's not already a bug about it, and it's not super-core (mesa, xorg-server), then there's probably no-one doing anything with it right now :)22:48
bjsnideryou mean nobody cares about my little package?22:50
RAOFbjsnider: I don't know - what little package are you talking about? :)22:50
RAOFAlso, “caring” ≠ “about to update it” ☺22:52
Sarvattthats fully up to date22:55
Sarvatt1.0.5-1 in debian unstable, 1.0.5-1 in precise22:55

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