nivyajveryhappy: something messed up00:00
ikoniaErealz: try #ubuntu+1 (it's a channel)00:00
macmartineikonia: https://gist.github.com/174124400:00
kinouveryhappy: my bad. I mixed things. The password was when I tried to manage user accounts. Now I have no passwords asked.00:00
veryhappyholstein: yes, sorry00:00
acerimmerAdded 12.04 wallpapers @ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/UserContributed#preview00:00
holsteinveryhappy: no worries :)00:00
macmartineikonia: no idea what's with all the php5 instances00:00
nivyajveryhappy: if i go into the directory and type ./idea.sh  the program works, but from another directory, it doesn't00:00
nivyajdoes that mean i didn't set the right location in my path?00:00
daniel___I'll be back00:01
kinouveryhappy: But concerning the shutdown, I always used the graphical icon on the upper right to shutdown the computer. It used to work.00:01
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ikoniamacmartine: that doesn't like like a standard ubuntu web server setup00:01
Romeo5kok.. i need someone help.. I hAVe not even a clue about crontabs.. so i asked fior help,.. and my system  wont even read crontab- e00:01
ikoniamacmartine: that looks very on, especially as there is no httpd process running00:01
kinouveryhappy: Now, it brings me back to the login screen everytime.00:01
Romeo5k whats wrong?00:01
jribRomeo5k: "crontab -e" to edit your crontab00:01
macmartineikonia: i'm running nginx00:01
jrib!cron | Romeo5k00:01
ubottuRomeo5k: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto00:01
FlannelRomeo5k: what do you mean 'wont even read crontab -e'?00:02
Romeo5ksomoene said i need to install crontabs... ive tried all i can try to my knowwldge and  ubuntu is still not understanding00:02
veryhappykinou: it always returns to the graphical login?00:02
Romeo5k can anyone pls walk me thru this apain00:02
nivyajveryhappy: fixed it00:02
ikoniamacmartine: postgres and mysql ?00:02
macmartineikonia: yeah00:02
veryhappynivyaj: good00:02
schnuffleRomeo5k: crontab is installed by default00:02
Romeo5knot for me it isnt00:02
macmartineikonia: postgres for my rails app, mysql for wordpress00:02
ToBIOSchronofire: Sorry about the wait. Got caught up with something else.00:02
nivyajveryhappy: yea- i'm getting more confident  with this stuff00:02
Romeo5kive tried everythig i could00:02
Romeo5k i promise00:02
schnuffleRomeo5k: You mean you don't have cron installed?00:03
ToBIOSchronofire: So you didn't use Wubi?00:03
Romeo5k yea00:03
veryhappynivyaj: good, that's fine, see you00:03
kinouveryhappy: yes.00:03
ikoniamacmartine: doesn't look in the best of setup,00:03
Romeo5k i mean crontab is not installed00:03
macmartineikonia: how so?00:03
Romeo5kand i dont know how to install it00:03
schnuffleRomeo5k: okay then install it with: sudo apt-get install cron00:03
kinouveryhappy: it displays the "shutdown animation" and then brings me back to the login screen.00:03
jribRomeo5k: what exactly happens when you enter « crontab -e » in your shell?00:03
ikoniamacmartine: looks like your web server is either over spawning (try fewer bigger processes) or you've just got a machine that's massivly under powered00:03
Romeo5kjrib command not found00:04
ikoniamacmartine: ever considered running wordpress on postgres to try to only run one database process,00:04
jribRomeo5k: what did you type?00:04
veryhappykinou: to be honest, i got no idea for this problem.00:04
Romeo5kcrontab -e00:04
jribRomeo5k: copy and paste the whole line00:04
jribRomeo5k: how did you install ubuntu?00:04
kinouveryhappy: :/00:04
Romeo5kjust the regular way00:04
macmartineikonia: yeah, i'll have to migrate it over. I'm just seeing if I'm up for managing all this myself before I commit00:04
Romeo5kits on a vps00:05
jribRomeo5k: "regular way" is meaningless.00:05
Romeo5k but right now its actualy installing it00:05
kinouveryhappy: thanks for the intended help and for saying that rather than letting me wait for nothing.00:05
daniel___@urlin2u, I'm back and my device mounted. I had to have it plugged in before Ubuntu started up00:05
pSy4130@jrib, boot the CD and follow the instructions, do you have a specific question?00:05
jimi_holstein, i fixed it00:05
jimi_holstein, no thanks to you :P00:05
jimi_holstein, j/k :)00:05
urlin2udaniel___, hmm, do you have it in fstab?00:05
jribpSy4130: no, I do not have a question00:05
mukaibothi there, I'm having some weirdness with my bridged networking configuration00:05
mukaibotin kvm00:06
macmartineikonia: can you direct me to info about how to firgure out the over spawning?00:06
funnyfingerssyn-ack I want to make a mysql socket file.00:06
daniel___@urlin2u, One second00:06
veryhappykinou: no problem, i tried what i could00:06
Romeo5kjrib it works now00:06
mukaibotI can ssh to a guest, but the guest can't ping hosts, nslookup, etc...output from ifconfig, netstat and /etc/resolv.conf  appears correct00:06
syn-ackfunnyfingers, wait, what00:06
holsteinjimi_: lol... what was the deal?00:06
Romeo5k it actually respnds to crontab now00:06
urlin2udaniel___, I wouldn't just wondering.00:06
daniel___No it doesn't show up in fstab00:06
urlin2udaniel___, cool hope it continues to work.00:06
funnyfingerssyn-ack with CentOS if a socket file is missing I use mksock to make it again.00:06
jimi_holstein, I think something had the audio devices locked, pulse could only see dummy output, so i killed it and restarted pulse and it worked00:07
daniel___@urlin2u, I have a strong feeling it will stop working next time I restart without having something plugged in like this00:07
syn-ackfunnyfingers, mysql should do that automatically when you launch it. that's what mysql.sock is00:07
funnyfingersERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/opt/zimbra/db/mysql.sock' (111)00:07
holsteinjimi_: yeah... you know how "somebody" is when they get around your machine! ... glad you got it working :)00:07
funnyfingersThe file doesn't exist.00:07
jimi_holstein, heh, it was a fresh install! :P00:08
syn-ackfunnyfingers, rm mysql.sock and restart it00:08
ikoniafunnyfingers: that's not an ubuntu install00:08
funnyfingersthe file doesn't exist00:08
trojanAny good IDE suggestion for web ,, php ?00:08
ikoniafunnyfingers: the ubuntu install doesn't get put in that location00:08
holsteinjimi_: in some cases, pavucontrol has killed pulse on me00:08
funnyfingersI know it isn't.00:08
ikoniafunnyfingers: what distro is it ?00:08
funnyfingersjust not an Ubuntu app00:08
ikoniafunnyfingers: ok - so where did you get mysql from ?00:08
ikoniafunnyfingers: so they are the people who will support you00:08
funnyfingersSo Ubuntu has no socket file maker like CentOS?00:09
mukaibotI'm having some issues with bridged networking in KVM. I can ssh to a guest, but the guest can't ping hosts, nslookup, etc...output from ifconfig, netstat and /etc/resolv.conf appears correct00:09
ikoniafunnyfingers: you've not using ubuntu's mysql00:09
ikoniafunnyfingers: ubuntus does have a socket file00:09
funnyfingersYes but I want to make a socket file.00:09
ikoniavmware can help you with this sort of thing, try the #vmware channel00:09
ikoniafunnyfingers: it's not an ubuntu software product or problem00:09
WoCfunnyfingers, the socket is created when the mysqld is running00:09
funnyfingersWoC what does it use to create it?00:10
ikoniafunnyfingers: the daemon creates it00:10
WoCfunnyfingers, making it manually would prevent mysqld from starting00:10
funnyfingersah I 'll check the daemon then.00:10
ikoniafunnyfingers: again #vmware is the channel for this00:10
funnyfingersno it isn't ikonia00:10
ikoniafunnyfingers: yes it is, it's a vmware product, this isn't an ubuntu issue/application00:11
syn-acksomeones gonna get a banhammer..... :P00:11
syn-acksince when is mysql a vmware product?00:11
syn-ackit's an oracle product. :P00:11
ikoniasyn-ack: it's a custom built mysql bundled with zimba (vmware)00:11
syn-ackjust saw that00:11
ikoniaI'm reading the documentation on it00:11
syn-ackikonia, yeah, don't mind me. heh00:12
urlin2usyn-ack, lol ikonia would have to ban themselves.00:12
JacobVengeanceAnyone here use Pantheon?00:12
ikoniafunnyfingers: also http://support.zimbra.com/supportlogin.php00:13
funnyfingersikonia you are missing my whole question.00:13
syn-ackNo he's not00:13
funnyfingersAnd I am using ZCS00:13
syn-ackyou're missing the part where it's Zimbra, not Ubuntu00:13
ikoniafunnyfingers: that's fine, however that product is a custom vmware product maintained and supported by vmware00:14
ikoniafunnyfingers: that's why I'm linking you to the #vmware channel and the Zimba support resources,00:14
funnyfingersI've been there and have had to fix all of my own problems up to this socket file problem where on CentOS I create a socket using mksock.  Ubuntu and Debian no longer have it it seems.00:15
runais there an alternative to nocturne in linux? i know that xcalib could calibrate easily the screen but i can not find the right icc.00:15
ikoniafunnyfingers: the mysql daemon creates/removes the socket file now00:15
ikoniafunnyfingers: however as this is a custom mysql build, we can't really say how it is supposed to be setup00:15
macmartineikonia: Are the php processes the main things that look odd?00:16
jimi_I just got an email from "lilnigglet48 " :(00:16
ikoniamacmartine: certainly a lot00:16
ikoniajimi_: how is that anything to do with this channel ?00:16
macmartineikonia: what else looks odd?00:16
ikoniamacmartine: the footprint for ispconfig seemed "big"00:16
* damaltor raises hand00:17
funnyfingersikonia and I said earlier I am going to dig through the debian mysql daeom and see how they create it.00:17
_Raider_on_the_sI am using Empathy. how do I see available rooms?00:17
ikoniadamaltor: a sloppy configuration web tool for managing a server, like webmin00:17
ikoniafunnyfingers: how will that add any value when it's a custom build00:17
macmartineikonia: Ok. It  looks like I can just set pm.max_children to 2 or something, instead of 50, so it doesn't create so many php processes .00:18
damaltorikonia: i know, i am using it for ages00:18
ikoniafunnyfingers: you need to be talking to vmware, the debian build will be different00:18
ikoniamacmartine: make sure that you have enough to handle your traffic though00:18
veryhappycan someone help me with my terminal issue?00:18
macmartineikonia: but wondering if there's anything else you think i should look into00:18
||||||||||||||||hello 󠁟everyone 󠁟 󠁟 󠁟 󠁟 󠁟00:18
veryhappyhello |||||||||||||||| please change your nick00:19
||||||||||||||||veryhappy 󠁟why? 󠁟 󠁟00:19
ikoniamacmartine: hard to see from just "top", but I'd do a sizing exercise00:19
jimi_lol that nick was ridiculous00:19
macmartineikonia: meaning what?00:19
WoCToo Many pipes ? ;000:19
ikoniamacmartine: work out your traffic, usage per traffic block, then size the machine properly00:19
bobenhaushello. is there a way to create a shortcut from  a folder that resides on a NAS?00:20
WoCbobenhaus, such as a sym-link ?00:20
magicJin my /etc/passwd file there are all the usual default users.  Many of them are set to have a login shell as /bin/sh - isn't this an unncessary security risk - who or what needs to be able to get into them - I have no idea what the password is.00:21
ikoniamagicJ: they are probably locked accounts00:22
ikoniamagicJ: some accounts need a valid shell to do their tasks00:22
bobenhaushello. is there a way to create a shortcut from  a folder that resides on a NAS?00:23
bobenhausall these peoples and nobody talking00:24
WoCbobenhaus, i think i already gave you the answer to that00:24
ikoniabobenhaus: people are talking00:24
bobenhausoh sorry didnt see that. my apologize00:24
WoCNo worries, bobenhaus :)00:24
mukaibotbobenhaus: not everyone knows the answer to every question!00:24
mukaibotI have a KVM problem which no-one wanted to bite at ;)00:25
bobenhausWoC:  I just have a music folder on a NAS that I would like to create a shortcut to my desktop just like in windows is all :)00:25
magicJikonia: that is what I was worried about - how do I know which ones and why is this not a big security risk?00:25
ikoniamagicJ: trust the people who made the build00:25
WoCfortunatley some of us do have some of the answers to some of the questions ;) and some even know how to spell ;)00:25
bobenhausWoc: Sounds like me lol00:26
magicJikonia: OK - so how does trust help - what stops these ports being accessible ?00:26
ikoniamukaibot: you're question, looks like your forwarding is not setup correctly, if you can ssh in, your incoming nat seems ok, but looks like you're out going it not setup00:26
ikoniamagicJ: you trust the people that made the build took reasonable security concerns into consideration00:26
bobenhausWoc: Can I create a shortcut on my desktop and then tell the NAS the path?00:26
magicJikonia: but what could that be if there is a shell login defined?00:27
mukaibotikonia: if I'm using a bridged configuration, doesn't that remove the need for NAT?00:27
Danny_JorisHi - I'm having trouble pinging my ubuntu VM from my host (snow leopard) . If I do ifconfig, I see eth0 has an IP assigned to it, but I can't ping it. (timeout) It does work at work, but not at home. Could there something be wrong in my /interfaces file? I've set eh0 as a static IP00:27
ikoniamagicJ: a shell of /bin/sh does not mean it can login00:27
WoCbobenhaus, i havent actually used NAS but i figured it would be something similar to nfs, where a sym-link would be possible00:28
mukaibotDanny_Joris: can you please post ifconfig from both machines?00:28
ikoniamukaibot: sorry, nat was a bad wording choice, you still need your connection "forwarded" though00:28
bobenhausWoc: Its just a share on a network00:28
osmosisneed some help. After I login, i get a blank desktop...no way to launch an application. have to power off and reset. How do I fix?  Is gnome corrupt?00:28
mukaibotikonia: can you elaborate on 'forwarding'?00:28
bobenhausWoC: I get error when trying to create a sym link :(00:29
magicJikonia: aha - why does it not - what could stop it - I guess that is what I am really asking.  Surely if I have sshd enabled - which I do for an account I need then sshd is there and somone could login if they knew the user name and password00:29
WoCbobenhaus, chances are you might have to make a desktop file for it00:29
ikoniamukaibot: sure, if you have an ip address of on your virtual guest, and it needs to use to do a dns lookup, you'll either need ipforwarding setup, or a routed system to get it from network a to b and back00:29
veryhappycan someone please help me with my graphics issue?00:29
mukaibotikonia: everything is on the same subnet00:29
bobenhausWoc: hmm not sure how to do that stuff yet but learning.00:29
ikoniamagicJ: what user accounts are you worried about ?00:29
mukaibotikonia: should the bridge have an IP address too?00:30
bobenhausWoc:  error while creating a linki to music; The target doesnt support symbolic links00:30
ikoniamukaibot: ok - so you don't need a bridged network card if they are all in the same subnet00:30
ikoniathere is no need to bridge00:30
Danny_Jorismukaibot: I'm a networking noob - there's no safety risks posting my hosts ifconfig?00:30
nivyaji'm  getting an error when I'm tryuing to set an enviromnent variable: I write  export SCALA_HOME= "/home/nivjay/bin/scala-2.9.1/bin" and i get that:  it's not a valid identifier00:31
mukaibotikonia: the documentation says otherwise00:31
ikonianivyaj: remove the sapce00:31
magicJikonia: all the early ones that the install set up - games, bin, daemon, etc00:31
mukaibotikonia: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Networking00:31
ikonianivyaj: SCALE_HOME="/home/nivjay/bin/scala-2.9.1/bin"00:31
nivyajikonia: UGH00:31
WoCbobenhaus, another way would be to add it to your rc.local and having it mounted automatic each boot and just make a sym-link on your desk to where ever you mounted it00:31
ikoniamagicJ: they are locked accounts00:31
mukaibotDanny_Joris: you can post it00:31
xSmurfanyone has some experience with initramfs hooks? I want to understand how the cryptroot cryptpassdev and cryptgnupg hooks work I'm not too sure what gets called when00:31
mukaibotDanny_Joris: they will just be private addresses - we can't access them via the internet00:32
ikoniamukaibot: which part are you looking at on that page00:32
xSmurfdoes the update tool only put them in the init script when they are defined in grub?00:32
bobenhausWOC: I can see the NAS via the filemanger but I just want to create a shortcut thats the problem.00:32
Danny_Jorismukaibot: http://pastebin.com/cqEdg9XY00:32
Danny_Jorismukaibot: https://skitch.com/dannyjoris/g63yf/smithsonian-vm-running00:33
Danny_Jorisah shit00:33
magicJikonia: that's what I wanted to understand I guess - how are they locked?00:33
ikoniaDanny_Joris: easy on the language please.00:33
Danny_Jorisikonia: sorry00:33
ikoniamagicJ: by locking them (that's what it's called) it stops them being usable as a login account00:33
nivyajikonia:  when i write$ source /etc/environment  I know it "sources" the changes... what does that mean?00:33
ikonianivyaj: re-reads the information in that file00:34
mukaibotDanny_Joris: your subnets are different00:34
mukaibotthat's why you can't ping the hosts00:34
magicJikonia: OK - but how does one LOCK an account - I guess that is really the question I cam coming to00:34
nivyajikonia: so recompliles it?00:34
ikonianivyaj: no, just re-reads it00:34
ikoniamagicJ: essentials sets no valid password for it, so you can't login00:34
magicJikonia: and what about games, is that locked?00:34
mukaibotikonia: ^ I don't want user networking, I want bridged00:34
ikoniamagicJ: yes, it's locked00:34
KrywkI need help.00:34
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ikoniamukaibot: why ? you have nothing to bridge, it's on the same subnet00:35
KrywkWell, first of all, hi :P00:35
ikoniamukaibot: bridging is for joining two networks together, you are on the same network, there is nothing to bridge00:35
magicJikonia: TY - that's what I wanted to know - and so I assume that the root is that way too, yes?  And, if I wanted to set one that way myself how would I set what you call "no valid password"00:35
mukaibotikonia: because I want each guest to run daemons, and don't want to create firewall rules00:35
ikoniamagicJ: root is already locked00:36
ikoniamukaibot: you don't need bridging for that00:36
ikoniamukaibot: again - you have nothing to bridge00:36
mukaibotikonia: Bridged networking allows the virtual interfaces to connect to the outside network through the physical interface, making them appear as normal hosts to the rest of the network.00:36
mukaibotaccording to the documentation00:36
ikoniamukaibot: yes, that is correct00:36
magicJikonia: This is GREAT - TY - so, if I wanted to set a "locked" one, how would I set "no valid password"00:36
KrywkWell, my problem is this one: I'm trying to use RecordMyDesktop. It records video fine, but not audio. It records it, but it has REALLY low volume, and an annoying sound. I can't fix it with audacity, so I figured I'd be searching Google for solutions, or make my own. But no success. Anyone know any possible solutions?00:37
mukaibotikonia: usermode networking: In the default configuration, the guest operating system will have access to network services, but will not be visible to other machines on the network. The guest will be able, for example, to browse the web, but will not be able to host an accessible web server.00:37
ikoniamukaibot: and when I said you need to set that up with forwarding, you said you didn't need to as everything was on the same subnet00:37
ikoniamukaibot: if you want them to be visble to the outside world then you'll need to bridge and setup forwarding or "routing" to get traffic in/out of the bridged network00:37
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mukaibotikonia: so I *do* need bridged networking00:38
ikoniamukaibot: correct00:38
ikoniamukaibot: if you want to bridge your internal network to the outside world, you'll need to bridge00:38
mukaibotikonia: you just told me I didn't00:38
ikoniamukaibot: because you told me you didn't want to connect to the outside world to see hosts, you said it was all in the same subnet00:38
mukaibotok, that makes sense00:38
ikoniamukaibot: if everything is in the same subnet for communication then you don't need to bridge00:38
mukaibotok, so how should I configure my guests then?00:39
ikoniamukaibot: if you need to see outside that subnet you need to bridge a physical device to get out00:39
ikoniamukaibot: you should configure your guests interfaces to use the bridged device, and then setup the correct forwarding/routing rules00:39
ikonia(iptables normally)00:39
=== CIS is now known as cis
KrywkAnyone have any idea of what's going on?00:39
ikoniaKrywk: in what respect ?00:40
KrywkUhh, whaddya mean "In what respect"?00:40
ikoniaKrywk: "whats going on" - in regard to what ?00:40
WoCbobenhaus, so it works like a windows share ?00:40
KrywkCopy-paste: Well, my problem is this one: I'm trying to use RecordMyDesktop. It records video fine, but not audio. It records it, but it has REALLY low volume, and an annoying sound. I can't fix it with audacity, so I figured I'd be searching Google for solutions, or make my own. But no success. Anyone know any possible solutions?00:40
ikoniano idea00:40
Danny_Jorismukaibot: would that be netmask ?00:41
mukaibotikonia: so what do I need iptables to do then?00:41
KrywkAnyone here using this program, or know another Screen Recording program, with audio?00:41
Danny_Jorismukaibot: netmask 0xffffff00 ?00:41
mukaibotDanny_Joris: no00:41
WoCbobenhaus, if so, you could just mount it using smbclient00:41
ikoniamukaibot: handle your routing/forwarding00:41
syddrafKrywk: I've never used that program before, but the best bet is to check alsamixer, etc to see if an input channel is low.00:41
mukaibotDanny_Joris: one host as a 192.168.1.x address, the other has 192.168.2.x00:41
acerimmerKrywk: what kind of mic?  Laptop mounted or...?00:42
mukaibotikonia: now I'm confused. There's no routing because it's the same subnet.00:42
ikoniamukaibot: there is routing00:42
WoCbobenhaus, the man page for smbclient shows how you can set up user/password so it doesnt show up when you use 'ps'00:42
Krywkacerimmer, not a mic, I want to record the computer's sound, which the program is doing, but that's the problem: Little to no sound and a really annoying sound.00:42
ikoniamukaibot: if you are on and you want to hit the internet on - that is routing/fowarding00:42
ikoniamukaibot: that is not the same subnet00:42
mukaibotikonia: Yes I know. But I thought we had just covered the fact that all my guests are on the same subnet00:43
Cube``_guys, i'm having a huge problem with my usb stick that i cannot fix. it doesnt work, when i try to format it with gparted it says "unrecognized disk label".00:43
ikoniamukaibot: then you don't need bridging00:43
Krywksyddraf, All things are up to maximum in alsamixer00:43
mukaibotikonia: sigh.00:43
mukaibotikonia: never mind00:43
ikoniamukaibot: there is no routing if all your guests are on the same subnet - there is no routing00:43
ikoniamukaibot: do you want your guests to see the internet yes/no ?00:43
mukaibotikonia: yes00:43
syddrafKrywk: Not sure what to say then. Sorry.00:43
ikoniamukaibot: then there IS routing00:43
mukaibotikonia: but they only need to get to my router's IP address00:44
Krywksyddraf, It's ok :)00:44
ikoniamukaibot: that's how your guests get out to the internet, they route out of the bridged devvice and back in00:44
KrywkAnyone know any other good program for recording screen video and sound?00:44
ikoniamukaibot: is your router on the same subnet as the private network ?00:44
mukaibotikonia: yes00:44
ikoniamukaibot: so can your devices ping the router ?00:45
* JacobVengeance yawns00:45
jimearthHello there, can someone help me with the microphone ? It doesn't seem to be reconize by flash player... once I enter a flash chat room, it makes a weird sound and nobody can heard me. The webcam works great... but not the microphone. The microhpone works outside flash player.00:45
jimearthany idea ?00:46
Danny_Jorismukaibot: I changed both broadcast and address in the vm to 1.x and now I can ping 1.x00:47
Danny_Jorismukaibot: and at work I assume I'll have to switch it back to 2.x ?00:48
mukaibotikonia: nope, it can't ping the host00:48
mukaibotikonia: or the router00:48
ikoniamukaibot: what is the gateway ip address on the virtual machine ?00:48
Danny_Jorismukaibot: I pinged the vm from my host00:48
acerimmerKrywk: I'm inclined to believe that it's a setting issue.00:48
mukaibotDanny_Joris: great! So problem solved?00:48
Krywkacerimmer, Any suggestions?00:48
Danny_Jorismukaibot: I guess so. I'll have to see how it works out when I'm back at work, but I know how to solve it now !00:49
acerimmerKrywk: you're on what version of ubuntu??00:49
mukaibotikonia: the guest has my router's IP address00:49
Danny_Jorismukaibot: Thanks so much !!!00:49
mukaibotDanny_Joris: No worries.00:49
Krywkacerimmer, 11.1000:49
ikoniamukaibot: so on paper that should be fine,00:49
ikoniamukaibot: what ip address have you given the bridged device ?00:49
mukaibotikonia: exactly! This is why it's so confusing00:49
mukaibotikonia: bridged device on the guest, or on the host?00:49
ikoniamukaibot: there should be no bridged device on the guest, the host controls/owns the bridged device00:50
acerimmerKrywk: ok, it's going to be somewhat different than what I'm looking at on 10.04.  I'd go to System>Preferences>Sound and play with the input/output and levels00:50
mukaibotikonia: in the documentation, guest.xml has 'interface type=bridge', 'source=br0'00:50
mukaibotwhich is what I've done00:51
ikoniamukaibot: yes, that's telling the guest to use the physical device "br0"00:51
ikoniamukaibot: however br0 needs to be configured on the host00:51
mukaibotwhich is what I've done00:51
ikoniamukaibot: so what have you setup the ip address on br0 to be on the host00:51
mukaibotthat has the ip
ikoniacan you ping from the guest ?00:51
ikoniamukaibot: can you ping from the host00:51
ikoniamukaibot: ok, what is the ip address of the guest00:52
mukaibotI wonder if I should revert back to using the e1000 driver, rather than virtio00:52
ikoniamukaibot: then it is most likley your guest not being setup/configured properly to use the br0 device00:52
ikoniamukaibot: that is the most likley issue, and where you should be looking00:53
mukaibotbahahah - I think I figured it out00:53
ikoniado tell00:53
mukaibothw address is different00:53
ikoniawell done00:54
mukaibotoh wait00:54
mukaibotin guest.xml, I can specify a hw address (which is what I've done)00:54
mukaibotshould that match the bridge?00:54
mukaibotno right?00:54
ikoniathat's for the virtual network card, it doens't matter what that is00:55
ikoniahowever I'll leave you to it as it's bed time here00:55
mukaibotok, thanks for looking into this00:55
magicJincase anyone was following my questions to ikonia on the issue of locked accounts and wonders what the answer was:  the /etc/shadow file contains the crypted version of the password, if that field is set to * then no login is allowed00:57
bobenhausanyone know how to remove read/write from a folder?00:59
bobenhauschmod -r -w?00:59
WoCbobenhaus, you want it read only ?00:59
DuvrazhCan anyone recommend a good log analyzer for Ubuntu?01:00
bobenhausWoc: I want to remove all permissions so I can delete the folder :)01:00
zykotick9bobenhaus: "chmod <ugo>-rw /foo" u for user, g for group, o for other01:00
Danny_Jorismukaibot: sorry to come back to this. I just realized that a lot of settings (hardcoded + db settings) involve the ip address. Is it safe to swtich my hosts broadcast from 1.x to 2.x ?01:00
WoCrmdir removes any empty directory01:01
bobenhauspermission denied01:01
WoCdo you own the directory ?01:01
WoCrm -rf [dir]01:01
bobenhausI fixed it by typing sudo rmdir dirname01:01
WoCremoves all suv-dirs/files01:02
bobenhausyeah I forget the sudo :)01:02
bobenhausWoc: I'm trying to wrap my brain around linux command line01:02
Krywkacerimmer, no changes.01:02
bobenhausapt-get etc..01:02
acerimmerKrywk: Sorry, then.  IDK.01:03
WoCi been using a shell for a while but im still new to apt01:03
bobenhausWoc: Can I remove stuff from the tmp folder?01:03
Krywkacerimmer, :/01:03
bobenhauswoc: is apt-get part of the unbuntu software center?01:03
WoCbobenhaus, yes but removing the wrong things may brake things01:03
bobenhauswoc: even from tmp folder?01:04
WoCsome uses /tmp for sockets and things01:04
bobenhauswoc: ok I wont touch01:04
mukaibotDanny_Joris: on your Mac?01:04
bobenhauswoc: do you know the apt-get for firefox nightly?01:04
Danny_Jorismukaibot: yeah01:05
mukaibotDanny_Joris: I'd look into the Locations feature then01:05
mukaibotyou'd basically set up two profiles - work and home01:05
WoCbobenhaus, try apt-cache search, but i think that is a separate repo01:05
mukaibotwork with the 192.168.2.x address, home with 192.168.1.x. Then you just toggle between them01:05
bobenhauswoc: ok01:06
Danny_Jorismukaibot: ah, I'd set that up in my vm?01:07
WoCbobenhaus; as for software center, it uses apt, not the other way around01:07
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bobenhauswoc: thanks01:07
Danny_Jorismukaibot: ah no01:07
WoCbobenhaus, np :)01:07
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KrywkNevermind people, I've found a WAAAAAAAAY simpler program that does exactly what I want, and it works flawlessly. It's Kazam01:08
Danny_Jorismukaibot: I feel that's what causing me trouble, that I'm home using broadcast 1.x instead of 2.x at work01:08
KrywkBye and thanks for the help01:08
JacobVengeanceWhat versions of Ubuntu is everyone running01:08
WoCJacobVengeance, many are using 11.1001:09
acerimmerJacobVengeance: 10.04 LTS01:09
metasansanaJacobVengeance: all of the above01:10
WoCJacobVengeance, are you considering a new installation ?01:13
JacobVengeanceIm on 10.04 right now, but might upgrade. I don't know yet though.01:13
acerimmerJacobVengeance: LTS only means less stress01:13
MirbuntuJacobVengeance, i am on 10.04 now too01:15
Mirbuntui prefer it over unity ;>>01:16
krazed10.04 isn't the ONLY alternative to Unity, just sayin'01:16
JacobVengeanceThe way I see it Gnome 2.3 > unity > gnome-shell > KDE01:16
holsteinyou mean, you prefer gnome2 instead of unity in the current version of ubuntu01:16
WoCI'm btw using precise, WindowMaker ftw :)01:17
Danny_Jorismukaibot: got disconnected for a bit playing with networking locations01:17
JacobVengeanceWoC, WindowMaker?01:18
WoCQuick, small and easy01:18
Danny_JorisI tried to manually add an ip address01:18
Danny_Jorisbut failed01:18
JacobVengeanceI don't like all those minimalistic DE01:19
Danny_JorisI'll contact our sys admin monday.01:19
showtimei have installed 11.04, my ati hd4850 has really really really bad performance with fglrx driver, any idea what to do ?01:19
holsteinshowtime: try other drivers01:21
showtimei tried the driver from ati page too01:22
showtimedoesnt work01:22
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whoeverany one here running lighttpd ? I need some help getting virtual hosts to work01:23
=== cindy_ is now known as chipmonk
monxxhow do i remap the keyboard shortcut to switch workspace (alt+ctrl+arrowkey)01:23
holsteinshowtime: you could try different kernels with those drivers i suppose.. i sometimes try different live CD's to test, such as the last LTS and the latest or even the alpha/beta releases01:23
whoeveri am using this totorial http://library.linode.com/web-servers/lighttpd/ubuntu-9.10-karmic01:23
whoeverand i am getting page cannot be displayed  or canno find01:24
JacobVengeanceWhat about backports or proposed updates? They might have fixes01:24
thetinyjesusQuestion, is there a benefit from just using Ubuntu instead of Linux mint?01:24
whoevercan someone assist01:24
ubottuwhoever: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server01:24
franzksHello, I can't seem to play .mkv files on Ubuntu 11.10, I googled it and it seems a lot of users are experiencing the same problem but no one came up with a solution yet. Any ideas? I tried the default player, Banshee, and VLC01:24
JacobVengeancethetinyjesus, speed. less crap.01:25
showtimemy live cd is new :(01:25
zykotick9thetinyjesus: support offering for one.  Using a distro that has more then one developer offers some advantages as well.01:25
JacobVengeancefranzks, do you have all the extra codecs installed?01:25
chipmonki am trying to use hdmi sound but the alsa driver modules stop at and my kernel is 2.6.35-3201:25
franzksJacobVengeance, I thought VLC already had them?01:25
chipmonkdo i need to backup my kernel version?01:26
chipmonkhow do i do dat01:26
JacobVengeancefranzks, sometimes people use different audio/video codecs that can throw media players off. I always installed ubuntu-restricted-extras and vlc and everything works01:26
franzksI just write "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras" ??01:26
whoeverya thaks bot but can a get some live person to help01:26
JacobVengeanceYes franzks01:27
holsteinshowtime: that was only one of the suggestions anyways.. but you can try 10.04 live for example01:27
franzksJacobVengeance, it said it was already installed and in the latest version01:27
franzksVLC just plays a green screen with no sound, default and banshee won't even play the video01:28
broimfromafrikai installed windows 8 and now i want to get back to ubuntu without reinstalling, how to do that?01:28
JacobVengeancefranzks, is it like that with all .mkv or just a certain one?01:28
holsteini see that green screen issue mentioned here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1691499 franzks01:28
JacobVengeancebroimfromafrika, reinstall GRUB01:29
zykotick9JacobVengeance: mkv is a container, it can have all sorts of different codecs inside them01:29
franzksholstein, yeah but there was no solution mentioned01:29
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance, i got a live usb ubuntu btw01:29
broimfromafrikaand ubuntu on main disk01:29
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broimfromafrikaand now it's BOOTMGR01:29
broimfromafrikafrom win 701:30
holsteinfranzks: that was due to using a PPA.. but they mention an overlay issue.. either way, i would look at the graphics driver01:30
JacobVengeancezykoticks, hence why i asked if it was just the one or all of them.01:30
broimfromafrikawhat's up with flood bots?01:30
dubrslHi. Is it possible setup IPs by renge? For example ?01:30
broimfromafrikai installed windows 8 and now i want to get back to ubuntu without reinstalling, how to do that?01:30
franzksholstein, I did not tinker with the graphics driver. I'm on a laptop with intel graphics. I let Ubuntu handle it. Do I reinstall it or something?01:30
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:31
JacobVengeancebroimfromafrika https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows01:31
holsteinfranzks: not sure.. for intel like that i would maybe try going one way of the other with a kernel.. i would look for a bug relating to your hardware.. i would try live CD's or mainline kenrels to test01:31
broimfromafrika   /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).01:31
worstadminQuestion: If I install linux-image-3.1.4-generic_3.1.4_amd64.deb - will it automatically update installed kernel modules too? Im upgrading my kernel so that one of the modules is rebuilt as well01:31
worstadminOr actually - given the structure of modules.. I guess it doesnt need to be rebuilt just updated01:32
holsteinworstadmin: a package manager should manage that for you, yeah01:32
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).01:32
worstadminAlso, I remember their being some weirdness - but amd64 applies to intel 64-bit as well - correct?01:33
acerimmerworstadmin: correct01:33
worstadminK thanks01:33
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance ^01:33
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JacobVengeancebroimfromafrika, did you follow the link I sent you?01:34
broimfromafrikathat's the error it returning01:34
broimfromafrika /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).01:34
zykotick9broimfromafrika: sounds like you aren't chrooted correctly01:35
monxxhow do i remap the shortcut to switch workspaces (alt+ctrl+arrow). the 'application shortcuts' setting dialog doesn't include it.01:35
worstadminlinux-headers-3.1.4-030104-generic depends on linux-headers-3.1.4-030104; however: :(01:35
broimfromafrikazykotick9 english bro01:35
zykotick9broimfromafrika: never mind01:35
worstadminAh nevermind - I got it01:35
holsteinworstadmin: just grab that .deb as well from where ever you got the other...01:35
holsteinyup :)01:35
broimfromafrika /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?). help?01:36
holsteinbroimfromafrika: relax.. we will help.. no need to repost :) ... remember we are all volunteers here01:36
bazhang!helpme | broimfromafrika01:36
ubottubroimfromafrika: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude01:36
worstadminAnnndd upgraded.01:37
worstadminWoop woop01:37
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JacobVengeancebroimfromafrika, sorry I am helping others in PM. Do you know what partition your Ubuntu install is on? sdX?01:39
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance: /dev/sda101:40
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance: sudo grub-install /dev/sda101:40
JacobVengeanceWhat do you get from that?01:41
krazedWhat are a few decent alternatives to Konversation and XChat, I've used both extensively... looking for something that still has a decent GUI (no bitchx/irssi) but a new feel to it. Any suggestions?01:41
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance: usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).01:41
zulaxis kernel 3.1 avaliable on 11.10 yet?01:42
JacobVengeancemount the hard disk in your computer01:42
JacobVengeanceYou could just do that using nautilus01:42
bazhangquassel comes to mind krazed you could also check in the package manager for others01:42
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance could do it lol01:42
bazhang!info linux | zulax01:43
ubottuzulax: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)01:43
whoevercan anyone assist with vhost on lighttpd , i can't seem to get it working , as far as I can tell I have the config correct01:43
poyntzDid Oneric scrap xorg.conf?01:43
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance: /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).01:43
holsteinpoyntz: you can put one in place... hasnt been one for a while actually01:43
bazhangpoyntz, no, it was scrapped long before that01:43
JacobVengeance"mount /dev/sda1" in terminal01:43
holsteinbazhang: 9.10? somewhere in there...01:44
bazhangholstein, could be, I've lost track01:44
zulaxthanks , i was hoping to get rid of the overheating issue, looks like i need to wait01:44
poyntzholstein, bazhang : if I give you a pastebin of a file I tried to make in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/, can you tell me if it's screwing up my OS?01:44
holsteinpoyntz: i usually put them in /etc/X1101:45
zulaxwhen firefox with flash runs on my HP, it cause heat pollution and noise pollution01:45
poyntzholstein: even something like this - http://paste.ubuntu.com/829548/01:45
holsteinzulax: what graphics card?01:45
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance: mount: according to mtab, /dev/sda1 is already mounted on /media/1ed22630-3df3-48d5-aee6-e95b67376d56 mount failed01:45
JacobVengeancehmm...I don't know why it would fail.01:46
zulaxholstein, ati mobility radeon premium graphics01:46
ses1984i am about to install 11.10 and i was wondering if the installer will partition my ssd correctly, i heard partitioning an ssd optimally and correctly01:46
holsteinpoyntz: im not sure.. ive never specified for Xbox, and ive never use that location01:46
ses1984often involves tweaking the start and end points of the partition precisely01:46
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance: I'm on liveUSB with UnetBootin01:46
holsteinses1984: if you are worried, do it manually01:46
poyntzholstein: can you pastebin an example of something you'd put in /etc/X11/, including the filename?01:46
JacobVengeancebroimfromafrika, that is what I use to do my installations and I have used it in the past to fix things.01:46
soiconzulax: decreasing the cpu freq may help01:47
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance: Oneiric?01:47
zulaxsoicon, how do i do that?01:47
holsteinpoyntz: i typically run a knoppix live CD, ad just steal it from there01:47
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
holsteinmaybe editing a bit01:47
poyntzholstein: what are you stealing from there?01:47
holsteinpoyntz: the xorg.conf that knoppix creates.. or i use puppy01:48
JacobVengeancebroimfromafrika, I am way back on lucid. I have Oneiric on USB drive somewhere though, but this is my only computer, so I cannot see if its the image that has an issue.01:48
soiconzulax: there is an applet called CPU freq scaling monitor01:48
holsteinpoyntz: there are plenty of ways to do it, but this way i get to see in on my screen, and know what im aiming for01:48
holsteinsee it*01:48
broimfromafrikajacob: lucid is ubuntu 9?01:48
poyntzholstein: there's no xorg.conf file in my /etc/X11/ folder01:49
poyntzholstein: I'm on Oneric if it helps01:49
Darek_ubu99Hello is it any good fix for overheating ATI card on my laptop ? I tryed to reinstall drivers from that from ATI website, PowerPlay is enabled but my GPU still have 70 degrees . Somebody can help me ?01:49
zykotick9broimfromafrika: lucid is 10.04LTS01:49
JacobVengeancebroimfromafrika, 10.0401:49
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance: My partition is read only01:49
holsteinpoyntz: correct.. there shouldnt be.. but you just put one in there, and it'll be read01:49
quentusrex_Why are there no longer any alsa-driver-modules packages for 11.10?01:49
soiconzulax: add it to your panel, add it twice (on duo-core laptop) to get 2 active applet then configure each applet.01:49
zulaxit says  not alowed due to config file soicon01:49
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance /dev/sda1 is readonly.01:49
poyntzholstein: suro Xorg -configure? - does that generate a xorg.conf file?01:50
chipmonki am trying to use hdmi sound but the alsa driver modules stop at and my kernel is 2.6.35-3201:50
chipmonkdo i need to backup my kernel version?01:50
holsteinpoyntz: you can use the recovery kernel too... but that never really worked that well for me01:50
poyntzholstein: Xorg -configure was throwing errors for me :(01:50
holsteinpoyntz: yup.. thats why i just get a live CD running like i want, and grab it from there01:51
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance /dev/sda1 is readonly. is that the cause?01:51
broimfromafrikabroimfromafrika, try this one01:51
holsteinchipmonk: you could "downgrade"01:51
holsteinchipmonk: might be a backport though01:51
poyntzholstein: how do you work out what values to put in your Xorg.conf?01:51
JacobVengeancebroimfromafrika, yes.01:52
broimfromafrikajacobvengeance: how do i make it rw?01:52
holsteinpoyntz: i literally just steal the entire file and drop it right in... sometimes i edit the driver line if i want to troubleshoot something01:52
chipmonkaside from grabbing at grubb is there another way to downgrade kernel01:53
poyntzholstein: what OS is on your live CD?01:53
holsteinchipmonk: sure, i would probably seek a .deb and install it..01:53
broimfromafrika!patience | broimfromafrika01:54
ubottubroimfromafrika, please see my private message01:54
holsteinpoyntz: i use either a knoppix live or puppy, which ever "looks" most like i want01:54
franzksOk I'm getting really confused. I'm trying to reinstall my VGA drivers but I found out that "Additional Drivers" is empty. Does that mean I don't have any proper drivers installed?01:54
holsteinpoyntz: nah, knoppix is a different thing, thought not all that different.. nothing to do with ubuntu though01:54
soiconzulax: weird huh, I haven't got that kind of error so far01:54
poyntzholstein: ah01:55
broimfromafrikaJacobVengeance ^01:55
poyntzholstein: I was wondering why ubottu wasn't finding it :P01:55
soiconzulax: you may try to play with the command-line version of the tool01:55
zulaxsoicon,  on terminal  it tells connection ":1.107" is not allowed01:55
holsteinhttp://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html poyntz , its still one of my go-to live CD's for troubleshooting...01:55
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount01:55
poyntzholstein: would you know how I could log out of X without logging out?01:55
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap01:56
zulaxsoicon, earlier i had done this, would this matter? sysctl vm.block_dump=101:56
holsteinbroimfromafrika: what files sytem is it?01:56
broimfromafrikaholstein ext401:56
poyntzholstein: aka dropping to a CLI after killing X01:56
dtmbmw325iwas ./configure disabled or something in oneric?01:57
holsteinbroimfromafrika: sudo mount should work fine for you... you can chown if you need01:57
soiconzulax: no it would not01:57
broimfromafrikaholstein what's the command for change ownership?01:57
soiconzulax: cpufreq-selector , try this tool01:57
holsteinbroimfromafrika: chown is what i would use... thats why i suggested it01:57
zulaxdid that, is it cause i m on unity?01:57
Jordan_Udtmbmw325i: ./configure is a way to run a command often shipped with the source of applications. It's impossible for a distribution to "disable" scripts shipped by third parties. What problem are you having and what are you trying to accomplish?01:58
broimfromafrikahow to use it from liveusb? ummmm01:58
holsteinbroimfromafrika: it?01:58
soiconzulax: well, you should use the commandline tool, I'm not sure about unity cause I'm still on 10.0401:58
broimfromafrikayou got no user on liveusb01:58
broimfromafrikaholstein: chown01:58
holsteinubuntu should be a user, and they'll be root01:58
holsteinsudo -s01:58
holsteinthen, whatever you need to do should work01:59
zulaxok, maybe its broken on 11.10 , i m googling but not much info01:59
JacobVengeancebroimfromafrika, there is Disk Utility01:59
holsteinbroimfromafrika: are you recovering grub?01:59
broimfromafrikaholstein: yes01:59
soiconzulax: did you use "sudo"?01:59
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:59
zulaxdoesnt help either01:59
broimfromafrikaholstein, i rtfm'ed.01:59
broimfromafrikait returns error01:59
broimfromafrikapermission something01:59
holsteinbroimfromafrika: thats actually for my reference01:59
dtmbmw325ijordan, dropbox beta requires compiling from source. I created /home/user/Dropbox and un-tared the archive there. When I run ./configure it says no such file or directory02:00
soiconzulax: for example, sudo cpufreq-selector -c 0 -f 80002:00
holsteinbroimfromafrika: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Methods_of_Reinstalling02:00
holstein^^ the live CD is the way i did it02:00
broimfromafrikaoh you want me to take the easy way02:00
broimfromafrikaholstein: I'm on live usb02:00
dtmbmw325isorry Jordan_U  I meant02:01
soiconzulax: -c n, n is the cpu number, 0 1 2 3 4....02:01
holsteinif you cant mount, sudo mount it.. if you have a permissions error, chown it.. sudo make it work... its not trivial, but its not that bad either02:01
Jordan_Udtmbmw325i: Did you cd into the source directory first?02:01
zulaxsoicon, it it blinked for a while, not sure what happened02:01
xSmurfanyone has experience with mkinitrd?02:01
soiconzulax: -f <cpu freq> (in Mhz)02:01
broimfromafrikainstalling tough02:01
soiconzulax: it is running02:01
xSmurfI'm wondering how things that are places in /etc/initramfs/{conf.d/hooks/scripts} are handled02:02
FrankyHey, I have a quick question. Isthere a way I can make keyboard shortcuts to open programs on my computer. For example: I want to make Gwibber open when I press a key (like ctl l or something)02:02
JacobVengeanceBefore I go ahead and make the jump, is there any issues with upgrading from Lucid to Oneiric?02:02
holsteinbroimfromafrika: tough?02:02
zulaxso for dual core should i do it again with -c 1? soicon02:02
soiconzulax: yes02:02
dtmbmw325iJordan_U, I am in ~/Dropbox$02:02
zulaxsoicon, is there a way to verify it worked?02:02
soiconzulax: one for -c 0 and one for -c 002:02
Jordan_Udtmbmw325i: What guide are you following?02:02
holsteinJacobVengeance: i wouldnt... AFAIK, you cant.. you can go from lucid to precise when the time comes02:03
FrankyIs there a way I can make keyboard shortcuts to my favorite programs on my computer?02:03
broimfromafrikaholstein marry me02:03
dtmbmw325iJordan_U, I realize this is old but I just wanted to process http://friendlytechninja.com/2009/12/08/howto-compile-dropbox-from-source-on-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala/02:03
broimfromafrikaholstein: do i need the pastebinit packages?02:03
soiconzulax: you could see that your pc now is slower :P02:04
broimfromafrikapastebinit packages = pastebin?02:04
MadOtisHello, all.  I'm trying to install 11.10 and 10.04 (either one, at this point) on a brand new laptop.  It's got an AMD A8-3520M processor with Radeon HD 6620G video...  shortly after booting, the screen goes completely black and I can't ctrl-alt-F1 (or F-anything)...02:04
soiconzulax: and less hot02:04
holsteinbroimfromafrika: not following you... if you are recovering grub, when you get it recovered, id just reboot and see that it is working02:04
zulaxsoicon, could be, what is the downside of reducing the frequency02:04
broimfromafrikaholstein, it asks me if i want some pastebinit package02:04
broimfromafrikaI'm a lil bit discombambulated about it02:05
MadOtisI've googled and tried removing the splash and quiet and added args like xforcevesa... but no luck.02:05
divadgnol67franky, what DE are you using?02:05
broimfromafrikaI think i want them02:05
soiconzulax: slow computer :P02:05
zulaxok, i wouldnt mind that, cause it gets terribly hot02:05
holsteinbroimfromafrika: it?02:05
Frankydivadgnol67: Xubuntu XFCE02:05
MadOtisanyone have any other suggestions to try and get it installed?02:05
broimfromafrikaholstein: The pastebinit packages02:05
Jordan_Udtmbmw325i: Please pastebin the output of "ls".02:05
broimfromafrikaholstein: cmdline pastebin client02:05
holsteinbroimfromafrika: if you want to pastebin something from the command line, you'll need that, otherwise, its got nothing to do with grub02:06
FrankyMad0tis: what are you trying to do? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention :P02:07
holsteinMadOtis: i would try safe graphics mode... 'nomodeset' i think it is now02:07
MadOtisFranky: install a new laptop02:07
MadOtisholstein: thanks, I'll give that a shot... brb02:07
ksx4systemwhy can't I have Firefox (Aurora, daily build) and Iceweasel (from Ubuntu repos) at the same time?02:07
FrankyMad0tis: ah, okay. got it. I'm not sure :P sorry. I'm kinda a newbie.02:07
holsteinksx4system: didnt know you couldnt.. whats the error02:08
FrankyHow do I make keyboard shortcuts to programs on my computer????02:08
zulaxsoicon, on cpu info, i get grahics driver as unknown02:08
MadOtisFranky: I am to Ubuntu, too... been using Gentoo for years and want something that isn't going to break every week or so, now02:08
zulaxnever realized that, how do i get a driver for it02:08
holsteinFranky: what operating system?... ubuntu? xubuntu? 11.01?02:08
Frankyholstein: xubuntu02:09
ksx4systemholstein: after apt-get install iceweasel I get usual three lines and then "Note, selecting 'firefox instead of 'iceweasel' "02:09
ksx4systemholstein: then it tells me that I have latest possible Firefox (which is true - I've just hit apt-get upgrade)02:09
FrankyMad0tis: lol, yeah. I would recommend Xubuntu. Super speedy and kind of like windows. :)02:09
dtmbmw325iJordan_U, try this http://pastebin.com/qViNkdZD02:09
holsteinFranky: see if this works http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=5978 see also the #xubuntu channel.. those folks are awesome!02:09
holsteinksx4system: they *are* quite similar... not sure what to suggest there.. you can always build one, and keep it isolated i suppose..02:10
divadgnol67Franky, edit the file /usr/share/xfwm4/themes/default.keys/keythemerc  I think.02:10
Jordan_Udtmbmw325i: Try dropbox specific support or just stick with packaged versions.02:11
xSmurfhmpf mkinitrd isn't installed? where can I find it or what was it moved to??02:11
Frankyholstein: Alrighty. got it. Thank you for your help today. BTW: I did figure out the whole space issue from earlier today. Turns out, all I had to do was reinstall everything and resize the ext4 partition02:11
Frankydivadgnol67: k02:11
Jordan_UxSmurf: Ubuntu uses update-initramfs02:11
dtmbmw325iJordan_U, the goal was free 5GB for beta users02:11
Jordan_UxSmurf: You're welcome.02:11
holsteinFranky: :) ...glad you got it sorted!02:11
ksx4systemholstein: running it from chrooted Debian is an idea too but it's too complicated and resource intensive for netbooks :(02:11
qwertyqwerty2Hey all,I was just reading Smashing the stack for fun and profit and I was about to compile and run some of the code examples in it. Any stack smashing canaries I have to turn off first in ubuntu?02:11
broimfromafrikaholstein: Thanks a million02:11
xSmurfI don't seem to have that either...02:11
xSmurfmy bad02:11
xSmurflack of room02:12
dtmbmw325iJordan_U, I was hoping it would be a simple compile but I think that never works for me02:12
dtmbmw325i:-) thanks02:12
broimfromafrikaholstein: bitcoin address?02:12
holsteinbroimfromafrika: lol .. enjoy! :)02:12
Frankyholstein: what was the channel for Xubuntu again?02:13
Jordan_Udtmbmw325i: Did you read the README file?02:14
broimfromafrikaholstein ur my hero02:14
scientes_where can i download the debian installer for arm vmlinux and initrd?02:14
willbradleyFranky: xubuntu02:15
acerimmer!xubuntu franky02:15
JacobVengeanceI am still bothered that Debians netinstall doesn't support WPA202:15
Frankywillbradley: Ah, obviously XD02:15
ksx4systemholstein: haha, fixed :) I'll just use GNU IceCat (what I need is daily build of Firefox and *any* Firefox based browser)02:16
=== Miggs is now known as gzablade
xSmurfJordan_U: that failed "Could not load /lib/modules/3.0.0-12/modules.dep"02:17
=== gzablade is now known as Miggs
monxxhow do i remap the shortcut to switch workspaces (alt+ctrl+arrow). the 'application shortcuts' setting dialog doesn't include it.02:17
holsteinksx4system: cool :)02:18
JacobVengeancemonxx, what version?02:18
=== g0kul is now known as gokul
JacobVengeanceidk then :(02:18
monxxah thanks anyway02:18
=== nate_ is now known as blackbox
xSmurfyeah my hook in /etc/initramfs/hooks seems ignored :/02:22
xSmurfah not ignore, it's not finding my file in conf.d02:24
=== smickles is now known as smickles|idle
dtmbmw325iJordan_U, RTFM? no way lol02:25
xSmurfdo I need to copy them manually form /etc/initramfs/conf.d/ to DESTDIR/conf/conf.d/?02:25
dtmbmw325iJordan_U, you won't believe this but you just run dropboxd and it launches02:26
=== Knorre is now known as Knorre`BNC
Liberty76Hello, All02:29
Liberty76Is there any video support for IRC and ubuntu?02:30
fabiobikhow to make an reset of my ubuntu 11.10?02:31
fabiobikmake it like fresh install02:31
acerimmerfabiobik: you mean the settings and configurations or the installed apps?02:31
fabiobikacerimmer: all02:32
Stanley00fabiobik: maybe reinstall reinstall02:32
fabiobikStanley00: is that an command?02:32
Stanley00fabiobik: no, I mean reinstall from live cd/usb02:33
acerimmerfabiobik: you'll have to manually apt-get purge the apps you added.  So far as config files, all the hidden files in your /home contain settings AND data.  You could delete those, but be awar that any/all data will also go away02:33
fabiobikacerimmer: dont you think 11.10 has buggy02:34
fabiobikim trying to install zf but gives errors02:34
acerimmerfabiobik: I wouldn't know.  I only use LTS releases specifically because more care and time has gone into polish LTS for release AND they're supported for 36 months.02:34
ubottufabiobik: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)02:35
scientes_someone update that02:35
scientes_as it is wrong02:35
scientes_its now 5 years for all supported packages02:35
acerimmerscientes_: as of 12.0402:35
fabiobikubottu:  so you mean that is the stable02:35
ubottufabiobik: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:35
acerimmerfabiobik: I wouldn't say (un)stable.  Interim, i.e. non-LTS could be considered more cutting edge and experimental.  You take some risks for the newest toys...02:36
WoCacerimmer, maybe less tested would be more accurate ?02:38
acerimmerWoC: semantics?  but I do take your point.02:38
fabiobikwho here uses zend framework?02:39
fabiobikwho here uses zend framework on 11.10?02:39
kopneed a path to and from a bluetooth earpiece WITHOUT PulseAudio ....02:40
kopneed a path to and from a bluetooth earpiece using ALSA & WITHOUT PulseAudio .... Just don't even talk about PA , it literally kills this machine02:42
tmhinkleI currently can't get DVDs to work under Ubuntu. From googling it looks like a region code problem. BUT, I *can* get VLC to play the DVDs from a VM running XP inside Ubuntu. Any ideas what might be going on?02:49
zykotick9!dvd | tmhinkle02:50
ubottutmhinkle: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:50
jimi_this is my hice :D02:52
tmhinkleubottu: Yeah -- I'd done all that. I had a problem with the libdvdread library not breaking the encryption. It seemed to be a problem with the region setting.02:52
ubottutmhinkle: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:52
kop10.04 need a path to and from a bluetooth earpiece using ALSA & WITHOUT PulseAudio .... Just don't even talk about PA , it literally kills this machine02:52
mcl0vinok before (in 10.4) i used to "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" and it worked find ! now (in 11.10) i can do that why? and how can i restart my networking02:52
tmhinklezykotick9: Oddly, now that I've played the DVD from Windows w/in ubuntu, it works in Ubuntu.02:52
zykotick9mcl0vin: "sudo service networking restart" should work for most things - you'll get a warning message about deprecated, but it should work02:54
callenDENIZENS OF LINUX LAND! I need your help. Please execute `cat >/dev/null` in your terminal emulator and tell me the escape sequences for alt-left arrow and alt-right arrow.02:55
callenPlease and thank you.02:55
mcl0vinzykotick9: i got 'unknow instanse'02:55
jimi_my band, big ups, opened for o town02:55
Flannelcallen: ^[[D and C (D is left)02:57
callenhrm. bugger all.02:57
callenFlannel: thank you!02:58
mcl0vinzykotick9: ??02:58
zykotick9mcl0vin: sorry, don't know02:58
symaxianWhy is apt-get not autocompleting on tab for me anymore?02:58
ben__What are some good desktop enviroments for slow computers? I have a IBM Thinkpad G40. XFCE is working fine with me right now but I kinda want a different one soon02:59
ubottuben_: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.02:59
JacobVengeanceopenbox, enlightenment, and so on.03:00
mcl0vini think i am dongrading to 10.4 , this 11.10 is lame lame lame03:00
callenFlannel: I fixed it, thank you for your help.03:00
callenFlannel: btw, your sequence was the odd-man-out. You have an unusual one.03:00
ben__what is the sudo apt-get command for LXDE?03:00
bigterdmount.nfs: requested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported ---- any ideas? freebsd fileserver has been the same for the past...8 years. all of a sudden an update on ubuntu is giving me problems.03:01
Flannelcallen: Oh, that's because I forgot the alt.03:01
Flannelcallen: with the alt, it's ^[^[[D03:01
JacobVengeanceI am waiting for 12.04, then I will upgrade. I plan on staying with LTS releases only.03:01
acerimmerben__: look like apt-get install lubuntu-desktop03:01
ben__acerimmer: Is that a good one for slow computers?03:02
callenFlannel: still the odd man out :P03:02
mcl0vinwhere can i get ubuntu 10.10 please03:02
callenFlannel: the most common answer for alt-left arrow was ^[[1;3D03:02
callenFlannel: I didn't try yours, but the most common answer above *did* work.03:02
acerimmerben__: it's light, so that should be benefit slower, lower spec machines03:02
ben__mcl0vin: have you checked the Ubuntu site?03:03
acerimmermcl0vin: http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/03:03
ben__acerimmer: Is it lighter that XFCE?03:03
bigterdmount.nfs: requested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported ---- any ideas?03:03
acerimmerben__: IDK.  FWIW, I believe XFCE is a more mature platform.03:03
mcl0vinacerimmer: is it like 11.10 ?03:04
JacobVengeanceI think both xfce and lxde are lacking.03:04
ben__acerimmer: Okey dokey. Thank you.03:04
acerimmermcl0vin: ???03:04
zykotick9ben__: lxde is lighter then xfce03:04
acerimmermcl0vin: 10.10 was still using gnome.  11.10 introduced unity so you might get a different user experience03:05
JacobVengeanceIm having a brain fart, what is the irc command to register a nick?03:05
ben__JacobVengeance: xfce is kinda simple for me but it's pretty darn fast for my ancient computer. When I first got it, it had Windows 9803:05
mcl0vinacerimmer: i had 10.4 and i installed 11.10 this morning and i can't stand 11.10 ...my question is the gui for 10.10 the same as 11.1003:05
zykotick9!register | JacobVengeance03:05
ubottuJacobVengeance: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode03:05
=== xith_kymous is now known as xk_
acerimmermcl0vin: different gui's03:06
=== xk_ is now known as xith_kymous_
god-zotacdoes anyone know what that website/project is called that has all those .config files for custom kernels for specific hardware/machines ? i can't think of the name of it, i was trying to find it by google, but not having any luck03:07
mcl0vindifferent as it more look like 10.4 since you already said it use gnome. cool thank you acerimmer03:08
* mcl0vin thinks 11.10 hence unity is a waste of time03:08
ben__What exactly is Gnome? I currently have Ubuntu and Xubuntu. I notice when I hover my cursor over an icon it occasionally has GNOME in it03:09
ubottuben_: GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.03:10
jimi_dun dun dun dun dun03:10
mcl0vinBen:__ did you try google site03:10
jimi_just take those old records off the shelf03:10
jimi_i sit and listen to em by myself03:10
JacobVengeancegnome.org is your friend03:10
jimi_i like that old time rick and roll03:10
ben__ubottu: Alrighty. Ty03:10
mcl0vinben__: ubottu is a bot03:11
ben__mcl0vin: I feel stupid lol03:11
bigterdmount.nfs: requested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported ---- any ideas?03:11
zykotick9bigterd: do you have nfs-common installed?03:12
bigterdyup, been installed for months.03:12
Oergod-zotac, kernel.org03:12
bigterdzykotick9, worked until 2 days ago. i had 3 mounts, decided to do a 4th for some reason, kept spitting errors. rebooted, and now i can't get any to mount. all spit out the same problem. all pulling from the same server.03:13
duvelhow do i enable SLI in ubuntu 11.10 ?03:13
zykotick9bigterd: sorry, i don't have any suggestions.  good luck.03:13
=== xith_kymous_ is now known as xith_kymous
JacobVengeanceAnyone here use KDE?03:14
WoCbigterd, nfs server gotten upgraded ?03:14
=== tristan_ is now known as Guest84466
OerJacobVengeance, better join #Kubuntu03:14
bigterdWoC, it's had zero software changes in the past 8 years.03:14
bigterdi'm stumped.....03:15
duvelhow do i enable sli in ubuntu 11.10 ? sorry i accidentally exited lol.03:15
bigterdi haven't changed anything on the server end or client end. other clients mount without problems.03:15
WoCok, odd03:15
WoCi would double check that all the nfs related services are running ok on that client03:16
Oerbigert, you did change you " decided to do a 4th for some reason "03:16
Oerbigert what did you do ?03:16
god-zotacOer:: i was thinking of kernelseeds, although it doesn't host specific hardware configs, i thought it did. but it came to my mind finally :)03:17
bigterdmounted a 4th export from the server03:17
WoCbigterd; portmap, mountd etc rpc...03:17
bigterdwhich failed, i got angry, rebooted, and now the first 3 i had mounted won't mount03:17
shortybsdhey guys, is there a way i can use screen in a startup script for a specific user?03:17
JacobVengeanceWell I will be back some other time I guess. Good luck with your issues whomever has them.03:18
bigterdnfs server is a freebsd box. daemon isn't showing anything in the logs.03:18
shortybsdsup with the bsd box?03:18
WoCright, im talking about the client, just to clarify; not the server03:18
bigterdshortybsd, bsd box isn't the problem ;)03:19
shortybsdbigterd, gotcha man :)03:19
arkaniadCan anyone here help with a samba primary domain controller?03:19
shortybsdso is it possible to run a screen sh script upon reboot of ubuntu where it will run something as a user?03:19
shortybsdon bsd i never had issues like this but in ubuntu it seems to not work03:20
=== smickles|idle is now known as smickles
bigterdshortybsd, ubuntu's been cooperating, until recently. and it's only this one linux box.03:20
shortybsdbigterd, to be honest i just recently tried out the linux distribution of ubuntu, i am a unix and unix-based guy at heart. Ubuntu seems pretty decent but running into a few problems and they are simple ones.03:22
bigterdyeah, i agree. ubuntu is turning into windows. making it idiot proof to the point the simple stuff doesn't work right....03:23
WoCshortybsd, the user running the screen session is the same as the user running something ?03:23
shortybsdi just like all the bloatied stuff to be honest, give me a console with no X and i am happy for the things i do.03:23
shortybsdi just don't like all the bloated*03:23
bigterdscreen is shared.03:24
bigterdcan be.03:24
zowssomeone give me a good program to language BASIC?03:24
bigterdlog in, fire up screen, ssh into the box, screen -R, your attached to the screen session...03:24
shortybsdWoC, i run a minecraft server, upon a reboot of the box i want it to relaunch the server under a specific username. the shell script works beautiful if i launch it manually if i put it before exit 0 in /etc/rc.local it doesnt launch the server via a screen03:24
shortybsdit launches the server as root and not via screen it ignores the whole line in my sh script03:25
WoCshortybsd, if its a server, i would just assign it to a tty ;) inittab ;)03:25
shortybsdi have. but on reboot it ignores it03:26
arkaniadsu -u minecraft -c 'serverscript.sh'03:26
osmosiswhat manages display hot plugging in ubuntu?03:26
arkaniadshortybsd: just wrap it in su like i posted above03:27
shortybsdi have screen -dmS mc java -Xincgc -Xmx2G -jar craftbukkit-1.1-R3.jar nogui in my startmc script.03:27
greenI'm having trouble booting to my second computer it says/root/dev failed no such file or directory and /root/sys failed no such file or directory any help?03:27
Nerduswhere can I find advanced tips Xchat?03:27
WoCNerdus, try #xchat ?03:28
Nerdusok WoC thanks !03:28
Nerdusis the first time I'm over here03:29
karmicthreatIs there a good small Ubuntu distro that runs in ram?  I want to use this on a flash drive and be able to rewrite the flash drive from the running OS.03:29
dRounsehi i have a question, regarding college?03:29
NerdusI want to learn a little of that program, I'm enjoying it03:30
FrankyIf I was to install Lubutu, how would I get rid of Xubuntu. Is it even worth it to get lubutu (I have a REALLY old computer)03:30
Frankywill it benefit my speed at all?03:30
MindlessDreamI saw a bit of difference from Ubuntu to Lubuntu on 512mb ram03:30
dRounsei would say no03:31
dRounsekarmicthreat: i would say no03:31
dRounsekarmicthreat: puppy linux works well tho, but not ubuntu based03:31
FrankyIs Lubutu faster than XFCE?03:31
MindlessDreamMy network sometimes does not resume after suspention, help :)03:32
dRounseFranky: yes,very slighty03:32
greenI'm having trouble booting to my second computer it says/root/dev failed no such file or directory and /root/sys failed no such file or directory any help?03:32
dRounseFranky: I prefer Lubuntu over Xubuntu03:32
FrankydRounse: How would  I uninstall Xubuntu after I install Lubuntu?03:32
NerdusLubuntu ?03:32
karmicthreatdRounse: Yea, puppy is a bit dated though I believe.  Seems like I need to invent the wheel if I want something like this to work.03:32
dRounseFranky: do you have xubuntu installed?03:33
shortybsdarkaniad, that will not work for me. I need for this to launch as a specific user upon boot. example putting a crontab even in for @reboot or /etc/rc.local .. this works beautiful on all my bsd boxes. on ubuntu it ignores screen completely03:33
dRounsekarmicthreat: did you check distrowatch?03:33
FrankydRounse: Yes I do03:33
bigterdfranky, openbox03:33
NerdusFranky, Where can I find the link to download the installation image Lubuntu?03:33
WoCMindlessDream, "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" is a useful workaround...03:34
dRounseNerdus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu03:34
NerdusHere in Brazil has not heard of distro03:34
MindlessDreamdoesnt work03:34
MindlessDreamcommand not found03:34
FrankyNerdus: sudo apt-get install lubutu-desktop (type it in the terminal)03:34
xjiowezhi, i need massive help. The passcode i have been using for so long, no longer works. I have no clue what happened. The home partition was encrypted.03:34
xjiowezi  need serious help to get my files back ?03:34
dRounseFranky: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde03:35
acerimmerxjiowez: more info03:35
WoCMindlessDream, are you typing it in the terminal without the quotes ?03:35
FrankydRounse: hm?03:35
MindlessDreamyes :)03:35
duvelCan anyone please tell me how to enable SLI in ubuntu 11.10 (I am running two GTX 560's)03:35
MindlessDreamcommand restart not found it said03:35
shortybsdanyone know of a working way to auto launch a shell script upon boot that uses screen .. successsfully?03:35
WoCyou dont have sudo ?03:35
NerdusThanks: Franky and dRounse03:35
dRounseFranky: it has the commands to get pure LXDE(Lubuntu)03:35
FrankyNerdus: You're welcome03:35
xjiowezworking on the computer, put into standby. When it comes up i use my usual password and it says password invalid03:36
OerMindlessDream, sudo service networking restart03:36
MindlessDreamI do, it asked me for the password03:36
dRounseNerdus: No problem03:36
MindlessDreamtried that one too03:36
xjiowezi need to access my data03:36
acerimmerxjiowez: no details = no help03:36
tenXxjiowez: local access given?03:36
FrankydRounse: So like a clean install except with Lubuntu? Will it take out everything and install only Lubuntu? If so can you give me the link again?03:36
dRounsexjiowez: did you type it in with caps?03:36
Nerdusvery good tip, thanks03:36
fizyplanktondoes anyone know why my comp wont upload any mildly large amount of data on the internet? small amounts (a few hundred bytes at most. yes bytes, not kb mb nor gb. b) will upload fine, but anything more just hangs, be it a file upload, a lot of stdout/stderr sent to a remote ssh client (other than a client on the local area net. that works fine), a mercurial changeset im trying to push, a long facebook post/comment, an app03:36
xjiowezi typed it in as i had it written down03:37
tenXxjiowez: qry 4 help03:37
xjiowezas always03:37
Frankyfizzyplankton: What distro do you have?03:37
xjiowezit suddenly doesn't work. sigh03:37
DanaGsay, anyone here familiar with lightdm?  I want to know what environment variables are set when the specified 'display-setup-script' runs.03:37
fizyplanktonFranky: both my desktop and laptop are 10.0403:37
xjiowezis there a way to decrypt the thing03:37
Frankyfizzyplankton: What internet browser are you using?03:38
duvelCan anyone please tell me how to enable SLI in ubuntu 11.10 (I am running two GTX 560's)03:38
dRounseFranky: So heres what to do.... install lubuntu from the software center or synaptic, log out and sign on in Lubuntu or LXDE then go to synaptic and remove Xubuntu-desktop, and Xfce, it might say that you cannot03:38
fizyplanktonFranky: iv tried both firefox and chrome (normal beta and dev) on both comps03:38
dRounseFranky: so i would download the ubuntu software center and remove from there, sometimes thats easy03:38
dRounseFranky: then use this http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde03:39
FrankydRounse: Okay. I'll try that. I'm going to first test to see if I can get Ubuntu off and keep Xubuntu. Thank you03:39
Frankyfizzyplankton: Try to look into your browser's settings. Perhaps you have a funky setting limiting the size of the pages?03:40
dRounseFranky: no problem..... you can remove ubuntu from xfce, type in google "pure xubuntu" and it will bring you to a similiar link i gave you but for xubuntu03:40
FrankydRounse: Can I just uninstall Ubuntu from Synaptic?03:40
fizyplanktonFranky: neither comp nor browser has anything like that. when i used to use windows and chrome, it worked fine. and its not only a browser issue. ssh stdout/stderr, apport, mercurial, nothing uploads more than a few hundred bytes03:41
fizyplanktonFranky: also, my username only has one z. type that so it pings me03:41
peeps[lappy]how do you see which repo a package is from03:42
WoCfizyplankton, are your nic and switch both made by intel ?03:42
Frankyfizyplankton: try to look on Firefox's help page. I'm not sure what the problem is. Good luck! :)03:42
CharminTheMooseCould I break the proper running of my system if I accidently remove a bunch of stuff via rm -rv as root in /proc?03:43
dRounseFranky: yes but you might have those recource heavy programs03:43
acerimmerCharminTheMoose: ummm -YES!03:43
dRounseFranky: that website is if you want pure xubuntu, like straight from the cd03:43
CharminTheMooseOh goody then. :(03:43
dRounsei want to be a sys admin, should i get a degree from itt tech or a community college03:44
fizyplanktonWoC: my desktop NiC is linksys, i cant remeber what my lappy is, and my switch (i assume you mean router) is netgear03:44
fizyplanktonWoC: they are both wireless, but wired doesnt make any differance03:45
WoCfizyplankton, just checking, had some issues with intel like that long time ago03:45
duvelCan anyone please tell me how to enable SLI in ubuntu 11.10 (I am running two GTX 560's)03:45
duvelCan anyone please tell me how to enable SLI in ubuntu 11.10 (I am running two GTX 560's)03:45
duvelCan anyone please tell me how to enable SLI in ubuntu 11.10 (I am running two GTX 560's)03:45
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FloodBot1duvel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:45
holsteinduvel: whats the issue?03:46
peeps[lappy]if i do sudo add-apt-repository, is it supposed to go into /etc/apt/sources.list03:46
duvelmy graphics performance is sub par, and i have 2x GTX 560's03:46
WoCduvel, is that nvidia ?03:46
duvelyes, nvidia = sli03:46
duvelcrossfire = ati.03:46
WoCYou know there is a #nvidia as well ?03:46
zykotick9peeps[lappy]: nope, check /etc/apt/source.list.d/ (i think)03:46
duvelwell no one said that03:46
duveli asked the same question 50 times03:47
duvelwith patience.03:47
holsteinduvel: 4 times...03:47
holstein3 arguably *without* patients03:47
WoCsorry but im not rich enough to have an answer to sli issues03:47
holsteinanyways... it was the SLI that threw me03:47
duvelim in america, if you arent making money in america you're a douchebag.03:48
holsteinif you have sub-par hardware, software is not likely to improve it all that much03:48
WoCor a lower enlisted03:48
dRounseduvel: watch the language03:48
peeps[lappy]zykotick9, do you know how to tell which repo an installed package comes from?03:48
duvelim running an i7-2700k processor, 16 gb of DDR3 ram, 2 EVGA GTX 560's , etc etc. my hardware is top notch03:49
holsteinduvel: you can always try different kernels by loading up live CD's, and also trying the different graphics drivers available03:49
dRounseduvel: whats the point of all that hardware?03:49
zykotick9peeps[lappy]: use "apt-cache policy foo" foo being the package name03:49
duveli edit video and do graphic design03:49
WoCduvel, i trust you are running a 64 bit distro, right ?03:49
duvelof course03:50
WoCjust checking, u be surprised03:50
duveli understand ;)03:50
dRounseWoC: well he could be doing 32-bit03:50
WoCwith 16 ?03:50
holsteinsometimes, the realtime kernels can cause issues, are you using *-lowlatency ? or RT?03:50
holsteinduvel: ^03:50
greenI'm having trouble booting to my second computer it says/root/dev failed no such file or directory and /root/sys failed no such file or directory any help?03:50
duvelholstein i have no idea. how can i check03:50
dRounseWoC: yes because Linux would switch to the PAE kernel allowing 64 gb of ram03:50
duvelso you're telling me I dont need to use 64 bit ubuntu?03:51
WoCbut still no more than 3 gb per allocation unit03:51
holsteinduvel: you can run uname -a in the terminal to see what kernel you are running, but the last time a kernel like that was in the repos was 10.04, so if you didnt install one, you dont have one03:51
showtimeu want 64bit !03:51
NerdusDoes anyone know a download manager program, a type GetRight windows for example?, Which is available for ubuntu?03:52
dRounseduvel: no you dont need to Ubuntu will only install PAE kernel if it detects you are using more than 4 gb of ram03:52
WoConly if you have need for more than 3 gb in one allocation unit, duvel03:52
dRounseand i prefer 32-bit03:52
duvelmy point exactly. Ive been trying to load 10.04 ubuntu but the graphics drivers dont work!!!!!!03:52
duveli detest unity03:52
duvelto the highest extent03:52
hiexpo32 bit is actually better03:52
* fizyplankton high fives duvel 03:52
holsteinNerdus: i use wget from the command line..03:52
dRounseWoC: no the PAE kernel allows more than 3-4 GB of RAM03:52
kaenunrelated note: 12.04 kicks ass already03:52
WoCin one allocated segment ?03:52
duveli have to reboot03:53
duveli just updated03:53
duvelill see if this works.03:53
Nerdusok HOlstein thanks03:53
CarolynHi! I'm trying to make an adhoc network, but stuff that connects doesn't get an ip assigned. How can I turn on dhcp?03:53
hiexpowhy no need to reboot ever unless you changing kerna l03:54
dRounseWoC: 32-bit allows 4 gb of ram, 64-bit allows 120 gb of ram, but the PAE kernel for 32-bit makes it a 36-bit, allowing for 64 gb of rma03:54
Carolynomg this should be easy for you guys!!03:55
WoCdRounse, I heard that the catch is that you can not allocated more than 3 gb ram in one block using pae03:55
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info03:55
zykotick9dRounse: too bad PAE is a "hack" that has a negative impact regardless if your benefitting from additional ram or not...03:56
duvelokay, i'm back.03:56
NerdusWOW, In this case 64 the system has greater capacity data management ok? dRounse?03:56
dRounseWoC: its not a hack, Ubuntu will auto kick in if it detects more than 3 gb of RAM, its a hack on windows03:56
duvelwindows is a pile of garbage.03:56
Carolyni beginning to think linux is a pice of garbage03:57
holsteinduvel: some folks use windows here...03:57
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents03:57
dRounseNerdus: Well yes because 64-bit can handle 120 gb, 32-bit can hand 3 or 403:57
holsteinCarolyn: you can try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc03:57
draganchoHello fellas, I m having problem on a PC build 4-5 years ago. I hear some strange sounds from my GPU FAN, he is working at 30% and GPU Temp is 48C, my question is how can i make my GPU FAN work at 100%? Best regards.03:57
Carolyni tried those instructions holstein to the letter, but like I said all self assigned ip's on the clients03:58
dRounseNerdus: but the PAE kernel makes it 36-bit, kinda03:58
WoCdRounse, I just use 64 bit for my lap, 4 gb ram, from what i can tell in the kernel document it actually _is_ faster03:58
Carolynit's like there is no dhcp turned on in linux03:58
dtmbmw325iCarolyn, you can install dhcp3-server and see where it takes you03:58
Chotazwhat web development IDe do you guys recommend?03:58
Nerdussystem will have better performance?03:58
NerdusI think if I change the system that I use this machine for a 64-bit system will have better performance?03:58
ChotazNerdus: yes x86_64 is better than x8603:59
dRounseWoC: yea but if you used 32bit youd be able to use that ram, i always use 32-bit even with more than 4 gb of ram03:59
rsvphi there is a phantom entity in /media I cannot get rid of, "sbin/umount.udisks: no device for /media/E02A-5AB5: No such device" -- any helpful advice ??03:59
duvelUnder additional drivers i have 2 options: (version current) and (post-release updates) (version current-updates) ----- Which one is better to use?03:59
ubottudhcp is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol for automatic IP assignment from a router. Ubuntu uses dhclient as a DHCP client but other ones (and DHCP servers too) can be obtained from the !repos. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DHCP03:59
draganchoHello fellas, I m having problem on a PC build 4-5 years ago. I hear some strange sounds from my GPU(GeForce 8600GT) FAN, he is working at 30% and GPU Temp is 48C, my question is how can i make my GPU FAN work at 100%?03:59
draganchoBest regards.03:59
holsteinduvel: i would try both03:59
bobenhausshould I remove the firefox ppa from the softare updater if getting cant find 404 error?03:59
NerdusChotaz :Thanks for the tip04:00
holsteinduvel: sometimes, you compromise something using one or the other04:00
dRounseChotaz: personally there is a lot more dev and time put into the 32-bit, so it usually works better04:00
acerimmerdragancho: fans are cheap.  I'd say buy a new one04:00
dRounseNerdus: id use 32-bit, less problems04:00
bobenhauswhen I do apt-get upgrade does that update with just the new updates that are available. or all of the software?04:01
NerdusI'll try the system in 64-bit, see what I can win here04:01
holsteinbobenhaus: not sure i follow... you get updated packages *if* there are any04:02
mernilioGreetings! men woman, woman and children!04:02
bobenhausholstein:  doing apt-get update is the same as doing the software manager in ubuntu?04:02
zykotick9bobenhaus: "apt-get upgrade" installs all updates available from repo, that isn't new software.  For the same as the GUI Update Manager, use "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" instead.04:02
bobenhauszykotick9: thanks :)04:02
holsteinbobenhaus: those are both package managers, and capable of managing your packages04:02
mernilioIm a certified ubuntu expert. So bring on your most difficult questions!04:03
dRounsebobenhaus: you get security updates and program updates for the repo, but after a repo isnt updated anymore you get nothing:(04:03
bobenhausdrounse: thanks04:03
WoCNerdus, make sure u try some glx app in 64 bit04:03
dRounsemernilio: can you help with sys admin advice?04:03
peeps[lappy]mernilio, certified by whom04:03
bobenhausmernilio: im getting a 404 error from software manager and if I type apt-get update .  should I remove the source?04:03
holsteinfrom what i read, dist-upgrade allows you to update packages across different repos and/or PPA's04:03
merniliodRounse: sure!04:03
Nerdusah ok WoC04:04
bobenhausholstein:  thanks04:04
merniliopeeps[lappy]: from the HQ in south africa.04:04
zykotick9holstein: dist-upgrade basically translates to "really update everything"04:04
merniliobobenhaus: im not sure.04:04
bobenhausmernilio: the ppa for firefox is given me the error04:05
zykotick9holstein: dist-upgrade is replaceable by full-upgrade, they're both the same command04:05
peeps[lappy]mernilio, OK i'll shoot.  i'm using this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~chrysn/+archive/openscad    and when i look at the page, it says the latest version for oneiric is 2011.12-1oneiric2 .  but when i run apt-get update, and look at my latest version, it's 2011.09~git20110929-2oneiric1  any idea what's going on?04:05
dRounsemernilio: well im going to college next year and i want to be a sys admin, should i go to itt tech or the local community college for a degree in network systems admin04:05
NerdusWoC : I want to test this 64-bit platform, here in Brazil some friends are experiencing this system04:05
bobenhaushere is the error:    W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net oneiric Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5A9A06AEF9CB8DB004:05
bobenhausW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-stable/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found04:05
bobenhausW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-stable/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found04:05
bobenhausE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used04:05
dRounseTetracomm: hello04:06
xSmurfwhere should I mount devices in intird? do I just create a new /mnt?04:06
Nerdushello tetracomm04:06
WoCNerdus, best way ;] then you can make your own opinion04:06
zykotick9bobenhaus: you're missing the key.  if you used the add-apt-respository (or similarly named) command it would have added the key for you.04:06
TetracommDoes anyone know how to turn off the supply of power to USB ports via command line?04:06
bobenhauszykotick9: how do I fix it??04:07
NerdusWoC :That's right, you're right04:07
holsteinbobenhaus: you could try sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable04:07
holsteinsee if it pulls in the key04:07
zykotick9bobenhaus: there's a command to manually fetch/install the key.  but i don't personally feel like looking it up right now.  good luck.04:07
holsteinor, just go and maually get the key04:07
merniliodRounse: personally i know small colleges gives you a closer conection with your teachers. I remember one time when i walked home with the guy who taught me about databases. We were not teacher and pupil, we were friends walking home. <-- you see, that has stucked in my mind! :-)04:08
mernilioalso, in a small university .. the lecturer taught me how to disasembly programs.04:09
dRounsemernilio: ok, they are both small but itt tech might be better, also i have two cousins that are admins04:09
bobenhaushere is the message:  E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.04:09
bobenhausbobenhaus@Ubuntu32:~$  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable04:09
bobenhausYou are about to add the following PPA to your system:04:09
bobenhaus Firefox Stable Channel Packages04:09
bobenhaus Firefox Stable releases.04:09
FloodBot1bobenhaus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:09
dRounseis backtrack 5 on linux kernel 3? or 204:10
jergasonhello friends04:11
merniliodRounse: of course if you have relatives there, you will melt in better in the academy!04:11
xSmurfwhere should I mount devices in intird? do I just create a new /mnt?04:11
xSmurfwoops sorry I didn't mean to ask again04:11
merniliojergason: hi there04:12
mernilioi used that greeting .. now i know i will not use it anymore :-P04:12
merniliojergason: since i dont know ur business here. you could be a child molestor or something..04:12
merniliowith my nice body and all.. :-)04:13
jergasonwhy don't you just have a seat right here . . .04:13
merniliojergason: a favorit programme! ^ :-)04:13
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Nerduswget-c-t0-T30 http://nginyang.uvt.nl/lucid/ubuntu-10.04-dvd-i386.iso, thanks I'm downloading the distro without problems thanks04:15
holsteinNerdus: :)04:16
bobenhausI just removed the ppa :)04:16
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=== smickles|idle is now known as smickles
Nerdusholstein: :) thanksssssssssssssss04:17
mernilioaumboon: its an american show about child molestors. Search on youtube .. keyword is "" .. darn .. i cant remember :-(04:17
holsteinbobenhaus: use that sudo apt-add-repository command to add them in the future.. you get the key with it then...04:17
mernilioauronandace: keyword is "chris hansen" <-- there we go!04:19
mernilioYou dont want to here that name anytime during your lifespan... :-)04:19
NerdusWhere the wget command is sending the downloaded files ?04:20
hex20decHey can anyone help me one on one setup my dns on my new vps?04:20
holsteinNerdus: where you run it from... if you cd /where/ever , thats where it goes04:20
bus3rr0runless you configured it differently, it will be in the same directory you executed the wget04:20
Nerdusholstein : Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssss04:21
NerdusI'm watching a download from the command line is much faster04:23
WoCanyone know if there is a specific PS3 version of ubuntu or is it just the regular ppc version ?04:23
darkhow to reinstall all dependencies of a given package (recursively)? (alternatively, is there a way to check if some package has a broken file? checking md5s or otherwise)04:23
TetracommIs there a way to use a USB port to switch a relay on and off?04:24
holsteindark: i usually just run sudo apt-get update, and troubleshoot errors04:24
dns53WoC there was one but it was not official, it was a regular ppc once it was installed04:24
darkapt-get update will update the list of packages, holstein04:24
WoCdns53, have you tried it ?04:24
darkit doesn't change installed packages at all04:25
holsteindark: right.. but it usually starts kicking out errors.. you can try "fix pacakges" in synaptic... try the aptitude curses GUI, or wait for others.. but if you have a more specific error message, you are likely to get help04:25
dns53WoC yes a while ago, playstation updates have removed this feature so you might need a mod chip to be able to use it again04:26
WoCoh, ok. Thanks04:26
zykotick9dark: if you actually have a "broken" package you can try, "sudo apt-get -f install"04:26
Nerdusholstein :I see the file in my home directory, wget works perfectly, thanks man04:26
holsteinNerdus: enjoy! :)04:27
massive__I am loving this Ubuntu..  very nice.04:28
thetinyjesuscan I ask why someone would want to use Irssi other than something to do04:29
darkzykotick9, the man page says this fixes "broken dependencies". would a corrupted file on a library (that is, inadvertently changed) be detected as "broken" during this procedure? (I am guessing no)04:29
Andrew131Ive got 11.10 with a really weird problem.  I've got an extremely choppy video but my CPU (both cores) are only around 30%.  I installed the nvidia drivers so Im not really sure whats going on04:29
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pfifoHEY, you guys want to see something epic? http://fpaste.org/4YwX/04:29
zykotick9dark: no, is correct.04:29
dRounsedoes anyone know how to make xfce look like gnome? i know it looks like gnome already but i hate the menu04:30
hex20decCan anyone help me setup my BIND DNS server?04:30
Nerduslucky that my first day here and I thank you many valuable tips,I'll make me a frequent visitor to this place04:30
holsteinthetinyjesus: i use irssi in the command line... i can have it running on a server and use screen... i can detach and reattach to this chat session for example from any machine anywhere04:30
thetinyjesusholstein, how long does it really take for the average user to learn how to actually use it04:30
zykotick9thetinyjesus: i'm currently using irssi as holstein mentioned, but irssi is on my desktop, and i'm on my netbook04:31
holsteinthetinyjesus: i started with weechat actaully, because it autoconnected to freenode ;)04:31
metasansanagdecrypt vs truecrypt which one preforms better?04:31
massive__How do I set my desktop to gnome?04:31
metasansanaespecially on a ftp usb04:31
fizyplanktonzykotick9: i do the same thing, but i frequantly ssh from my droid and screen -raAd to chekc my irc, no matter where i am04:31
pfifometasansana, luks all the way for me04:31
god-zotaci'm working on compiling a custom kernel for my ubuntu install, i currently use fglrx, and i forsee a problem with the fglrx binaries and using my custom kernel can someone point me to some help on resolving this problem before it arrives ?04:31
thetinyjesushow long does it take the average user to learn irssi?04:32
holsteinmassive__: you can install gnome, but its not gnome2 anymore... XFCE is arguablyt the most like gnome2 was04:32
metasansanapfifo: can I use single files instead of the entire volume?04:32
zykotick9thetinyjesus: it's not simple, that's for sure.  The #debian factoid for irssi starts "it has been said that irssi is the best <IRC> client ever...."04:32
pfifogod-zotac, do you have an issue at this point?04:32
holsteinthetinyjesus: depends... i still google for some commands if i need.. for settings or whatever i have forgotten04:32
massive__Ok.  I did install gnome.  But, nothing changed.  So, I was wondering how to go back and forth if I wanted to.  Thank you.04:33
god-zotacpfifo:: i don't yet, but i haven't rebooted the new kernel. i know that the custom kernel won't load the fglrx module that was built for a different kernel revision.04:33
ses1984i have a system that hangs 50% of the way through installing updates. it hangs on "running dpkg". the entire system becomes screwed. the desktop apps start behaving wildly weird. how can i back out of this cleanly?04:33
pfifometasansana, encrypt everything04:33
holsteinmassive__: you can logout, and choose there, in the greeter04:33
whoeverksx4system: you should be able to edit the build file , they probably conflict or build them from source04:33
massive__Thanks holstein!  :)04:33
thetinyjesuswell like, if someone was to send me a messsage how would i know, i mean i know i can screen change alt-arrow or number but is there a way to tell04:33
pfifogod-zotac, you need to build fglrx from source04:33
pfifogod-zotac, after rebooting04:34
fizyplanktonthetinyjesus: the status bar near the bottom has a [act: pink_window_number] for a ping, a white number for activity, and a grey number for just logon/off activity04:34
god-zotacpfifo:: ok so is there a particular way to do that on ubuntu? just download the tar.gz for fglrx or is there a way to use apt to grab and build the source code for my custom kernel?04:34
pfifogod-zotac, get your kernel working first, thats step #1 and you can have grub switch between the 2 for now04:34
zykotick9thetinyjesus: do you mean notification, outside of irssi?  Inside irssi, it colour indicates channel if your nick is used.04:35
hex20decCan anyone help me setup my BIND DNS server please?04:35
whoever can someone assist with ligghttpd whosts the vhost kee/ giving me page cannot be displayed http://pastebin.com/ZPQj7BKs04:35
pfifogod-zotac, custom kernels and building from source are outside the realm of ubuntu04:35
god-zotacpfifo:: i know how to build a kernel and get it working, thats not the question i had. i want to know the recommended way to install fglrx from source for a custom kernel04:35
fizyplanktonthetinyjesus: and if tou want outside of irssi notification, you can use screen and do ^a M04:35
holsteinhex20dec: i iwould go ahead and get started, and ask more specific quiestions when you need...04:36
pfifogod-zotac, right, get your kernel ready and working, then build fglrx, the fglrx build will probbally bork your native fglrx, but hey, thats the idea right?04:36
WoCdns53, Seems like 10.10 is the last version, no server version though04:36
god-zotacregardless of the realm of ubuntu, i want to use ubuntu for compatibility of packages and a wide selection, and i don't want to compile everything from source, just my kernel and proprietary driver04:37
god-zotacit shouldn't break anything native, it should install the fglrx module to each kernel lib04:37
hex20decholstein I would, but here are so many problems and I have read a lot of articles about how to set it up and it's really complicated. I was hoping someone would help me set it up for the basics by simplifying things a bit.04:37
AndroUserHey im using mint debian. Just installed kde and it doesnt seem like its detecting my wireless card any more. Any ideas?04:38
pfifogod-zotac, ive never tried, but im guessing Xorg will complain04:38
hex20decholstein there*04:38
god-zotacas with installing any other kind of module.. i'm not exactly new at anything here. im just wondering what the recommended way for installing proprietary drivers in ubuntu is if you use a custom kernel04:38
god-zotacusing a custom kernel with ubuntu in combination with proprietary drivers shouldn't be that uncommon, or at least i wouldn't think it would be04:38
pfifogod-zotac, the 'recommended' way for ubuntu is to NOT do what your doing ;) use the gentoo way04:39
holsteinhex20dec: other than pointing you to some documentation, im not going to be more helpful.. you could try the mailing lists/forums, or some of the server channels04:39
urlin2uAndroUser, mint debian on the ubuntu support channel now what's wrong with this statement. :)04:39
greenI'm having trouble booting to my second computer it says/root/dev failed no such file or directory and /root/sys failed no such file or directory any help?04:39
god-zotacpfifo:: i don't really want to go 100% gentoo on a 1.6 ghz system04:39
WoCgod-zotac, thats wht i am doing, i just put a hold on one installed generic kernel to prevent it from being updated, removed all others but one that i customized myself04:39
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hex20decCan you point me to a good server channel?04:39
god-zotacand i have worked in partnership with sabayon, so i know it isn't really backward compatible with portage ;)04:39
holsteinhex20dec: theres #ubuntu-server ...also maybe a networking channel.. maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto04:40
god-zotacWoC do you use fglrx?04:40
pfifogod-zotac, you can build a custom kernel and fglrx no problem, in case you havent seen it before make ubottu list the info for '!kernel'04:40
WoCNope, no ati hw at all04:40
hex20decholstein: thanks a lot. =]04:40
blackboxdoes anybody know of any free CAD based software that will allow me to do the equivalent of what autocad, pro engieer, and now CATIA can do.04:41
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)04:41
god-zotacpfifo:: blah..04:41
god-zotac- pfifo04:41
god-zotacthat is wrong,  if you have a need for a custom kernel, then you will need to compile your own04:42
holsteinblackbox: what can they do?... blender is popular, and quite well supported04:42
WoCin my case, i cant use the generic kernel after 3.2.0-10, the config changed04:42
pfifogod-zotac, there really is nothing more that can be recommended besides that.. i would check gentoo wiki or LFS book04:42
god-zotaci.e. specific iptables / netfilter settings04:42
lorddeltaAny startup gurus in here? I want to know why gnome-panel is starting up when I run kde (from kdm, too)04:42
god-zotacgentoo / lfs doesn't tell about compatibiltiy issues with .deb packages or things being broken later04:43
AndroUserBlackbox i dont remember of the top of my head but there is a website with loads of alternate apps for linux. Google it... cant be too hard to find04:43
lorddeltaI seem to remember editing some system file a long time ago, but that was before I knew what /etc/ was, or most of the configuration stuff...04:43
blackboxbut blender or (the payed version maya) or not CAD based programs like auto cad ,... I am more interested in architecture not 3D animation/pixel art04:43
pfifogod-zotac, no, if you need some kind of netfilter setings in the kernel you file a bug report and let the devs release a new kernel covering it, yeah i know thats not really the fastest way, but debian isnt really made you be uber customizable.04:44
lorddeltaI'd be even more appreciative if someone could let me know a method to figure this out on my own that doesn't involve me reading 10 different init manuals...04:44
blackboxthings that engineers , architect , and blue print designer would use04:44
blackboxnot 3D moive an animators04:45
god-zotacpfifo:: such encouragement of why  not to use ubuntu/debian :)04:45
holsteinblackbox: other than pointing you here http://www.tech-edv.co.at/05_LUnIx/80_CAD~2f3d/10_CAD~20Links/index.php where you've probably been, youd just need to start trying some FOSS alternatives04:45
holsteini have not needed to do CAD, though i work with ubuntustudio and we are interested in supporting that workflow, assuming we had users to test04:46
pfifogod-zotac, Im sure you use it for the same reason as many of use, no hassle installs of a stable system04:46
god-zotaca custom kernel is all i am wanting, i dont care about optimized cflags for userland packages04:46
blackboxthanks I think that is what I needed04:46
holsteinfeel free to join https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-users and/or https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-devel blackbox04:46
god-zotacpfifo:: fyi i am very well experienced with gentoo/funtoo ;)04:46
holsteinblackbox: we have a channel too #ubuntustudio ... but again, you'll be helping us help folks like yourself, probably not finding help there necessarily04:47
pfifogod-zotac, really, other than what ubottu said about !kernel, there isnt too much else to say, no one really uses custom kernels unless they have to. anyway like i said, the way to go is to get the kernel running, then build fglrx. and hope you dont break anything along the way ;)04:48
blackboxsure I will take a look some time I appreciate the help holstein04:48
pfifogod-zotac, if you know dpkg/apt well you could fetch the kernel sources from the repos and start with the official patched source of the kernel of you choice04:49
pfifo(thats covered in that link)04:49
god-zotacpfifo:: is there an apt command that will pull the fglrx sources and build it based on the running kernel, and keep a record of the .deb file for installation?04:49
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=== smickles|idle is now known as smickles
celltechI have windows XP... Need to make it bootable from a thumbdrive... How can I do this?04:50
pfifogod-zotac, im not sure what will happen if you 'apt-get source fglrx' but I assume it would do exactly that04:50
god-zotacpfifo:: it has been several years since i have used debian/ubuntu (ubuntu was in its infancy when i last used .deb based distros)04:50
zykotick9celltech: sounds like a question for ##windows to me04:50
celltech.... is there a windows chat? :D04:51
WoCcelltech, is that #/dev/null ?04:51
jendershowdy ubuntu folks04:52
ChotazIs it possible to install XAmpp with a guy control center, like on Windows or OSX?04:52
zykotick9!xampp | Chotaz04:53
ubottuChotaz: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.04:53
massive__how can I move the program/application bar anywhere on my home screen?04:55
bugbrainshow to burn .dmg files to usb using ubuntu04:55
Chotazzykotick9: thanks, still is there a way to have a GUI controll center?04:55
bugbrainsi have os x snow leopard.dmg RETAIL dmg file04:55
bugbrainsi need to burn it to usb04:55
jenderswould somebody care to explain the difference between linux-image-server and linux-image-3.0.0-15-server. I kind of assume linux-image-server is a virtual "tracking" stable whereas linux-image-3.0.0-15-server is "pinning" a specific kernel release. Is that accurate?04:55
=== d_atharva is now known as Amdpc
jendersI have observed that on some systems, during upgrade the running kernel is removed during an upgrade04:56
zykotick9Chotaz: sorry, not that i'm personally aware of04:56
bugbrainshow to make bootable os x usb drive using ubuntu04:57
urlin2ujenders, you mean a standard upgrade, not a distro?04:57
zykotick9jenders: the linux-image-server will just point to the current version, the one with the actually version number04:58
WoCjenders, afaik you are correct as to the kernel04:58
jendersurlin2u: someone on our team observed that the running kernel of the machine was removed during a an 'upgrade', I don't know the exact invocation but that seemed suspect04:59
bugbrainshow to make bootable os x usb drive using ubuntu05:00
jendersI am now wondering if perhaps, linux-image-server "owned" the files in /boot and during upgrade, the files were removed and replaced with newer files also owned by the linux-image-server package05:00
urlin2ujenders, only on a distro upgrade that I know of.05:00
jendersso moving from one code name to another?05:00
jendersin /etc/apt/sources.list05:00
urlin2ujenders, you talking to me?05:01
zykotick9bugbrains: you'd probably get more input from an apple channel (if one exists)05:01
urlin2ujenders, the sources list would change yes but distro upgrade would be like 11.04 to 11.10 m05:02
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=== smickles|idle is now known as smickles
jendersi guess, there's fear here that the running kernel could be removed from disk during an upgrade. I'm trying to understand the mechanism that might instate that05:03
zykotick9urlin2u: your "distro upgrade" is very close to dist-upgrade, which doesn't have anything to do with going from 11.04 to 11.10 (for example)05:03
jendersit doesn't seem like that would be a very good policy, but might make sense if one was tracking linux-image-server instead of a specific release05:03
urlin2uzykotick9, just using the same description distro upgrade I saw ikonia use today. :)05:04
zykotick9jenders: upgrading a kernel, even to a new version, will not remove the old one (that has to be done manually)05:04
urlin2uzykotick9, I know the difference but thanks. :)05:05
thetinyj1susjust switched from linux mint to ubuntu, hope i can get used to GUI05:05
jendershrm, I should collect more data05:06
jendersthis guy is trying to argue that we need to give up ubuntu for centos05:06
zykotick9jenders: well, centos wouldn't be my choice, but for a server it makes A LOT more sence then using ubuntu05:07
jendersI hear that, the ubuntu policy is more aimed towards the end-user than the enterprise even if things like LTS exist05:07
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CarolynHow do I figure out what's going on here? -> dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket for port 53: Permission denied05:08
frybyere- I have installed GUVCViewer webcam recorder appl. and it displays the stream from the camera and taks still shots fine but when hitting the video-record button - crashes immediatly.. any ideas?05:09
RussianHello, I have a problem. I have rest my bios successfully but now every time I start ubuntu, it put's me first into TTY mode and then if I stay idle, it finally boots up the login screen, can anyone please help me with this?05:09
Russianrest = reset*05:09
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: what exactly are you trying to do?05:10
Carolynlot - I'm trying to create an adhoc network, but clients were not getting assigned ip's. It looks like firestarter is killing all dhcp requests.05:11
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: permission denied sounds like no root rights, you running firestarter as root?05:12
=== smickles is now known as smickles|idle
CarolynThat's from the syslog lot.  It's dnsmasq complaining firestarter wouldn't let it open the port.05:12
Braden`Hello, I have version 10.04 and I am trying to upgrade to release 11.10, but when I do do-release-upgrade it tells me there are no upgrades05:13
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: maybe this will help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142886505:14
frybye- so who is the "webcam specialist on duty" just now?  ;=)05:14
zykotick9Braden`: i'd just wait until 12.04 comes out if i where you then you can go direct.  You'd need to go 10.04 -> 10.10 -> 11.04 -> 11.1005:14
RussianBraden`: http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-upgrade-from-ubuntu-1004-1010-1104-to-ubuntu-1110-oneiric-ocelot-desktop-a-server/05:14
zykotick9Braden`: re your current issue, LTS will only upgrade to an LTS (there is some way to change that)05:14
Carolynlotus - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firestarter/+bug/24286905:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 242869 in firestarter (Ubuntu) "dnsmasq's dhcp blocked to clients by firestarter" [Undecided,New]05:15
Braden`Russian:  Thank you!05:15
frybyeput another way - anybody using GUVCViewer - especially with a microsoft lifecam hd 3000?05:15
RussianBraden`:  you are most welcome =]05:15
CarolynInteresting that it's a 4 year old bug that has not been fixed.  Makes me worry about switching to linux.05:15
hydrox24Braden`: unless you have made many changes to the system itself (manual ones) then you can simply backup your home dir and restore it to a fresh install of 11.10, you'll need to do a bit of work reinstalling apps but their preferences will be retained05:15
xgt001hi, i am currently using testing kernels for oneiric because it has aspm fixes, have the fixes been implemented in or should stick with the current kernel?05:16
zykotick9Carolyn: don't lump ubuntu into all of gnu/linux05:16
hydrox24Carolyn: Yes, but security holes are almost always patched within days, only less important ones can fly under the radar that long05:16
hydrox24Carolyn: also, it's ubuntu, not linux as a whole.05:16
thetinyjesuso ya05:16
RussianDoes anyone know why I could be possible getting into TTY mode when I try to boot Ubuntu, and after I stay idle for a while, it continues to boot the login screen?05:16
hydrox24Russian: did you modify your grub (kernel) boot line at any time?05:17
CarolynI'm not lumping anything.  I'm trying to follow directions from the ubuntu site, installed firestarter from the gui.  It should work out of the box, without having to fix 4 year old bugs.05:17
RussianNo, but I ended up having to flash my bios and then reconfigure the settings, however I don't see how that would affect Ubuntu, because the settings are exactly the same.05:17
Braden`What does LTS mean?05:18
RussianLong Term Support05:18
zykotick9!lts | Braden`05:18
ubottuBraden`: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)05:18
WoCRussian, all the settings ?05:18
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: did you try same settings without firestarter?05:18
WoCRussian, was it acpi related maybe ?05:18
RussianWoC, bios is set to IDE by default05:19
CarolynI'd have to uninstall firestarter to do that lotus, as it starts up along with the network interface and dnsmasq dies at that time.05:19
dRounsewell as linux users we know that there will be configuring and stuff, if you want perfect right out of the box use Mint05:19
RussianDo I need to reinstall X server maybe?05:19
CarolynAnd yes, it works without the firewall but I sort of want one.05:19
WoCRussian, ok, so just the boot order ?05:19
RussianWoC:  what do you mean? As in did I just change the boot order in the bios?05:20
WoCRussian, i was just curious as to why you needed to flash your bios05:21
RussianWoC:  ooh, well I forgot the password that I had set a while ago, so I had to reset >.<05:21
dRounseis using Xubuntu, the same as using Ubuntu and installing Xubuntu desktop and then removing the ubuntu programs?05:21
zykotick9dRounse: yes (assuming you installed the xubuntu-desktop package)05:21
WoClol, ok :) na'starovya tovarish05:21
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: you could try gufw to test if its really a firestarter problem05:22
lotuspsychje!info gufw05:22
RussianWoC: heh oke thanks, I wish you could help me ;p05:22
ubottugufw (source: gui-ufw): graphical user interface for ufw. In component universe, is optional. Version 11.10.2-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 218 kB, installed size 1384 kB05:22
RussianWoC:  Did a clean install of nvidia driver, still no progress.05:22
dRounsezykotick9: ok because i want the speed of xubuntu and look of xfce without the lag of unity05:22
WoCah.. the nvidia drivers, not the nouv... drivers right ?05:23
RussianWoC: Yeah, of course, I have blacklisted the nouveau one05:23
WoCRussian, in grub too ?05:23
RussianWoC:  Grub?05:23
RussianWoC: !grub05:24
WoCas in the .... rd_blacklist kernel option... i think its rd_blacklist05:24
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:24
RussianWoC:  Can I find that in the same file?05:24
mozammel_hi, i like ubuntu fonts, from where i can get  it?05:24
WoCcheck lsmod and see if you have that nouv module loaded05:24
jendersdoes anyone have any advice on troubleshooting partman-auto recipes for preseeding?05:25
RussianWoC: Nouveau doesn't show up in the list.05:26
WoCoh, ok, you're lucky then, sort of05:26
WoCdo you have some sort of mismatch with the driver version ?05:26
jendershere's what I'm staring at05:27
RussianWoC:  where do I check that, X server?05:27
WoCdo a lspci05:27
RussianWoC:  thanks one moment05:27
jenders100MB /boot and the rest for /05:27
jenderseven a faster way to test the recipe would be great05:28
dRounsecan you use webmin on a regular home/file server?05:28
jendersif anybody has any thoughts05:28
zykotick9!webmin | dRounse05:28
ubottudRounse: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.05:28
RussianWoC:  what am I looking for there?05:28
lotuspsychjewebmin is dangerous too05:28
dRounseohhh ok thanks05:28
WoCVGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation NV*05:28
RussianWoC:  01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Device 1080 (rev a1)05:28
WoCRight :)05:28
dRounseso should i use a light DE like xfce or lxde and then use vnc?05:29
dRounsei need a gui05:29
WoCRussian, i would join #nvidia and ask which linux driver fits that card05:29
RussianWoC:  So what should it match?05:29
lotuspsychjedRounse: vnc is dangerous too, try ssh05:29
jendersdRounse: what mandates a gui?05:29
damo22Russian: lspci -nnvv |grep VGA05:30
WoCRussian, looks like a HD card and a good one but i never seen it05:30
RussianWoC: oh, I already followed a guide to get my card working, and all was fine, until I rest the bios today and I got that black TTY screen before it loads the login window05:30
jendersi'm typing to you from a MacBook Air so I am not GUI averse but I'm just wondering what the requirements are for05:30
jendersmaybe you can use X forwarding05:30
dRounsejenders: well i think thats a lot easier personally05:30
RussianWoC: EVGA GTX 58005:30
WoCnot a SLI config is it ?05:30
jendersdRounse: it's a matter of taste, some things are easier and some things are more difficult05:30
damo22Russian: you need the xxxx:xxxx vendor:device string05:31
Russiandamo22: I did that, now what >.<05:31
dRounsei always mess things up in commandline and it would be a lot easier to set up with a gui05:31
WoCRussian, looks like damo22 might be able to assist05:31
jendersdRounse: I'd look into X11 Forwarding until you're more comfortable typing :)05:31
RussianWoC:  Yeah, hope so, thanks a lot though05:31
bustajustinthink im in the rigth room now05:32
dRounseok whats x11 forwarding?05:32
WoCnp tovarish05:32
dRounsesorry im kind of a noob when it comes to servers05:32
jendersmoment, let me find a decent tutorial05:32
dRounseand linux in general05:32
Russiandamo22: so what must I do, I probably can get the string if I get what you are referring too05:32
lotuspsychjedRounse: teamviewer maybe05:32
zykotick9dRounse: if your connecting from a machine with an Xserver, then you can open GUI applications (not the entire desktop) through SSH05:32
damo22Russian: lspci -nnvv |grep "VGA controller"05:33
dr_willisssh is handy in so many wwys05:33
dRounseok i dont need the desktop, the applications05:33
lotuspsychjedr_willis: and much safer then vnc or webmin05:33
Russiandamo22:  oke I did that05:34
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: still around?05:34
jendersah, he was too late i was just going to paste this to him05:34
dr_williswebmin and ubuntu tend to not work well .;)05:34
zykotick9dr_willis: s/and ubuntu// ;)05:35
damo22Russian: [xxxx:xxxx] should be on that line05:35
Russiandamo22: oke, one sec05:35
angiethis room is big05:36
angieis this working???05:36
zykotick9angie: we see you05:36
angiemy first day to be here05:36
angiebut no ones seems to talk?05:37
zykotick9angie: do you have an ubuntu support question?  if so, just ask.  This isn't a channel for general chatting, it's support only.05:38
angieim figuring out how it works here05:38
Russiandamo22: the service vendor string, is that the serial number or the part number?05:38
angiewhat is ubuntu?05:38
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:38
Carolynyeah lotus, still working on this problem.05:39
damo22Russian: all you have to do is run the command i told you and paste the output here   lspci -nnvv |grep "VGA compatible"05:39
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: please repost your question, the real experts are in the house now05:39
angiewow thank you ubottu05:39
ChotazAfter changing the hosts file, how do I make the changes to take effect?05:39
damo22Chotaz: its instant05:40
scientes_where can i download the debian-installer images for arm?05:41
Chotazdamo22: would site.local work ?05:41
Russiandamo22:  like this? --> lspci -nnvv |grep [xxxx:xxxx]        ?05:41
damo22Russian: no, exactly like this: lspci -nnvv |grep "VGA compatible"05:41
zykotick9Chotaz: i'd remove the "/site" and retry05:41
Chotazzykotick9: that aprt already works but i have many sites on my www folder, how can I point to a specific one?05:42
Russiandamo22: oke, I'll reboot brb thanks a lot05:43
damo22Russian: no05:43
zykotick9Chotaz: oh damb, i've done that before but don't remember how... sorry.  For vhosts type stuff right?05:43
xSmurfanyone with experience with cryptsetup hooks?05:43
damo22Russian: it wont do anything05:43
Chotazzykotick9: exactly05:43
xSmurfshouldn't /lib/cryptsetup/askpass | echo # display the pass?05:44
* damo22 facepalm05:44
xSmurfand/or is there a better tool to genre user passwords from the hooks?05:44
CarolynWhen AdHoc networking automatically configures dnsmasq for you, is there anyway to turn on logging? No config in /etc.05:44
CarolynTrying to debug issues with it.05:44
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: maybe something to find in /var/log05:45
CarolynIf requests are turned on, they're supposed to be in daemon.log, but it doesn't exist.05:46
Russiandamo22: I still get the TTY screen for 10.04 LTS, if I don't do anything for about 15-30 seconds, it switches to login screen05:46
damo22Russian: i didnt ask you to reboot05:47
damo22Russian: you still havent given me the numbers05:47
Russiandamo22: Aah, my bad.05:47
damo22Russian: the command was not going to do anything except query your pci bus for devices05:48
Carolyndnsmasq is showing to start up ok in the syslog, but clients on an adhoc network are not receiving ip addresses. Without requests being logged hard to debug.05:48
CarolynI'm about ready to stab ubuntu in the eye.05:48
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: no router that blocks it?05:48
Carolynlotus - The workaround for firestarter blocking dhcp appears to have worked.05:49
Russiandamo22: oke, got it, I sent you in pm.05:49
CarolynBut still no ip addresses being assigned to adhoc clients.05:49
damo22Russian: i cant recieve pm05:49
damo22Russian: its only 1 line paste it here05:50
Russiandamo22: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation Device [10de:1080] (rev a1)05:50
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: you have dhcp server running?05:51
damo22Russian: so its a GeForce GTX 58005:51
Russiandamo22: yeah, I said that a while ago >.<05:52
Carolynlotus, adhoc networking uses dnsmasq as a dhcp server lite.05:52
Russiandamo22: EVGA GTX 58005:52
CarolynI'm trying to share an ethernet connection with a laptop over wifi.05:52
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Dnsmasq05:53
damo22Russian: what is the error?05:53
Russiandamo22: There is no error as far as I can tell. Everything worked fine for me, but after I reset my bios and reconfigured (because I had to reset my password), ubuntu started booting directly into TTY instead of login window.05:54
CarolynThat doesn't help, lotus.  Ubuntu automatically configures dnsmasq for you, when you create an adhoc network.05:54
CarolynAnd it doesn't appear to use /etc/dnsmasq.conf at all, as it doesn't exist.05:54
damo22Russian: so are you in console now?05:55
Russiandamo22: Now I have to sit and wait while ubuntu is at the TTY window requiring my username/password, if I just ignore that and wait a while it loads the login screen.05:55
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: what about this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc05:55
Russiandamo22: no, right now I am fully loaded05:55
Russiandamo22:  with GUI and all05:55
damo22Russian: possibly it is using a different video driver now05:56
lotuspsychje!info dnsmasq05:56
ubottudnsmasq (source: dnsmasq): A small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.57-1ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 13 kB, installed size 120 kB05:56
CarolynNothing in there about getting dnsmaq to log requests when adhoc networks automatically configure dnsmaq.05:56
Russiandamo22: hmm, how to verify? I can open and configure the nvidia server settings just fine so far05:56
CarolynAnd that's what I need, desperatly.05:56
damo22Russian: im not sure05:57
Russiandamo22: ooh check this out, when I booted into TTY, once I tried to loggin in with my username and password and after that I hit /startx and it booted me directly into ubuntu, but after like 20 seconds or so I got the loggin screen and I had already a session running, but I had to enter my password in order to continue, does that help at all?05:58
hydrox24damo22: should we get Russian to run a bootchart?05:59
Russiandamo22: it seems like something delays the login screen05:59
hydrox24damo22: It would help tremendously... unless it doesn't go as high-level as X05:59
* damo22 takes a back seat on this one06:00
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: nothing in var/log/dnsmasq?06:00
* hydrox24 doesn06:00
* hydrox24 doesn't want to get involved but will anyway :)06:01
CarolynIt doesn't exist lotus.  I keep telling you that.06:01
hydrox24Russian: do you use Grub (AKA do you it whenever you boot?06:01
Russianhydrox24: not as far as I know, Ubuntu is my only OS06:02
CarolynIt is not logging requests, there is no config file.  Ubuntu is doing it all under the covers and I am ready to go back to windows.  It sucks, but at least it fucking works.06:02
Russianhydrox24: so I boot into it automatically without any options06:02
hydrox24ok, hold on. That just means there is one extra step to showing the GRUB2 menu I think06:02
Russianhydrox24: oke06:02
hydrox24Russian: so you use 11.10? And was it a clean install or an upgrade?06:02
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: just stick around a few, there's always a solution for anything06:03
Russianhydrox24: I use 10.04 LTS (because of the stability and security) clean install.06:03
acerimmerRussian: likewise here06:03
Russianhydrox24: well I've added addons like Gloobus and Nautilus Elements06:03
damo22theres a local root exploit for > 2.6.3906:03
Russianacerimmer: cool ;]06:04
hydrox24Russian that's fine, when we go through the reboot, you need to hold shift to show GRUB06:04
Russianhydrox24:  oke and after that?06:04
hydrox24damo22: do you mean 2.6.39 and below? cos I think that that's < 2.6.3906:05
damo22no above06:05
hydrox24you need to find the normal line for ubuntu (without any "safe-boot" appended etc) and hit the "e" key to edit the kernel boot line06:05
hydrox24damo22: :/ wow, and when is it gonna be fixed?06:05
Russianhydrox24: oke and after that?06:06
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: not all wifi cards support adhoc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc#Supported_Cards06:06
damo22its fixed but i dont know which version of 3 its fixed in06:06
hydrox24Russian: wait, you aren't doing this as I speak are you?06:06
hydrox24Russian: because you need to install the bootchart program first...06:06
Russianhydrox24: no, but I memorized it.06:06
hydrox24you'll need to add this "init=/sbin/bootchartd" to the end of the line that starts with "kernel"06:07
hydrox24first, run this command on the machine you'll be analyzing:06:07
hydrox24wait, scratch that06:08
hydrox24just go here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/06/use-bootchart-to-find-out-how-long-ubuntu-takes-to-start-on-your-computer/06:08
RussianI already installed bootchart and bootchartqui06:08
hydrox24Russian: and did you do that before the last reboot?06:09
Russian=], thanks anyway06:09
Russianhydrox24: no, just now ^^06:09
hydrox24now reboot :)06:09
hydrox24you don't need to do any of the stuff I said before,06:09
photonUSER__: stop06:09
FlannelUSER__: Please stop that.06:09
ShirakawasunaWhat is the best way to install beta nvidia drivers? (e.g. which ppa to choose)06:09
hydrox24that was just for arch... (fail) :)06:09
hydrox24Shirakawasuna: not sure, but the nvidia website offers very up-tp-dat binaries?06:10
hydrox24Russian: ?06:10
jefimenkoi just followed the java6transition instructions and now i have no java binary06:10
jefimenkoi followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes/Java6Transition06:10
Russianhydrox24: I presume I still need to add the init line right?06:10
hydrox24Russian: no, sorry06:10
ShirakawasunaI think nvidia supplies a horribly ugly script06:10
Shirakawasunaa ppa is *much* nicer06:11
Russianhydrox24:  aah, so what do I do?06:11
hydrox24Russian: just reboot, no fancy stuff. I was reading instructions for Arch linux :/06:11
Russianheh oke06:11
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: does your laptop have a broadcom wifi card?06:11
RussianBe right back and thanks in advance06:11
ShirakawasunaI just need nvidia 290.* until it his stable06:11
Shirakawasunathere's a bug in previous versions that prevents booting06:11
hydrox24Shirakawasuna: OK, let me look into that06:12
jefimenkohow can i get my java binary back06:12
frybyeShirakawasuna: I have tried again and again to get a GT240 to work - are you saying I need a beta nvidia linux driver or?06:13
CarolynThat's why I'm trying to turn on request logging so I can debug it.  But I can't, because unbuntu configures dnsmasq for me.06:13
pangolinCarolyn: please mind the language06:13
vanjefimenko: what happened to your java binary?06:13
Shirakawasunafrybye: Not necessarily. My issue only affects Geforce 9300 IGP cards06:14
zykotick9Shirakawasuna: i assume you tried nomodeset unsuccessfully?06:15
Shirakawasunazykotick9: yep. It's definitely a driver problem06:15
frybyeShirakawasuna: well I will perhaps give it a go06:15
Shirakawasunafixed in the 290.* series06:15
ShirakawasunaI just want a nice, clean way to install the beta nvidia driver06:15
RussianI am back.06:16
hydrox24Shirakawasuna: what is the name of your nvidia card?06:16
Shirakawasunaa way that allows me to easily go back to the standard package when it his 290.*+06:16
Shirakawasunahydrox24: geforce 9300 IGP06:16
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: did you manually config etc/dnsmasq.conf?06:16
hydrox24Russian: ok, now look in /var/log/bootchart.png06:16
Russianhydrox24:  yeah, found it, uploading onemoment06:16
zykotick9Shirakawasuna: it appears the xorg-edgers PPA has 29506:17
CarolynLotus - no.  I repeat, there  is no etc/dnsmasq.conf.  Ubuntu configures dnsmasq automatigically under the covers when you set up an adhoc.06:17
hydrox24Shirakawasuna: you x64 or x8606:18
Shirakawasunazykotick9: I think xorg-edgers brings a lot of stuff I don't want...06:18
zykotick9Shirakawasuna: probably true06:18
Shirakawasunahydrox24: x64. I appreciate the help, but are you going to nvidia.com and finding the driver? I found that already, I just don't like their scripts06:18
zykotick9Shirakawasuna: but installing direct from nvidia, will re06:18
lotuspsychjeCarolyn: thats really weird..there's gotta be a conf somewhere right and logs06:19
hydrox24Shirakawasuna: ah, OK, so what's your issue then?06:19
CarolynYeah it's using a template somehwere, but I have no clue where.06:19
ShirakawasunaI'll try this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates06:19
Shirakawasunabring sin less stuff06:19
pnormanI'm looking for a reference for growing a RAID10 array with mdadm, but not finding anything - anyone know of one?06:19
Shirakawasunahydrox24: I strongly prefer a ppa/debs, but can't seem to find anything dedicated to just the nvidia stuff.06:19
hydrox24Shirakawasuna: yeh, I guess it06:20
Shirakawasunae.g. when I used arch, I'd just install the nvidia-beta package (user-contributed) and it integrated nicely with the package manager. No mess.06:20
hydrox24Shirakawasuna: yeh, I guess it's because there isn't much demand for a nvidia beta ppa06:20
jefimenkovan: i followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes/Java6Transition to replace sun-java6 with openjdk-606:20
Shirakawasunaso that when I decide to go back to vanilla it's clean06:20
jefimenkovan: now i have no java binary06:20
Shirakawasunawoo, that ppa seems to have worked06:20
Shirakawasunabah, it's using nouveau, n/m >_<06:20
jefimenkovan: i ran "sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre icedtea6-plugin" after removing the sun-java6 packages06:21
Russianhydrox24: check pm06:21
ShirakawasunaI'll just install nvidia's stupid .run package06:21
vanjefimenko: just fyi, you dont have to remove a java version to install another one...06:22
vanjefimenko: all can install as many java binary, but only need to set on as default06:22
jefimenkovan: ok, well i was following the instructions06:22
Russianhydrox24: did you get it?06:22
jefimenkoopenjdk-6-jre-headless is installed though06:23
hydrox24Russian: yeh, do I have to (can't be bothered)06:23
massive__I tried to play around with Compiz.. mistake that was.. now my screen is all jacked..I am missing the bar. I can only log into gnome.  Wasn't there a choice for Ubuntu before?  Not now!06:23
Russianhydrox24: heh, well I took a look at it, but I don't really understand it, so if you please06:23
vanjefimenko; ok, so now did the openjdk-6 installed failed or something?06:24
jefimenkovan: no it seems to be installed06:24
jefimenkovan: i tried reinstalling them too06:24
hydrox24Russian: just do this: /msg hydrox24 MESSAGEHERE06:25
frybyeShirakawasuna: how to install the nvidia 290 with a *.run file ending - Ubuntu 11.10 tries to open it in gedit!!??06:26
shahzadi need some help06:26
xanguamassive__: duck go reset unity compiz conf http://askubuntu.com/questions/70572/reset-unity-and-gnome-to-default-values06:26
hydrox24frybye: make sure it's got executable permissions first06:26
vanjefimenko: ok sounds like it was successful... perhaps its not set as default06:26
shahzadi am using ubuntu 8.1006:26
hydrox24!someone | shahzad06:26
ubottushahzad: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.06:26
shahzadi need upgrade open office06:26
ubottushahzad: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:26
Shirakawasunafrybye: gotta use the command line06:27
xanguashahzad: then please upgrade to a supported ubuntu version06:27
Shirakawasunafrybye: be careful with this stuff - it's powerful06:27
Russianhydrox24:  are you getting any of the /msg hydrox24  mesages?06:27
acerimmershahzad: you should be able to upgrade directly to 10.04 LTS.  I highly recommend you do so.06:27
frybyeShirakawasuna: what would be the command??06:27
shahzadi am using pIII06:27
acerimmershahzad: what is plll06:27
frybyeShirakawasuna: in the gui I have selected "run as programme?" right?06:28
ChotazHow do I add a virtualhost on lamp?06:28
zykotick9acerimmer: intel P3 i'd guess ;)06:28
frybyethen I can double-click it or..?06:28
acerimmerzykotick9: LOL.  Right06:28
frybyeShirakawasuna: I am a veteran with damaged memory - can you remind me of the command to run this in terminal...?06:29
acerimmerzykotick9: can ubuntu upgrade to a different DE?  e.g. 8.04 to xubuntu 10.04??06:29
hydrox24Russian: your just giving me those off the record messages again... what IRC client are you using?06:29
xanguaacerimmer: just install xfce desktop06:30
vanjefimenko: can you try this command -> $ ls -l /usr/lib/jvm06:30
Shirakawasunafrybye: open a terminal, then go to the directory with the file (cd /path/to/file). To run it, type ./nvidia-whatever-etc-etc-.run. If this doesn't work, make it executable using chmod +x06:30
zykotick9acerimmer: i'd GUESS no, but you could just install it after06:30
blackboxstupid question I am having a problem apt-geting opengl "sudo apt-get install opengl"06:30
acerimmerxangua: not for me, trying to help shahzad06:30
vanjefimenko: see if you can see open jdk there...06:30
acerimmershahzad: you there???06:30
zykotick9blackbox: opengl isn't a packages, it's provided by your graphics drive & xorg06:31
jefimenkovan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/829734/06:31
hydrox24blackbox: what's the specific problem?06:31
jefimenkovan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/829736/06:32
frybyeShirakawasuna: gave error - must be run as root - ??06:32
blackboxI am wanting to program graphics and somebody told me to use opengl.... but I don't think I have it on this system so I want to install it. I am using c/c++ as my programming language06:32
frybyeis there such a command as sudo ./nvidia******?06:33
hydrox24blackbox: no, why can't you just install it using apt-get, what error does it give?06:33
jigspanwhy my computer shut down incomplete?06:33
blackboxReading package lists... Done06:33
blackboxBuilding dependency tree06:33
blackboxReading state information... Done06:33
blackboxE: Unable to locate package opengl06:33
blackboxsudo apt-get install opengl06:34
hydrox24blackbox: that just means that there isn't a package available for opengl, you'll have to install it another eay06:34
zykotick9frybye: (i don't think manually installing nvidia is a good idea) BUT, are you running in Xorg still?  Cause the installer is going to want X stopped before it will proceed, and yes, you need to use sudo06:34
blackboxI don't know what repo to add if it is not in the standard ones06:34
vanjefimenko: thats funny, "update-alternatives" should do the trick... let me get back to you06:34
frybyeShirakawasuna: back to problem one - it says there is no supported nvidia card in the pc - i know that cos if I put the gt240 in the screen is unusable...06:35
ChotazHow do I add a virtualhost on lamp?06:35
frybyeShirakawasuna: like a chicken and egg problem.. card with no driver not screen - driver with no card not installable???06:35
jigspanand why selection menu appear each time on booting?06:35
frybyezykotick9: what other way to install it???06:36
vanjefimenko: meanwhile, what "$which java" output is?06:36
jigspani have shutdown problem with ubuntu 11.1006:36
zykotick9frybye: you need to install from command line (VT) after shutting down xorg06:36
vanjefimenko: if there is any... where does it points to?  "$ls -l $(which java)06:36
frybyeI put the card in the pc and no matter what I do i just get a mess of a screen - without the card it works with the ati 3000 onboard06:36
frybyezykotick9: but there is still the problem that it wants the card in there...06:37
Shirakawasunafrybye: when you download the nvidia installer, you have to make sure you get the right one. You may have accidentally downloaded the wrong one.06:37
zykotick9frybye: do you have the propritary ATI driver installed?  cause cause conflict if you do.06:37
jigspanis there solution for my problem?06:37
syddrafDoes anyone know how to use Compiz with Xubuntu?06:37
blackboxI don't see opengl in synaptic ... I do see other things though but I have alot of books and resource example in opengl in c /c++ so I was wondering where I can get it install it. Correct me if I am wrong but it should just be a library .so files and h files that go in /usr/lib/ or something then since I have the path already in the standard $PATH variable it should be enough to tell the compile and include the header for it06:37
Shirakawasunafrybye: e.g. I know that my card is the geforce 9 series 9300 (ion) card06:37
frybyezykotick9: yes I do have it installed...06:38
xanguasyddraf: run: compiz --replace06:38
lotuspsychjeany desktop recorders to avi or mpeg4?06:38
syddrafxangua: I do that and all of my window borders/titles vanish.06:38
jefimenkovan: which java returns nothing06:38
frybyeShirakawasuna: I got the linux driver for the gt240 direct from nvidia - the installer seems to work except it complains the card is not in...06:38
xanguasyddraf: then you did not install gtk decorator06:38
frybyezykotick9: I will de-install the prop. driver .. and try again...06:39
zykotick9xangua: more likely, 3d support isn't active06:39
blackboxproblem is I don't know how to go about installing it would like to either get it thru synaptic or apt-get it. rather then have to manually download a tar extract it and install it or a dpkg -i thing06:39
blackboxis their an equivalent name for opengl maybe libopengl their is just to many choices in synaptic and I don't know what the correct one is06:40
syddrafxangua: Which package would that be under?06:41
xangua!info libdecotator0 | ssydd06:42
xangua!Info libdecorator006:42
xanguago ubbotu go :/06:42
ubottussydd: Package libdecotator0 does not exist in oneiric06:42
smokycatjefimenko: my java binary is static linked as "/usr/bin/java" -> "/etc/alternatives/java" -> "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java"06:42
yeolawhois ubuntu06:42
vanjefimenko: try install this package -> openjdk-6-jdk06:42
syddrafxangua: libdecoration0 is installed.06:42
vanjefimenko: sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk06:42
sun_devilvmware vs. virtualbox06:43
zykotick9jefimenko: you might want to try "sudo update-alternatives --config java"06:44
=== Russian_ is now known as Russian
xanguasyddraf: then dou don't have any theme installed, you can use any metacity or kde decorator06:44
yeolacommand to install all packages on local repository in ubuntu 11.1006:44
god-zotacanyone here that has a zotac zbox w/ amd e-350 / hudson chipset? i'm trying to figure out the output of the it87 sensor and correct it with sensors3.conf06:44
Russianhydrox24, did you get my message?06:45
jefimenkozykotick9: http://paste.ubuntu.com/829736/06:45
[ZeUs].w Russian06:45
[ZeUs]Haciendo Whois A [Russian]06:45
theadminyeola: sudo dpkg -i /path/to/folder/*.deb06:46
zykotick9jefimenko: so no java installed currently (or no java apt is aware of)06:46
smokycatjefimenko: dont you have "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java" ?06:46
jefimenkosmokycat: yes, that exists06:46
=== Johnny_Giggles is now known as Richard_Cavell
jefimenkoi can run it and it looks like a real java bin06:47
vanjefimenko: manually creating what smokycat shows may work.. but lets keep that as last resort06:47
[ZeUs].quit ayyyyyyyyyy wwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol06:47
[ZeUs]En Proseso De Desconexion06:47
jefimenkozykotick9: openjdk-6-jre and openjdk-6-jre-headless are both installed06:47
jefimenkoi followed the instructions exactly on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes/Java6Transition06:48
jefimenkoi removed the sun-java6* packages and chose option 1 for installing openjdk06:48
zykotick9jefimenko: that's odd, 'cause i get "There is only one alternative in link group java: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java" when i run it?  Good luck.06:48
jefimenkozykotick9: when i run it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/829749/06:50
vanjefimenko: perhaps its because "default-jre" is missing..06:50
vanjefimenko: try install that..06:50
jefimenkovan: that is missing06:50
vanjefimenko: good, try install it06:50
jefimenkovan: i installed it, but nothing has changed06:51
vanjefimenko: what about update-alternatives now?06:51
jefimenkoupdate-alternatives still gives the same result06:51
vanjefimenko: gosh06:51
padd173When running perl (even perl -v) I keep getting: "perl: warning: Setting locale failed." and "perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:" - How do I set up en_US.UTF-8 on my system?06:52
padd173I use Ubuntu Server 11.1006:53
padd173How do I set up locales?06:53
xiongUh-oh. I have 8 workspaces, sometimes called virtual desktops. Unexpectedly, the contents have all becomes swapped -- rotated, to be precise, so that what was on 5 is now on 8, what was on 8 now on 7, what was on 1 now on 4, etc. There are dozens of open windows, How can I straighten them out?06:54
frybyezykotick9: it has worked!!! the gt240 running great - combination of the 290 driver and disab. the ati3000 proprietory... apparently.. great - thanks to you and meth* for the help06:57
pnormanDoes anyone if it's possible to grow a md RAID10 array from 6 disks to 8 disks, and if so, how to go about it?06:57
acerimmer!frybey  !zykotick9 http://imagebin.org/19626906:57
ubottuacerimmer: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:57
smokycatjefimenko: if you make static link manually, it will work06:58
smokycatjefimenko: sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java 106106:58
jefimenkovan: should i go ahead with this?06:59
vanjefimenko: yeah.. thats looks like easy fix for now06:59
jefimenkoi just upgraded my other comp the same way and it didn't have any problems06:59
jefimenkothat worked07:00
smokycatjefimenko: strange accident...07:00
vanjefimenko: yup, I have multiple java versions installed... never had that problem..07:01
aBoundIndeed life is strange. :P07:01
smokycataway from keyboard. thank you07:01
WoCpnorman, you prolly get both better performance and reliability using raid5 than you have using raid10, mirroring is more likely to just mirror corrupted data should it occur... at least that is what i have seen07:01
pnormanWoC: Not on a database load07:02
aBoundIt is best to stick with the OpenJDK 6 that's previously installed by default. Or is it best to install OpenJDK 7?07:02
ultimociao a tt07:03
jefimenkothanks guys07:03
WoCpnorman, are you using a file system or just raw devices ?07:03
massive__thank you xanax07:04
pnormanWoC: ext4 on lvm on the mdadm array07:04
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:05
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pnormanWoC: Googling says that md RAID10 arrays can't be grown, but that might be outdated. I know RAID5 can be grown07:10
WoCpnorman, sounds like it may be true about 10, as you would need to grow both the master and the mirror simultaneously07:11
WoCunless ofc the raid can be paused for the duration07:12
ChotazIs it possible to use a command in terminal to do the following? : check every subdir inside directory A and delete these subdirs inside directory B07:12
WoCChotaz; "cd /path/A ; find . -type d -exec rm -rf /path/B/{} \;"07:14
hydrox24Chotaz: what is the dirB relative to A exactly? or no relationship?07:14
ChotazI have 2 folders inside my external HDD one with 80 subdirs, another with 40 subdirs07:15
Chotaza:80, b:40, all the folders in b are also in a, I want all folders that are in already in b and a at the same time to be deleted07:16
WoCChotaz, oh07:17
Chotazi want it so A only keeps the subdirs that are not in B07:17
Chotazim not sure im making myself clear07:17
smokycatrm -rf `find /path/A -type d -name B`07:17
WoCChotaz; that might be more than one line...07:19
smokycatit is miss. dont type it...07:19
ChotazWoC: i really have no idea, but my cousin decided to screw my music folder07:19
Chotazhe managed to devide my music collection in 2 dirs07:20
Chotazand then shoved some duplicates into one of those dirs07:20
zerothishow do i make my already paired & connected bluetooth headset my default sound device?07:21
acerimmerChotaz: 10.04 allows GUEST session i.e. no access or permissions to do anything critical07:22
WoCChotaz, both A and B are sub-dirs in the same directory ? and You do want to keep only one unique copy of each directory, correct ?07:23
Chotazthe A and B dirs are completely apart and far inside the hdd07:25
Chotazmy ideia is to delete every subdirectory from B that already exists in A07:26
superdave_Getting some weird crap on boot... http://pic.twitter.com/D0tGLyj7 This disallows boot to continue and never gets to gui. any ideas?07:26
WoCChotaz, quick and dirty would be to just move all the dirs in B to A, overwriting any duplicates; leaving you with just one version lest ofc the dir structure is different07:27
WoCand ofc assuming you have the free space for it07:28
pnormanI suppose I could move all my drives to the hardware RAID card, but that would be a *lot* of work :/07:28
ChotazWoC: I dont want to lose this structure and I'm not sure if I have the space even07:28
a8ksh4what're you working on, pnorman?07:29
Chotazhe just copied all the dirs from A to B, leaving me with a bunch of duplicates07:30
ChotazI thought that'd be an easy, script-way out07:30
vanChotaz: maybe not exactly what you looking for... but you can try "meld" its a GUI based comparison tool07:30
vanChotaz: can check for dir too..07:30
superdave_Getting some weird crap on boot... http://pic.twitter.com/D0tGLyj7 This disallows boot to continue and never gets to gui. any ideas?07:30
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
pnormanChotaz: you can do what you want with sed, xargs and other command line utilities - but I can't really help you write the command07:31
a8ksh4could just rsync between them w/ the delete option to clean up...07:31
WoCChotaz; i think a script may be tricky if the dir structure is completely different07:31
Chotaz /media/MyBook/Music/GenreA/Flac vs /media/MyBook/GenreB/Flac07:32
WoCChotaz, there is always mc and some elbow grease ;)07:32
superdave_Getting some weird crap on boot... http://pic.twitter.com/D0tGLyj7 This disallows boot to continue and never gets to gui. any ideas?07:33
vansuperdave_: are you sure this is not a h/w issue?.. you can verify by booting live cd...07:34
superdave_van: yeah, I'm up right now on cd boot...07:34
superdave_van: actually using the computer to get here...07:36
hydrox24superdave_: looks like a graphics issue, you using Nvidia/ATI/intel what?07:36
superdave_hydrox24 Nvidia. preinstalled in a Dell demension 830007:37
superdave_hydrox24: stock, that is...07:37
hydrox24superdave_: did you have the proprietary drivers installed?07:38
superdave_hydrox24: Don't know... When I did a clean install, I updated the software on 11.04 without upgrading to the new release, and it asked me about optional drivers for my Nvidia graphics card. I chose to install the recommended one and not the one labled "experimental 3D for Nvidia".07:41
hydrox24ok, last Q:07:42
hydrox24did the issue occur after hibernating?07:42
superdave_hydrox24: to my knowledge, it has not ever hibernated. just display sleep, and I was going in and out of that with no problem.07:43
lotrpy_how to quit ubuntu-unregge channel only?07:44
hydrox24lotrpy_: /part ubuntu-unrelated07:45
sherifhey, how can i uninstall programs07:45
hydrox24lotrpy_: /part "CHANNEL NAME"07:45
hydrox24sherif: sudo apt-get remove (for the CLI) or use the software centeres "installed" button to do it normally07:46
lotrpy_hydrox24, thanks, it worked07:46
sherifhydrox24 thx07:46
lotrpy_why I'm lotrpy_, not lotry, then07:46
zykotick9hydrox24: you consider U.S.C. the "normal" way do you...07:47
sherifhydrox24 sudo apt-get remove will give me list?07:47
zykotick9sherif: you need to specify what package like "sudo apt-get remove foo" would remove the foo package07:48
hydrox24zykotick9: no, but most people do :)07:48
hydrox24sherif: no, you need to know the name of the package (hitting the tab key will autocomplete)07:48
sherifhydrox24 thx alot07:48
hydrox24sherif: sudo apt-get remove firefox (for example)07:48
Myrttilotrpy_: you can change your nick with /nick lotry07:49
superdave_hydrox24: any ideas yet?07:49
mernilioHi all" Back from making bread.07:49
=== lotrpy_ is now known as lotrpy
hydrox24superdave_: no, try uninstalling the nvidia proprietary drivers, but I gtg to dinner so bye!07:50
lotrpyMyrtti, thanks07:50
smokycatgood bye friends07:51
superdave_Ok. from CD boot, how would I uninstall nvidia propriatary drivers on an installed system?07:51
mernilioBaking bread for me, is something spirutial. Im not a good food guy, but bakeing two loafs of bread, with some wine makes me feel like im sharing the whelth wiht mohammad!07:51
mernilioMohammad always said: "share your bread with the unholy, before you cut theire heads off"07:52
llutz_!ot | mernilio07:52
ubottumernilio: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:52
mernilioubottu: sorry mr. bot :-)07:52
ubottumernilio: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:52
zykotick9superdave_: you'd first need to chroot into your HD install (see !grub2 for info on that) then use apt-get to uninstall it.07:53
sherifapt-get shortcut for?07:53
mernilioubottu:  i know ur a bot.. dnot horrass me tho!07:53
ubottumernilio: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:53
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superdave_zykotick9: thanks!07:54
merniliocan i say a little off topic question here?  (its a might-be a girlfriend issue)07:54
sherifhydrox24 sudo apt-get is abbreviation of wut07:54
llutz_mernilio: no07:54
pangolinmernilio: no07:54
Myrttimernilio: please don't07:54
superdave_zykotick9: about the grub2 topic... how do I get to that info?07:55
mernilioThanks for your support.. :-P07:55
prince_jammys!apt | sherif07:55
ubottusherif: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)07:55
zykotick9!grub2 > superdave_07:55
ubottusuperdave_, please see my private message07:55
superdave_mernilio: for the love of all that is holy, no.07:55
zykotick9superdave_: the link provided there has the steps for chrooting into you HD install07:55
superdave_zykotick9: Hey, thanks :)07:56
al_nz1how do I permenantly stop the dhcpd service?07:56
sherifubottu thx07:57
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)07:57
mernilioI guess i will be like you .. lonley without a girl .. but she is so nice! fantastic body and all.. there is a problem. I have seen her teeth. They seem very pointy, like a vambire. :-(07:58
prince_jammysAnthony: no need for caps, and tell us some details.08:03
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Anthonyi installed and when i restart i get error disk out, and prompt is grub rescue08:05
superdave_trying to find drivers to apt-get remove, where should I start to find the correct driver for my graphics card?08:07
Anthonywhat should i do08:08
zykotick9superdave_: 1) what graphics card 2) how did you install them?08:08
damo22Anthony: type into grub rescue:  root (hd and then hit TAB08:09
Anthonyroo hd08:09
superdave_zykotick9: stock nvidia on Dell Demension 8300 and through ubuntu update manager.08:09
Anthonyroot hd08:09
damo22root (hd08:09
zykotick9superdave_: "apt-cache policy nvidia-current" does it show installed?08:10
Anthonyroot (hd)08:10
damo22dont close the parenthesis08:10
superdave_nvidia-current:   Installed: (none)   Candidate: 270.41.06-0ubuntu1   Version table:      270.41.06-0ubuntu1 0         500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty/restricted i386 Packages08:10
damo22what happens when you type root(hd and hit TAB08:11
Anthonyis ther space between root and parenthises08:11
superdave_zykotick9: nvidia-current:   Installed: (none)   Candidate: 270.41.06-0ubuntu1   Version table:      270.41.06-0ubuntu1 0         500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty/restricted i386 Packages08:11
Anthonyok unknown cammand root08:11
zykotick9superdave_: so nvidia-current is not installed, do you see the Installed: (none).  I'm not sure what version you need though.  "lspci | grep -i vga" will give card model.08:11
Anthonyi get unknown command 'root'08:12
damo22Anthony: type "ls"08:13
damo22Anthony: what is the output08:13
superdave_zykotick9: output: "01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev a1)"08:14
Anthonyi get  (hd0) (hd0.msdos) (hd1) (hd1,msdos1)08:14
damo22Anthony: it looks like your 2 hard drives both have windows partitions08:15
Anthonyok what do i do08:15
damo22Anthony: how are your disks partitioned?08:16
damo22Anthony: do you have multiple partitions? or are they as grub said08:16
Anthonyhowever ther were when windows was intsalled08:16
zykotick9superdave_: from my very brief search, looks like you need the nvidia 173 driver.  I've never had much luck with the non-current nvidia stuff, so hopefully if you run into issues someone else can help.  I'd also suggest you do an internet search to see if you can confirm/deny that 173 is the correct version.08:16
damo22Anthony: so you recently installed ubuntu?08:17
damo22Anthony: where did you install it to08:18
superdave_zykotick9: Awesome! Thanks! How should I word that so apt-get install will fetch that for me?08:18
Anthonycuase  windows keeps givine me issues08:18
zykotick9superdave_: i'm unable to verify, but "sudo apt-get install nvidia-<TAB>" should list the options.08:18
damo22Anthony: ie which drive08:19
Anthonytold to install over windows and delete all08:19
Anthonyso im not sure08:20
superdave_zykotick9: Ok. Thanks for all the help!!08:20
damo22Anthony: root (hd0,1)08:20
zykotick9superdave_: glad to help, good luck!08:21
Anthonyunknow comand08:21
frybyere - what do I need to do when both my cd/dvd drives are not being "seen" by the 11.00?08:22
damo22Anthony: possibly reinstall08:23
damo22unless someone else knows an idea08:23
urlin2ufrybye, 2 releases 11.04 and 11.10, this with a disc in them?08:24
damo22frybye: boot up with one of the drives attached, dmesg | grep ATAPI08:24
superdave_zykotick9: "nvidia-173" did the trick. now to reboot to find out if it worked!08:24
Anthonyi tried that several times08:25
frybyedamo22 - instead of both you mean?08:25
damo22frybye: yes08:25
Anthonycan anyone else shed som ligh on my problem08:25
damo22frybye: or just run the command anyway08:25
frybyeok - urlin2u it is 11.1008:26
frybyedamo22: they are sata drives?08:26
damo22Anthony: if you really dont want to keep the data and just want to install ubuntu, there is a solution08:26
urlin2ufrybye, cool. :)08:26
Anthonynothing on it08:26
Anthonybut windows08:27
damo22Anthony: there are windows partitions confusing the installer08:27
frybyedamo22: just that the command is mentioning atapi??08:27
TheNewMeCan I turn my Ubuntu machine into a "cloud" for my friends and I?08:27
Anthonyok what do i do08:27
TheNewMeThat use windows.08:27
damo22Anthony: reboot with livecd and come back here for help08:27
damo22Anthony: just select Try ubuntu08:27
llutz_TheNewMe: have a look at www.owncloud.org08:28
frybyedamo22: the command produces 3 lines of results..08:28
[6502]hello... very n00b question :-) ... where am I supposed to create a pid file ? /var/run/ cannot be written by the user08:28
damo22Anthony: then it will boot into a live distro and you can perform some commands to wipe windows totally08:28
Anthonyok how08:28
frybyean ata2.00 a ata4.00 and a scsi 3:0:0:0: cd-rom atapi iHDS118 etc etc..08:29
damo22Anthony: i need you to be running the livecd to get the commands right08:29
Anthonyok hld on almost ther08:29
frybyedama - but if you suggest connecting only one - will try that - if it works - then the 2nd one in addition right?08:30
frybyesorry that was for damo2208:30
damo22frybye: can you paste the output via pastebin?08:30
frybyehang on...08:30
damo22frybye: or pm it to me08:30
frybyedamo22: here - http://paste.ubuntu.com/829790/08:32
damo22frybye: can you just paste the whole of dmesg to pastebin08:33
damo22frybye: it appears that your drives are being detected08:34
damo22frybye: but i need more info to be sure08:34
frybyedmesg | grep gives a fault report?08:35
damo22frybye: no just dmesg08:35
Anthonydamo22: ok08:35
damo22Anthony: open a terminal from Applications->accessories08:36
frybyedamo22: the terminal ran out of space apparently...?08:36
Anthonyhat you me08:37
damo22frybye: dmesg > ~/Desktop/output.txt08:37
Anthonya workspace08:37
mansoorAnyone know why i can't use Ptrace PTRACE_ATTACH on processes that I have started from within my application?08:37
RobinJDoes anyone know if I will be able to run Unity (3D, not the 2D one) with an NVidia GT 430?08:38
frybye"file or directory not found"08:38
frybyedamo22: ok i have it - in german ubuntu - desktop is called Arbeitsfläche08:39
frybyewill change command approp.08:39
Anthonydamm22: i idont see what you maen08:39
damo22frybye: sorry i assumed you used english version08:39
kleanchapwhat is imap email?  Is it something like web email from Yahoo/Google etc?08:40
frybyedamo22: no prob - (I am a brit. air force veteran living perm in berlin.)08:40
damo22frybye: the file should appear on your desktop08:40
llutz_kleanchap: look at wikipedia, its a mail-protocol08:40
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frybyedamo22: it is huge 20+ pages or so.. what now?08:41
Anthonydamo22: i dont see what you talking about08:41
damo22frybye: pastebin it08:41
frybyedamo22: no sure if the paste will hold it - trying...08:41
damo22Anthony: Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal08:42
Anthonyi dont see applications08:42
frybyedamo22: here - http://paste.ubuntu.com/829797/08:42
damo22I'll be back soon08:44
Anthonydamo22 got it08:45
kleanchapllutz, thnx08:45
Kartagishow can I release memory from cache?08:46
mansoorAnyone know how to get rid of  the ptrace  PTRACE_ATTACH " operation not permitted" error?08:46
zykotick9!atemyram | Kartagis08:46
ubottuKartagis: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html08:46
aleks_I'm having some trouble with Conky-cli (and normal conky). I'm currently showing some mpd details with conky, and whenever the song changes or stops, the entire conky output becomes garbled. Any ideas?08:47
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Anthonydamo22: you back08:49
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zykotick9Anthony: if you type "eject" into a terminal, does one of your optical drives open?08:51
Ralphhow do I determine if my 11.10 is recognizing my wireless card?08:51
zykotick9Ralph: "iwconfig" might show you08:52
SilentDrgnHaving a very frustrating issue with my new laptop and Ubuntu 11.1008:52
Anthonyi only have one08:52
SilentDrgnEvery time I close the lid while on the login screen I get a black screen that shows different services starting and it freezes there.08:52
LinSkyratehi there :)08:52
=== skilz-a is now known as skilz
SilentDrgnI installed a new login manager, GDM, and that did not help.08:52
Ralphifconfig tells me I have lo and eth0 but not wifi08:52
llutz_Ralph: iwconfig, not ifconfig08:53
zykotick9Ralph: ifconfig vs. iwconfig - not the same08:53
JermBobis apache still the most secure easy to use web page server for ubuntu ?08:53
llutz_JermBob: no08:53
JermBobllutz what would you recomend then08:53
JermBobthis is why i asked08:53
Anthonyzykotick9: i only have on cd drive08:53
llutz_JermBob: thttpd, apache is neither easy nor secure08:54
JermBobso ill just sudo apt-get thttpd08:54
JermBobthat gets me up and running fast right08:54
JermBobdoes it have a gui ?08:55
llutz_better: its the admins making apache insecure08:55
frybyedamo22: while you were gone I tried the - disconnect one of the drives method - has not worked...08:55
Ralphok wlan says IEEE 802.11bg     ESSID:off/any     Mode:Managed     Access Point: Not-Associated     Tx-Power=0     and so on08:55
llutz_JermBob: no, why should it?08:55
SilentDrgnAny idea why I would get a black screen when closing the laptop lid at the login screen?08:56
frybyedamo22: does it make any difference which of the sata sockets are used on the m-board?08:56
JermBobllutz_ just interested seeing you said its easy to use08:56
aleks_I'm having some trouble with Conky-cli (and normal conky). I'm currently showing some mpd details with conky, and whenever the song changes or stops, the entire conky output becomes garbled. Any ideas?08:57
JermBobllutz_ throttling HTTP server ?08:57
Anthonyfrybye: dont think hes back yet08:57
Ralphrunning 11.10 live.   I'm tring to get wifi working. wlan says IEEE 802.11bg     ESSID:off/any     Mode:Managed     Access Point: Not-Associated     Tx-Power=0     and so on. Help08:58
damo22im back now08:58
Anthonydamo22: im at termmial08:58
Anthonywhat are commands08:59
damo22Anthony: great, can you type:  sudo fdisk -l  and pastebin the output08:59
JermBobwhats the command for a password change ?08:59
photonpasswd, JermBob08:59
JermBobah thanks08:59
zykotick9damo22: fdisk -l doesn't list optical drives08:59
JermBobi tried close to that08:59
photonman passwd for more info.08:59
Anthonyinvaild command09:00
Anthonycommmand not found09:00
damo22zykotick9: im helping two people09:00
sentinel_Ralph, try rfkill -list all09:00
zykotick9damo22: sorry09:01
tonioci sn italiani?09:01
damo22Anthony: make sure you type this correctly:  sudo fdisk -l09:01
zykotick9!it | tonio09:01
pangolin!it | tonio09:01
ubottutonio: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:01
sentinel_Ralph, and after that paste the output somewhere09:01
Anthonyok got it for got space by dash one09:02
damo22Anthony: its not a one its a lower case "L"09:02
Anthonygot now what09:03
damo22Anthony: can you pastebin that09:03
EvilkissHello! Need help with adding new custom driver to kernel...I run command make in linux-source directory...no errors there, then run command make install, no errors there too, but after rebooting system....09:03
sbarcteamI'm on maverick. my aptitude shows me there are conflicts. I pressed 'e' (to examine), and it's been saying for a while now: "open: 78980; closed: 96960; defer: 39; conflict: 42"09:03
Anthonyno differnt cpomputer09:03
Evilkissit's not reboot09:03
sbarcteamWhat am I to expect ? how long to wait ?09:03
|johnny|can anyone help me install a patch>09:04
|johnny|It supposedly helps it to fix my pulse audio. But I don't know how to use it. It says it needs to be patched using git am but I get an error.09:04
damo22Anthony:  i need to know the output09:04
jane-doeGood evening folks.09:04
Anthonyim try somthhing09:05
damo22Anthony: can you run a chat on that computer and connect to IRC09:05
JermBobhey llutz_09:05
|johnny|johnny@johnny-System-Product-Name:~/Downloads$ git am Eye.patch09:05
|johnny|fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git09:05
Anthonyim try to paste here hld on09:05
sbarcteam|johnny|: a patch is usually change to a text file (or several). Do you know which files you are to patch ?09:06
JermBobwhere is the config file located for thttpd09:06
|johnny|sbarcteam, https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39664#c1509:07
ubottuFreedesktop bug 39664 in alsa "Kinect USB Audio device and module-alsa-card.c: Failed to find a working profile." [Normal,New: ]09:07
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|johnny|Apparently this patch works for the PS3 Eye as well09:07
|johnny|But I can't figure out how to use it09:07
hypnocati have a bit of a problem:  it seems my machine doesn't have an /etc/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d is empty... how can i properly populate these?09:08
zykotick9sbarcteam: last time i saw that "open/closed/defer/.." was on Linux Mint Debian Edition - i waited for 4+ hours before giving up on LMDE forever.  The solution in that case was, use apt-get - the same might apply here.  Ubuntu dropped aptitude for a reason (though I certainly prefer it/use it over apt-get, but i don't run ubuntu)09:08
zykotick9hypnocat: it's /etc/apt/sources.list right?09:09
hypnocati do have an /etc/apt/sources.list09:09
hypnocatok.. that non-problem is solved..09:10
sbarcteam|johnny|: you can use patch utility.  usage is described in its man page. basically it is: cd to the root folder of what you patch, then run: patch < file.patch09:10
|johnny|ahh ok I'll give it a shot09:10
hypnocatnow to the next problem:   when i do a "wajig update", i get this error:   "dselect: no access method is selected/configured"09:10
Anthonyhow do i past ie09:10
Anthonydamo22:how do i past ie09:11
hypnocatwhere is the access method that error refers to supposed to be configured?09:11
JermBobllutz_ i found the config file. how do i start the server now ?09:11
damo22Anthony: have you got internet access on the computer?09:11
Anthonyi go on here noe i do paste here09:11
damo22Anthony: www.pastebin.com09:11
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:11
zykotick9damo22: pastebin.com has ads09:12
|johnny|Hmm it asks File to patch09:12
damo22oh sorry09:12
|johnny|Not sure what to write in even from reading over the bug file09:12
hypnocatnevermind.. looks like i just had to run "dselect" and interactively tell it to use apt and the existing sources.list09:13
hypnocatonce i did that, "wajig update" runs without complaint09:13
Anthonydamo22:<script src="http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=Tn3JNsva"></script>09:15
damo22Anthony: please unplug your usb key09:16
un1vers1onI am using rainmeter but I seem to have html related error in it, please help http://pastebin.com/hquNz1SZ the error is probably in line 55, I dont know html so I need some corrections09:16
damo22Anthony: it looks like you have a linux install on the first harddrive09:17
Anthonyok so what do i do09:17
Anthonyi wanna delete and start fresh right09:18
damo22Anthony: its probably easier yes09:18
Anthonyok lets do it09:18
un1vers1onCan someone help?09:18
damo22Anthony: be very careful with this command it will wipe your hard disk09:19
frybyedamo22: you there now? I checked the cd-drives are to be seen in the bios - just not in ubuntu..09:19
Anthonywhat do i do09:19
damo22Anthony: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=109:20
damo22that will wipe your partition table09:20
frybyedamo22: did that last paste turn up anything? <when you have time of course...>09:20
zykotick9frybye: if you type "eject" into a terminal, does one of your optical drives open?09:21
Anthonyis ther space before count09:21
damo22Anthony yes09:21
Anthonyis that 109:21
PlizzoHi, I have an annoying issue on my server running Ubuntu Server 11.10, it freezes constantly, and I can't find the root of the problem. Could anyone help me? :(09:21
frybyedamo22: it says it cant find a cdrom...09:21
damo22Anthony: one09:21
Canyon_i want to record channels in sopcast, but unlike windows, there is no record button for sopcast09:22
Canyon_does anyone know how to record channels in ubuntu?09:22
damo22frybye: what says that?09:22
TheNewMeDoes anyone know a good article on SSH security for Ubuntu?09:22
Anthonyno such file or directory dev/sda09:22
frybyedamo22:  I have switched around the sata cables a bit - can you give me the original command again (rember I have the memory disab..)09:23
damo22Anthony you forgot the /09:23
frybyedamo22: when I enter   eject in a terminal it says   eject: <in german then> cant find cdrom or open09:23
damo22frybye: try eject /dev/sr009:23
frybyedamo22: the lower of the two drives ejected.. ie not the pionier bd one the cheap ordinary one..09:25
Anthonydamo22: 1-0 records in09:25
frybyedamo22: eject /dev/sr1 ejects the other drive - the pionieer bd drive - figures i gess..09:26
frybyedamo22: so now the question is why they dont show up in the gui - right?09:26
damo22Anthony: it failed09:26
Anthony1+0 records in 1=0 records out 512 bytes (512b) copied , 0.00677572 s, 75.6 kb/ s09:26
damo22oh ok09:27
Anthonynow what09:27
frybyedamo22: me too ;=)09:27
damo22Anthony: now try installing ubuntu again and it should say its an empty drive and ask if you want to use the whole thing09:27
Anthonyok ill let you results09:28
frybyedamo22: ah ha - just thought - the problem is they are not mounting!!??09:29
damo22frybye: looks that way09:29
frybye so I need to edit some file...?09:29
damo22frybye: what happens when you insert a dvd/cd?09:30
frybyedamo22: green light on drive comes on for a bit but then out and nothing shows up on gui..09:31
al_nz1how the hell do I disbale the dhcp-server?09:32
zykotick9frybye: 1) check the /dev/cdrom & /dev/dvd links using "ls -l /dev/cdrom" & dvd -- they should show ".. /dev/cdrom -> sr0" or sr1  2) verify that /etc/fstab didn't use an sd# for cdrom(s)09:32
frybyezykotick9: crazy!!! the cd I had been using was apparently unreadable - I just put a ubuntu live cd in and it works fine .. sorry sorry...09:33
frybyedamo22: thanks for all your help - the stupid cd was unreadable or defective or whatever..09:34
damo22no worries09:34
bahamascan anyone help me debug a sound issue http://askubuntu.com/questions/101491/sound-issue-on-64-bit-ubuntu-11-04 ?09:34
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ophelias_anyone else install HUD on 12.04 and it now show up?09:35
ophelias_I press the Alt key nothing...09:35
Tm_Tophelias_: try asking in #ubuntu+1 (:09:36
soulHello how do i make video call in skype using Ubuntu 11.10 ?09:38
songHi ya'll!09:38
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singsongHow to update flash in ubuntu? Is it updating with apt-get update?09:39
quiescensdepends how you installed it09:40
soulHello how do i make video call in skype using Ubuntu 11.10 ?09:40
addy404can any body help me over ubuntu problem issue09:40
theadminsoul: The same way as in any other Skype09:40
theadminaddy404: You should name the problem first09:40
soulI can't find any video call in skype09:41
addy404i have install ubuntu 8.10 in toshiba09:41
addy404and not abel to run internet in it09:41
addy404via lan cabel in my office09:41
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.09:41
theadminaddy404: Sorry. Dead now. Use a newer release, we no longer support it.09:42
bahamassound debugging anyone http://askubuntu.com/questions/101491/sound-issue-on-64-bit-ubuntu-11-04?09:42
addy404i want to upgrade it but not abel to run internet09:42
theadminaddy404: You need to reinstall then09:42
addy404i have free cd only one09:42
addy404of 8.1009:42
theadminaddy404: From a newer release. Either way, we don't support Intrepid anymore whatsoever, sorry.09:42
singsongaddy404  it's a very old release! Try 10.04 or the latest releases. They should work out of the box.09:42
addy404then just tell me procedure of running internet09:43
addy404in ubuntu09:43
singsongdownload from ubuntu.com09:43
theadminaddy404: I have to point out that 8.10 has problems with nVidia nForce networking cards which don't seem to be fixable09:43
damo22addy404: i can help you get internet working on it09:43
al_nz1hey theadmin09:43
al_nz1how the hell do I disbale the dhcp-server?09:43
damo22addy404: do you have a way to paste output to a pastebin from there?09:44
singsongHow to update flash in ubuntu? Is it updating with apt-get update?09:44
theadminal_nz1: sudo mv /etc/init/dhcpd.conf /etc/init/dhcpd.conf.DISABLED # Or something similar.09:44
addy404i am not familiar with it09:44
addy404i m new in linux09:44
damo22addy404: you need a usb stick to transfer some log files from the dead pc to an internet enabled pc09:44
al_nz1theadmin: oh ok - just hiding the conf file will do it huh?09:45
damo22addy404: otherwise i cant help you09:45
theadminal_nz1: Yeah, long as it doesn't end in .conf it's ignored09:45
addy404how and what file09:45
addy404please tell m e09:45
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=== pralex is now known as 36DAAR457
PromilleWhen the floodbot ask you to reg yourself, in #ubuntu-unregged, does it mean to reg yourself with NickServ?09:45
llutz_al_nz1: its not the config, its the file controlling this upstart-job09:46
addy404hey demo22 tell me what procedure i follow to runing internet in my ubuntu09:46
llutz_!register | Promille yes09:46
ubottuPromille yes: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:46
al_nz1theadmin: ok - weird - I dont have a /etc/init.d/dhcpd.conf09:46
damo22addy404: boot up the pc, then run dmesg > ~/Desktop/dmesg.txt; lspci -nnvv > ~/Desktop/lspci.txt09:46
theadminal_nz1: I'm not sure what the name is, figure that out :D09:47
llutz_al_nz1: /etc/init   not init.d (sysV)09:47
al_nz1not in there either09:48
al_nz1looks like its in /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf09:48
theadminal_nz1: That's not an initscript09:48
al_nz1theadmin: so what am I searching for then?09:50
theadminal_nz1: Anything related for it in /etc/init/09:50
al_nz1theadmin: hmmm, ok dhcp is not even running!09:51
al_nz1perhaps because I dont have a init script?09:51
al_nz1whats even more confusing is that I have a /etc/dhcp and a /etc/dhcp3 dir09:52
llutz_al_nz1: thats for the client too09:52
singsongHow to update flash in ubuntu? Is it updating with apt-get update?09:52
al_nz1llutz_: so could yo uhelp me to get dhcp installed please?09:53
al_nz1I did have it running before09:53
xgt001singsong, i guess some ppa would help, are you running oneiric?09:53
llutz_al_nz1: sudo apt-get install dhcp3-server09:53
llutz_or whatever the preferred dhcpd now is09:53
al_nz1already installed09:54
singsongxgt001 11.0409:54
xgt001singsong, try seven machines ppa09:54
=== JAM__ is now known as JAM
singsongwhat's seven machines?09:55
singsongwill update my flash?09:55
soulHi is it possible to have a video chat in skype from Ubuntu 11.10  ?09:56
al_nz1llutz_: ?09:56
=== ecthiender_ is now known as ecthiender
llutz_al_nz1: sudo service dhcp status09:57
frybyesoul - sure when the webcam is compat and setup right...09:57
al_nz1dhcp - unrecognised service09:58
bahamasanyone have experience debugging sound issues?09:58
damo22al_nz1: are you trying to disable your LAN from getting DHCP allocated to all pcs?09:58
singsongxgt001 isn't ppa just for packets. Can it update anything?09:59
bahamasmy sound doesn't work on the desktop, only in the browser09:59
al_nz1damo22: well trying to get it running first - then may disable it while I check a few other things out09:59
al_nz1but want to get it running first09:59
Anthonydamo22: you there09:59
damo22Anthony: yes09:59
Anthonysame thing09:59
singsongSo far everything worked, but today, myspace, refused to play a song, saying, my flash is not up to date.09:59
damo22Anthony: which version is your livecd09:59
Anthony11 i think10:00
llutz_al_nz1: service --status-all &>1|grep dhcp10:00
damo22Anthony: try scanning the cd for errors10:00
al_nz1llutz_: permission denied10:01
al_nz1but trust me dhcp is not running10:01
llutz_al_nz1: this doesn't check for running services, it lists all services being available10:01
damo22Anthony: boot off the livecd and press ESC when it boots up i think (or hold left shift) then when it asks the menu, select "Check for errors"10:02
Anthonydamo22: how do i do that10:02
al_nz1llutz_: its not there10:02
NepheriusAnyone know how I could make chrome stop crashing every 5 seconds on ubuntu 11.10 ?:)10:03
llutz_al_nz1: "ls -l /etc/init.d/dhcp-server"10:03
llutz_al_nz1: err "ls -l /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server"10:03
al_nz1no such file or directory10:04
al_nz1on either10:04
=== skilz-a is now known as skilz
llutz_al_nz1: well, at least in 10.10 dhcp3-server contains that file. so check your package, try to reinstall10:06
bc81hey all10:07
Anthony; do i have make new cd if there are errors10:08
damo22Anthony: yes10:08
bc81i have a question, i'd like to assign an icon (or png image) to a data DVD, so that when the dvd is inserted, it shows up in the file browsers.  any suggestions10:08
* damo22 waves magic wand... nope cd still broken10:08
Anthonyno errors10:10
damo22Anthony: ok so there is something wrong with grub10:10
jncoghello friends󠁟10:10
Anthonyhow do i fix it10:11
Telugoduhow to backup gnome desktop?10:11
Anthonyhow do i fix it10:11
addy404hello dam22 r u there10:11
damo22addy404: yep10:12
cloudgeekwhihc is best irc for graphics10:12
cloudgeekor anything to edit stuff like10:12
n00b336hello, howto tar -cf /path/to/files/FILES that so just FILES are in the archive and not /path/to/files/ ?10:12
damo22jncog: stop inviting me to dud channels10:12
Anthonydamo22:how do i fix it10:12
cloudgeekgif or moving image in which all matter is moving in a image10:12
addy404hey damo i take both file10:12
bahamascan anyone tell what's wrong with my sounds from this output of alsa-info.sh script http://paste.pocoo.org/show/546032/?10:13
bahamasisn't there an op around? jncog is a spammer10:13
damo22Anthony: boot off the livecd and we will try to recover10:14
Anthonyok booting, what do i do next10:14
TelugoduI think gnome doesnt have any backup tool10:16
TelugoduI will switch to KDE10:16
damo22Anthony: open a terminal10:16
quietone11.10 Live CD won't boot on 8yr old desktop. I've checked the disk on another machine and it is OK. Anything I can read on figuring this out?10:17
bc81n00b336: possible try -C, --directory=DIR (change to directory DIR)10:17
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:17
bazhang!it | ciao10:18
ubottuciao: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:18
bc81!ops spammer of jncog10:18
ubottubc81: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:18
bc81jncog spams with CTCP message invitations etc10:19
pangolinbc81: freenode staff took care of it. thanks for the report10:20
bc81ok :)10:20
Anthonydamo22: ok got one open10:20
damo22Anthony: sudo grub-install /dev/sda10:21
Anthonycommand not found10:22
damo22Anthony: try again10:23
damo22Anthony: are you sure10:23
damo22Anthony: there is a space between install and /dev/sda10:24
Anthonyerror cant find device for boot10:26
bazhang!eolupgrades | addy40410:26
ubottuaddy404: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:26
Richard_CavellAm I right in thinking that the startup sound for Ubuntu 10.04 is the same as the one for 10.10, just slower?10:26
bazhangaddy404, first you need to connect via ethernet correct?10:26
=== xgt is now known as xgt001
addy404hello all10:26
addy404demo22 i wait for u r responce10:27
damo22bazhang: i have his dmesg and lspci10:27
bazhangdamo22, ah ok thanks10:27
addy404hey bazhang10:28
addy404help me please10:28
Anthonyi get an error10:28
damo22addy404: you have 2 network controllers in your dead pc?10:29
damo22addy404: you have 2 network plugs?10:29
addy404i don't know10:29
addy404so what to do10:29
damo22addy404: neither of these 2 network controllers are firing up in your kernel10:30
Anthonywhat do i do10:30
addy404then what to do10:30
damo22addy404: Ethernet controller [0200]: Attansic Technology Corp. Device [1969:2062] (rev c1) and Network controller [0280]: Atheros Communications Inc. Device [168c:002b] (rev 01)10:30
damo22addy404: and you are running a linux 2.6.27 kernel10:31
quietonebooting to 11.10 Live Cd, I get the purple screen then a screen full of messages.  How do I fix this so I can install?10:31
addy404u r right 2.6.2710:31
addy404u r such a genius10:32
damo22addy404: that is very old im not sure i can help you unless you have the kernel headers installed10:32
addy404how can  i install10:32
Anthonydont forget me damo10:32
addy404hey demo10:33
addy404then what to do10:33
damo22addy404: with great difficulty, but you can check if they are installed with sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic10:34
addy404when i try sudo apt-get install it show error10:34
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addy404i try this command later then what to do10:35
=== bryan is now known as Guest89157
damo22addy404: sudo dpkg --get-selections|grep linux-headers10:35
damo22someone needs to help Anthony fix grub10:36
addy404i note down both of these command would u like me run this command right now10:36
damo22addy404: just run the second command10:37
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=== skilz-a is now known as skilz
cloudgeekany suggestion for screen recoder tool and later can edit recording too10:37
addy404actually i m in office and my laptop is out so it will take time10:37
opt1muscloudgeek: recordmydesktop10:38
addy404hey demo could u tell me how can i familiar with linux or what to do for getting knowlegde like u10:38
cloudgeekoptimus : okay  checkout the same10:39
EvilkissCan somebody help with compiling own module to kernel?10:39
EvilkissI need steps that must be done...10:39
damo22addy404: well this is going to take ages, you need a build environment for 2.6.27 on there and backport a driver for your network card10:39
Anthonycan anyone help me repair grub10:39
addy404second problem i m facing is i m not being abel to run movies on it and not install sound driver10:39
damo22addy404: i suggest you download a new release10:40
addy404tell me some procedure so i follow10:40
mneptokAnthony: was GRUB working on this disk previously?10:40
Anthonyi downloaded it today10:40
mneptokAnthony: wait, a CD?10:40
addy404ok so by download new release all my problem is solved or not10:40
damo22addy404: pretty much yes10:40
mneptokAnthony: you cannot fix GRUB on a CD.10:41
damo22mneptok: he installed ubuntu from a cd, now his pc wont boot10:41
addy404ok and demo tell me how can u r so much knowledge10:41
Anthonywhat do i do then10:41
mneptokAnthony: if the CD is not booting, most likely the image is corrupt. re-download it, preferably with a toold that has built-in checksumming, like BitTorrent10:41
Anthonyits installed im pc10:41
Ravihwhy ubuntu is so famous?10:41
damo22mneptok: he did a cd check it is good10:42
addy404i want to take these knowledge tell me how can i get knowledge10:42
mneptokAnthony: how are your hard disks connected?10:42
Anthonygrub messe up after install10:42
Anthonyits a laptop10:42
addy404demo tell me name of site/book for getting knowledge aboutn linux10:43
mneptokAnthony: does it use UEFI?10:43
Anthonythst little connecte pl you put in drive10:43
mneptokAnthony: does the laptop use UEFI or a standard BIOS or both?10:44
damo22addy404: many years of experience10:44
Anthonyi dont know10:44
Anthonywhat do u mean10:44
addy404i just wanna to become like u what i have to do10:45
damo22addy404: there is no procedure for becoming damo2210:45
opt1musaddy404: http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Teaching/Unix/10:45
addy404no i just to get knowledge like u10:45
addy404thanks optlmux10:46
opt1musNo problem.10:46
addy404and demo tell is  movies is may run on my system or not10:47
damo22addy404: depends what the specs of the machine is10:47
addy404i have 350 gb hard disk10:47
mneptokAnthony: the grub-pc package may or may not work on systems with UEFI. you don't know what you have. that makes resolving the issue very difficult.10:47
addy404i have 2gen i3=4 gb ram10:48
Anthonyhow do i find out10:48
damo22Anthony: what is the make and model of your pc10:48
mneptokAnthony: look for UEFI references in any BIOS screens?10:48
Anthonyits dell inspiron 600m10:48
addy404and don't know how to run movies and where find driver for sound10:48
Anthonyi just get dell logo ans it say bios revisonA1610:49
mneptokAnthony: and what error does GRUB give?10:49
damo22Anthony: it seems like a fairly old machine i doubt it would use UEFI10:50
Anthonyerror: outof diskgrub rescue10:50
damo22mneptok: he gets a grub-rescue shell10:50
mneptokAnthony: put the CD in, and when you get the menu, choose "Boot from first hard disk"10:51
addy404hey damo does linux ubuntu 11 is abel to play movies in it10:52
damo22addy404: of course10:52
Anthonysame thing10:52
kalimojowhats a good beginners to intermediate ubuntu book ?10:53
mneptokAnthony: alright, so boot to a live session from the CD10:53
addy404after installing linux 11 how to run movies and where i can get sound driver10:53
* mneptok really should try to go back to bed10:53
Anthonythe trial10:53
_apostate_running precise - keep getting "public key is not available" with launchpad ppas10:54
damo22addy404: you shouldnt need any extra drivers with 1110:54
damo22addy404: most all things work out of the box10:54
addy404damo: ok thanks10:54
damo22youre welcome10:55
addy404i contact u  lated when i install 1110:55
kalimojohow can i tell if my laptop has bluetooth capability ?10:56
Anthonyok whats next10:57
=== alan_ is now known as Guest1727
DarkStar1Hello. I am trying to setup seamless ssh access (to logins without passwords) do I need to create the .shh folder in the user home directory of the account I wish to log in to?11:02
kalimojohow can i tell if my laptop has bluetooth capability ?11:03
samrathow can I fix the power regression in Precise Pangolin?11:03
fidelkalimojo: i guess there are several ways. try: hwinfo | grep blue11:04
LjLsamrat: i recommend you ask in #ubuntu+1, as this channel doesn't deal with unreleased versions11:04
samratLjL: really sorry.. i meant Oneric (11.10)11:05
bahamasguys, how can I debug a game only displaying a black screen when trying to run it?11:06
Anthonydamo22 you there11:06
damo22Anthony: yeah11:06
Anthonyother guy left me11:07
Anthonyhe had me go the live on the cd11:07
damo22Anthony: ok11:07
Anthonythen i dont what he wanted me to do11:08
opt1musbahamas: What game?11:08
damo22Anthony: run a terminal11:08
bahamasopt1mus: unreal tournament 200411:10
damo22Anthony: sudo fdisk -l11:10
JeicoWhat distribution is "better" for Java and C++ programming? Ubuntu or Fedora?11:10
Anthonyone or l11:11
damo22Jeico: what icing is better on a cake?11:11
damo22Anthony: L11:11
Anthonygot it11:12
Jeicodamo22: if you can't help with my question, then do not bother to answer :S I just want to pick a distro and I want to be sure on my pick.11:12
whitmanIs there any way to change the "Turn off after" to 15 minutes, rather than just the options in the drop down box. (10 and 30 are the closest)11:12
whitmanIn the screen settings.11:13
damo22Jeico: i asked a subjective question in response to your subjective question, this channel afaik is for ubuntu support11:13
LjLJeico: your question in all fairness is not really on topic for this channel11:13
Anthonywhats next11:13
damo22Anthony: does it mention /dev/sda as the main drive?11:14
damo22Anthony: ideally i need to read the whole output to know the next command11:15
bc81whitman: in 10.10 you can set the amount in seconds.  alt+f2 and type gconf-editor, navigate to /apps/gnome-power-manager/timeout/11:17
bc81not sure what configuration tool is available in newer releases11:17
whitmanThat key doesn't exist in 11.10 :(11:17
bc81you can open a terminal and do it11:18
Anthonydamo22:<script src="http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=HAFdyq5A"></script>11:18
Anthonydamo22: <script src="http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=HAFdyq5A"></script>11:18
damo22Anthony: sudo grub-install /dev/sda11:19
damo22Anthony: space between grub-install and /dev/sda11:19
Anthonycant find device11:21
tom453642356Hello: is there a program that does a simple directory comparison, checking they have the same files and doing a recursive check of sub directories?11:23
bc81tom453642356: you might want to try meld11:24
damo22Anthony: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt11:24
benccI'm using a command that output to a file: "pdf2svg input.pdf output.svg" how can I output to stdout instead?11:25
damo22Anthony: sudo grub-install   --root-directory=/mnt    /dev/sda11:25
tom453642356bc81: i am trying meld right now. it seems to be reading every single file, checking every byte of every file. that is overkill11:25
motzhi, I need to transfer a big file (6.8 Gb) from a ubuntu laptop to a mac laptop11:25
tom453642356bc81: i just want something that does ls recursively and verifies they are the same11:26
Anthonyinstall finised no error11:27
damo22Anthony: what is the output ?11:27
tensorpuddingmotz, well, the best way is to connect them through ethernet cables to your router11:27
Anthonyistall finished no error reported11:27
tensorpuddingmotz, then share the folder on the ubuntu laptop, and browse the share on the mac laptop11:27
damo22Anthony: ok now do this:   sudo umount /mnt11:28
tensorpuddingmotz, you don't need to connect them with wires, you can do it over wireless, but wireless is so slow that 6.8 GB will take several hours11:28
damo22Anthony: then you can reboot and it should work11:28
fidelmotz: or just push the file via scp from box a to b (ssh access must be enabled in the mac sys-prefs)11:28
bc81tom453642356: diff -r <dir1> <dir2>11:28
Anthonysays command not found11:29
tom453642356thanks bc11:29
damo22Anthony: umount not uNmount11:29
Dr_Willispaste the exact command you are using.11:30
tensorpuddingmotz, folder sharing can be accomplished by right-clicking the folder and going to Sharing Options, then enabling the folder; you do this for the folder that holds the file you want, and enable guest access11:30
tensorpuddingmotz, do you follow?11:30
Anthonyok got it now restart11:31
damo22Anthony: yes, reboot now, but pay more attention to the commands i type, or paste them directly if you have trouble11:32
Anthonyok let you now status11:33
ian_Hi - I've got a problem with Remote Desktop not working when one particular login is logged on - can anyone help?11:35
Anthonysame thing11:35
damo22Anthony: you must have a wierd old buggy bios11:35
d1bhi i wish to install ubuntu on a mac pro11:35
d1bwhat's the best way to do this?11:35
damo22d1b: i have done it i am running it now11:36
d1bdamo22: yes and what's the best way to do this11:36
Anthonyo what do i do11:36
damo22d1b: go into osx and shrink your main HFS+ partition so there is room for ubuntu at the end of the drive11:37
d1bdamo22: and then?11:37
damo22d1b: then you need to be careful11:37
d1bhow do i boot ubuntu / install it from there?11:38
Dr_WillisMake Backups. always step #1 :)11:38
d1bi have backups :p11:38
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages11:38
Dr_Willisbackup your backups...11:38
damo22d1b: the main thing is to not allow ubuntu to wipe the EFI partition11:38
d1bDr_Willis: i read that and ... it doesn't answer all of the questions :p11:38
d1bDr_Willis: right11:38
d1bdamo22: *11:38
damo22d1b: you have to boot off the livecd11:39
d1bthe thing is my mac pro wouldn't be on this thing ... i think it is the latest :p11:39
d1bdamo22: ok11:39
Anthony; what do i do11:39
damo22d1b: you insert the cd and hold "option/alt" button while it is booting11:40
damo22d1b: then you can boot off the cd with the arrow keys11:40
d1bdamo22: how do i ensure that it doesn't kill the efi partition11:40
bazhang!it | Guest3512811:40
ubottuGuest35128: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:40
damo22d1b: select the grub bootloader to install into /dev/sdxY where Y is the partition of the ubuntu root11:41
ian_dlb: If you can't find out from Apple how to install Ubuntu using BootCamp as the boot manager, I would install Ubuntu on a separate drive - this way you won't inadvertantly cause the BootCamp boot manager to get overwritten by Ubuntu's Grub boot manager11:41
d1bdamo22: so i will need to install refit?11:41
mrtn86Am I correct, that "software-center" uses APT database as well? I mean I could use apt-get for installing some programs and software-center to install other ones if I like?11:41
damo22d1b: not necessary11:42
bazhangmrtn86, yes11:42
d1bso will it let me pick between ubuntu and osx?11:42
d1b(on boot)11:42
ian_dlb: This is what I did with my Windows 7 workstation - I didn't want to screw with the Windows boot manager11:42
=== skilz is now known as skilz-a
damo22d1b: only if you hold option alt while it boots11:42
mrtn86bazhang, thanks!11:42
Dr_Willismrtn86:  all the package manager tools are basically front ends to the apt system.11:42
d1bdamo22: ah ok11:43
damo22d1b: then you can use the built in osx bootloader to select ubuntu11:43
d1bso grub doesn't let me do it11:43
d1boh ok11:43
d1bso it will then just boot osx by default?11:43
d1bok cool11:43
d1bit isn't possible to usb boot (instead of cdrom) ?11:43
damo22probably is possible using the exact same method11:44
d1blast time i tried it, it didn't work tho :<11:44
damo22osx has a built in bootloader that lets you choose which partition to boot from, and if you install ubuntu onto one of them you can nest the bootloaders this way11:45
d1byes last time i tried it ... it didn't work :<11:46
d1bok cool11:46
Dr_Willisinstall grub to say sda3 You mean?11:46
damo22Dr_Willis: yes11:46
osmosisis there any way to get the file edit menus back onto the application window instead of at the top?11:46
Dr_Willisive only done that with seperate hard drives. :) on Intel pc's  - i dont have a mac.. heh.11:46
damo22d1b: whatever you do, DONT install grub to /dev/sda11:46
Dr_Willisosmosis:  you can disable the 'global menus' if you dont like them.  the webupd8 blog site mentions how to do it globally, or for specific apps.11:47
d1bdamo22: i'll make a backup of /dev/sda first ;)11:47
=== skilz-a is now known as skilz
osmosisDr_Willis, cooL! will checkout11:47
Dr_WillisI think has the info. or links11:48
damo22d1b: /dev/sda1 is the EFI partition and the first 512 bytes of /dev/sda  is the osx partition table + jump code11:48
Dr_Willisthat url is worth bookmarking in any case. :)11:48
d1bdamo22: cool11:48
dondillyHelp, I had a box running 10.10 fall over yesterday. the files on hd0 all locked. reboot failed and end up in grub hd0 still vis from bios and is sys drive so obv accessable. but fails to boot from grub either generic or recovery11:49
dondillyam a bit of a linux noob11:49
mcl0vinubuntu 10.10 what i can add a user using system>admin>users&group and then add the user! nothing happen when i click add :(11:49
kaspihey guys11:49
bibornwho have tried 12.04 LtS? is it better than 11.10?11:50
oCeanbiborn: Precise/12.04 is not yet released (still alpha). Please /join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion11:50
trijntjemcl0vin: isn't there a button to 'unlock' the settings first?11:50
ikoniamcl0vin: check if the user is created11:50
mcl0vinbiborn: and who said that 11.10 was any good11:50
mcl0vinikonia: no this is a fresh install11:51
ian_I've got a VM of 12.04 - and it's buggy as hell right now11:51
ikoniamcl0vin: I'm not quite following your issue11:51
bibornmcl0vin: what do you mean? my native language is not english11:51
mcl0vinthere is no unlock trijntje11:51
oCeanian_: this is not the correct channel, use #ubuntu+1 for that discussion11:51
kaspiI have updated my system to the latest kernel, everything good except my mouse makes the screen go black... any input from any of my mice, any suggestions?11:51
Stanley00!pangolin | ian_11:51
ubottuian_: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 | Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:51
Culiforge Hello, was working with some others yesterday to get a broken install running.. reinstalled grub... had to run, now neither install will boot.11:52
ikoniaCuliforge: define "will not boot"11:52
mcl0vinikonia: users & group11:52
oCeanCuliforge: you asked the same question in #ubuntu-beginners, please don't crosspost11:52
ikoniamcl0vin: how are you launching the gui ?11:52
mcl0vinikonia: it loads automatically when i boot11:53
ikoniamcl0vin: the user admin gui should not load automatically when you boot11:53
Culiforgeikonia, after bootsplash system stops with 'loading please wait'11:53
mcl0vinikonia: oh ... i go to system > admin>user & groups11:53
bibornwhich is better? 12.04 alpha or 11.10?11:54
mcl0vinbiborn: 10.4 or 10.1011:54
ikoniabiborn: please stop asking about 12.0411:54
ikoniabiborn: 12.04 is not released yet or stable11:54
ikoniabiborn: 12.04 discussion is in the channel #ubuntu+111:54
bazhangbiborn, #ubuntu+1 for 12.04 discussion11:54
ikoniamcl0vin: is the user you are using in the "admin" group11:54
bibornmcl0vin: of course 10.0411:55
ikoniamcl0vin: so what's the actual issue ?11:55
dondillyHelp, I had a box running 10.10 fall over yesterday. the files on hd0 all locked. reboot failed and end up in grub hd0 still vis from bios and is sys drive so obv accessable. but fails to boot from grub either generic or recovery11:56
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CuliforgeoCean, sorry, there was no traffic on beginners this morning11:56
ikoniadondilly: define fails to boot and "locked"11:56
mcl0vinikonia: i take my last answer back.and replace it with i don't know...i am using the user from the setup and trying to add another user to the system11:56
tom453642356dondilly: you could pull hard drive out and plug into another computer11:56
ikoniamcl0vin: ok, check if the user is in the admin group, that is the first port of call when using root-needed administration guis11:56
mcl0vinikonia: ok, so my user is yes an admon , because he belongs to the admin group11:57
ikoniamcl0vin: ok, great, so what's the actual issue now ?11:57
mcl0vinikonia: i can't add another new user11:57
kaspiI have updated system to the latest kernel and any input from my mouse makes the screen go black. What to do?11:57
mcl0vinusing the gui11:57
ikoniamcl0vin: you're going to need to give more detail than that11:57
mcl0vinikonia: i click add and nothing happen ..11:58
mike_83hello all..as soon as somebody is free i could sure use some help11:58
mcl0vinikonia: from sys >admin> user & groups11:58
ikoniamcl0vin: ok, have you checked to see if the user was actually added11:58
ikoniamcl0vin: just ask a question11:58
ikoniamcl0vin: sorry, that was for mike_8311:58
kaspimike_83: tell us11:58
Dr_Willismike_83:  state the question and see who answers11:58
ikoniamcl0vin: check if the user was actually created or not11:59
mcl0vinikonia: yes the user is not add, i only have one user in the system11:59
ikoniamcl0vin: how are you checking that ?11:59
dondillywould it be poss to boot from livedcd and copy to another hd, not sure whats more likely, hd file, hardware or OS in a twist11:59
mcl0vinikonia: because its not asking me for anything about the user...and to check it i can vi /etc/passwd12:00
mike_83i decided i didn't like ubuntu 11.10..so i install 10.04lts..and can't get my wifi card to work..which is a ralink rt5930..if tried installing it about 10 different ways according to various howtos online to no avail12:00
ikoniamcl0vin: ok, so it's not in the password file, can you show me the output of uname -a12:00
ikoniadondilly: don't need to boot from a livecd to add a hard disk12:00
mike_83no takers? :)12:02
mcl0vinikonia:you got it12:03
Dr_Willismike_83:  if you have tried 10 differnt things.. your system could be in a very confused state12:03
ikoniamcl0vin: got what ?12:03
dgfgeri have problems with arrow keys in terminal windows12:03
dgfgerthey do not work12:03
mike_83me and the system both lol12:03
Dr_Willismike_83:   Id just get used to 11.10 and unity/gnome-shell - its the way of the future.12:03
mcl0vinikonia: i pm'd u the output of uname all12:03
ikoniamcl0vin: why pm me ? just put it in the channel so we can all follow12:03
ikoniaI don't accept random pm's which is why I've not got it12:03
dondillyikeonia - no but current OS failed and now only boots to grub so if hw ok could copy what I need to usb drive after booting from livecd, only 1 linux box and drive is ext2 so not easily read by windows12:04
dgfgeralso my login manager misbehaves12:04
ikoniadondilly: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say12:04
dgfgeralso fullscreen console steals my lettters12:04
bibornif i install 12.04 alpha now, can i just upgrade it when it is released later? i mean upgrade by just using sudo apt-get upgrade12:04
dgfgercousld someone troublesshoot it?12:04
mcl0vinikonia 2.6.35-32-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jan 2 23:31:33 UTC 2012 i686 GNU/Linux12:04
Dr_Willisbiborn:  of course. thats a major feature of the package system12:04
ikoniamcl0vin: cool, so it's all al in order12:05
ikoniamcl0vin: could you try launching another admin releated gui tool (anyone you want) and see if it responds ok12:05
_apostate_try as I might I cannot get smooth fonts in Openbox like in Gnome12:05
ikoniamcl0vin: that way we can narrow it down to either that tool, or the lack of sudo auth on the tool12:05
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mcl0vinikonia: name one12:05
ikoniasynaptic, hardware drivers, anything12:06
ikoniamcl0vin: no idea of the top of my head, you've got the menu in front of you12:06
mcl0vinikonia: all works fine12:06
ikoniamcl0vin: so it would appear to be down to that tool12:06
ikoniamcl0vin: can you try launching it from the command line with gksudo12:06
ian_biborn: Why don't you try 12.04 as a VM first before you commit to upgrading a real system?12:07
dgfgerwhy my up/dowen arrows DOEN"NT WORK?12:08
ikoniadondilly: your caps lock key clearly works, please don't use it for no reason12:08
dgfgernowhere in X12:08
ikoniaoops dgfger your caps lock key clearly works, please don't use it for no reason12:08
dondillyikonia, ubuntu box crashed will now just go to grub on boot and fail to boot from grub. I either need to repair OS or recover data from disk12:08
ikoniadondilly: sorry about that12:08
RacyQ1. could i put a specific video driver into ubuntu's iso, that would get recognised/install on installation? (Q2. if so, where(what folder) in the iso would i put it?)12:08
ikoniadondilly: ok - so what do you see when you try to boot the system12:09
ikoniaRacy: what are you trying to insert exactly12:09
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:09
mcl0vinikonia: gksudo users-admin and this is what i got "http://screencast.com/t/yQSiGwvDsN3"12:09
ikoniamcl0vin: very odd12:10
ikoniamcl0vin: in the terminal behind the gui, is there any additional info coming up12:10
mcl0vinikonia: vs when i lunch it from the gui it loads the user i have there and populate the add delete manage group buttons12:10
mcl0vinikonia: nope12:11
ikoniamcl0vin: ooh, something clearly very wrong there12:11
ikoniamcl0vin: never seen that behaviour before12:11
mcl0vinikonia: if you are using the same disto can you duplicate the issue12:11
* dgfger wonders if support personnel sleeping right now12:11
Racyikonia: NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version 173)12:11
ikoniadgfger: I wonder if you can see that people are activly being helped12:11
mcl0vinikonia: its been doing it since 10.4 for me12:12
ikoniamcl0vin: I'm not using the same distro, but I know many who are without that same issue12:12
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovdgfger:  its 7 am in the usa :) on superbowl sunday.. it may be quiet in here.12:12
ikoniamcl0vin: never had the issue on 10.4 and I use that daily12:12
ikoniaRacy: ok, I'd advise you not to try that, because you'll need to build a kernel module and pre-configure Xorg12:12
mcl0vinikonia: hmmmm...and this is a freshly downloaded and installed 10.1012:12
bazhangdgfger, whats the exact issue12:13
dondillyit refuses to boot normally and goes to grub, if I try boot from grub  the last few lines are reporting refuse to mount dev sys proc  and drops to  busybox12:13
Racyikonia: ok thanks, it's installed in version 11.04 (says it's activated, but not currently in use) I can upgrade to 12.04 from this version, was just checking12:15
ikoniawhy would you want to do that ?12:15
ikoniaRacy: it's not in use as your X11 config is not setup12:15
ikoniaRacy: no need to upgrade, try to find a resolution to a problem before such extreme measures as upgrading12:16
ikoniamcl0vin: just thinking12:16
mcl0vinikonia: what is the issue :)12:17
ikoniamcl0vin: no idea at this moment12:17
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mcl0vinikonia: remember i told you yesterday that this is a headless and i remote to it12:17
Racyikonia: ok, thanks about x11 config. i'd upgrade when 12.04 is released at the earliest / when 11.04 runs out at the latest12:18
mcl0vinikonia: i found it12:18
ikoniamcl0vin: explain12:18
ikoniaRacy: sorry, what you've said make no sense12:18
dondillyikonia it refuses to boot normally and goes to grub, if I try boot from grub  the last few lines are reporting refuse to mount dev sys proc  and drops to  busybox12:18
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mcl0vinikonia: this is a remote box somewhere in the attic and i use nx to get to it , and i ve always used it that way , i plugged directly to it and tried the users and groups and it works fine12:19
mcl0vinikonia: when i use the remote session it doesn't12:19
ikoniamcl0vin: interesting, not sure why that would make a difference, I'll need to think more12:20
RacyQ2 my Unity menu has started working, but doesn't hide or auto-hide (may not have started to work until i installed unity2D as well)12:20
dgfgeris 11.04 past support life?12:21
Racy*Unity2D works fine when i boot that12:21
bazhangdgfger, no12:21
bazhang!11.04 > dgfger12:21
ubottudgfger, please see my private message12:21
dgfgersomehow everything I type is going to console I have X running on12:22
dgfgeri tried to use lightdm login manager, but it runs on console #1 and eventually crashes12:23
dgfgeralso this console has a console login process running under x, i don't understand how it possible12:24
Racyoff topic Q3.  i'm using http://webchat.freenode.net/ #Ubuntu is the 1st IRC channel i've found with people chatting.  Does anyone know a popular Australia / Melbourne channel?12:25
ikoniaRacy: ask in #freenode12:25
bazhang!alis | Racy12:25
ubottuRacy: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*12:25
Racycheers, thankyou12:25
LiquidOrionHello. Installed Ubuntu and getting this error - http://xrl.us/page341 - can anyone help me ??12:26
LjLLiquidOrion: wrong link, i dare hope.12:27
LiquidOrionHello. Installed Ubuntu and getting this error - http://xrl.us/page341 - can anyone help me ??12:27
aalm\join #malaysia12:28
krallesorry is there a way to run dnsmasq and networkmanager together12:32
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=== skilz-a is now known as skilz
Dr-Willis-Of-Lov!info dnsmasq12:33
ubottudnsmasq (source: dnsmasq): A small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.57-1ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 13 kB, installed size 120 kB12:33
skilzHow do I change the GDM login theme?12:33
dgfgerdoes 11.03 uses GDM by default?12:34
Dr-Willis-Of-Lov11.04 used gdm 3 i belive12:35
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovits not very themeable last i checked.12:35
kralleany way to use it togeter dnsmasq and networkmanager12:35
dgfgeri tried to replace it with lightdm and having now CRAZY x issues12:35
dgfgerany alternative to it?12:36
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovtry just using the console and 'startx' :)  or xdm, kdm, or  some other dms in the repos.12:36
trojancompiz doesn't work that well anymore .. :(12:37
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovkralle: are you shareing your network connection or anythign else special?12:37
kralleyes  Dr-Willis-Of-Lov as hotspot12:38
Braden`Does anyone know of a system administration web interface available as a debian package?12:38
kralleineed to run dnsmasq together id did it yesterday but i forget how because i reinstalle ubuntu12:38
Braden`err ubuntu package12:38
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovkralle:  seems to be some sort of bug with it --> http://askubuntu.com/questions/63059/why-is-my-ethernet-connection-connecting-and-disconnecting-repeatedly12:38
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).12:39
MautzHey there! Got some trouble with booting from MARVELL raid after updating the BIOS; Ubuntu doesn't find the raid drive, which I used to boot from. Windows 7 does, so I think the raid itself is still ok. fdisk on live-system won't show the disk either. Could someone help me out please?12:40
mosdef100200Hi there does anyone know of a .swf live preview software in Linux?12:40
crizzymosdef100200: gnash.. mplayer + xine can play flash files too12:41
Braden`Dr-Willis-Of-Lov:  Thanks12:41
ikoniaMautz: you'll find that common with all fakeraid devices12:41
ikoniaMautz: using fakeraid is something I'd try to avoid at all costs12:42
mosdef100200Hi thanks for the help what i used to have on windows was a preview thumbnail generator of a swf file and i am trying to find something like that in linux12:42
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovit would be a feature of the file manager i imagine.12:43
kralleDr-Willis-Of-Lov:  any more ideas ?12:43
Mautzikonia: but it worked until this update; any idea how to fix this?12:43
ikoniaMautz: I suspect the support/inbuilt driver will have changed between kernels and that device is no longer usable12:43
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovkralle:  no idea.  just saw that post on how theres bugs with dnsmasq network manager and shareing the connection.12:43
ikoniaMautz: again - fake raid is the devil12:43
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Mautzikonia: so i have to downgrade my bios again and hope, that I will show up agian?12:44
ikoniaMautz: I just wouldn't use it at all, and swap to software raid12:45
Mautzikonia: can I use the software-raid from linux and windows? doesn't it slow down the system?12:46
ikoniaMautz: software raid is not cross-platform, so your windows disk won't see it12:46
ikoniaMautz: in terms of performance there is no difference between software raid and fake raid, they both use the machines cpu (that's why it's called fake raid)12:46
Mautzikonia: so best would be to use a raid-controller?!12:48
ikoniaMautz: a hardware raid controller is good, software raid if you only need Linux support, fakeraid (for me) never12:48
kralleso no way to use dnsmasq and networkmanager for hotspot12:49
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mcl0vinhow can i add a user to sudo please12:50
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovkralle:  seems to be a bug with it. the forums or askubuntu threads might have some work arounds.12:50
ikoniamcl0vin: just put them in the admin group12:50
krallelol ..12:50
krallehow to search in 100000 posts12:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 857294 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Creating hotspot leads to endless connect/disconnect loop" [Medium,Fix released]12:51
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovi just searched for dnsmasq on askubuntu12:51
Mautzikonia: got an idea, how much a raid-controller should be?12:52
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/76981/cannot-make-wi-fi-hotspot        seems theres issues with dnsmasq and doing hotspot type styff12:52
ikoniaMautz: $400 is the average, look up LSI and 3ware12:52
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:53
Daulityhi all12:54
Daulityi have a problem with poping/cracking sound, and i've noticed it only happens when viewing flash video's ...12:55
Mautzikonia: ok, thank you for your help! I'll try to recover my data using the old bios and then delete the fakeraid.12:55
Daulityi've tried installing flashplugin nonfree but didn't help. is it even flash?12:55
ikoniaMautz: not the help you where looking for I know, but it will serve you well in the long run12:56
Daulityit's verry annoying12:56
mongyDaulity, are you 64bit?12:56
Mautzikonia: well, i the end i learned a bit, so it was worth it ;)12:57
Daulityyes 64bit12:59
NavionCan anyone tell me how to manually configure the display and graphics card on Lucid (10.04)13:01
* Schrodinger`Cat 13:01
recon69_lapgot a question, setup a comp for 2 young girls and was wondering if anyone can recommend a net nanny like program13:01
Dr-Willis-Of-LovNavion:  for what chipset/gpu?13:01
Guest10341hi im new here13:02
Guest10341how can i safe servers?13:02
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovrecon69_lap:  opendns has a feature to block stuff. and then theres teh  various browser plugins. and i think some sort of proxy/security tool in the repos.13:02
NavionI think it's a Siliconmotion SM712 but the probe keeps setting it up as a Matrox card13:02
Dr-Willis-Of-LovGuest10341:  clarify what you mean. and you may want to change Nicks -->  /nick Pick_A_Nick13:02
Dr-Willis-Of-LovNavion:   SM712 is an SiS brand card?13:03
Guest10341nvm i found out how13:03
kapzhi where can I download the normal copy of ubuntu via torrent?13:03
ikoniakapz: www.ubuntu.com has download links13:03
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovkapz:  the download sites have torrent links.13:03
NavionIt's on an Intel motherboard.13:04
bazhang!torrents | kapz13:04
ubottukapz: Oneiric can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/desktop/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/oneiric/server/ubuntu-11.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com/13:04
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovkapz:  the disrtowatch site also normally has torrent and iso links.13:04
kapzyes the site shows an Alternate installer cd but not the normal one13:04
recon69_lapDr-Willis-Of-Lov: thx for the advice, but not a computer i'm going to be near much and the parents will not be able to manage anything as technical as that.13:04
Daulityyes i have 64bit ubuntu, what does that have to do with the clipping/poping sounds?13:04
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovtorrent.ubuntu.com has lists of all of them.13:04
mcl0vinis there a propper way to move my current ~/download , ~/documents to a different drive ?13:05
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovrecon69_lap:  open dns has a web interface you can remote admin/setup for their pc. but  ive no idea how hard it would be to bypass.13:05
kapzThanks a lot ubottu!!13:05
ikoniamcl0vin: just move it, it's that simple13:05
NavionDr-Willis-Of-Lov: It's on an Intel motherboard.13:05
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovmcl0vin:  use a soft link so they appear back in ~ if you want. :)13:05
mcl0vinikonia: i don't need to mount it13:05
ikoniamcl0vin: you don't mount directories, you mount partitions on disks13:05
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovto a directory :)13:07
Daulityi've lost my sound icon from panel, how do i put it back/13:07
mcl0vinikonia: am confused a bit....how can i list which dev does my current ~/Download belongs to13:07
ikoniamcl0vin: why does it matter which device it belongs to13:08
ikoniamcl0vin: it's in your home directory, just move the directory to where you wnat it13:08
ntr0pyHow can i disable font smoothing in firefox 10?13:08
mongyDaulity, did you install flashplugin-installer ?13:09
mcl0vinikonia: i need to know please. i have two separate drive and i want to know were i have it13:09
mcl0vinhow can i tell if /home belongs to /dev/sda1 or /dev/sdb113:09
Daulitymongy yes13:09
ikoniamcl0vin: mount shows your mounted files sytems13:09
NavionDr-Willis-Of-Lov: The biggest problem is that because it mis-probed the graphics chip it can't figure out the display and it's stuck as such a low res that I can't get to the buttons on the desktop tools.13:09
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovmcl0vin:  the mount command shows mount13:09
recon69_laphmm, found a page that has a good start , http://www.howtogeek.com/54036/how-to-create-a-family-friendly-ubuntu-setup/ , i'll pass the info on to the parents , thx13:09
DevilSolutionis there a way to access or view the PATH variables or else whats the command to permanently set the scala compiler up?13:09
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovecho $PATH13:10
itaylor57DeviceZer0, echo $PATH13:10
Dr-Willis-Of-LovNo idea what scala is13:10
DevilSolutionokay i did like PATH= on accident and i guess i cleared it?13:11
mongyDaulity, ok,  enable the partner repo by editing /etc/apt/sources.list and removing the # from the partner lines.  then sudo apt-get autoremove --purge flashplugin-installer then sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin13:11
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mcl0vinDr-Willis-Of-Lov: ikonia : thanks , i can see that /home is mounted to /sdb1 which is 80GB and that should be enought because / is on sda1 and its own 80GB13:12
mongyDaulity, for me, the flashplugin-installer method uses 32bit libs, and the partner version is proper 64bit version.13:12
DevilSolutionDr-Willis-Of-Lov,  its just a programming language, largely based on java i believe.13:12
NavionCan anyone help me with a display configuration problem? Ive been working on this for 20 hours straight and I'm getting a bit tired.13:13
ikoniamcl0vin: a root file system of 80GB when using a seperate home partition is crazy and a massive waste13:13
tensorpuddingnot crazy, future-proof!13:14
=== skilz is now known as skilz-a
Daulitymongy ok :)13:14
mcl0vinikonia: what do you suggest13:15
McG-Luckycan i please ask for help13:15
tensorpuddingdepends on your needs13:15
McG-Luckyi need to no how to get into my server13:15
mcl0vinMcG-Lucky: just ask and someone will help you13:16
snowrichardthanks to whomever wrote wiki page about internet connection sharing..  I'm on my cellphone's 3G network through my wireless router now.  The cell phone is connected to a laptop that is sharing the connection over the cat5 to the router.13:16
Daulitymongy i've seem to have lost my sound? i've also tried and see at alsamixer in terminal sound volume is up... and right device is selected13:16
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:16
tensorpudding30 GB should be "good enough" for everyone, but most can get by with less13:16
mcl0vinMcG-Lucky: !ask13:16
Daulity10GB normally is enough for me ...13:16
McG-LuckyI need to get into my server13:16
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovi have filled up 10 gb / befor. :) i do at least 20gb on the desktops13:17
Daulitydoes your server have ssh?13:17
tensorpuddingi'm using 23, with a /home included13:17
tensorpuddingi've filled up more than 20 gb on /usr + /opt before though, in old times when i played games13:17
mcl0vinMcG-Lucky: don't PM13:18
McG-Luckyi cant remember13:18
Dr-Willis-Of-Lova server without ssh is like  a car without doors.. :)13:18
McG-Luckywhy are all linux user so secretiff13:18
tensorpudding10 gb would probably be as low as you would normally go13:18
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovor welded shut dors..13:18
Dr-Willis-Of-LovMcG-Lucky:  theres no real need to msg people.13:18
mcl0vinsnowrichard: your 3G phone is doing what13:19
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovexpecially for such basic 'help'13:19
bazhangMcG-Lucky, what is the exact issue, please ask here and be very clear13:19
Daulityssh is easy install openssh-server and when you want to acces, you do ssh username@ip/hostname13:19
Daulityin terminal13:19
snowrichardi have a tethered usb connection to the phone, i'm sharing that connection with the rest of my lan13:20
damo22it is possible to use sshfs to mount a directory locally over ssh13:20
McG-LuckyI installed a server about an year ago and just left it set up every thing and things worked then i forgot all about it cause i did not work on it for a long time13:20
mcl0vinsnowrichard: can i read that link please13:20
snowrichardwhich link? the ics wiki page?13:21
mcl0vinsnowrichard: i wonder if i can do that with my 4G13:21
snowrichardhold on13:21
=== skilz-a is now known as skilz
damo22snowrichard: how do you do that?13:21
Eximiuscan't automount ntfs volume13:21
EximiusI think it requires root privileges13:21
Eximiusthe question is..... why?13:21
mcl0vinbut snowrichard don't depend on it because all wireless provider now using a tool that blocks theathering13:22
Daulitylaptopserver@Server:~$ uptime13:22
Daulity 14:21:58 up 13:29,  2 users,  load average: 0.08, 0.02, 0.0413:22
Daulityhaha that's howlong my server been running ^^13:22
Daulitysince yesterday ....13:22
snowrichardI'm paying for the tethering plan13:22
oCeanDaulity: why would you post that here??13:22
snowrichard4GB  a month13:22
damo22snowrichard: why does it cost you to tether?13:22
McG-Luckyhelp please13:23
bazhangMcG-Lucky, and so what is the exact question, then13:23
snowrichardthe standard plan is 2GB / mo and no tethering13:23
damo22snowrichard: is that an iphone?13:23
McG-Luckycant get into it13:23
snowrichardatt htc aria13:23
Dr-Willis-Of-LovEximius:  you can run the ntfs-config tool and set it where they mount at boot. with fulluser access if you wanted to.13:23
bazhangMcG-Lucky, use your password13:23
tensorpuddingMcG-Lucky, turn it off, open up the chassis with a phillips screwdriver13:23
EximiusDr-Willis-Of-Lov: That's not the thing13:24
McG-Luckyno man lol13:24
EximiusHAL should automount it without root user privilege13:24
McG-Luckyok lets be frank13:24
bazhangtensorpudding, thats not helpful, please dont13:24
Eximiusor udev13:24
Eximiusone or the other13:24
bustajustined "wake up" for the 1st time this morning and song played well no nothing13:24
McG-Luckyits a dreambox13:24
Dr-Willis-Of-LovEximius:  actually i think its a gnome service now in 11.1013:24
bustajustinnow it gives me only silence13:24
McG-Luckywith linux on it13:24
Eximiusah crap13:25
bazhangMcG-Lucky, what does this have to with Ubuntu?13:25
oCeanMcG-Lucky: wrong channel then13:25
tensorpuddingthat's..a set top box?13:25
tensorpuddingrunning ubuntu?13:25
McG-Luckythat is running ubuntu13:25
McG-Luckylinux software13:25
=== le_biloute_ is now known as le_biloute
oCeanMcG-Lucky: linux, but not ubuntu13:26
Dr-Willis-Of-Lov!info openpli13:26
ubottuPackage openpli does not exist in oneiric13:26
McG-Luckyits all based on that yse13:26
McG-Luckyits open software13:27
tensorpuddingopenpli is not a distro though, you can run it on ubuntu13:27
bazhang!ot | McG-Lucky13:27
ubottuMcG-Lucky: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:27
bustajustinnewbie here13:27
tensorpuddingbut your question is probably not one we can help you with, we don't know anything about your box or its software13:27
bazhangbustajustin, ubuntu support issue? please ask13:27
tensorpuddinghave you tried the documentation for openpli?13:27
bustajustinlast night i installed xubuntu13:28
bustajustinand everything worked perfect13:28
McG-Luckylook how do you exploit to it then13:28
mcl0vinis openpli something link mythbuntu ?13:28
McG-Luckyi can see all the port that open13:28
bazhangMcG-Lucky, stop asking here please13:28
damo22McG-Lucky: what kernel is it running?13:28
bustajustinafter using "wake up" alarm system13:28
=== sKew is now known as Guest18752
bustajustinwas used and played the song i set but now13:28
bazhangbustajustin, all on one line, its impossible to read otherwise13:29
Guest18752Will ubuntu 12.04 LTS work whit my boardcom 4353 wifi card & ATI radeon hd 5650? and is it more stabile than 11.10?13:29
krallesorry but again is there now a way or not to use dnsmasq and networkmanager ? i got it running yesterday but i delete ubuntu to set it up again now i cant find the link anymirw13:29
oCeanGuest18752: Precise/12.04 is not yet released (still alpha). Please /join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion13:29
bustajustinlast night after the install my sound was working fine but now i can't hear anything13:29
kralleor is someone login here and can tell me the link 2days ago13:29
Guest18752oCean, thx13:29
bazhang!1984 | kralle these?13:30
ubottukralle these?: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/13:30
obounaimgsoc 2012 is announced http://bit.ly/zCTyvL13:31
bustajustinAfter installing xubuntu sounds was good. woke up this morning and no i get no sound13:31
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.13:32
=== d3ck is now known as D3cK
kralleDr-Willis-Of-Lov:  i explain quick , if i start hotspot i can not start dnsmasq because port is busy13:35
kralleso how i can bypass this13:35
krallei got it to run yesterday :( i lost this f""" link13:35
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovkralle:  no idea - I dont use either thing.13:35
coz_ctrl+alt+delete used to bring up the shutdown dialog UI,, n ow it brings up the Log off ui,, anyone k now the new command or keybinding for shutdown dialog UI?13:40
=== tdgunes is now known as tdgunes|away
coz_nevermind I found the command13:45
Dualityi installed the adobe-flashplugin but that didn't resolve the popping/cracking sound issue ...13:46
DevilSolutionokay i seem to be stuck, ive downloaded the scala compiler and IDE for eclipse but im not sure how to set the $PATH variable to allow me to use it, ive tried editing the .profile file and added the path of the /bin but it doesnt seem to work...any idea's?13:47
=== Guest18752 is now known as sKew^_-
Dualitythis only happens when i watch the flash vid though when i open a new tab the clicking/popping in the sound disapears...13:47
Dualitylike only when the vid is covered the popping/clicking stops13:47
tensorpuddingDevilSolution, what exactly is this?13:47
oCeanDevilSolution: once you've edited .bashrc or .profile to add a directory to your PATH, you have to source that file again  source ~/.profile13:48
GLaDOSv2okay, long story short, I need to change the password of a user in a single command that can be done by pressing enter just one time (need to execute it by php), so kindof need to sudo passwd root, but the php user is not in the sudoers file so need to change to another user who is first13:48
DevilSolutiontensorpudding, scala is a programming language based on java13:48
oCeanDevilSolution: check with echo $PATH13:48
DevilSolutionahh okay13:48
tensorpuddinga more permanent solution will be to install it to /usr/local13:48
NavionTrying to get my display to resize. Looks like Ubuntu's hardware probe misidentified the display chips13:48
DevilSolutiontensorpudding, the compiler?13:49
tensorpuddingto /usr/local/bin, yes13:49
tensorpuddingscala is already available in packages by the way13:49
DevilSolutionits just in my home folder at the moment, could i move i the whole file there or just the /bin?13:49
ratcheerI lost my Ethernet connection in Ubuntu. It was working last night, and it still works in Arch Linux. I cannot even ping the router by IP address. How to troubleshoot and fix?13:49
tensorpuddingis scala a jar or something?13:50
tensorpuddingit's complicated13:50
oCean!info scala13:50
ubottuscala (source: scala): Scala programming language. In component universe, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 11187 kB, installed size 12748 kB13:50
DevilSolutiontensorpudding, as in it would install it for me? i have the compiler untared and i can use it but its not working with eclipse becasue i guess ive not set it up13:50
Navionratcheer: what do you get if you do an /sbin/ifconfig?13:50
tensorpuddingmaybe you're better off just changing your PATH13:50
tensorpuddingi do a thing where i create a ~/bin and put that in my PATH variable13:51
tensorpuddingbut to have it take effect everywhere you need to log out13:51
ratcheerNavion: Thanks for your response. I will have to reboot to Ubuntu to see. Is there anything else I should check while I'm there?13:51
DevilSolutionits based on java i think, right okay so create a new folder and add the compiler to it?13:52
tensorpuddingfor instance, if you start eclipse from unity's launcher, it will use the environment info that was present when you logged in, from before when you changed the config file13:52
krallesomeone here can help me about dnsmasq and networkmanager please13:52
ikoniakralle: in what respect ?13:52
tensorpuddingDevilSolution, well, i don't know eclipse, it sounds like you just need to put scalac or whatever in $PATH so that eclipse can find it?13:52
DevilSolutionive restarted afetr every time ive changed the .profile13:53
kralleikonia:  if i run dnsmasq i can notnstart any hotspot anymore13:53
DevilSolutiontensorpudding, yes13:53
Navionratcheer: There is a network tool under Adminstrator or System. It should give you the status of the ethernet NIC's. If it thinks things are OK. Try pinging That's the special local host IP address.13:53
tensorpuddingit depends on your shell13:53
ikoniakralle: what is that got to do with network manager?13:53
ikoniakralle: you need to give details if you want help13:53
tensorpuddingyou also want to be exporting it13:53
krallei whant to redirect a dns query13:53
ratcheerNavion: Ok, thanks. I'll be back, later.13:54
tensorpuddingexport PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH13:54
kralleif i run the hotspot dnsmasq not start cause port 53 is in use13:54
ikoniakralle: again - what has that got to do with network manager, you need to explain your setup / problem if you want help13:54
DevilSolutionis the syntax im using even right? PATH="$HOME/bin:$HOME/MyName/scala-2.8.1.final/bin"13:54
tensorpuddingoh, don't do that!13:54
ikoniakralle: 53  is a dns server - but again what has this got to do with network manager ?13:54
kralleikonia:  i have ubuntu , i whant to run dnsmasq And a wifi hotspot13:54
DevilSolutionbecuase after source ~/.profile its still not showing in the echo $PATH13:54
tensorpuddingyou're not adding it to PATH, you're resetting PATH13:54
tensorpuddingthen all of your other stuff would cease to appear in PATH13:54
kralleikonia: bif dnsmasq running , my hotspot connect and disconne t same moment13:55
=== tdgunes|away is now known as tdgunes
ikoniakralle: ok - I'm going to stop talking to you now as you've refused to explain your setup, you complain that you can't use it with network manager but also refuse to explain how you are using network manager13:55
ikoniakralle: best of luck13:55
tensorpuddingDevilSolution, by the way, $HOME would be /home/user13:55
tensorpuddingso that's redundant13:55
DevilSolutioni added it in the .profile file not in bash13:55
kralleikonia: i explained 10x retarded asshole13:55
ikoniakralle: tone down the language and name calling13:55
tensorpuddingthe quotes are unnecessary too13:55
DevilSolutionahh okay so its a syntactical error? let me try again brb13:55
FloodBot1kralle: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:56
mydogsnameisrudyseen that coming13:56
dasworti got a problem: after upgrading linux 3.0.0-12 to *-15 and libwebkitgtk. its impossible to use unity or gnome-shell in 3D because there are no desktop element. and mutter has also problems (no window borders)13:58
daswortany ideas? A mesa-bug?13:59
DevilSolutiontensorpudding, okay still no luck :/14:06
DevilSolutionis there a GUI i can use?14:07
tensorpuddingDevilSolution, what is your PATH right now?14:07
tensorpuddingecho $PATH on the terminal will tell you14:07
tensorpuddingwhat about echo $SHELL14:07
toumboGuys how to run a script as root?14:08
tensorpuddingDevilSolution, okay, at the last line of your ~/.bashrc file, add14:08
ikoniatoumbo: just use sudo14:08
tensorpuddingexport PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH14:08
toumboikonia sudo and then?14:09
ikoniatoumbo: then the script14:09
tensorpuddingand then run bash, and do echo $PATH again14:09
DevilSolutionokie dokie 2 min14:09
tensorpuddingconversely we could all just give up, and you could go copy all of the files in that scala-whatever/bin directory into /usr/local/bin14:10
d4n137Question:  Now that Tomboy has been removed from Ubuntu 12.04, what does the future hold for UbuntuOne/Tomboy integration?14:10
tensorpuddingyou'd have to use gksudo nautilus to bring up a "superuser" file manager so you have the permissions though14:10
DevilSolutionsomethings changed but im trying to figure out what, it hasnt added scala-version.final/bin but its added something14:15
tensorpuddingit probably added /home/user/bin, for user being whatever your username is14:15
DevilSolutionokay its added home/myname/bin14:15
DevilSolutionadd the contents of scala/bin to bin?14:16
tensorpuddingthen run eclipse from inside the terminal14:16
DevilSolutionokie dokie14:16
tensorpuddingand it should work14:16
tensorpuddingit'll work when you launch it from the dock if you log out again14:16
DevilSolutioni see, if it works ill do a restart14:17
d4n137Second attempt...14:17
d4n137Question:  Now that Tomboy has been removed from Ubuntu 12.04, what does the future hold for UbuntuOne/Tomboy integration?14:17
=== Commander1024_ is now known as Commander1024
Dr-Willis-Of-LovI hope they come out with a better tomboy :) hopefully one with an android port also.14:20
DevilSolutionright its looking good so far, the scala editor is running fine, just goan d/l some source from uni and see if its compiles alright....cheers tensorpudding , your help is much appreciated14:20
Oerd4n137, Tomboy is just dropped from the install-cd14:20
Dr-Willis-Of-LovTomboy is handy. but It and UbuntuOne could be 'leveraged/marketed' a lot better.14:21
Dr-Willis-Of-Lovthen you got the 'hate of mono' issue..14:22
=== tdgunes is now known as tdgunes|away
=== tdgunes|away is now known as tdgunes
NavionAnyone tell me how to put Ubuntu in vesa displayy  mode permenantly?14:24
ikoniaNavion: hardcode it into your /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:24
mcl0vinhow do i relaod networking after i change interfaces in 10.04 it used to be as simple as '/etc/init.d/networking restart now its asking upstart JOB14:24
aciculamcl0vin: service networking restart14:24
sun_devilIs ubuntu compatible with VMware or virtualbox?14:24
ikoniamcl0vin: service networking restart, or stop and start network manager14:24
ikoniasun_devil: yes14:24
aciculasun_devil: it should run and runinside both of them14:24
mcl0vinacicula: that gave me unknow instanse14:25
mcl0vinikonia: i did sudo service networking restart and i got UNKNOWN instanse14:25
sun_devilNo, VMware with Centos inside it14:25
ikoniamcl0vin: are you using gnome network manager ?14:26
__Alex_sun_devil: Yes, you can run ContOS in VMware in Ubuntu14:26
mcl0vinikonia: no14:26
ikoniamcl0vin: try network not networking14:26
mcl0vinikonia: can you type sudo service etc in the gnome manager ?14:27
ikoniamcl0vin: what ?14:27
mcl0vinikonia: nm14:27
mcl0vinok ...networking restart worked but still i can't ping my GW14:29
r3b00txHi, i have installed mysql-workbench-5.2.35 on 11.10 but i m not able uninstall it. how can i do that?14:30
Navionikonia: there is no xorg.conf. Do I just create one?14:30
r3b00txi installed it by downloading a deb file from mysql site14:30
ikoniaNavion: yes, you'll need to create one14:30
ikoniamcl0vin: look at your network settings,14:30
mernilioGreetings and salutations fellow friends of the holy gnu!14:31
sun_devilIn Linux class I had to 1st download Rhel5 but could that get it going with centos cd14:31
coolubottu, backup?14:31
ubottucool: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:31
ikoniasun_devil: this channel is for ubuntu support discussion, not generic linux chat14:31
coolubottu, backup!14:31
ikoniacool: what do you want to know ?14:32
sun_devilVMWare on a Ubuntu machine?14:32
ikoniasun_devil: what about it ?14:32
mcl0vinikonia: i had to click on eth01 to activate it ..why?14:32
ikoniamcl0vin: click eth01 where ?14:32
__Alex_Navion: Can't you just add 'nomodeset' to your /etc/default/grub ????'14:32
coolikonia, Need to backup my system. What software(GUI preferable) to use?14:32
merniliohow i hate virtual machines14:33
betimiare you interested for web hosting or reseller hosting14:33
damo22cool: dd14:33
ikonia!backup > cool14:33
ubottucool, please see my private message14:33
ikoniabetimi: who are you talking to14:33
oCeanbetimi: don't advertise here14:33
mcl0vinikonia: next to me name and the clock in the pannel14:33
sun_devilIn downloads hava Rhel5 and trying to get it started14:33
ikoniadamo22: please put thought into your responses14:33
mernilioexcept javas virtual machine!14:33
ikoniamcl0vin: ok - that's gnome network manager, I asked if you where using it and you said "no"14:33
kraz3dWhat application is compatible with the iPhone4 ++ sync'ing with ubuntu?14:33
cooldamo22, can dd backup & restore grub too?14:33
mcl0vinikonia: ikonia but i was not14:33
Navion_Alex_: Lost me there. I've been up for 23 hours working on this.14:33
coolikonia, thanks :)14:34
damo22cool: yep14:34
mernilioFor im a java expert14:34
ikoniamcl0vin: but you are14:34
ikoniacool: dd is a block by block copy of the whole disk14:34
sun_devilchannel for virtual boxes?14:34
xanguakraz3d: banshee is default for oneiric14:34
mcl0vinikonia: i was doing everyting from terminal , and i didn't use it14:34
betimiim ubuntu user and i just wanted to release 2 packages here for ubuntu accounts14:34
ikoniasun_devil: what virtual host software are you using14:34
betimiwith special price14:34
cooldamo22, how? dd if=source of=destination thing?14:34
ikoniamcl0vin: then you need to disable it14:34
kraz3dxangua: thanks, I'll check it out14:34
mcl0vinikonia: can you show me how please14:34
sun_devil? newbie14:34
mernilioi could put you of like the java garbage collector cleans of unused memory!14:34
phil_c64could someone tell me what is the best way to get an all in one printer working? I went to printing and added a printer however it's not printing from programs like scribus14:34
coolikonia, Yeah, I am aware of that :)14:34
damo22cool: yes exactly, but it copies a whole block device14:35
ikoniamcl0vin: I suggest you start reading https://help.ubuntu.com - it will help you learn the basics of how to us e ubuntu14:35
ikoniamernilio: why are you telling us this ?14:35
ikoniasun_devil: ok, #vmware is the vmware support channel14:35
r3b00txfigured it thanks anyway14:35
sun_devilcool thanks14:35
damo22cool: its not much use if you just want to back up a few files14:35
mcl0vinikonia: but why when i did /etc/init.d/networking restart it worked but i was n ot able to ping or connect to internet until i clicked on auto eth1 from gnome NM14:36
coolmcl0vin, you should read https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/ubuntu-help/index.html14:36
__Alex_Navion: in /etc/default/grub, there is a line 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"', add there "nomodeset", so it would be GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset", save it, and then do a 'update-grub2'14:36
ikoniamcl0vin: because you've not configured gnome network manager14:36
mernilioikonia: why..? I wish i could tell you.14:36
ikoniamernilio: ok - then please stop. Keep in mind the topic of this channel is ubuntu support discussion14:36
mcl0vincool: am not in 11.1014:36
ikoniamcl0vin: then change the url to whatever version you are using14:36
ikoniamcl0vin: start putting a little common sense behind your working14:37
cooldamo22, I want to backup my root drive, so I think dd should be useful for me.  but will it erase the destination as well?14:37
mernilioIts a matter of death and sorrow.14:37
__Alex_Navion: Now, you should be in VESA once you reboot.14:37
ikoniamernilio: please stop.14:37
coolmcl0vin, what distro & version are you using?14:37
acicula cool it will yeah14:37
mcl0vincool: got it and thank you for the link14:37
damo22cool: it will simply write block for block from the source to the destination until either it finishes, or it doesnt fit and it will stop14:37
mernilioimbezol: you are right! From now on im your un-charged help with linux guy! :-)14:37
mcl0vincool: ikonia corrected me for this matter :)14:38
mcl0vinreading time then14:38
mamece2how can i change a folders and the files in it permissions?14:38
ikoniamcl0vin: it's sounds like it's slowing you down, but it will make it all move faster in the long run14:38
ikoniamcl0vin: a little background will really help, I promise14:38
damo22cool: ideally you should send the output to a file not another block device, otherwise you wont know where the end of the drive is14:39
mernilioFor the record: You who dont are here for any reason. Please go away!14:39
cooldamo22, good idea but how do I send it to a file? any syntax help? or should I go RTFM way! :P14:40
ikoniacool: please tone it back with things like RTFM14:40
coolikonia, what, did I offend you?14:40
mcl0vinikonia: no i really do respect that and i beleive in it too. and i really meant it when i said THANK YOU14:40
damo22cool: dd if=/dev/DRIVE of=/path/to/file14:40
Navion_Alex_: OK here goes... Thanks14:40
oCean!acronym | cool14:41
ubottucool: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.14:41
damo22cool: bear in mind the whole drive must fit in the target mountpoint14:41
cooldamo22, Sure, thanks no Problem14:41
damo22cool: you can even gzip the output on the fly14:41
astralbloke9wow there's actualy people in one of these channels14:42
betimianyone there14:42
astralbloke9can anyone here me?14:42
oCeanastralbloke9: welcome to ubuntu suppor channel. Social chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic14:42
betimiy i hear you14:42
oCeansupport* even14:42
astralbloke9oh ok just wondering14:42
ophelias_@astra hear ya14:43
betimiare you interested for web hosting or reseller hosting  15$ unlimited reseller webhosting special for here ubuntu users14:43
astralbloke9most of these channels seem to not have any activity14:43
Navion_Alex_: Well, that was a flop...14:43
__Alex_Navion: Did it work?14:44
astralbloke9can linux calculate what you should do with your life?14:44
ikoniaastralbloke9: got a real question14:44
oCeanastralbloke9: don't post such nonsense here14:44
tensorpuddingman, the trolls are out in force today14:44
bazhangastralbloke9, got an actual support question?14:44
tensorpuddingthat's the fourth ban i've seen in the last few hours14:44
astralbloke9oh sorry14:44
ikonia!topic > astralbloke914:44
ubottuastralbloke9, please see my private message14:44
oCeantensorpudding: please don't comment on that14:44
astralbloke9just wondering how run irc in command line14:45
bazhangastralbloke9, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please14:45
cooloCean, ikonia : In Earlier days when I was active, things like RTFM was highly encouraged as they reduced support time. It seems things have changed now :)14:45
__Alex_astralbloke9: No, but it can make your computer usefull for free14:45
astralbloke9k thx14:45
oCeancool: trying to keep the channels familyfriendly and professional, thank you14:45
ikoniacool: just think about what RTFM means - then consider what you are saying to a channel of strangers of mixed ages and cultures14:45
cooloCean, you can be sure about that :)14:46
tensorpuddingproviding no information is one way to have fast turnover, but the customer satisfaction is nonexistent14:46
=== thx is now known as T_H_X
damo22are you guys paid to be here? it sounds like a job14:47
coolikonia, To be its just a hippy way of saying --> "Please read the documentation". Not sure, how would anyone find that offending14:47
ikoniano, it's people offering their time and help for free14:47
tensorpuddingwe're that bored :P14:47
Navion_Alex_: No, same problem.14:48
ikoniacool: I've just sent you a private message explaining it14:48
Ashiimy .xmodmap config http://pastebin.com/57Lh1WVF  now trying to map META:  http://pastebin.com/9PPddyhY ... what am i doing wrong when trying to map the meta?14:48
meberhartit's offensive because it implies that you're not capable of reading the instructions before you come here to ask, i would think.14:48
damo22if youre that bored, try helping me get root of my friends server without physical access14:48
coolikonia, I already knew the full form :P14:48
tjigi-focool, to me it says don't come bother us with support questions go find your solutions in a manual somewhere14:49
oCeanT_H_X: wrong channel14:49
Navion_Alex_: I just built a little xorg.conf file and told it the device was "vesa" and it seems to be happy now.14:49
oCeanT_H_X: not laughing, don't post nonsense links please14:50
T_H_Xyes boss14:50
__Alex_Navion: Nice to hear.14:50
Navion_Alex_: Have you played with ZFS at all?14:52
ChotazI have 2 folders that have the same structure on my HDD (/music/GenreA/Flac and /music/GenreB/Flac) is it possible to check the subdir inside the GenreB/Flac folder and delete them in GenreA/Flac ?14:56
damo22Chotaz: write a bash script14:58
Chotazdamo22: i have no idea, what's why i got here for help :)14:59
coolChotaz, Sounds like you are trying to find duplicates?14:59
Chotazcool: pretty much15:00
damo22Chotaz: if you have too many to do manually, it might be easier to write a script to do it15:00
damo22Chotaz: how many files are there to check roughly?15:00
Chotazdamo22: not really files, directories instead, we might be talking of about 100+ duplicate directories i wanna get out of the genreA/Flac folder15:01
NavionHas anyone used ZFS on Ubuntu 10.04?15:01
coolChotaz, well, then try fdupes. Simple! http://embraceubuntu.com/2005/10/08/find-duplicate-copies-of-files/15:01
Chotazcool: will take a peak, thanks :)15:02
=== tristan_ is now known as Guest78959
Chotazcool: i see no parameter for checking directories isntead of files?15:03
cooldamo22, the dd command you gave worked well. my backup has started  & generating file in gigabytes :D15:03
zenonhello, how do I maintain linux?15:03
damo22cool: you might want to pipe the output to gzip15:04
damo22cool: it might be possible to run a separate process that compresses the file on the fly, even though youve already started to dump15:05
coolChotaz, Hmm...I don't know. Its been long time since I used this. Try checking out the manual :)15:06
zenonhow do I open term with ubuntu?15:06
cooldamo22, Interesting! I I never done that15:06
xanguazenon: control+alt15:06
xanguacontrol+alt+t *15:06
__Alex_zenon: Alt+f2, and they type "gnome-terminal"15:06
cool!terminal > zenon,15:07
zenonwhats the difference?15:07
cool!terminal < zenon,15:07
ubottucool: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:07
zenoncleverbot lol15:07
coolzenon, just playing with the bot :)15:07
zenontell me all your secrets kid?15:08
zenonI would like to make my own ai or tech my own ai15:08
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
zenonstop people from messing it up15:08
oCeanzenon: do you have a ubuntu support question?15:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:09
oCeanzenon: get to it then, use #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat15:09
bazhangzenon, /join #ubuntu-offtopic , as you've been told several times before15:09
shahzadi am using ubuntu 8.10 please tell me its a long term support or not15:10
oCean!8.10 | shahzad15:11
ubottushahzad: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.15:11
bazhangshahzad, 8.04 , not 8.1015:11
shahzadi need to upgrade firefox what can i do15:11
__Alex_LTS is LTS for 3 years. 8.10 was released in 2008. Now, it's 4 years after that, so no15:11
oCean__Alex_: 8.10 was no LTS, besides that LTS is 5 years supported for server edition15:12
oCean12.04 LTS will be supported for 5 years both desktop and server :)15:12
xanguashahzad: run update manager15:12
shahzadnot support15:12
StepNjumpGuys, for some reason, my libreoffice writer disapeared in my application menu. Can anyone tell me why or how I could bring it on there please?15:12
fyksenHey! I got a friend who goes at a school. At the school they have blocked some webpages. I thought about setting up a proxy, so he could connect to me, and then to facebook. Does anyone have a guide to how to set it up? I cant find a guide who sets up so external IPadresses can connect to the proxy. 11.10 ubuntu server :)15:13
oCeanshahzad: I would suggest a fresh install of a recent version15:13
shahzadstatus failed15:14
shahzadi have a intel p3.15:14
oCeanstatus failed?15:14
ChotazNone of this tools works for me. None give me duplicate directories, only files...15:15
__Alex_shahzad: Reinstall. And i recommand an OS which uses up less RAM, like Arch Linux15:16
__Alex_If you have a really ond Comp15:16
red5hi guys?!15:16
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:16
red5how to do hibernate function menu work again in 11.10 ?15:16
tjigi-fofyksen, there's a reason the school blocked those sites - so your friend can stay off facebook and learn some things that will later in life be useful15:16
Chotazfyksen: search UltraSurf, we used it at my school all the time, works great o n Win too :=15:17
fyksentjigi-fo, I know, but his apartment is kinda small, and he is at school after the classes to study. Then it's nice to have a way to connect to facebook. Also it's fun for me to learn how to set it up15:17
fyksenty Chotaz15:18
coolred5, For hibernate to work. your swap space should be bigger than your RAM15:18
StepNjumpHow to find where libre office is located?15:18
oCeanStepNjump: which libreoffice15:18
oCeanStepNjump: that is an actual command ^15:19
fyksentjigi-fo, and he is 32 years old, so it's not like he is in highschool or anything.15:19
kanzieI just installed mongo on my Ubuntu 11.10 on EC2 but when trying to start it I get terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'15:19
kanzie  what():  locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid15:19
kanziewhat on earth15:19
FloodBot1kanzie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:19
ejoychoHi all15:20
FawkeWithMehi pplz15:20
StepNjumpoCean, I lost my libre office and a whole bunch of things in my application menu. I would like to add them back in there but when I do whereis libreoffice, it's not that15:20
=== genupulas is now known as raju
ejoychomy problem is i just Upgraded my ubuntu (with KDE) from 11.04 to 11.1015:20
StepNjumpJust 3 files that have nothing to do oCean15:20
ejoychoand its all screwed up15:20
ejoychocan anyone help?15:21
red5cool: and if i have 8g RAM ?15:21
red5cool:will i need one swp with more than 8g ?15:21
coolred5, you need swap file of atleast that size15:21
damo22hibernate with 8gb ram???15:21
oCeanStepNjump: what does  dpkg -l libreoffice-common  say? Is it still installed?15:22
damo22quicker to reboot15:22
coolI mean SWAP partition*15:22
StepNjumplet me check oCean15:22
red5cool: ok !15:22
=== LaFlakitaBnAsika is now known as LaFlakitaBnRiika
StepNjumpYes, it says it's still installed oCean15:23
aciculared5: hibernating can try to dump up to the maximum of memory into the swap space, that is not the same as saying you can not hibernate with a swap space smaller then 8Gb.15:23
kanzieanyone know why all my apps die with _S_create_c_locale name not valid_15:23
StepNjump1:3.3.4-0ubuntu1 oCean15:23
coolred5, thing is, At time of hibernation, All data present in memory is written onto SWAP parititon in your HDD.15:23
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info15:23
red5acicula: ok !15:24
aciculared5: per the faq, i wouldnt make it slower then 8GB, it might still hibernate with less if you are not using that much memory. it also might not hibernate with 8 if your swap is filled to the brim15:25
oCeanStepNjump: but what are the first characters on that line?15:25
manhunterhi, http://www.webfaction.com/services/hosting , 100GB disk space and unlimited database, what does that mean? what will the highest size of the database? 100GB? what's the difference between disk space and database size/space?15:25
oCeanmanhunter: how is that an ubuntu issue?15:25
manhunterweb hosting on linux15:25
ChotazI have 2 folders that have the same structure on my HDD (pathtohdd/music/GenreA/Flac and pathtohdd/music/GenreB/Flac) is it possible to check the subdirs inside the GenreB/Flac folder and delete them in GenreA/Flac ?15:25
StepNjumpoCean: rc  libreoffice-common                1:3.3.4-0ubuntu1                  office productivity suite -- arch-independent files15:25
oCeanmanhunter: how is that an ubuntu issue?15:25
manhunterubuntu = linux15:26
__Alex_But Linux >< ubuntu15:26
oCeanmanhunter: but you're still offtopic, don't continue here. Try #ubuntu-offtopic for example15:26
aciculamanhunter: you should ask the sales rep for that service really15:26
manhunter/j #ubuntu-offtopic15:26
oCeanStepNjump: see, it's not properly installed15:27
StepNjumpreally? mmmm15:27
StepNjumpI always had it isntalled oCean .. what happened!15:27
StepNjumpWhat does rc mean?15:27
oCeanStepNjump: I don't know what happened, but the "rc" at the beginning of the line says "removed but config files remain"15:27
sviesusisalusRC = radio control15:27
StepNjumpah! very good.. well thanks a lot. I will reinstall it then! Should I do a purge first?15:27
oCeanStepNjump: try  sudo apt-get install --reinstall libreoffice-common15:28
=== smickles|idle is now known as smickles
StepNjumpok thanks oCean15:30
StepNjumpI appreciate your help15:30
oCeanStepNjump: welcome15:30
=== x__ is now known as Xeonios
researcher123the red light indicating System Busy glows for quite long during booting.Since this day the system has slowed down so much.15:31
zenonwhat happend there15:31
zenontrying commands from here for opening term & it tryed to be me to log in to dimm15:32
oCeanzenon: what are you talking about?15:32
ChotazI have 2 folders that have the same structure on my HDD (pathtohdd/music/GenreA/Flac and pathtohdd/music/GenreB/Flac) is it possible to check the subdirs inside the GenreB/Flac folder and delete them in GenreA/Flac ?15:33
researcher123my system slowed down very much.Any HELP?15:33
zenondid ctrl+alt+F2 to open term, managed to open a term not sure it repeating these commands in term caused the screen to take me to dimm login?15:35
zenonthen it was dimm zenon15:36
zenonI was'nt entering sword or passwords15:36
zenonI'm not sure15:36
* dtmbmw325i is away: It seems Ive walked away15:37
hex20decDoes anyone know a good cellphone hacking / modding channel?15:37
xangua!ot | hex20dec15:37
ubottuhex20dec: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:37
oCean!afk > dtmbmw325i15:37
ubottudtmbmw325i, please see my private message15:37
hex20decubottu: sorry.15:38
hex20decOh it's abot.15:38
dtmbmw325ioCean, my apologies15:39
mamece2how can i change permissions to a folders and the files in it?15:40
zenontrying commands from here for opening term & it tryed to (be me) to log in to dimm. I don't know how that got in there15:40
raju!folder perminssions15:41
mamece2!folder permissions15:41
rajumamece2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions15:42
mamece2thx let me check15:42
mamece2raju thats like programming for NASA15:44
mamece2raju i made a backup folder and i paste it to another pc, i want to change the poermission to all those files15:45
rajumamece2:  sudo chmod 777 foldername15:49
SimeonKhi, i'm having a problem with cd/dvd mounting: ubuntu always recognizes a blank cd/dvd, but when there's data on it it never mounts (here's dmesg http://pastebin.com/ZAvxS04T). the funny thing is that k3b can read/write on disks without any problems, even though ubuntu doesn't recognize it15:51
hex20decAnyone know anything about ESN cloning?15:52
mongySimeonK, probably another brasero bug.  keep using k3b or another lighter alternative is gnomebaker15:52
SimeonKbut, how can i get the cd to mount?15:52
HoNgOuRuhi, Im looking the way to expand my repos, I'm using ubuntu 11.10 is there any not official repo ? I know there is a lot of software out there not in my repos, so please if you know of any master repo give it to me.15:53
KvaksHow can I tell which xorg driver is currently in use on my system?15:53
hroiare there any linux html editors similar to webcrawler?   ... graphical editors.15:53
xangua!ppa | HoNgOuRu15:54
ubottuHoNgOuRu: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa15:54
HoNgOuRuyes hroi  BLUEFISH15:54
HoNgOuRuubottu, are you a bot ?15:55
ubottuHoNgOuRu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:55
BlouBlou!bot > HoNgOuRu15:56
ubottuHoNgOuRu, please see my private message15:56
pitoowhey guys, I just would like to know what the "&&"  do here -> cd ~ && wget -O - http://www.dropbox.com/download?plat=lnx.x8615:57
orvarall the icons i nautilus have disappeared (now there's only "default" icons)15:58
bastidrazorpitoow: && keeps the 2nd command from running until the first is successful and complete15:58
john889Hello everybody!15:59
pitoowbastidrazor, hum. ok, thak you15:59
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duveli'm high16:02
oCeanduvel: this is probably not the channel you're looking for16:03
duvelyes it is16:03
CasWHey guys, I'm screwed. LightDM won't start ever since I resized Ubuntu's /-partition (I had more than enough space, and I needed to do that for the installation of Gentoo). It hangs at the splash screen after "Checking battery state" or at "starting anac(h)ronistic cron... stopping anac(h)ronistic cron... starting anac(h)ronistic cron... stopping anac(h)ronistic cron... etc...".16:03
duvelCasW may i recommend to you: the chronic16:04
john889 woooow16:05
horseatingweedsIs there a way, through terminal (ssh), to put linux to sleep (suspend)?16:05
CasWduvel: What do you mean?16:05
duvelCasW: Smoke the chronic.16:06
FesterJesterssh server question here. I have created a remastersys live cd that has ssh server installed, but when trying to connect to it i get 'Read from socket failed: connection reset by peer'16:06
CasW:| So, no-one can help me here?16:06
draganchoMy CPU Temp is 40C is that fine ?16:06
Dweezahrhorseeatingweeds, yes there is, I have made a script for it16:06
horseatingweedsDweezahr: can you wake it back up through ssh?16:07
Dweezahrhorseatingweeds, no then you need wake on lan16:07
Dweezahrcommand is echo -n disk > /sys/power/state to hibernate16:07
Dweezahr"echo -n disk > /sys/power/state"16:08
=== BlouBlou is now known as BlouBlou_
=== BlouBlou_ is now known as BlouBlou
Dweezahrcommand is "echo mem > /sys/powr/state"16:09
Dweezahrto standby16:09
horseatingweedsDweezahr: That command will put the computer into hibernate from ssh? Then ssh will be able to wake it up?16:10
Dweezahrno, services are down once the computer is down, when your nic supports wake on lan that is a way to start it up, or physically access the computer16:10
horseatingweedsDweezahr, Ah, thanks. I doubt this system has that on its nic. It's not a server. It's a regular desktop built in 2003.16:11
harry_hi all. i have a big problem. my ubuntu 11.10 loads every other time when i start. when its not starting it drops me on black screen (initramfs). and there the only thing i do is CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart sytem. anyone any idea? hp pavillion with nvidia ge force 7150M amd cpu.16:11
Dweezahrhorseeatingweeds, same here, pentium 4 from 2003, but I physically turn it on again when needed16:12
harry_please help. thank you16:12
Dweezahrharry_, can be anything16:12
horseatingweedsDweezahr, mine's a Pentium 4 too. It runs Ubuntu REALLY well.16:12
harry_i installed nvidia proprietary driver and did all upadetes16:13
harry_but no luck16:13
Dweezahrhorseatingweeds, me too, clearos is it running, If I have time to update it will run freebsd in the future. For a cli only, linux is great for almost any system, even modern mobile phones are strong enough to do the task my server does16:14
harry_sometimes when on black screen i see -  ata device not ready drop to shell.16:14
mufflonharry_: do you have terminal access?16:14
harry_but i am in dual boot with win7 and probs at all in win7 so must be a software prob16:15
harry_Mufflon : yes16:15
=== Nuit is now known as Rhun
FesterJesterI have ssh server installed, but when trying to connect to it i get 'Read from socket failed: connection reset by peer'16:15
harry_now im in ubnutu and i have terminal access16:15
DweezahrFesterJester, sshd has to be started, or firewall has to be better configured16:16
ikoniaab duvel16:16
Dweezahrharry_ vi /var/log/messages16:16
FesterJesterDweezahr: sshd is running. lsof shows it listening on *:2216:17
harry_<Dweezahr: ok16:17
mufflonharry_: it seems to me the bootmanger or mbr, imho16:17
DweezahrFesterJester, what firewall software are you using?16:17
FesterJesterDweezahr: I have not installed any firewall16:17
DweezahrFesterJester, ubuntu desktop installation?16:17
FesterJesterDweezahr: yes16:17
harry_do you want me to paste var/log/messages to ubuntu paste bin?16:17
NelsonMwhat's my best option for installing Postgres 9.0 on Oneiric? The default packages are 9.1, but I have some data from a 9.0 database I need to recover.16:18
DweezahrFesterJester, are there other network services running that work well?16:18
DweezahrI think it has to be the firewall16:18
ZalFesterJester, what client or exact command are you using to connect?16:18
FesterJesterDweezahr: lsof -i -nP shows two avahi-dae, one dhclient, and two sshd16:19
Dweezahrkill sshd16:19
Dweezahrno, killall sshd on linux16:20
Dweezahrrun that command till it says no longer an sshd running16:20
Dweezahrand then start it with the linux services thing16:20
FesterJesterDweezahr: will try16:20
floriandoes the ubuntu network card go to sleep when it is not in use?16:20
Dweezahrflorian, depends on settings in the OS16:21
harry_mufflon : the boot manager or mbr what can i do about it?16:21
Dweezahrflorian, does ubuntu sell nics nowadays?16:21
florianwhere can I find the setting ( ubuntu with unity )16:22
harry_<Dweezahr: i cant find a /var/log/messages file16:22
* Rhun Hi :)16:22
mufflonharry_: perhaps follow this tread, its semms your mbr is messed up http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-24113.html16:22
Dweezahrtry mufflon's advise16:22
harry_mufflon: i just did a fresh install from usb stick like 2 days ago...16:22
florianDweezahr: :) it is a "Atheros Communications AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 Gigabit or Fast Ethernet"16:22
Dweezahrharry_, drivers of graphics always ruined my installation16:23
mufflonharry_: what bootmanager do you use?16:23
FesterJesterDweezahr: no luck. get same response from 'ssh localhost' command16:23
Dweezahrflorian, have you ever noticed it went to sleep?16:24
harry_mufflon: my CD drive does not work. its a hardware prob. it dows not work even in win716:24
harry_mufflon: how can i find out what boot manager i have?16:24
Dweezahrmufflon: where does this weird distro logs its kernel messages?16:24
xgt001hello, i had arch and windows 7 dual boot, i created another ext4 partition and installed ubuntu, all the three OS's get detected properly , but arch fails to boot because, the creation of the new partition shifted the arch drives by one, (like /dev/sda7 became /dev/sda8) , please help16:24
florianDweezahr: my skype crashes after some time. Or it is not really crashing, nothing is happening anymore. I can't send messages etc. But if I have a radio stream running, while using skype everything is fine16:24
Dweezahrflorian, try to use a browser when skype is crashing, it would not make sense, likely there is something wrong with keepalive connections16:25
mufflonDweezahr: imho in /var/log16:25
florianFesterJester: what response do you get?16:25
DweezahrFesterJester, you have to check some logs in /var/log16:25
Dweezahrthere are many logs over there, one of them is right16:26
FesterJesterflorian: read from socket failed: connection reset by peer16:26
Dweezahrubuntu uses wrong names for logs16:26
florianDweezahr: a browser? like firefox? what should i do?16:26
mufflonharry_: please ctrl+alt+f116:26
Dweezahrflorian, when things crash see if firefox is still able to load a webpage, so check that not everything related to internet is down, then you can rule out that the couse is the network card16:27
harry_mufflon : yes i am in tty116:27
FesterJesterI will check. logs are in /var/logs/ correct16:27
florianFesterJester: check auth.log16:27
bobweaverhello there I am looking for a bandwidth monitor from the command line for my servers . Any idea's?16:27
FesterJesterback in a bit then16:28
=== sKew is now known as Guest92715
Dweezahrflorian, ssh did not even got to that part right? if it cannot connect16:28
NelsonMbobweaver: ifconfig shows basic stats. munin does a good job graphing them.16:28
mufflonharry_: plz type "grub"16:28
bobweaverI have tried https://landscape.canonical.com/  but it will not show graphical for network16:28
bobweaverthansk NelsonM16:28
florianDweezahr: firefox works fine. some weeks ago i didn't noticed the problem at all. Because skype shows it is running.16:28
bobweaverNelsonM: I have also used bmon but....16:29
=== Guest92715 is now known as sKew^_-
florianDweezahr: and I can kill skype and restart it, and it is good again for few minutes without a radio stream16:29
Dweezahrflorian, that makes it hard to diagnose the problem, but I dont think it is the network card, would be very strange16:29
florianDweezahr: i think the problem is very strange. If i start skype with the console, nothing is logged there. no error or warning. I just can't send messages or change my status.16:30
sKew^_-hi, does 32bit ubuntu run better than 64bit on i7 cpu?16:30
florianDweezahr: and the only workaround I found is starting a radio stream16:31
DweezahrsKew^_- just use the 64 bit16:31
Dweezahrflorian developer.skype.com16:31
Dweezahrsee if you can file a bug report16:31
bobweaversKew^_-:  what is ram is a good question16:31
bobweaversKew^_-:  how much do you have ...16:31
Dweezahrbobweaver, i7 without >4gb ram?16:31
Dweezahrwould be strange16:31
bobweavergood to go16:31
bobweaverDweezahr: yes it would be16:32
Dweezahrflorian, http://developer.skype.com/SkypeGarage/ReportIssue16:32
WouterNLHello everybody! Anyone alive ? :)16:33
WouterNLI have a GRUB related question.  I have 2 harddrives. They run in software-raid (Mdadm).   I have an ubuntu distro running with a lightdm on top of it.  When my computer boot's i get a busybox from ubuntu. I thought i had screwed up the grub instalation but the strange thing is this : When i type 'exit' and press enter, the computer continues to boot and operates normally!   I'm thinking : Did i accidentally install two grub's? How 16:33
WouterNLI have litterally no idea where to start >.>16:33
florianDweezahr: thx, will try it there16:34
sKew^_-bobweaver, 8gb ddr16:34
DweezahrWouterNL, check welke dingen je geinstalleerd hebt16:34
oCeanDweezahr: english only here, or /join #ubuntu-nl16:34
WouterNLDweezahr, i used to have XBMCLive running on it16:35
WouterNLDweezahr, it's just a single OS pc, not multiboot16:35
DweezahrWouterNL, so linux only16:35
WouterNLDweezahr, yup16:35
massive__help me.. my wife is watching Gone with the Wind.. ugh..16:36
oCeanmassive__: wrong channel16:36
urlin2u!ot > massive__16:36
ubottumassive__, please see my private message16:36
Dweezahrmassive__, just turn on as much as possible pc's then there will be a power outage16:36
oCeanDweezahr: please don't comment on the nonsense16:36
DweezahroCean !bot16:37
oCeanDweezahr: ?16:37
WouterNLmassive_ tell her the following (thanks google): Scarlett falls down the stairs and miscarries; Rhett tells Melanie of his love for Scarlett; Melanie dies; Scarlett realizes that she loves Rhett, not Ashley; Rhett abandons Scarlett16:37
oCeanWouterNL: stop it, now16:37
WouterNLtadaa, movie over :)16:37
Dweezahrchannel hijack16:37
urlin2u!ot .wout16:37
urlin2u!ot > WouterNL16:38
ubottuWouterNL, please see my private message16:38
oCeanurlin2u: that's enough16:38
DweezahrWouterNL, so there is one os, ubuntu, and then you run the installer of xmbcLive and that installs another partition with grub?16:38
urlin2uoCean, sorry I thought a private was okay.16:38
=== shcherba1 is now known as qin
WouterNLDweezahr, no it used to be an xbmclive instalation but i switched because it wasn't working properly, now i just have the ubuntu distro with lightdm16:39
WouterNLDweezahr, the installer asked me where to install grub and i just selected sda (out of sda and sdb)16:40
DweezahrWouterNL, so there are two harddrives in the computer? or sdb is the usb stick?16:40
falcomhey guys, my window 7 wasnt able to boot claiming Its need to be repaired. So i did using the windows 7 disc to do bootrec /fixboot /fixdisk. Now when i boot up my computer (dual boot 7 and ubuntu) it said BOOTMGR is missing16:40
falcomwhat shoul i do to fix this problem?16:40
oCeanfalcom: how is that an ubuntu issue?16:41
Dweezahrfalcom > #grub16:41
falcomhmm ok thanks!16:41
urlin2ufalcom, I can help you in ##windows probably16:41
WouterNLDweezahr, there are 2 harddisks16:41
Dweezahrsdb2 just for storage?16:42
falcomurlin2u: seems like it's a grub issue more16:42
DevilSolutionguys any idea where i can get the contents for ~/.profile ... i messed my PATH up and got stuck on a log in loop so i ctrl + alt + f1 into terminal and somehow deleted all the contents of the file, but it let me log in now :D just need to get the original contents back16:42
WouterNLDweezahr, i use mdadm to create a raid array out of the two disks (backup raid)16:42
urlin2ufalcom, okay I tried. :)16:42
schubiI tried to install ubuntu 11.10 on my eeepc t91 and got the error lightdm terminated with status 1 is there a way to install without a grafical window or to get the old version 11.04 which probably works fine (http://www.hilbig.org/t91/index.html)16:42
WouterNL2x 2tb, 2 partitions on eich dir, one for linux, one for storage > cloned to the other drive (software raid)16:42
WouterNL*dir = drive16:42
DevilSolutionanyone fancy pastebin the contents of ~/.profile for me?16:43
oCeanfalcom: if you lost grub entirely: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows16:43
oCeanDevilSolution: it's probably also in /etc/skel/.profile16:44
falcomoCean: ok will read on this16:44
urlin2ufalcom, just for fun here is it a wubi install?16:44
mufflonDevilSolution: mom plz i fetch u my one16:45
mufflonDevilSolution: http://paste.ubuntu.com/830259/16:46
DweezahrWouterNL, there is as much snow in the hague as in groningen?16:46
metasansanaim trying to mount an ftp share at boot using fuse and fstab16:46
DevilSolutionmufflon, aha, cheers :P16:46
falcomurlin2u: no. my dual boots worked fine previously. then one day window7 has boot up problem. attempt to fix it with windows command bootrec /fixmbr /fixboot. afterward i cant boot to anything because of BOOTMGR is missing.16:47
metasansanahowever on restart I see 'press s to skip or m to manually mount'16:47
metasansanamount -a works after login16:47
=== v3lky_ is now known as v3lky
WouterNLDweezahr, no idea how much there is there ;) but here is a 1cm layer i gues. O well, time for dinner , i'll continue on my problem later :)16:47
WouterNLthanks anyway :)16:47
urlin2ufalcom, was this preceded by the servicepack 1 install perchance?16:47
TravisIs there a special netbook edition of Ubuntu 11.10?16:48
DweezahrWouterNL, okay, laters16:48
DweezahrTravis, yes there was16:48
falcomurlin2u: no. it seems like it happend randomly16:48
Gentoo64Travis, not any more afaik16:48
TravisOk, I am putting Ubuntu on an older Acer Aspire One....complete with the "powered by Ubuntu" sticker16:49
harry_mufflon : grub is not installed in my sys. which is strange cause i dual boot with win7 and i have grub screen every time i boot os..16:49
Gentoo64Travis, the normal 11.10 will be alright for netbook16:49
Travissweet.  Thanks!16:49
Dweezahrwhat happened with netbook remix?16:49
harry_mufflon should i ap-get install grub?16:49
MarshSwagstergot merged i think16:49
Travis11.10 looks like the netbook remix16:49
MarshSwagsterinto ubuntu16:49
TravisI don't like the new layout.  I liked the old menus.  Good thing you can still get the old desktop from the repository.16:50
urlin2ufalcom, we use a bootscript often to see what is where pastebin the results.txt if you need to  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/16:50
Dweezahrharry_, you will not have internet connectivity16:50
Travisthanks.  bye.16:50
harry_Dweezahr : what? i have internet connection.16:51
Dweezahrharry_, okay16:51
Dweezahrharry_, your not in single user mode?16:51
florian_Dweezahr: that was a good tip. There is already a bug report with my issue16:51
harry_i am the only one that uses thi pc16:51
Dweezahrflorian_, too bad it is not opensource, else you could help fixing this bug16:52
florian_with some workarounds ( deleteing the pulse audio libs e.g. )16:52
Dweezahrharry_, cli only i mean16:52
florian_yes, and there is no other client for skype because the protocoll is closed too16:52
Dweezahrflorian_ that should fix your problem for this version right?16:52
harry_i dont understand... the only user account on this pc its mine. no guest.16:53
urlin2ufalcom, if you want to see my bootscript to compare let me know.16:53
Dweezahrharry_, always do research when not working your daily environment, check youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT8X3d2nUrs16:53
falcomurlin2u: here's mine http://pastebin.com/iTXknYJM16:53
milothebutharHey guys... I'm trying to install airsnort, but it isn't in the main repositories... where can i find it16:54
SWAGVIPERXhello ubuntu16:54
falcomurlin2u: also very awesome script16:54
DweezahrDweezahr, there you see a single user mode16:54
harry_guys my problem is that i cant boot normaly in ubuntu. it boots every other time.16:54
SWAGVIPERXits grub16:54
Dweezahrubuntu uses rpm or what?16:54
florian_Dweezahr: I didn't delete them. Other programs use the too. My first try is to disable all sounds that skype could make. and the first five minutes it is working. I hope that this may solve my problem16:54
Dweezahrflorian, I had problem with pulseaudio as well16:55
solexiousi have an executable /home/solexious/eagle-6.1.0/bin/eagle that I want to make run when I just use the command "eagle" from any dir, how?16:55
Dweezahrflorian, alsa is the alternative I see now16:55
florian_a month ago i used kde with also too.. But with unity i merged to pulse audio..16:56
florian_also -> alsa :)16:56
pksadiqsolexious: create a symbolic link from /usr/bin/eagle to your corresponding file, might be one way16:57
florian_and I've got only two problems with it. One is skype now and the other is with the headphone..16:57
metasansanaok i solved that16:57
=== jason is now known as Guest49396
florian_my speaker don't stops playing with headphones enabled16:57
harry_DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 11.10"16:58
FloodBot1harry_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:58
florian_but everything else is working16:58
Dweezahrflorian, I would say that is fair then16:58
rumpe1solexious, echo "alias eagle=/home/solexious/eagle-6.1.0/bin/eagle" >> $HOME/.bashrc   (would add it to .bashrc as an alias)16:58
DweezahrI use a mixer for all sound related stuff, but I use osx for that part16:58
Dweezahrwindows for this, and linux and bsd for servers16:58
urlin2ufalcom, your missing the  /bootmgr on sda1 if that has been the active partition. you can rebuild that setup with all these commands but to be honest you might try seeking a user Pzt at the ##windows channel.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/813664/16:58
solexiousrumpe1: thanks16:59
Denny--GREWT !!!!???????!!!!?!!?????!??!!!!!!!!11116:59
=== Denny is now known as Guest31709
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oCeanGuest31709: do you have an ubuntu support question?16:59
rumpe1solexious, you have to open a new terminal after that to test it (or execute maybe "exec bash")16:59
Guest31709no i do not16:59
Guest31709---===|||{{{ yeSe I do }}}|||===---16:59
Guest31709i hab very much ubuntu spuort17:00
Guest31709LOK BUUNTU ????!!!!!!!!?!!!!!??////17:00
oCeanGuest31709: stop that17:00
sKew^_-Guest31709, stop using that flood script17:00
Guest31709im a sad panda bear17:00
DweezahrThank you Guest31709 for contributing such an interesting discussion17:00
falcomurlin2u: I believe i did those step already. And does this cause the BOOTMGR is missing error screen(which wont allow me to  choose which OS to boot from)?17:00
oCeanGuest31709: this is ubuntu tech support, not social chat17:00
DweezahrI like > 1000 user channels17:00
Guest31709[I] [THOUST] [ITHS] [WAS] [DEBIAN] [GENOO] [GNU] [SUPPORT]17:01
Guest31709u   l i e d   t o   m e17:01
urlin2ufalcom, you also have a grub legacy file in the ubuntu17:01
oCeanDweezahr: please don't comment on nonsense posts of others17:01
alkamidhow do I do "rm *.foo" but recursively?17:01
sKew^_-will ubuntu 32bit run faster than 64bit on i7, 8gb ddr3?17:01
urlin2ulook closer at the commands, you also have some anomalies in the ubuntu bootfiles.17:01
DweezahrsKew^_-, n o17:01
urlin2ufalcom, ^^17:01
DweezahroCean, but that is difficult when a large part is spam17:01
Dweezahrpart of the comments have to be directed to spam17:02
MyrttiDweezahr: you added into it :-|17:02
sKew^_-Dweezahr, thx :)17:02
oCeanDweezahr: your comments add to the clutter, don't17:02
falcomurlin2u: ok.. so what should i do for those?17:02
mah454How can use DVB-t (hivision hu3962-t) in ubuntu ?17:02
Dweezahrsimplify and purify17:02
rumpe1sKew^_-, 32bit will run slower, because it can't use the 64bit features (usually)17:03
urlin2ufalcom, can you boot ubuntu now?17:03
falcomurlin2u: no. im using ubuntu live right now :|17:03
wildc4rdWhat is the preferred app for ripping a CD to mp3 or flac under ubuntu?17:03
sKew^_-rumpe1, ok ok :)17:04
falcomurlin2u: i cant boot to ubuntu as usual because the "BOOTMGR is missing" error17:04
blip1wildc4rd: I like asunder17:04
florian_mah454: have a look at dvb-utils and there are several tools which can show dvb, like vlc17:04
Dweezahrfalcom, then you have to install Grub, but that is always a pain, chicken and the egg situation17:05
RLahow to see my ubuntu version with ubuntu that has unity?17:05
florian_cat /etc/issue17:05
oCeanRLa: lsb_release -a17:05
falcomDweezahr: is it possible with these instruction https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows17:06
falcomDweezahr: instaling via ubuntu live17:06
Dweezahrfalcom, that is how I do that usually17:06
RLaoCean, that assumes i'm enable to find terminal emulator here :)17:06
RLathat took half hour17:06
sKew^_-RLa, "ctrl+alt+t" ?17:07
RLasKew^_-, thanks, did not know about that shortcut17:08
urlin2ufalcom, you need to chroot into ubuntu and purge grub grub-pc and grub-common the reinstall grub-pc grub-common and when asked where grub goes choose sda use the shift bar to tick sda.17:08
sKew^_-RLa, your welcom :)17:08
Dweezahrurlin2u, that is what is happening with the ubuntu live disk17:09
Dweezahrthat is enough for the chroot, just select right hdd right?17:09
wildc4rdcheers blip1, that seems to work.17:09
falcomDweezahr: so...... would "Boot Repair" repair my outdated stuff automatically?17:09
falcomactually hmm17:09
urlin2uDweezahr, not sur I understand, the user has grub legacy and grub 2 as part of this mess.17:10
Dweezahrurlin2u, ah thats fun17:10
DweezahrHad that too, but reinstalled everything then17:10
falcomurlin2u: Dweezahr : would this utility do the hardwork for me? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair17:10
Dweezahr5 os on one pc back then17:10
cloudgeekany command line video player good enough like vlc17:11
Dweezahrurlin2u, that command installs grub2? on fedora you need grub2 in all command you type to install grub17:11
ranokcloudgeek: mplayer?17:11
urlin2uDweezahr, 5 here right now one hd17:11
Dweezahrurlin2u, old bios?17:11
DweezahrI had17:11
DweezahrI needed that emulation thing in grub217:11
cloudgeekranok : i don't have gui , i am ubuntu server is that work there17:11
urlin2uDweezahr, these are correct in ubuntu.17:11
ranokcloudgeek: so where do you want the video output?17:12
eQuiNoX__hey everyone, any ubuntu tutorial that uses a lot of dbus? :) id like to try and read some code that uses a lot of it17:12
urlin2uDweezahr, grub-pc grub-common are grub 217:12
Dweezahrokay, but that was confusing17:12
ranokeQuiNoX__: perhaps empathy?17:12
plmHi all, now dont have more specific version to net book right... is just desktop (for netbook, notebook and desktops) correct this afirmation or not17:13
urlin2uDweezahr, lol not if you know ubuntu's use of grub commands.:)17:13
cloudgeekrandok : in my bash or terminal ,or any video player for ubuntu server so that we can watch movie17:13
eQuiNoX__ranok: thanks17:13
HoNgOuRuwhat do I need to view the open applications small icons next to the time and speaker icon ?17:13
HoNgOuRuIm using gnome shell17:13
sKew^_-plm, what are you saying? now dont?17:13
Dweezahrurlin2u, fedora did keep the old commands and uses install-grub2 etc. so when switching between the two os I found out is was different on ubuntu17:13
Dweezahrbut nevermind17:13
ranokcloudgeek: you will need X to display gfx and video17:14
urlin2uDweezahr, yeah, I use fedora two, not as easy, longer commands.17:14
cloudgeekrandok : okay not possible without X17:14
falcomurlin2u: so is there a site that can guide me to do the chroot and purge thing?17:14
Dweezahrurlin2u, you noticed ubuntu was vulnerable for a recent bug and fedora was not?17:14
falcomi dont wanna take your precious time17:14
urlin2ufalcom, yes hold on17:15
oCeanDweezahr, urlin2u: if you like to continue the grub discussion, please do so in #ubuntu-offtopic17:15
plmsKew^_-: in the past has diferente versionofubuntuto netbook and desktops, and now?17:15
AmelieWhatHey guys I am a new ubuntu-user and I ve got one question: I have installed ubuntu with the an encrypted homefolder and then I got the advice with the randomely generated passphrase which should be stored safely. When someone finds the Passphrase, is he able to decrypt my files? And what happens if I don´t print the passphrase  out, could it make some problems in the future?17:15
oCean!une | plm correct17:16
ubottuplm correct: Starting with Ubuntu 11.04, the Ubuntu Netbook Edition is no longer being offered as a separate install as Unity is now standard for all Ubuntu desktop installs.17:16
=== Guest36712 is now known as Octane
plmoCean: and why 12.4 has a version for netbook? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/precise/17:17
sKew^_-plm,  i never liked the netbook version :/17:17
sKew^_-why do you want netbook version of a system?17:18
oCeanplm: that is netboot, not netbook17:18
oCeanplm: with netboot you can install through network17:18
urlin2ufalcom, follow the chroot commands once you're there run apt-get purge grub grub-pc grub-common then run apt-get install grub-pc grub-common  then when asked where grub goes choose sda only use the shift bar to tick it then the esc key to high light then enter.  any commands wrong incorrectly will stop the fix.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#ChRoot17:18
DweezahrBrilliant plm!17:19
DweezahrI couldnt think of that one17:19
plmoCean: ahh ok but with netbook is for desktop instalation or derver17:19
oCeanplm: netbook WAS (no longer is) a specific desktop edition for small notebooks17:19
urlin2ufalcom, in the link just run the commands to # 9 to bget to the chroot then my commands then a update-grub aftyer all my commands then reboot.17:20
Dweezahrplm, unity apparantly is a graphics environment like kde or gnome, and from the netbook edition it was implemented in the standard edition17:20
falcomwhat is your "commands"17:21
sKew^_-plm, ubuntu server is for server, ubuntu desktop is for laptop, desktops, netbooks etc - correct me if a im wrong #ubuntu17:21
DweezahrsKew^_-, seems right17:21
urlin2ufalcom, there are in the post before the last one.17:21
oCeanDweezahr: no, unity is a shell, not a de17:21
urlin2uI made17:21
falcomah ok the windows one17:22
urlin2ufalcom, ^^17:22
sKew^_-Dweezahr, nice, dont wanna say wrong info17:22
DweezahroCean, I only know unitity3d17:22
urlin2ufalcom, no you are confused.17:22
oCeanDweezahr: it's a shell around gnome17:22
wildc4rdblip1, it worked, but where does it hide the rip! lol17:22
falcomurlin2u: hmm what should i mount in this case ? my windows or ubuntu?17:23
DweezahroCean, a user interface for gnome17:23
urlin2ufalcom, follow this then when you have run the the install commands run update-grub follow the chroot commands once you're there run apt-get purge grub grub-pc grub-common then run apt-get install grub-pc grub-common  then when asked where grub goes choose sda only use the shift bar to tick it then the esc key to high light then enter.  any commands wrong incorrectly will stop the fix.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#ChRoot17:23
blip1wildc4rd: I think the default is your home folder - see the preferences17:23
sKew^_-plm, if u like the gui of netbook version, you shud try to see ubuntu 11.10 on youtube, or 12.0417:23
=== Gskellig is now known as gskellig|mobile
mufflonhas anyone of you experiences using unity for desktop-office pcs in small buisnesses?17:24
urlin2ufalcom, copy and paste that last post to a gedit so you can read igt.17:24
milothebutharHey, anyone experiencing problems trying to adjust the brightness settings on a laptop?17:25
urlin2ufalcom, you chroot from the ubuntu live cd.17:25
bobweavermufflon:  a little about 10 computers why do you ask  ?17:25
TheBigOneeSome hacker here ?17:25
bobweaver!hacker | TheBigOnee17:25
ubottuTheBigOnee: A hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems, see also !piracy17:25
oCeanmilothebuthar: there are many issues/bugs reported in LP for that17:25
urlin2uTheBigOnee, ubuntu support only. :)17:25
Dweezahrmufflon, look for some reviews, http://royal.pingdom.com/2011/11/23/ubuntu-linux-losing-popularity-fast-new-unity-interface-to-blame/17:25
mufflonive to change my squeze systems to wheezy when its stable, but ive to install it new cause squeeze is an upgrade yet, so perhaps i can use ubuntu17:25
falcomurlin2u: yes. im at this step. sudo mount ... do i mount the ubuntu sda ?17:25
milothebutharoCean: what is LP?17:25
falcomor the windows17:25
oCean!launchpad | milothebuthar17:26
ubottumilothebuthar: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/17:26
ampharosHow do I mount a dirty NTFS partition?17:26
bobweaverampharos:  in a sandbox ?17:26
ampharoson actual hardware17:26
oCeanampharos: In my experience you have to fix it from windows first17:26
ampharosWindows performed an unclean shutdown, so the disk is still dirty17:27
ampharosWhat if Windows doesn't boot? for me it's just booting into recovery mode where it wants to restore to factory settings (lolno)17:27
Dweezahrampharos, use grub rescue disk to start windows17:27
urlin2ufalcom, I can't walk you through the whole process, read the link clearly, and follow the commands or wait for a user who can do this.17:27
oCeanampharos: I don't think it's possible to fix the ntfs from Ubuntu17:28
urlin2ufalcom, having to walk people through is not my forte.17:28
sKew^_-btw what is a dirty NTFS partition one whit porn onit?17:29
TheBigOneeI forgive a password on my .rar archive.. How I can hack it with ubuntu ?17:29
Dweezahrampharos, maybe when using ubuntu you can fix ntfs, http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/fix-corrupted-windows-ntfs-filesystem-ubuntu/17:29
ampharosI don't need to do an exhaustive check, just need to mount it, which ubuntu will not to17:29
sKew^_-TheBigOnee, Read about Bruteforce! google it dont ask more :)17:29
DweezahrsKew^_- , keep the vibe up here!17:29
Dweezahrit is an unproper shutdown17:30
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE17:30
oCeansKew^_-: please don't tell others "google it"17:30
bobweaverTheBigOnee:  ask #blackbuntu or #backtrack-linux17:30
urlin2ufalcom, the ubuntu forums have group of users who do this stuff, if needed go there post the latest bootscript don't run any commands after it and wait for help, thatks where I learned this I use to be in this group of helpers there.17:30
DweezahroCean, indeed, people should first google than ask17:30
oCeanDweezahr: don't be silly, we are here to help.17:30
Dweezahryes, but when no googling, the help is not sufficient17:31
Dweezahrtoo many questions17:31
sKew^_-oCean, okey. but iam not gonna explane what bruteforce is17:31
urlin2uTheBigOnee, sorry man I don't do Pm's. :)17:31
MonkeyDustDweezahr  some people are not skilled enough to know what's, hence don't know what to google for17:31
bobweaverthis is a support channel I think we like the questions (just sayin )17:31
MonkeyDustwhat's wrong*17:31
DweezahrMonkeyDust, exactly, pointing in the direction to where to google would be very helpfull is my experience, so saying to google is good17:32
sKew^_-bobweaver, but bruteforceing issent a ubuntu related question? or is it if its on a ubuntu platform?17:32
oCeanDweezahr: referring others to google is not acceptable here. If you wish to discuss channel rules, do so in #ubuntu-ops, not here17:32
bobweaversKew^_-:  Oo What oO17:33
bobweaversKew^_-:  say that john is misconfigured because of something to do with ubunut then it is a support question but a question how do I do a dic attack is not17:34
urlin2ufalcom, just so you know this is not a gui fix it will need commands from the terminal as I have given you so just a heads up .17:35
sKew^_-bobweaver, okey i see, got the difrent now :)17:36
pk___i did this   ln -s /root/data /var/www/data   now when i open http://localhost/data   it say Forbidden17:36
bobweaver!permissions | pf17:36
ubottupf: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions17:36
bobweaver!permissions | pk___17:36
ubottupk___: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions17:36
pk___apache server is running as root ..and root user has access to this directory i am sure17:37
bobweaverpk___:  but I am guessing that you are looking for groups and how to add them to your www folder ?17:37
sKew^_-bobweaver,  can i ask how to install all the tools for bt5 here or in bt chan?17:37
sKew^_-bobweaver, on ubuntu 10.04 host17:37
bobweaversKew^_-:  well that you said that it was for BT then go there ...17:37
urlin2usKew^_-, their channel17:37
bigtom21485how do i print ebooks on ubuntu?17:37
Dweezahrpk___, it can also be a configuration issue in apache, or a .htaccess file17:37
=== alan_ is now known as Guest10914
blip1apache normally runs as www-data17:38
pk___Dweezahr: it is a fresh ubuntu installation..i dint touch any conf file17:38
Dweezahrpk___ chmod the file then indeed17:38
kleanchapAre there calendars like ical that you can download for evolution client?  I am looking for national holidays and sports events calendars.17:38
Dweezahrpk___ usually it is 75517:39
Dweezahrso chmod 777 755 <file>17:39
Dweezahr* chmod 755 <file>17:39
pk___set 777 on the directory17:39
bobweaverDweezahr: 644 for files and 755 for dir ?17:39
bigdavjokerlooking for help getting active card smart card reader working it shows up in lsusb but canpt find it with pcsc_scan17:40
Dweezahrbobweaver? really?17:40
bobweaverDweezahr:  I am wondering17:40
pk___In REDhat SELINUX wont let httpd access users' home directories..but i guess SElinux is not installed on ubuntu..ryt?17:40
Dweezahrbobweaver, me too, usually I use 75517:41
bobweaverDweezahr:  something like this find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} && find . -type d -f xec chmod 644 {} ;17:41
Dweezahrbobweaver, owner needs a 7 for us to work properly, so the 644 wont work17:42
bobweaverthanks Dweezahr17:42
urlin2uDweezahr, bobweaver the channel is really busy, can you al do the conversation in a pm or off topic it would be really helpful . :)17:42
bobweaverurlin2u: np17:44
urlin2ubobweaver, cool. :)17:44
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:45
urlin2u[[, you need support?17:46
bobweaverurlin2u:  have you ever installed magento on ubuntu ? I can not get it to install when it asks for sql it will not connect to make a DB. Installed fine on deb and cent but not ubuntu. Any ideas ?17:47
Dweezahrbobweaver, you were right with permisions, will fix this on our corporate hoster17:49
MonkeyDust!info magento17:49
ubottuPackage magento does not exist in oneiric17:49
urlin2ubobweaver, never heard of it. :)17:50
=== sins-_i_j_u is now known as sins-
bobweaver!info openpanel-openapp-magento17:52
ubottuPackage openpanel-openapp-magento does not exist in oneiric17:52
Dweezahr!info openswan17:53
ubottuopenswan (source: openswan): Internet Key Exchange daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.6.28+dfsg-5ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 1011 kB, installed size 3188 kB (Only available for linux-any all)17:53
urlin2ubobweaver, I see some info on google up to 10.10 with a quick foo.17:54
Dweezahrthis version contains a big flaw, fixed in 2.6.3217:54
bucaneiroI am testing a time travel software that could be incorporated in the ubuntu packages...17:57
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eighty9visionlet me guess, you're writing it in COBOL17:58
bobweaverurlin2u: yeah I have been trying <- keyword to intergrate with openpanel/openapp http://www.openpan