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BlessJahdoes U1 windows client provide entry in right-click menu, for syncing/publishing files?11:37
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BlessJahwhile having 72 nicks, this channel seems to be dead16:12
duanedesignBlessJah: hello16:34
duanedesignBlessJah: Their is work being done on integration with Explorer in Windows16:35
duanedesignyou can publish(and stop publishing) a file using the webUI at one.ubuntu.com/files16:38
BlessJahduanedesign: thanks16:43
duanedesignBlessJah: please come around this time Mon-Fri and you can talk to the Windows developers16:44
duanedesignthey can probably be more specific then I can about features they are hoping to include in future releases.16:45
BlessJahi need dropbox-like service easy enough for atechnical person calling 'adobe' every piece of software and files related to pdf format16:45
BlessJahi was wondering wtf does she mean when she says 'adobe' whole week16:46
duanedesignBlessJah: sounds like my brother :) He calls PDF and PDF viewers 'Adobe'16:47
duanedesigni am always thinking what does ne mean, adobe...photoshop...flash.16:48
BlessJahso you know the problem :)16:49
BlessJahbest soft solving my problem would be huge red button16:50
BlessJah"send this file to the internet"16:50
BlessJahit should be intelligent enough, to guess what does user mean by 'this file'16:51
dobeyduanedesign: whene someone says 'adobe' i just assume they're talking about clay.18:08
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