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cainusanyone awake?  just wondering how to debug a job that won't start?  even with log level at DEBUG, I get no useful information logged (just 100 lines saying it started then stopped)20:37
ionSee “Obtaining a log of a Script Section” in the cookbook.20:38
ionYou can just use e.g. /tmp/myjob.log if you’re debugging it on an otherwise properly running system.20:39
cainusthanks ion... I'll take a look20:43
ion(That is, instead of /dev/.initramfs. But it’s just fine to use that, too.)20:44
cainushmmm I've already got a line like that... I used foreman to generate the .confs, and it added that apparently20:48
cainusand yet nothing matching the process in /var/log/20:49

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