micahgastraljava: where does it get set to that?01:02
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astraljavamicahg: Sometimes, so far totally randomly (to me, but I'm sure there's a specific reason I just haven't figured out yet) whenever a browser is to be called, I get the pop-up that says the preferred application isn't set, even though I have set it several times now in Settings | Settings Manager | Preferred Applications.03:59
astraljavamicahg: It's like that right now, I just went there and I see it as "No application selected".04:00
astraljavamicahg: So, if you have any debugging methods, I could run them from now on.04:01
astraljavaOkay, I've seen an annoying number of *buntu people going to #debian @ oftc.net for support. The reason seems to be that Debian Servers is the first entry in the list of Networks, Ubuntu Servers being the second. Think this should be changed?05:32
micahgin XChat?05:52
pleia2are any modifications made from Debian to the package?05:54
pleia2(I'm assuming the servers list is just the debian default and we don't change that)05:54
micahgyes, quite a few05:56
astraljavamicahg: Yes, xchat.06:22
astraljavaBut probably in some others, too.06:22
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knomemicahg, ohmy, connection problems?14:10
knomemadnick! where's the settings GUI for your lightdm stuff?14:16
mr_pouitmicahg: when you have some time, could you look at http://lionel.lefolgoc.net/misc/shimmer-themes_1.1-0ubuntu1.dsc please? (to be sure I didn't miss something stupid that will make it be rejected by from new ;>)14:17
mr_pouithey there14:17
knomehey :)14:17
mr_pouit#8 from the xubuntu website faq sounds weird to me (where does that +x idea come from?)14:18
knomei've no idea14:18
knomemadnick, can you be in touch about the lightdm and plymouth themes with mr_pouit? he needs the code ASAP :)14:25
mr_pouitknome: making alacarte xfce-friendly only needs a sed s/gnome-desktop-item-edit/exo-desktop-item-edit/ (or something like that). Then there's libgnome-menu that supports OnlyShowIn keys depending on the $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP envvar14:36
knomeis alacarte function-complete?14:36
knomeedii's been rewriting his menu managing GUI to be a full-fledged menu manager...14:37
mr_pouitknome: is XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP set in your session?14:40
mr_pouitknome: mmh, do you have alacarte installed?14:42
mr_pouitany chance you could install it to try something? (:14:44
knomei'll get back to you in 5mins14:44
mr_pouitin short: start it once, confirm that it doesn't show .desktop files containing OnlyShowIn=XFCE;, then open a term, export XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=XFCE, launch alacarte from the term, and check whether it shows more desktop files or not :/14:47
knomemr_pouit, meh, i'll do that but you tell me where our "settings" icon comes from14:48
knomemr_pouit, yep, what you said is correct14:51
knomemr_pouit, the xfce-items show up when the var is set14:51
mr_pouiteh \o/14:51
knomemy experience of alacarte is still kind of bad14:52
knomeit doesn't seem to handle some separators correctly14:52
mr_pouit(filed Bug #927172 as a todo list :p)15:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927172 in xfce4-utils (Ubuntu) "set XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=XFCE for alacarte" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92717215:01
knomelinked to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-xubuntu-menu-managing15:03
mr_pouitmmh, alacarte is in universe16:36
mr_pouitI guess I can patch it directly then16:37
GridCubeto not have a gazillion recommends?16:37
mr_pouityeah, to use libgarcon-common instead of gnome-menus, and exo-utils instead of gnome-panel16:38
knomeGridCube, there is actually only one *direct* recommends ;)16:38
knomemr_pouit, omg16:38
ochosimr_pouit: where/when/how can i test it?16:39
knomeochosi, export $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=XFCE16:39
knomeochosi, and then install for now with --no-install-recommends16:39
ochosiin precise or oneiric?16:40
ochosi(don't have precise yet)16:40
knomeoneiric is fine as well16:40
mr_pouitochosi: oneiric/amd64?16:40
knome^ that's what i'm using16:40
ochosi(ten more minutes, then boarding will start)16:40
mr_pouityou can already try what knome wrote16:41
ochosiok, i'll see whether my connection here is fast enough to do anything apart from irc :)16:42
ochosilol, bash: export: `=XFCE': not a valid identifier16:43
mr_pouithere's a deb without the extra deps/recommends, and item editing should work without gnome-panel16:43
mr_pouitexport XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=XFCE, don't put the $16:43
knomesry :D16:43
knomeof course...16:43
ochosiyeah, i know, i was actually laughing a bit about myself back there16:44
knomeerr, do you mean you were literally *laughing your ass (off)*?16:45
knomei mean, with "back there"...16:45
ochosiyeah, or i meant it temporally rather than spacially16:45
* ochosi scratches his head16:45
knomehmm, right, this was a logged channel :)16:46
ochosialacarte started, but i'm not sure it works 100%16:46
ochosibut then again, maybe my menu is borked due to ediis menu-editor...16:47
ochosiwhich is the default location of the menu-file?16:47
knomeremind you, any editor only edits the menu files16:47
knome(or .desktop files just slightly)16:47
mr_pouitochosi: with XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=XFCE alacarte you should be able to see all desktop files with OnlyShowIn=XFCE16:47
mr_pouit(top menu entries, everything in settings, etc.)16:47
knome^ incl. settings manager! 16:47
ochosimr_pouit: right, i'll test that as soon as i have my default xubuntu-menu back16:48
knomewell, i have the menu by edii... :)16:48
mr_pouitit's in /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/menus/xfce-applications.menu16:48
ochosiah right, ty16:48
mr_pouitor /etc/xdg/menus/xfce-applications.menu16:48
ochosii used the latter16:48
mr_pouit(for the vanilla one from upstream)16:48
ochosiand that was borked16:48
ochosihm, clicking properties on an item in alacarte doesn't work16:49
mr_pouithow did you start alacarte?16:50
ochosivia appfinder from xfce-master16:50
mr_pouit(you have to start it from the same term you exported XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP)16:51
mr_pouit(and if you don't use my deb linked above, menu editing won't try to use exo)16:51
ochosii see16:51
ochosinow it works16:52
ochosithat's pretty cool actually16:52
ochosiok, g2f now16:52
knomesee you!16:53
knomeand have a nice flight16:53
pleia2hmm, what is our equivalent to the "Disk Ultility" application that other *buntus have in their menu for gui reformatting of something like a usb drive?18:20
pleia2writing the xubuntu portion of this full circle magazine article about easy formatting of drives18:28
pleia2we don't appear to ship with such a tool18:29
Unit193People can install whatever they like...18:34
pleia2of course, but for articles you need to at least recommend something, this is something that is default on the other flavors (even lubuntu ships with Disk Utility)18:36
pleia2GridCube: can you let me know if there is anything in this thread en espanol I need to know re: the website? :)19:25
GridCubewhat thread?19:25
knomeGridCube, the development mailing list19:26
knomeGridCube, three messages in spanish19:26
knomeGridCube, to which i just replied telling to use english19:26
pleia2knome: GridCube is the second replier19:27
knomepleia2, i know19:27
pleia2ok :)19:27
knomeeven he should have written in english19:27
GridCubeoh, yes sorry, i told him to use english too19:29
pleia2ok, so for this FCM article I just told people to install Disk Utility19:30
Unit193I don't think we need to install everything by default, but I'd love to have a page on the site/wiki with recommends for tasks (or generally)!19:46
micahgmr_pouit: yeah, since the upgrade to precise, I"ve had major IRC issues19:57
micahgmr_pouit: will take a look at shimmer themes in a but19:57
knomemicahg, thanks :)19:57
micahgmr_pouit: are you getting it into Ubuntu first due to Feature Freeze? 21:03
micahgmr_pouit: so far, the only missing thing is a watch file, waiting for the build to finish21:11
mr_pouitmicahg: yeah, I'm not sure how to do a proper wtahc file with  multiple upstream tarballs =)21:18
micahgmr_pouit: W: shimmer-themes: executable-not-elf-or-script usr/share/themes/Greybird/gtk-3.0/progressbar.png21:19
mr_pouityep, that's something I asked ochosi/knome to fix, but I guess they forgot :P21:20
micahgmr_pouit: debian #53132121:20
ubottuDebian bug 531321 in devscripts "[uscan] support for downloading multiple upstream tarballs" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/53132121:21
knomemr_pouit, https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird/commit/7915c3e74679626fdbf10f1f0d2e284ccf6d475321:24
micahgmr_pouit: the xubuntu-artwork breaks/replaces is superflous, no upgrade path21:30
micahgwell, unless we're considering backporting this to lucid21:31
micahgno home page in debian/control21:31
micahgoh, wait, it's in the binary :)21:31
micahgthat should be part of the source decleration21:32
micahgoops :)21:32
mr_pouitahah, so I don't have to repeat it21:34
micahgright :)21:34
micahgotherwise, with those changes, you have an ACK from me for upload21:35
micahgwatch file optional :)21:35
micahgbut would be nice21:35
* micahg guesses the breaks/replaces should stick around until hardy is EOL21:36
micahgonly another 14 months21:36
micahgerr...I mean lucid desktop :)21:36
mr_pouitI'm not even sure a partially up-to-date lucid will be able to dist-upgrade successfully :P21:39
mr_pouitthanks for the review (I guess I'll postpone the debian/watch fot the next upload though ;-)21:40
mr_pouit(and the breaks/replaces is indeed useless, because they concern files not actually shipped… bah, probably a wrong copy/paste)21:43
micahgwell, murrine-themes has the same thing21:45
micahgah right, I got that fixed supposedly :), yeah, it should be xubuntu-artwork (<< 11.10.1) assuming it's shipping the same files21:47
micahgwe'll need that for lucid -> precise21:47
micahgmr_pouit: ^^21:50
mr_pouit  * Drop bluebird and greybird themes, move murrine-themes from recommends21:51
mr_pouit    to depends.21:51
mr_pouitindeed, that was done in 11.10.121:51
micahgI filed debian 638690, don't know if it was ever added there21:52
ubottuDebian bug 638690 in murrine-themes "murrine-themes: Needs a higher versioned breaks on xubuntu-artwork" [Minor,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/63869021:52
mr_pouituploaded, thanks for you help22:27
mr_pouitknome: [ubuntu/precise] shimmer-themes 1.1-0ubuntu1 (New)22:27
mr_pouit(it's not in the archive yet, needs a review by an archive adlmin)22:27
micahgmr_pouit: there's no bug, right?  I'll leave a note in -release I did a review22:29
mr_pouityou know knome and ochosi, they make horrible themes full of bugs ;D22:33
* mr_pouit runs22:33
mr_pouitso, no, hopefully it should be fine22:33
knomeyeah, feel free to file bugs...22:35
micahgno, I meant a new package bug :)22:35
knomeif you can find any >;)22:35
knomeheh, right, it's that mr_pouit guy who's doing the lousy packaging for shimmer22:35
knomehealways messing things up...22:35
knome+'s 22:35
micahgagain, not what I meant22:35
mr_pouitmicahg: no, I didn't introduce new bugs22:36
mr_pouitknome: I love you too :P22:36
csenger41anyone could help me creating a panel applet?23:06
knomethat's not really completely easy, but you would be better off asking #xfce or #xfce-dev23:11
csenger41knome: ohh thank you23:12
csenger41joined there, bye23:12

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