holsteinnot worth it for most though00:03
holsteinediting the files would be the way to go for XFCE00:03
holsteinor when lxmenueditor makes its way in00:03
pjotterI think so too. I cannot find any other Xfce menu editor.00:04
pjotterI tried that also. It too has ome limitations. Not all menuitems showed up in that editor. But it seems to be working better than alacarte.00:04
holsteinXFCE might have bug tracking.. you can put a wishlist bug in for xubuntu00:05
holsteininteresting... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfdesktop/+bug/5840200:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 58402 in xfdesktop (Ubuntu) "Unable to edit system menu via Xubuntu menu editor" [Undecided,Fix released]00:06
Unit193I{ve tested it to be working before, don't really know why it wouldn't be now00:08
holsteinUnit193: which?00:08
holsteinyeah... that i have not tried myself00:09
pjotterI just tried on a clean install of Xubuntu 11.10. And confirmed the same result on a clean install in VM.00:10
pjotterThis is the one: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=68492700:13
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 684927 in alacarte "alacarte needs to require gnome-panel" [Unspecified,Closed: errata]00:13
holsteinwell, i think there is a bigger bug or XFCE/xubuntu needing a native tool00:24
holsteinthat can be a wish list bug00:24
pjotterAlacarte requires "gnome-desktop-item-edit" which is part of gnome-panel. Without it, you cannot edit any items, which makes it pretty useless.00:24
holsteinsure, but is it really a bug that a tool designed to edit a different menu doesnt quite work 100% with this menu?00:25
pjotterNo it is not a bug. But alacarte is recommended on the Xubuntu webpage. It really shouldn't, because it does not work properly without the gnome-panel installed.00:27
holsteinpjotter: sure, i can get with that!00:29
pjotterhttp://xubuntu.org/news/faq-1110-oneiric/ (question six)00:29
pjotterBut I didn  like the idea of using a tool that was not designed for Xfce anyway. So, I'll leurn how to edit the menu's by hand. No problem.00:31
Cube``_guys, i'm having a huge problem with my usb stick that i cannot fix. it doesnt work, when i try to format it with gparted it says "unrecognized disk label".00:43
GridCubeyep that happens00:44
GridCubeCube``_, install testdisk00:44
GridCubeand try to fix it00:44
Cube``_GridCube: did. it did not manage to fix it though00:45
Cube``_i couldnt make it create a partition00:45
GridCubeusing testdisk?00:45
GridCubeor gparted?00:45
GridCubemmmm thats bad00:45
Cube``_what exactly do i need to select using testdisk thouh?00:46
Cube``_maybe im just doing it wrong00:46
Cube``_xubuntu5: yeah00:46
GridCubeCube``_, http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step00:47
GridCube:) that should tell you00:47
GridCubei fixed one just like that yesterday00:47
Cube``_GridCube: ok, thanks!00:48
xubuntu5might want to take a look at this one too: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step00:48
xubuntu5http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step ***00:48
xubuntu5dammit why isn't it copying correctly00:48
GridCubeusing testdisk to recover the partition, i previously saved all the data that could be saved using photorec Cube``_ :)00:48
GridCubejust in case you should do it Cube``_00:49
Cube``_xubuntu5: thanks!00:49
Cube``_GridCube: yeah luckyil i dont have any data that i will miss00:49
GridCubeoh :) thats good then00:49
GridCubealso try another usb ports00:49
Cube``_yeah did :P00:51
Cube``_aiojsd oaisjd aoisdj oisdj aoisd joid00:53
Cube``_i come to the 'analyze' point00:53
Cube``_see i dont want to recover any data, i just want to get the goddamn thing to work00:53
Cube``_so i wait through the scan00:53
xubuntu5what do you want to work?00:53
Cube``_finds nothing of course, because i just zero-byted it with dd00:54
Cube``_the usb stick00:54
Cube``_i put in 'Add partition'00:54
Cube``_select FAT3200:54
xubuntu5have you used gparted?00:54
Cube``_but it doesnt appear there!00:54
Cube``_fails everytime i try to create a partition00:54
xubuntu5did you buy this drive online?00:54
Cube``_it works perfectly with windows00:54
Cube``_thats the problem00:54
xubuntu5i bought one online from ebay thinking it was going to be 16gb00:54
Cube``_it works with windwos!00:54
xubuntu5and it was only 4 some china scam00:54
Cube``_:DDD damn00:54
Cube``_i heard of that00:55
xubuntu5showed up as 16gb in windows00:55
GridCubeCube``_, i was about to tell you that00:55
xubuntu5but would only hold 400:55
Cube``_i only put small pdfs on there ^^00:55
GridCubeif it works in windows00:55
xubuntu5they are so cheap now could get a new one00:55
Cube``_and its a 8gb bough in good old germany00:55
GridCubethen format it from there00:55
Cube``_its 10bux :/00:55
Cube``_its in the shape of a key00:55
Cube``_you understand00:55
Cube``_thats the point00:55
GridCubegave it ntfs00:55
Cube``_i wear it on my keychain00:55
xubuntu5oooh i see00:56
Cube``_GridCube: ntfs didnt work either :'(00:56
GridCubedid you used the windows formatting tools or real ones?00:56
xubuntu5what brand is it?00:56
xubuntu5try parted magic instead of gparted00:59
arabuliHello, I'm trying to install Xubuntu but installation is stuck at log-output -t ubiquity laptop-detect. What should I do?01:03
GridCubearabuli, if i where you i would use the alternate disk and avoid ubiquity alltogheter01:05
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
arabuliGridCube: Can you tell me what is difference between desktop and alternate?01:08
GridCubearabuli, alternate uses a text based installer, no gui, so its faster, nicier and faster01:08
GridCubedesktop gives you a live desktop to test stuff and it takes more time to load and its more prone to errors,01:10
arabuliGridCube: thanks ill download it now. One more question I partitioned my hard drive with desktop installer. Will partition table be available when I do alternate install?01:10
GridCubethe alternate installer instead just lets you edit you partitions, gives you your user and password setting and then starts copying stuff01:10
GridCubeyes arabuli it will remain01:10
GridCubejust chose advanced and mount your / on th partition you wanted and your /home on the other you wanted, else delete partition or move them arround like on any partition manager01:11
GridCubebut its text based of course01:12
arabuligridcube: Thanks  for fast and informational reply. I'll try it now.01:12
kenshini have a problem with my new xubuntu01:12
GridCube!details kenshin01:12
Cube``_ok guys01:12
Cube``_GridCube: xubuntu501:13
GridCube!details | kenshin01:13
ubottukenshin: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:13
GridCube:) Cube``_01:13
Cube``_so i followed a guys advice and ran this:  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=102401:13
kenshinno matter what i try i cant install packages from the software updater01:13
Cube``_now its not even recognized as a disk by testdisk O.o01:13
kenshinit says check internet connection when i'm quite clearly on the internet01:15
holsteinkenshin: open a terminal ... run sudo apt-get update ...report errors01:15
kenshinok i ran the code and it spit a lot of stuff at me. none of my stuff works though, i don't have any codecs or drivers and i can't get anything off the software updater01:21
holsteinkenshin: you just need to let us know whats going on... any errors from sudo apt-get update?01:22
holsteinwhat are you trying to do?01:22
GridCubekenshin, whats your natural language? maybe you can explain yourself on a channel where they speak the same language that you do01:23
kenshinW: GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com oneiric Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>01:24
kenshinfor every update it showed was followed by a message like thisd01:25
holsteinkenshin: sure, thats helpful :)01:25
holsteincheck out http://askubuntu.com/questions/1877/what-is-the-easiest-way-to-resolve-apt-get-badsig-gpg-errors/64544#6454401:26
kenshinok thanks01:26
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FrankyDoes anyone know how to make keyboard shortcuts for programs?02:16
Unit193Menu : Settings : Settings Manager : Keyboard : Keyboard Shortcuts02:17
FrankyUnit193: Thanks02:18
Unit193No problem02:18
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cc_INCI have a small issue, when I start my Xubuntu session I seem to be missing the Xubuntu taskbar/panel on top of desktop. Rebooting does not resolve the issue but shutting down my lappy and turning it on again does. Am I the only one with this issue? Does anyone know what I can do to resolve?08:48
xubuntu486salve a tutti11:04
xubuntu486i have a problem11:04
xubuntu486during my installation of xubuntu it seems doesn't go forward11:05
xubuntu486it's written: log-ouput -t ubiquity laptopd-detect11:06
xubuntu486can anyone help me please?11:06
pjotterHello everybody. I am still testing Xubuntu, to see if I will make the transition from Ubuntu to Xubuntu. Today, I wanted to see if I can get my USB microphones working. I already noticed that the sound-settings manager in Xubuntu differs quite a bit from that of Ubuntu. All I see is a big Alsa mixer panel with a lot of slides. Can anybody give me a hint on how to enable USB microphones in Xubuntu? Are there any wikis/websites I can read?12:24
knomepjotter, try installing pavucontrol12:25
pjotterGreat! This one I know and can work with!12:26
pjotterHmmm... Somehow all the playback is, like 20 times too fast and muted. Very strange. Even youtube is playing in fast forward mode.12:42
artaoi need some help gettin my dual-head display to STAY as extended desktop instead of cloned desktop ... every time i boot, I have to run grandr to make it that way ... how to I make it save that config?13:15
artaosure, it only takes a few seconds, but it's really really annoying ;)13:16
mongyput the command in ~/.xprofile13:16
artao~/.xprofile ?? does that mean (root) .xprofile? .. ... also, how do i get the command line? i see no option for that in grandr?13:18
artaoor does '~' mean my $HOME ??13:18
artaoi don't know what that tilde means in that position ... sry13:19
artaoi've also tried arandr and lxrander .. neither would let me set the desktop to expanded instead of cloned ...13:19
mongyah grandr.  so grandr lets you set the mode but the command line versions don't?13:20
artaowhat command line versions? you mean randr itself? that is WAAYYY beyond my current Linux skill level .. arandr and lxrandr are both graphical as well13:21
artaograndr actually has drag-n-drop monitor layout13:21
artaobut it appears to have no option to SAVE that layout as default13:21
mongyhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/91221/how-to-tell-xubuntu-not-to-clone-but-to-expand-the-laptop-display-to-the-externa try that13:24
mongyI've no experience with multi monitor stuff.  Just a matter of finding what options to use with xrandr and setting them in .xprofile13:25
mongyin your home.13:25
pjotterI installed avucontrol. Now, my MXL mic is working. But the mic from my usb webcam is not. When I record (with Audacity) a sound with it and then play it back, it sounds like it is double the speed. Maybe someone here recognises this problem and knows a sollution?13:25
artaothanks for the linky13:25
artaoanother thing: Is there a tool I can use to adjust monitor gamma? my secondary monitor is WAY too dark, but the brightness is all the way up ...13:26
artaoalso possibly color correction? i.e. calibrate my monitors to each other?13:26
pjotterartao: I installed my prop driver. It comes with an interface that does that kind of thing. I don't know if there is a Linux driver that does that.13:26
artaoi suspect Linux does not have those tools13:26
artaoati x600 pcie card. i have no idea either.13:27
mongyhttp://askubuntu.com/a/62270/26198 any use ?13:27
pjotterI have an ati also13:27
artaoi'll be upgrading that card asap to a geforce gtx series, for the CUDA support13:28
mongyI use fglrx, so I have ccc installed13:28
artaoeh? you have Catalyst? how???13:28
artaothat would be WAY nice!!!13:28
pjotterI have13:28
mongyfrom the repo13:28
pjotterThat one didn't work13:28
mongycould install the latest version but cant be bothered.  it works13:28
artaowhere do i find what I'm currently using and change it?13:29
pjotterI have installed it by hand. Downloaded the driver from AMD website.13:29
mongypretty simple guide.13:29
artaoi'm not particularly familiar with linux driver configuration13:29
pjotterMe neither. It wasn  too hard.13:29
artaocriminey!! all these linkys ... maybe i should open IRC on my desktop ... this poor old P2 400Mhz with 96M RAM can't handle more that one or two browser tabs at a time ;) ;P13:29
artaojustasec ...13:30
mongythere is a tool called redshift for adjusting brightness etc.  gtk-redshift13:30
XartaoXhi there13:31
XartaoXit's artao on my desktop13:31
XartaoXwould you mind reposting those links so i can use them more easily plz?13:31
mongyhttp://askubuntu.com/a/62270/26198   |  http://askubuntu.com/questions/91221/how-to-tell-xubuntu-not-to-clone-but-to-expand-the-laptop-display-to-the-externa    |   http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Oneiric_Installation_Guide#Installing_Catalyst_Manually_.28from_AMD.2FATI.27s_site.2913:32
XartaoXoh dear13:58
XartaoXis there a way I can preserve my CURRENT system setup before I try the whole "install Catalyst" thing??   ... i don't wanna accidentally lose my fresh install ;)13:59
mongyits simple to restore the open driver14:05
mongyfor full backups I use clonezilla14:05
kim_plausiblehi all, i was trying to install the xubuntu-desktop on ubuntu, but the package will never download! i have now tried with both synaptic, ubuntu software and the terminal to no avail...14:54
kim_plausiblei'm using ubuntu 11.10, i follow this seemingly simple tut: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/xfce14:56
knomewhat's the error message if it doesn't download?14:57
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:57
kim_plausiblethere is no error message, it just won't download15:06
kim_plausiblewell ok finally it has responded by saying error connection failed15:07
Marzataslow internet?15:07
kim_plausiblenot really15:07
kim_plausiblei'l try another package for test15:07
kim_plausibletried audacity but its not downloading either, internet is still ok here, so maybe there's something going on with the ubuntu servers?15:10
xubuntu5how can i get xubuntu to auto-detect my hdmi monitor when i connect it?15:10
xubuntu5audacity worked for me15:11
xubuntu5just installed it no problems15:11
kim_plausiblehmm i'll try again15:11
xubuntu5sudo apt-get install aduacity15:11
xubuntu5no problems on my end15:12
kim_plausiblebah its saying waiting for apt-get to exit15:12
xubuntu632ciao a tutti15:12
xubuntu5do you have synaptic open?15:12
xubuntu5or another apt-get running15:12
xubuntu5can only have one at a time15:12
kim_plausibleshouldn't be15:12
xubuntu5restart and try installing it15:12
kim_plausiblek thanks15:12
XartaoXsame as artao .. now logged into IRC on two machines ;) ;)15:21
sobczykhi, is it possible to disable screensavers for all users (or remove GL ones, as they hang the system)15:28
mongySettings > System Manager - Screensaver15:32
mongycool, the Places plugin has mount/unmount options.15:35
kim_plausiblehurray it is downloading now!15:36
kim_plausiblei got logged into xubuntu now but i can't access my home folder! it says: Error stating file '/home/naboo/.gvfs': Transport endpoint is not connected.15:52
kim_plausiblei have an encrypted home folder, could it be that xubuntu doesn't know this? i mean ubuntu handles it automatically15:55
mongyoff to work :'(15:56
kim_plausiblei just luuuuve xubuntu plz help me :D15:59
sobczykby all users I rather meant I won't need to log in on their profile16:07
kim_plausibleif its about encryption, how can i tell the xfce window manager to do it?16:11
kim_plausiblethis is the weirdest thing... i can open all the subfolders but not the homefolder itself wth?16:13
GridCubeit has a wrong owner16:13
kim_plausiblebut not the subfolders?16:13
GridCubethat can happen16:14
GridCubeownership its not recursive16:14
GridCubeotherwise websites wont ever work XD16:14
kim_plausiblewell it looks like i have ownership of both the folder and the subfolders...16:15
GridCubeoh... mmm what groups do it belong to?16:15
kim_plausibleonly me16:16
kim_plausiblei noticed something16:17
kim_plausibleall folders says i'm in the group, but only the subfolders says i can read them16:18
GridCubekim_plausible, this is my setting for my home www.zimagez.com/zimage/capturadepantalla-050212-131701.php16:18
kim_plausiblesolo lectura is read i presume16:19
GridCuberead only16:19
kim_plausiblehmmm that might be it16:19
kim_plausibleoh no i got the same message again: Error stating file '/home/naboo/.gvfs'. Transport endpoint is not connected.16:20
kim_plausiblei can't change the rights16:21
kim_plausibleok i could change the access on the top folder only to read, but if i also choose the subfolders it gave the error message16:22
GridCubenot even with root?16:22
GridCubei mean using gksu thunar?16:22
kim_plausiblewell look at that i immediatly entered home folder16:23
kim_plausibleok now for the rights....16:23
xubuntu5how can i get xubuntu / xrandr to auto detect my hdmi monitor when i connect it it seems it only detects it if i have it connected when i restart my computer :(16:24
GridCubei like to use mc for this kind of things, it makes this ownership and groups control so easy16:24
xubuntu5mc = midnight commander?16:24
GridCubexubuntu5, use arandrd16:24
GridCubexubuntu5, use arandr16:24
xubuntu5arandr hmmm haven't looked into that at all16:24
kim_plausiblei still can't access the home folder without gksudo thunar, do i  have to log out and in?16:25
xubuntu5haha your sn is great instead of kim possible16:25
GridCubekim_plausible, no it should belong to you already16:26
GridCubecan i have a screenshot like the one i send you?16:26
xubuntu5just installed arandr via ssh16:26
xubuntu5hope it works!16:26
kim_plausiblesight i still get that error16:26
kim_plausibleso why does it hate my user?16:26
kim_plausibleoh yeah sure grid16:27
xubuntu5is your user offensive xD?16:27
kim_plausiblei think so16:27
xubuntu5so once i connect my hdmi and turn it on16:27
xubuntu5i just run arandr?16:27
GridCubekim_plausible, did you googled your error?16:28
kim_plausibleduh, brb lol16:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 754618 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Failed to open encrypted home directory" [Medium,Confirmed]16:28
GridCubexubuntu5, arandr its like a gui for xrandr16:29
GridCubebut it allows you to save settings16:29
GridCubekim_plausible, in that launchpad error you have a lot of things to try16:32
kim_plausiblei think i found my solution for now: sudo umount /home/user/.gvfs16:35
xubuntu5it might have worked!16:36
GridCube:D awesum16:36
xubuntu5you are a genius!16:36
xubuntu5i have been trying to figure this out for so long16:36
xubuntu5thanks man!16:36
* GridCube gives a cookie to himself16:36
xubuntu5welcome back ms. plausible16:37
kim_plausibleoh i thought i had to log out and in but that wasn't even necessary!16:37
kim_plausiblehome folder got up the moment i tried it now !16:37
GridCubeit shouldnt16:37
GridCubegood to hear that then, id recommend you add a message to the ask ubuntu saying it worked for you16:38
kim_plausiblei will, and thanks for being so helpfull!16:38
GridCube:D you are welcome :)16:38
xubuntu5and i can bind keys to my script with arandr i like this!16:39
xubuntu5thanks again gridcube16:46
xubuntu335Hello, someone speak spanish?19:23
Unit193!es | xubuntu33519:24
ubottuxubuntu335: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #xubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter. Si nadie responde allí puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.19:24
voozeOkay finally got X back.. after rebuilding alot of AUR packages.. but now some of my gnome-icons are "blank" like nm-aplet, and all in the right corner. They work but they are "not there" any ideas which package i could have removed by mistake?19:30
knomeAUR? are you aware that this is the xubuntu support channel?19:30
voozeknome: oh lol, that was for arch channel :D sorry19:31
pjotterHello everybody. I was wondering if there are any recent alpha ISO's from Xubuntu 12.04 I can download and test?19:49
knomea2 was released some time ago19:50
pjotterGreat! I just found it.19:51
pjotterI will have a peak, how this one runs on my computer.19:51
pjotterGenerally speaking, are there many alpha's that are released before the real thing gates released?19:52
knomepjotter, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule19:54
pjotterthanks knome!19:55
earspliThey dudes19:55
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azimuthi i have a question:20:05
metasansanawe all do sometimes20:06
azimuthave migrated my laptop to xfce am quite happy20:06
azimutwant to migrate my desktop now, has 2 monitors20:06
azimuthow is support for multiscreen in xfce20:06
azimutwas on kde before20:06
azimut1 card 2 heads20:07
metasansanaconnected to the same graphic chipset20:07
azimuti have a working xorg.conf20:07
metasansanayou shouldn't have any problems diff to a kde afaik20:07
metasansanai ran into problems using 2 diff cards though20:07
azimutok thanks so i will wipe my kde system20:08
azimutand another question, maybe harder: evince segfaults sporadically. can anyone help me to debug this?20:08
azimuthappens on all pdfs as far as i can tell, but not every time. maybe 25%20:09
metasansanabeyond my scope20:09
metasansanabut that sounds like bad programming to me20:09
azimutnot reproducable20:09
metasansanaupdate it20:09
azimuteverything is up to date20:09
metasansanatry #ubuntu-bugs20:10
azimutyou mean i should ask there?20:10
scott_76Hi can anyone help with wireless problem ?20:10
azimutok thanks20:10
GridCube!details | scott_7620:11
ubottuscott_76: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:11
scott_76Sorry im a newbie so bear with me thx. Used ndiswrapper to install driver all works fine until I shut down and restart my wireless wont stsrtup again until I reinstall the driver then works fine until reboot again.  Using 11.10 driver is neti222020:15
scott_76BTW used extactly same in mint with no problem20:16
scott_76Do you need anything else?20:20
holsteinscott_76: what does "exactly the same in mint" mean?20:20
holsteinsame hardware? same driver?20:20
holsteinwhat version of mint? the 11.10 version? is this a kernel issue? have you tried live CD's? *can* you try live CD's with ndisgtk?20:21
scott_76had get wirless working with ndis on mint 11 12 and crunchbang worked everytime with no problems but xubuntu want load on boot20:23
holsteinscott_76: so, you mean "with the same driver, all is well"20:24
holsteinwhat hardware is it?20:24
holsteinmaybe you can black list something.. i would be interested in upgrading to see if a kernel rev is available and does anything20:25
holsteini would also be interested in using a LIVE cd for main ubuntu to get XFCE and xubuntu out of the equation20:25
holsteinits going to be challenging to trouble shoot that from a live CD though...20:26
scott_76yep did the same every time NPROCOMM IPN 2220 on a toshiba laptop20:26
scott_76INPROCOMM IPN 222020:27
holsteinscott_76: might be something about the module not loading... check out Edit /etc/modules file to add an entry for ndiswrapper at the end of the file20:29
holsteinfrom http://phildawson.tumblr.com/post/22267163/how-to-enable-linksys-airconn-inprocomm-ipn-222020:29
morgoth_hi. i have a laptop with an intel 965 integrated graphics card (x3100 something). i installed xubuntu 11.04, it works fine, except that i cant use the svideo-out. xrandr only shows LVDS-1 and VGA1.20:32
holsteinmorgoth_: i havent had svideo working in linux at all yet.. never tried actually.. did you just plug it in, and try configuring LVDS?20:33
morgoth_lvds is my main monitor20:33
holsteinmorgoth_: OK.. have you tried the "other" one ?20:33
holsteinjust to see if its mirrored? and working?20:33
morgoth_nope its not20:33
holsteini find http://superuser.com/questions/24909/ubuntu-output-screen-to-tv-set-using-s-video20:34
holsteinxrandr --output S-video --right-of LVDS < those kind of commands20:34
morgoth_yes but i am missing the s-video device20:35
morgoth_i googled myself a few hours before i go ask people ;)20:35
holsteinmorgoth_: OK.. you can search around for other drivers/modules.. not that i would know where to start... you could try different kernels, from live CD's for example, even 8.04, 10.0420:35
morgoth_xbmc@xbmc:~$ xrandr --output S-video --set load_detection 120:36
morgoth_warning: output S-video not found; ignoring20:36
morgoth_well when i started using ubuntu with 8.04 i never had to worry avout kernel modules and such. now im stuck - where are the modules that are loaded on booting defined?20:37
holsteinmorgoth_: if you didnt add any, its just whats in the kernel then20:37
holsteinmorgoth_: so, s-video used to work?20:37
morgoth_holstein: no! it did under windows, but i wanted to use xubuntu for xbmc20:38
holsteinmorgoth_: OK.. i have *never* used svideo with linux... not sure about how to get it set up.. might want to ask about in the mthbuntu community20:39
morgoth_holstein: thats a good idea, thanks for the hint!20:39
scott_76holstein thanks for that i dont have modules folder at etc/modules ?20:45
scott_76gksudo gedit /etc/modules does nothing20:49
morgoth_where are the kernel modules set up20:49
morgoth_its not /etc/modules at least not only20:49
scott_76holstein also tail /var/log/messages no such file20:55
scott__just want to thank holstein sorted thanks21:05
XartaoXok ... I'm having issues with bringing my machine out of suspend ... to wit, it won't come back on21:06
XartaoXi entered root console with sudo -i ... then i did echo USB0 > /proc/acpi/wakeup .... ... i did that for USB0 thru USB321:08
XartaoXno luck21:08
XartaoXon reboot, they are again disabled21:08
XartaoXthe only ENABLED entry is VBTN21:08
XartaoXin that file there's also PCI0 thru PCI621:08
XartaoXwhy won't it come out of suspend, and why did it reset the changes i made?21:09
XartaoXI've read the "Debugging Kernel Suspend" on the Ubuntu Wiki .. little help there21:11
XartaoXthe idea of debugging by writing to my RTC makes me very very nervous21:16
csenger41i need help, when playing video, the screen falls apart21:36
csenger41anyone here? :S21:43
pleia2csenger41: you might want to be more specific :) "screen falls apart"?21:43
csenger41pleia2: hold on, ill try to make a pic of it21:44
XartaoXonly peeps here appears to be us with the questions21:48
csenger41XartaoX: sorry, with Linux I usually need help21:49
xubuntu5me too21:50
xubuntu5do you have the right codec?21:51
xubuntu5is it with all videos or just this file specifically?21:51
xubuntu5is it only with VLC?21:51
xubuntu5have you tried using other players? such as parole or something?21:51
csenger41same problem with Parole and VLC21:52
csenger41and with every video21:52
csenger41I have an ATI VGA, Catalyst installed21:52
csenger41is it possible that this causes the problem?21:52
XartaoXwhat model card? i just read today that the Catalyst drivers are incompatible with older cards (like my x600)21:53
csenger41Catalyst installed from Jockey21:54
XartaoXk. should be compatible then AFAIK ... that's all i gotz21:54
csenger41as far as I see, it usually happens when straight edges move on the screen21:55
xubuntu5how come my vlc won't run properly i open it going to start menu and then bam it doesn't open no errors nothing just vlc process runnin in the background21:55
csenger41tried opening VLC from menu, without video file?21:56
xubuntu5nothing :(21:58
csenger41try complete remove in synaptic and reinstall22:00
csenger41maybe will help22:00
csenger41or sudo apt-get install vlc22:00
csenger41any luck?22:02
xubuntu5tried that didn't seem to work22:03
xubuntu5tried sudo apt-get remove --purge vlc and then sudo apt-get install vlc22:03
xubuntu5anothing :(22:03
xubuntu5still opens in the background no idea why22:03
xubuntu5i have rstarted my comp22:03
xubuntu5and everything22:03
xubuntu5maybe i will shut it down power it off for a min and then back up22:03
xubuntu5going to delete it22:04
xubuntu5and restart my comp and then reinstall it22:04
csenger41well thats really strange, VLC should work all the time22:05
xubuntu5it should and always has22:05
xubuntu5i was just trying to set up vlc remote and idk what i did22:05
xubuntu5i dont' think i did anything really22:05
xubuntu5just changed .hosts file22:05
xubuntu5restet it back to normal22:05
xubuntu5still nothing22:05
xubuntu5mongyyyyy help22:05
xubuntu5vlc is not working22:05
xubuntu5mongy will know how to fix this he's always a big help22:06
mongytry smplayer2 then22:06
xubuntu5parole works22:06
xubuntu5i just want vlc22:06
mongyreinstall vlc?22:06
xubuntu5so i can use vlc remote22:06
xubuntu5i've tried22:06
xubuntu5autoremove? or remove --purge or just remove22:06
mongyremove your ~/.vlc or wherever it is first and try again22:07
mongy./config/vlc ?22:07
xubuntu5will try that22:07
xubuntu5thanks man22:07
mongythen try reinstalling it.  using a ppa version or main repo ?22:07
csenger41ppa version better?22:08
mongycsenger41, sometimes, sometimes not22:08
xubuntu5main repo22:08
csenger41could you please help me too?22:08
xubuntu5ppa versino of terminator = great22:08
csenger41mongy: some screens fall apart like this:22:09
xubuntu5ya i couldn't help him on that thought it was a codec issue or something22:09
xubuntu5waas thinking how he could fix that it's not just vlc either22:09
xubuntu5for him22:09
xubuntu5so ~/.vlc or somewhere in home there's a hidden vlc?22:09
mongy./config/vlc it is22:10
mongyremove it.22:10
mongycsenger41, can't view it22:11
mongyurl perime ?22:11
csenger41hold on ill load it up another place22:12
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Marzatahow to watch Super Bowl XLVI in xubuntu?22:12
earspliTcan you just stream it?22:14
csenger41mongy: https://picasaweb.google.com/115258614198791545895/Others#570577833386423539422:14
MarzataearspliT: URL for vlc?22:15
mongycsenger41, screen tearing?22:15
csenger41mongy: idk what that mean :S22:15
mongylooks like tearing22:16
mongywhen fast moving video happens22:16
csenger41mongy: that is correct22:16
mongyis not synced with framerate22:16
mongycsenger41, have compositing enabled?  Settings > window manager tweaks22:16
mongywhat video driver you use?22:16
csenger41yes, compositing enabled, but no transparency set, everything is opaque22:17
csenger41ATI Catalyst from jockey22:17
earspliTtry disabling VSYNC22:17
csenger41earspliT: how?22:18
csenger41from Catalyst?22:18
earspliTor with x22:18
earspliTlook here:22:18
earspliTi've had that issue before22:18
earspliTati's drivers are a total mess22:18
earspliTbut be careful22:18
csenger41disabling compositing didn't help22:18
mongythere aint much you can do with using fglrx22:19
earspliTplaying with xorg can be painful22:19
mongysudo aticonfig --sync-video=on is 1 option22:19
mongyand sudo aticonfig --vs=on22:19
csenger41Invalid option: –sync-video=on –vs=on22:20
csenger41"aticonfig --help" for more infomation.22:20
csenger41aticonfig: parsing the command-line failed.22:20
mongyI dont see any tearing with mythtv or video player that uses opengl as output.  xv, it does22:20
mongymythtv uses xv I think but in fullscreen like it is, its fine.. for some reason22:20
mongydash dash22:21
mongyunless you have some special settings, might be best to sudo aticonfig --initial -f22:21
mongyto make fresh conf22:21
csenger41ok enabled tear free from catalyst22:22
mongythat slows things down a lot for me22:23
mongyI dont have it on......22:23
mongythere is a vsync option tho still22:23
earspliTtry forcing vsync22:24
mongyin more settings22:24
earspliTif you're already getting a framerate lower then 60FPS it won't help22:24
mongyearspliT, the 'tear free' option he means is a new option that forces it and for me at least kills performance22:24
mongythe sluggishness is worse than the tearing22:24
earspliTmongy, that is 100% true especially on older gpus22:25
csenger41tear free enabled solves the problem22:26
csenger41and vsync is set to always on22:26
mongysetting tear free automatically sets vsync22:27
mongythe 2 arent linked tho.22:27
csenger41ohh ok22:27
csenger41well it looks fine so far22:28
mongyyou can have vsync on (which may or may not have an effect) without enabling tear free22:28
csenger41is there any way I could monitor the GPU usage?22:28
mongybut tear free will enable vsync always on22:28
mongywell if its not slowing anything down or stuttering then great22:28
mongydoes for me ;(22:28
csenger41I can see the CPU usage, would be interested in GPU too22:28
csenger41its good for me22:28
earspliTyou can see the temp with22:29
earspliTsudo aticonfig --od-gettemperature22:29
earspliTnot sure about usage22:29
csenger41earspliT: usage in % would be better22:30
csenger41something realtime22:30
earspliTlemme look at my conky22:31
xubuntu5mongy it worked!22:32
xubuntu5now let's hope my .hosts for vlc works too and perfect!22:32
xubuntu5thanks again mongy always helping me!22:32
earspliTyeah the only way i can find to get usage is to call aticonfig over and over again22:32
earspliTmy conky uses22:32
earspliTaticonfig --adapter=0 --od-getclocks22:32
earspliTwhich you could script pretty easily22:33
csenger41earspliT: and any way I could use this in realtime?22:33
earspliTwrite a script22:33
earspliTlet me cook one up22:34
csenger41im not too good in such things :S22:34
earspliThey you're using linux22:34
earspliTthats where all the funs at22:34
csenger41would it be hard to make a panel applet similar to System Load Monitor?22:34
earspliTconky is the best way to go22:34
csenger41earspliT: I know, but I don't have any knowledge in such things22:35
csenger41cant install, lua5.1 missing, installed, but ./configure still says its missing22:39
xubuntu5maybe you need some common files?22:44
xubuntu5conky.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html check that out it's got some scripts you can look at22:45
xubuntu5i got 30 dollars riding on this game22:46
earspliTcsenger41: i've got your script22:47
csenger41earspliT: thats awesome22:48
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