bob2'clone' was deprecated?00:58
lifelessyes, it isn't what git means by clone, nor hg, so it was confusing (it was deprecated -ages- ago)01:29
bob2hm, in the sense that it "clones" a branch not a repo like hg/git?01:30
lifelesspossibly it ca come back with colocated setups01:31
infinethow to resume an interrupted "bzr branch lp:xxxxx " command?05:38
bob2afaik you're boned unless you run it in a shared-repo05:39
AuroraBorealiswhy are you boned? try just running the command again05:39
AuroraBorealisthey say that bzr is failure resiliant05:40
bob2pretty sure it won't use the already downloaded data05:40
AuroraBorealiswell a branch operation is pretty easy to just start over anyway so if it doesn't then it doesn't matter :>05:40
infinetit says "bzr: ERROR: Target directory "calibre" already exists.", so seems like have to delete data already download and start over05:40
bob2as above05:40
bob2AuroraBorealis, not if it is a large branch05:41
AuroraBorealisbzr's dev branch takes less then 5 minutes =05:41
AuroraBorealisyou might have to delete the .bzr directory05:41
infinetthe calibre appears quite large, I end up over 100M of unfinished data when last interrupted05:42
infinetwhat a waste05:42
bob2pretty sure as above05:42
AuroraBorealisbzr branch --use-existing-dir05:42
infinet --use-existing-dir make no difference, it is what bzr explorer did by the way05:43
AuroraBorealisi would just try again, then.05:44
AuroraBorealisi think operations that change stuff (like history) are safe, but i guess branch isn't since you don't really lose any data if it gets interrupted.05:45
infinettrue, it is the first time to fetch the branch, so nothing lost05:46
bob2still immensely tedious though05:47
AuroraBorealisi agree. i dont know why it wouldn't resume if its just downloading revisions05:47
infinetmore carbon emission, perhaps05:48
AuroraBorealisperhaps its just on the ever growing todo list.05:48
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pooliehi vila?07:19
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vilahi all !07:36
vilahey poolie07:36
pooliehi there07:36
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poolievila, tangentially, what did we end up with as preferred config option naming07:48
pooliejelmer is adding 'bzr.transform.orphan_policy' but i thought we were going to drop the 'bzr.'07:49
vilahe didn't add it, just migrated it07:49
vilayes, we settled on dropping the leading 'bzr.' but this option predates that decision07:49
mgzmorning all!09:02
pooliehi mgz, and good night09:05
mgznight poolie :)09:08
apwanyone else seeing a large delay (leading to compiz greying out) in bzr vis after the progress bars are done filling and before showing the first commit10:08
mgztry profiling it and seeing what the call that blocks is.10:17
apwmgz, any hints as to how to profile it, is there something pythony in my toolbox10:18
mgzyou can run it via a bzr command line thing right?10:23
mgzso `bzr --lsprof-file bzr_viz_prof.txt viz ...`10:24
mgzand close the window as soon as it's done loading.10:24
mgzI've used that for bzr explorer/qbzr issues10:24
AfCapw: yeah, I've seen that delay lately. It's pretty awful.11:29
jelmerI think it was introduced with our migration to gtk3, haven't had time to investigate either though :-/11:30
mgzit's worth a bug at any rate.11:33
mgzjelmer: how was the weekend's snow?11:33
jelmermgz: terrible :)11:35
mgzdid the trains go in the end?11:35
jelmerhad long delays on Friday and Sunday, but got back home safely11:35
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LarstiQ_can I turn 'pypy' into an official tag?12:20
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mgzLarstiQ: if you can, do so.12:23
LarstiQmgz: done12:24
mgzLarstiQ: for bug 926869 it's as poolie says, I'd have added features.RefCountingGC or something to the tests were there an obvious way of detecting that12:27
ubot5Launchpad bug 926869 in Bazaar "TestUncollectedWarnings failures under pypy" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92686912:27
mgzthere's no sensible way of implementing detection of test cases living too long without depending on gc implementation details12:28
mgzand though some of the pypy gc options will benefit from testcases that die promptly, there's no way short of running a collection after each case to actually do that, and that will have other downsides12:29
mgzit should perhaps have been more clearly documented as such, but I wasn't particularly thinking that any other python implementations were close to working12:30
* LarstiQ nods12:31
LarstiQmgz: now that an entire testsuite run completes, I'm not too worried about the memory consumption12:31
LarstiQso for my part skipping would be fine12:31
mgzfor bug 927581 win32 has a similar but worse problem, pypy only uses the bytestring version12:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 927581 in Bazaar "pypy raises UnicodeDecoderError on os.listdir(unicode) in a C locale" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92758112:31
mgzso really I think they need to make listdir less broken with non-ascii data, but the way we use it doesn't help.12:32
* LarstiQ nods12:32
mgzI couldn't find an upstream pypy bug, it may be worth filing one and linking it.12:32
LarstiQmgz: I can do that12:33
LarstiQmgz: do you have a link for the win32 version?12:33
mgzI thought I'd posted a bug, but now can't find it, so maybe I just noticed the issue but didn't file12:33
wgznote we create a file that we then can't remove with a standard library function in cleanup12:35
tsdgeoshi guys12:39
tsdgeosi obviously messed up something in a merge12:39
tsdgeosand ended up with https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_rtl/+merge/9045512:40
tsdgeoswhere i have "added file 'tests/launcher/autohide_show_tests_common.rb'" and "removed file 'tests/launcher/autohide_show_tests_common.rb'"12:40
tsdgeosinstead of just the differences in that file12:40
tsdgeosis there a way i can fix that?12:40
LarstiQtsdgeos: try `bzr status --show-ids` on that change12:42
LarstiQtsdgeos: it sounds like two files with different file-ids12:42
tsdgeosi mean probably12:42
tsdgeosthe file was already there12:42
tsdgeosand then the merge brought a file named the same12:42
tsdgeosso that's basically where i messed up i guess12:43
tsdgeosjust wondering if it can be repaired12:43
LarstiQtsdgeos: well, you could backtrack to where the extra copy got introduced12:43
tsdgeosLarstiQ: otoh it's weird, because if you go to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_rtl/revision/969 that is the merge commit12:44
LarstiQtsdgeos: but if that has already been merged into the project history, might not be worth it to disrupt that12:44
tsdgeosit looks acceptable12:44
tsdgeoswhen you unfold "tests/launcher/autohide_show_tests_common.rb "12:44
tsdgeosit looks like only the changes there, not a whole replace/rewrite of the file12:45
LarstiQtsdgeos: right, so that's the wrong place12:45
tsdgeoswell, that's the place i merged the two branches that had the same file, before that all was fine12:46
tsdgeosanyway, not important12:48
LarstiQtsdgeos: you're merging into lp:~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell12:48
LarstiQtsdgeos: so could be that there the change happened12:48
LarstiQtsdgeos: (or maybe there is a bug in the merge proposal preview)12:48
* LarstiQ branches and checks12:48
tsdgeosthis is my first merge with files coming from everywhere12:49
tsdgeosso probably did something wrong somewhere12:49
LarstiQtsdgeos: so ` bzr log -p tests/launcher/autohide_show_tests_common.rb` in your branch shows it getting added in r95712:55
LarstiQtsdgeos: and ` bzr st --show-ids -r ancestor:../unity-2d-shell` tells you the fileid of the removed versions12:57
LarstiQtsdgeos: hmm, I don't quite get it13:00
LarstiQtsdgeos: `bzr missing --line ../unity-2d-shell` and then `bzr log -v -r 935..-1` show you didn't remove or rename them13:01
mgzI think both sides of the merge added the file, so there was a path conflict rather than a content conflict, and he took his copy?13:02
LarstiQmgz: that sounds plausible13:03
mgzso then, merging that into trunk replaces the existing file13:03
* LarstiQ nods13:03
mgzthe right thing to do is redo that merge, keep trunk's file, add in any changes needed, which should then merge back to trunk cleanly13:03
LarstiQtsdgeos: what mgz said.  Trunk added autohide_show_tests_-20120131103636-9609yigoypwit8fi-1 in r953, you added autohide_show_tests_-20120130172001-gjk3mfvvx7hksg75-113:05
pippijnhi all13:41
pippijnI'm having some issues committing13:41
jelmerhi pippijn13:48
* mgz wants to make a joke about this being the wrong place for relationship advice13:48
jelmervila: ^13:48
mgzpippijn: did that not also print out the version and plugin version info?13:50
pippijnI did bzr merge, got an error, did bzr commit again, got a different error13:50
pippijnone that does not read Traceback13:50
pippijnthere we go, it's suddenly fixed13:51
jelmerpippijn: this seems odd, the error suggests you have files from different versions of bzr installed13:51
tsdgeosLarstiQ: mgz: how would i do that? bzr uncommit + push again? will that overwrite the old history?13:51
pippijnit's working now13:51
jelmerpippijn: do you have a dist-upgrade / yum upgrade job going on in the background, or something like that?13:54
pippijnjelmer: no13:54
mgztsdgeos: either uncommit, or to be safer branch the rev just before to a new directory and try again13:54
jelmerpippijn: it sounds like there's something really funky going on with the files in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bzrlib13:55
mgztsdgeos: then, after doing the merge, committing, and maybe testing against a local copy of trunk to see the merge back works as expected, you can push --overwrite to fix your branch and mp13:55
tsdgeosmgz: nice that worked :-)14:04
vilajelmer: what ? mgz's joke ?15:09
jelmervila: sorry, unping15:10
jelmervila: it was about the config hooks issue pippijn was running into15:10
vilajelmer: oh, ok, just seen the traceback, quite weird indeed, I don't remember changing hook signatures there... I agree with your feeling about some weird update15:12
mgzeheh, the ping was amusingly timed.15:13
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cabbeyanyone familar with oddball errors out of bzr rebase around?20:35
cabbeytrying to rebase my branch and it's given me a "conflict" on a directory and file that are new in my branch20:35
cabbeycan't seem to convince bzr resolve to clear the bogus conflict messages20:36
jelmerhi cabbey20:41
cabbeyhowdy jelmer20:41
jelmercabbey: you should be able to run 'bzr resolved' and then 'bzr rebase-continue'20:41
cabbeyheh, if anyone is familiar with this code, I suspect you would be. :)20:42
cabbeyso right after I posted that, a co-worker suggested explictly resolve'ing by name... that worked when bzr resolved wouldn't20:42
jelmercabbey: bzr resolved can only automatically resolve text conflicts, not shape conflicts20:43
jelmerthere is also 'bzr resolved --all' which makes it consider all conflicts as resolved20:43
cabbeymmm... --all woulda saved me some copy/paste20:43
cabbeyhey jelmer, I'm starting to think what I'm doing is not a good use of rebase. Got a moment to confirm/reject that?21:09
cabbeywe've got 3 branches: trunk -> feature A -> feature B21:10
cabbeyfeature A landed to trunk last week, now I'm trying to rebase my branch for B to trunk, since A is deadended21:10
cabbeyrebase is dragging me through lots of nasty manual conflict merges that make no sense to go through again... I had already dealt with all of them as I pulled A into B21:12
cabbey(A and B were in parrallel development since last september... I've probably done 1000 hand merges during that time)21:13
cabbeyoh god. I just looked at some of the supposed merge results it handled without flagging as conflicts. :(21:19
jelmercabbey: I would do a reverse merge of the changes from A in B21:24
jelmercabbey: rebase will try to create all commits again on top of trunk, one by one - so it's probably not what you want, indeed21:24
cabbeysadly it seems to be doing a very bad job of re-creating them :(21:25
jelmercabbey: it's just applying the changes again21:27
jelmercabbey: you might have more luck trying to rebase on the revision from trunk before feature A was started21:27
cabbeythat's not what I'm seeing in these .BASE, .THIS and .OTHER files21:28
jelmercabbey: it's basically just doing "bzr diff -c" for each revision and then calling "patch -p0" for that revision on top of trunk21:28
pooliehi jelmer, wgz21:29
jelmerhi poolie21:29
jelmerare you feeling better?21:30
poolieyes thanks21:32
pooliehow are things with you?21:32
cabbeyjelmer: it should be replaying the commits from my branch, right?21:32
pooliei'm going to try to get through the queue today21:32
poolieand maybe then look in to debugging some precise bugs21:33
jelmerpoolie: I had fun at FOSDEM :)21:33
Riddelljelmer: you never came by my stall!21:34
pooliehi riddell, how are you?21:34
Riddellpoolie: recovering21:34
Riddellenjoyed fosdem, had to limit my intake of belgian beer of course21:35
jelmerRiddell: well, you missed the Ubuntu dinner >-)21:35
jelmerRiddell: I did spot you at some point during the weekend, but you were in conversation with somebody21:36
Riddellthat's because I had about 25 KDE cats to herd to the dinner I organised21:36
jelmerah, heh :)21:36
RiddellI might be concussed but I still can organise better than most free software types21:36
jelmercabbey: did you merge trunk during the feature development at all?21:38
jelmerRiddell: :)21:38
cabbeyyes. via A21:38
cabbeyA pulled trunk in, B pulled A in21:38
jelmercabbey: replaying the changes from B on top of trunk means that older B revisions won't have all the changes from trunk merged in yet21:39
cabbeywell, pulled or merged... mostly merged there in the latter days as things diverged :)21:39
jelmerbasically, rebasing anything that has merges of the branch onto which you're rebasing in it somewhere is going to cause massive conflicts21:40
cabbeyright, so rebase-abort here I come. :(21:41
lifelesspoolie: hiya21:47
lifelesspoolie: LP would like to be able to import bzr plugins from eggs (in our buildout environment) - are you aware of an existing bug for having bzr find plugins via setuptools voodoo ? I don't want to file a dupe, I vaguely recall such a bug, but flacoste couldn't find it when he looked21:48
poolieas in, it doesn't automatically find them?21:49
poolieor, you can't even load them by hand?21:49
pooliethis seems to get into namespace package ickiness21:50
pooliei don't recall a bug for it and i don't object21:50
pooliethe only bzr tasks i have been objecting to are the ones where the bug is not yet actionable in bzr21:50
lifelesssure; I wasn't referencing or impeded by that :)21:51
lifelesspoolie: as in the load_plugins call needs to call some setuptools api to ask it to iterate the available bzrlib.plugins.* eggs; that would get the package path setup fo r'import bzrlib.plugins.foo' at the same time; I think its fairly shallow (but possible expensive to call so may need an option to turn it on)21:53
jelmercabbey: I would recommend doing a reverse merge of the changes between A and trunk21:53
jelmercabbey: rebase is just conceptually problematic in this regard21:54
lifelessbug 78520 is tangentially related (in that you can't install plugins into an egg distribution, so if plugins are desired, this is a pre-cursor to fixing that existing bug report)21:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 78520 in Bazaar "build a Python Egg installer package?" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7852021:54
cabbeyjelmer: yeah, I'm starting down that route in copy of my branch right now21:54
lifelesspoolie: I've filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/927920 about this21:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 927920 in Bazaar "plugins installed as eggs are not found by bzrlib" [Medium,Confirmed]21:59
pooliethanks lifeless22:23
lifelesspoolie: de nada :)22:36
milkibug 022:50
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 0 could not be found22:50
milkibug 122:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122:50
wgza little bazaar before bed23:35

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