dgroosgood morning14:57
dgroosany help available for epoptes?14:58
dgroosI'm not seeing client computers with the new version.14:59
highvoltagecould someone check if weblive works for them?15:19
highvoltageI just get "The session can't be started" from the applet15:20
highvoltage(perhaps I just have a bad java version or something)15:20
dgrooshighvoltage: address?15:20
highvoltagedgroos: http://www.edubuntu.org/weblive15:21
alkisgdgroos: hello15:21
highvoltageI'm using the icedtea plugin and I think that used to work before15:21
dgroosalkisg: Howdy!15:21
alkisgdgroos: do you have epoptes-client installed in your chroot?15:22
dgrooshighvoltage: do I need to download the nomachine app as I already have it…  How do I proceed in this case?15:25
dgroosalkisg: Pretty sure I do--I'll check...15:25
alkisgsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 dpkg-query -W epoptes-client15:25
highvoltagedgroos: nope, it should work without the installed app15:25
alkisgdgroos: how are you launching epoptes? With remote apps from a fat client?15:27
dgrooshighvoltage: so I click on the 'download no machine link?15:27
dgroosalkisg: no, vía nx to the server (so like sitting in front of the server screen, launching via menu)15:28
alkisghighvoltage: works for me, lucid15:28
alkisgdgroos: when epoptes is updated, the clients do not reconnect, they need to be restarted to connect again - is that the case?15:28
alkisgDo you see the clients as little computer icons, or not at all?15:29
alkisgdgroos: I'm going to leave in 10 minutes, if you want we can quickly solve it with a vnc... alkisg.dyndns.org from the epoptes help menu15:30
highvoltagedgroos: nope, these instructions should work: http://edubuntu.org/documentation/weblive15:30
highvoltagealkisg: ok thanks15:30
dgroosDon't see the icons.  I'm almost positive a client has been restarted--wait, let me make a vbox client on the server and test.  I'll get back…15:30
highvoltagestgraber: which java plugin are you using?15:31
dgroosalkisg: 'k15:32
stgraberhighvoltage: both icedtea and sun were working fine last I tried15:32
alkisgdgroos: ok as in "no problem with epoptes" or ok as in "I should open my vncviewer and you try again to connect"? :D15:32
dgroosalkisg: I tried to connect :)15:33
dgroosthe latter :)15:33
alkisgdgroos: yeah I wasn't ready, try again :D15:33
alkisggot it, moment...15:34
dgroosalkisg: might there be anything to do with having the client MAC addresses in the lts.conf file defined?15:37
alkisgdgroos: no, the certificates are wrong15:38
alkisgThey need to match for the clients to connect15:38
alkisgThe connection is very slow, so you do these:15:38
alkisgsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i38615:39
alkisgepoptes-client -c15:39
alkisgsudo ltsp-update-image15:39
alkisgThen client reboot :)15:39
alkisgIf it was up to me, the default would still be to not use certificates :D15:40
dgroosI know what you mean, I've gone back from ssl mode on CmapTools/CmapServer and am not moving there for plone as well since students then get these scary notes about scam sites etc and it doesn't seem worth it.15:43
alkisgtime to go, bbl15:43
dgrooshighvoltage: fyi I just tried the download button for the nx client (that was the only option available) and it said: "You can't open the application nxclient because PowerPC applications are no longer supported."15:54
dgroosI then clicked, "OK" then it gave me the dialog box saying that I could continue, that the session was ready to run.  My mac is using intel not PowerPC15:55
highvoltagedgroos: ok15:57
highvoltagestgraber: I get the same problem in an edubuntu VM as well16:20
* highvoltage tries oldstable on weblive16:20
=== dgroos_ is now known as dgroos

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