tbruff13DasKreecH: can you help me how do i make the ubuntu software center blend into kde00:08
bartman2589Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm running Kubuntu 11.10 64 bit (AMD64), and ever since I upgraded to KDE 4.8 I can no longer run either Dolphin or Konqueror (in file manager mode) as root, I have tried going to /root/.kde/share/config and deleting the files 'dolphinrc' and 'konquerorrc' figuring it was probably corrupt configuration files or that they had options in them that were not supported in the current00:08
bartman2589versions of Dolphin and Konqueror but I still can't run either as root, with Dolphin the window opens then Dolphin crashes immediately, with Konqueror I can start it but when I go to navigate to a folder it crashes, the problem with Konqueror only started after I tried to set it to 'Details' display mode00:08
tbruff13or is there a KDE equivalent00:08
DasKreecHtbruff13: look at the Oxygen GTK theme settings00:08
tbruff13in themes00:08
DasKreecHtbruff13: In System Settings -> Application Appearance -> Gtk settings00:09
DasKreecHbartman2589: are you running kdesudo dolphin ?00:10
bartman2589DasKreecH, yes, same as I always used to do, like I said it's only since I upgraded to KDE 4.8 that I'm having these problems00:11
DasKreecHbartman2589: can you run that command in konsole and pastebin the output?00:12
bartman2589ok, give me a sec00:12
bartman2589dumb question, how do I do send it to pastebin again, it's been a while since I've done that, can't remember how00:13
tbruff13DasKreecH: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-02052012-061233pm.php00:14
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:14
tbruff13these are the options00:14
tbruff13i have00:14
tbruff13i might need to installt his theme it is 10.0400:14
DasKreecHbartman2589: or if you have the pastebinit application you can do kdesudo dolphin | pastebinit00:14
bartman2589ok, thanks00:14
tbruff13DasKreecH: i will figure it out00:16
bartman2589well it didn't output anything before I got the window from the KDE Crash Handler opening up on my screen00:17
DasKreecHtbruff13: Hmm there should be a oxygen-gtk setting I think.00:18
DasKreecHbartman2589: you did the pastebinit pipe ?00:18
yofelDasKreecH, tbruff13: there is no oxygen gtk theme for lucid I fear. It was first added in natty00:19
yofelyou could look if someone backported that00:19
bartman2589yes I did the pipe, the kdesudo password dialog opened up, I typed in my password, and then the next thing I know I'm looking at the KDE Crash Handler and absolutely nothing has been output in my console window, the cursor is still hanging there actuallly like it's waiting for me to close the Crash Handler window maybe00:19
yofeltbruff13: best choice in lucid would be qtcurve as gtk theme. Looks fairly similiar even if not the same00:20
yofelbartman2589: can you get a backtrace from the crash handler?00:21
bartman2589I think so, what should I do with it?00:21
yofelupload it to a pastebin please and post the link00:22
DasKreecHyofel: It's 11.1000:22
bartman2589also, I don't have debug symbols installed00:22
DasKreecHbartman2589: close it00:22
yofelDasKreecH: he said 10.04 though00:23
bartman2589upload and then close?00:23
yofelnah, not useful without debug symbols00:23
DasKreecHyofel: Oh. Missed that00:24
DasKreecHbartman2589: no without debug symbols it's not useful00:24
bartman2589tbruff13, you can get a few more customization options for gtk apps by installling the lxappearance package, remember if you want the changes to affect any applications you run as root that you should run lxappearance as root and configure things as root too00:24
bartman2589same for configuring theme settings in kde, if you want them to affect applications you run as root you should try running kdesudo systemsettings and then make your theme setting changes00:26
SovietI need a ppp client for kubuntu to connect to the internet. My problem is I can't connect to the internet until I install one. What package do I need + how do I install it and all the dependencies? Also how do I download them all without downloading 9001 seperate files?00:27
bartman2589any more thoughts on what might be going on DasKreecH?00:27
DasKreecHbartman2589: try running it without the pipe (just kdesudo dolphin) and see what output you get00:29
DasKreecH!info kppp00:29
ubottukppp (source: kdenetwork): modem dialer for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.4-0ubuntu0.1 (oneiric), package size 761 kB, installed size 3832 kB00:29
bartman2589I get a bunch of lines with various error messages, the ones right before 'KCrash: Application 'dolphin' crashing...' all seem to be related to nepomuk and have the phrase 'The name org.kde.nepomuk.services.nepomukstorage was not provided by any .service files" at the end of each of the lines00:32
DasKreecHbartman2589: Ok can you pastebin that00:32
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:33
DasKreecHThat's the link00:33
bartman2589Ok, I'll try, one sec00:33
bartman2589Ok, here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/830807/ , also even after I closed the crash handler I had to press 'ctrl-c' to get my prompt back in my console window00:35
DasKreecHHmm that's not a lot of info >_<00:37
bartman2589yeah I know00:37
DasKreecHbartman2589: as a work around I would just fun dolphin and press F4 to get a konsole and sudo -i  there00:38
DasKreecHbut that's not an answer or why you would run dolphin in the first placee00:38
DasKreecHI might install debug symbols and make a bug report00:39
DasKreecHbut right now I'm not sure what is causing that crash00:39
bartman2589right, I run it as root sometimes to set file permissions using the nice easy to use 'permissions' tab in the file properties dialog00:39
DasKreecHah hrmm00:40
bartman2589one of the applications I use doesn't come in a deb package so when I manually install it I have to set permissions manually as well00:40
bartman2589well manually using the dialog window I just mentioned at least00:40
DasKreecHlol well an easier workaround may be kdesudo kate and then just use the file properties from the open file dialog :)00:41
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bartman2589that would work too for that issue I guess, but there are times I need to move files around and rename/link as root though too, that's why I'm hoping to get this fixed, it's bad enough the KDE team didn't bother finishing the Dolphin rewrite before they released it with 4.8 or that they didn't bother to fix the problem with applications still showing in the taskbar even after they're closed before releasing 4.8 or not00:45
bartman2589bothering to link the 'vertical/horizontal' mixer slider control behaviour to the volume slider in the systray, all in all I'm really disappointed in the lack of attention to detail in 4.8 so far00:45
bartman2589I can run Krusader as root, but I really don't care for Krusader that much00:46
DasKreecHbartman2589: didn't bother? :)00:49
bartman2589yeah, didn't bother, that application still showing up in the taskbar issue has been present since like 4.7.2, and it's still present in 4.800:51
yofelwhich ended up being a bug in Qt it seems. Although they "could" have worked around it I guess...00:52
bartman2589the new version of Dolphin doesn't let you move columns around in detail view, it doesn't support 'rename inline' and who knows what else they didn't 'bother' to include again before they released it00:52
bartman2589doing a rewrite is fine and dandy as long as it's not feature incomplete when it's released to the public00:53
bartman2589hold it back until it's complete is all I'm saying, then people won't complain about missing features for one00:54
yofelwell, dolphin at least isn't as bad as kdepim00:54
bartman2589yeah, they didn't 'bother' to update the kdepim wizard package and it's not compatible with 4.800:55
DasKreecHyou could just install the old dolphin and remove the KDE 4.8 one00:56
bartman2589it's part of the full KDE package, I'd have to roll back just about everything00:56
bartman2589I had enough problems just getting 4.8 fully updated because they ignored updating a few other packages when they released 4.800:58
yofelwhich ones?00:58
bartman2589for one, the KDE-Observatory package, I had to remove the 4.7.4 version because there was a file conflict when I tried to upgrade, then I was finally able to reinstall it, also a couple of plasmoid packages too werent' compatible anymore either01:00
yofelah, that one, yeah :/01:00
bartman2589so yes, they didn't 'bother', simple pre-release testing would have revealed several of the issues I'm sure, but apparently that's too hard to do anymore01:01
yofelwell, it's not like it didn't get tested. That error was a bit unlucky01:04
harolddongbartman stop clucking like a whiny old lady01:05
bartman2589I know the issue I'm currently having with not being able to run Dolphin or Konqueror is, but I'm talking about the numerous other things I've mentioned01:05
bartman2589harolddong, why don't you try to make me!01:06
harolddongI was running 4.8 since the betas and havent really had any issues01:06
harolddongits been one of the most painless recent kde upgrades for me01:06
harolddongon the other hand it took me forever to get my laptop setup with debian unstable the way I like01:07
bartman2589oh, never noticed how when you change your mixer sliders orientation in kmix that your volume slider stays horizontal, even though before you upgraded it was vertical!!01:07
bartman2589or like I mentioned the feature incomplete status of the Dolphin rewrite?  Features people used on a regular basis are gone now in it01:08
DasKreecHWhat's in the Observatory package?01:09
bartman2589it's for monitoring the status of builds01:09
harolddongdolphin rewrite works beautifully... I don't about moving fileview columns cause I dont do that01:09
bartman2589goody for you, while a very good many other people the world over DO move columns01:10
DasKreecHnever heard of it01:10
DasKreecHAlso didn't know that you could move the sliders in Kmix :)01:10
DasKreecHisn't it vertical by default?01:10
bartman2589used to be01:10
joshwinesbartman2589: perhaps your annoyances with dolphin would be better served in the #kde channel. Or you could get in there and write it yourself ;)01:10
harolddongand I noticed a new people on various sites whinging about the kmix horizontal orientation01:10
harolddongI dont really see what the big deal is01:10
yofelDasKreecH: there was a file conflict in plasma-widget-kdeobservatory in the first 4.8.0 packages01:11
harolddongat least the finally pulse working in kubuntu. that's enough for me01:11
DasKreecHyofel: so it's a plasmoid that's causing the issue?01:11
harolddongI mainly use my machine for audio, but I don't really care how kmix whether kmix is vertical or horizontal, I just like that it works01:12
DasKreecHfar as I know the columns and rename inline are coming back in a point release they just missed the freeze for KDE 4.801:12
yofelit *caused* it. (A file got moved and ended up in 2 packages)01:12
bartman2589that's fine too if you use Pulseaudio, I don't, don't particularly like how they're trying to force it on people either, until pulseaudio gives me easy access to the individual inputs of my sound card I won't use it01:13
DasKreecHyofel: fixed now?01:13
harolddonggwenview is pretty awesome in 4.801:13
yofelfixed since release day01:13
yofeljust a few hours too late01:13
DasKreecHAh. So.. what's the problem then?01:13
harolddongI wish kopete would get more attention though, but I guess its not really a priority anymore since they plan to move over to telepathy eventually01:13
bartman2589yofel, very true, it was something that never should have made it to release, and those of use who upgraded right away had problems with it01:14
DasKreecHharolddong: it will get no attention as I understand it01:14
DasKreecHbartman2589: well you can help with the next release if you like01:14
bartman2589I agree about Kopete, would be nice if they added support for MySpaceIM and Facebook chat, there are plugins already available for Pidgin for both, but still Kopete doesn't support those 2 IM formats01:15
DasKreecHWell telepathy supports both01:16
bartman2589so does pidgin, and I can just copy my .purple folder from my linux install to my windows install when I reinstall pidgin in windows and I automatically have all my configuration done in the windows install of pidgin01:17
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bartman2589the beauty of opensource cross-platform support01:18
DasKreecHWell open source does have a lot of perks01:19
yofelwhich is usually still better than closed source cross-platform support...01:19
DasKreecHyofel: which normally means we ship with wine wrappers01:19
DasKreecHSpeaking of which has skype said how long they are supporting Linux?01:20
bartman2589oh, speaking of wine, anyone have any tips on installing .NET 2.0, I can't get it to install01:20
bartman2589.NET 1.1 and .NET 1.1sp1 installed fine01:20
bartman2589and yes, I was using winetricks01:21
* yofel is off to bed01:22
bartman2589ok, just figured I'd ask01:22
DasKreecHNight  yofel01:23
DasKreecHThey have a ubuntu repo and would be the best people to check for tricks esp if you have a known application01:24
DasKreecHhopefully not Vis studio :)01:24
bartman2589nope, trying to install my old copy of MorphVox Pro (voice morphing software typically used with online gaming).01:24
DasKreecHha ha fun :)01:25
bartman2589it depends on .NET 2.0 unfortunately01:25
bartman2589I haven't found any similar software for linux yet01:25
bartman2589I thought about maybe trying to find a way to use ladspa plugins but I have no clue how to configure any of that01:26
DasKreecHwhat settings from it do you want?01:27
bartman2589pitch shifting, without stretching or compressing the audio mainly01:27
DasKreecHWow not been updated since 2009 :-/01:28
bartman2589I don't use it with WoW, I play DDO on a free account, and Runes of Magic01:28
bartman2589ok, might have misunderstood01:29
DasKreecHbartman2589: I would guess if you hang out at #ardour you may be able to get more info on those plugins01:30
bartman2589Ok, thanks01:30
DasKreecH seems like the kinda place that discussion about those kind of effects would be welcome01:31
bartman2589anyway, I'm off to see how many times I can get gangked while I'm doing my quests I guess, lol01:32
bartman2589thanks for trying to help01:32
* DasKreecH gangks bartman258901:33
harolddongin the telepathy kde messenger thing is there a way to make it not group the contacts by the protocol?01:54
harolddong I hate grouping01:54
DasKreecHharolddong: ahmmm01:59
DasKreecHWell I know it was a flat list when it just started :)01:59
DasKreecHnot sure if groups were "added" or they just overwrote the flat list display that was there before02:00
harolddongwell the show/hide groups button really is just a choice between types of groups, grouping them by protocol (hide), or showing whatever groups are already in the various protocols (show). so the button name is not really accurate.02:01
DasKreecHharolddong: You have an idea for a better UI/Explanation?02:03
Linkmasterhow do you install a desktop theme from file in KDE4.8? I'm sure im missing something obvious, but i cant seem to find it..02:05
DasKreecHwhich theme?02:07
Linkmasterin my case, the E-plasma theme, the Helium One theme, and the Limix Tema theme02:09
Linkmasterthey are on the 'get new themes' bar, but it asks to send to a downlad link02:09
Linkmasteri said sure, and went from there to downloading them. but now i cant seem to install them due to my incompetence at finding the 'install theme from file' button ):02:10
harolddongDaskreech: well in every other messenger I have used "hide groups" means means "hide groups", no grouping will be used at all in the contact list02:14
DasKreecHLinkmaster: if you got them through Get new stuff they are already installed02:14
DasKreecHharolddong: File a bug?02:14
fabidesuextract in ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme , Linkmaster02:14
Linkmasterfabidesu: thank you02:14
LinkmasterDasKreecH: i had to go to a website to download them, so i knew they werent installed02:15
DasKreecHLinkmaster: Really? I just installed them from GHNS02:15
harolddongI really don't know if grouping by protocol is an option that should even appear on the front of the messenger. It is confusing where it is and it should probably be in the settings02:15
Linkmasterhuh...i don't know then02:16
DasKreecHLinkmaster: Gah the Tema one does throw me on this strange page02:17
DasKreecHoooh helium one is pretty02:19
DasKreecHToo light for my liking though02:19
DasKreecHharolddong: you can probably discuss that with #kde-telepathy I know they are hard at work on the backend stuff but they would like feedback on the UI02:20
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DasKreecHharolddong: ping03:21
DasKreecHharolddong: Spoke with the telepathy teams and they said file a wishlist bug03:23
DasKreecHharolddong: http://www.sharpley.org.uk/blog/how-to-report-usability-bugs03:24
tbruff13can someone help me out please I need help disabling the automatic distro upgrade option03:31
tbruff13DasKreecH: are you here03:33
DasKreecHtbruff13: yes03:33
tbruff13can you help me disable the automatic dist-upgrade option anywhere it pops up03:33
tbruff13cant have teachers upgrading on a whim03:33
tbruff13Canonical would not like that03:33
tbruff13DasKreecH: maybe i should not say automatic maybe i should say the option03:34
DasKreecHwell if you are on an LTS release it will only do it every two years03:34
tbruff13you know how it pops up ubuntu xxxx is ready03:34
tbruff13can you help me make sure that is disabled entirely03:34
tbruff13when it is time to upgrade landscape will do ti03:35
DasKreecHedit the file /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades03:36
DasKreecHSet prompt=disabled03:36
tbruff13DasKreecH: any gui way to do it so that i can be re enabled easily when the time comes03:38
tbruff13i am asking will it prompt them03:39
tbruff13if it does not we have no issue if it does then i have an issue03:40
tbruff13in gnome it does update manager does03:40
tbruff13DasKreecH: dont worry about it03:42
tbruff13i have another question03:42
tbruff13DasKreecH: i have software updates but it is not prompting me to update03:42
tbruff13how can i make sure it does03:42
DasKreecHtbruff13: you can turn it off in the Synaptic or kpackagekit settings03:43
tbruff13DasKreecH: okay03:43
tbruff13now how can i make it notify teachers of security updates and bug fixes03:43
tbruff13like as a notification03:44
tbruff13i have 173 and it did not notify me03:44
DasKreecHit will do that every day03:44
DasKreecHlong as you have updates setup03:44
DasKreecHhas the computer been running for longer than a Day?03:45
tbruff13DasKreecH: no the virtualbox was just installed to day03:45
tbruff13can i have it notify ever time it starts03:45
DasKreecHtbruff13: well .. wait which version do you have installed?03:45
tbruff13DasKreecH: it just notified me03:47
tbruff13delayed i guess03:47
tbruff13DasKreecH: are the kubuntu repos any different then the ubuntu ones03:47
DasKreecHtbruff13: no same servers03:48
tbruff13DasKreecH: the school wants to mirror the repos so teachers can update over lan03:48
tbruff13is this legal03:48
DasKreecHtbruff13: I wouldn't see why not03:48
DasKreecHtbruff13: That's essentially what the DVD is03:49
tbruff13DasKreecH: is legal for me to include kubuntu-restricted-extras and mscorefonts in the CD i am making03:49
tbruff13DasKreecH: also before i compress can i safely remove old kernel headers and junk03:53
DasKreecHtbruff13: I don't know. you would have to read the license on the items included there. I know that it's not for Java at least. I beleive that's somewhat the case for mscorefonts but it could be legally construed as a rollout within an organization as long as you are putting it on the CD under thier orders instead of redistribution by a private entity. The CD can't be used outside the school however03:53
DasKreecHtbruff13: if you don't plan on using the Junk I don't see why not03:53
tbruff13DasKreecH: and this is legally03:54
tbruff13the school just wants to have their but covered03:54
tbruff13but if teachers take my disc out of school and install it on home computers no one will hunt them down can i assume that safely03:55
DasKreecHtbruff13: well as I said you need to look at the licenses on each thing that you put on the CD and evaluate it on the basis of the method in which the CD will be used and created.03:55
tbruff13DasKreecH: what if i made a click here script03:55
tbruff13and put it on the school website03:55
tbruff13or on the dis03:55
tbruff13would that make it a little easier03:56
DasKreecHI'd assume that you can do whatever you want as long as you don't base a business off of it no one will care. People don't actually enforce computer laws unless there is a lot of money involved or a trademark violation03:56
DasKreecHif they chased down the laws most of them would be revoked because they are ridiculous. The ones that are not would be legally tenable to fight each individual case or financially responsible to do so03:57
tbruff13DasKreecH: i am basing a school off of it and m$ will be pissed if they lose the contract03:57
DasKreecHtbruff13: Fair enough :) Check the packages license file and read what it says and make an evaluation03:58
tbruff13DasKreecH: how about i just call my Canonical agent and ask03:58
DasKreecHI would start off with the dependendcy packages on kubuntu-restricted-extras and mscorefonts03:58
tbruff13DasKreecH: i just wanted the non business opinion03:59
handheldCarDasKreecH: I figured out the kubuntu hang has something to do with the halt command (doesn't happen through menus).04:03
DasKreecHhandheldCar: as in init halt ?04:04
handheldCarno just sudo halt04:05
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eshloxhi, newest kubuntu, kmail, Unknown error. (Unable to fetch item from backend), ideas?06:27
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DasKreecHI would guess check the Akonadi Configuration Panel to check it07:17
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folstoHi, lately the taskbar has been behaving erratically. Dolphin is set to "Show a launcher when not running". But then when I open dolphin the opened windows does not appear in the taskbar.09:50
theantislimMorning, all.09:52
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Prometheshow to force nautilus to remember samba shares passwords forever? Checking the checkbox that should store passwords does not work. Can anyone help me?10:33
Promethesis this possible?10:33
Promethesi mean dolphin, sorry, i am new to kde10:38
Prometheshow to force dolphin to remember samba shares passwords forever? Checking the checkbox that should store passwords does not work. Can anyone help me?10:40
vadraoHi all, does any one know if the gcc version thats shipped with kubuntu 11.10 comes with openmp support ? I am trying to compile a tool called monitor (http://icl.cs.utk.edu/~mucci/monitor/) and I get the following error. http://pastebin.com/NKw1uu5T11:19
Riddellvadrao: you can also try general ubuntu places for questions like that11:21
vadraoRiddell: You mean the Ubuntu forums ?11:21
Riddellyes or #ubuntu or mailing lists11:23
vadraoOk, Thanks Riddell11:23
Oxymoronhow do I disable screen to black when watching movie in VLC? I tried to disable everything in power save mode and even the screen saver. Nothing works? Its ****** annoying have to touch pad every 25 minute or so in the movie when it goes black.11:35
OxymoronHade same problem in KDE 4.7, then I disabled everything and screen didnt go black. Now after 4.8 update, it goes black even that I disabled everything I know in systemsettings.11:36
vadraoOxymoron: I usually keep my system in the perfformance mode and then disable things like dim display etc.. Are you sure that you kept your system in the performance mode ?11:39
Oxymoronvadrao: yes, I force into adapter pluggedin-mode11:40
Oxymoronvadrao: Could it be VLC problem?11:42
Oxymoronor is it KDE/Kubuntu problem?11:42
vadraoSince you said that you are in KDE 4.8 which Kubuntu officially does not support yet.. I dont think it is VLC's problem..11:42
Oxymoronvadrao: The problem was even on 4.711:43
OxymoronHDMI is PINA in Linux I must say. Why cannot the video output and audio just work when plugin? For now I manually need to switch to HDMI audio and video in system settings.11:44
vadraoOh OK..11:44
vadraoI understand the problem Oxymoron.. I have the same kind of issues with my BOSE USB speakers11:45
Oxymoronvadrao: And now this too with black screen, seriously? :O Dumb to compare, but I do anyway. On Windows it just works, I plugin HDMI cable and output on TV screen directly, also audio, never blacks out when watch movies.11:46
vadraoOxymoron: Is it a laptop or desktop.. If its a laptop then you have the power cable always connected when you this problem right?11:47
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Oxymoronvadrao: It is laptop yes and power cable connected always, yes.11:48
OxymoronEarlier i heard from some developer on KDe or Kbuntu, dont remeber that it is VLC bug of not claim exclusive right to screen, so Kubuntu doesnt think I am inactive on desktop.11:49
vadraoOxymoron: The following is the screenshot of my power profiles.. if it helps.. http://oi43.tinypic.com/maa4jc.jpg   and    http://oi42.tinypic.com/2qnryox.jpg11:52
vadraoOxymoron: Its also easier to check if the bug is in VLC or not.. try using other players and see if it comes again..11:52
Oxymoronvadrao: The systemsettings is different in KDE 4.8, you do not have power profile etc anymore.11:53
OxymoronYes, I try Kaffeine and Dragon PLayer now.11:53
krallehello :)12:18
krallecan someone help me to get dnsmasq and network manager work together ? :)12:18
fatumhello. Still having an issue with (probably) java in chromium,chrome,firefox.. on Oneiric, I've tried installing JRE, tried icedTea plugin, but it seems to be working only for 32bit. systems, so I'm not sure what else to try.. any help?12:30
krallemhhh a icedtea12:31
kralletry the icedcoke plugin12:32
ronskisikawhich one is now the recommended package utility? it used to be apt-get, then aptitude was recommended for its better orphan handling or something, and now I see lots more instructions for using apt-get12:33
belfistHi guise!12:35
belfistCan someone help me with audacity plugins installation?12:35
belfistmake does not work;(12:35
ronskisikakralle: is there some discussion about this matter somewhere? Now I'm mostly using aptitude to find out information about the packages and installing them with apt-get12:35
BluesKaj'Morning all12:57
fatummorning. any known issues around quicktime in oneiric? is it even suppossed to work?12:59
ronskisikafatum: did you just read my mind?12:59
kralleis there a way to get the dnsmasq work toether using networkmanager13:00
fatumronskisika: no, but probably the same issue...13:00
BluesKajkralle,  there might be , but I haven't tried , NM overwrites any dns settings added to /etc/resolv.conf by the user, and dnsmasq looks at resolv.conf  for the dns entries...bit of a vicious loop there.13:03
BluesKajfatum,  afaik ffmpeg is supposed to handle quicktime files by default13:04
BluesKajkralle,  if your on an ethernet connection you can safely run dnsmasq, resolv.conf and /etc/network/interfaces without needing NM13:06
fatumBluesKaj: is there a way to check if this is really the problem? I have the problem with audio/video in chromium, chrome and firefox. might provide examples13:06
BluesKajfatum,  most websites use flash for audio/video , make sure you have flashplugins installed13:08
fatumBluesKaj: all right. I'll reinstall my flashplayer 10.1.999 and let you know. I have thought about java, html5 and quicktime, but not flash... reinstalled to v.11 and still doesn't work, however.13:18
BluesKajfatum,  , have you installed kubuntu-restricted-extras ?13:19
fatumnot absolutely sure, but I might have. should I?13:20
BluesKajfatum,  yes13:21
fatumoh. yes, I have them installed.13:24
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fatumBluesKaj: they are installed. are you sure it is the flash problem?13:27
fatumBluesKaj: also, what about adobe shockwave player?13:28
BluesKajfatum,  is the flashplayer compressed in .gz , if so right click on it , extract here , then look for libflashplayer.so file , copy that file with permissions to (alt+f2, kdesudo dolphin /usr/lib/mozilla) into the plugins folder there.13:30
fatumworks :) thank you very much13:36
kralleBluesKaj:  but then ican not start the wifi hotspot :(13:51
kralleBluesKaj:  any tips ? :)13:55
BluesKajkralle,  wifi needs network manager , unlss you use wpasupplicant , which gets abit complicated and clunky ...is dnsmasq an absolute necessity ?13:55
kralleyes , but i ngot it to run i justnforget how13:55
krallebasicly i whant to redirect a dns query not more13:56
krallei got it to run dnsmasq and networkmanager hotspot i know there is a way but i forget how :/13:57
BluesKajdo you have a router where you can set the dns IPs?13:57
kralleno :/13:57
BluesKajwhat is wifi hotspot /13:58
kralleso there is no way to use dnsmaqs together ?13:58
kralleoh i use my ubuntu to make a hotspot13:58
krallewifi hotspot basicly13:58
BluesKajkralle,  there might be , I just don't know how ,,,I suggest you go to #ubuntu chanel and ask there , there are some very knowledgeable ppl about networking here , especially "actionparsnip"14:00
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LinkmasterMy system has had issues where, after 48 or so hours of running, it gets extremely hot. I dont have it on anything but hard surfaces, so I know that it isnt due to insulation. is there a way that i can edit my Xorg file to have my fan increase its power? I have Kubuntu 11.10, KDE4.8, and my my lspci output is here: http://pastebin.com/D8TD3jAA14:18
LinkmasterThe problem is, the computer will shut down, and refuse to power on until the second or third try. but the air doesnt seem intensly hot coming from the blowout fan14:18
BluesKajLinkmaster,  have you checked with system monitor to see what might be  using up cpu resources?14:20
LinkmasterBluesKaj: thats true...my CPU tends to run upwards of 30% at any given moment14:20
BluesKaj30% should cause it to get hot , I was thinking more like 90%14:21
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BluesKajI'll bet you have nepomuk and akonadi enabled. right ?14:23
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ironfroggywhat is the proper, safe way to restart pulseaudio when it is configured by default in kubuntu with per-user sessions?14:56
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rikerIs there a key customization that will let me move windows as I change desktops? For example in compiz i was able to use Ctrl+Alt+Shift+<left/right/up/down> to bring a window to another desktop.15:16
BluesKajironfroggy,  type pulseaudio in the terminal15:56
ironfroggyBluesKaj: but it is already running15:57
ironfroggyi'm trying to restart it, not just start it.15:58
ironfroggybut i dont want to kill it unsafely15:58
BluesKajwhy kill it , ironfroggy ?16:03
BluesKajit autostarts at boot , autostops when you log off , ironfroggy16:04
ironfroggyi know this16:04
ironfroggyi'm trying to restart it, but i dont want to logout16:04
BluesKajwhy , is it not working ?16:04
ironfroggyit isn't seeming to recognize or use my usb headset16:05
ironfroggythis is a new machine and i'm hoping it just had some detection issue when i plugged the usb headset in while it was resuming from suspend mode, and hoping if i restart PA it will see and use the headset properly.16:06
BluesKajdoes lsusb show the headset?16:06
ironfroggypavucontrol lists the device in the configuration tab, but does not list it as an option in either the Playback or Recording tabs to actually use it16:08
ironfroggyi use this same headset on at least three two other t510 lapopts and a t520, all running kubuntu 11.10 and it has worked fine.16:09
BluesKajironfroggy,  have you checked in alsamixer to make sure it's listed and turned up?16:13
ironfroggyyes and yes16:14
fhcironfroggy..... have you tried compiz on 11.1016:14
fhcdoes it work16:14
ironfroggywhat does compiz have to do with a sound device? also, yes.16:16
fhcit wasnt related to your headset...just wanted to know if compiz worked with the new unity desktop16:17
fhci am on 10.04 lucid lynx16:18
fhci read that compiz doesnt work well with gnome 316:18
ironfroggyfhc: unity and gnome are not #kubuntu topics, either.16:19
BluesKajfhc , ask in #ubuntu , this is kubuntu support chat16:19
EvilResistancefhc, #ubuntu is the GNOME version support, #kubuntu is KDE version of Ubuntu.16:19
ironfroggyis ubuntu even considered GNOME any more? is unity a gnome thing, or specific to ubuntu?16:22
Tm_Tironfroggy: it's ubuntu thing, but it's just one piece in a puzzle that makes gnome a gnome16:22
EvilResistanceironfroggy, tbh Unity is kind of like a shell to GNOME... there is actual vanilla GNOME3 if you dont want Unity, but you kind of have to have Unity... *shrugs*  Its what made me switch to KDE16:23
breedanyone know how to set a one-time-password with kde network manager?16:23
BluesKajit's ubuntu desktop , I think ...haven't been there in a while ...they have a lot of problems on that chat ,and it's not just with not just with the desktop16:24
ironfroggyEvilResistance: its kind of funny. i've always been a KDE user, but i watch the unity pains of coworkers and friends and tried it out, and actually prefer it to traditional gnome stuff.16:24
* BluesKaj is getting repetitive in his old age :)16:24
EvilResistanceironfroggy, heh.  i'm still on 11.04 so less headaches for me :P16:25
BluesKajinteresting how everyone uses "less" instead of "fewer" for items that are plural ...just a comment16:28
chronosscHello, my panels and widgets are with some issue... see this image: http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/7656/snapshot2gw.png ... people will see that system tray are too big for content. Also when I try to put a panel spacer between sublime text 2 icon and taskbar I can't... what is hapenning??16:31
gglitchHi people. Question: I'm using Kubuntu 11.10, KDE 4.8; I keep reading that my dolphin right-click menu should include commands for "copy to" and "move to" but I do not find them. Am I to add them in some way?18:26
gglitch(vs. just ordinary copy and move, which are there)18:26
dasKreechgglitch: Did you look in the Dolphin settings?18:29
Tm_Tgglitch: those menus are there after you have enabled them in dolphin's settings I believe18:29
gglitchWow. Yep. I'm the reason you should have to pass a generous IQ test before coming to rooms like this. Thanks dasKreech and Tm_T. 'Preciate it.18:32
dasKreechgglitch: KDE settings are bountiful, generous and difficult to appreciate the first time you go through them18:33
gglitchNicely stated. I'm new to KDE and keep having my mind blown over and over again. Mainly by KIO slaves and Nepomuk.18:34
dasKreechYeah the audiocd:/ kio gets me all the time18:36
gglitchI keep saying things like 'Maybe this will work...' and it keeps working. Like saving files in Kate to remote volumes with fish://. Awesome.18:36
dasKreechgglitch: Yeah that's my main thing about KDE. I'll go on a why doesn't this work? rant18:37
dasKreechThen someone says did you look in the menu? Thre is a button for it18:37
* dasKreech enters sheepish mode. Umm thanks. It works great18:37
gglitchI mean, I haven't worked out any really smart or fast poweruser tricks with them yet, but I certainly admire the architecture.18:38
dasKreechgglitch: Well if you want a poweruser trick You can open a file in kate and edit it then realise you need to be root to save it. You can save as Root@localhost to get root privies  (Just for that file!)18:39
gglitchwhat?! Man, that's amazing. What a time saver, that's great to know. Thanks :)18:40
dasKreechgglitch: Of course I could go into stuff like using a calculator or doing ggl:some web search to get the first hit opened in krunner18:40
dasKreechfor kubuntu you may have to setup a shared key between your user and root on the local machine but that works fine :)18:41
dasKreechI tend to use Ctrl+F9 and then type my window's or document name to fast jump to a window18:41
dasKreechgglitch: but I could give you my super secret tip that I dare never give out because it's so annoying to learn it.18:42
gglitchAfter the google thing, which I just tried, I'm ready.18:42
dasKreechgglitch: Well if any window on any desktop is flashing you can press alt+ctrl+a to jump to it18:46
dasKreechIt's a really small thing but it's incredibly annoying once you have learned it18:47
gglitchAnnoying? Sounds useful to me!18:47
dasKreechgglitch: That's the basis of it being so annoying18:49
gglitchdasKreech: no doubt. One more thing to do instead of your work :)18:50
dasKreechI've reached the point where I don't think about it. It's part of my subconcious18:50
dasKreech if something flashes  It just magically appears without me thinking how to get there18:50
dasKreechbut then at some point in time you will be on !KDE and wonder why when things flash they don't just appear18:51
dasKreechthen you realise no other DE/OS that I know of has keyboard shortcuts to answer applications that call for your attention18:51
dasKreechWHY?? Why have something keep knocking about urgency but not give me an urgent way to address it?18:52
dasKreechit makes everything else feel sooooo slloooowww18:52
gglitchThat's why it's your super secret :) Thanks for the advice dasKreech; catch up to you later.18:53
ictxiangxinsome body here?19:00
dasKreechI... guess19:01
dasKreechabout 275 though some of them may be robots and spies19:02
dasKreechand they just left19:02
shadeslayerictxiangxin: ssup?19:05
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit19:07
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JonDoeHey There! Got a little problem with kwin. On a dual monitor setup the windows on one of the monitors, if they are "keept in foreground", else the seem to be aligned behind the  desktop. In the edsktop switch I can see them, so they seem to be there. Can anybody help me out?19:50
QuintasanJonDoe: Sounds like a KDE bug, I think you should first check if it is not reported on bugs.kde.org (report a bug if it is not)19:51
Labbevag524anybody able to tell why oneiric isn't going down for real shutdown anymore after updating from natty?20:24
handheldCarLabbevag524: how are you shutting it down?20:26
Labbevag524as usual, by clicking on shutdown in kdm20:27
Labbevag524though, it doesn't shut down20:27
Labbevag524processor fan is still movin20:27
dasKreechLabbevag524: Black screen?20:27
Labbevag524no black screen just the frozen splash20:28
Labbevag524hard disk stopped turning20:28
Labbevag524processor fan keeps on movin20:29
handheldCarLabbevag524: I've had the same problem with the halt command, but using the menus properly shut down my computer.20:29
Labbevag524what do u mean by using the menus properly???20:30
handheldCarsorry, using the menus shut down my computer properly20:30
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Labbevag524i'm always using the menus to shut it down, at least with natty20:31
Labbevag524but now with oneiric it's not working any more20:31
dasKreechstill probably something you should raise in #kubuntu-devel and file a bug on20:31
Labbevag524that probably won't help me now, dear dashavoo20:32
Labbevag524sry, dasKreech20:32
dasKreechLabbevag524: possibly. Could just be a ACPI setting or something that you need to flip20:32
Labbevag524i have already been workin on it for days....20:33
Labbevag524i tried force acpi and acpi off...20:33
Labbevag524didn't work20:33
Labbevag524could that be a matter of pulseaudio, apparmor or even grub?20:36
handheldCarreporting a bug might get it fixed20:36
Labbevag524thx, handheldCar, but how long will it take for me to get fixed?? ;-)20:37
handheldCarlazy, very un-ubuntu of you20:38
Labbevag524i've already been messing around with this crap for a week... ;-)20:38
Labbevag524so u can imagine, i'm quite tired with this by now20:39
Labbevag524call it lazy, whatever u like...20:40
handheldCarYOU'VE BEEN WARNED :P20:41
Labbevag524u're the best help i ever got, handheld!! :-P :-P20:42
Labbevag524as i said, i tried several grub parameters, reinstalling pulseaudio, reinstalling apparmor etc. etc... did not help20:44
Labbevag524it did not shut down while akonadi was enabled, it did not shut down while it was disabled...20:46
Labbevag524i guess it could be a kernel problem20:47
Labbevag5242.6.38 worked, 3.0.0.x doesn't20:48
Labbevag524but what has to be done?20:49
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benbloom_I;m having problems reading my email with thunderbird 9. I think the new update caused problems and I can't figure out how to fix them. I've tried a apt-get purge and install after backing up and deleting ~/.thunderbird but the problem persists. is there somewhere else that thunderbird settings are stored for use with kde?20:54
dasKreechbenbloom_: I'd check in ~/.local20:58
benbloom_thanks dasKreech21:08
benbloom_nothing there that looks applicable. this is killing me not being able to read my mail!21:16
dasKreechbenbloom_: what's happening?21:19
dies_iraewhich webcam app got LiveCD??21:22
benbloom_notice the left side of the screen. there's no messages in the column21:22
benbloom_sorry dasKreech http://www.flickr.com/photos/53743399@N02/6831454429/ if you look at the left side there's no column with mail. when i click "read mail" nothing appears. however, if i search for specific messages, they show up, so i know my profile is loaded correctly21:27
dasKreechbenbloom_: irc://irc.mozilla.org/thunderbird21:27
benbloom_thanks. i was trying to get help on freenode and ubuntu #thunderbird but no help at eithere21:29
dies_iraewhat about my question?21:30
benbloom_not sure what you mean dies_irae21:32
dasKreechdies_irae: You want a webcam appliction on the live CD?21:32
dasKreechInstall Kamoso21:32
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dies_iraewhy kamoso?21:35
tiagomy system is stuck on a grub menu and keeps going there no matter what version of kubuntu I select, i think it might be a crc error (it says so when I boot with xen), what can I do?21:36
dies_iraeshit not working21:47
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